Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 27, 1962 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1962
Page 3
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lues Nuv ' T m (;KEEL "' Tlum ' NE Pa «« 3 Soviets Continue To Pull Men, Material Out of Cuba : Former Colorado By WA LTER ME A RS ,Va "Th, .,, obv^v earn$** m TM?*" ABOARD THE L'SS XOKKOLKjing a lot more than the norm^MeCnOU 54 O K F C I B A AP'-Tiit Swift I'n-crew." ' ' ' iun is continuing to pull men -j He said the men were not in ixtosibly troop, -- and materials [uniform. Most, he s,aid. wore ba'.h- out of Cuba, the crew of this I' S.;ini: suit.v destroyer it-ported Monday. "We can only guejs uhethi-i The Norfolk is amung a num-ithey were military advisers.' ber of L .S. v.arbli;ps muintaininfjjBeardall said. a watchful eye on Soviet bloc However, the Norfolk's nls,-.-\:.. t!iat shipping to and from Cuba de-jtions coincided with re|»rt spite the hftin; of the U.S. arms|lhc Soviet U.N. negotiator iiaii " blockade, itold U.S. negotiators the Soviet 1 ;' "We pick up some ty|e of So-'l'nion would withdraw th'm-:,n'j- '' vie! merchantman about everyjof men from Cuba, once de-cnU-ii other day." said Capl. John K . j a s technicians but later identified Beardall J r . cuininander of the'us troops. Norfolk, (lie world's largest de-! Over the weekend. I' S. Air.bas- str "'''-' r ^ador Adlai E. Stevenson re!c::ed 'Ihe Norfolk .-potted two Commu-!to Cuba as "where the Ku»iji nisi vessel* Sunday, both bound'troops will be removed " from Cuban ports to the Baltic., En". Jot Bellinc.. an Ail-Amer:And one -- the Russian freighter ca halfback while al tile Naval Pugachev -- carried a load of Academy, was officer oi the deck tanker trucks and her decks · when the Norfolk spotted another were jammed with men. I Communist .ship earlier Sumiav "He: deck; were just lined with'This was the Yugoslav freichtei people, most of them young men.";I'loce. ofliciali sa:d said U Ralph Slawson of Norfolk.: "General]-. s]H^k:n2." Beardall ·j.-aid. "if you ciose w i t h one of Ithese fellowa. he'll tell you what ;you u;,nt to kn'. 1 * But not the ,1'1-x-e , "She would not tel! us any- .thins." Beliino said. "Theu-'s no: I much we have been tic.urj w i t h .these merchant hip.- except look- ; ap them nver a^ they to b\ " DhNVEK ',M.-An official of The Ploce left Cuba from Santi- the Oil. Chemical and AtomicUc, There was no word of her Workers I'nion 'AK1.-C10' saidlcarco Men. "a routine audit" is bemp The Norfolk's officer, said ships made ol the union's 1-ocal No .|...-,.s M nr, at sea traditionally ex- 2.24410 at Uadville ; change information on their las; Members ,,i the iotal have l-een port of call and destination Beon strike against the Climax Mo-'yjdp.s they said th t . f s N - I V V lyMcnum Cu sine,- .July 18 i|,as authority to question vessel's The union spokesman said thcientcrmg and leaving waters auHiloi w a s as^gned io make ajaround the big I'.S. n.'.'al ba'e at check nf the way the local iSiGuantanamo. l i a m l l i n j :ts luiii!, and has noli -_ yet completed his Deport. "N" ··idmmKi'atiu' action been taken acamst lire local " t h e ! -- . ... official s, l(! iState s 10th l-ast week ,1 union vice prcsi-ij di-nl. Khu,,d U. Swisher. said; M U fl l i n Q OCAW was investigalinf; reports! t h a t sinking union members have! Cl'XNISON ( A P i -- Mistaken been doinc picketing duty for oth-l' or 1 deer in heavy timljcr. Timer -inkers and i-oUccting their! ull »' R. Chism. 2!. of l-'resno. benefili. These nmount to 510 per!*11 ' 1 '·. wa s shot to death Monday The bullet pierced his head. He was the !0th person dying of : ::'.-*.-.p-.pers :r. Can-jn Ci'.y. Pa- '·· !.u:::ar tr-: New York" '····'C '.: i..- ::.:-. r. was received · ::.- .-.:er. M : ~ Fred Merrill iJer.'.'.:. ··· l i'^':] a cableiran: M.;.:.a- 'Ad.- o ::j-,:vc of Kansas · liii\ers:ty of O\ lU-riiig government . irequen'.ly visited in Puiaguay. U. r az:l and :.·· All) before tx/ing :o Tr.poli. u:\i\ors are the widow, t w o daughter.-. Mrs. Ba /if|i;ir.: of Ci.r.-j'^a Pai'r.. Mr... Joan S|ii!iane of ::,. inutiier. Mrs. Alice rj o! Denver, and four Climax Union Getting Audit Hibbs Jewelry Dept. ACCUTRON byBULOVA Swisher said a union memlwr must pel form his own picketing duly to collect benefits . Hut this was disputed by lhe| l;r ' " avc ri 1'n-al president. Ralph Wcllman.! 01 "" causc - · - - · Coroner Alex r.unshot wounds since the huminE season opened Oct. 20. Seven oth ,eri have died ol heart attacks nnc He -;ud he (eels proxy picketing Chism was Campbell sail accidental b\ William Obrey. 35, ol Goiden. a is not in violation ol the union's constitution. i -. - --· -One union member al U-advillel" 10 " 11 "' 1 "' lh|1 y '" m """""I! P r "' said some strikers collect asi'- v The coroner said Obrey loir many as eight benefits per week """ hf cnu P hl a P 1 ""."- 1 * of some ii.rMinr l,,r ,ih,r " m f nwvaig in the trees and .' · · ·- i -·- by dnmp proxy picketing for other nicmlK'rs who have left town or have other jobs. 'Identity Cards' Tia AVIV-All Die camels in Israel ate poinp to be branded under a prnpram to be carried out soon hy the Veterinary Services. Some 10,000 camels are to Itc yivcn their own identity cards in the form of ear taps and a brand on thr lower lip. They will also be lislel in a register. The brnn'lmi! program is intended to slop smuggling of cornels and make it easier to locate and! eliminate the sources of disease. | -·« -thought it was a deer. Cjmpbfll ordered an inquest (or Tuesday. The tragedy was in the Rainbow Lake area about 13 mile west of Gtinnisnn. DETROIT - American ensi neers developed the first dec trie starter for automobiles it 1512. SHUTTERS tntldt Hardwood WELLEK LUMBER CO. G r e c l e y -- A u l l -- G u l e t o n The World's Only Electronic Wrist Timepiece GUARANTEED NOT TO GAIN OR LOSE MORE THAN ONE MINUTE A MONTH IN ACTUAL DAILY USE ON YOUR WRIST. · Se» our complete selection of these amazing new timepieces today. «CUT«OK "101" Custcr c^^f!^j rm ina hf 1*7 link bficelfl. Bn;ih f:riihed tin! ind un- ujuii, ippued hcur markeri. in jei- Ict- w while. J17S.OO if n*»u»ry, f f « W e h a v e t h e R a i l r o a d approved Accutron i n «tock. Hibbs 814-816 Ninth Street Open Friday Evenings Till 8:30 Mor-Votu Stamps With Each Purchase MITHT. UK . N M u. MI:I:TI\(; T t i i . i i i i n i i ' . n i i T t n . K -f I t K « l l l l . p ' l i ' - M · ' H . K V A I M l l c r T i ' l l l l N S i . - . . I . - - l ' a i l \ T t l V ! i i i - Mini i: in- i \ \ l l l . I I I : I ; T I M , . t . ' . ' i . l M . i Y i - ' r ' " ' . f \ \ I M . - H I M . i l - . n . 1 · - . . ..I..).:.... u 111 IT l . r l . l 111 · I- i i -I N u l l ' . m i l l l . i n K . f d r . ' I I . . . . M - . i l i . - r l . . . INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL! Samsonii(-*Silliouot(o'» « Filled Vamly "ipS . ' . · H i " l l n . : i . i t ' M t in' n . . - . r . l m i ·· v. u i i t t i i i - h i ' i i l i - r ( t i l - i i i . - l | . ^ )·» i . - I \ I . i f I ' W \ l . i . \ i K . . f \ \ i - M " ' . . i i n t v . r , . | , . i n , ) , , .1 '.-. .i . M t l i - . f f in Ihr ' -Miiiti ( finrl In und f flir r.i.ttili of ^ rlil nnil s.. *·'.: ) - M T ..f 1:1.\ir.n ". M . - K A V . \. '.,-· i- h i i r l . v K I \ * " , H i n t I 1- i \ - H I M tin f ' . t u i i i . ' p - . r l I n l l i o · ' . n i l '.'" - L i l t t , , , : . ; , , , - , ( i " n n l l h »., Eleiant "set starter" packed with Christmas Wishes ffife "rhoiiRhtfut" i^ the wpiil tni th:? i . i n t m:«,« c.fl 1 It's!- |C% fdllv fittcil wilh all I'lf anr«oiic* O C M ti.urhti.: '...Iv i ' nu.nn.'M'tl^aVif'i^ lii^.l ' .mV on^-.i '« i?h ^iiil''!!"ii W m^ c 'r"v' ! .hi' rAi !- l:i ' civ Vlin \ b ; i ' i/liU '. : \ :tilH ' ; ; '": I A'Vc^'^'T.. *« hr, "S"--.ATM ;;..u!.,;; :;'·;!( \ S:lhi..) i i l f ^ i i i f M:-. i - . i - r ll---. \ \ '..-.. i . ; l . - : . ' \ . . i v ·,.; piice will no up to $25.00 January 1st. 1963. 'i; M M r K . \ \ t-'\r, null A smoll (Icp'^'l w i l l IvUI OMV item on lov o win u n t i l C ' i r i s t i i i n s 13208th Are. ...Mucnit'nt t r e e {xukino ot *.HH (\itio :n!rn"(.r . . . n c c c s M h l p t r o m 7th or 8tli 353-3636 c A\ctiuc Open Monday* and Fridays till 8-30 RCA Whirlpool World's Largest Appliance Manufacturer NEW 2 Speed D r y e r Two drying speeds . : . normal speed for all your regular drying, SUPER DRYINC SPEED when yoi want things done in a hurry, Just dial the kind of drying you want, NEW 2 Speed - 2 Cycle Washer Two Washing Speeds,.. Normal action for regular fabrics a n d gentle action for delicate fabrics, Just dial the action to match the fabric, Model UA-44-49 NEW ''All Refrigerator" specially designed for families with freezers! Gives you 12.2 cu. ft of "all refrigerator* pfets s "zero-degree" Cube 'n Food' Locker to store up to 15 Ibs. of your "even-day" frozen foods. What's more, the huge refrigerator section never needs defrosting... it automatically defrosts itself! Food swings out front on two new Carousel* Sheh-es. More than 25 Ibs. of fresh meats fan be stored in the slide-out meat pan. Almost , bushel of vege- -; tables ran be kept in the crisper! Super-storage door 'n more! · T .. 4 _ i 'CF iJIRvJ. K^« --^-^·^Tl 1 NEW SLIM 16* No-Frost refrigerator-freezer New Carousel* Shelf Makes foods so easy to see 'n select... even foods stored in back. Slides forward, turns right. left. completely around, even removes for serving. There's never even an ounce of frost build-up in either the rvf ,-igerator or "zero-degree" 130-lb. freezer. Does away with old-fashioned, mesy defrosting chores . . . forever! Sealed twin crispcrs plus slide- out meat pan 'n more! . T «k.

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