Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 26, 1977 · Page 33
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 33

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1977
Page 33
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34 GREELEV (Colo.) TRIBUNE Thurs., May26,1977 ABC to explore mental illness By JOAN HANAUER UPI Television Writer -NEW YORK (UPI) - The " psychiatric profession finds it 1 difficult to define mental ; illness, but in the United States '· there are 495 institutions to · treat it and 200,000 persons · hospitalized because of it at I any given time. : The relationship between the disease - if it is a disease -.; and the community that treats - it with disappointing results is ,, the subject of the ABC News Closeup, "Madness and Medicine," to be broadcast May 26, 10-11 p.m.. Eastern time. The documentary itself is maddening. It undertakes to outline part of the problem, and gives enough information so that the audience can begin to understand the question -- but leaves out much information needed to come close to forming an opinion about the answer, or even the direction from which an answer might come. The program, narrated by Howard K. Smith, doesn't deal with the couch patients who are able to function in society, with or without the help of outpatient therapy or treatment. "This report is about those thought to be so seriously disturbed that drastic, and sometimes dangerous, treatments are used," Smith says. The treatments involved Include drugs, some of (juestiona- ble value and others with devastating side effects, electric shock and brain surgery. The photographing of a brain surgeon at work is bloody and fascinating but not for those who blanch at the sight of an open wound. Producer-director Phil Lewis has interviewed a series of psychiatrists who cover the waterfront of phsychiatric views, from the head of the American Psychiatric Association to an anti-Establishment ward psychiatrist who would divide the profession between those trained in neurology to treat brain disease, and non- medical "tutors" to help the troubled learn to understand themselves. There are many interviews with former patients who had been institutionalized and remember the experience with pain and resentment. Their pain is real, and many of their complaint: are justified. There also is much talk about the low tolerance level our society holds for bizarre or nonconformist behavior. \Vhat the program does not investigate or show is the state that these former patients were in before their disturbing -even torturous -- experiences. One patient talks about what it Is like to be crtiy, and she says, "Everything is righting -is bright -- is bsrsh -- it hurts!" Granted treatment of seriously disturbed persons sometimes amounts to no more than caretaking, with drugs to make the patient manageable. But does the pain justify the use of even half understood treatment, even if the end Is in doubt? The 10 top network television programs for the week ending May 22, according to the A.C. Nielsen Co., were: 1: Boxing, Ali vs. Evangdls- ta; 2: "M-A-S-H;" 3: "Lucan" and "Good Against Evil" (ABC Sunday double feature); 4: "Charlie's Angels;" 5: "Laverne 4 Shirley;" 6: "One Day AtATime;"?: "HappyDays;" 8: "Barney Miller;" 9: "Cold Turkey" (CBS Monday movie); 10: "Ben Hur" (CBS Sunday movie). son Bob 11 Greek river DOWN 1 - Bay, Maine 2 Lancelot's business attire 3 Italian composer (2 wds.) 4 Consume 5 Small European finch i "The Good Earth" heroine Abe Vigoda always plays an old man By JAY SHARBUTT AP Television Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) - Abe Vigoda, who as ABC's "Fish" plays the nation's best-known old detective with hemorrhoids, slid into the booth at a Beverly Hills eats emporium and was promptly spotted by the waitress. A shy man, he still was visibly pleased. He exchanged a moment's small talk with her. Later, he said no, the wide rec- Thursday evening p.m. 6:30-2 Dick Van Dyke 4 Let's Make a Deal 6 Esta Semana 7 Celebrity Sweepstakes 7:00-2 Adam-12 4 Movie 5-7 NBA Play-Off 6 Anyone For Tennyson 9 Welcome Back Hotter 7:30--2 Hogan's Heroes 6 MacNeU.Lehrer 9 What's Happening 8:00-2 Movie 6 Masterpiece Theater 9 Barney Miller 8:30-9 ABC New Special 9:00- « Age of Uncertainty 9 ABC News Closeup 9:30-5 Welcome Back, Kotter 7 Hot Spot 10:00-2 News 4 News 5 News 6AtTheTop 7 News 9 News . 10:30-2 Am. Life Style 4 Johnny Carson 7 Kojak 10:35--5 Kojak 9 Mary Hartman · 11:00-2 Movie 6 Woman 11:05-9 All That Glitters 11:33-9 Geraldo Rivera 11:40-7 Movie 11:45-5 Movie 12:00--4 Tomorrow 1:00-2 News 4 News 1:15--7 Marcus Welby Friday evening p.m. 6:30-2 Dick Van Dyke 4 Gong Show 5 What's Happening 6 Colorado Weekly 7 Price is Right 7:00-2 Adam-12 4 Sanford and Son 5 Pilot 7 Movie 9 Bravo, Julie 7:30--2 Hogan's Heroes 4 ChicoandtheMan 6MacNeil,Lehrer ' 8:00--2 Movie . 4 Rockford Files 5 Hunter 6 Washington Week 9 Movie 8:30-6 Wall Street Week 9:00--4 Quincy 5-7 EricSevareid 6 Agronsky at Large 9:30--6 Americana 10:00--2 News 4 Eyewitness News 5 News 6 Documentary Showcase 7 News 9 News 10:30-2 Movie 4 Johnny Carson 7 Movie 10:35-5 Movie 9 Mary Hartman 11:05-9 All That Glitters ll:35-9Baretta 12:00--4 Midnight Special 12:25-2 Movie 12:30-7 Movie 12:45-9 Movie 1:30-4 News 1:45-4 Movie 2:35--2 Movie 7 Movie 4:05--7 Movie ognition he's gotten from his work in "Barney Miller" and "Fish" hasn't disrupted his life. "It's a very nice feeling that people recognize you, particularly when it happens in middle age and you've been at your field for so many years and nobody knew you," said the 56- year-old actor. "It's a happy feeling ... they represent what's happening to me, which is being able to do the things I've been doing." The doings include: --A costarring role in a new Neil Simon movie, "The Cheap Detective." --A planned trip in mid-June to Australia -- his first overseas voyage other than the one to Staten Island -- to promote "Fish." --A possible trip in March to Broadway, to star in a new comedy by Allen Boretz, "The Flying Elephant," cast as a middle-aged lawyer who, he says, "falls in love with a Texas hooker." Vigoda, who cornea from Brooklyn, speaks as slowly and gravely as his Fish character, but without the character's dour, all-is-Iost outlook. And though the tired slouch of Fish seems a subliminal warning by the President's Council on Physical Fitness, Vigoda actually is a firm believer in exercise. He plays handball, jogs and recently took up golf. Still, he says, ever since his first acting job -- at age 6 in a school play -- he's usually played old men. "There's something about my countenance, my demeanor if you wish, that suggests ! have the world on my back," he said, almost wistfully. "It's probably one of the reasons Danny Arnold (executive producer of 'Barney Miller 1 and 'Fish') hired me. I was jogging the day I came into his office and I was a little tired. "And he said, 'Geez, this guy looks like Fish to me.' And he gave me the part right then and there. But inside I don't feel that way. Inside, I'm an athlete and feel like a man of 35." Vigoda, who has acted professionally since 1947, credits the 1972 movie hit, "The Godfather," as (he turning point in his career. In the movie, he played Tessio, a gunsel of Mafia persuasion. It led to a string of generally villanous roles in various cop shows, then "Barney Miller,'' then his own series. by THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS * Carl or I Confine S Yellowish brown II Norma's "CastaDiva" 12 "Astolat" maid 13 Soot particle 11 "El Grande" 15 Comedian Cosby, to friends 15 Hubbub 17 Chinese dynasty 18 Mount Hood's state 20 Argot 21 Groan provoker 22 Moliere's forte 23 Sugar tree 25 S.A. mountains 26 White poplar 27 Haul 28 Shade of blue 29 Spanish procrastinator's word 32 Pub potable 33 Wire measurement 34 Deity 35 Medusa was one 37 Queen --'s lace 38 Salad green 39 Ship's backbone LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE Tale' king I! "Gifted" one 19 Ravine 20 Church dignitary TWenTapace K Crucial German 23 Administra- composer tor (2 wds.) . 24Mollusk 9 Heighten delicacy Yesterday's Answer 10 "Winter's 25 Underground worker 30 Music for nine 31 - Rogers St. Johns 33 Affect emotionally 36 Tonic's companion 77 Initials before an alias Did you know that... In 1968 the Colorado State Department of Public Welfare was renamed the Colorado Department of Social Services. (Prepared by Gr«ley League of Women Voters) TUMBLEWEEDS 3SOQV 7 'XdOJ 9 '13UHV8 't '1008 'G '3»Vd 'e-uMOQ 'A3X '6 'JOOU '8 'H3H1V3J '9 ' N V 9 H O '9 ' a v a O ' l - s s o j o y : g d 3 M S N V DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE-Here's how tii work it: A X V D I, B A A X R is L 0 N G F E I. I. 0 W One letter simply stands for another. In Ihis sample A is used for the three L's, X for the i\vo O's. itc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day ihe code letters are different. CRYl'TOQUOTKS 01 D B K V V E B I G K V E Q E P B Y D - G E N F M Q Y Q D I I N I G K D Y P K V V E P Y Q O K G J E U I G E B U Q O I B T E U J B K S . - V Y X O ' Q I U F I T J Yesterday's Cryptoquote: IF AND WHEN I FIND A LITTLE IJ2ISURE TIME I WILL TRY TO TELL YOU HOW I DEAL WITH LEISURE TIME. - SEN. EVERETT DIRKSEN © 1977 Kln( Features Syndicate. Inc. by TOM K. RYAN Boxing tops television ratings NEW YORK !A?) -- The heavyweight championship fight was last week's top show among 56 rated programs, according to A.C. Nielsen figures made available Tuesday. In the third "sweep" week of the month, when next year's advertising rates are determined, ABC clobbered the other networks. NBC had won the first two weeks. The national prime-time averages for the week ending May 22 gave ABC a 17.1 rating, representing 12.2 million households. CBS had a 14.4 rating, for 10.3 million homes, and NBC had 13.3, or 9.5 million. In order, the week's top 10 shows were: Boxing, ABC, a 24.9 rating, or 17.7 million households; M.A.S.H., CBS, 21.9, or 15.6 million; "Lucan" and "Good Against Evil," ABC's Sunday movie double feature, 21.8, or 15.5 million; "Charlie's Angeles, 21, or 14.9 million; "Laverne 81 Shirley," ABC, 20.9, or 14.9 million; "One Day at a Time," CBS, 20.5, or 14.6 million. SOPPY OFfVHES ]/JrTJw? Gmir^PREITYJ/ Y ^{^ ? AU. RI6HT Daytime TV Schedule Monday through Friday Denver channels: KWGN (2); KOA-TV' (4) NBC; KRMA-TV (6) PBS; KMGH-TV (7) CBS; KBTV (9) ABC; Cheyenne: KYCU-TV (5) ABC, CBS · 2:00--2 Love, Am. Style 4 Days of Lives 5-7 All in the Family 9 Edge of Night 2:15--6 Electric Company 2:30--2 Denver Now 5-7 Match Game 9 $20,000 Pyramid 2:50-6 Villa Alegre 3:00--2 Flintstones . 4 Lucy Show '·· · STaltletales 7 Dinah 9 Brady Kids 3:30-2 Archies 4 Brady Bunch · 5. Variety 6 Variety 9 Emergency One 4:00--2 Superman 4 Star Trek PEANUTS By Charles M. Schulz a.m. 5:20--7 Pastoral Call 5:30--7 Summer Semester 6:00-5-7 CBSNews 6:30--4 Romper Room 9 Lone Ranger 6:35--2 Farm, Ranch Report 6:40--2 News 7:00--2 Cartoons 4 Today 5-7 Capt. Kangaroo 9 Good Morning Am. 7:30-2 McHale's Navy 8:00-2 Flintstones 5 Here's Lucy 7 Cartoons 8:30-2 Variety 5 Price is Right 7 GomerPyle 9:00-2 Blinky's Fun Club 4 Phil Donahue 7 Here's Lucy 9 Happy Days 9:30--2 Howdy Doody 5 Love of Life 6 Sesame Street 7 Tattletales 9 Family Feud 9:55-5 CBS News 10:00-2 Father Knows Best 4 Name That Tune 5 Young, Restless 7 Price Is Right 9 Second Chance 10:30-2 Not For Women Only 4 ChicoandtheMan 5 Search For Tomorrow 9 Ryan's Hope 11:00-2 Perry Mason 4 Gong Show 5-9 All My Children 7 Young, Restless 11:25--6 Electric Company 11:30-4 Hollywood Squares 7 Search Tomorrow p.m. Noon--2 Movie 4 Noonday 5 News 7 News 9 News 12:30-5-7 As The World Turns 6 Variety 9 One Life To Live 1:00--4 Another World 1:15-9 General Hospital 1:30-5-7 Guiding Light 5 Little Rascals 6 Sesame Street 7 Merv Griffin 4:30-2 Gilligan's Island 5-9 ABC News 5:00--2 I Love Lucy 4 NBC News 5 CBS News 6 Mr. Rogers 7 News 9 News 5:30--2 I Dream of Jeannie 4 News 5 News 6 Electric Company 6:00-2 Andy Griffith 4 To Tell the Truth 5 Variety 6 Variety 7 CBS News 9 Mike Douglas WA5ITIN it HENRY By John Liney movie schedule HI AND LOIS Thursday Noon, Channel 2 -- "Personal Property" (BW) with Robert Taylor and Reginald Owen. 7:00 p.m., Channel 4 -- "The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case" with Cliff De Young and Joseph Gotten. 8:00 p.m., Channel 2 -"Saratoga" (BW) with Jean .Harlow and Clark Gable. 11:00 p.m., Channel 2 -- "The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell" with Gary Cooper and Charles Bickford. 11:40 p.m., Channel 7 -"Heat Wave" with Ben Murphy. 11:45 p.m., Channel 5 -"Heat Wave" with Ben Murphy. Friday Noon, Channel 2 -- "Here Come the Co-eds" (BW) with Bud Abbott and Lou Cosello. 7:00 p.m., Channel 7 -"Impasse" with Burl Reynolds and Anne Francis. 8:00 p.m., Channel 2 -"Postman's Knock" (BW) with Spike Milllgan and Barbara Shelley. 8:00 p.m., Channel 9 -- "The War Wagon" with John Wayne and Kirk Douglas. 10:30 p.m., Channel 2 -- "The Cowboy and the Lady" (BW) with Gary Cooper and Merle Oberson. 10:30 p.m., Channel 7 -"Merrill's Marauders" with Jeff Chandler and Ty Hardin. 10:35 p.m., Channel 5 -"What's a Nice Girl like You..." with Brenda Vaccaro and Jack Warden. 12:25 a.m., Channel 2 -"Weapons for Vengeance" with John Barrymore Jr. 12:30 a.m., Channel 7 - "My Blood Runs Cold" (BW) with Troy Donahue and Joey Heatherton. 12:45 a.m., Channel 9-"The Mummy's Revenge" with Paul Naschy and Rina Otolina. 1:45 a.m., Channel 4 -- "Song of the Open Road" (BW) with Jane Powell and W. C. Fields. 2:35 a.m., Channel 7 -- "The Guru" with Rita Tusliingham and Michael York. 4:05 a.m., Channel 7 -"Three Faces West" with John Wayne. By Dik Browne = 60 POT AMP DITTO OFF TO SCHOOL WITH A SANDWICH,COOKIES AND AN APPLE IN LUNCH DADDV ( MUST HAVE A PIZZA IN HIS. REX MORGAN, M.D. By Dal Curtis WE CALLED YOUR HOME, PAUL.' JAKE TOLD US YOU HAD. COME DOWN HERE, THAT YOU WEREN'T ANSWERING YOUR PHONE: I HAD SOME WORK TO CATCH UP ON.' PLEASE, BE SEATED WE LL ONLY BE A FEW MINUTES' THERE WAS A MEETING | MAY I ASK OF THE BOARD THIS ·) WHY THIS EVENING, PAUL/ IT WAS THE UNANIMOUS DECISION THAT YOU RESIGN. ^ GENTLEMEN.' THIS IS AN UNEXPECTED PLEASURE.'

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