Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 23, 1961 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1961
Page 18
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G R K K 1 ' E Y TRIHUNE Mon., Ocl. 23, 19f,l Rtol Bray Harrison Realtors EL 3-4254 812 IStli Avc. WE CAN'T SUL1, IT: No. Wo fjin'i pell ( h a t l i o m n yoi watit lo HRUOSO of unle-'-B yo lial H w l l h us. llcccnL sales h n v reduced our n t n c k nncl \s-e arr in noril of c i t y and K u l m r b a l i s t i i i R R , \v* liavu n nnmbcT c q n n l i f i e d iirnp|'octH for whom w have no R i i i l ^ b l o property. \\'h\ not lei us pell llmm yonrp. Plioi now. for an c M m u i l c of wh,i your p r o p e r l y will lirlng on to dfiy'B market. MR. E X E C U T I V E : Am you lookiiiR (or a liomn t t i a yon en n i r . m r rijilit in? I.oi n: show you iliis h r n u t i f u l ihn-r boil room lrick « i t h f i u i n l i e i l i ^ s e i t i P i i t , t l i i f - o ^'loainln^ r n r r i r n l c HI* 1 K M l i s , i-nmptele b n i l L i n e l o r t r i r k i t c h e n . I w i u i t L f n l l i v iiic :'oo]ii w i t h firoplaco. two cai x-iiai:o. Top l o c u t i o n nnd priccc .it $^7.r.0f'. 1NCO.MR: New h i i f k duplex \ v h h t w o ncd noms on oiifh aide. ] .oca lei clos^o (o st-liool. An oxcnllcnl in v p s t m o n t at f 1-1.000. We hnv- i ho key and can show It an; r i m e . (A) DAIRY: Now jinrlor tyjxi burn Hint ivil jH'CommodiUe a Inrfce herd Alinniliutn roolagn tank. 1 ncres of ground ami p l e n t y o walrr. New three bedroon homo, two car gnrage. Trie f.13.000. 160 ACRES: J-'nlr i m p r o v e m e n t s , cxceHen producing f a r m , good water, an priced to sell at $52,500. H A R O L D R. COWAN- AGNES COWAN nuriL K. iiAnmsn.v ALFRED \VIN"1EF1S C n l l KL 3-iKt Days or Evenings WHEELER REALTY "GREELEY'S MOST COMPLETE HEAL ESTATE SEIIVICE" ^ Realtor 1331 8th Avc. KL 3-034G Rtal tttolt 16 Greelcy Ultlg. Kl. 2-5747 N E W LISTING 7wo bedroom litli-k. f u l l fin. istiil.. fiiTiilnc-o, w to w cnrpet, m i l Nil fit ovc, disposal, patio- lenlli Atra. 520.HOO, GLP:NMERE ,ovely ^ yr. old lirlck, 2 licdrrn ]p. 2 ilown. \v Ic w ' n r i e l hrouMhont. 2 fireplrn-cs, 2 b n l l m ·t?r. ronin. [mtio. M A P L F i W O O D \ l t r a r l l v n 2 lipdronin rrnmc, w o w cnriicl, p u r t burnt., K cd jnilio, inulerK round IK. Excellent reimlr. $1G,noO. HEATH Two bedroom brick, \v to w car- ict. firoplnce. lovely r e r n n i l r mil), f u l l Tin. hsiul.. tsiulprap -rd, n n d e r y r n u n i l aprJnkllns, C O N T E M P O R A R Y i c n t l v c Uonin. W to \v 01 let, lira PCS. flreplnrie. dish- rnsher. b u i l t - i n stove, rep. room, irdroniii. u t i l i t y In hsint., 2 car JIRP, oxcollcnt yard. Dorn nlni Lund Ph. EL JMi. EL, 2-4401 Stan Smith Agency 903 I 0 t h Ave. EL 2-SGOG iOn6 32nd A v e n u e . Owner leav- .ng CroDley. Here's a renl otiji i n n l l y to buy a gootf t h r e e h ronm home worth the money. By P l i o i n l m e n t . (00 or $500 down will buy hoice of nice three bedroom mines ami t h e balance FU A onn. Move right in and enjoy icing in your own home. ' i c t u r e Home! Tho k i n d you ream Abinit and it can be yours. iBsumo real goort loan on I M n lice t h r e e bedroom w i t h CRr\iet- d living room and hnll. Full 3iaemonl and garage, too. SOI 14th Street. Large, livable ] i re e h ed room h oni 0 w a i t i n g .net for you and your family. Musi he seen to appreciate Hie jig value here. K«ol ErtoU Ht JOYNER REALTY EL 3-11G9 1018 Oth St. Two lirdioom home, K2S Fair- itcres Drive. Inr^o living room, (lining room. fireiJlai-t?, f i n i s h e d recreullon room and bedroom In basement. A very a t t r a c t i v e home In ATI ;irrri t l m l h o l d s it* vnlne. Priced lo sell. S20 27tli Avc. 3 l i c d i n o i n lirick home, patio. l u i t b anil h a l f , at- t a c h e d R n r a R e . Lots of house Tor only Sll.r.W). 1CS2 l l l h Avc. 2 liedrooin lirlu n p j i r collie. Lots of iiosMhllt- llcs in l i i l s home. Small lot, tKi.'fiO.OO. New 2 bedroom brick duplex. :entUiK for $200 per m o n t h . " Carpolinr. d r a p e r go w i t h pro[i crty. »23.:W. Three bedroom two story older loine in top ronditioj'. O n p itnck from business d i s t r i c t . 10, COO. Two baths. Tan be used as a p a r t m e n t house. 1201 6tli SI. 2 bedroom, l i v i n g - room, d i n i n g r d r i m , R v e r y nire IONIC 0] a short lot for 510,750. Don Sutherland, EL 2-649S ( Burgess Joyner, EL 2-24W Jim Sumtners. EL 2-7028 ftt.l Ertol* 48 OPEN EVENINGS 6:30 to 3:30 i^The Georgia i^The Columbine In b e a u t i f u l COTTONWOOD VILLAGE 23 nl Avenue at 20tli Street Road DEVELOPED BV W H E E L E R REALTY CO. 1331 Slh A V E N U E MOORE REALTY Realtor ft 1506 8th Ave. Ph. EL 2-3437 "WHBI1B BUYERS AN'D SELLERS MEET" K«ol lri«i 4S WIM, trade mr * brdroora HIHiH* hom» for i t u i l r n l Income property, ej will Kll for I1«W, .num. G.I. loin h:L 2-26JI. FOR SALR-- Two bcjronm norr.e. Own- rr winu lir.alL «iuilr in-l ·ii'ine 2.S718, mtlfr 6:30. ROOM for tho children on this lar^e lot, 2 bedroom home, ga- rrtxe, nice yard near grade school. H B T I H K w i t h an Income. 4 a p a r t m e n t s rent for f210.00 per rnomh, price J17.500. !i apart- mcnls rent lor 5300.00, price Un,r,uO. SEE US IK YOU A KB LOOKING FOR FARMS. STROUT REALTY EL 3-0269 HAROLD GADB, Branch Mgr. 803 Boulder St., Evans IOS ACHES IrriRated f a r m l a n d . 2 home.s. 2 car garage, barns and various other oitt.buildings. All in good condition. 3 BEDROOM HOME in HilUlde w i t h full finished basement. Carpets, drapes, dishwasher and lovely landscaped yard. Reol Eitot. 4g KO« SAI.K br owner -- llrkt hoinr. Mlpl'wooil «r.-) lirtlh Jof-'.lon. W i l l . to.wtl] rxrppttnir, fitcrlirt. U r z r Pltlo. full linllhc-I Lucent. Oil KL S-OIS2. BY OWNER 1821 l l t h SI. ranch lypo brlcV and frame. Carpeted, fireplace, planters, built-in electric kitchen, a t t a c h e d garage. EL 2-2066. ATTENTION HOME OWNERS \Ve have buyers for 2 bedroom liomes w i t h basements and garages. Call Wheeler Realty Co. EL 3-IH-fG Can't 1'ou Find A REAL ESTATE LOAN? Let Us Help You! WE M A K E ALL TVI'ES OF R E A L ESTATE LOANS, nOTIl IN AND OUT OF GKEELBY. Lott Agency, Inc. 18 llth Ave. EL 3-1443 Ray Larson Auction] 48-A Uiod Can and Truckt 51 Yes, we day, let morrow. FARMS have f n r u m ! Call us help you for STAN SMITH, Th. EL 3-06SS L. V. MOORE, Ph. EL 3-0966 DAVE HERRIES, Ph. EL 3-1017 2-136 12th AVE. COURT Here is one of the finest nnd Hi'nnest homes on today's ninr- k e t . Three bedrooms, lnn;e liv- i n p room ivith new carpotiug. nearly new ilrnjies throughout the house. You will lie pleased v v i l h the b e a u l i f u l Inwn and sliriibs nronml t i l l s home. Call HE for more details. ·2320 5th AVENUE -NEW LISTING A three bedroom home In soulli IJrcolny. E x t r a s include carpel- ini:, -drapes. disposal and several ( i t b e r items. F i n n n r h i K to suit your needs or will trade. INCOME PROPERTY -015 23rd STREET Two bedroom homo for the own- i*r j'lus a basement n n n r t m o n T tn rent. o u t . This home la located i l u s o to the college. I N C O M E PROPERTY -1218 81 h STREET Three-unit a p a r t m e n t house This house has an exceptional!) tond income n n d it is priced be Sow $11.000.00. DOVER This nearly new home Is v a c a n t nnd ready to be occupied. Living and diiiinR rnpiu carpeted, kit chen w i t h birrh cabinets nnr huilt-in range find oven, p a r t i a l ly f i n i s h e d bn.^i'iuent. cos'ercil palio. also complete u n d e r ground gprinlcler system. MONTVIEW AREA ,OTR riUCKD R I O H T to omes. dwellings. 21.000 sq. ft t 21sL Ave. and 6ih St. Cal *irg Scon. iCRRAGES. almost 4% acre rontnge. Heath and Greele i l g i t aren. Fine for the kind o ionic j'oii want in ihe country. OVER 12 A C R E S where there 1 failure for nice homes. H e a t h Treeloy High area. Ask us nbou his. JI.OSK-IN FOR COL'I'I.K. Live on main Iloo i n d rent basement. 1310 Sill S Call Virg Scott. R E T I R E to this n t t r a c l i v e clea enced home at M! Idaho SI. i Evans. The price is right. GOOD I N C O M E in this 28 uni motel. Year round business Joes not depend entirely o onrists. Books show it w o r t l May we ' yon this n l l r a c t i v c . two bedroom home located close to J l t j a t h J u n i o r HiRli Srlioo and G r e e l e y H i p b ScttooK Idcn for a small f a m i l y nnd it i: selling f £l r sn a t t r a c t i v e price Call us today. 2G10 18lh STREET New J i s t i n p ! An e x t r a Dover in Hillside close to pon Elementarv School Healh Junior High School. I features carpeting, hot wale hcni. a fireplace and a romplet electric k i t c h e n . Good V.A. loan may be assumed. 1136 31st AVENUE Low payments of JS1.00 re month may be assumed on thi attractive three bedroom home It has a complete elctric kit chen, a t t a c h e d garage, anti i convenient u t i l i t y area off th kitchen. 2240 12th ST. RD. Early American Gem in popu!« Heath-Maplewood Area. Beauti f u l yard with sprinkling system completely finished basement two-car garage, all electric kit chen, carpeting, drapes, an' decorating all completed wilf t a s t e f u l Early A m e r i c a n charm Merle McN'ulty, EL 2-TOW Freddie Schmfetenknop EL 2--J600 JElmer H. Stolte, EL 2-56fc Horace E, Atkinson, FL 2-7966 Call EL 3-P346 or any of sale* men on Saturdaya and Sundays I AUSTINS Realtors -- Auclioneeri 203 9th St. Ph. EL 3-0790 R E T I R E D i n v e s t m e n t . Call Vir Marvin C. FUNK REALTOR 1013 Slh A v e n u e MOUNTAIN 7 V I E W meiliate possession of 3 bed- on rn. f u l l basement home, fire- Incej fine ynrd. Below J20.000. 1605 21ST A V E N U K ear a l l schools, ,1 bedrooms. 2 albs, fireplace, d o u b l e garage. N E W B R I C K "beautiful P a n o r a m a Park. S cdroomn. f a m i l y room, 2'/^j atbs, 1ioi wnter neat. i HILLSIDE BRICK 'hree bedrooms, fuU basement, arpet nnd drapery. GLENMERE LOT 'hoice corner lot in developed ilocfc. Ready to build on. GREELEY COUNTRY CLUB Surrounds these choice building lies in fully protected! area. :lly Htllltles, finest view in Weld Bounty. \Ve listcil this a l t r n c t i v e 3i bedroom buns a low style hoinej completely surrounded by a t 11 active fenced yard. Priced nt only JlS.nno and l o c a t e d " 1007 31st A v e n u e . ·garage. Good location. I C O A C R E Irrigated f a r m , good lorn lion. 2 homes and several out b u i l d i n g s all In good condition. Total Income of JI2CVOO per mo. now. However, check 23:17 10th]247x200 fl. lota In indir.trial St. on 111 way 3-1 BK a sleeper. I area. P r o p e r t y now haa various D e f i n i t e f u t u r e business potent i a l nt llt.2Jin.00. Out of lown owner saye sell. Maplewnod scbool locale Ideal. 1830 12tli St., lociitetl on fine corner l o t . 2 bedrooms on main and 2 TJRs. f i n i s h e d In ba.iem'ent. Wall to wall carjieling and drupes i n c l u d e d . $200D.OD total down and assume good F I I A loan on bal- inre. 2^07 Snnaot Tjano in Kolair Park offers b e a u t i f u l m o u n t a i n view, underground s prink ling system, fireplace. 2 bedrooms, lien and Rpacions l i v i n g room. Check t o d a y , We have a numerous selection of fine listings to o f f e r you. SALESMEN Frank E. Moore, Res. EL 2-3313 Al Moore, Ue«. EL 3-4048 Jim Anderson, Res. EL 2-7266 v n n Giltmllgh, Res. EL 2-0037 Ted Funk Helen Williams M a r v i n Funk Ph. EL 2-1540 Th, EL 2-5595 Ph. EL 2-5416 REAL ESTATE 828 Oth St. Ph. El, 2-4884 n e w vhile Scott. Y O f R CHOICE. Near iieilroom or 3 year old 3 bedroom. fll.500 and lOCt (lown. Outsido city limits. CALL PICK K E I K X E S I F YOU A R E L O O K I N G FOR A WS1XESS. 24ft ACRE FARM located 6 miles lh of K p r s p y . 2 sets of tni- \ rnipnts. M a k e an offer. Call Henry Herltst. 3 0 R E G I S T E R E D J E R S E Y DAI IIY COWS w i t h m a r k e t for milk. Pri e J30D per cow, n!so 2 bulls and 21 hpifcrs not registered but eligible. Call Henry llerbst. C O M M E R C I A L L Y ZOS'ED 2 hedroom home with hasenient n p a r t n t c n t , wall to wall carpet 2 car garage. Only 10 years old I31S 9lh ST. I-arse kilchsn. new w a s h e r and llerbst. I N C O M E P R O P E R T Y . 13 col Eoge rentals n i t h kitclicnettes plus 3 bedroom living quarters I Mock from Cranford Hall. Cal Henry Herbst. dryer. Call Henry FOR M O R E INFORMATION HEAR OUR KFKA B R O A D CASTS EACH MORN'IN'O M O N D A Y T H R U FRIDAY AT 7:30 A.M. 2616 14 A V E N U E COURT Near new and i m m a c u l a t e three Itedroom hricX home w i t h faill ha semen t and a t t a c h e d garage Added f e a t u r e s are separate din itg, bath and h a l f , built in GF kitchen, he m i t i f u l w-iv carpel ing, draiieviefl, and s w i m m i n g pool membership. This excen t i o n a l hon\e is shown by appoint ment only. 2507 M O U N T A I R L A N E Rrand new three bedroom hrick home with f o u r t e e n h u n d r e c feet of Fimrions and grnclons , Keflttire separata riinlnjt r,cs, double K»r«pe, mahog any woodwork, and built-in k i t chen with separate u t i l i t y room The finest f e a t u r e of t h i s qnallt constructed home 1s the price f \ 8,000, 1019 22 A V E N U E COURT L E I ex I r a fine t w o bedroom brick lome in an extra fine l o c a t i o n Valkin? distance lo Heatl: Ma pie wood, (Ireeley High, nni lo-^pitr,]. Full basement ( b a l inished), attached gnrage. w-i c a r p e t i n g , and d r a p e r i e s . $17,GOC 25'13 SUNSET L A N E This Helair beauty has threi jedrooms on main floor ani 'onrth bedroom, L A R G K gam room, and u t i l i t y in f u l l (ini.shei casement. Attnc:heil I wo car ga ·age, c n r p e i i n K , drapes, an .arge airy Xitchen. Shown by ap pointinent. 100 25 AVENUE Pour year old two bedroo dome with attached garage an detached garage. $12,000 in eludes electric range, r e f r i g e at or. automatic wnsher, drye d i n e t t e set, b e a u t i f u l w-w carpe and drape?. Located out of th city with taxes of ?153 and o school bus route. 106 S 3 STREET La Sail*. Lovely six year old Iw bedroom home with attached g rage, lifetime a l u m i n u m aidin carpet, and draperies. Pri ed at $10.000 and owner t r a d e Tor Greeley home. FOR RENT Close In two bedroom flpar menl. Hange ftnri r e f r i g e r M f u r n i s h e d . JfiO month. EVEM.NGS Henry Herbsl EL 2-S441 Dick K e i r n e i EL 3-0913 e Scott EL 2-2939 George ZimbelmRn Brighton 559-0607 HELEN' TERRY. EL 2-9345 LI'SLE PERRY, EL 2-9346 DON BUEL, EL 1-60S3 CECIL COOPER, ZL 2-9+54 i' Don't Buy Until You See What HILLSIDE HOMES has to offer! Bedroom Brick Veneer, Full Basement, Attached Garage. $550 Includej all down payment and closing costi -- FHA ABSOLUTELY NO Down Payment No Closing Costs TO VETERANS Monthly Payments Less Than Rent ihoose from 5 Floor Plan ft Brick Veneers · Attached Garages ·· Garbage Disposals i'r Blrcb Cablneti ·d K i t c h e n Range Hoods ·jV Full Basements Curb, sewer, cutter, itreeu In PHONE EL 2-6750 25(h St. and 21st Are. Evenings Call: ack Schrelber EL 2-29S Ted Foster EL 2-S5n Dave S w i f t EL 2- Darrell Walllsch F.L 2-448 Open 1:30 to 8:30 Daily nuls. AH is -- Kood rentals or eal tor building. EMPIRE REALTY TIIELMA KELLY EL 3-185? or EL 2-6459 BROOKS REALTY DEO. H. G R A H A M Owner-LJroker h. EL 2-C570 h. EL 3-4-175 909 Sth Ave, 2100 10th SI EAST I lovely new hrick with 2 large edroonis would accommodate svin beds, living room 1-1x21 ·ith w to w carpeting, beiintifn itchen, IVi haths, full bnpe iient with bedroom, rec. TOOILI nd 3 / 2 bath. 2 rar gnrage on arse lot. Only J1S.001). 122 32nd WEST Avenue. 3 hedroom ieted, f u l l basement, priced t ell and lias large FHA loan. n 'Wilshire -- 3 bedroom brick arge living room with aeparai room, b e a u t i f u l w tn ·s ig, lovely kitchen with bui it-ins, attached gampe. J are looking for a really nic Lome worth the money, call this, as these people eaving the a(ate and t h i s horn s priced to sell. NORTH 218 16th A v e n u e . A cozy 2 he ·oom home, nice sized livin room w i t h w to carpeting iled bath, nice V it chen Inclm ng gas range. $7JiftO can be t nanced. 1126 filli Street. This Is one r Ihe fine older 1 bedroom hrie [\omes, large living room, aep r r a t e riinfnfj rootit, w to w ca pot Ing and drapes, large ki en. 2 CRT garage. If you ar k i n g for a large close-i lome you can't beat this bu SOUTH Two new 1iomcB in Olenmere they have 3 bedrooms, large li g rcxinis, with fireplaces, fn finished basenients, 2 car rages, f 25,500. Several new hrick two and f h r e bedroom homes in AUSTIN AUCTIONS F U R N I T U R E AUCTION L Y D I A C. NKLSON", Kslatc, Oct. ·2$, 1:30 P.M. COS .Marion Avo. PlAtLevllli;. Colo. i; Small i-cfrig.; BUR stove; cup jboni'ds; curved gh^s c it i n n J c l u s u l ; oval table: round dinitit: / t a b l e : lota of straight c tin Irs; · 13 rock i rig clin i rs; desk: ove r- Isliiffcd couches; occ. chjiirs; old i s e w l n g m a c h i n e ; 2 rugs; power · , mower; yard lools jitul In is uf misc. I [ems. Terms] Cash. F U R N I T U R E A U C T I O N REALTY 2305 10th St. Phone EL 3-2355 \V. 0. B L A N K l O N n A K K R , FrE* day. October 2T. 1061-10 A.M. 2151 C. St., N o r t h w e s t , Clrceley, Colorado. 4-|ic. l,t. maple bdriti, set com- j l e t e ; cliroiuo k i t c h e n sets, l v i t J i imilded i-iiaii s; S f n n i uji- riKlit. freezer; 12 ft. Crosley relrig.^ rndio; 2 37-iti. i m r l n b l e TVs; plnlforni rofticr; 5 tier jookcnse; e)ec. vib. rci-Kning c h a i r ; n l J i s t i c covered reclining chair; TV c h a i r ; corner and end tahles; Intiuis; bookcase p l a n t - er; m a n y p l a n t s ; misc. tools; stopl.i drier; wheel h a r r o w ; porl- tihlo 7*in. saw ntul t a l i l e : nir coinp.; jifi saw, 2 clco. motors 'lares, lights; t u b i n g nnd pi pi i n ^ f i ; L' oil heatei's; 2 whoel tiox trailer; 11 ft, tioat nn t r a i l e r and ninny misc. items. Terms cash. AUSTIN AUSTIN AUCTIONEERS Greele}- -- EL 3-0790 Ft. Collins -- HU 2-5305 Farm Equipment 50 EDWARDS Chevrolet Is t for new and und truck*. { S A I . K !'.":' l h. KL ?.v$'Ji. * rj:,3 M K U C U I t Y Mo r, n"l»ni*lic Iran rd Avr. Cl. , radio, fcxt~ «. 1105 12th ] I O S N K V l l . I . F » l » l l o n i r.iT. lo»- rnirratr. Stc «l ' ' 94« K O H I J motor roJ cur. JSCO . l ind luck upSol Ph EL 2-SM7 1960 FORD FALCON 4-DOOR Cuslotn interior, radio, heater, standard transmission. White side wall tires, clear plastic seat covers. A real buy! You Name the Price! Open Evenings 'til 8:30 Edwards Chevrolet Co. USED CAR LOT 1310 8th Avenue Farm Equipment 50 1'LASTIC Him. LaiEeit etocK In noith- Colar.i ilo. Six foot lo 32 foot tis. t".-o, fnur and aix mil thielt- lrrient:on nr.d Tower Equip- Inc.. 3 miles loulh ca High- 6i. Thore EL 2-04SS. nl. NEW LISTING iafc doing good business, owner HIM sell. N**t r e t u r n between I n O O and $2000 per mo. on J l H , 30 i n v e s t m e n t . Excellent loca on. OWNER LEAVING 35th Ave. 1200 ,ag. ft.. 3 bed oom, full b a s e m e n t , built-in kit icn. Carpet, d r a p e s , g a r a g e and ree/.eway. Full price only $17, assume good loan. NEW LISTING rTcV^meaMufMrdAtnu 1 " The Superpower Major with the new hydraulic lift Enishert reerciiUon room in ase., utt. Ear. Full price only 15,600. Ask for a Ford Tractor Demonstration The Big (GOOO) for the tiesivy work. EDWARDS ADDITION Ve have four nine 3 bedroom omea in brick and frame. Prine ange f r o m ? 17.000 to ?1S,000. wnera h a v e been transferred til of town and w a n l to sell. Let a show ymi tliea« beautiful omes. PACKAGE LIQUOR '111* store located near I.ove-J71fl l l t h St. and. grosses over ? 15,000 ner." ·" ' ear, lias excellent 2 bedroom iving q n n r t c r s and shows a ;ooil net r e t u r n . Let us give yon ull [larlit'nlars. and added power. The Extra (Fordson-Doxta). The well known (GOO), (800), and (000) models, both gas and diesel. Ford Tractors are outstanding for loading and construction work as well as nil of the general farm jobs. Garnsey Wheeler Co. Greeley RL 2-9174 EAST 16TH STREET all 2 bedroom liome. This icnie is nor, q u i t e finished and er will sell lor $2.SOO cash. lay Larfin,, Job Foster Eddie Zybaeh Sarah C a r h n n g h Earie Russell EL 2-S5S9 EL 3-2381 KL 2-5478 EL 2-0127 KL 2-7666 HAGAN Agency, Inc. Realtors - Insurers SEE THE LATEST IN Power Manure Spreaders The Heavy Duty Knight Model 130 {night offers trouble-free drive, rugged conslruction and other heavy July features! DU-A1 Loaders Du-Al has helped put the plus back in the farm dollar. Du-Al loaders with fewer pails, heavy-duty formed steel tubing construction and multi-purpose design give you positive savings in time, money, labor and replacements. SEE THEM AT Ellis Capp Equipment Your International Harvester Dealer |508 Sth Avenue EL 2-9141 Used Car* and TrucVs 51 priced to sell with payments. Perle Franlz Krt Hofr \Vm, McCalmont H e r m a n Wolff fleorge G r a h n m E. L. Brooks miall down EL 2-2703 EL 3-4374 EL 3-0617 KL 25167 EL 2-1653 EL 3-0014 COLLEGE AREA Comfortable :! bedroom liorne with lull basement. Terms. EDWARDS SUB Cule 5 room home, a d d i t i o n a l bedroom in basement. Terms. HIGH SCHOOL Two heclrooms, dining room, full basement, double ^ara^e. Possession November 1st. ? H 500 00 19GO Parklane 4-Door EAST 18fh STREET Worth the m o n e y ! Finished I960 Ford Falcon 4-Door basement. R a n g e and oven. Used Cars and Truck) SAFE-BUY USED CARS $2795 §1795 3 hedrooniF. large Wlcben, laundry. double garage. i CLINIC AREA Three bedrooms, full basement.' LANDMARK REALTY L6-H Sth Ave. EL 2-3452 1429 12TH AVE. ·fr College Income ·£ Plus Basement Apt. ^r Cameron Area tr 5 Bedrooms. $350.00 DOWN ·ft 3 Bedroom Brick ·jY Full Basement ·fy Attached Garage ·fa Brand New. 820 23RD STREET -· Basement Apt. ·5^ Basement Furniture rV 2 Bedroom Main ·fir Garage. 1729 14TH AVENUE ·jV 2 Bedroom Frame ·j? Ftiii Basement ·fa lively Ix)t ·fa Will Trade. ·fr · WE'RE T R A D E R S Chuck Kintz, EL 2-8210 Fritz U'eiland, EL 3-4595 MAPLEWOOD Fhe room older home. Fire- 1956 Oldsmobile 4-Door, Air Conditioning S895 place, dining room, Jla.uOfl. WEST VIEW All(1 * Man5 ' Others! brick 3 hedroomF. d i n i n g McMILLEN MOTOR CO. Lincoln-Mercury-Comet-English Ford located. 1412 stli Avenue Phono EL 2-5950 Bank Terms to Suit the Buyer double garage. Idenlly II 3 schools. ?1C5 PER MONTH On $14.500 Investment U3T ilus). Hasement a p a r t m e n t . Cal] .0 inspect 1831 6th Avenue. MAPLEWOOD M a t u r e yard, finished base- !1r ,- n /-.TTT-I-I/ T A 1 D \ T A menl. In top condition. J20,250.;19oJ C H h V . JiJ r AL/A |2-Dr. hardtop. V-8, radio, 45 Years In Business In Greeley 914 10th St. A-l USED CARS heater, powerglide, power Ernie Scott, Res. EL 2-S633 Howard Wilson, EL 2-2174 Carl J, Anderson, EL 2-3494 M. E. Hagan, Ret. EL 2-5487 Dean Avers, EL 2-4910 Mel C. Bedinger, EL 2-4753 Vic Hill, EL 5-1219 steering, power Ph. EL 2-7387 C i n n a m o n . $1795 brakes. 1956 FORD Fairlanc 4-Dnor V-8, radio, heater, Fordomatic. Two · toned blue. $795 Don Fraclii, EL 2-3964 . 1956 CHEVROLET 210 2-Door 6 cylinder, radio, heater, Powerglide. Overhauled engine, Red and White. $845 1959 FORD GALAXIE Club Victoria V-8, radio, heater, cruiseomatic, power steering. Corinthian White. $1895 GARNSEY WHEELER 711 llth St. Your Forrl Dealer EL 2-9174

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