Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 10, 1967 · Page 4
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 4

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 10, 1967
Page 4
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7 /»ho Prg« Press 4 Caldwell News-Trlbune, Saturday, June 10,1967 - 4 PAGE OF OPINION POLITICAL COMMEHTARY FLICKER Is x Good Hard Look 7 a Request? By RICHARD CHARNOCK terpreted as a suggestion for a had recommended more than BOISE (UFI) -- In the lexicon s 'udy rattier than a fiat re- $11 million in state aid Jor wel- quest for action. fare (luring the closing days of "It would appear," said one the 39th regular session, reporter after the news confer- Obviously upset at criticism ence, "that a 'good hard look' of him by Chairman Jehkin in retrospect means a 'request' Palmer, R-Malad, of the House In retrospect, political actions like a "good hard look" appar. At first he admitted, he reo And, of Palmer, he said: ommended only $11 million - "He's one of the guys I had all $1 million less than for this hi- the problems with during the ennium. But after reviewing the session -- that wouldn't listen facts, he said, he changed his tome." mind. , ,,. _.. He said he urged the joint if everybody wants it and a Appropriations Com m i 11 e e, committee at least three weeks 'study'if they don't." Samuelson blamtd the Joint before the end of the session to en tiy can have different mean- Newsmen also discovered for Finance-Appropriations Commit- restore his earlier proposed cut jngs the first time that Samuelson tee for a cutback. but to no avail. FOREIGN COMMENTARY Dominican Attitudes Changing moving after dark. In retrospect, the main Balaguer's major opposition, tempering influence during this Juan Bosch's Dominican Revo near-crisis was the attitude of ' " ' they were at of politics "a good hard look" at a problem can mean many things. Newsmen discovered t h i s anew Friday at Gov. Don Samuelson's weekly news conference when they questioned the chief executive about a proposed penny-a-gallon tax increase. To their unconcealed surprise Samuelson said he had asked the Legislature to consider raising the tax to seven cents a gallon to obtain funds to match federal monies. By STEVE YOLEN Now that Joaquin Balaguer is "I urged them to take a good SANTO DOMINGO (DPI) -- finishing his first year as look at that," the governor The Dominican Republic may president there is hope that ---. ------ . , .. , said, emphatically. "That's why have achieved at last a measure some stability-Dominican style lutionary Party(PHD), walked ^people, I wanted to hold the general of political maturity. -has come to the republic. out of the National Assembly, last lea fund budget to $152 million." This is the consensus of many Stability In Santo Domingo is claiming the terrorism He explained that a budget of veteran diplomats and long-time measured almost solely on the aimed at its members, I hey that size would permit tax re- residents here who have seen government's ability to stay in lief to offset the Increase in this Caribbean island-republic power. Balaguer's government seems to have that ability. Starting on April 28, a series of 13 terrorist attacks, most against government swept through the Idaho citizens' overall tax bur- careen through five govern- den through a gas tax hike, ments, three coup d'etats and a This "hard look" statement, major revolution in the five however, left newsmen in a years since the assassination of quandry. Some did not regard Rafael Trujillo, whose 30-year a good hard look as an out- tenure as Dominican dictator is right request for (he increase, still looked upon as one of the At other times they have most repressive in the hemis- heard a "good hard look" in- phere. was solution to political problems, called for a solid front of TM s « *j "y** 6 ! 8 2S? ta « gr ffi* ta aSst the'welkened^on in^hict Balaguer. A major crisis seemed S M^W. of!!---^!te Communists in the country filld themselves. That the Santo Domingo at the beginning situation which would have government of May was buttoned up like an overcoat and military patrols were virtually the only vehicles brought a coup d'etat two years ago, nothing happened this time. in a country ago was almost Cuba." "another TODAY'S EDITORIAL Starvation Inevitable? Most of the scientists who are specialists in the matter say that within 90 years the world's hungry nations will starve if they aren't taught to help themselves. An even gloomier picture was painted of the future population-starvation race, a was predicted by some that the developed nations just might eliminate the un- veloped ones simply to get them out of ,their htlr,,..,.. It wasn't explained in the report we read on the subject, but we assume that by "eliminate" 'it was .not meant that the developed nations will reinstate the murder factories of Nazi days. We assume that what is meant is that the developed rations will announce that the undeveloped nations htve "had II," and that they now are going to be run by them -- like it or not. No sovereignty whatsoever. And don't think there aren't plenty of people and organizations right now who aren't v«ry much In favor of this identical tpproach to "solving" our foreign aid problems. On a htppier note, other specialists In this area of world concern are greatly In OUR READERS SAY favor of the show-'em-how method, not only show them how to produce food and fiber for themselves, but how to utilize effectively the aid they are getting now and will be getting in the future. Additionally, these scientists claim that something must be done about improving the kind of aid being given and planned for the future. While it might appear that the most simple thing in the world to be able to tell 'what some country might need, apparently It isn't. We'veshowntlmeandagain in the past that this has been a problem. What it boils down to is that nation after nation is slipping down hill, From India to Africa this is true. And as they slip they're getting hungrier and hungrier, more and more mouths to feed and less and less ability to feed them. It's a grim picture. We were impressed by one scientist's summation. He said: "Horrified historians may record that as the world sped on a collision course with starvation its great powers fiddled with a war in Vietnam, a crisis in Berlin, a contest in arsenal building, and a race to the moon." Government-Owned Airport Should Hot Be Permitted To The Editor: Below is a copy of an open letter to the County Commissioners. DetrSirs: I am writing this so that you will receive at least one letter in opposition to a government owned and operated airport, Most of the taxpayers will wait until the next election to express their opposition by voting against you then, instead of letting you know their opinion now, when It could make a difference in your actions. The Irony is that you may be unopposed in the election, or, If opposed, you may interpret their voting as indicating that you did not spend enough of their money for their own special interests! But what can they expect when they don't express their opinions to you now, before you take action? I have no doubt Hiat all the special Intereslgroups, who hope to get you to help plunder the taxpayers, do let you know In no uncertain terms -- what they want you to do for them. But the taxpayers do nothing to defend themselves from being plundered. As t pointed out a couple of years ago, I am not opposed to an airport but am opposed to a government owned and operated airport. An airport is purely economic enterprise. It provides an economic service. Bs users can afford to pay for that service. Twrefore, there is no possible justification for a government subsidy of any type or kind for an airport from any to»J of government -- local, ·bit or rational, t an airport is economically ftutble it can be privately Is, non-government) owned at * profit. Con- versely, if a privately owned airport cannot be operated at a profit, It is not feasible to have an airport. It is never In the long range rational self-interest of any individual or special interest group to promote government Intervention, in any form, into economic affairs. Even though political pull can give a special Interest group a temporary direct economic advantage, it necessitates similar action by other special Interests so that when all the increased taxes are balanced against each special interest's own gain theyfind they are paying more in taxes than they get In subsidy. In the process the government increases its controls and regulations to a great extent so that the net result is Just a big increase In government power with no net gain to the peupU. It can never result In anything else! Dale G. Green Caldwell Route 1 Handicapped People Are Humans, Too To The Editor: As people are aware, or should be aware, there are handicapped people in all walks of life all over the world These people didn't choose to be handicapped of their own free will and if asked they would gladly change places with those who have the full use of all their faculties and body members. ' This letter then is to remind people that anyone can become handicapped overnight through m fault of his own. On the night of June 1 two handicapped people from (his locality had been to Boise for a meeting to discuss the convention for Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana, These two people, upon arriving in Nampa, decided to go get a hamburger at a cafe. Upon arriving at the cafe, the dnor was slammod shut in their faces. These handicapped people do not want to be treated as dogs, but rather as anyone else would be treated, John Harvey Wa'igh Nampa FACT and OPINION According to a University of Chicago Study of 649 employers whose employees were organized by unions, these are the five main errors the employers made that brought about unionization: "1. Giving employees only a minimum of information about the status of the company's health, financial position, its goals, sales and production achievements or nonachleve- ments. 2. Introducing changes in plant equipment, tooling or policy without advance notice or subsequent explanation to work force. 3. Making key decisions in a vacuum of ignorance as to what employees really want. 4. Ust of pressuretac- tlcs, rather than leadership, to secure high production and pro- ihictivity. 5, Playing down or pooh-poohing personnel, or personal dissatisfaction In the plant." Today's Thought By II. 8, DEAN ."And Mary sail), My sail doth magnify the Lord," Ijike 1:46 Praise to God deserves equal time wllh our petitions to Him. Have you (hanked Him lately? "Flowers are supposed to be cheering, and mine are more cheering than ever since we got electric heat," says Mrs. Virgil Norwood of Hagerman. "In fact, I have never seen them stand so straight and grow so lustily. The smooth, even heat and better humidity control seem to affect flowers as favorably as they do people." Well-known Hagerman dairy farmers, the Norwoods have a modern electric furnace with electronic air cleaner and air conditioning. "It makes all the difference in the world," they say. "Our home is cleaner and more comfortable, and we have perfect temperature control in every room." Make a clean break with the past! Modernizing loans are available now to help you change to flame less electric heat-$500 to $2000, simple interest loans, payments on your electric bill. You can get full information and planning assistance at your local Idaho Power Company office. IDAHO

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