Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 9, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX LAS CRUCES (N. M.) SUN-HEWS MoncUy Erenlng.' April I. 1SS1 Alamogordo Runners Romp Over Cruces; Aggies Win '- -Tn a double-header tiack mid field med hcl Saturday, at New Afcxlrti AM'H Miller Field,' A f n - niqgnnio high .school t r a c k m e n KWnmped 1 JIB Crtiees high srhool n thirties, while H strong Now !Mejc- ico" Aggie, team took an easy d*:- (.·ision from New Mr.xlco Western clndcrnien. LIIH Crucen Union .High School ten,nis I earn insult 1 a clean sweep nf Uin tennis itiftet in connection wilh i h e track events, Pnnl Hoii'ihollc, Jr..'who n-prc- tionU'd Las Cilices in the. singles, wmi over Gilbert Anyn nf Alamo- gwrtln. He won t h e f i r s t net fi-1. dropped t h t second set 0-7 and won Ihe t h i r d net G--I. J.rMiiiT Ownllney and Gene PrjeHlU?}' representing Jji.i Cru- i-ffs In llic doubles, won their 'nat- (jlurfi ovi!i - Gordon P.ender nnd .Jlm- my ArmHlnmp, two :nni!ght nctH (j-2 nnd 0-:t whlk 1 Priestley won fiver- Bcndci 6-2 nnd 0--1. Ill I If h i g h hHionl Irsiclc mee| (he A l J i i i i t i f r i i r i l i i ImH |t!iml hy n i l l i v e e v e n t * he cnleml, cilp- I n r c d i'i Ursli In (he I l-even( [in.gram mid rarked up 71) ', 1dl:il ] i i i l n t N , while 'niceH men Holi LIT, u n nji-ioiiiiil t i n c k nnd field num. won t h e 100-yard .Jnuli l.rojid j u m p . 20 feet :i'/ 2 indie.-;; iliEii-ufi I ' J I feet K ' I liiclH-K, nnd h l i n l p n l , |J fed 5 :;;, inclien. In the S H H - y a i d relay, Lee b i n u g h l rhei'in f r u i t i a large ciowd of fans when hi 1 nvercujiHt a 15-yaid LIIH Cnices leinl and vvt-nt on \tt Win tin 1 i H i i y tivi-iil. for )I|K teiim. Musky Men Ciirein of Alanm- h l n t e reeonl u h e n he llllrleil (In- jav.-lhi I HI] Ic.-l ','i , hiehes, mitre " Hi.lit live OH IIVIT the preHi-nl n l l l i h i l M m i U . The La:i Cniccs squad wan h a n d i - (·iipj.ed I)-,- tin: icinprirnry IDHH .if A l l i e Uniilnsnn pM'.:ent liolder of f t n t i 1 lon.ynnl mid 2'JO-ymd dnsh [·liiMiijiInnshlpN. Hohlnson did not romprlo Iji'i-aiiRC nf n ft'conl - t e a t l l in lib tiimlly. ' ItfKull.'i nf I h r n i c i ' t : n'lr.lfpliK'eft niily i : I f K l - y j i i l il.inh IJnt) Loe. A l n - mu|;on1o. ;10. L'l'O-ynnl driMh »M) Lep Aln- 110-yanl da»h - - lUlddy (Jlnvn. Alamognrdo. :fiH.1. h80-yail i n n Alvnre/., Ln.i M i l t ' run Cliiiuly Snndnvut, A\- I H O - y n i d low hurdles · · !Ueh:ud McAlpini', A l n m o g o i d n , ^2;7. ](tn-yaid hlf;h hurdles - - Oliver Lee, Alnniogoido, :I7.H. Shot pnl - lltih Lee A l a m n c n t - ilu. IVti:',". RIO GRANDE * TODAY 8; TUES. · Tfdmlrolor · Pctly ( J i n l ) l i ' · Dun Piillp Ol^nry ( 7 f i i l n n n * Ninvs Uiil S T A T E D TONIGHT TUES. . . . K I H K T HUN - - . \- GmcisulB Vom rtalston i\n On* Iff.sialinn QUCIMI "Molody i'l Mldntghl" P L A ' Z ' A i T TONIGHT Difiruii - - Bftl I-ce, Alainogordo, 121' HI/,". Javelin -- P.rnny C J j n f i a . A f n i n o - (fonlu. 1SIV 2'l.V'. nmai\ j u m p -- Hfih Leo Alnnin- pfinio, 20' .V. Hifjh .Iliinp Rurly Apodaca, l^an Crucf.i. . r )' ^". Polo v a u l t - Xorman Klnilnr, Alnnlononlo, tl' ')". 8fj()-yni(l relay --· Alnmogorclo. Afjglf.s crew . r u n mUKl]*Rliml IIVIT Ni'W M.\lni Wrsti-rll A l l i Irli-ii In will III.' nll|.|;lati-. mri'l hy nil K l In .IH-pnlnl m:in;i". While t h i M e wiri no niilstand- Inu |n-i Iruninncr..! hy niemhcm of i:!LhiT Iriiin. t h f compclition wns rltme In of the rvenlN, nnd n rliHI-pInc'.. l l r in lhf\ l l O - y a r d hl|;h hiililli'S piovliloil-ii Veal tin-Ill lor it I lining of rln'erlnp Hpnrtu- Uirn who cmwdt'il n h o n t the finiiih llni'. Xr\v .Ali'vlcii \\'i'stiM-n'H, ilnhli jitiir. \\'lilh', won Un 1 100-yiml iliiHh, 2211-ynnl ilnnli. low hurdles nnd Ili-d lor Hrst In Hie I l l l - y n r d hi^ll lmnlli'4 In tiilin heorlnu r luin- nrK IIM- I hi' nfi-t-L riitlersiin :iiil Krlley tllllli'.ll hlk'll pnlllt llnllorH for A A'.U. vvllll Mini- [inliils I'lich. Hi'-tultji. 1'lr.sL placi- winner* only: Illlih j u m p - Holanil Thoiiin.H. A f i M , S' (I". Kill.I pill Dii-ll Anilrrv.-.s. A.trM 30' 10". Dlni-llii ..- Kalopi'li, A f t M 110' 1 Ii". J n v o l i n - l l a x t c r . N M W , 177' -i :,"· ' ' I'uli. v a u l t 1'ntliniin A.l-M. I T 0". llioinl Jnm|i · K. Kcllcy. A.5-M. llr n 3',". lOd-ynril · While. N M W . 2'^0-yaid -- ClayHtiiiltp. AA-M. l i n - y u r d high linrillo.i hil.ll- KCIII A,i-M; White N M W . ( t i n :17.;'.. 220-ynnl low linrillM White, NMW, :27.0. ·HO-vaiil diiHh MIIMVI, AX'M, S8.0. 880-yind i n n Seals. A i t M . Mile 111,1 - Lee. X M W , f i : n.K. 2 Mile i n n N e w l i e n y , N M W . No Tune (A,t.\l did mil c o m p e l e ) Mile ii-luy · A t M tea. No Tim. ( N M W did not i-iimpeti-l. I'.-Vr'inc CdAST I . K A C H I K lly J riii AHMK'htti'il 1'1-ens A'rfilenlny'ft m'nres S c u l t l v 2-0. Man Frane.iKCO l-. r i. I'ortlnnd M, l l o l l y w u n i l 5-2. Bnrranient M - l . I.OH AiiRiiltw 10- Oalilaint n-0, Sun nir|;o S.|. Bulldogs Take OM Alamofordo Nine Tomorrow in First Scheduled Game LAS CnUCES LIQUORS Tlio Slate or Gone! Splrlla coi,i IIKKR r.isi-, 1,-CiiM- or Klil|Fli* Your Famllv I'iicKoijii Storo S3-1 S. M A I N .MISSION - W\. .. , I I . , P.i i I AdrnKsluii r.ilc ritonn TONIGHT TUES. ADULTS , . . STILL 50c KIPS UNDER 12 FREE-Whon With Paronlsl ;.·» ]"··· VHSSHUIIII I 'V Krauk Uurk'ii TltrllllnR "Brln.i 'em B»ck Allv«" I- . Muriel y MUrcolcn;'; "CHAHRO y U DAMA" I'linne - Itlu (ininili' (.'10 Stuto 457 ... I'laai 1UO ·LATEST WAR INEWs' Plm -'2 CAHTOONS With two wins ttgHlnsi -hlgli Kt'hool luaniK and one loss u^ai !. scJ'viL'iJiiinn's team, I-ah Cruces Uniuii High baseballmcn tomoiTOv/ t;ike on ;L fust-stepping diamond LTCW from j\lnmogordo high school. The game will be played on Ihe Las Crucca Compress dinmond at n tomorrow afternoon. ; Tlifi Alnmopordo nine have al-: i-nady provtd themHclves in high school Pftmpetition this season, defeating ArUwiu J2-C recently. Tim BuIltlofjH will be playing their first game .against s New Muxico lilgh school team tonior- row. 3n the last two weeks they have played Dowic high school and El Paso high school, both Texas teams, both beaten by (he 'Dogs. The I-'i/t Criircs team has been defeated only hy a strvlcemen'.s team from Molloman Air bane. Coach MJirli Centra announced UiiB line-up for tomorrow's game: Cole, catching; Otrovcroa. Pa?., or Torres, pitching; Ramirez, first bane; Ixjpoz, second base; Corley, iiliortHtop; Parsons, third base; RratUcy, left field; Bsprnda, center field; and Garcia, right field. AdmiHKion will be charged for this gnmc to mod baseball cx- pnnses. A dul I H will be charged $.50. Miidonls $.26. Exhibition Ball Sumhiy, April 8 lly Tlu! AsHrwfjiti-ll IM-rftK Philailelphin IN) 10, Pill.'iburfih . (N) II. Cnlcilfe'O (A) 0, Clllcacn (N) Ti. liuauintmt (TL) 0. HI. Louis (N) fi. Cincinnati (X) (1. Washlnglon (A) 1. A t l a n t a I S A ) fi, 'Uroolilyn ( N ) I). N u w Y m - k (N) 10, Cliivrliiiiil (A) :t. Hoston (N) Air Tram 10, Tulun (TL) 11. nation ( A ) 20-13, Uirininsliain ( H A ) C-U. Memphis ( S A ) 5, Detroit (A) 4. llnntnn (N) Train Team 14, Knit Wnrlh (TL) Ii. New yorli (A) 15, Hnuslon (TL) 0. Phllileipliia (A) 7, liaitinmre nu i. .St. LmiiK (A) 11. San Antonio I T L ) f l . Sports In Brief Hy The Associated I'IVHK HOCKEY Montreal -- Montreal eliminated Detroit Red Winga from Stanley Cup sumi-fmal playyoffs by winning 3-2, and taking best-of-seven scries, 4-2.' Boston-- Toronto crushed Boston, 6-0, to win feml-flnal series, -l and thus qualify for final playoff in Stiinley Cup. KASKETBALL Rochester --- Rochester Royals SxvampcO .New York Knicks, 0265 and 90-81 on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, to take 2-0 leucl in final best-of-7 series.'In NBA, playoffs. ·'- TENNIS .-^V Nice, France --. Sven Davidson, Sweden, upset Straight Clark, Los Angolai. 6-3, 1-6, 3-8; 7-5, 6-2,-to win singles title in Nice's International tournament. BOWLING St. Paul -- Clarence Marshall Detroit, rolled gainos of 206, 233 246 to t a k e singles lead in annual ABC tourney with GG-1 .series. S W I M M I N G Columbus, O. -- Dick Cleveland Hawaii.-set new record of / 50 mat-.- onds in 100-yard- frtfcstylc in National AAU indoor ^competition; New Haven swim club team wor teajn title with -13rf points to 5f for Ohio State. BOXING East Lansing, Mich. -- Michigan State won NCAA boxing tea lltle with total of 21 points. WRESTLING Cedar Falls. la. -- Iowa Teachers retained National AAU wrestling; title for thiid straight yeai with 32 points. R A C I N G New York -- Lotowhitc, $6.70, put on rousing stretch drive tc win JCxcelslor handicap by neck over Ferd before 52,110 at Jn- malca. Aintree, England -- Nickel Coin, 40 to 1, won Grand-National. Steeplechase hs 3-1 of the 37 .horseb fell or lost riders In gruelling 4 '/ mile tcrtt. San Matpo, Calif.--Steve Brook rode five winners at Bay Meadow Including Coal town. J6.90, i; Spark;: handicap · . Pick Rod Sox To Head League By JACK HANI) NEW yORK. April Q (JPt -- No Red Sox. No Red Sox. No Red Sox. Not oven' If they {jet Joe DImaggfo, Bob Lemon and Vic Raschi. You swore off for keeps latii September. But tliat was seven months ago. Wltli opening day a week off, the old craving returns. Giving up 'the Red Sox is tougher than cutting out cigarettes. That power. That new Pitching. That Fenway Park. How can they lose? The 'American League shapes up like a three-club race with Boston, New York and. Cleveland in the thick of It. Deiroit, off to a bad spring start," does not impress as a pennant contender. Back of the- first four; it's a ·grab bag, like two separate leagues with Washington, Chicago; St. Lou- Is and Philadelphia in the second. Here's thu w a y ' it looks from here: .· · 1. Boston - i 2. New .York 3. Cleveland 4. Dei roil 6. Washing-ton C. Chicago 7. St. Louis 8. Philadelphia ,' Boston -figures the inosl improved., club with I he addition uf kou Boudfcau, Bill Wight and Ray Scarborough, three ff-ont line regulars. The Sox gave up a good light fielder, u veteran pitcher and u itjokie. Fl AIR ntckllnt of tmoolh iatk tlaitlc lopped *Ilh embroidered nylM;. Wlitlt, black or blvilw A, I, C eupj.. Same ilyle In nylon loot and ihtrr leno. White only. E«ch $7,95 add flair to your fashions Just for you wlin i*'nnt nnd ii'vur fic-liitms vhli u H n t r . . . t h r A R h r n K . Imntl cut fur hin^iiliir peiiVeliou. Itfinitil'iilly uiutlr of ·ufl chistlii riilili\s l l m t »ii||""'t- An.l, l i k e all CtiHSiinlx, t h r y wen- Mwnrlcl t h e l - u ^ l t i n i i - . ^ A r a t t f i n y Cold M.-dal / '-.* "roiT\.|liihilr " ^~ rUllt ollh roun'd.d cup. Nylon ' marQuli.Mt vith Mlln .loulc. Whlu, blacl, b moil SCHOOL TKACK Carlnbad 37, Artcsiu 37, Hobbs 22 (Sat). ·'Alomogprdo 37 l/ a . Las Cruces 4Z l,i (Sat). HT. MICIIAKLS WINS HOSWELL, April 9--LW-- St. Michael's .college of Santa Fe tripped New Mdxico Military Institute 9-1 in a New Mexico conference busebal! tilt Saturday. Ease.,Your Flnnnclitl Burden.. . . H'lth u. personal loan from Cltllton Loan Insurance .Co. Sports Scores By. Tin; Assdcialeil I'rexs . KXI11BITIOX HASEKA1.I, Big Spring (Longhorn) B, Alhn- nucrqlie'IWT-NM] ·! (Sat). Albuquerque (WT-NM) 19, La- fnesa IWT-NM) 7 (Sun). Borger IWT-NM) 4. Oklahoma City (TEXAS) 3 (Sun). COLLEGE BASEBALL St. Michael's ,(Santa Fe) 9, New Mexico Military'institute 1 (Snt). HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL Carlsbad 5-5. Ruswell .4-8 (Sat). HIGH SCHOOL GOLF Albuqxierque 8 l/ 2 , El Paso i3 '1A (Sat). · ' Highland ( A l b u q u e r q u e 12, Thomas .lefferson (El Paso) ,0 (Sat). Highland (Albuquerque 10 V?, Austin (El' Paso) 1 i/ 2 (Sat). HIGH SCHOOI, TKN'MS Albuquerque 5, Bowie (Kl Pago) 2 (Sat). Highland (A-lbuquerque) 6, El Paso 1 (Sat).' Artesia 7. Carlsbad 2 (Sat).. FutHoUomafl Top Winners In Roping Contest 'CLOVIS. April 0--WPi-- Troy Ford of Lovington, roped and tied six calves in 108.6 .seconds yesterday to win 2,300. Second in the six-man contest sponsored by the Clovis Mounted Patrol was.J. D. Hololman of Carlsbad. He won $1,400 for a total time of 132 .seconds. Admission was paid by .more than -1,000 persons. The money is The"orcle'r''In which' the '· otheie 1 p l a c e d c . . - · · ' * Toot.s Mansfield. Big Spring;. Tex., 135.8 seconds.* 'Dan Taylor,"Canadian, Tex., 130 seconds. · ' ' · · Homer Pcttigrew, . Chandler, Ariz., 154 seconds.. l Don McLaughlm, Fort Worth, Tex., 172.6 seconds. * McLaiighlin, ,top' money winner among calf ropers'in . the nation this year,-was fined 10 -seconds' {ivice after his horse broke the barrier. His best tim'e for one calf and_thc best of the contest was 13.9 secomlsi But he was penalized. Don't "Count Sheep'Toniqht -because of Acid Stomach Now_say jjopdbyc 10 sleepless n IK his due lo acid indigciiion. Siop lossinfi and t u r n i n g in a vain attempt 10 sleep. Do as thousands do--correct ilic trouble by tiitinp 1 or 2 Ttim* jnsi before you go"to ht-d. Ste it you don't fall asleep (aster-feel more rested in ihe morning;. Keep Tunis h a n d y to counteract sour stomach . . . K a J · · · heartburn. It's a wise idea followed by millions nowadays. Get a roll of Tunis to have on hand tonight. TUMS FOR THE TUMMY Overhaul Job or New Battery The biggest or the smallest auto repair Job is tackled with the greatest of ease by our skilled Don't wait until it's too laie or too costly . . . bring your car around for necessary repairs now! We guarantee rapid, satisfying service. . R. A. DURIO, Jr., Service Mgr.., JOHN MILLER MOTOR CO. 650 S. Main PLYMOUTH - CHRYSLER Sales Service Phont 258 Wntch lh« littU lady park the beautiful, big c a r . . . a 3/njl/e finder nn the steering wheel can Ho it now, with Hydrauitle! Now Hydraqulde Steering does four-fifths of the work fi^ for you! J.HINK of the easiest steering car you ever drove . . . then imagine one five fimes easier to steer! Chrysler's new Hydraguide power steering . . . regular on Crown Imperials and optional at e^tra cost on all New Yorker nnd Imperial models . . . gives you exactly that. : Here is by far the greatest single change in handling case -- and safety -- you ever found in any car. At your touch .on the steering wheel, the car mechanically provides four-fifths of the energy to turn the tires on the road, Like so much in these new Chryslers . . . Hydraguide is so basically ntw, so basically better than anything before, that only when you try it can you ever know what it really does! The longest Joy'i drive you ever, made . . . without nrm-and- slioulder fatigue .ft tha C"ri. Around the curve*',-. .'over the-" hills . . . Hydraguiile does /our- filtla ol the work! In tight "city traffic ... oh owlc-" ward driveways and roads . .. Hydra£ti^(le means netv safely, n«iv MJC, neiv swiftness ol steering con/ro// The Most Basically New Cars of All! Beneath the rich new beauty of these Chryslers for 1951 arc 73 "different improvements nnd r.dvancts. -Amon^ thorn arc the most basic new \3cs in i:r.y cars far many years! Like the" revolutionary new FirePower engine, of 180 horsepower, which gives owners of Chrysler Impcriiil and New Yorker cars the most powerful, most ^^^^^^^^ impcrua and wew lorner u u s me mosi puwciiui, most ^Mfl^P ^F ^^^k^( ^F^^B IT · · ^ · B cHlcicnt, most nll-nrount! economical ixiwcrplant in any M ··· ^^f ^f ^^k I ^H BI^F cnr today! And like the amazing new Chtysler OriHow ^ ^ n ^^M. M ^^P,AJ^^J^L 1 sliock absorbers, which Rive every new Chrysler car ^^ iTM ·! ^* ^ *^. ^^ ··^·M ^* · riding case with /wire the s/iocfc-nbsorb/nrf power of any iineti engineered cars in ihe world MKK.K iiOSOl LKJ13, W l l l ^ l l (i'Vi; f \ U i y liutv ^IirysiCI (.HI riding case with /wire the s/iocJc-nbsorb/nrf power of any other cars nt nny price. And -with nil their newntsi, they're built .to s/.inrf by you like no car you can buy! t JOHN MILLER MOTOR GO · 650 S, Main

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