Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 23, 1961 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1961
Page 16
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Page 16 GREELEY TRIBUNE Mon., Ocl. 23, 1951 3 of 10 Weld UF Chapters Top Goals Weld By JIM HITCH County's United Fund drive reached Ihe momentum ol a souprd-un hot-rod, according lo ' rcporls reaching Dick Hoeltchcr. county chairman. Monday morn ing. .'. Three of (he county's 10 rural ' chapters have already surpassed drive goals. Plallcvillc. a new chapter Ihis year, has raised $1,498--5182 over its goal. Kecncsburg, also a new chapter, has collected 51,050. Kocnesburg's goal was ?M3. The Gilcresl chapter reported in Monday w i t h $1,028--$-10 over the goal. 61 Pet, o( Total Goal The county UF organization as · n whole lias raised $15,282, about r9 percent of the $22,219 goal for 1%1-G2. Roellcher said .Monday, have problems nol encountered by Grcelcy Uniled Fund. Many of our workers in the county are busy gelling in sugar bcels and have trouble finding time to carry out their UK work." Bocltcher expressed confidence, however, that the county orgnni- lalion would reach its goal. TJie Fort Luplon chapter is experiencing difficulties for Ihe sec- ind straight year. The chnplcr has raised only $970 of its $3,354 |oal. Sheldon Lackman, a director rom that area, urged all work- Taylor Begins Assembling Viet Nam Data SAIGON, South Viel Nam (AP -- Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor Mon. began assembling the findings of his aides in South Viet Nam in preparation for his report to President Kennedy on President Ngo Dihn Dicm's chances of holding down the Communisl reb- !els. Taylor and his stalf (rom W-ash- nglon have made a two-day field ispcclion of rebel activity. Taylor's helicopter look him lo ic ctlge of Communist Norlli icl Nam during the lour and vcr areas of South Viet Nam ominntcd by the Communist 'iet Cong guerrillas. A2 Polaris Is Launched from . Submerged Sub CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP ' -- The advanced A2 Polaris mis . silc was launched for the firs (ime today from a submerged submarine. Tiie 31-foot rocket was fired from 90 foci honealh the- Atlantic by the USS Ethan Allen as the big ' submarine cruised about 50 miles · southeast of Cape Canaveral. Results of the lest were not immediately available, but the missile appeared lo perform rwrmally. This was the second Polaris ' launching from the Ethan Allen, largesl of the nuclear subs buill lo carry the missile. Lasl week it ··successfully fired on At model from beneath Ihe sea. The A2 is 2 feet longer than At and is designed to strike tar gels up to 1,725 miles away. The At missile, now deployed aboard five Polaris subs, has a reach of . 1,380 miles. ers to turn in their money and o complete the drive, lie estimated onlyl alwut 30 percent of .lie actual work has been completed. Roggen N»»r Goal Roggcn chaplcr is knocking on Ihe door of its goal wilh $750 of Ihe $772 collected lo dale. Workers there feel only about 85 percent of the work is completed. Eaton reported collections o! $5,200 to dale toward a goal o $5.740. The Windsor-Severance chaplei has collecled 52,200 towards goal of $3,715. Bruce Young, a director from lhal chapter, said many of the workers ere fanners and have lcon loo busy to conccnlrate fully on liie job. He expressed confi denco the goal would be reached In Aull, another new chaplei (his year, colleclions now tola $1,100. The goal is $2,043. Work crs there report the same diffi ullies as in other farming com minifies. La Sail. H»i $1,}2S In La Snlle Wayne Norman re- wrlcd $1,325 has been collecte o date. That community's goal i "2,833. Norman said he felt th Irive is about 45 percent com plete. lie urged all workers I Columbia U. Records New Soviet Blast PALISADES, N.Y. (AP) -- Co lumbia University's Lamonl Geo logical Observatory reported Mon . d a y its seismograph had recorc 'ed what probably was a nuclca blast originating in Russia, br that its effects seemed only slight ly larger than for tesls recently acknowledged by Ihe Soviets. A spokesman said it was impos siblc lo say whether a 50-megatoi bomb were involved, because tin observatory did not know Ihe siz of atonlic devices exploded in ear lier weeks. The spokesman said recording was made at about thi same lime as one by the Uppsala Beet Harvest 65 to 70 Pet. Finished Now No one in Weld Counly is crow ng about the sugar beet crop, bu all hands were dedicated to Ihe r ields Monday as harvest headed into the final stages. Aclually this year's harvest could be termed "so-so." bul a let-down is apparent after last year's exlraordinary crop. Area by area harvest ranged 1 : rom 65 to 70 per ccnl complete. 70.5 Pet Done Here i tlonal DiSaile Withdraws; Ohio's Governor's Race Wide Open WASHINGTON (AP)-A decis-ircaching beyond l'M2 and new j.i by Democratic Gov. Michaeljchief executives will he elected for V' DiSallc not to seek reelection four-year terms in New Jersey has pul Ohio high.on Ihe list of and Virginia next monlh. jallleground states in next ycar'b New York and California head 30 governor races. The general assumption of pot- ticians at national headquarters the list of a dozen stales where the, contests for governors' jots vill have some direct hearing on of the two parties here is t h a t j l h c 1964 presidential election. · DiSaJle looked the ground over| j n ^; cw York, Gov. Nelson A. and decided it wasn't worth the'ij oc k.f c ]|er is seeking a second effort to run again in a slale that President Kennedy lost last year by collecting only 45.7 per cent of the vole. Whelher Kennedy will give Di- Salle a place in his administration remains lo be seen. Republicans have been counting on Ohio to help reduce next year lerm which,-if he wins it handily, could lead lo Ihe GOP presidential nomination. ' In California, Kichard M. Nixon, lhc !%0 G01' presidential 'nominee, is battling to gain the 'governorship and stay alive politically. If he manages to get his parly's nomination TOP W I N N E R S in each age division of Ihe recent 'Tun!, Pass and Kick" conlcst E|»nsored by Gavnsey and Wheeler arc, left (o right: liene Waters, age G; S'.cven Slrombcrgcr, 7; James A. Fuller, 8; David A. Jones, Jr., 9, and Gerald Vannest. Presenting winner certificates are William Garnsey III and John Wheeler, right. (Photo by Rob Waters) , ,,,,,,, o ,.» and lo beat the 34-16 margui the lmocrals i i) emon .. )lic G ov. Edmund G. hold over them in the slalchouses.- (pa[) Bl . own ,. c js likdy lo bc _ Ten Democratic governors anJ| d c s p i l c anyl |,i n g he may say about wo Republicans have terms| [lot ^^ a can(lw , t e-thc object jof the draft move for another na- 18th Crow Valley tkmal iMmination - Alabama Court Ordered To j R u l e on NAACP Complaint WASHINGTON tAP) -- The Na-.Mon. in its battle against an Ala- Gunnar Swanson Injured by Steer Association for Ihe | ancemenl of Colored People won s"iiTtWT,rOTlcy"disiricl'a r °" n(1 in the Supreme Court Ix;e Butler, district GW man agcr, harvest is aljoul 70.5 pcrcenl conv plete. Eaton district harvest is now 73 percent done. "Yields are down somewhat," Butler said. "Average yields are going to ran, I would guess, 14 lo 15 tons per acre," be reported. Sugar Content Satisfactory Duller said sugar content is "reasonably satisfactory." He said sugar contenl could be considered about normal. Growers aren'l hurling from a content standpoint as much as from yields, Butler explained. urn in money and to make Campaigns at both factories are 'every effort to complete Ihe'moving along well. High slicing Irive by the end of October." Arnold Trautwein of Ihe Grover- Hereford chapter ssid $170 of the $GG4 goal has been collecled. He maintained, Iwwever, Ihnl the goal would still be reached by the end of the month. The next direclor's meelmj, originally scheduled for Oct. 31, has been rescheduled for Nov. 7, according to Bocllcher. day lo dale at the Greeley factory came between 8 a.m. Saturday and a.m. Sunday. Av. Slicing Here Over 1,900 Tons Butler said the factory processed 2,020 tons during that ne-'l Mental Health Program To Be At 8 p.m. Tues. Frederick A. Lewis Jr., . . . . t - U I I I I J I U I I H All of Denver, will bring a .team o b Alabnma psychiatrists, psychologists an(l ! t!(X .i ll [j 0 n s a i social workers to Frasicr thealci' " at Colorado Stale College al 8 p. m. on Tuesday to illustrate bama order which the association says bars it from activilies in that state. Acting without hearing argil- Sale is Tuesday The 18lh Annual Crow Valley Feeder sale will he held at the USDA experiment slalion north of j Nimn beginning at 12:30 p. m.' Tuesday. An estimated 1,200 yearlings and calves will be consigned. Gunnar Swanson, aboul 60, otj The station is located four miles c pra "iing. ccdiires in the trealment of the] .' mcnts, the Supreme Court directed lhal Ihe U.S. Dislricl Court in Alabama rule on Ihe NAACP complaint. NAACP appealed lo Ihe high Iri- bunal after the U.S. Circuit courlj .. ,, Jin New Orleans, La., said Ihe ' ' " complaint should be acled on first stale courls. The As- appcal said the NAACP believed the state courls would '" never act on requests for a hear-l Monforl's Feed Lois suffered a cerebral concussion and possible internal injuries when he was pushed inlo a fence at the feed lots by a Mexican steer about 11:15 a.m. Monday and fell and slruck his head. He was admitted as a patient at Weld County General Hospital. north, four eosl and five north of Nunn. E. S. (Bud) Berg of Sterling will bv the auctioneer. One Killed, 749 Escape Burning Italian Liner CUSTOM-MADE DRAPERIES We Will . . . Measure v install v Make Mrs. Beatrice Taylor's Mother Dies Sunday Mrs. Emily S. Gabe, mother ol Mrs. Beatrice Taylor of Greeley, died Sunday at the Brighton Hos- pilal where she had been a pati- We make draperies and [hang them to fit ycur windows. You will get handmade workmanship in every detail of tailoring and fin- mentally ill al Fort Logan Menial Health Center. Dr. Lewis is president of the Colorado Dislrisl Branch of the American Psychiatric Association, and director of the Fort Logan Center. rioil. Aver; lory si , . L . .. .. A 1956 complaint by the A a- bama attorney general led to Ihe ^.^ litigation. The complaint charged f , ' ' ST. GEORGE'S, Grenada (AP) !--Fire burned out an Italian liner sight of this British Wesl aflcr a ,, M onc ent for a week. Mrs. Gage, who was originally from Illinois and Ohio, had made her Iwme with her children since 'her husband Myron, d i e d in 1950. Before entering the hospital, she was living wilh her daughter, Mrs. Frances Heald of Fort Lup- lon. ishing at reasonable prices. thc NAACP was doing business the slale without .qualifying ni an] oul-o(-slate corporation. The slalo oblained an order from a court which the NAACP said bars d ·" ' ' 1»P* persons aboard, es- ^.^ ^ ^ daugh[erSi she is also survived by a son, Dr. , . , andoned for sal- , the 17.321-ton Bianca , C.. 'which burst mlo flames Sunday anchoring cum L u ikiv.ii uiu !'**"»-·»· oim.i ui" ·· . . . ., il from organization activities, and:"* 1 * s »°!;"y after lalso from taking any steps a mile off shore. I ° ·* . . . Mir- limn nffi^inlo \L-n Average slicing at Ihe fnc- · n r J i-- ~ " ~ ° * l i .ince the campaign got un- I S r O S t D O n e a qualify lo do business in Alabama.| - --- · i The high tribunal issued CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) J e r which set aside the ruling of' 1 . .. :!crway has been over 1,900 Ions daily. Man Killed At Denver Titan Missile Site DENVER (AP) -- Victor H. Barlch, 30, of Aurora, was killed Sunday when he tripped and fell| head-first against a steel blastip'ele. . , , . . . door at the Titan missile launch- Officials said slicing: ^^averaging site being built 20 miles east About 300 persons are working steady at both the Eaton and the Greeley factories. Weather has not hampered harvest in general since the first week of operations. There are still some sections where the heavier soil is slill muddy, however. Windsor «t 73 Pet. Mark GW factory at Windsor reported Monday morning lliat harvest in that district is 73 percent com- , . -An allempl to launch a Rangcrlthe Circuit Court and directed the I TM roscl!e w II satellite on a million-mile roundju.S. District Court in Monlgom-! sm » ll ; 1 y m . calm ri ourne inlo s n c e wns oer Ala. to tr the issues in- Chief engineer trip journey inlo spnce wns popery, Ala., to try ' poncd a third lime Mon. because 'yolvcd. of technical difficulties. Seismological Institute in Sweden, fracture. of here. Barlch died of an apparent skull Livestock Auction Every Wednesday SUNSET SALES YARD 1730 1st Ave. EL 2-7812 Wed., Oct. 25 Starting at 12:30 All consignments appreciated whether they ar large or small. Last Wednesday's sale was a fast-moving Marilime officials were invesli- ; of an explosion he- tiro, rescue carried oul The National Aeronautics and court: Among olher aclions, the high Space Adminislrnlion annouiKed he delay at 3:20 a.m. as the countdown on Ihe 102-foot Allas- Agena booster rocket stood at -17 minutes before launch. Exact cause of the Ironble was Refused to hear an appeal by Ruth E. Tinsley, 58. a Negro, con- an seas. Napalel, was killed and eight crewmen in-| jured, but there were no reports of casualties among lhc 400 passengers. The Bianca C. wns on a regular Daniel J. Gage of Decatur, 111.; a niece, Mrs. J. L. Carpcnler of La Salle; Ihree granddaughters; and one great grandson. Funeral services will be held from Vetters Morluary at Fort Lupton with inlcrmcnt at (he family plot at Barlow Cemelery at I Barlow, Ohio. Drapery Fabrlci Ready-mad* Draperies Ruffled Curtaina Cafe Curtains Shower Curtain Sets Kirsch Drapery Hardware J. V, SMITH SON vicled of violating a Richmond,.' Va., ordinance requiring persons on streets lo move on when or- iVenczu Guairo with calls at ports in dercd to do so by police. Mrs.! the West Indies. Most of lhc passengers were reported lo he im- £j*3l:l Uduiu Ul IILC lluuulc viuj tie! CU IO UU SU UY JMJJln;. j , i , J . j . , . not disclosed. No new launch date Tinsley was arrested in February migrants to South America. was set. ng about 1,800 tons per day. The icld is down in the Windsor dis- rict this year, largely because if intense'hail last. Spring. LaMar Henry, manager of the Brighton factory, said harvest here is aboul 55 percent com- ilele. Brighton Harvest 'Real Good' He said Ihe harvest has been 'real good" in that area so far. If (he harvest continues at the present rale Ihe wrapup should U.S., Soviet Closer on UN S-G Selection I960 in front of a department store where pickets, protesting race segregation al eating places, were passing oul handbills saying "Don'l buy where you c.innol eal." She was fined $10. In declining to consider the case, the Supreme!) iCouil said no substantial federal! Iqueslion was involved. Ttic order 'noled that Justice Douglas felt the A pungent cigar may repel s si ray mosquito. U will nol, how^ ever, deler a swarm of mosqui' Iocs. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., (AP) Appeal should be heard. --The Soviet Union and the L'ni-| fei agree: ·il Slates moved closer toward 1 C n v !ot t l t l i n n greement on selection of a t c m Y I t ; l W I N U l l come s'iortly after Nov. 4. jpuriiry U.N. secret a ry-gcncral in. Buller said initial payment on Jan hour's conference of Ihcir top! . _ auction with good competitive bidding on all classes 01 - , Ihe 1061 crop will be made on all beets delivered to the faclorics Ihrough Nov. 4. He said an announcement of that payment is expected about mid-November. Senate Group livestock We work just as hard for small consignors as for the larger ones . . . always a fair and square deal for both consignor and buyer. Some of the consignments for the Wednesday Sale: 115 hd. WF Hfrs. 700 Ibs. One brand. Guaranteed; Studies To Red Countries WASHINGTON (AP)-A Senate diplomats here Monday. Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Valerian A. Zorin told reporters Against Rockets MOSCOW (AP) -- The Soviet the only disagreement thai re-jnews agency Tass said tonight mains is on the number of prin-|lhat Marshal Rodion Y. Malinov- cipal Advisers the U.N. chief i sky, in describing antiaircraft and should choose to be his nnderscc- anlirockct defense, declared to- retaries. I Mon.: "The problem of destroying; U.S. Ambassador Adlai E. Stc-1 rockets in flight 'n;.s been success-, venson said he slill insists ihereNly solved." I should be five. He declared the] Malinovsky, the Soviet defense , remaining disagreement on this minister, told Ihe 22nd Soviet point was essentially not over Communisl party congress that a open. fii hd. WF Hfrs. 575-625 Ibs. 52 hd. WF Sirs. 750-800 Ibs. 27 hd. Holstein Sirs. 500-650 Ibs. 25 hd. Angus Strs. 650 Ibs. the Soviet Union and olher Iron:gcl numbers but over geography, anri^new branch of the Soviet armed stemmed from a Soviet effor! to i forces has been crcaled-stralegic Curtain nations. The Senate Internal Security subcommitlee wants to find oul if strategic materials that could the Soviet bloc's war- world. political He said he would meet Zorin again Tuesday. ·ft no. Angus Dire, oov jua. increase the Soviet bloc's war- 19 hd. Angus Sirs, and Hfrs. 450-500 Ibs. R«ali5'!making potential are includcd- and, it so, why. Two days of public hearings have been scheduled. In Ihe House, a special committee headed by Rep. A. Paul iKilchin, D-N.C., has been ap- ipointed fo conduct a oimilSr in-jsenier.ccd for murder slashed quiry. It will start WednesdayiColorado prison guard with a Iwith closed-door hearings. 'leather-working fool and thrcat- The Senate subcornmillcc orig-.cned olhers, prison officials dis-' inally scheduled a series of hcar-;clcised Monday, lings in September, shortly before! Thc prisoner, Gabriel R. Gallc- jcongress adjourned, bul iheyjgos, 27, was Irealed for a bump Kvere called off. Al that time Sec-.on the head and transferred to rctary of Commerce Luther H.-Ihe maximum security ccllhouse. illodgcs, whose department han-' The guard, Sherman Murphy, jdlcs the granting of exporl li- suffered wounds in Ihe back and !censes, was scheduled lo be a'abdomen in Irying lo subdue Gal- \vilncss. · legos Saturday night, hut was 'able to return lo duly Sunday. choice. 100 hd. WF Strs. .100 Ibs. One brand. 100 hd. WF Hfrs., 375 Ibs. One brand. 53 hd. WF Sirs, and Hfrs. 400-425 !bs. 45 hd. WF Hfrs. 400 Ibs. 50 hd. WF Hfrs. 325 Ibs. 40 hd. WF Strs. 350 Ibs. 85 hd. Baby Calves and Veal Calves. 30 hd. Holstein Springers and Dairy Cows. 41 hd. WF cows. One brand. 36 hd. WF cows. One brand. 45 hd. WF cows. JO hd. WF cows and calves. Young cows. 25 hd. Mixed weigh cows. 25 Fr.t hogs. 50 good feeder pigs. Firemen Summoned Several bunches of ewes and lambs. . .^M.*^.. ·-·-- --·-- -- -- j o e ^ t r a i IJUIK.HC v ^ Firemen were called to thC |Confinemcnt co p. wncn two guards Listen daily to KYOU, 1450 on your dial at 6:45|itenry Achziger homo at 409 12th,f oun( i him sniffing from a conlain- a.m. for (he early market reports and late cpnsignmcnls:Ave. al 7:35 a.m. Monday \vhen' e r 0 ( i nc q, ie r used in leather for our regular Wednesday livestock auction. division of thei r °cket-nuclear troops which are in; constant readiness. "They are capable of inflicting a crushing defeat upon the aggressor," he added. Although Ihe decisive role in any f u t u r e war will belong to Ihe rockel troops, he went on, "we believe lhal the final victory over the aggressor can be achieved only through joinl aclion of all Colorado Prison Guard Slashed By Inmate CANON CITY (AP!--A convict:armcd forces." WIZARD BATTERY SERVICE Put REAL Power in Your Car EL 2-2321 -- Day EL 2-6032 -- N i g h t WESTERN AUTO 917 8fh Ave.- Seat Covers, Too! [the Cambodia Breaks With Thailand Many lots of mixed cattle and smaller bunches will be i, OUS e with smoke. A smoke ejcc- i-, for this Wednesday's sale. The net dollars are what | 0 r was used lo blow the smoke our consignors are interested in. We urge you lo check out of Ihe house, which suffered the commission and selling expense on hunches ancl'lighi smoke damage. carloads at Sunset Sale Yard before you send your; ,,,,,.,,,, T , t . v .,, ,. , .- Klrwk to market There is a d i f f e r e n c e . AMSTERDAM - A new D;;tch, PHNOM PENH. Cambodia stock to market. Inert is a d i l t e r e n c e . | in ,. ln limenl credit plan calls (orjfAPJ-Cambodia decided Mon. lo IRVING MIDDLETON -- Manager ^ | css t i, an 5 pel . ccm O f thc. break diplomatic relations with ·4 DALE MADDOX -- Auctioneer i total .price as rtV payment. iThailand. ALL YOUR S K I R T S LOOK BETTER AJ-TER PROFESSIONAL" I)[{Y CI.KANING! Tricky pleats and delicate linings are no problem for our masler pressers. Bring your skirts to us . . . . you'll be glad you did! USE OUK CONVENIENT DRIVE IN! 812 lUh St. EL 2-5062 sol* u * ITS FAMOUS HOTEL-MOTEL ATTRESS YOUR CHOICE OF INNERSPRING OR 100% S E A L Y F O A M . . . Slilyfoam Mallrcii; iptciolly Don'l miss Ihis fabulous opportunity lo buy for your own home the same mattress setsapp.-oved by value-wise holel and moiel ' buyers across Ihe United Slates. Strict hotel specifications include ,,. expensive woven strip« hold-weight cover, pre-built borders to prevent sagging edges, slurdy handles lor easy fuming. Full or twin size. CONVENIENT 111 D GET, TERMS BUDGET TEKMS PUCKERS 1028 Eighth Ave. Phone EL 2-1612

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