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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 1

Nampa, Idaho
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Saturday, June 10, 1967
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".·In Intlrpendmit Daily ArK i .yw/wr Dedicated to C.ommunitv Progress" VOL. XLvm NO. 371 SAMPA, IDAHO, SATURDAY, JUNE 10,1967 22 PAGES 10 CENTS Israel Ready to Scrap Old Armistice Accords * * * * * * * * * * * * Oil Emergency Declared "^ * « -- 1 1 I V I V I X As War Disrupts Supply Damascus ·^ m M f JERUSALEM (DPI) -Israel Armies Attack WASHINGTON (UPI) -The J, Johnson administration declared interior secretary in charge of an oil emergency Saturday foreign oil supplies, said the because of disruption of supplies situation resulting from the from the war-torn Middle East. Middle East crisis "threatens Work on an emergency plan the broad security interests of began immediately in an effort the United States." The declaration by the Interior Department was coupled with an order to convene the Foreign Petroleum Supply Committee, composed of representatives of 20 American petroleum companies, on June 13 to begin work on plans to assure continued oil supply to the free world. ,, . . . . . . said today its victories over Cordell Moore, assistant any emergency plan would be a under the pin, lioivever, would Syria Egret and Jordan have ior secretary in charee of temporary waiving of federal be under constant review by the wiped out previous armistice anti-trust laws as they apply to Justice Department for the agreements and it will not U.S. oil companies. Activities duration of the emergency. to assure a continued oil supply to the free world. RESIGHATION JUHKED breeding and management practices at his ranch during a Friday tour. Caldwell and Emnwft areas. Hereford Breeders Hold Tour Canal by Egypt cut off 55 per cent of oil supplies to Western effect on supplies to the United States was described by the Warp/cmes Bomb Plant af Hanoi SAIGON (UPI)-For the third time in the Vietnam war, American planes today bombed Hanoi, and hit a key power CALDWELL- The President of the Idaho Hereford Breeders , -- ·»- a TM r jjuwei Association, Tom Shaw of Cald- P'ant in the North Vietnamese well, said a six-slop lour Friday capital, gave interested persons adeep- er insight intofheorganization's objec lives. Shaw was commenting on the 'TM ? annual tour sponsored by theas- J, s on sociation, which look in a half- May " dozen major Boise Valley Hereford ranches. The event followed U.S. spokesmen said Navy !ll P ses of the "fr in thel first Ule Hawi ^^ since Twisters Batter Plains By United Press International Wide-ranging tornadoes roamed the plains for the sixth consecutive day today amid -- -- -,--»..,,.... i rancaes in the Nampa, scattered hailstorms and violent de P ar ' m ent as minimal. (FREE PRESS PHOTO)) cloudbursts that have spun A s P° te . sm an said hopefully havoc in Iowa, Nebraska aid ^ ^ e Mid e ast Cation could Kansas in an unbroken seige im P rove to the point that this week. emergency plans might not be Tornado warnings were post- neede(1 ^ tne tTM 6 ^ are ed today throughout Iowa Flash com P 1 6ted. The process would floods threatened the state in P roDabl y tak e three weeks, he the second day of torrential " r downpours. Several twisters were sighted near Des Moines and Oskaloosa. Main highways in Western Iowa we re-flooded-over after almost six inches of rain fell in a six hour period. Flooding was e x p e c t e d t o d a y o n many streams and tributaries in the Egyptian Boss Stays at Post return to earlier frontiers. The statement came as Israel's army smashed to the gates of Damascus. Minister of Information Yis- rael Gailille said his government has been holding consultations designed to "assure the victories achieved on the battlefields" and that "Israel cannot agree to return to the status quo before this hap- CAIRO (UPI)-President Ga- He said it was the people's will. pensd '" . Shutting down of the SUM lnal Abdel Nasser 'Way with- The city was a mass of people The previousarmistice agree- Mwumg aown of the Suez drew { , |e resiglmtioll ^ ^ snwtin? ^ lmnl . t , nr ^J^ ments came after Israel's . less than 24 Hours ago, anger because of air raids, One of the major effects of Increase In Draft Slated the giant allied warbase of Pleifcu with rockets and small arms fire and made . a vain satchel charge assault on a U,S. Army base. The Communisls killed at _ i l r , f _ .- . - --.-·-·' least 24 men, women and --~~ pilots also bombed a nnssile chl i dren incllK , in ' twoAmerican state, base and a truck park on the servicemen and wounded at Golf-ball sized hail battered least 138 including at least 51 *" area southwest of Lincoln, U.S. troops, spokesmen said. Neb., in the aftermath of a U.S. spokesmen said the 'ornado that swept through Hanoi power plant bombed '""' today supplied electricity to the Communist capital and had been hit May 19 and May 21. American planes struck again The caravan formed at the ylel VO "S terrorists ior me because extensive repairs had to 60 m.p.h. reported at Kansas Naugle Hereford Ranch just off second day in a rjw smashed been carried out following the City and Wichita. Highway 20 south of Nampa and " -earlier raids, the spokesmen A barrage of three twisters in new buildup, was conducted by tour chairman Otto W. Wagner of Nampa. , H,V_ "'"" ".""'" lu ' u '-ago A Lrusaner jet was listed as ojmage were known. "assure a timely flow of replacements for men completing their terms of service." The figure was well below the August 19GG, draftof36,600.The . the IdaboJuniorHerefordAssoc iation Field Day Thursday at Council. The caravan formed at the The Communists shot down one U.S. plane, a Navy jet F8 Crusader, the said. In South Vietnam's Central Highlands today, swarms of Viet Cong terrorists for the Hickman, Neb., 16 miles from Uncolg, destroying homes and injuring three persons. Winds raged up to 118 m.p.h. in Central Kansas, with gusts up to 60 m.p.h. reported at Kansas INSIDE NNC Grants Told. .. . Pago Counsel, funds sought Page Farm topics Page A2 Almanac. . . . Page A! ' ' A Wayne Naugle, who is a director of the American Hereford Association, was host at the initial stop. He and his son, Kenneth, explained the operation of l , lass , llea ads Pa their "River Ranch" on Middle- comics, . . .'. . . . page ton Road north of Highway 20. Crossword.'.'.'.' '. '. p ag e Kenneth Naugle, his father's Ded *s Page 2 partner, is a director of the ^: Molner Page AS state association, JTM «*^ · · · %* * Shaw said the association con- Horoscope PaL AI ducts the annual tour so that Sports .'.'pages 8,9 persons interested might ob- Television log Page AS Wornens's news Pages 7,8 raids, the spokesmen said. The pilot of the downed Crusader jet was listed as missing in action. The loss raised to 577 the number of American planes reported lost during raids against Vietnam. WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Defense Department announced Friday lhat 29,000 men will be drafted into the Army during August, 9,100 more than in July. It said the big jump in the draft call would support a "previously planned and announced force level." In other words it did not mean a sudden quick succession swept Oklahoma early today. No injuries or djmage were known. A skipping string of tornadoes ripped through the Denver area iu wol in Colorado Friday, tearing jnorth roofs from buildings, scattering cars and toppling trees. No serve the breeding program and management practices of "some of the better Hereford establishments in the Southwestern part of the stale." Tour stops were made at the following ranches: Naugle; Warner, Greenhurst Road; Shaw, near Notus; Foster Brothers, off Highway 44 between Star and Mlddleton; Eldon Ross, Star, and Callendar and Kendall, off Highway 52 near Emmett. The Communists hurled more In) _ un » s were "Ported, than 150 mortar shells at Sca «ered showers and thun- military and civilian areas in dBrslorms occurred in a belt the surprise p re-dawn attack at runnln E across IheNortherntier Pleiku. But they saved their °! llle natlon from New England suicide charge with the bags of H 1 TM" 611 fn e Great Lakes to the explosives for a U.S. post. Kock]es : s '°rms were also (Continued on Pg. 2, CoL G) The department said it had Boise - executive vice president asked Selective Service to and ^rector Dr. Raymond L. provide 29,000 men in August to Wnlte Bounced '°day. "We are gratified to add Dr. Ross to our staff, as he brings a broad background of medical experience to the foundation " Dr. White said. draft hit a peak 49^200 in "He will October 1966, and then the Defense Department began cutting down its draft calls. Pitals extended --.,,,,,.,,« The Pentagon gave these aTM}'he physicians of the area, specific successful 1948 war of independence and the Suez war of. 1956 when it smashed Egypt's armies in a 100-hour blitz. Gullille said 'Tsrael cannot return to the 1949 armistice agreement and boundaries determined by those agreements." Gailille did not go into details but Israel already has said it intends to keep all of the Holy City of Jerusalem, previously divided between Jordan and Israel. Indications are it may also try to hold on to some Jordanian territory west of the Jordan River, parts of (lie Sinai Desert and the Gaza Strip. Israeli tanks and troops supported by waves of Jet planes were reported encircling the city of Damascus and informed sources said the Soviet-supported Syrian regime will fall shortly. At Beirut, Damascus Radio was heard reporting thelsraelis planes nit three residential had taken (he city of El Quneitra areas, including the fashionable -10 miles inside Syria-after a HeiiojMlis suburb where Nasser "fierce battle." BOISE-A Nampa physician, ' The Israeli reports said their Dr. W. B. Ross, has been a Despite all the noise Egyp- armor c° lun »ns dashed from El pointed to the staff of the Idaho tian police today denied'any air 0 Meitr a to Damascus. Foundation for Medicine and raids had taken place. Trey drove in a two-Prong Biology, headquartered in attack- one column smashing to They said anti-aircraft guns °amascus to the northeast of had been fired in order to El Quneitra and the other disperse demonstrators packing (Continued on Pi? 2 CoL 4} the streets to protest Nasser's ·--' ' resignation. DR. W. B. ROSS Physician To Join foundation during the nighl. American refugees menaced by howling mobs struggled to leave the city. About 250 Americans were surrounded by a wedge of police and pushed through to the railroad station where they boarded a special (rain for Alexandria. They were to board a chartered Greek freighter with about 200 other Americans already in Alexandria. The crowds hurled anti- American slogans and insults' at the evacuees on the way to the station. The sounds of heavy explosions and rattling anti-aircraft fire heard during the night were the loudest since the war started Monday. Egyptian witnesses s a i d Nasser said he was submitting to the will of the nation. That wiD had teen expressed in . reported in Florida. SHOWERS potato processing plant between Kampa and Caldwell. Approval by the board of dir- Treasure Valley - Possible e ctors of Idaho Potato Growers, showers today and Saturday. a f a r m e r C00 p era t ive assures Highs both days in upper 70s; ad(lifio[1 of a ma] - or new infl low tonight in upper 40s; winds mostly less than 15 miles per hour. Sewage Accord Okayed For Proposed Industry IDAHO FALLS-- Approval will begin within a very few which will cost IPG an estimated was given Thursday toacontract days, according to Maurice and other facilities which agreement with the City of Clements, Melba, member of will cost IPG an estimated Nampa for sewage hook-up the IPG board and chairman of $108,000. Federal grants will of a proposed new $3 million District 8 (Southwest Idaho and provide an additional $47 000 Eastern Oregon), who attended for pre-trealment facilities the board meeting. The federal funds are provided Clements verified earlier re- basically under water pollution ports lhat a loan of $2 mil- abatement programs, lion to the cooperative had been Only 5,000 acres of the con- approved by the Spokane Bank traded amount will be proof Cooperatives. He said that (Continued on pg. 2, Co]. 5) local investment, made by coop- . erating potato growers at the rate of $100 per acre for acreage contracted to the IPG, A full $1 million has been deposited by farmer-growers, totaling 10,000 acres of potatoes which will beprocessedthrough the cooperative. - r reasons for the increased Augustdraft: --In August two years ago, the Army began the buildup for the Vietnam war. Since men are drafted for two years, there will be an increase in personnel leaving the Army next August. -- Last May, the Army announced it would activate a new unit, the 198th Infantry Brigade at Ft. Hood, Tex., with a A former chief of staff at Mercy Hospital in Nampa, and PROJECTS SLATED staff member at Samaritan Hos- " pital, Dr. Ross refurnedtoldaho in January, 1966, serving three months with Project Vietnam. He earned his medical degree at the University of Iowa, and after his internship at Akron City Hospital in Akron, Ohio, he entered private practice in Nampa in 1937, where he has lived ever since CAIRO (UPI-Sue Authority Chairman Ahmad Mashour said canal will remai "some time" due to Israeli attacks which have sunk vessels and barges In the waterway Poverty Group Receives Fund try to the Canyon County community. Construction on the new plant strength of the Army, and the increase must be provided for in the August call and future calls. Police Raid Clubs SALT LAKE CITY (UPI) Forty - eight police officers, in teams of four, staged simultaneous raids on 2G private liquor clubs here Friday night. -.,, overseas with the 29th Portable Surgical Hospital. Dr. Ross Is a member of the American Medical Association, the Idaho Stale Medical Association, a past president of the Southwest Idaho Medical Society, and a member of the American Academy of General Practitioners. In addition, he is (Continued on Page 3, Col. 5) 11 i,, 'afice Spencer Tracy Woman Quits The Pi//'; Quadruplets Are Born SWANSEA Wales (UPI)-- l n e o.^ 5 were 10 weeks me cooperauve. Mrs. Marjor'ie Price feltuneasy premature, but Swansea HospU The new processing plant will about taking birth control pills. * al spokesmen said all were belocatednorlhoftliel'nlonPac- - · · - -- · - "fine." Mrs. Price wasreported well too. But the falher, Ronald Price, a $50 a week refinery worker, wasn't sure he felt all that So she stopped. That was last November. Today, the 28-year-old housewife was the toast of nearby Clydach. She gave birth Friday night to two girls and two boys, the first reported quadruplets in South Wales medical history. The babies weighed three pounds each and were placed Immediately into an Incubator. good. "It's a bombshell," he said. "I feel dazed." He said his wife had taken the pill for two months before stopping. "Now look what's happened," he said. ific railroad tracks between Middleton Road and Midland Boulevard on 46 acres of land recently purchased by the farmer group adjacent to the railroad and Indian Creek. Hook-up to the Nampa municipal sewer system, which will require one-fourth the capacity of the sewer plant, will be made adv r , n a r n « age on a primary clarlfier Lawmen Nab 'Rebel' Leader BERNALILJLO, N.M. (UPI)- Arrested along with Tijerina hostage for an hour and a half Reies Lopez Tijerina, iheleader in a car driving through the In effect, they laid seige to the of a wild band of Spanish- little town of Bernalillo just little village (population 500), Americans who s h o t up a north of Albuquerque were his but when police reinforcements county courthouse Monday and son, Hugh Reyes Tijerina, 19, arrived, they fled to the hills had been at large in the New and Uvaldo J. Velasquez, 47, of The National Guard was ico hills ever since, was Youngsville, N.M., an employe called out and helped s t a t e captured today. ot the U.S. Forest Service. police search for them until Tijerina, the m e s s I a n I c The arrests left only three Wednesday, president of an organization members of Tijerina's group The State Police in Albuquerr- demanding title to millions of still at large-his br o t h e r que received an anonymous acres of land in the Southwest, Crlstolba!, Balthazar Martinez phone call that Tijerina had was armed with a loaded .380 and Molses Morales. u '- " Llama automatic pistol, but he The Spanish-American "revo- put up no fight. luflonaires" raided the courl- Chief Joe Black of the State house alTierra Amarilla,N.M., Police called the arrest "A just south of the Colorado state Jewel that dropped out of its line, Monday afternoon, shot two .. _. .,.,,... setting and we picked It up." policemen and held 20 persons (Continued on Pg. 2, Col. 3) the .. according to ,,. Lonnie Johnson, director of the Canyon committee, -rill provide HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -Spen- funds for two federal agency cer Tracy, one of the last of the components here. Johnson said niovie giants who won acclaim iiO,j47 will go for administra- from the critics for his varied tive use and $29,871 for health, acting talents and success at The administrative component the box office with the wiu administer the health com- magnetism of his ragged Irish ponent and work with other pro- charm, died today He was 67 grams Including establishment Tracy died at his home in of ^eighborhood Youth Corps, Beverly Hills, Calif., from an Ifcad Start, migrant health and apparent heart attack, accord- day care centers and various ing to his agent Abe Lastfogel .---0---·« ?M ^u- He was pronounced dead by Dr pie, including sewing classes, Mitchel Covel adult education and budgetary Tracy had starring just completed «,« h» IB. r » " Guess W ''°' s t ^ C ° m- S on "? 8 to Dlmer " *»Ui hislong iri cor i" nctior Urne '"^ Katherlne Hepburn! . T * ice M Academ y Award wlnner ls "^ actor of the r V r u ^ .«, , Xfai. Tracy sometimes wiled been seen in San Isidro a town ,,*«« * , !° for CON e twlnlde In hls W ^ the north of Bernalillo travelme A,inmw f S ° ns!! " crooked smi| e on his lips with P r « v entive ser. seni-villanous portrayals of , dent * care arti Johnson S win /°ifc y . Commls ' ° y health toward B e r n a 1 1 11 o on New Mexico 44. Two stale police plalnciothesmen, l,t. J.B. Sosa and Art Sedllld, an o fl er In , , lnforiratlo n poverty programs , r . characters. In real me, he was outspoken but affable and scorned the bright llgnts and fleshes ol U* Hollywood seer*.

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