Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 9, 1969 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1969
Page 2
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No Swimming At Junior High Pool on Bectust of thq Colorado Edu cation Association cppvenljon in Denver this week, there will b no swimming at the John Ev ans Junior High School pool on Friday evening. Snails Very Hardy MIAMI -- Snailg are unus Wlty' hardy! they can survive temperatures rangjng from 48 to lip degree? and can tolerat highly polluted 'water. FOR THE SPRING GARDEN YOU WANT PLANT DUTCH BULBS All y«ur favpri|es fre here from Hot- land. The bulbs are clean, healthy and reesonably priced..And there's a complete selection to jive you the spring taiden of your dreams... plant now I FRANK'S Seed Hatchery 709 10th. St. 362-1096 Russian Journalist Hints Soviets May Attack China Th« Waihington Post Last Friday, when the Sov iet : Chinese agreement 'to dis cuss their border row presum ably was being worked out, Moscow journalist moiled to tli Washington' Post a version liis earlier hint that Kussii might attack China. Victor Louis, a Soviet cilizen vho is a correspondent for thi xndon Evening News, wroti n that paper on Sept. 1C tha vlielhcr or not the Soviets woiilr. dare to attack Lop Nor, China's uiclear center, was really a luestion of strategy and so the vorld would only learn aboi| t after the. fad. lie repeated this in a dispalci ic sent'to the Washington Post roin Palermo, where presum ibly he was vacationing. He ilso repeated his earlier reporl :iat Soviet broadcasts to Chinse Sinkiang in the Uygur and Cazakh languages have "in- rcased considerably." He ad- ed that "the appearance on 'liinese territory of 'underground adio stations criticizing Mao ndicatcs the degree of unifi- ation of anti-Mao forces with- i Hie country." Louis went on to say thai "it s quite possible that these forc- s could produce a leader who ould ask oihcr socialist count- es~for 'fraternal help.' It is ot hai'd to continue to draw analogy with events in Czechoslovakia, for China ha its own' Slovakia -- Sinkiang The main population of Ihl province is Uygur and Kazak and these people have alread tried to achieve autonomy Uire time's in the past 100 years!'Tlf Slovaks have attained a gpoc measure of autonomy since las summer." This Soviet line has bepi .aken in the West as part 'p the psychological ' warfare a gainst' China,' which has con s(antly wqrried that the Ru'ss ans would 'try to detach Sink ang -- a province in which tin ioviets used to have major in luence. In the past Louis's arti ules and activities have servec iuch Soviet interests. Louis' article also said thai 'nobody here (meaning in. Mos cow) has a. sliadow of doiib hat Russian nuclear inslallat- ons stand aimed ai the Chinese lUclear facilities." He also saic Moscow's handling of border in- Idenls show that the Soviet Union prefers using rockets to uanpower." He added that "no doubt a corched earth policy will be ursued on Chinese territory aeh time there is an attack y a small group." Louis also repeated the thesis lat "the fact China is iany times larger than Czech- slovakia and might offer active, esislance is, they say, no reas- on for not applying" the called Brezhnev Doctrine "tha socialist countries have th right to Interfere in each other affairs if tlioir own interests o those of others are threatened. "He ascribed (h,e idea'th:t tjj doctrine might be applied ' I China to '"Marxist" theoretli ians." Louis said that "there stjll p]pnty p| events," presum ably border clashps, "gping' ! ur reppfted · here' b u t ' which; ar nevertheless causing the'n"" ary considerable concern." He added that "it has bee earned .from Vietnam that th Chinese are withdrawing fron lie nprlhern part p,f tjie nany of their advisers wh have gained i»ev«ra'l years' ex jerience fighting the Americans hey are being transferred he Sino-Russian border.". Questions and Answfn Q. Who is eligible for student eiiefits under Social Sevurity? A. Monthly cash benefits" may e paid to .a child 18 to 22 who ; attending an educational in- .iliition' full-time when'bh'e of is parents begins receiving ocial security disability'or re : rcmcnt benefits, or when 'a arent dies after having 'work: d under social security long lough to be insured. Byron Anderson Will Address College GOP * -' Byron A. (Andy) Andtrson, Cqlprafjo secretary of ita)i, wil be speaking ft the University of Colorado Denver Center, l^tji and Arapahoe, on Thursday, Oct. 23. Tilt itiMting,.. sponsored by the Denver Center College' Rcpub{tcarii, · it frjtc and open to'the'public; It will be leld in Room 214 (auditorium) at'Tfiifd 'p.m. Anderson's 'topic will cp.ncern Colorado's state goverpmen.t. . . Ancjerspj) lias been past pres- eqr'qf. the Renyer Election ommission.. THjs'yMr he wil! electegstpretary of the National Association'of Secretaries of tale it .their cqnyention in Denver. '"' '' . ' . ' ' ' After the talk by the secrer ary, of. state, a brief business meeting'he'ld. Don Smith ' ' CFB Names Longmont Man AsFieldman DENVER -- Tom E. Rose a former Nebraska farm boy who now makes his home in Longmont, has been appointed Page 2 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thury., Oct. 9, 1969 Northeastern ' Colorado man for the Colorado .Md.: . .. f Cjreeley, 's.tate chairman ol Allege Repubjic'aris, "'will dis- jiss the staje league's "ty Left''Truth Squad" project. jack Jurists - A court -chair- ijjrj who' excluded 'a colored^ 'p'm_an '' from hejp- jg'in a-'' decision .pn 'a white ijin,' 'made an '''error of judgment," the. Lord' ".Chancellor, 9rd. Gardiner^sa'ys in' a" letter eye'aled.' recently'; 1 : " \Yes.l;Iridian-j3.prh Mrs. Diana Ijlljjp was as;ke4 not .to' lake art by -chairman Mr. Gilbert field Farm Bureau (CFB), according to an announcement by Don Ahren loltz, CFB manager. As fieldman, Rose will c ordinate Farm Bureau activiti n the counties ' of Larime Boulder, Weld, Morgan, Loga Sedgwick, Phillips, Yum Washington, Kit Carson, Che enne, Lincoln; Adams, Elber and. Douglas; Raised on a farm near Ben' elhian, Neb.,-Rose,- 30, has bee resident .of Colorado sine 1947. '· He graduated from Be tho'ud High School; then serve [our years in the U.S. Air Fore ,wo of them on the island ( Taiwan in the- South Pacific ffhile in the service, he was ·adio and IBM operator. ·'Since April of this year, Ros las been, an agent for Colored r arnv. Bureau Mutual Insuranc Company in Boulder County. Be ore that, he had.worked as machinist .and spent two -year as store manager for Sear Roebuck Co. .-in Laramie, Wyo Rose and his wife, Sherry,, native Coloradan, have a one year-old son. AT MOUNTAIN SAVINGS YOU GET MORE School Serves Beer £'s · · · " · · · · ' · - ' · LONDON --, Boysj are being lllreatedt-like men at Rugby JScho'Ol, .which was granted a Kub registration'-certificate rer ":p)ltly -T- but only for "boys over i 6!,'J. S. ; 'Woodhouse, headmas- j'ter, said: "Membership will be I based' on the .view that it is reasonable for senior boys to have.a; glass 'of beer once or twice a week.' 1 " · · ' U?E TRIBUNE WANT ADS Dr. Arthur Brewster Donald Montgomery . . . . . Brewster, Montgomery Join Educational Administration ; I)r..'Arthur' J,'. Brewster ;and Pepperdin.e· .College . in Califor- Jbnald Br Montgomery .have jeen added to .the faculty in educational administration; at Colorado State. College. The pair will also.serve the Educational banning Service. .Brewster comes to CSQ. from Visconsin. .State . University, where he was a. visiting prp r essor, and from the University f Kansas,. where .he has been n the staff. for the past. two ears. - Prior to. fhat, lie,, was a teacjy r'anil supervising ·'principal in Massachusetts and New Hamp- lire'for'seven yesirs. He'! has so been ·% corisultant in''col- :ctive negotiations. · . He .has degrees from. Mass- jhusetls Sfate College at LoW- 1,:. Massachusetts ''State ..''Col- ge at"-'Salem',-and- the Univer- .y of-Kansas. ' ' ' Brewster and his wi'fe' Christa aye two children, Keith 8, and enise.-9.. they reside at 2933 th Ave.' ·"..; Montgomery graduated from nia "and Ohio' University. .He is v completing his ; doctorate at esc.;.".··'.."..'..·'..'..'.'..r . , He was a teacher .and prin- cip'a'l in the OWo".public schools for s,eyeti years gnd .an assist arit.. superintendent of schools for. two. years before entering the CSC docto.ral program. ' He' arid his wife F^ye' live at 2121 20th; St. Rd. with' their daughters, Michelle 12, "»rid Meltoda'10.'-""- - ·^-·-·'- · t Dr. Arthur Partridge is chair- inan of the department of educational administration and BBS.- Other members are Drs. AIe'x:/Jardine, Donald Luketich and ·Emmett Hitter. ' nee Librarian Ai.jfe Named i'sj i^'i IJk : I.-.! 4 '*Jli Now...get higher earnings for your savings. 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So think Think atjpqt mpy- ing your funds tQ Mountain Sayings ancl Loan Association, where they will earn Colorado's highest rate on insured savings. PANTRA HE PANT THE PANT CK'-THf RACK THE PA NT RACK PANT RA HE PA TH Miss Mary ^eap iNonyglt nas been named an assistant ref-." erence''libra'.rjap aq3 instructor in library science at Colorado gtate Coflegfi". 4 She 'received' her bachelor's degre? fixjm CSC in. 1967 and rnastW's'from the' yniveri- ity of Denver this ye_ar.' She was a student : 'assistant '.ih^rpference 'departmerit 'at SC . while, an _ upder^raduate! Theh^'sne'faiigh't' at Rawliris "i|h Sch.ppr 'in Wyoming for. ofP'yea'r.''''''' 1 ' ·"According to'panie'l !$': Seag- jr, .director -of 'library-'services, iiiss Noltveit'join? 8'S'taff that nciudes Elmer ··' Bachenberg, head catalog'librarian;.. Mrs. liois N. Brtnyn, serials librarian; Mrs. Virginia 'GosteJIo, · reference librarian; James Greer, acquisitions .librarian;... Miss irpsephine, ; HBlli'-;iducatipnal re : sources .t'e'ntefe.Jibrariah; Mrs. Dwah Hufkabfe,' '/assistant reference Ubjfar.iiiij'.'Sani 1 ' 1 Hofer, aBsislant-.fiafalog librarian, Gab- or.Koyacs, cFrculatjan'-lip'rarian; Mrs 1 ., Jean.' ·Laclie'r.', -.assistant catalog librarian; -Mrs! Louise Mueller, laboratory-'-school' librarian; Jyirs. "Winnifred Richardson, ' periodicals-1 librarian; Miss'Mary Rider,'assistant reference librarian; and Norman Savjg, music librarian; and Mrs. Vjvjan' Tilden, assistant catalog librarian. :' There are about S.OOO franchised new-car dealers' in the United States. - . : . . ' USE TRIBUTE ADS A good ' for ANYONE at HE MOUNTAIN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION BOULDER OFFICE: 2300 Broadway, Boulder.442-1080/.CROSSROADS CENTER OFFICE: Ar»p?ho*$ 8$», |B8ylfcr ? ^$0 LONGMONT OFFICE: 401 Coffman Street, Longmont · 776-1362 / GREEifY OFFICE: 1000 Ninth Av»nu«, GrMtoy -· 362 : 612» The super tHm version of the original "'"' f Blue.Levi's. 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