Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 26, 1977 · Page 29
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 29

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1977
Page 29
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3-J GRHELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Tliurs.,May28,1977 Fodgorny fate linked to new const if uf ion By PEGGY POLK MOSCOW (UPI) - The publication of a new draft constitution for the Soviet Union may help to explain the abrupt dismissal of Soviet President Nikolai Podgomy from the ruling Politburo, diplomats say. The same meeting of the Communist Party Central Committee that "relieved" Podgorny of his Politburo duties Tuesday also approved for publication the draft constitution completed a day earlier by a committee headed by party General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev. The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, the country's rubberstamp parliament, also met to approve the document. Complicating the procedure was the fact Podgorny remains, at least for the present, chairman of the presidium. Radio and television announced Podgorny's removal from the Politburo, the Soviet Union's highest policy making body, in one sentence. Western diplomats said the manner in which Podgorny was stripped of his real power -Strict cigarette ban sought from the FDA IN FULL BLAZE -- Flames leap from the windows of a midtown New York sauna bath and rooming house Wednesday, as firemen use aerial equipment to control the fatal fire. At By DONALD SANDERS Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - A number of organizations opposed to cigarette smoking are trying to force the Food and Drug Administration to regulate the sale of cigarettes as strictly as the agency plans to regulate saccharin. The anti-cigarette Action on Smoking and Health, along with other groups and individuals, prepared today to file with an FDA hearing officer a petition that asks the agency to prohibit the sale of cigarettes containing nicotine, except by pharmacies. The FDA has maintained that it does not have jurisdiction over the sale and use of cigarettes, but the petition by the anti-smoking groups challenges least eight persons died to the building, which an employe said this on Ie 8 d grounds. catered to homosexuals. (AP Wirephoto) for dead goes on in fire rubble By CATHY BOOTH NEW YORK (UPI) -- Fire officials today renewed the search for the bodies of patrons who may have been trapped in a fire that roared through a .Manhattan bath house catering to homosexuals. Nine men are known dead and 10 were injured in the four- alarm fire that engulfed the Everard Baths Wednesday. Officials said when the fire erupted as many as 100 men -ranging in age from their early 20s to their 70s -- were inside the building that sported a sauna, a swimming pool and 135 small cubicles. "From the looks of it, I'm afraid there could be more dead," Fire Commissioner John O'Hagan said as he surveyed the smoldering rubble. "It could be a week before we know how many were trapped in there." Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau said he will of male customers clad only in begin an investigation today to underwear or towels streamed determine if there were crimi- out of the crowded building as nal violations of the housing the flames spread, code. Last August the city gave Identification of the dead was the facility a year to install an hampered because the bath's automatic sprinker system, but clients traditionally left their it had not yet been connected. wallets and other possessions "If (the sprinkler system) with the desk clerk, had been installed," O'Hagan Michael James, 29, of Phila- said, "it is unlikely we would delphia, said he was with his have lost any lives." friend Chris on the second floor The Fire Department blamed when he first noticed the the tragedy on a mattress fire [lames. that was doused by the bath "At first I thought someone house staff earlier in the was using a sun lamp or morning but apparently flared something," he said. "I just up again. saw some orange. The fire gutted the shabby bath house known as a meeting ground for homosexuals. Scores "This is one of those funny petitions that nobody says will work," said John F. Banzhaf III, a law professor at George Washington University and the executive director and general counsel of ASH, the smoking and health group. "I think it will work. Nobody has proved to me that it won't." He recalled in an interview accused in heiress murder friends brought millions home that in past campaigns his organization won the right to free' air lime to reply to cigarette commercials, won an eventual ban on cigarette advertising on the air and got separate sections for smokers on airplanes, trains and buses. But a spokesman for the FDA said "it is our clear understanding that Congress never intended for us or any other federal agency to regulate the use of cigarettes." Banzhaf's group was joined by 10 other organizations and by two former U.S. surgeons genera!: Dr. Jesse Steinfeld and Dr. Luther Terry. The FDA plans to ban the use of the artificial sweetener saccharin as a food additive, but permit its sale over the counter. It recently held public hearings on the ban, now scheduled to begin in July. The saccharin ban is based on tests in which rats were subjected to massive doses of the artificial sweetener. The anti-cigarette groups' petition said the FDA had based its saccharin ban on-"unproven assumptions." the post of president is largely ceremonial -left little doubt he was removed against his will in a Kremlin power struggle. Diplomats said Podgorny may have opposed the Brezh- nev constitution or that the constitution may restructure the presidency to permit Brezhnev to take it on in addition to his all-powerful party leadership post. There also was speculation Brezhnev might have wanted a vacancy near the top for a protege to be groomed to succeed the aging leadership. With Podgorny, 74, Premier Alexei Kosygin, 73, and Brezh- nev, 70, the question of a transition of power is one of the most important facing the Kremlin leadership. (fn Washington, U.S. intelligence analysts said Podgorny's ouster was the first visible sign of a struggle for succession. (Podgorny. they said, had made known mildly critical views about the new constitution, which upgrades the job of president. The experts said Brezhnev, eager to consolidate his control in preparation for the day he retires, found Podgorny unacceptable in that more powerful position.) The new constitution also appeared to tighten Moscow's control over the 15 republics making up the Union. ALL WOOD BFDROOM SuitM lire Anillble in Grtit Stltc- lion, til Priild Al Solind'l tun D'l low Mces. Opin 7 »«! l Week. M«n..$j|. 9:30-7:00. Son. 1100-7:00. 352-9587. 2 Mi. Easl of Greele; on Hiwj 34 SAVE $ 9.31 HAVE YOUR AIR CONDITIONER CHECKED NOW!! Hot weather's on the way ...ready or not! Reg. 521.90 SPECIAL PRICE $1059 12 · Inspect Parts · Test Refrigerant Level · Test For Leaks · Add 2 tbs. Freon · Test Operalion INCLUDES All Makes and Models Additional Freon, Parts or Labor Extra Limiled Time Offer YOUR FULL SERVICE DEALER DeBrown Chrysler Plymouth SERVICE CENTER West of the Cooper Twin Theaters 2563 28th St., Greeley . · 354-0900 Save now during KWAL's Memorial Day PAINT YOUR HOME MOW! Take advantage of these extra special prices on interior and exterior paints marked down for this Memorial Day Sale! . lion dollar robbery-murder has testified her boyfriend and two other suspects brought millions of dollars to her apartment in boxes and suitcases, then divided up the loot. By U. J. G1LLEV state. Charges against Williams son. INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) - A were reduced to simple theft Mrs. Jackson, 66, widow of woman accused in a multimil- after he agreed to turn state's the former president of Stand- evidence. He had been charged as an accessory to murder. Miss Young and Williams also implicated two suspects being held in Arizona. The two -- Howard R. Willard, 38, and Following the testimony Wed- Marjorie L. Pollitt, 48, Wil- nesday, Marion County Munici- lard's former wife -- were pal Court Judge Frank Harlor arrested Friday after trying to ordered Manuel Lee Robinson, pay cash for a travel home at 28, bound over for grand jury Tempe, Ariz. Arizona authori- action in the robbery-murder of ties said the two have waived day they recovered an addition- grocery store heiress Marjorie extradition. al 5142,862 from the mobile Miss Young testified that home of Mrs. Poliitt's 53-year"Robinson, Willard and Mrs. old sister, Robertina Anderson Pollitt came to the apartment Harroll of Ringgold, Ga. Mrs. ard Food Stores, was found shot to death in her nine-room brownstone ranch house May 7 by firemen summoned to put out a fire later determined to be arson. Investigators found more than 53 million in the house and believed the widow kept at least 58 million stashed there. Federal agents said Wednes- V. Jackson in what could be the largest heist in U.S.-history. Annie K. Young, 22, Robin- girlfriend, and John A. carrying tool boxes, suit cases Harroll, charged with sharing ,,,, TM ,,,.:«,,., .I... and a ba g containing money " j n foe loot| was arrested a[ She said the three told her to Acworth, Ga., and was being Williams, 38, testified that Robinson appeared early in May with large amounts of go to her bedroom but that she held by the FBI. money which he said "couldn't watched from the doorway as Authorities said the money they divided up the loot. found in Mrs. Harroll's mobile Robinson left a suitcase full home was traced to the of money at her apartment. Jackson robbery. Police found more than 51 In all, more than $1.8 million and Williams was delayed after million in her apartment when and some jewelry taken in the thi-y agreed to testify for the they arrested her and Robin- theft has been recovered. be traced" and "came from the house of an old lady outside Indianapolis." 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