Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 9, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1951
Page 4
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IE FOUR LAS.CHy.CES (N. M,).;SUN-NEWS . ·News ill 1881; published dally, except after- 'ni and Sunday mornings--by lhj Sunshine Prej«,"Inc., at 241 N. _«,. ^· 1 '- st -.- L »» Cruces, N. M. Entered'at Las Cruces pontofflce as l|»»cojW-o)a»s matter. Stanley Gallup, Advertising Manager Orvllle E, Priestley, Editor'and .Publisher A( l ver tising Representative: Inland Newspaper,- ReprcsenU- ||.tjy«s, Inc., Chicago, Hew York, St. Louis, Kannos qty, Omaha, At- l';!t»nt«. Member of th i ABsooiatod PI-CBS. The'Associated Press is cn- |JtltJed exclusively to the use for rcpubllcatlon of all loctl news print"'")'. In this newspaper, as well a.i all : AP news illspatcheii. ; ' ' ' ' ' · TELEPHONE 33" |,' l^ils newspaper Is a member of the Audit Bureau of Clrcul- ' atlons.' Ask for a.copy of our latest A. B. c. rtoport giving audited facts and figures about our circulation. A.B.C. -- Audit BUTMU of Circulaliom FACTS as a m««tur. o{ Advortlalng Value SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In'Las ·Cruces a n d . surburban I'./arcas, 18c per week or 7Sc per month; by motor route delivery In . Dona Ana county, W.GO'ncr year or 85o per month. By mail In Now Mexico 76c per month or-f7.00 per year. Outside of State' 85c per 1^: month or J8.60 per year. Mall subscriptions are payable In advance. Thai Legion Ball Club '·., The Las Graces American Legion baseball club last year .won the slate championship. :·; The majority of the members of that ball club are still 'available for Ihe team this year. Some of the members of · t h e Icain will be lost but indications are that the city can "figainj havi- n top team in the slate. Last year the club not only won the state championship , but il represented the state In the Regional -Play-off in I..-; Nebraska. They were defeated there but they made a good 1 .showing and gave Las Cruces and the state some splendid publicity. The team has been discussed some thin year but not a .. jjrcal deal us yet. Within a few weeks.'hnwevcr, the question p.. will have lo be settled, plans w j l l have lo be made and arrangements carried out for the team. Bonnie Sninanicgo, who coached and directed the team last year, has announced he w i l l not be available tliis year. Monday ET«nIngy ; pointed out he can not give the time to the club He that he gave last year and that it requires. He, however, is expected to be active in the Legion club and will be a staunch booster and worker for the team. team. The fact that we did have a w i n n i n g ' t e a m and tlie-state champions last year, of course, always helps to make it i, easier to secure the backing and the support, we need this , year. All of us arc extremely fond of winners and we had " winner last year. There perhaps has been more plans made than we. realize but we do Know there has been no public. announcement regarding these and we know that the boys are extremely anxious to know just what the plans arc going. to be this year. -We are hoping that the next few. weeks will sec everything completed and In readiness and all arrangements made for the coaching of the squad and for developing another championship American Legion team. We feel confident that the American Legion will be able to secure the ukl and lielo in financing the team lhat will be needed and they will be given aid with the squad. Are We Guilty? Some of the things which Col: 15, G. Kddy, commander, of White Sands Proving Ground, .said about Las Cruces In 1: t a l k before Ihe Ltis Cruces Kiwaliis dub recently, werci exactly very nice or very kind. · . · Probably Colonel Eddy did not enjoy saying some- the things he said, But lib liurlod 'some accusations at L Cruces and at Las Crucens. If we are guilty then we should take steps to corre some of these affairs. If' we arc not guilty and'can prove- then perhaps we should defend ourselves or our actions ai conduct. . . . · In his plea for a closer co-operation between- While Sane. . Proving Ground and. Las. Cruces, he declared that the cil - police could be more considerate and that under no circuir stances .should a White Sands man be nut In jail without cm lading him. He declared there had been sonic flagrant here in Las Cruces and they were found to be without foui elation. He declared t h a t Las Cruces was losing much goner; . business because of the t r e a t m e n t received at the hands o our police.' l i e said there should be a responsible clearing office es tablishcd for the purpose of locating apartments and res denccs for t h e personal of White Sands. He intimidated tha wo were not providing the housing facilities and were no helping those needing these quarters to .secure thoni. lie indicated the churches were not exerting themsclve cither to i n v i t e the men to attend services here or to on · courag them to attend the churches In Las Cruccs. He' re quested t h a t the men, who he described. AS gentlemen an coining from fine homes, bo Invited. Into the homes by th Las Cruecs citizens. He declared that either ho or the 'chap lain would be glad to handle such a program. Ho declared he would like to soc Las Crucos take car' of the housing problem. . . · i We, of course, in Las Cruces arc interested in improvot relations-will! W h i t e Sands. We definitely are Interested li the $0,000,000 payroll which exists at White Sands. at thi time. How much we arc doing or aren't doing to improve thesi relations, of course, has not been emphasized. There is in question but what more could bo done. Whether all of the charges made by Colonel Edily an concurred in by all at While Snnds, of course, is not known It Is known there lire members of the armed forces as wel as civilians at White Sands who have found Las Crucos a pleasant, friendly and d e l i g h t f u l place In which to live. Tills was only recently emphasized by a White Sands soldier who^ discussed the hospital situation. · The Chamber of Commerce docs operate a clearing house for apartments and houses for rent and does a pretty job, we think. Maybe not good enough, The Jayccos are now planning to open a service men'i club here to aid and help the boys at While Sands who have llltlo to do when they come to our city except go to a show, pool hall, a tavern or a saloon or stand on the streets. Efforls wore made u t various limes to locate housing projects hero and tho city cvon offered Ihe land and delegation!, wont to Washington to help on this project. Many now homes have and are being eroded hero to help Improve the housini! situation. ' h · But there are probably many things we can do to help Improve the relations and maybe we owe n vote of thanks lo Colonel Eddy .for -being so frank and straight forward in mentioning ihpsc things, It is now. lip to 'us to sco wlml wo;«rc going to do about it. If the about?l«V:iiiirorctmoiit and can only secure ths.«y Mays regislorUiffcxi inning complaints (lien (lioiv 1.1 Hlle-.iitfMn pay nihfwft, ! ifllji j*l, for I horn WIA Holds Tea In Honor Of Seoul Women The executive committee.of thl Women's Improvement Assoeia lion held a tea at the clubhouse on Sunday afterhnon to honor tin. Girl .Scouts leaders of Ihe county. About 50 ladle:; were present. Miu O. L. Boykiu, president of the rjona Ana Girl Scout A'ssocla- tlon, and Mrs. Paula Franklin, Las Cruces Girl Scout director, were In charge of the program, rrrarnlii I'lns The program opened with the Introduction of each guest by her neighbor Mm. Hoy Norton of Koa- wcll, then presented each new leader with a pin. The following ladles received pins: Mcsdames Z. O. Tyson, Forrest Sanders, Roger Irwln. C. S. Moll, Kenneth Valentine, Leah Schneider, Robert Tel- leu, Alex Lytton, nurlic Green, Slllm Bryan, Morris May. .1. P. Morgan, Mario Miller, Matlie Bowers, -Francis Reid, Hetty Saylcii, Elsie Williams, Brooke Al"- giers, Noble Rountree, Joyce Neal. n. V. Andlng, if-. A. Reimcr. W. M. Willis, C. C. Ford. John Onvls, W. W. Wlllmau, Orln Coo per, Anita Sabel, O. S. Bowman, C B. Flemlnsp. Joe Miller, Vic Mollm nhd Miss Patty Parker. Slmrl Talk (liven Mrs. .Koy Norton, i-eglonal rep rCHcntutivc of the National Bonn of Gllr Scouts, gave-a short talk on "Happiness Quotients."' She stressed the fact thai u n j organlJMllon Is only us strong Its leader. She said that girls i remain interested In Scouting if they have good leadership. She further stated thai to keep a troop satisfied the leader musl be Interested in her work. Mrs. Nuzum . . Norton closed her talk with the Leader's Prnyer. imil Sold Miss Jacqueline Hall, nrcompan- led at the piano by her mother, Mrs. Truman Hull, sans "An American Lullaby" and "A Heart That's Krec". lira. Franklin thanked all who liadc the afternoon a success and particularly the WIA for honoring the county Olrl Scout lenders. A dollljhtful social hour followed, [luring which Mrs. Jack Bown's Senior Troop No. M, spon- lorod hy llio .WIA, asslnli-d -Mrs. lomcr Karnoy ami Mrs. Robert -ytlo In serving tea. The lace covered tea table was irnlered with an arrangement of (Continued from page one) citizenry. -A grandjury was call ed here that delved into ever; strata of life in Las Cruces ani .surrounding area. More than 61 indictments were handed down hj the jury--but it failed to solve th riddle of Cricket Coupler's death Arresting officers v.-ould not confirm whether Nuzum definite!} made any' statements regarding what knowledge he might have about the case while enroute from Pittsburgh,, but dill say: ' "We talked of little else." (iotn\ I'risoiier They described Nuzum as 1 a "co- ipenitivc and cheerful prisoner". He was jailed at Jefferson City Liberal, Kansas, overnight, jut allowed to stay up in Colum- ms, the first stop. Nuzum plans to remain in New Mexico until appearing for prc- lary hearing. Elinor McCan Is Queen Of Prom A1AM College l£linor McCan of I Jem ing;, n junior nmjorlnK in physical education, ruled over the .Stardust Junior* Srntor Prom id TCwv Mexico 'AM SiHiinl.-iy night. 'In her cum! were Marion Rey- nold.i, senior clns.s queun, a. senior mnjonii£ in mnthemaUcs und Me- fitHa rcHtdcnt. Cnrlene Law, Las Cruces, wn« Junior class princess. She in a major in elementary education. Marilyn Spoil 1 , Doming, business administration- major, was sophomore class queen, The coronation ceremony was held ni 10 p. m, before a large Croup of students attending Ihe Used Car Pride Orders Issued The Office of Price (stabilization has -authorized the use of several additional guide books /far. Ing: used car sales. Roy S. Walker, District Director, has advised. 'The new order also permits the use of several republished volumes. It is pointed out thai a number of official guide boohs have republished their prices to conform with requirements of OPS regulations. In. some instances, guide books, ·Which have not previously included prices for equipment that used car dealers are allowed to charge as extras,- have incorporated prices for such equipment In line with prices published in other books in January. , The authorization list now includes: American Auto Appraisal, March-April · supplement; B l u e Book Executives Edition, Kelly Blue Book Official .Guide. January issue; Market Analysis Report, Janua-.-y issue of price edition; N.' A. D. A. Official used Car Guide, Januai-y issue or March 2, 1951 edition; Northwest Used Car Values, January issue or March 1051; Official Used Car Survey, Starch- April supplement; Official Wiscon- son Automobile Valuation Guide. January issue or Feb. 15, 1051 edition; Red Book National Used Car Market Report, January issue; Official Automobile Guide (Natlun- Itesearch Bureau), price edition; Official Automobile Guide (Recording and Statistical Corp) price edition. 1 MeeiYoiir Scout Leaders ,Mrs. Hugh Johnson, Den Mothe: of the Southward PTA Cub Pack 1 1 -Mrs, Johnson was born in Arnett, Okla.; .she went to school there and graduated from riigti school. In 1931 she moved to Now Mex- o. Part of the time buin^ spent n Tularosa and here in Las Cruces, She became acquainted with the Scouting program, in 'Tularosa when she helped organize a Cub 'auk-,there and was Den Mother of one of the dens, unti! moving o Las Cruces. Jn 1948 ahti became a Den Mother associated with 3 ack 82 of Las Crucca. At this t i m e ' S h e is' the dean if the Den Mothers here in Las uces, being the only Den Moher having three years of seirice i a Den Mother. · This past fall, she was an 5n- tructor in the University coutfng for the Den Mother ourse, Mrs. Johnson is a member the Presbyterian church; She als has been a leader of a group o Brownie Scouts. Her two sons Buddy and Mick both were Cub Scouts and hav gone into-the Boy Scout progran- The native name for Ml. Everes is Chomolungma, meaning "Goci dcss .Mother of the World." Spain for centuries were tlr world's greatest lead producer. Public Immorality Caused Largely By World Wars, Clergyman Slates biggest all-college social event of tho year. Dress for the dance was formal. Thome of decoration and of'the mom was "starduat". Music was 'urnlsliixl by Mabel Moody (Ed Note: This is the second of fmir slnrlrs drilling with the qurstlon: Wlml bus happened to Aniericjin public .Mimilitv?) By RKLMAN MORIN NEW YORK. April 9 UP) -Thin ;s a diseased generation -- ut ;iic next one. if it isn't destroy- d l ty war, will he bettor." That IE the opinion of Dr. John nynes Halmes, pastor of the in- vrtanomiimtloniil church of New 'k since 1907. In more than- -10 ir.n of church work, he says, ; ···ever suon moral standards Amci'ic'-i us low ys they now "IVttpli imvn lost the ability, f i t ; .iillv, ti (Itetltiffiiitih bolwuun right und wrnng/' Or. llolmos told me. "In thin nge, anything- 'These arc the causes, Dr. Holmct aid, In an interview, underlying ji-enL disclosures of corruption in ivernment and graft; bribery mid influence uncovered by the Kcfau- yer and Fulbright committees. 1 TJic clurgy man snid he believes the pri'sent condition of public morality in America is now and iggrnvaled, rather Uinn «n ever present situation which has uml- jlenjy been brought .to *vidc miblic att-ention. ' "Somi'tldng very serious has , luippcncd fo thu moral filwr of | tills generation," p r . Ilolmfs clc;- Price Ceilings Issued Onins Dollars and cents ceilings at the average price levels of Novcmbe 1950 tiave been ordered on cattle hides, kips and calf skins by the Office of Price Administration, according to a statement released by Roy S. Walker. District Director for New .Mexico. The action, establishing specific pi ices by types and grade, revises a freezc-typc regulation of January 25. which rolled back individual sellers prices to the highest levels for sales or deliveries during November. These hides arc used primarily for soles and uppers of both civilian and military shoes. Dry hides and skins, which are produced in small quantities, mostly in the far west, have special trices. Although inferior in quality and condition they bring a higher price per pound because thev are materially lighter than green "salted hides of equivalent weight. As a meajis of aiding enforcement, every person making sales of hides or skins to a tanner must nail, simultaneously with the shipment. a copy of the Invoice cover- BOY SCOUTS-exhibit their prowess at varied. arts at White Sands Roundup conducted .last'week, ati. ; the (Photo by Bob Schmidt, Alampgord6j Suit Is Launched For $35,000 In District Court A suit asking more than $35,000 lamages in connection with an auto mishap has been filed in Third Judicial District Court here. The suit, filed in behalf of a minor, Bernard by his brother, Leon C. Menkes, asks lamages from Harold Vance,.State College, in connection with an auto iccident which occurred October 2, 1950. . The mishap occurred between ^as Cruces and New Mexico AM college when a car driven crashed into a telephone ppIc'.Rer- ionsfy injuring young Menkes;^ He.alleges negligence on the pail of Vance in the,suit. . "" .. Asked'are 52,012 hospital* nd medical . costs; $25.000" Keiiii'al' damages, and 510,000 punitive damages. . .. : . : - . Attorney J/ Benson Newell'is representing the plaintiff. " ' PICKl'OCKETS IN CHURCli 'ALBUQUERQUE/ April" 9 : fift- Police say that churchgoers' .reported about $18 Laknc-frohi pocketbooks at St. Haul's'' Lvithernh church during the sermon ycster- Exprrt Insurance Advice'. . . Chllton Loin * Insurance Co.';. D O R O T H Y D I X Ho m e - - .- ! ing the sale to the Regional Offi- clnrcd. "Lilci- a hnnvui budy a ( . c if Price Stitbiliation The history of Bordeaux, Frcm-h seaport, goes back i'arthcr than Roniiui times. The Y.ilu nvcr frccscti .-iolM wccn November and April, form- ng a bridge from Manchui'la io weal PCIIH In lavender und pure shades. Yellow lupcra and n iver ten and coffee acrvicc coin- Meted the appointments. DA i L.Y 1 ACKOSS fi. Cr\istaccon 0, Street lire) 1 , tn 10. Greeting 12. A inountuln nymph 111. A ahowy Howor 1-1. Not (prel\.x) 35. The woof (weaving) K. Indefinite article 18. Type 11). Stream 20. Knight of the Elephant '.. (nhbr.) 22. Soulhwpst wind 24. Humble 1*0. A drilly journal ^7, Showy ^S. H o u m f l n n curd Kftiiu' 2U. Kfllhcr ;tO. lludo. 111- 116. Anlmul'a foot ,17. Worship :tt). IXHiVcofT, A K A 4-1.1 UOWN l . A b l l l l a i d shot C R O S S W O R D l.'t. Prohibition- 10. Evcnliyv" Inta (colloq.) diopt.) 11). A lilnil or br-rry 31. Cheat 23. Crivzp 21. Call fur (Itul (vnr.) aid 3. Uy way of 25. Covcrc*! 5. \\Vnra\vay botml.1 by rlibbinfv 26. Common 0. Keeps unbcr wccOs conlrul 28. Garden Uml 7. High (mns.) 31. linking y. More ilroary chambers "l. Dcparleil 3'^. Dipped out, 11. Hard to ' as \vtitur handle, 33. K i l n i!cl)t ;!«. Tube for convoylnif liquids ' IIS. Rowing · Implement -10. Cut on', ·ll.Oatn society ran fall virllm uf a ill- waso und dir (if II. ... "This country is in mortal ger today. It could die as other societies have :iicd. "Americans are ti-ylnp; to live without Coil and it can't be done They have been trying- it for about :10 years. But the laws of morali ty are as oxjiel and inexorable n; the. laws of physics or chemistry. When they are violated, things go wrong -- oven to the extent of a terrible explosion." Thnjrrrait corrosive UKcnls, Dr.' Hiilnif.s sahl, have como directly from the hvo World V'ars In which the. United States was iMigngnl. . i "War in an evil that embraces all other evils. It sanctions mur- .ler, permits theft, and condones sexual license. A man Is cojiccrn- d soley with aurvlvai. All other jars are tlown, "II Is Impossible -- \\-iiboiit -oincnduiis moral strength -for ' llu- civilian .population, far . removed from the front, mil to lili uffrrlrd b.v these slnhlhmls or conduc.t. · . The presumable corrective influ tmces in American lifc.Jn^coutin ued, have not been equal lo ;h task that confronted them. "We are all at raiill. -- tli churches, Ibc schools and the -pni ents In .tile home." 121 UEDS IIAXCKU ·KUALA LU.MPUH, .Malaya I/T1 -- British authorities have hange 121 Couimunlst terrorists in -Malaya in the past two years and 17 more are awaiting oxecutlon. A government .statement L captured terrorists whose crimes made them liable to tho death penalty numbered 857 of which 008 hail thus far been charged In court. The figures were ijlven for the period from June 1, ilMS, the -lute a stale ot emergency WHS yro- ohumed In Malaya, up lo Fob 1 in Denver. The regulation became effective on March 10. "RICE" MADE FROM TAPIOCA . NEW DELHI -- I/Pi _ Demonstration plant for the experimental production of "artificial rice" is in operation under government auspicics, Natural Resource:; and Scientific Minister So Prakiisn stated in-response to n question :n parliament. Prakasa said the plant processes :00 pounds of the synthetic :'ocd- grain daily. Eslabllshment of a factory equipped to' produce *ive lo seven tons daily is "under consideration," Prakasa added... The I artificial rice contains an cjtimat- | cd three times more ;itarch thai milled rice. Tapioca is the principal ingredient. love, Teamwork, Peace '.' ·:··'.'· Make A Happy One TT^HAT DOES it take to make a real home! ' Y o u can't 'maic'i! yono just with stones anil bricks, for .tlicre' arc' : .paikco» illcd with period furniture and priceless, olnamcut.e'. tiiafe-ihe '-.'. . 10 more homes than is a shop or a jail or a mu'somn. . Tnsre re shabby collages Hint meu and women remember'.is',iiottie lirougli (i lifiitime. . ,-.-.; Yon chn't make a home just by good .housekemiig' 'tor here are houses m which every meal is a feast,'i'V ~---- rioor fs swept and se:-ubbed aud garnisHed, wjieri · every chair is in its apiiolnteij place' and yet 'from which husbands and children flee as (f from' i pursalory. And Ihere are other houses In wji'lch the food is always ill-cooked, where disorder .and confusion reign and;yet which Is a borne'.lo wjifch (ircd men and restless children turn as- to a sanctuary from the world. ' - - - ·:,-' . Y o u ' c a n ' t make a home Just' by!, assembii'nu tlio family uuits of busbaud, wife, a t i d ' children under a roof There are houses that ar- little blu. of paradlse'iVa there are other houses lhal are hells on earlh. There'are' fa'hilly circles bound, together not only by relationship.,'but b. .ien'iern.h at eelion ant mulnal belpf,,lne, s . There are other fan Iy dS tilled with strife and amagonisms and a sort of blood haired Tllt'e are homes lo which children return 'as a bird to Us nest, anVo be? homes froa, which the children shake the dust off the'ir L "£ soon as they .are able and to which Ihey never-go back.- . · " . . · WHAT DOES IT TAKE? - ' So what :lo»s li take to make a houie, .Ibis Ihlng that 'we a'll crave more than anything else in life and which we a » ' rj to^ash ion w i l h - o n r banking bands, and which sometimes lura. oW » success and sometime, a failure? »ira«.oul a It takes, first.. lore. Tho love' txl a husband 'and wife ' llii ove of parents and children. Ihe love ot brother, and slsiers toy. is Ihe fire on the hearthstone, the lighl la the window that mikll a home warm aud talent Without it'everythlng Is cold a a d "b DOROTHY OJX UOJIB TWVNTiOVS .V Ml --Only four incmbci-9 of tho Plilhdelphln riilllles now live in the City of Hrotherly Uivo. Three of them wore born there «ml .still .nrnko their raslttcnco there, Tho rest of the players on the rb»t«r llvo out of Hio utaio »r Piiniisylvnnlu. CLINIC GALLED LEXINGTON, Ky. --UP_ Pi- if the nation's top football and lasketball coaches will form the ustructional staff at the University of Kentucky's annual coache; clinic. It is scheduled for two days April 27-2S. In addition to Kentucky's own football coach, Paul (Bear) Bryant, and basketball mentor, Adolph Rupp. there will be Und Wilkinson of Oklahoma, Hank Iba of the Oklahoma Aggies and Rusty Russell of Southern Methodist. SEHYKS SIXTH PILOT ST. LOUIS-Un-Clyde "Buzzy" Wares, coach of the Cardinals, w'ill be serving under his sixth manager In Marty Marlon. He |3 m 65 years old and made his debut as coach with the Rcdbirds In 1.130. Buzzy attended Kalamaioo College In his native Michigan but quit to enter baseball in 1!)02. room; ,,o matter how much bo cuts the Ernss ami-trains "the"'· no matter how amiable and sweet-tempered he is; « he%.,,',.'«« to a hlEh-teinnerea aud na st: in s wife, or to' n woman who! reliFd. hollfipwnrlr no .Irn.l^.ip,. -- . _ . - . . . . ,"" ' fawrall o spends her tlme;6n;cau«es , housework as drudgery, or u r t o n e . w h r or clubs. Nor Nor can any wouiau make a home, though she coolc.'lik. » Cher pinches pennies and smiles like the Cheshire eat If ,b, it married to a groueh. or a tlshtwad. or , philanderer! or on. who r e a r d . erer regards a hoiiio as the servle. station to go to for r only real Homes yon ever see are those made by a ho epars Th? woman NO KKQHETS KOI! UKQHET * LOUISVILLE. Ml --One'of tho icst known facts about the Kn- ,ucky Derby Is that Harry Payne Whitney's Regret Is the only filly :hat has over won the famous ·ace, lu 70 years only 28 fillies lave started. In 1903 Lady .Nav- nrec was second. Five other flllk's have finished third. When Gen. illyinos'.'·$.'.: Qrant vent to West Point, bo mslllieil the Ira liilrnsclv. j · i TIMNQUIM.ITy KSSKNTIAIi , It takes peace to. make a home. It must lie » place ot .eronll 1 inlet, a S ..,, E harbor In which l» 3 members of . f a n n y ,,,. (Iro,) anchor aflur tbo storms of the day. Its tranquillity mu h "- Impregnable that the worries ot life. beat, un aaainst it i,..r L.., The house that la filieu with bickering and strif, It takes cheerfulness to · tor «nd sayety and m Inoss t o - m a k e o There.iniiit-be-lanrt. inslc and daiicliie lu It.- It, | nnmt .. mmt ur» i nr\ i . i n i i H H l.~... i. i . . . . . . »*^"» (Ml,a Ther. »nse n smiling face ou life, no matter how It b u f f e t s the: It l.i i big Job making n home.' And the llniit.thm i. n,, 10 rew.mcu.iind.veiuen know now .to. 4« lu """ I llli «r»-l«...l'll7

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