Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 8, 1969 · Page 31
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 31

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1969
Page 31
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Mfae-'To-Be'-itrienipJoyed-'Befpre Inflation Halt, Says Kennedy By JAN NUPENT Tho. Washington · Post tinuc the present policies'wilh-|commitk''c a. ·) per cent un- Wo I tress Clinic h Oct. 13-17 Another in a scries of waitress clinics will be held -Oct. 13-17 at Die First Baptist Church. These clinics under the direction of Mrs. Eva Council are . out puWiinj; .'th( ^oun'lry iiito WASHINGTON T- More peo- recession, , Kennedy ..said. 1 He pic will be unemployed as iiic|CxpIiiii)«l that' rajnjilg a n i u n - adminislralion pursues ils iii- i |0nip.loy.menl.figure ^cceijlahle k flation-restraining p o l i c i e s . 1 ! ' 1 " ! administration..would 'bo- Treasury Secretary David Ken- coi,nc,'"!i 'complete; embm'ftss- nedy said Tuesday. Kennedy called the Scpl. 4 per cent jobless rale "accept- *· V ~ I . I mcnl"/because proper'cvah lion .raiuirdd- consideration of nil Ihc indices. The Treasury figure" in; mind. Kennedy also' fended off congressional suggestions for wage- p r i c e controls, presidential "jawboning"' and creation of- a new, comprehensive program to deal with joblessness resulting from present restraining deuce anti-inflation ladies \vcre|P 0 '' c ' cs '- : working. Former Vice President! Kennedy and Budget Director maximum unemployment level that would be tolerated. The September unemployment fifiurc jumped sharply from 3.5 per cent the preceding month io the highest rnle in nearly two years. Administration supporters hailed (he boost as cvi- Robert Mayo pressed the joint committee to give the administration "the .tools it needs" to fight' inflation and achieve a budget Surplus: A six-month ex- tcnsicn of the surtax at a 5 per cent rale beginning Jan. 1, and repeal of Hie investment credit. Sen. William Proxmire ,.. Wis.) indicated bolh goals are sure that riocsn t hap- In jeopardy unless Hie admini- Hubert Humphrey said it illustrated the Nixon administration's "cruel and mean" economic policies. "Are we planning for a re- crssion to reduce inflation?" Sen. Stuart Symington (D-Mo.) asked Tuesday at n Joint F,co- nomic subcommittee hearing. "No," Kennedy replied, "We must now watch the liming to make pen." The real lest will be to stration gives assurances n_con-|would act "decisively and effec- Farm Bureau Pushing for Membership A goal of 1,077 family members for (lie Weld County Farm Bureau was reported. in sight here Saturday evening at .a county-wide meeting of membership workers. At the meet ing, held at' the Farm Fare Restaurant, plans were, matte Io contficl the farmers who have not renewed, their membership for 1!)7fl, and to contact all now member prospects. An up-to-date given by Norman Carlson, iiieiiv borship.chairman, indicated that more and more members arc renewing their membership by mail each' year. ; . · The .American . F.arm .Bureau reported an all-lime , high of over. 1,800,000'member families for 19GO. . Carlson. reminded jthe- membership workers (lint much' contact · remains to be done", and that the ·deadline'for is Dec. · 1.- Old members 'wliu have, not mailed dues ,|o the county office by Nov.- I, be called.on individaully. x,wu mi UK. \^ ci, -i 111^1 ^.tni uii-1 i · i j i i - - .employment rale was regarded ^'signed to help young women · i · _ i i , ., nf'fllliro flip cklHe nnfl \mr\\\tlnrlnn ·is a n ' achievement before the Vietnam, War, . w h e n jobless levels-were usually higher. ,Scn. Proxmirc agreed that un- acquire the skills and knowledge needed to obtain jobs as wait- The training program is con- c!nploymc,a loveta had" been ^ f^k 1° wltnou/'cffe l 'Wii can't go back to that." Although no specific plans have been constructed for sub- stanlial employment reverses, "Our reasoning would change," ))v Mayo explained. Manpower programs could be speeded up, he suggested. The Wisconsin Democrat also chidcrl another Treasury offi- ,'ial for ;i recent speech in wliich ;he rise in September unemployment level was hailed in indication the overheated economy was dropping back 'to more sustainable levels. Proxmire told Assistant Treasury Secretary Murray L. Wei- Thc Greeley Information and I Referral Agency and the women of the First Baptist Church are responsible for the program. Persons interested can register calling GIRA at 352-4D51. lively" if substantial in unemployment result. The administration spokesmen said'(bey bad not drafted a specific set of plans, but nani-. crl several stabilizing measures which could be invoked: Restor- atlon of federal construction; speeding up manpower programs and,' enactment of family assistance ; and unemployment insurance-' measures .proposed earlier by the' administration. Proxmire suggested t h a t a "comprehensive program" to deal _ w i l h sustained unemployment might help the'admit .lion j(jel._more, support 1 in 'Congress 'for its' deflationary measures, -such as surtax.extension; ·' "We,arc not doing recession planning] at this liiiic, Mayo explained, ' because economic. adjustments , w i l l ' be -. " o f , the. na- City Traffic Accidents Montreal Chaos Threat Wanes Police, Firemen End Strike by.most of'tHr;-city's 2,409 ;jii;e- nien, .who are also ·ihvolvedfin a wage dispute with'''-. ' · ''The! police(ne,n, ; wh'oYarje;.not *f MONTREAL (AP) - Police and'fire protection returned-to normal in Montreal today after a one-day strike by more than 6,000 police and firemen seeking pay raises threatened-Canada's largest city with chaos. A provincial 'policeman was shot to death during a battle between rival, groups of .drivers: A mob of youths roamed.- .the streets Tuesday night, smashing windows and looting stores. .Ten bank robberies and nearly a score of other thefts were reported. About provincial police ,vere rushed to the : city to aid 1 about 200 senior police, officers 1 permitted bylaw 'to stfike'.'seek a $l,300-a.-year Jihcrease'in salaries, now 'averaging ".$7',300 a year. They rejected .an arbitration board's ·.recommendation-of a $1,100 hike. · The firemen have rejected, an arbitration award of a $1,050 annual raise, which-would'bring their pay to $9,000. '. They seek who stayed at 'their.i posts; A ! [.j s ]j| er skeleton force of firemen :also' vea i ' Two non-injury accidents werejremained on duty. Several Hun- reported on Greeley streets Tuesday. The time of The chief argument of both is that they make less than police and firemen in Toronto, 'and the police say their job is much in crime-ridden Mont- contend that brfdk and killed during a battle Tuesday night .between taxi drivers and employes of a limousine service at a West Side garage. The cab. drivers, protesting the limousine company's exclusive license · to carry airpori passengers, drove more than JOO'-.taxis to the garage and a scuffle broke out when company guards tried to hold them off. ,'iA- rock-throwing '·' battle then developed. Fires were set, buses were : overturned, and a snipei fired from- a darkened upstairs window, killing Dumas and in- juring'four'others. Several hundred youths went on a rampage along Montreal's main shopping streets during the evening, smashing windows and looting them. Every display window along one street was jroken. ·Squad cars ; raced along the streets in the rain, sirens screaming, but the mob began .0 disperse on its own and no ar- ·ests were reported. Hospital Dismissals Dismissed from Weld County General Hospital on Tuesday, October 1: Steve Benavides, 315 13th St.; Cynthia Acton, 2508 50lh Ave.; Bloy Martinez, K G Trailer Ct.; Robert Marquez, Rt. 2; Byran Frihauf,' Wiggins; Lydia Bigler, Bonell Retirement Community; ,'Jacob Reisig, 1629 Montview Rd.; Heiiry Adams, Weld County Nursing Home; Lee Huffman, Kersey; Mrs. Lida Early, 1523 9lh St.; Kenneth McKinney, Wray; Mrs. Mike Martinez, Aull; Mrs. Laura Rowe, 1230 7th St.; Mrs. ;iaude McConnell, 1950 Montview Dr.; Mrs. Calvin Earnhart and daughter, 1217 30th Ave.; Mrs. Jasus Flores, and twin sons, Rt. 1; Mrs. Lawrence Berg, 1953 26th Ave.; Mrs. .Wiliam Good, 2715 14th St.; Mrs. Cletus Conlin, 2406 15th Ave. Sidney Wilke, -1902 Mrs. Wiflie Archi- Jt.;- Mrs. 26th St.; Pierce; Mrs. Harry and lure we -can:cope 1 move'along.!'. ' Kennedy-reminded 'with Hie Humane "Society Plans .Meeting The Humane Society of Weld County will hold a n^c'eling at II i|in. -Thursday at .Hie hbine of Mr?. 1 "Fred' Vjckroy,' 2514 15lh /\vo."jh Grdo'ley. 'All' formeri, members are'urged to allenrl.' Wrth ; Officers LARSON 1 \vitili to ( h u n k my. rnlnti.voK, friends . mid neighbor); for. nirrlK and fUnvorB'fient. to im \Vhllo in Weld County CUmem! llofpHiil n n d SI. .loijeiin's llqa- - l.iti.l in Denver. Alsn a. Rin}otiil Hinnkfi toU'r. Sinilh and lio'v. Mowers, and friends I h if I Immglil In .food nl'lcr 1 Rot. liouio.from 't.ho liofipilnl. Lnrrnn CORN\VELL ]n luvtiiK memory.of, our dntir KM nnd brother. Charles liny, who \vus taken from' IIH so Hiiddenly 15 years am). It brulvG onr he.irts to lose h i m But he did not. go alone Knr imrl of ns went, with him The day God tool; h i m ' h o m e . Onr f a m i l y circle is lirokon, A link is KOIIC from onr c h a i n Hut rhuugli we're p u r l e d for a w h l l o We know -\yc w i l l jneet ai;ain. .So ^ad!y m.Hsi'd l.y Mother. ·}.'sister* and families · . ' . ' Radio Stolen . , Tom ; Credo, '1539 'Kllh Ave., told police Tuesday a transistor ·radio was stotcn.irom his apartment. ' ' ' ' , · .Prowling'Reported Police received a report early Wednesday; morning of a man j prowling- about'cars in Ihe pnrk- ini; lul ill,Turner |lnll..I)esidi i i! of the'dormitory contacted Ihe i .man before police a r r i v e d . a n d J i b e m a n ' l e f t ' H i e " area. Police ·|found where a n - ' a t t e m p t had ! j been marie to remove a t a p e ' deck from a car parked on llie Banner Missing ' John Werlz. manager of Donald's' Drive - I n ; -.24-10 5th £ Ave...told police Tuesday a banner WHS' stolen from in front of , ! the drive in. · jj; I . A u l o Damaged jfi i About ;i:17 a.m. -Wednesday | j police .received another report p .from Turner Hall that a . r e d ' ; Volkswagen had,driven into the ; parking lot, stopper! beside an-i other ear. Some noises were i heard and then the Volkswagen ft. It w;js later fniiml'lhat'lhc j ! outside; mirror,'ant'chiiii and H-; i cohse · plate · were- damagcrl: i A publisher's representative will he in Greeley in November. He will be ' inte.-viming local nulhors in n quest for finished mnnuccripts suitnble for,hook publication by Carlton Press, Inc., well-Unowo New York, publishing firm. All subjects will be considered including' fiction and non-fiction, poetry, di-^mn, religion, philosophy, etc. If you have completed n book-length manuscript (or nearly so) on any subject, and would like a professions appraisal (without cost or obligation), pltase write immediately describing your work and stating which part of the day (a.m. or p.m.) you would prefer for an appointment. You will promptly receive a confirmation for a definite time and place. Authors witli completed manuscripts, unable to appear may send them directly to the representative (address below) for a free reading and evaluation, rje w '" also be glad to hear from those whose literary works arc still in progress. Please address: A L A N F. P A T E R Editorial Representative 105 .South Reverly Drive Beverly Hills, California 00212 Tel.: (213) ?71-5558 troops were:-\flown Mayor Jean Drapeau's adminis- into the area but did 1 not .enter involved in glamor eh as" Expo G7 CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) - nicies, driver and damages in- and the cny's National League 3r. Samuel H. Sheppard's Ger Emergency Meet Mrs. Wally Sare, Fort Collins. The Quebec provincial legisla- team--and neglecting man-born second wife, who says At 12:47 p.m. Tues., Bill Street lure met in emergency session I its employes and poverty-strick- he spent a fortune helping to LONDON--Currency counter- anil U.S. 85 by-pss, a 1969 se- latc Tuesday night and ordered!en areas. clear him of a murder convic- Kcnncdy, his remarks indicated eiters are active in Aylesbury. he administration believes the Grover, ?350, and 12:01 a.m. today. Union leaders LONDON -- Dunkirk mail for ngland was 29 years enroute. per cent figure will demanded that their'men'obey provincial police was shot in thelneglect. the order, and the police, and At 10th Avenue and Cranford fire departments were reported fully manned and operating nor- Stanley Harold Solnick, Denver, Members of the 3,700-man po- nation of economic history than known, no damage; and a 19G6 CROSS STUDBO AND CAMERAS 814' IGlh St. 353-6617 lice force began quitting .'Weir prediction of the administra- posts at 8 a.m. Tuesday.,.They 1117 12th Ave., $200. 89c Value Phillips |- a 00 Tablets Keg. 79c Super Stainless' Animal Shaped 60 Tablets Reg. 2.29 J2 Flash Pack oJ 3 Cubes 1.07 Value 1-lb. 2-oz. G9c Testrite Thermos Holiday Beauty Shoppe 5 m - , . , . . . . . We Fill CEA Prescriptions 1012 llth St., Greeley

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