Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 13, 1970 · Page 26
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 26

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1970
Page 26
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Pare 26 GREELEY TRIBUNE Wed., May 13, 1970 Wed., May 13, 1970 GRERLEY TRIBUNE Pajr« 27 DISCOUNT PRICES DISCOUNT PRICES Manor House Brand. Oscar Mayer. Ltan and meaty, 100% pure Potk small links. No water added io dilute its outstanding flavor or to fry away during cooking. Any amount. Veal, beef added, chopped, shaped and stuffed with dressing., A very high quality it*m, any amount. FULLY COOKED More Discount Prices Libby Beef Stew 24 ~63c Libby Chicken Stew M £83p Libby Potted Meat '£ 15c Spaghetti 27 :; n 25c Fr*ncc-Am«ricin. Toast 'Em Pop-Ups " pk ":43c Animali, froited. m Carnation Slender ".ft 67c Assorted flavors. Discount Cleaning Aids Bleach SS. *£ 26c Comet Cleanser 4^r47c Bathroom. Spic Span 'X 93c Mr. Clean Liquid "£ 67c Liquid cl**n*r. Top Job Cleaner 2 7-67c Uquid. with immonlfl* Lux Soap 4^ 9bar 5lc Asiort*d colon. Get en* bar fre« with the pur- ehaM of 3 bars. Phase III Soap tr 27c DooJorint soip, pink or qu. Dove Soap 2 com ± lon 23c Pink or white, price Includes "5c off" on libel. Lifebuoy Soap 2 bb ^33c Cor*l, pin* ic«nt»d or whIU, price includes "7e off" on the Ubtl. Liqofd Plnmbr f Z, 79c Discount Priced Savings ChiHon Liquid D .f.r 5 . n ». ^ 44c Fantaslik Spray 17 -75c Household cleaner, (22-ox. is a Spray). Snowy Bleach Sold s..,. " Toma Poly Pops Sucker , "£.390 Butterminfs v ., M i v.nin. Handicap JwisU 6 , or 49c Daitftk. . ,Layer Cake ,, 79o Meats At Discount Prices Discount Meat Buys Discount Priced Beef Beef Discount Priced Birds'" 1 '99° « Picnics 53° Steaks 89 C e Steaks Arac.. Turkey patties stuffed with dressing. A very high quality Hem. Any amount. Mushroom Soup 10% ~ I6c Town House. Fryer Quarters ±?* .b.45c Freih, Grad« "A. All Beef Sausage , b 39c Made of USDA Choice Grade Beef. Mildly seasoned. Servo boof tausaga and eggs now. Sliced, cooked. Blue Bird brand. Pri-iliced and tied whole. Ready sliced to fry or hcaf through tn oven, o to 8 pounds av*ragi size. Young Beef Kidneys lb . 29c Federally Inspected. Whole Kidnayi, any amount. Beef Short Ribs lb. 55c Genuine Short Rrbs. Wei! defatted to Braije or BBQ. Snrvo Short Ribs today. Chuck Waa.M, fresh, bon.l.n. Eicellent to BBp or Chicken Fry. BEST of the USDA Choice Grade Beef only. Safeway style trimmed. Beef Rib Lifter lb T Boneless to Braise or BBQ. Rib Eye Steaks , b '2" Boneless 8e«f, "Only fh» BEST," Prepared from the Standing Rib only. BEST of tU USDA Choice Grade Beef only. Cut from the Standing Rib only! No long rtfct. China bon* «nd feather bonei ramovtd. BEST frf the USDA Choice Grade Beef only. English Cut Roast lk . 96o Beaf, no extra fat rolled on those. Boneltti, rolUd and tied. BEST of the USDA Choice Gr«d» Be«4 only. Excellent for tho "Rotisscrio." Round Bone Guts )b . 92o Beof, excellent (or Swill Stealc!. BBQ or Ro«lt, j DISCOUNT PRICES DISCOUNT PRICES Dishwasher Detergent. Cottage Cheese 12C ". 28c a Crisp ** Irwfed Fllh Crisps. Captain's Choica Brand. Golden fried, pre-cooked, h»at and serve. 8 Fish Crisps to · V, -Ib. pkg. Boneless Beef Roast ,,,. 89c Center 7-bone cutj. Boned and tied for easy slicing. No «xtra fat rolled on these. Excellent for the "Rotisserie." O.IAMI -«· 51.32 4-01. lOlv Salami P k 9 . i P k 9 . '« Italian. Verdi, sliced. A linqy taste for that perfect sandwich. '/4-lb. pkg. Oscar Mayer Smokle Links, small sire. Just heat and serve. Very high quality smoked sausage. Fresh Fryers it, 29c Wholo, USDA Inspected for wholosomencss and Grade "A" for quality. Gut-Up Fryers ,,, 37c USDA and Grade "A". Fryer Quarters^'" .b.49c Fresh, Grade "A". Lucerne, Large or small curd, Gardon Salad, Strawberry, with chives, pineapple, dry-curd lossomtime, homogenized. Low Fat Milk rl *i£30e Lucerno, Two-Ten. -fc _ Buttermilk v '1,° n ':51c «:27c Whipping Cream ueJ!ct.42c Whipping Blend Lucorno . v '£ .29c Nil-Made Salad Oil «£87e Nu-Made Salad Oil ^2" Biscuit Mix 40P £.39c Mrs. WriqM's. Jiffy Biscuit Mix 4( £.37e H Pizza Mix m ' JP £ 39c ^ |7 ' J Appian Way, with lauce. Oragmont Cola 8 ",r 59c Plus deposit, servo chilled. Your USDA Food Stamps go further in a SAVEMOBILE at Safeway--where you get the Discount Price every day. v Tomato Soup Campbell. Town House. Strawberries Bath Towels .99' Slightly I r r e g u l a r , i n o r t t d c o l e u , j a c q u i r d p r i n t l , fancy prints or woven border*. 17-1*1, $ri ilti ·* Snow S t a r , '/a .gal. ais'td flavon crn. Baby Food [ t i n i, D r a i n e d 4 4% M irietiei, f r u i t i , I IIQ e c e t a b I c i or , fl I I uiees. lOf · V Meals ';;25c "Discount Breads and Cakes "·"*· I fie IOC teof Ovenjoy Bread White, enriched, slicod. Super Soft Bread 5 £ Mrs. Wright's. ja Dvpaif Western 20-oz. Skylark, sliced. jS Potato Bread "£ " Skylark. £ Italian Bread ";% Q Cinnamon Rolls 10P ^ 35c Mrs. Wriqht's. © rinniilc Mn - ^ 10 '"' s l Jp UOnUIS Wright's. « pkgs. I Sugar or plain, package of 12. Coffee Cake Ring "*£:59c Mrs. Wright's. Lattice Top Pastry 9P t;35c Lemon-Raisin, Mn. Wright's. Turnovers 4 vi.«. I3c Mrs. Wright's, assorted fruit filled. Discount Del Monte Foods m Sweet Peas III 20c ^^ Del Monto, Early Garden. ft Golden Cora 3c "20e Do! Monte, Whole Kernel or Cream stylo. 0 Cut Green Beans 3C " 22c Del Monte Spinach 3c °. 3n 20c Sweet Pickle Chips 12 ;,; 42c Sweet Pickle Relish 12 ;,; 35c Dey Monte. Dill Pickle Halves 22 ;,'43c Del Monto, or Kosher Halves. ©Del Monte Pears f on 29c ^^ Halves or slicoi. Del Monte Pears N ;,,,, 44c Sliced Pineapple jr. I9c or Crushed, Del Montv. ® Del Monte Drink "- 29o ^^ Pineappls-Grapefruit or Pink Grapefruit. Prune Juice 40 £59c "£ ^ S and W Coffee ' ^^ Regular or Percolator. ® S and W Coffee 2 ^^ Regular or percp'/itor. jfteck These Discount Prices Marshmallow Pies MP \". 35c Busy Baker, reg., banana, cherry or dcvil'i food. Melrose Cookies " p £ 27c Coconut, Sugar, Lemon, or Ooatmeal-Pecan. Q Mother's Cookies p!9 .49c ^^ ChocoUto Chip Angel, Stripo-Shoribrtad, or Whito Anqcl. Jell-well Pudding pkg . lOc BuHerscotch, Chocolate, Vanilla or Banana. SaranWrap 1001II ,S;57e Sandwich Bags To(em . jftsSIc Leaf Lawn Bags \" Bos-Pak, with holder. Book Matches jftd I5c Safeway. Diamond Toothpicks ^ I0c Color Fast. More Discount Prices Lipton Soup Mix ^ 2 33c Chicken Noodle. Green Pea Soup Mix ^ 33c Onion Soup Mix fa \\ 35c Pudding Cake Mix " p :Mlc Betty Crocker. Party Pride Pretzels 10P \": 35c Red, Stick, Twill, or Rinf. 3,2 Beer SZ. B'tS'l-" Drscount Household Aids Availibls in all Colorado Safeway Storm which ara licensed to tell b«tr. 3,2 Beer X 6"*89c AvailabU In all aro liconsed to se Beer Huts AvailabU In all Colorado S«f«w«y Stores which aro liconsed to sell be or. Chore Girl Pads Chore Knobs Golden Fleece Percolator Brush Tampico. Bowl Brush Tampico, Nylon Bowl Brush Tampico. Vegetable Brush Tampico, nylon. Vegetable Brush Tampico. Pastry Brush Tampico. "Jn 270 *, I3o "Jn 25C «.36o 7lo 53« Cragmont, · flavors, 32-ci. plut deposit, qls. \ McCormick. pkg. Nuts Pkg .39c McCormick, Pecan pieces (2 ! /i-oz. ptg.) or Walnut pieces (3-oi. pkg.). Lunch Box, cylinder 19-oi. pack. pkq. Get fresh Produce at Discount Prices at Safeway © Washington State, Red Delicious, ·firm, If snappy and crisp. 111! Watermelon Peacock, deap red, full of sweetness. Ib. Juice Oranges Full of juice. Seedless Raisins Town House, wo packed our best. Orange Juice Sealed Sweet, pure. Orange Juice Florida, Indian River. Fresh Pineapple Hawaiian, ready tp eat. 81 B 79* California Avocados ea 29* Smooth and creamy, ready to eat. 21 67* Bar-None Salads All vegetable varieties. Fresh Radishes Packed Fresh to preserve freshness. £ 77' Red Leaf Lettuce Add color and flavor to any salad. 59* Instant Potatoes Idahoan, packed fr«th. 6-or. 19^ ·a. a 43 f Discount Garden'Buys Rose Bushes » 99c Climbiri or buih, guaranteed to S'ow. Evergreens '!'.'«87c Contiinet grown, spreader variHifi. Spreader Evergreens 5 ',V« S 4" All viiielid, container grcvm. Upright Evergreens '7ii S 4" All varietiei, coniainer grown. Safegreen Fertilizer 401, 5 2" Contain! 20-10-5 plui iron. Covfrs 5,000 so. fl. Safeway Rubber Hose » V 9 Nyion relnlorttd, 50' x 5/S". M w i i I6-I- S7-9B Pax Total *» ' Weed killer plus feed, the complete, lawn care. Sunbeam Sprinkler ^ S 5" Hand Tools «. 57c Woodilream brand, hoes, forks, Iroweli. «·* · H M liquid $Q.9I Weed-B-Gon ,..-i ' Dandrlion and weed tiller. Dandelion Weed Spray ».». 2 G[»n l,ohl. Kotex Napkins .fli s l- is F.mlnin. napkins, super or regular. BalmArgentaLolion ' 9 °,I 69c Hind [otion. · I S I 18 Stri-DexPads Jn I Medicated, for acne. Rinse Away Shampoo *% 6Sc Dandruff Control. ft-f Rinse Away Rinse *£87c For Dandruff Control. _ _ Shave Cream n «n99c Command, Tahitiin Lime. . After Shave Lotion %t s l 29 Command, Tahitian Lima. - Jifoam Cleaner Si ' Oven Cleaner. _ n Wizard Deodorizer '^ASc Room Daodoriier and air freshener, all scents. Dry Dog Food P o 0 ch. ^V^ 1 ' ^Groceries Discount Prlted Dill Pickles 48 ^73c Zippy, Whole Dills. Kosher Dills, Kosher Fresh Pack Dills, or Dill Chips. Zippy Pickles a t:47c Dill Chips, or Fresh Pack Kosher Dills. "S35C Discount priced Foods: ,05 Sweet Relish Zippy. Dili Pickle Chips '%V,35c Sweet Pickle Chips u g°:44c £ Zippy Relish u '^:. 29c H.imburqar or Hot Dog. Dal Monte Tuna N °con3lc Derby TamaSes 13V2g " 37c Uncle Ben's Rice ^ 75c Long Grain and Wild Rice. Canterbury Tea %" 99c Instant, 100% pure tea. BsedTeaMSx "£55c With lomon and suqer, Canterbury. Vegetarian Beans "^ I3c In molasses, Libby. Apricot Halves N - z ^4lc Town House. Unpeoled halves. Anricot Nectar T » W n H.u,t!;« 43s ©Pineapple No l«27c Dol Monto. Sliced, Crushed or Chunk. Ellis Hot Chile N ° 3 °° n 35c With Beans or Regular with Beans. Pork and Beans "·£ I7c Heinz, vegetarian. Pillsbury Biscuits "VJ Hungry Jack, jwnotrmlk or buttermilk. @ Biscuits P , llsbury . 2, ^Nl* Sweetmilk or buttermilk. Swiss Cheese lb M Safeway, chunk, 12-oz. pkg. Ulild Cheddar Cheese lb . 8Sc Safeway, nautral, 12-oz. plg. Mild Club Cheese 12P " 89c Sharp Club Cheese I b s 9 ° s Safeway, natural, 12-oz. pkg. Smokey Cheddar , b s S" S a f e w a y , sharp chocso. 12-02. pkg. Kuminost Cheese lb 97c Safeway, chunk, 12-or. pkg. © Blue Bonnet pkg. ^^ Marqarlno, prlca includes "2c off" on Libel. Soft Blue Bonnet ;t^ Margarine. Reddi-Wip Topping 7 , n : 47c Discount Food Buys Medium "AA" Eggs d « 44c Cream of tho Crop. Large "AA" Eggs d *50c Cream of the Crop. Extra Large Eggs do , 52c Cream of the Crop, Grado "AA", 0 Margarine Un. 36c Fleiichmann's, Corn Oil. 0 Soft Margarine U b , Fleischmann's. Pizza Dough "IS Pillsbury Refriqeralod. Cheese Spreads sq ".39c Kraft, all variefios. Kraft Cheese £3r 'VS. 67c Colby Cheese. Mozzareila Cheese ^ 99c Kraft, sliced. More Discount Prices Frozen Foods at Discount Prices Oratsge Juice , Mih i, c ,,. fro J.Mn 31 c Grapefruit Juice ';Vn21c Bc!-air, swcptcncd, frozen. Lemonade V 7 , 1 9 c ' 10c Scf'.l T r r a t . t Frozen Tarts 5 '; k ": 25c Pcpperidgo Farm, Apple, Lemon or BlucOeiry. Frozen Chicken ,k gb M" and Dumplings, Tom TliuT.b. Sliced Green Beans I;": 29c Rpl-itif frozen in hulltr saute. Bel-air Broccoli Spears 10 ;,': 38c Brussels Sprouts BH-flir, froren in cheese sauct. Golden Corn Bel-air, Iroitn in bulttr nun. PV": 35c SAFEWAY We reserve the right to limit quantities. Non« sold to dealers. Prices in this ad good through Tuesday, May 19, 1970, in G r e c I e y, Colo. © Copyright 1960, Safeway Stores, Inc. Mixed Vegetables "S29C Eel-air, frozen in Duller sauce. Tender Young Peas 'X': 29c Bci-dif, froien in butler siiL.ce. Frozen Spinach "£ 29c Bel-air, in cream sauce. later Treats »,.,·,,. *,,«,,. 2 pk ,. 45c Shoestring Potatoes "": 33c Baby Lima Beans I0 ,«": 25c Bri-J.r. Iroifn. Broccoli Spears E.I-^, tr.» r P v": 2/c Whole Baby Okra 'V;: 27c PC! jir, fro'cn. Cinnamon Loaf " P , (9 i56c B'pad, Downv Flale. Rosarita Dinners ,",. 47c Frojpr, M»ir«n Combination Pllle, 8((l-Enc)iildj OionN "Rosarita Beef Tacos ",:;: 47c Rosarita Red Burritos 7 "Vv": 47c Cocktail Tacos , 0 aJTtS 37c Brocade Plates ^ 88c Whito paper, 9" size. Paper Plates J Brocado, auorted colon, 9" aim. Brocade Plates . p A 9 .37e White, paper, 7" siio. Si, Regis Plates /A q o33c Hamburger and snack plates, 6" site. Chinet Divided Tray ^49c Square shaped, 9" siio. · Bondware Hot Gups !ti 59c Bondware Cold Gups :» k , q , 59c Blue Wreath. Coffee "a95c *£*[·" Edwards preaze Dried. Coffee 2 ., b , 5 l 33 ,. lb .67o Safeway, all purpose grind. Whole Plums N ° 2 ^34o Town Houso. Unpeeled. Discount Canned Foods Gut Green Beans 3 ,° 3 J4c Whole Kernel Corn 3e °' I8c Whole Kernel Corn ";?,, I9o Highway, vacuum packed, Highway Tomatoes ""190 Gardenside Peas TM I4c Pork and Beans No ; on 25c Hiqhway. Eiberta Peaches No2c ^ Gardenside, mixod pioc«i. KUNER'S No. 10 Cans CHILI BEANS Gallon Can 79c PINTO BEANS Gallon *TQ(t Can RED KIDNEY BEANS Gallon OO* Can O96

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