Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 8, 1969 · Page 29
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 29

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1969
Page 29
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Pag* -'JO GRBKLEY TKIBUNE OPDYKE AGENCY Wccl., Oct. 8, 19G9 Rnol Estate 48 Hank K n l t o JM3 I'hone 3li2-t»747 WHEELER FAKM In i h n hoarl. of (ho Oilcrost pot n In country. 4 irrigation wells. 39 sluiros of Farmers IndQpGiulonl. witter. Excellent production history. This funn IIIIR had .1 n w n n r for 50 ynars. Kxoollonl I onus availahle fo (nullified buyer. 1370 possession. ?l,Sf,i)OO.UI). V K C K H A M 1,0 SIOCTJON mill* Kast. of Pechlunn. 2 suls nf iiiorlnrti hn- s, IIIITO ford Inl. irrlpUnd by 4 i r r f g n t i u n wells ' Ktal E»t«t« STAN WILLIAM REALTY IJI70 possession i i v n i l i i h l o -- o w n u r piped carry. HUDSON V A L L E Y IMl nrrpf! vrry jmidiiol IVP H H i u I y loam soil. 4 J r r i K f t H n i i lls. KxreihMii loralion for i i o i o n l i i t ] ncr( j n^« development. from Di'iivrr. Ilt'iisomihlo terms a v n i l a b l p lo ( p i a l i r i o d linyi'i*. lohii l\ W n t M H i , :i:,;Mi:w Iti-x T i m o t b y . Tlins. S. O p d y k e , 35:.M)(.t2 \\'i\ J i a v Creelev i n e : I t p i l Kosher Lnl« n n « n --27N jutnjs. A v e r y t - o l n r f u l r;i rich w i l h l i m b e r . Over Vi m i l e of sln'inu :HK] m n n y springs. o n l y ii m i l e s f n n i i Ued Ken ( h e r and n p p r n x i - m a i n l y -Hi m i l e s from ! (1 l, (!olIhiK. Vj mile, f r o n t n u n nil m a i n road. F u t u r e d e v o l o p - m r n t p o l n n l i n l in u n l i m i t e d . ICxciellenl. own. f r f i n i i n u i i f ; t m i i l i i h l c . INVESTMENT PROPERTIES of t h e s e properf ies mini- f i n e s e l e c l l o i i Windsor. f l t l ncii'es l o p n t t M l nn I l f . t l i A v e n u e n n d I f i l h H l r u K l -- n i l n M l i l l f s n v f i l l n l i l n . f i d H f - r e s - ' - m n r e o r less - ' - j m i l e from W i n d s o r H l y l i m i t s . K r o n l a n e o n H f j i h w n y 3ii^. Ml iicreK--loss l i m n I m l l f r o m Now K l k a O l n h I m l l d i i i K . H e i n e offorod w i t h n n n b n n d n n c Q of \ v n l e t - . 30 acres Knsl. of ( I r u e l o y on A v e n n n ac.rosn f r n m l l i » I m l t i s ' l r t . ' i l I ' j i r k . ("nil us n n tln-se o r n U i e r p r o p n r t i c n nf I l i l s f y p n . TRACTS ·1 n e r e s - - K a l o n school d i s t r i c t - :i Imdroom h o m e , ( J r m l n " A " d n i r y , b a n i , r o r r n l s . p l u s s u p p o r t i n g b u i l d - hifis. Located on p n v r ' d ri:id. 211 a c r e s -- K a s l nf (ireeley. .Modern I h n s e bedroom homo n n d H i i p p o r l l n f * b u i l d i n g s . I r r t a i i l l u i i W e l l . A l l p r e s e n t l y i n p a s t u r e n n d a l f u l f i l . WHEELER REALTY COMPANY Kami and Ranch Doparl.ment 353-03-IG J331 Stli Avuiuie Gm'.lc.v, Colorado Tom f'ollins Lmiter KHilagi.'l l''red Fnlln Grecloy Kiirl MOI-RIIII AVInilsor sr-3-.wii SOT-TSBS iisn-asso , . - . . : _ , 1. GILBAUGH AGENCY REALTORS Phone 352-7037 914 8th Avenue MULTII'LIO LISTING SMHVinii! MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY You can c c r l a i n l y m n k e n lot of greenbacks from t i l l s thri'ii floor n p n r l u i p n t bouse. ir s always f u l l bill (linn that Is nnderstnndnblo when you consider Us excellent location ( d i r e c l l y across I h c slrecl from Hie college campus), l l n s sevun nulls' Hull are all furnished and c o n t a i n lilu-hons. IK YOU'RE L O O K I N G KOU SPACE WE'VE GOT THE PLACE and we m r a n lois of space. This h o m e offers Iwo floors w i t h ton bedrooms, t w n f u l l lialbs, l i v i n g room, d i n i n g room and kitclien w i l h nook anil biiilt-ins. The m a i n floor has been remodeled. liccreallon room anil finished basemen!. Two car heated garage. If yon don'l need I h i s m a n y rooms you will h a v e no t r o u b l e railing Ihem a n i l making some money. ' TWO AND SEVEN TENTHS ACRES of renl b e a u l i f u l l i v i n g . A very modern home w i l b (wo bedrooms full balb. lovely living mom to n n l o r t a i i i guesls in. d i n i n g room large k i t c h e n , u t i l i t y room, basement. Extrcmi'ly well landscaped. Largo m e t a l storage building which could eight car garage. W h a l n lovoly piece of land. 210 nth Ave. M u l t i p l e IJ 353-JS2 Servico TOUR I'LKX Near d o w n t o w n . lOach nnil hai l i v i n g room, hoilrooni, Kitchei nnd luilli. t'inod condlllon. Nevoi n varancy. Woll wiirlli (ho $18, SOU.mi price. A SPECIAL PuACIC Yes. I l l i K In M special plncfi for : mall r j i n i i l y or n retired couple l'rli:ud only $13.7fifl a n d yoi won't helievo how turn It In tin I I I you sue i t . 2 bedrooms, l i v i n g doni. luleheii w i t h d i n i n g space nil n l i l i l y room. I0::cellent car pellnc. paneled walls in bed ·ooni, b;ith and utility room K i f r h i M i cabinets ;inllf|ued Fenced yiml mill Knrago. Tnke a oolt now. A N O T H E R SPECIAL 2 bedrnom Iinnie w i t h exc.-ellonf. :;t and drnpns. M a n y . m;in y.\lnis. Pull hiiKuinunl. w i l h w x t r n Hi, re.c. room, u l i l i t y and bod- ·oom. (Juvuriid patio, fenced rd jiml KiiniKi!. N.'K a hoiiov. ilS.(K)l). $1 1,000 I n r d lo rind n nice $11.1)00 h o m o hene days but wo I h f n k yon will i k e one of Ihese. One is on t h e ;ist side, IUIH hot w n l u r hent.. lit.semen t w i l b extra bedroom ml has been completely ru- lodeled -- very attradivc;. The the." $11,00(1 home is an altrac- ive :t bedroom In a numl loca- ,on. Has nn uLU'iict.ive. paneled it.i-.ben, u t i l i t y room and Inr^e room. Well w o r t h the loney. KA.HMS HO neroK i n aren. lunl.y of wnter. Cement tiilches. r u d e A Dairy. Good home. Lei l«r*t« 41 TIME REALTY £it«t« 4» I-'OK SALB _ Choice U efctlon mllc*i mirtheaflt Gr«k-y. Pumps. ·J.OiiO K«l. 1XT mln. No. 2 wntpr. tillgh pri)dui!tliti Innd. 2 muilcrn lioinm. :K--ai\. K()li SAMTVr rrnt -- r, Imlniunn, 3 liallil. fully mriwtnl. Uarnw, liui ;i linru nnil inutiirr. West c.f Aiuvrin,,! Lviciini. Cull Krank llcynuM.. uwnvr Hi TrianKl* Jtvnlty. 3t^.Sfi06. 923 .16th St. 352-883 ·ft Multiple · LISTING SERVICE 8 UNIT APARTMENT BUILDING fixlrn largo apartment little ovo 1 .vein- old. 94(1 sq. feel. In tau mil. Fully carpeted, 2 bathi Ke, refrigerator, disuosa liiR Klass duui-B t.n polio. TJi isiinl iiiTitnKonuml allows inln H u m nminteiiHiiue. Large (i. on» may lie assiimud. K\m\ in. r e t u r n and a l w a y s f u l l . NEW 3 BEDROOM-2- ACRE RANCHETTE WEST Jntler construction and read 1 uon. All eliid.ria k i l u h o n . fill ascnient. alacliud 2 car gn :i«e. f u l l y curpcleil. Kirejilace 1! brick, covnred patio and ; i i a r v e l o n s local.ioil \\ miles WRS f lOlltK mi 34 byjinss. Hus t i-liool from front door. n show you t good producer. I ncros ensl. of Greeley. Kxenl- nt. home. Plenty of water. Cor- ilfi. On paved road a r o imvplnee. TRACTS tulips WcKl. or (Irooloy. 2 bnd- iiiin homo with InvKii kllchon id jil.tjiohod ganiKO. Watur mid is. 1.7 luinm with n whitii pole ncc. f I Mill). t n l l n s \\'GK| or tlrcpley, S ^ood linos oil 5 acres. WR cnn sell oin In H pncluine or separately, onio In nnd let us t e l l you nnil I I . \V or (Ircolti.v. S auros. Hums, n t i l s , olc. 2 liodroom homo. INVESTMENTS ill feel, or I l i w a y Fronlage on I w a y No. 34 West oP Oreeley. ol.til of 10 ncroH. An excellent lo for many IISOR. I'jvnuings and Sunday--Call lolph Lesser 3!i2-fi09l t i v n Hnrnhiirdt I Ki'hind ,1 l l o f f ic lli'id S t u n W i l l l n m s 3B2-743I1 353-0503 353-437-1 352-2950 353-1-10-1 150 ACRES-ADJOINS KODAK smilli of Windsor on Johns own Hy. Rxcellent potential ii ed hot area. Sell all, part, trad r long term f i n a n c e . ACRES, 4 BEDROOMS --WEST "1st Ave., Ijoaiitiful hricit nd friime W/W carpelillpr, 1% llhs. rllHhwnslier, disposjil iind erontin completely fenced. Im lediiitfi possession. WEST EVANS--$7,960 liree bedroom modern borne, w n e r will t r a d e for trailer )H«e. 10 ACRES--EAST 16TII Excellent. nubirriRateil pasturn. Fenced, wood rin;Niciiig and city wilier. .fll.OIIO. Build your own or let us. Clyde L. llnvis Robert H u f f m a n Oil Unnley 362-72IIS 353-4925 352-C22S FARMERS If You Need A fine place to live, a good used cat' or truck, a tractor, a TV service man, a job. READ TODAY'S CLASSIFIED PAGE also be an M A N Y GliMS I N THIS T R K A S U K K C-1IKRT In t h i s Iri-asiire cln-sl of 1SIIO si,, f t . your cyos w i l l hi.hold n Sloaminc i n l n r i o r nf i h r c p lovoly lipdrooms' "i, l m l h l i v i i m room iind n slillcrin.: f l n p P lo w a r m I he f n i n i l y . Also k i l c h e n r w r c a l l n n rnoin. n l i l i l y room, liinscnipnl. N'ol lo m e n l i o n "··' two car a t i n r h P d ? n r a K i . I'wpli- w i l l In- n i n n ? . i d nt Mii-h a n in: y a r d . I i is v e r y w e l l l a l l d s r i i p n i l . Doll'l h n s l l a l p l o src I h i s pern or a h o i n p . TRIANGLE REALTY Multiple Listing Service !)20 llth Ave. 352-8606 FOR SALK or trmln: Spnrluw ft. mobile linmt.' on 14 ai'rrft in J,ul« Valley. I'rkvil I,, ^cll nr consider trnile Tor proiii'rly in n cni Culiirnili). 3, r .:|.7:|r,». San Reil Estate · 48 JIU5 A MONTH, low, low il.nvTi~iin this HlmtlrflH Z lifliijc-tti lmni« wllli i-rrnrt. (IrulUM. xcDnnilt- utl'lt;- roam, turtle KtruKt. tll.9501 Dick SIX tifxlniuins. .Convert two Inlcr Id iluubli' KHntKi* or honip offit-f. Com- rorlnll^ livl,i« for lai-Kn tnmily. M u l »r-» innidv In npurramtf. Why n-nil (o ouil-l. 2631 W. ISth St. Kd. inforinnlion nnd Real t]tot« F«rm f^ulpment 50 11)11)1 titmvm. 1INOTICEM SPOTLESSLY CLEAN! ! .Three carpeted bedrooms, large cnrpeted l i v i i i K room, kllclien with built-in stove, birch cupboards. SKl'AKATB KAM1LY ROOM JUST OF*' THE KITCHEN, liarnge. Fenced yard. Mndison School COWAN REALTY Don Jones 353-10S8 Hoy G a l l o w a y 352-309S 352-1400 Jim Cowan 352-0107 .J Harold Cowan 353-4357 CARBAUGH REALTY 2225 9th St. 352-562 MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT- If your friends tell you t h e r e are no Kood values on today's market; I b i s f a m i l y borne has quality in material, it's sound in construction and charming in appearance. It's well located and feaf.iims Mil In door f a m i l y room Fireplace Four bedrooms Two baths J'Jyutric kitchen Full basement Large 1 car gurugo I' Short lot. and it's v a c a n t for i m m e d i a t e possession. DON BUEL Real Estate 3n2-finss Suite 1, 1024 N'lnlh Avenue Office 353402-i MADISON Sinnll 2 bedroom home hi oxce leul condition. Quiet stree Close to grade school. MAPLEWOOD I S t f i 14th St. Road. 1300 sq. f on main floor, Includes 2 bed rooms, large living room, nlei trie kitchen with oating spaci and family room. Double garagi Call us for more inCornmtion. 3 BEDROOM BRICK CusLom built on corner lot. years old. All electric kitchei large. dining room, panels room with fireplace Main floor utility. Bedroom, bath rase. in bnseniRnt. ' Double ga AUSTIN AUSTIN 1203 9th Street Ph. 353-0790 ESTATE BUILDER (iross ?2,0.'iO per month on this 16 unit hriclt apartment complex ( s w i m m i n g pool Included) located in. Lakewood, Colo. Good loan to assume payable ?12I9 PTTf. Investisate Ilils building investment. Roger lias the details. "GO EAST YOUNG MAN" Kasl. of Greeley that is; to a 3% :ic. tract, fenliirlnit a modern 3 bdr. home, barn, corrals, sheds. 2 domestic, wells adjacent lo paved lilwny. For only $22,500.00 -- drive bv then call Carl. H2 ACRES oO irrigutiid grass. 10 milea e n s t . of Ijiicerne. Good improvements Cor dairy or stock cattle. Irrigation water right a n d V f interest in it new built lake. Stanley. RESTAURANT AND TAVERN Heady to take over and never change step. Ventures Iliiuor license lo include Sundays, live music on weekends', f u l l y euulpped kitchen, doing a nice business, an excellent opportunity with a good Income. Make an appointment to see Ken. Member of M u l t i p l e Listing Service Chuck Cnmberlin, 352-5355 Ann Austin, 353-3569 Carl Hirscb, 352-2031 Ken 'I3oc' Kckerl, 3B,1-661fi Roger Libsack, 352-0592 Itilla Underwood, 352-7585 Stanley Furrow, 352-9034 K. R. "Kid" Austin, Broker M1LLIKEN Business lots located on .i highway. LA-SALLE Motel and 9 trailer spaces. Ol fice a n d manager's livin, quarters. 'On Highway 85. 5 ACRES Near La' Salie. TTnimproved leveled, beautiful view of. th mountains. Serviced with na tural gas, soft water. DUPLEX Near new. Always rented. 2 bed rooms each'side. Good Inconi on 520,000. Audrey Dutton Nellie Cole Sarah Carhaugh FARMS Albert Rolf .152-0019 284-659352-012' 35J-7008 Mobilt Homes 48-A 1959 U K K A T Lnkefl 1 brtlrnom. KII .condition. 10 by 4G f t . :iR!i.919ri. A L M A '69 2 borfrwim. 12x60 ft. m btlo home. 353-SG:«l: 352-3386. NEW 1970 12 widen, $2.99fi pli fr.ilthl. tlustft Salei, 103i ~E. 18th St. NEW 1970 double widen, 5 bedroom. NlJfiSer Salt«, 1084 · K. IStb. lt SliCn fl niiriitR dinin) i'il. 353.73B9. K H R K M O S T i:li«lom brdroom. 2 bnllis nil utility. To be 12x00 FT., completely fimijubud, i pelcd. likii'tcd, DturaKC nhtxl, n\v con- rlitioncr. In beautiful Belling. Cou- Itk-s only. 362-8035. TRAILER borne -- lllSn Cnlne 10x66 ft., 2 bedroom. .Sum)) ln Daymcnl anil assume loim or nvll olltl-ik-ht. 353-7981. Call nfler 6 |i or weekdays. home -- SuneA, 2 lieilro ah' condiUoncil, fully divided liv- inff room and kitchen, lame vernntin iilylo front porch. Best eorrUKnlcd sled KkirtlUR iiround bnne of trailer. See at Mobile .Manor Trailer I'arli, D-ll, after fi p;m. weckdny.i. nil day Hal. and Sun. I'hone 362-B062. IrrigaMon Systems KEYS AGENCY Phone 352-0070 910 9th Ave. · Multiple Listing Service w Thi liivcl w i t h nn nlliii lied one R U r n r l i v p l i v i n g room. Hire T t i t l ' l l P I l W i l l ! r: $ ( : ! ) $ ? * : ! ( ? ) ! :)(?!ji nsl InilpsiTllinlily ideal. It is ;i very lovely iri- ar Insidi! yon w i l l f i n d nn 'ii'i'oinodaiiiii; hoilrooniE. J U hallis :itenTM w i l l , ..annp s|,i,,-e. d i s h w n s h e r and disposal, nil.l built-in' ·anpe. I n h i y room, rwTralion room nnd larni. feu-ed Inurk.viird. WK (;KO\V TOO SOON OLD AND TOO I.ATK SMART If j'on'r.. loohin.i; for n n i n - home h u t not w a y mil of ,-our p r i e p nn Kf we H a v e K ol one f,,r you. In e^cellen, r o n d i t i o n ' t h i s M i l l side home has t h r e e hedrooms up and Iwo bedrooms d o w n 1.' W I N T K K \ V O N 1 ) K R I , A \ I ) W i t h a low down payment i h i s home will be a real i nnd a wnnilerliuul in I h e w i n t e r \vhon yon sil In fro warm n n n n . - n ,., .!.,, 1 ,, Two bedrooms I f u i n u , , v f u l l h a t h , l l v i s ca rpeiod l i v i n c room, k i i c b e n w i t h of ihis ' " TIM A STRING AROUND YOUR FINGER Dnn'l forget to cnll us nnd let us show yon this lovely 2 lie.d room homn w i t h l i v i n g room, fireplace, kitchen and large fill l i n t l i . Shop h n l l d i n s wilJi office apace. This homo Is a honey!! PUT MONEY IN YOUR POCKET Income property near college -- near downtown. Income from basement n u n r l n i o n l nmlces monthly payment and some to boot .1 bedrooms up w i t h fireplace -- II down nnd it has nil the exlrns ·Mil' 1 SICI) Call H A R R Y lo see Ihls property. ! NEED A HOME RIGHT NOW? HtM'n is a lovely 2 bedroom home, completely redecorated Inside md n u t . Nice size l i v i n g room, kitchen, full bath «nd single at im-lK'd Kimigu. This home is ready for you to move in, INCOME PROPERTY 1 r e n t a l u n i t s located rinse to C.S.C. "Kncih u n i t ia cimipletel :-arpclPd nnd is nqnipppd with nppHflncea Mid f u r n i t u r e . Cootl loan assumption. lnn't wait -- Call Cliff for RU appointment to sec t h i s property riplit now!! RESTAURANT Our of ilio finest in Cireeley, in a prime location, ample parkins irca. smitinir cnpao.ity. All equipment and furnishings are in e v c p l l o n t t-ondition, All this, nnd priced right too!! FARMS FOR SALE !"' A.K. His 'I 1 w-jiter w i l h full ditch right on productive, wel improvr-d (arm. Call Walter .lohnson and let. him show yon how i h i s f a r m can be bought and paid dor, Eaton area. Level IGfl In Aull-I'ierce area. Cement head ditches with wells iind deeded water. Let us show you this productive farm now! We have m a n y good f a r m listings, so call now to ae.e thpso. RESIDENTIAI, COMMERCIAL Fr"ddie Srhmiclpiiknop, 352-1 (500 Hill Harden, 353-6(137 Ilclra JVrry, SM-SflSfi erry" H. Krcanff. 352-6750 Ivan f i i l b a i l R h , 352-1)037 Dale KeHinc, SB2-ir,ns Raleigh N'iehol. ri2-fiMS FARM A N D R A N C H DEPARTMENT Kobiirl P. Schmidt, 353-B7II A d a m liuft, 352-Sin9 T'oug Oalloway. S34-2S93 Herb H n n v e n , SS7-I27S HOMES--BT7SINKSSER CllfCord Cllft '.ynn Young Harry Roller -Inda K. Miller lonna I). King 3S2-4-t1R ?.53-6S7 352-34SO 3B2-7799 362-29SS BROKER Henry F. Mnrkiln 3B3-I349 FAKJIS, TKACTS, ACREAGES Chuck Kelker (boms) JBS-107^ (Mohllo Tel. 353-4B30) Frank Koynolds 852-4357 Hick Kolrnes 352-1024 Waller F. Johnson 454-24S5 FINNACLE PARK Oeo. W. Hoechor SS2-fif97 NOTHING MISSING :i Hn BRICK w i t h extra 13R In t h o basement. Rec. room and storace area in basement. Al.liiched giirage. fenced back yard with a real nieo patio. Choice loan to assume or let's go FHA or G.i. Act Now. TOP HEAVY- WITH VALUE SCHOOL BEfiINK nnd Ihis fine 2 DR in Maplewood is only a couple blocks from school. This delightful home has basement income. Also large. 2 ear, detached garage and fenced yard. Oouii home and priced al. 1955 price. POCKET YOUR MONEY LISTED a beautiful 3 DR home with basement upt near the college. There Is also small rental on rear of lot. Lot of Income pins real comfortable living. This needs your attention. YOU LOVE YOUR WIFE RUT YOU ARE NUTTY OVER HORSES? THIS DAN'llY 2 Btl on % acre will get you hack to country living. Various supporting blngs. plus Ideal spot, tor the livestock. Let's go to the farm. YOU FARM B A R G A I N HUNTERS We have a number of fine farms listed. Excellent producing land, good bldgs. and water. Best, of all there is choice financing available. If you liavn cherished the dream of farm ownership or just n good business investment or get to the country of Weld County, call us for an appointment now. Farm Loans Available. Long term inonny with prime Interest rales and m n n y privileges. USED SELF PROPELLED SPRINKLER SYSTEMS 1--UAINCAT'ISOfl' (130 Acre) UNIT, Updated to wheels, Reconditioned, Painted, Erected o n . site . . .: $11,500.00 1-rt'ALLEY ' 1265' (125 Acre) UNIT, -Delivered to silo $ 11,000.110 IRRIGATION POWER EQUIPMENT, INC. P.O. Box. 72fi ' Ph. 31)2-0488 Greeley, Colorado EVERSMAN »29 wltk .nrlnltoolh »t- lichmcjit. JM-llS?. ?Oir~SA'inr -- Swim f- Ml^eel liCTt topper. S62-6US8. . ' FOR SALK -- UH«! Kew»ii«t «r cum roller mill. C.ll . SB2.4321. TOK SALE-- Model G -Murbw* kf«t . UllllKT. 82B. 362-2286. KOK riALE 19B8 KnWil spreader, 88,11. -IH-'Jf'iM. TOR SALE 2~rcm corn hmd for Glcja- tr "A" combln«. C1! S84-8824, Box 2V. l'e«l». Colo., 80747. SAI.K -- 1SC8 Kolltht SOOHD «der. hytlraulie .niiron drive. SOOHD , hyilrnillic Kpron drive. SBd- FOR 352-8831. 454-2521. FOR SALE -- 2 row Farmhand bttt loooer. J950 or will le«»e for »»» ocr ton. Cnll 353-2ilB5. TRACTOR CABS ?249.95 fits all tractors Western Home Improvement HO N. llth Are. 353-HOS Greeley, Coio. FARMERS WE HAVE Hesslon Beel. Toppers and Beet Diggers. Hfisston Windrower-s 'and Sii|i- plies. Alodel 32A Papec Ensilagn Harvester. Model 32P Papec Ensilage Harvester. 2 Row 3D" Oehl Ensilage Harvester, one year out. New a n d Used Gehl Harvesters, Feed Boxes and TJnlondera. Jravit.y Corn Boxes. \"o. S J.IJ. KnsllagR Harvester and Mower Attachment. fi rt. Rale Stacker with gas engine. .lever Bale Forks. I-M. "Z" Traulor with single front wheel. I-M. "KTA" good condition, w i t h dual rear. H" IHC Tractor with Hydraulic Loader. I-M. Model "R" completely overhauled. JOMP! SEE THE NEW MfiTO A N n THE B900 M-M. TRACTORS OF LATEST DESIGN. lislts, new and used, 'lows, new and used. [ew and used Western T^and Rollers and Mulcher Rollers. Iversmaii Levelers nnd Sc!rapers. ield CulLfviitors. ew and used Farm Wagonfl. tock Water Tanks. 'isconsin Air Cooled Engines, repairs and service. prayer Pumps nnd Nozzles. ood supply of Spray Clieml* cnls. - . ) h.p. Continental Engine. 1)1) Gill. Fuel Tank. WALKER FARM IMPLEMENTS LOCATED AT KELIM PH. LOVELAND B67-3fin5 Uied Con and Truck] 51 CORVETTE 327, t npinl. ew rubber. 31)2-693!). Clm 1»50 C H K V K O L i K T t ilnnr. Nr contlition. A f t e r 4. 3fi3-Uni). 'SB FOItn Ran?. ·HKon, ftOO. 353- Mobile Homes 48-A Mobile Home* ·48-A James Beydler 3S2-8212 Tom Kagohara 352-5012 Sonny Johnson 353-4242 K. F. ((Lefty) Bnrtela 352-3611 MOBILE HOME OWNERS TIME TO PREPARE FOR WINTER CALL US FOR: Furnace Check-Up Cleaning (Filters.) Heat Tapes Insulation. All sizes available. Air Cooler Covers Winterizing. Aluminum Roof Coatinjr. 5 Year Guarantee. J M MOBILE HOME SERVICE SUPPLIES 352-3909 -- 353-2732 NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! PICK YOUR OWN COLORS FOR CARPET, WALLS, FLOORS. Two large hedrooms, largo living room. You'll love the large kitchen-dining room combination with huge picture windows. FULL PRICE $14,7601 COWAN REALTY 352-1400 Don Jones 353-1088 Jim Cowan S62-01S7 Roy Galloway 352-3008 Harold Cowan 36S-43B7 * INTERESTED IN j 4 SAVINGS? I 4 yL * 5r if 1969 SKYLINE ft v yl # LOT MODELS AT REDUCED CLEARANCE yt -^ PRICES $ 12x24 PI. Widths, 44 to 64 -Ft. Lengths XJ* 2 ft 3 Bedroom Selections. ' yl Units Completely Furnished A Rqnlpned Xr* Selection c£ Decor, Furnishing, A vL Floor Plans. · i r All Units Ready For Immediate Delivery. CL YOUR SKYLINE DEALER M K MOBILE HOMES, INC. South Hiway 85, Evans OPEN SUNDAYS 353-5881 Xf-

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