Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 8, 1951 · Page 10
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 10

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 8, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE TEN 'L'AS'CRUCES'IH.-M.) SUN-NEWS Enemy Could Launch Biological War; Civil Defense Warns Against Panic ENEMY'S GETTING WORST ft CHICAGO, M a t c h 24 l/I'i -- One; of Amcrlcit'H top tnedlcnl i r x p M l s j P l n p t y i p nil liioloRlral w a r f a r e . w»m«l. l o - 1 LjlCUI U/ Completes Huge Improvement . (lay Uiat enemy saboteurs could launch n germ attack on I In; United Stttti'S 1 budding iiiobillznUon program with v i i t u o l l y no risk of exposure. While Hom« nmlical aiiUiorlllcn believe blulo«ic a t t n r k nevi-r will br n HPi'lous threat he said "others presumably equally competent hftvr R l a t e d that it Is a g r e a t e r htizinct than the titomlc bomb." DaiiRer nf biloy[c attack bn- f i n e and during n shooting w w«rc UuKcribeil by Dr. Victor H. Haas of Hethesdn. Mil., dlreotoi of public h e a l t h seryice, J-dcrnl ficcuriiy agency. The U. S. Civil Defense A d m t n l - titrntion. while not diswunthiK vlic nowtlbilUlcn of germ warfare, hns ranUnncd the public titininfll panic and a g a i n s t mircumbinff to "inylh.s" about I bin typ.c of a t - tJtcli. H wy«: "Ourm w n r f o t c . , -is a Rpeclnl weapon for use against .ipcrlal '-ar- KCtB. Xo kind nf biological warfare could kill or Hicltcn every portion tn « large uiea or city, talk of nil miner (of toxic material) k i l l i n g i n l l l l r i n n of people is silly." . Dr. Unas, In his own report, Mild thi'ii; were "mitigating i n f l u - e;iiCfi»" t h a t would tend to limit Ihi- effi'cllvcw-KFi of a purponi'ful lit l a c k , jnstt OH there arc forces which lltiili the extent of n a t u r a l ' u u l h i c a U s of dlHrHHO. "Di'fcnjic mcafuireH based upon known principle of ciimit.itinlc.ablt! ilhttiiiir conlmll." he Mid, "will n u i k c il pottiihln (o m i n i m i z e the i IIYcin i( i i i t n t k and pcibnp.'i deny un enemy the n t l a l n m c n l of bis ..lljiTliVi-.'" M a n y Infect Inns or pnlHonous M i l c i i i ' d i uaiil-sms are easy to ·*il)- Uin. A M-kiitlM coidd jjrow them In bis Idti'lii'n. A minor laboratory worker could produce them on -,he lily. A j a n i t o r or m a i n t e n a n c e man i onlil d u m p tin* blrilocjc rigcnla I n t o I h c n l r f l r r u t a t i n g iiyslfims id I t n p o i l a n t bnlldin/;H. ijnlmlcur.*) could focii Uicin into water reHcr- vniui. water pipTM, or mlllt or food lillJ.pli.-H. l ) i . Hmin .said the n l l n r l i could l'(- t i m e d t f i "Intcrfcro with moblll- y.aUon and In rcduci; t h e tjffi'rtlve- W'Hii of reaction of a Mihscqucnt o v i - i t atltiek." In Uii.s riiHi\ Htiy IH-I-KOHH in hlgli n i l l l l n r y nr civil- Inn po.ttH or c - r l t l r a l u l l l j l y cent- C I H n i i ^ l i i bci-omr tiirgctx, ()s(*(l F u r n i t u r e cs-Under Rules Of R r ^ i i J a t i o n 7 I-ll 1'iisn Elrrlric Company's nn- n u i i l rnport was rcleii.Td thin week by firm o f f i f i a l s who rliftrloacd a t o t a l of $-J,7f)7,fi2fi wan expended for iniprnvcmenlK. -Biggest item on the firm's con- Ktructlon program which act-ounl- cd for $:!,r2],'i:!,'!, Kinntly on electric jiodiiction pliiiit work and espcfiiully on the .'SO.OOO-klloivatL turbo-gencnitor find boiler at the company's Rio CJrnnrle J'ov.'rr phint. Addition!) to tran.'imifi.'iions and r l l H t r i b i i l t o n .H.vstrriiK i-fiqiiircd Jl,- ifSG.OSfl, nf which jaSfi.iari was for major .sub-illations. Other electric, plant expenditure:! wen: $-i70,,'{]0 which Include. 1 ; (.lie purchase price of tin; building which bouses the company's m a i n 'offlens in downtown 131 Paso. The building, formerly known a.s the M u r t l n Huild- Ing, Ji.'i.f .since hrpn rctifimed the ISIrrtrir Building. The devploptnfdU program Is part of the firm's fivc-yoar plan tlc- Hignetl to kflop the company facilities in .stej with Uio expanding coinmimILle.s it serves, F. Carter Womnck. r n m p i i n y |)i-psiilent. said, Otbrr i l f i n s on the f i l m ' s report Hhoweif un inciTJinc of 18-1-I in ci I C I H over 1SHO w i t h Ihe company now serving r-1,1flfi. P r i m e r On Priee \pf Prepared ''or Small Slores A new booklet prop.ired as n primer, e.specinily for .small mer- ,H wilhoiil technical pcrBonnH to iieli) Iht'm tiiul'.'r.-ilini':! Oiling Prlco K e ^ u l a t i o n 7 bus bncn l.s.sued for di.slribution to r e t a i l mer- clianls in the state, accord Ing to Hoy S. Walker, District DireiMnr . r t h e Offieu nf JVIcc Stablli^a- The bnnklrt in intruded to loll Llic merchants how lii.s pricing chart tOiuitld bo prepared and how In rsliibllHh celllnj; prices under Ihi 1 ri-gulalion. The chart must be prepared and m a i l e d to the OPS DlHlricl Office lit 142 Morth Mim- 1 H Htrcel before April HO. i'lnn.t ftir distribution of Ihe boultlel. IH iH'lng made anil it Is i-xpccti-.l dial m u l l i n g will be mudc to Chamber "I ['innmi'i-ce offices l i t t h e M a t e an .^oon a.s .supplies are recrtlvoil In I h c H t i i t e THE FOE ia gcitinff'the worst of it "in.- Korea, t h i n ' piclurcriqKart comparing number of castialtIc-8 iii'dlcatcs. Photos. 1 Klibw^encmy . ami American prisoners. · UN ·forces have suffered only "a,"third ··as'many casual tie, 1 )-hilled, wounded, -captured, missing--as is t'Stiinalet! f n r . t h e enemy. Of the United N a t i o n s total,:only one-fourth are 1 'Americans. (International} Pioneer Soil Conservationist To Retire From Service Next Month } ALBUQUERQUE:. N. M. April .7 (Special) -J - v - Taylor, known as' the f a t h e r o f - N e w Mexico" noil Conservation district law,.announced today tliat he will retire as state Lilllc League, Baseball Plans Are (Innllnucd In Oplltnist Chib Uy HOI! STAtJJN(iS (A.V.M-smi-Neus Student \Vrltcr) j Knllowinj.! t h e i r nititto. "Kriend of the lioy." memberB of Urn Las CruecM Optliuif;! L-lut) 'went f u r t h e r i n t o ptims ThurKilny to bring organized Lilt If LciiKim Btisifhnll tu J.ns Crnces. "U'o have u twn-folil purpose in bilnpnf,' Little League U.'isc-ball he.rr," I 1 "! a n k Urlli-ncotirt, cliair- nnin nf Hie haseliali committee "FiitU we want In pmplinslac the father-son relalinnshlp. Snrnnd V.'u want to (Mil the juvenile delinquency problem in J-ifia CrticeK down to a minimum," he sniil, "\\'i- iiojie lo f u l f i l l the first by building interest in the s p o r t , - i n I hi; parents, us well as in Hie, boy^," K e f t e n e o u r t .saiil. miKon fur llu- -si'i-diul poinl "f^ive them ,n ciiancc to swing nl is easy to see," I'.et^onco'nrt .said, a baseball in lhe:r spais time' and they will not be swinging' nt'.'each other." . · - \-. ' . Tlie Optimist club' wlIlV,sliow three free movfea at Branlgan uu- ditoriuin at 7;30 Monday :1 night for i i l l hoys and,parents interested in L'ilUc Lcuguc' Basebull. The first movia will bo a 1 film of-the national pluy^offs o f - L i t t l e Lntigye-Inc. TJic olbfii l\vo movies will be sliots of the a ( J1S and 1940 Big League World Series games. A|)plicatlon lorms for jboys l)e- twecn ciftlit and twelve who are mtercstcfi in playing organized hardball will be handed out i n ' t h c schools Monday morning and at the free movies Monday night. The Mile and Anui/.on rivers are each about 4.000 m*iks. lonjjft lined f i i r n i t u r t 1 ih-iilt'i-.s Ibrmi^h- onl Ihc h t a l f liiu'i! bren uncertain I w l i c l h i M - nr nol they were cuverpd j u n d e r Oiling I'rU-i; Ri-gulatlon 7.! Thn (jiir.stlim htiH been clarlt'led by j n rulinR fi-fim Wiifthlnjjtoit, rccelv. cd today by Roy S. Walker. rliil I M i c r l n r of the Office of Price Stnblllfcitloii. An-oi-ilinu *" llio HtitU'incnl fro«n tin- officu of the Acting Chief CiHiiiM-1. HBi'il f i i r n i l u r e donlers must l i K i on celling J'rlc.o Itrjitila- Itdii 7 pricing eliurt, trade-In fur- niuirc they h n i l on Ihc list date If olfrrcd "as IN", not repaired or re- c r i n i l t t l r i n r d Till 1 dealers uiUHl- lt**np records ol' |illri'hn.seH and milr.H of all trans- i i r l l n m ;,ln,:e the hn«c period. GOOD MORNING" Pleasant Listening K Q B E H50 On Your Dial SUNDAY A. .M. 7:0(l News 7 : l f i .Sunday Srmiiulo 7:30 nixiq Kniir (Junricl ~'Aft Itiblc Tlnlo B:HO cnuirli or ciirim 8:.ln AKSfinllly of r.m\ t';fHI llju-l^ tn 0(nl 10:00** Voice nf I'roplllM-y W:::n Win., l i l l l m n n Nrw.i I0:,'i Kniuk * Kinml 11:011 MI. l*mi|'« MnihiHllsl Clnn-rh I 1 . M. 12:00 Kultil'p In Uoscrvlsts I2::i0 111 1 Ntnv.i ISM.'i licorsrtnwn clinlr 1:30 Ilaimsl Hour . ii:00** IJmU-i AI-II'.HI -'XIO" M u r l l n Knnc 3:0n«* Tin' Kliiiiluw :t::io*" Tins Dolccllvn i;»l" Nil-It Caller I.MIO Avc Mill-In l l o v i r .1:;»1 AfTalra of IVliT Kftloni fi:00 Sjioils New* ' 11:05 111 1 Newii !;20 KOUK Conrrrt llnur II:M UP Nw« 7:00 D.tninn Mnnyoli Tlipnti'i 1 7:.'10 Coiunilllop on PITHCHI 7Hfi Will- Uovlovv 8:00" OUtnlionut Symphony 11:00 Wllil Kill llli'knlt !);.10 UP Mown Di.l.'t l.yn M u n n y Sliow . |i:»,V Muliml Nw«. AO;IXI Kl|tn Off K 0 B E Vmir Frli-iully Klnllnn A MiiriiAi, .vimvoKK AKFIUATK . Bulbt it piimt-lliii ytnr'i c nolict i a once In a lifetime bttrgtiln. VVn icrlouily doubt -whclh«r w«.hnw* cnuuglt lo go around/ )0 ruth your «rd*r 1 In loday. ... CANDlEUSHr-Soll pink wllh lliioci-lilte Hain.'of .Condi.. ,.. FEftCH GOlD-n hlinhid r«li " wiih gold.i Ihronl. . ... SNOW whlll wllh binulilul. They (venture vp lo on* inch In ciKum. irno . . . Thrtt indud. oil th« kit) rirlin , . . Aiioftctt'toloit. Although v bulliU'lt ore imolttr than t ty -H H*v«lop hunjrcdt of bulb* ij (lowtti (or trciioni (a com*. D t l a i h onrf At nil COUPON-MAIL ORDER S flipped Direct from Grower lo You G A K ( U N S - m REDWOOD HIGHWAY GRANTS PASS, O R E G O N 0*nll* H!hr« m*n|i p{ jouf nf'g^eut glutliotji oflriing tort- nd ihr 3 nrw w ^ Oirl*n l tcnnol hi n t c , !'·' rjCBiti !:]Ct.»(X O Monty Ordi J. V. TAYLOR conHer\'ationist for the Kuil Con- spn-ntion Scrv/ce on May 1. . The retiring state, eonservation- ist becEimc associated with thc-Soil Cpnseiyntion Service, in 1937 ns present position since 1042. Me and Mrs. Taylor will leave Albuquerque early " i n " M a y to make their home in Venice, Florida. , The soil conservation program has made outstanding progress In New Mexico iinder Taylor's cllrec-' lion. Latest figures show that in New Mexico the'"acres planned for conservation and the number of acres treated for conservation rank second only to Texas, The cost of per acre planning" for soil conservation treatment i n ^ New Mexico is second only to South Dakota. During his colorful career, Tay- lur I'.HS been a worker in thu Louisiana-.rice fields, a :.teamster in Tfixaij oil fields, secretary to a bank president, buyer for a lumber ·'company,·. manager " of a funeral, home, a partner in three sheep and cattle raising enterprises,' and ",\ New Mexico state legislator. · In 1920, lie became manager and partner in a sheep and cattle business in New Mexico. When this business.WHS dissolved in 1929, he organized the Alpine Sheep Company, which included the -10-section I-Xt ranch-near Carrizozo, N. M. Thn holdings of this company later were increased to 95-sections. In 1032.' Taylor was elected to Btate coordinator, and has-held .his represent Socorrb. Lnicbln I N S U R A N G E FIRE -- LIABILITY -- PROPERTY DAMAGE : WINDSTORM -- HAIL -- AUTOMOBILE - - BUILDING- CONTENTS -- PERSONAL PROPERTY .'. LOANS PERSONAL - COLLATERAL - COMMERCIAL STATE FINANCE CO., INC. 117 Easl Griggs . Phone 968 Otero:ountle~B in the..New Mexico legislature. He · was re-elected 'in^ 1031 and 1936. serving-. through' three regular-ami two sions. His major, committe'assign- inonls .In the. legislature included service on 'the puhlic lamls. and livestock committee in the 12th and 13th sessions. i i Tlie state soil conservation district law was passed during the. 13th session, and Taylor, as majori- Sundmy Morning, April 8, 1951 ly floor.-leade'r and cx-officio member of all'committees, was credited with* beinp the'fathcr of the conservation law.. At"{.he conclusion oC liis legislative sei-vice, Tay- 'lor was-employed by the Soil Conservation Service. Taylor's successor as state con- sei-vationist has not "yet been selected · according 1 to j Cyril Lultei', regional director of SCS. Overhaul Job or New Battery The biggeil.or Ihe smaiiest auto repair job is r tackled with the greatest, of ease by our skilled niechan-cs. Don'i wait iuntil it's too late or . too' cosily.... . bring.your car.around for necessary repairs now! We guarantee rapid, satisfying service. ·. · ,' R. A.-DURIO, Jr., Service Mgr. JOHN MILLER MOTOR CO. 650 S. Main PLYMOUTH - CHRYSLER ' Sales Service Phon« 258 IKTR^DUCE . .... Their 11 AN CO" COTTON LOOP QUALITY REAL ECONOMY HOME BEAUTIFYING Anihony's own "ANCO" looped throw rugs are woven lo Anthony's construction and color specification. Color selection from the . new? high shade decorator colors ... Construction is. heavy cotton duck back non-skid with heavy twisted cotton loop top. ' -:\,V . 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