Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 8, 1969 · Page 27
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 27

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1969
Page 27
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\ · ( ·t'Mt i . ·,·· · ··.·· · · M · · ' ' · · '·''· ' Classified Advertising i . . . - . · ^^r Classified Rates * ' CASH ' W I T H ' O R D E R ON OUT 1 . OK C015XTY ADS p rut. Insertion, per word ,, ..... ___ ' K*eh contrcvilive Inhvrtfon of »»m« n r*r word (Sixth day frw. Minimum churn*- "Oe. MtuLh rule, JIM llhf .(2 Hn« min . m u m ) ........... ..._. _ ....... |3.o CU.ii.ifiw. liner* 'mibjeH'to 10% -ill i count, 10 day*. Every other day adi to b*. charted it one Any rule. Blind txn numhrr* 60c extra. Deadlines · Classified Display J 3 p.m. the day before publication Want Ads 4 p.m. the day before ; publication ; CALL 352-0211 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ' M i n i m u m toif~ i n r h -·«er«n' 'borHer* »nd cut- II.M) rrr column inch. (Volume rales upon n p p l f c n t l o n ) ERRORS TO UK REPORTED AT ONCK. The Tribunr will make nn n.1 lowsnce for mo i n s e r t i o tha 1 one fncorre Classified Index Auio Service and Suppllw Btwrd and Room _ Boats and Supplies J l u f l d l n R Mntcrlali Business Onportunitiea ,, Bunlness Services , Coal nnd Wood --L Conitruction ISquinment Cmilom Work ,, Education and Initrtiction Farm Kquipmrnt ... _ ,, For Rent--Apartment* Tor Rent--nnildino For Rent-- Fnrnis nnd Tractc for .Kent--Houses' For Rent--Alt. Homo, C»blni ,, For Rent--Office Space For Rent--Roonu Frullfl and Vegetables ._ Hay, Grain, Fccfl. Straw ,, ,, Henllng A Caollns . ._.. Hlp"W anted ..'. I- i L__ Household Goods Irrigation Eyitenm Jt's-Swnp Livestock i and Founti .(0-A 11 « 10 17 zo 18 18 1C SI 22 1C 89 40 «7 ^ to 49 it 41 1 UhHlliinraiia :._ 27 Mobile HornTM 4B-A Monor to U«n 81 Money Wanted -..- 52 Motel. _ 24 M o v f n K and StoniKt , 18 Muilcal I minimum* 47 KurninK Homei ;--^_ 26 Prnonnli . - ' t Pet Stock _ 48 Poultry : '.._J ^. 42 Profciatonal Servicm Krai Eitntt 48 Hooflnir and Inaulatton 88 Seeds, I'lantn. Flowere 88 Srwlnc Machines-Vacuums -- 44 Situation* Wanli-d 10 SportlnK Rwids 35.A Trallcr« nnd Camper. _ C8 Trailer Space 28 Transportation 8 Trnsh Hauling .. __ 12 TV-lUdIo Services, Sales 46 Used Cars nnd Trucks _.! fil Wanted to Rent -- 14 Wiunlnc Mnchlneo 45 Lost and Found GKNBRAL houseclMnlnr, 1 momln »r 1 lull day a week. 35.1-60211. DKL1VK1IY man for · HoKKSftt Lumber Co., lumber ylr 184 l l l h Av MOTHERS net (re« toys. llv» J pla house toy party.' 787-2258. . · W A N T E D -- 120 acres of b«ts to jpcd 1 a.nd fulfil. Phone 362.5987. · M O R N I N G and afternoon waitreasi . anil illshwnshor. 2725 W. 10th S · A s k ' for VHma. W A N T E D -- llabr sitter In my lie Tursdny, Wednesday ami Thursda from 8 to n. Call 353-4860. RN. 3 III 11. 2 e v e n f n K S a week. N weekends. Mrs. Smith, llonell, 85: G082. FULL time r i u l r e in pt Sth Avu. ·\-lce stnlion n, Serry's Sei K X I ' E R I E N C E n ulione solicitor. lily :.. person, I O I B Sth Ave. HKCBPTIcTNlST : Type, lite book I'nblie contnct. answer phone. J30I CnJI Clmrleene Whitmon-. 353-4741 Snellinu nnd Snelltnir. Ih'Htrd HldK. WLECTRIC motor nhop needs lielpe oxpcriciKC h e l p f u l , not necessary A p p l y nt-Mlcr Klretrie Service. 2fith St. isitioi COOK ma inurement f u t u r e . Due you pit ilia 1 Cut m r n t 1 Order 1 Noi JR.. ait. Call rtu'.h M H l l n . Hi.:.-! 7-1! Kncllintf nnd Snclllne. l l v a t f i l llhlir. COOK'S h o l i i r r . Z evenings. 5 day. Mimtlny Him Krlilny. A p p l y in IIPI Ron only fitter 4 p.m., FOB! *N rik K M t n u m n t . N.I phono unllrt pli CMCRK t y p i s t : Front dtflk Earn nnd learn. Unlimited Jim Call Donnii Jloccrs. MS~4W. SnolliiiH nnd Snclllnir. Jicatctl Itldir I T K K I j bnlldfnK construction worker Ktrel work or welding expurlcn helpful but not notiCaKHrr. CnJI 362 flPJlO for- a p p o i n t m e n t . tOl)T£ nnlt-a: Ifrtnblfahed product lU-jnilnr ctmtomcm. Kivn day wt-ok (6,080. Cnll Ruth Mellin. mjl-\14l Snelllntt nnd .Snultlnir. Heated llldir. 'HYHU3AI. T b r r n p l n t lo work time In Horn* HnnUh Care. Call Mrs Clfmmonn at 3D 3-05 40 bet 1 nnd 6. ECREJ'AHY: TyplnB, ntoMint phoi voice wins. 36 hr. week. Plush firm J360. Cnll Donna RoRern. 363-4743 SnellliiK nnd SncllinK. Hested llidn. :iJSTODIAN.bus driver wanted lo Eaton School District RE-2, Katon Colorndo.. I'lense call 454-2308 fi appointment. RA1NEE: Hlue chip company need sharp one for field ilintributi »0,1100. Cull. Floyd Fnrmor. 863-4713 SiHIIni; and Snellinf, Hcstcd Hld K 'RI.I.OW ball Is taklnR applicatloi. for drivers .with (rood .driving record Must have chaufeur's ]|c«nse. 852 N022. I i A N T work': O p p o r t u n i t y . (J C L nv from K n o w nnd cold. Merit rnli.... 94.164. Cnll Floyd Fnrnior, Ab.1.4743 S i u - l l l t u r _ n w \ Sncllftltt. Honied Hltljr. A N C H iimtilr: IVrmnnenf npnl (3o«l, fntitrr. · Modern Miome I Unlncii l . m u n l 94M40. Call R u t h M e l l i n MrMT-lH. HnHHim and Rnflllnit, H, WE NEED 2 MEN --WnrGlioimeman-Sftltaman. --Truuk llrlver-Yardman. wiNonnAirs J31-5th Slreot male dou 3t,3.5f,4'.i LOST -- Illai'l and w h i Kansas tnk'i.. "Hrili-lnt 2108 (1th 'Ave. C H S i l l O N i f r o m Bold and w h i t e k seal north of K v n n s slop liithl. f f reward. Cnll a f t e r 4 :3P. 353-0726. LOS1* J - ' W h U i - nnd I n n iViiinlr l.'hj. Inihlmn. V i c i i i i l y li'.tli St., Kllh A v n H I T l H l i Av.-. Ilvwnnl. LOST -- Cold nnd Whit* Htwstan Wolf Hound, l l i l l n i d o nrcn. R e w n r d . ;l:i- Iig66. . LOST -- A.Hlmrp ri. K i on y n u r *rliwn«. ·Wo Minrpen Vm. l ( l n k i n » r nhnira, too, 3!.r,Hc on nuitit. Alkiie's 013 8th A v r LOST -- firi'cit Pioneer iiowur isaiy, S n t u r d n y P.m. Wtw.'pt. (.rcoli'j 1 am! Kftlon. 4 miles wi-sl. 1 tmuth of Knton. Cnll rit!S-4Ii4h or C.rtolt'y Tex- aro. afl2-70S4. Rewnrd. LOST -- one la mo blnrk (ivrntan Shepherd w l t b Ki-pyUh. n m r k i n C n on $100 reward il Stil-22il 01 and 4:80 feet. Nnnuit N i r l i l a t'onlJici Mr. l.ickn 3H-214S between 9 a.m. p.m. Ptnonoli ALCOHOLICS / '.1S62 for help or F I G U R E T T E lin ; i n f o r m a t i o n IS Y O U R shaver aid.? Cnll i h r Haroi Clinic. Alkiri'. 613 f l h Ave. 362-M01 T H I N K I N G of bicycle repairs? Think of Alkire's. 613 fill Avr.. 362-11601 Won wailed to South Haven. Michl- Kan or vicinity, Oct. 24 or 26. Share :xpen*rs and driving. Cnll 363-03111 Auto Rental Transportation 3 CAR rentals -- Daily, weekly, m o n t h l y . Greeley LeasiiiK Co.. 1 Hin Rth Ave. 362-9174; a f t . bra. 362-S1127. 353.S620. Pro'fessionat Servictl LOCKSMITH -- keys, lock repairing, emerteliry calls for unloekinir y o u r ,car v or home, ('nil 363-7666. Mar- .vin's Key and Lock Shop. S17 16th Avenlle. Business Service PIEIiSON'S RefriK mercial. domestk SXW sharpeniiiK. All kinds. One day 'sen-. Alkire's. f.13 Sth Ave.. 362.0501. -App. service. Com- if. 24 hrs.. 95S-5036. GREE1.EY Curtain Cleaners. Curtain., draprs. tablecloths. 1920 Olh St. CARPET nnd upholstery cleanlnc. Free estimate. Work gimrantscd. ·United Carpet Cleaners. .353-0014. WANTED nrrlor Hoy lo carry' oi'ccltiy fitly Tribune In PI. Luiiloii nil t'lrailallon mannRer. Gres- Icy Dnlly ,'J'rlhunn. 352-0211. WHOLESAWS. i'KICJOS · ON PHE-WIX New ItawlelKh Dealemlilp open in your lotviiHlilp [or HlRli Potency, VHitmln-Aiit.lblotlr. trnco iiilncrnl prhmlxos.' Dlre'ijt. trom factory prices lower your own 'oed COSIB and offer you pxoel- eut profilli uii saloB to olhei (armerii. NO',ObliRation! Write-W. T. Hnwlolpli (Jompany, HIS 23rd St., Ppuvcr, Colo. S0206. CHRISTMAS selling ae'uon Is lien with Avon. Use spar* ?,!m» to earn S$l In 'your nelKhborliood. Friends nnd m'lKhbors will love buylnK S fabulous line of xlfls. Call 352-3238, W A N T E D llriver for rural milk truck. Applicant mURt have «cm experience and bit at lenat 27. Con- nolidatrd Milk Linn. Gilcrcfit. Colorado. -J84-56GO. K S T A B M R H K D Creole? ' f i r m require* rxp«rlnnc*d service . station att«n . lant. Excellent fringe bennflU ani o i i p n r t u n t t y for advancement. Weld Comity Garage, 352-1818. bookkflf per: Truincn- Uso your skills. Whlmorc. 363- SUCRETARY , dous opportunity. S375. Cnll Charlec . ·1743. SiiolllnK and £jnellinK, Heated Hullilinli. MAN with car to b u n d l e estnhllshed route. Customer service. A 52.26 per hour mill up. A p p l y 7 lo S p.m. Tuesday or Wednesday, IflOSJ Sth .St. SALESMAN wanted for established Colorado f i r m npecln!ir.inK in farm 'Hiuipmcnt. Excellent snlnry. commissions. I m i u i r c Automated Feeding of Colorado, Inc., 8th and ntli Illtllt., Sulti' 206, Greeley, Colorado.. S T U U K N T K a t u d y i n i r for an Impnr- t n n t exam, need a dependnhle persi who uiin provide tirni* 'and space f. intensive drill. ' l u s t i n g Severn) months. Write P.O. Box 261. H: ley. E A R N $60 lii J100 or nu-.-e m o n t h l y wurkhiK p a r t time lor local distri- b u t o r of new (lunllty home cnro prnduuls. Choice of selling plain, i rein llme. Cnll Mrx. Coltiim, iiitej-vievv. 363-6880 for Il'jN and women -- s u p p l e m e n t yoin income w i t h interesting out-side worl. in the nrfn of marketinK and theatei renearch. Must have W r i t e tt Mr. Howard Sail:, Wllimark Service System, Inc., 71 23Td St., - New York, N.Y. 10010. Education and Instruction 8 '1ANO tenr.her who has taunht in tills city for 6 years hns time for -1 more atudonti. I'lense call 352-6410. s. Professional tcncher fnim Callfornln. 352- BATON just ai 11207. lullnni Oppartunitlet C A K E for anle. Good a.m. only. 362-1622; : location. :84-0804. Cnll L E A N well eulpced service station for lease in food are*. Purchase stoek ·nd equipment. For Information cal 352-9811 or 353-4681. .-W*rk CUSTOM corn-' pickliiK. · man · an elevator furnished. ' Also corn bluing. Luther. 352-9493. KLAK'8 custom larmlnf, wlndrowlng ballni and itacklni. Bud Kl. S53-3617. CUSTOM service. Honnld Allmer. Plo inn, hay slackinr, Ijalini. 163-071 or 858-1824. ' CORN combining 2« In, .to 8« II rows.' Done reJisunably. ' Trenary' Farm Servlcs, 284-7902 or 284.540' SMALL ikr.«r and carry all work. Ba hofi.w/kmder. Of., 284-0002. Hob Lar Hon. 284-SB52, D. Freetnyer. 382-16CB CUSTOM hay Btackinir with aut t i c . liay Htackfr, bnlen munt he ol BtrinttB. A!HO baling. Vernon Ccci 401:2062. · r H E N C H I N G anil Installation of wate lines, septic t a n k s or leeching fields J.a Snlle Plumbing, 737-2016: Jen Drown. 737-2277. CUSTOM fnrm sevices. Plowing -wind rowing, baling, stacking, Kreci elioppiiiR, combining. 353-6584. Did Reims, 363-8606. l''A KM Custon w i n d r o w i n K , atnekiliK. cm 11. Tnppan, 3r.2.5«0fi. Service -- Plowing Kreeii chop, buling n c u t t i n g . a n d hnulinit 352-9512; B. Warre: Troth Haullnf 12 I K IT'S trash, we h n u l it. Call Johl Kline. 352-1673. LONDELL-nunting Trash Hauling. 352-1166. ' U K S T W A Y Disposal Company. .162-7643. I'HE WAY rubbish removal. 352-012. · 362-05116. Moving an«l Storag* 1: I . n f f e r t y M n y f l u HKe probli ·or. 362-0586. is. · Cal Wanted to Rent M C O U P L E with nmnll dot; wnnbi to rent furnished I bedroom house or apart mtint. Occupnncy between Dec. 1 Jfi. :iG2-671'.l. Situations Wantd 10 .-I 11I511DSMAN fm V:-'M, »/n Tribune. ire. Write. Hox A H Y H i t t i n g , my home. All ing. 086-2847. \ L T I O I I A T I O N S tin.! t loth HI. .ir,3.i8r,'.i. iron- it linings. 110.' l A R I ' E N T E R work, all kinds. Tillne floors. Kree estlninti«. Call 863-6403 I H I L D euro, my home, two yelirs or oilier. WeeKdnys only.. 35.t-7C116. V A N T E I ) _ Ironing. 30 pieces, S2.50. 352-5443. 1 1 1 7 , 1 4 t h Ave. Hahy s i t t i n K nnd Ironing. .'ANTED 362-0231. B O N I N G In my Aw. 363-2608.' ITERATIONS 362-0123. ION1NG wanted. Call 353-8880. LTERAT10NS and dri 4621. A K K »6 In 30 mlnulo a f t e r 6:30 p.m. 2429 16th Iressmaklng. ismaking. 353* Call 85.1-IS74 URGENTLY- ·NEEDED ; 2 Bedroom Apt. · or. House ·· ' Burnished for family with ihlld. Arriving 10-10-60. Call 353-7959 DURA' DIV. 1SI 5.IOT.W. 20th St. Greeley For Kant--^Haiis 15 TWO SH6 licdroom house ,in i month. 686-2606. Severance. F I V E room apartment, 2 liodroo Modurn. No pela. Deposit required. 100 No. l l t h Avc. 362-2733. For Rent--Rooms .16 N I C E alrrnlnn 7379. room for rent. 862- W O R K 1 N G . men, 1 or 2 rooms, l l f l - t o S14 |ior week. 464-2203. S L E E P I N G rooms, weekly. El Raneho Motel. 1621 8th ATC. . Redecorated! new- peted. 716 Oth St. IIOOMS -- for ly lurnishel, 352-1741. For Rant--Aptt. 17 N EVANS--3 ro. mont. 362-11460. ' A N T E D .--llnby. Billing, my home 352-5384. A I N T 1 N G -- Interior, oxlorlor. Frc allmat!. C. E. Myrick, 464-21117, I.TEUAT10NS nnd ri: .'iri.i-oii.ji. LTKHATKINR -- Lndit-s nml Mun Graw'a. 812'/j 8lh St., 3fi3-2073. ITERATIONS-- U m i a m n k l n R . 1740 ^Tth A"c.. r 8A2-7.1U. N T K U I O K nnd oxli-rlor Pnlntln K . Cnl yenlttKB. Stanley Redan, 284-6396. A1NT1NG -- All kinds. Krw -stL mntra. Hale TeKtmnn. IlSn-OMfi. KHSPOOLS. fcrniuia traps, pumpwl 1'h. nfll-nfifi. Krx C u n n l i i K l i n n i . AINT1NG -- Kraidmtlal 1.'. S. McDnniH. JMi. aB'J ' SECURITY GUARDS .WAKTED EOR OREELHY LOVBLAN'O - LONGMONT , full time work. Jinny fringe benefits. Send resume. ISfiO LINCOLN' ST., DENVER, COLO. 80203 or CALL B54-02RR an equal opportunity employer. SERVICE WRITER To the right D-Ming. mm -we ffer cnr*«p opportunity, Trlth mining for nuperrtftory poil ton. Applicant must h»T« ser- rice station experlonoe or TOC.H- lonal training In auto median- CB, good dririnK record eesen- ial, minimum age 18. Me Arthur Olds-Cadillac, Inc. 362-3760. WINTERTIME CLEANUP!' - MEN'S CLOTHING OPPORTUNITY .,.,. , , . l i n e .1. C, Penney Co: hns a U indows and doors repair- Ureer oneniue in their men's ed, yard and basenient'Oiotiiins department in down- Cleanup. · · |lo\vn (irecley. Clothing experi- An.v Odd Jobs. Call 353-68SS. Help Wonted W A I T H I - ^ S u-iinifd fvoniniis A p p l y Tl.t- 1S19 Mh Si. K K 1 J A H L K bal.y .sitter, my home. WANTKIl"^~Cnniniproial piano plnyer for Wai Uml. wK-krndf. 3rc.527fi. J-'ULLKIt Brush Co. nords help. Stu- NBED n-aiir» from 11 u Jonoy'n Cnfr. S21 10:h SI. ence helpful, but will train n, sales oriented individual. This position offers good local adv a n c e m e n t opportunities In men's (tlothinR lines. This ia n career opportunity which offers a good starling uiilary, excellen retirement program, group life insurance, health insurance, dls ability insurance, paid vnca lions, and 40 hour week. For confidential interview call 352-2016 or come to T. C. Penney Co.. 824 Sth St A I . T K R A T I O N S mil ilr m itXTEIlIOK pnhitini! -- Imwh CLEAN up. tree trimm.nir, storm pair. ProfcsHional cnnipmunl. C l i n t anytime, :i5'J-EM4. COLtjEGE xM would like housework, part time, afternoons nnd weckcniK 363.3983. t. Uem.idi-li vnrk. Cull C8K- CAKPENTBR. ropnfrintr, nthi 2U61 after fi p CONCRETE nml types; kenural to» Inrge or s.ia-2nnn. I'nrpenti-r work of alJ contracting. No joli too smnll. 1'honc P A I N T I N G by rnllcK*. n t u fcanlonal, interior, exterm free oat, -Tim, 352-55.14. i'ntn. Pro- low oo«t, BA1IY u l t t i n n -- i n f a n t n . loilciler, pro-anhoolera. Experienced. Nenr col- let-.'. 55S-5143. i r*m.ulH anil f i n - irnish trued rcfi C A R P K N T E R «a i.lh work. Can nice. 363-H3S7. C O M P L E T E HnnJynmii arnKc nml bnaemcnt f. A t t i r . eii. 352- I I O U K E iiaintliic. Int.-Ejt. work. Col- liiir? Htvniont w i t h 3 yearp experience. Call Clint anytime, ,15L'-5544. HEDGES trimmed. I n w n j mowiil. trnel: preferred. Kertiliiint etc. avail. 352- M7JI. A^fter 5:SU. SB7-224J : IC'^T Int.. «·: t-lt'vnU, !,!,,,,!,,!. eommercial. |r K |,t |i,,l,.|,, fins polra. e est. 35:-l!iM. ACCOUST1CAI. r^illnir. inM.lled. homes, officra. etc.: ceramic tile in- Mailed, buths, cntrim. counter topi, etc. Free estimates. Phone S5S-2302. l A S O N R Y and eonerele work »t le»s t h n n - profesftional coflt. No job too small. Guaranteed work. Kor c.iti- '' WANTED BOOKKEEPING ral lodger through n lenient. IS yours exper-! ·'Oil RENT -- finrdcn level room u n f u r n i f l h e d apt. GnrftR r,»74. KK rudin furni.ilied i r t m e n t . Private bath nee. ssa-niss. Ijnnen A I ' A K T M E N T for rent -- Eaton. room.t with private bath, partly fur I l i n l l f d . jril-243r). W / T N T E D " -- Lady to nhare lovely niuirlmonl, vicinity of 10th St. 26th Ave. Will need own bedroom suite Plume SE3-7.Slfi. K1IIIN1SIIKD 2 bedroom apartment until Jan. 1. 2 batha, fireplfce*. t!7fi per month. No petaj No children Moore Itenlty, 852-3487 « B k . f o r Ray TEMPORARY kom., «o«ipMlr fr Til.h-J. 1 to I bidroon klUkmrtt Hilly or wnkly rata. HonnUIn Vi. Motel. 2409 10th St. No ph.a. .alia For Rcnf--Farmi, Tract! FOR K E N T -- Farm we»l of La Salle liooil houxe. m n c h i n e ahni. Kxcellen' water richln. Phone 353-1274. FOR RENT -- Farm near Plattevllle 240 actual farm land, 2 housea, one labor lioUHe. Plenty ditch water p l u n 3 pump?. Make extra money feedlnn cows by the month. Write Hox 2-22, c/o-Tribune. For Ktnl--)«H!iFifi 20 BUILDINGS for rent or leMe. Retail or warohoua* aUr«««, MI-4I4C. mTlf.niNCr»it)i lane krt .aiUfcl. lor warehotj.e or itarmce. 1 4riT»-!n doom Winoir.d'a, 352.6722. Office Spoc. 22 AIR conditioned office p««. 1M1 Kh St. Phone 852..1400. Cowan TMl STORE room, ideal for o f f l u »r jneai. S27W Jti ATI., Alt. 1. 'OR" itENT ~-- 400 tat. ft. of of apace, cronnd floor, private park- in?. Kent includes hent. lights and air rnnditiuninl; with or -with j a n i t o r service. The Joed Building. 1008 9th St. Call or see Dr. Haefeli. 501 10th Ave. 352-2020. Trailer SMC* HOIJRG trailer lota for .ala at Hill 'K Park. Ph. 352-4QU. TRAVEL trailer apact for rent. 917 31st. Ave. 35S-6476. . . Hiscellontoui 27 C O I N collection fc Call :i5,S-34fiO. FOR SALE -- '6 Call 353-5483. I, you die it. 352- r sale. . Yamaha · motorcycle. Nl-'ANT car seat. S5; dressinn table. S16: 2 fnv k i t t e n a . 353-3889. apeed C01.UMHIA 10 'ffer. 352-0014. FOR SALK -- WeiK-o at new. Cnll .153-7145. bicycle. Best leaner. »»CC Y A M A H A . '63. Good condition. Rest offer. Phone 352-9035. MiK*lr»l**ll 27 Antitjuit 28'.'age 28 GREELEY TKIBUNE Wed., Oct. 8, 1969 AUTHOniZED Skl.rK PeaUr. F r a n k - f C O i N eolloction for euk-. Un Cyd« Salw. 112 *»!. | '.'a:! ^;.:Ui;u. OOOLK:, ··»···.«», 4 · n., i 1 Inf llaM oo»r. Call ltl-1414. GARAGE aalc Oct. 10-11. 9 a. r. p.u 2122 22nd . Ave. Spomorcd Stlii John'a Women's F«lkw»hip. .' RKD1JUK aafe and fait with Golleae tablets and E-Vap "'water pilla." Glbaon Pharmacy. FOR SALE--New Anacomatlc Supi-r It movie camera. Automatic. 353- rABSENGER fl«U -- II.1( TileaalaW repair. 0. K. Itubbtr Weld.ra, I2» · 2nd StrMl BODAKA Yamaha. B.3.A. and Cu.k nan. AathoriaMl dvakr. Franklii Cy.l. gate. ll» I. lit AT*. 111-WH. 15 POUND twin basket laa deep fryer, like new. $80: antique butt churn, S17.5U. 853-1142. TRAILERS tor traah kaulini u low aa 11.00 for 1 hourt. O.K. Tralhr K.nUU. «20 Ind. St. P U M P jack and n 90 ft. 2 ' inch 353-4170. otor, preaaure tank, pipe, p u m p head. WANTED -- Old cam for rip rap with whcela and tire«. Phone 3528313. Granny Pitkin. UNUSUAL Gift Itetna. The Giniham Gift Shopp*. SOO Ft. Collina. ANTIQUES, collector'a lUma, ware, furniture, ironware, j laneoiia. 811 Eaat llth. ajlaai ilacel- 91JAUTY canTaa work of all klnfe. recOTerinr of truck acaia. tic. Wooda CanTu Product!, lilt lUaarroir' Rd. FOR RENT--Sport eyelet and helmvta at Colltcc Mobil Serfiea - Station, 8th ATC. and 17th St. ' NEWSPRINT. Roll enda. 'I to 60 Iba.. · 8c a poand. Grwley Tribune. 852:0211. TIKE . balanemi-- O«lr tl.» V* f aenver tire. WeiffhU fr«« 1 0. Rubber Weldera, 820 2nd 9L WE NOW hare oorral polo In atock. 11.10 each. Hointt Lnmber C.. IK lltb ATe. . COLLECTOR'S Den -- Antique.; aim! furniture, booka larce aHortment. I Z I ' Cintral,' XTana. Open Sunday. Mnk. JARPETS beautiful f r i n h t J «icht .with them n Blue. Luatre. Rent electric ahampooer ?I. Weat- view Coast to Const. ·'OR SALE -- Snow .Una with atuds. Two Town and Cuntry on wheels for M u s t a n g ; two 8.25x14 Goodyear recaps' like., new. Call 353-2568. VBLL kept carpcta allow the results of regular RuK-Mate spot cleaning Kent electric, shampooer Cl. Komi Pninf Store. ' · · W I L L pay caah for old Klasaware: llilnira, -rte. A f l e r J p.m.,. 353-2«'27. iiitiitue d i n l i i R room net. R E A U T 1 F U I . round table w i t h tcnves, ' b u f f e t , 5 chain and 'cnptnin'B 'vhair. See after . 6:30. 2408.,13th · Let'l, Swop 29 for TV.'-Write lior. Z-2!. c/i HciiMhold Goodi FOR SALK -- WeslinnhouB. 2 years old. 352-7772., FOR SALE -- Good B»5 heatinn Hto 40,000 nTU. 353-29GO. HouwholJ FOR SA.LK -- Walnut dlninic roo I act, hutch, table nnd 4 chairs, year uld. .moving m u a L sell. 352.777 V E R Y clc-an uprtdit 18 foot Ai freezer. See «t 2408 13th Ave. afte . 6:80. FOR SALE -- 9 by 12 foot wool run dishes, aervlce for P. Moss rose; al ver dollaw. 813 llth St. BEDROOM set for sale, complete wil mattress and box spriilKs. Inipuii 1313 2nd St. or call 353-5346. D I V A N a n d - c h a i r , .platform rocker, har stools, occasional chairs. 13: 18th St. FOR SALE Practically new refrigerator an small . freezer and · numeroi other household articles, i aialn St. Windsor. 686-9968. Mr Alice Weber. PUBLIC NOTICE Vacuum Cleaner Sale Local-dealer must sacrificR I in mediately over 75 ..beautifi name brand cleaners. Kirb; Klecfrolux, Hoover, Eureka, GD Kcninore. Signature and man others. Sale to be held 1 day only, Friday, Oct. 10 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. American Legion Hall , 2008 5411) Ave. The earlier you come the grea er toe selection. Most cleanei Drom' $15 to $30. TREAT ruitB riirhl, they'll be a dc light if cleaned with Blue Lustre Kent electric nbampouor f l . Hunch Wholesale. MONSY to loan. W« bar, "fl. or trad annninc of value. -Furniture, ran., *tc. Grwlcr Pawn Shop, 40Z AT*. 3SI-41C7. fEED mon«7--Hart Pawn Shop. Buj Mil, trmfe ··rthli* ml vaI«L T*n. «te. Hart Trading Pint, tit K. llth AVI. MS-5971. DDING machinM. tTPtwriUr*, makn, new and n§»d. Sain, ··rrlc* ruarantccd. Ed JP«ldbani, 1X01 llth Avc. 862-0061. ELMER'S Pawn Shop back la b n«M. Hon«7 to lo». W* buy any thing: of value. FumHure, etc. Fron r Self-Sim Gu. 200 N. llth Art Elmr Daia, -Prop. CAR tape Mtirco, 4 and 8 t r u c k : 4 Chcv. DIRK whecla, 15 by 7 inches '60 CD 350 Honda: '.12 Ford rtmdHtei with Chcv. V-8. Cull after 6, 363 7111. 'OR- Niter cleaning, to keep dleaminr, use Blue Lustre carpe cliancr. Kent electric nhampooer Sherwin-WMIinmi. tEEP carpet cJeaninr problem: small -- use 'BlUe Lustre wall ti wall. Rent electric shampooer |1 A -and M Inrtrt wood construc- LTJMHEH from , Uon hotel fr for/ r'emovnl of buildiiiK. For tails contact Connul Snyder, to intcruitcil party SKE us for all j-our prr-cfint concrolt ncedn. Splash lilockn, neptin tankn, Wt'll ,cn«in(c, ditch checks, cur nloi»i and Bpeclnln. Red-D-Ciiat Co.,! Evans. Sfi8-74flH; evt-a, 363-6fi09. SUI'ER stuff, mire n u f ! That's . Blue Luntrn for cleaning runs And u p - holatcry. Hcnt electric nhampooer £1. Hcatvd'n 8th iifi-17 l l t h AT . Ave. and Sth Si. or ' ' ' MUNT2 Bt*rco Tnk, PorU four, nev niik nhcut of rirnwers; drueaiiiK tubli Aiittfiued Imffi-t ;^ apartment sized refriuerutam; onlt kitchen 'tftbln. chuira; 4 oak dining chalrn; dnrk room otiuIpinenL; typewriter ;*" tabli clock radios; Latex paint inside nnd ouuidc*. Phoni! eveninRA, 352-5402. 28 WEBER'S AntiQUea, 2408 Sth Free appraisals. 368-7584. ' 1969 : MODEL APPLIANCE CLOSE-OUTS CONSOLE COLOR. TV Was 589.95 .; Push-Button Automatic WASHER, White, Copper, Avocado Was $249.95 3 Only, Floor Sample SEWING MACHINE CABINET, Was $49.95 Long, Low, Six Speaker AIRLINE STEREO Was $269.95 _..... $218 21 Cu. Ft. All Frostleas UPRIGHT FREEZER Was ?289.95 30 Inch Signature ELECTRIC RANGE Was $239.95 WARD 815 10TH STREET 'Phone 353-0204 Miicelloneoui 27 27 THE One You've Been Waiting For Chapter BE P.E.O. RummageSale Saturday, Oct. 11, 9:30 A.M. Old Kvess Building East Entrance Household Goodt 30 Household Goods 30 Greeley Furniture Co. alov , wit GOOD wood mid coal cook reservvir: also Filter Queen vnt-iiui cleaner. .Call after 6 p.m., 353-106: "w"ANTED~to"buy uirf fumiturt. Ku ·ell Furniture R«finiahint. 109 ' St. 863.4076. SOKA. rose with silver thread, Goo condition, J J 5 ; mupl« Early Arm can black and white TV,' $100. 3GB LOKTY pile, frue from soil is th . carpet cleaned with Blue Luetn Kent electric nhamnooer $1. Grcclc BIX Furnttut* Stripping--Buy, M and trade, mtd furniture. Tunda; ' Wvdnwdty, Thursday, Frjday, 8 I · . HIGH 4th St.. ETUI. J52-OSI CASH for your furniture, appliam or miaccllanvoua. Gary CFMDWOOI Auctioneer and Liquidation. Phon 862-4822 or 36S-5469. 2808 8th AT FOR SALE -- Like new 1068 FrlfT iilnirc electric range, 550; BOO Cromwell r«fri pern lor, make cff Phone 834-2446. ALL u.icd but in trood condition, flee trie toaster, .$1.GO; Melmnc dishe iu'rvire for 8, S5 ; electric skillet, $· assorted G pang, |5; 8 quart prc sure cooker, ?8; assortment, bow. and Klasscs, 54; new GE mixer, SB Teflon cupcake pan, cookie shee nml flour sifter, $4; Phone 353-895' USED FURNITURE Store now open daily 9-5. Con sign m en t auction every Thurs 7. P.M. Fabers Auction, Appliance and Furniture Co, Evans, Colo. SAVE HALF AND GET BETTER 'FURNITURE W« make a Pull Line of UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE which in unconditionally Guaranteed FOREVER Any aervices «TW required on our furniture will nerer coit you anything. Open ereningB and Sundays Jimmi'e Kellie FURNITURE FACTORY ETani. Colo. Money to Loan 31 WE SPECIALIZE IM null WO 81.600. Host collateral acceptable C.F.C. Corp.. in A T «: » llth SL Phone 152-0112. WE LOAN none? -- 1st And Sad Mori- cafe or business. Also BUT 1st an 2nd mortffacea.' Gold-Naiman lnt«il ment Co., fith Are. tad llth 51 Phone 862-0182. , Monay Wanted 32 WANT first mortitniic mi duplex joned lots. Cnll Building Mattrlal !AW sharpeninc. ajl kinds. One day service. Altlre's 818 8 Are. 362-»601 NATIVE much lumber. Good stock "" L " mb " Co " 1St lllh SHOPWORN lumber. Ideal for corrals and many farm nsa. Mnrphr Lum her Co.. 712 Sth St. Boats Supplies 35 MUST SACRIFICE DUB to Illness 1969 Sea Flight S ft. S passenger boat. IfiO H.P. iboard-outboard Mercury en. ine. Fiberglass canopy. Com- lete with lire-jackets, skis, tow- iues, etc. and trailer. :an be seen at Dales Texaco tntion, 16lh Street Sth Ave- ue or iihone owner at 353-7328. Sporting Goods XCELLENT pack hon Call after 5, 352-8008. 35-A for sale. Sporting Goods 35-A 50.06 SPRINGFIELD with 4X scope. 362-6808 evenln»s. ALL your skoetlar ends I Clark's Gun Sh.p. HiHilj. Center. «l-«olt. HUNTING knlYe« aharpeneil . to · inr edie. Alklre, CIS 8th Ave. CLEAN 186C Jei'p, 4 wheel drive ata- lion .walion. Heady for huntiiiK. 858-7677. TWO SpriilBfiold .OS's. Kxcellcnt. Kca- ·onable. Willard Franks. 05C-2C1G, BrigRBdale. GUNSMITH! It tmko skill and full tint att«nUon. 21 yeara experience. See an elo.rt- Alklre, 13 Sth Are. ^HI* end Coolin* 37 PROFESSIONAL Phone »2-84«. ICE MACHINES and I ·nd used. 351-42(2. ift serTtrs, new CLOSE out on furnaces. 140.000 horizontal Lennox. Utility 120.000 up- flow. 2 new Mueller 130.000 counter- flow. One used Mueller 120.000 oil furnace. Central Hentinfr, 1318 7th Ave. Phone 363-0038. SUPERMARKETS.. Good used eauip- menl for sale; refrigerated displar e«MB, w*lk-tn coolers, · frozen food CMS*, fre*c«r food cases, compres. aors, «lc. Thermal Services. 853-5262. Fiuiti and Vegetables 39 MELONS, peppers, 4 miles easl, IV, squash. Honfoe, south of Evans. WESTERN Slope apples. Dale's Market, 1003 6lh SI. 352-0021. FOR SALE -- Home grown tree ripened Jonathan apples by the bushel. 362-6638. Hay, Grain, Feed, Straw 40 PARK har, traded alfalfa. Wis. cedar fence posta. Don Kelly. 852-9491. WANTED lo boy -- 100 tons holed wheat straw. Harry Murphy, Wind- abr, Colorado. 686-2010. FOR SALE -- 90 ton 1st c n t t i n c nl- falfn. Cnll Eldon Keyser, 284-7538 afler 6. WANTED ,-- Corn {ioJda.'-bcct lopj and har atubble pasture. Call 3530886 «raiinirs Livestock 41 WANTED -- Weancr pics. 352-C636 _aflcr 6. I EWES bred lo lamb in November. J36. Call 867-6078. WANTED to buy -- Weancr Phone 363 T 1888. , HORSE shoeing ana trlmminc. Roy Martin. Phone 953-2392. SIGHT wcaninir pips: 2 BOWS with young PJKB. 363-2416. 1AVE pasture for horses. Phone 3529343. NICE black mare. 4 years old. Well broke and Kcntlc. Several nice Kcld- InKs. John Braddy, 1832 K. 17th St. LIVESTOCK spraying 3reeley Cattl. ·nd Tree Spraying. 686-2800 or 352- S900. LIVESTOCK spraylni. Over 20 years exp. Branlner. Phone 686-2800 or 852-8000. SORREL Bflding, 9 years old. Ccnlle for children, alrong for hunlers, $125. Call 362-1688. 'AT hotrs, bred sows, feeders for sale. 6 east, 1 south Cornish. 6562415. INJOY your horse more -- Keep it at Like Arrownead Slables. Plenlj of room to ride. Come see our fa-' cililiea. 152-1688. cash prices paid (or Iresh, .lead or disabled cows, , horaes, hides and pelts. Weld County Bi-Products Call Collect 362-1788 012 N. llth Ave., Greeley, Colo. WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Horses or Cows For Reward Ph. 353-0929 24 Hour Service EVANS BI-PHODUCTS CO. Horse Sale Oct. 14 Tack at 5 p.m. Horses at 7 p.m.. Longmont Livestock Comm. 10 South Main 776-2116 Poultry 42 TEWING hens, 2767. 50c each. Cn Pet Stock 43 ItTISTIC. Poodle grooming. Puppis nnd Toy slud. 352-3436. KC Toy Poodi^l, $50 up. 2640 13lh Ave. after B. HREE beautiful toy Dachshund Puppies for sale. R3-I-2R94. 3UR weeks old 363-5244. Livestock 41 Livestock 41 2600 So. Sth Ave. Ph. 352-5441 Jnpainted chests, desks, benches, chairs, gun cabinets, etc _ _... Save ; Used Mediterranean double dresser, chest and bed. $ 99.95 Bunk Beds, Complete 1 EXPERIENCED STOCK CLERK Local factory, needs stock clerk experienced in inventory, control, receiving and expediting parts for as- sembly'work. 40 hour .week, vacation, fringe benefits. , V , Reply in own handwriting giving age, experience and i . education to Box Z-21, c/o Tribune. businesses. Cl'A references. Can lie bonded. Want to locale in (Jrceley permanently. Snlnry open Female - Sini;l« 353-7318 Cuitom Work 11 CUSTOM plowing. ' Phone 588-2108. CUSTOM corn combining, bin machine. Harold Undents. 352-754G. M A N U R E haulinc. aprcndiiur. plow- InR, truckinB. J. Hcrnhnrdt. 3fi2-fi937. CUSTOM bean combining. Phone «(«- 2951 or 686.21(7. CUSTOM corn combinhik-. SO Inch mwi.. 352-3534. CUSTOM plowing and mulching. Hr.2- 34SS. CORN i-ombinloK. 3 or 4 rows. 3524761 : 587-2069. B343: 437-2311. TRENCHING. Central Trenching and lioring Co. 352.4864. TRENCHING, dilch cieaninc and lee,-h lines. TMS4-r,2!U. Schacffer' DiitBer Service. CUSTOM weed mowing, yard and sar- den. rototllling and leveling. 352- f i » l f ; 8S2-3758: S9^-221?. CORN harvesting, high moisture and pickiric. 3 rows. Phone 362-4041, Rill Naughton. P O R T R A I T in oil color from your snapshot or other photo. $1. 353.8327. F I R E W O O D . Dry sensoiuil pine. Free delivery. 353-8980. evenings. C H A I N siiw for sale. 2619 west 16th St. :l5.'l.?742. NEW aacka for .ale. tj«uk«l tad hemmed. Call 862-4418. H I G H L A N D Aquarlnm Shop. 1801 ICth AY.. 862.0JM. 1 to * p.m. K I R R Y Sale* and Serrlee at Bnmltr'a Floor ToTering. 1831 »th St. WANTED CLEAN COTTON RAGS 5c Pound Oreelej Tribune Going .Overseas Will Sacrifice l!)f9 MaKnavox television with mahogany stand. Used 3 months. Ilrand new 1969 30-30 Winchester repeater rifle with rifle case. 352-4121 Ext. 625 2 Twin beds _ __. Used Danish Sofa _ _... Small Oil Heater with Tank 4 Piece Deluxe Bedroom Set Used black and white TV combination _ Used sofa bed and chair - Lined draperies: 72 by 64 inches · 96 by ' 6 4 inches '. · · . : 72 by 64 inches · 96 by 84 inches ' 48' by 64 inches .. . OPEN EVENINGS TIL 8: P L E N T Y 0 F . n R F R E E P A R K I N G . A FREE DELIVERY -,-..: ? 89.95 --' $ 49.95 ? 19.95 $12995' $ 99.95 $ 69 95 ' · · - . - ' -...Save , $S$ 30 T V E O U T N D S A V E FARMER -- RANCHER · I LIVESTOCK COMMISSION CO. | Ft. Collins, Colo., 482-6207 I Thursday/Get. 9th, 10:00 A.M. ' f 75 White face steers, 700 Ibs. Laramie, Wyo. [ 70 Yearling- steers heifers, 700-750 Ibs. \ Centennial, Wyo. - . · " I 60 Angus steers heifers, 400 Ibs. Livermore, i Colo. · | 150 Yearling steers, 650 Ibs. Garrett, Wyo. ! 50 Bred 2-year-old heifers, 800 Ibs. Garrett, Wyo. j 35 Mixed steers heifers, 300-350 Ibs. Ft. I Collins, Colo. I 12 White face cows. Ft. Collins. I 15 Angus steers heifers, 400 Ibs. Ft. Collins, i Colo. . . . i 5 Cow and Calf pairs. Ft- Collins, Colo. " f 66 White face steers, 650 Ibs. -Walden, Colo.' I 46 Angus steers heifers, 450 Ibs., Boulder i Colo. - · · - . . · ' . I | 155 White face 'heifers, 600 Ibs., Laramie, Wyo. I 35 White face., short term cows. Jelm, Wyo. I 18 Mixed Cattle, Ft. Collins, Colo. ' ' . I '50 'White, face steers.- 4UO-500 Ibs. Hudson, Colo, f 15 -Angus,steers heifers, 375-400 Ibs., Hudson, I Colo. · · _ | i 184 White face and Angus steers. Virginia Dale i 1 Colo. | · ' SHEEP ' I 650 Lambs. Cheyenne, Wyo. I

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