Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 8, 1957 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
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Saturday, June 8, 1957
Page 20
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Page 10 GREELEY TRIBUNE Saturday, June 8," 19371 funeral Resolution Asks Govt. To Reconsider Girard Being Tried by Japan By J O H N A. H A R R I S Girard, spoke to W i l l i a m hy trie- W A S H I N G T O N * -Iti-p- "aley ,,,,,,,, itom O l l a v , a Fri(|ay a n d ( D - H a ) has a rcsolu- , 0 | U h j | n : .. Ym| a r c a n a l l o n a , t;on u r g i n g lhc a d m i n i s t r a t i o n in:i, c r o ul t |, c vyes ut Ull . Amercan reconsider H-, decision in allow peopi,.- 1ullis a | so ,,,.,,,,,, William A r m y Spei-ialM .1 (,. W i l l i a m S. ,,, d(Mly j a p ani . sl . jurisdiclion in Girard to be tried by J a p a n e s e a u - ,,,,, ( . flsc flnd ,,, fir( . , |is J a p a n C 6 C """'"" !s - . lawyer, Il.suro l l a y n h i . The r.-solulMin. .f a d o p t e d , would , S a t u r d ; i v ,, lc , 0 | c | i( , r a n n o u n c c l l nnl hc hindin.v. II wmild represent;,,,. ,,.,,, dismissed l l i - y a s h i . only an expression nl House senll in the rail- nf Hie 21-year-old O t t a w a . 111. soldier accused in l h c ; clcalh of a woman. T h e ! r a ^ r ha.s .iroii.-cit considerable eon-: l r f t v c r y in Congress and else-1 U'l'.erc. ! .\lcanwliilr 1 , tmvjispenplr in Ot. | ta'.va were raising a f u n d in l h c : CM's b e h a l f , and a cili/.ens' c o m - , m i t l c c a r r a n g e d tn l!y here 1 M o n - l day lo prolcsl f o r m a l l y the. gov- j c r n m p n t decision lo allow the s n l - 1 dier lo he tried by t h e J a p a n e s e p r a t h e r t h a n before a 11 Zoli Cabinet Gains Approval by Slim Margin Funeral services for J. Merlon Gross, above, of No. 34 I'ark Place aparlmcnls will be held at 2 o'clock d r a w i n g room, with intcnnenl at , inn Grove-, Gross, a lon« lime ri'S idcnl of the Grecley c o m m u n i t y , died Thursday night al Weld Counly General hospital, lie farmed no Contract To Be Signed To Avert Aircad Walkout EUB Pastor Sunday A reception will be held in the '. c " ir n ° J " r ' l/p -- f r e m i e r Adone Zoli year ago (lie spring he worked for ... s. m m ; w n n fin!1 | p a r l i a m e n t a r y approval! lhc Colorado Employment Service r a i d Shimiuscn t n - N . . I . ) | Ihc " u l l i m a l c for his new one-parly ; here. Photo hy nnrhcr sludin. ,. . , , , . I minority g o v e r n m e n t . I I-nclay Ihc " u l t i m a t e r e - : I|c st|ucc/( , d t h r n U B h , vnl(! ,,, | H i i m s i h i l i l y for Ihe dmsimi ri'»ls | Pnnr | ( | cncc in , h c chamber of | with resident Eisenhower. Rep. | ,, ,,,, a[lcr 1G l( , nM , h n| Bow ( n - O h i n ) c o n t e n d s someone dchal[ , ,,, whi( , h u d h(1 below cabinet r a n k made Ihc dc! l n i ( , h t h a v c ,,, rcsisn or bccom( , c ' = ."" 1 , 1 . ... ,. . . . . . . . !lhc first I t a l i a n premier since Ihe In 1-jOinsv.lP, K y M'l.lay n . s h l , j w a r ,,, irc [ascisl b a c k i ,,, Ken. Norton ( I l - k y ) said hc t h i n k s 1^^ a f [ \ c c J a p a n should be allowed to Iry Gil'anl. Americans, hu f i d d t i l , innsl pel over t h e i r "adolescence" nnd "he adult" a n n u l the case. Dili Itep. Miller (H-Nob) said "il is imporl.ini I b n l we exlcnd lo the American boys the prolcc- lion of lhc flaR and Ibc Conslilu- llon when serving in these fnrcifjn connlries." At C a m p Girard denied Ihat he cnliccd lhc woman s c r a p collc-elor -- Mrs. N a k a Sakni, 4G -- onlo a firing ranpc hcfore a blank rifle cartridge from a grcnnric launcher. Girard snid Hie shoolinR lasl J a n , 3(1 was accidental. The soldier's brolhcr, Louis WhiUinglon, J a p a n , Navy's Fastest Plane Explodes G R A N D P K A I I U E , Tex. Ml -- A Navy fighlcr,-billed at the world's fastest n a v a l plane, exploded and crashed, killing its pilot Friday in f u l l view of a group of visiting n a v a l a v i a l i n n cnclets. It narrowly mis?cri h e a v i l y populated sections of the metropolitan Dallas area. The F8U-1 Crusader Innk off from and made a low -pass over Hcuslcy N a v a l Air Slalion just before Ihe. explosion. The body of tho lesl pilnl, James Huckner, .11. of Dallas, was found in shallow back walcrs of the swollen Trinily llivcr. Buckner was lo have, made a high speed pass over Iho field for the benefit of the visiting cadets. Bolh Ihc N a v y and Ihc company launched investigations. Confident Ranchers and Sportsmen Will Settle Difficulties GI.ENWOOn S P R I N G S UV-Legislators appearing at the Colorado Cattlemen's Assn. convention Frid a y expressed confidence a solu- lion will be reached e v e n t u a l l y In Ihe r a n c h e r - s p o r t s m a n controversy over private lands. Members of a legislative interim cnmmiltcc nn eminent domain look p a r t in a panel discussion nl the convention and later conducted a public hearing. Rep. Charles Conklin of Delia. House speaker, said Ihe committee is h o l d i n g a scries of mcclings tn d e t e r m i n e /tiluro l e g i s l a t i v e ac- tinn on a proposal Ihat the Slale G a m e Fish Dcpl. be given Ihe right lo condemn private properly for public usr. However, a r o m m i t l e e member. Zoli won .'ins .voles--282 from his Christian Democrat Parly and Ihe monarchist, The ulher 23 came from the Italian Social M o v e m e n t , Ihc heirs nf Benilo Mussolini's Fascisl Party. The required majority was 281. TLTELO. C=!D. '*! ihat erases the threat of an Iran- workers strike in southern Colorado was expected lo be signed Salurday by union and contractors' representatives. The agreement, reached al an emergency session here Friday night, provider; a 15-ccnl hourly wage increase now and 15 cents more next June 1. The basic sal- j a r y was $3 an hour, plus 7'.-i cenu in fringe benefits. Officials at the Air force Academy in Colorado Springs mid an Ironworkers' strike, which had been scheduled for Monday, would have paralyzed construction at Ihe academy site, now in Ihe steel erec- iion and reinforcing stage. Howard E. Whitlock Jr. 6i Pueblo, chief negotiator for the con- said Ihe terms were | agreed on by the Colorado Springs Division, Associated Building Contractors of Pueblo. They were Ihen presented to Jack Saner of Florence, business agent for Ironworkers Local 750, and Jack M c K e a n of Salt Lake City, international representative, who accepted. The old contract expired May 31 and a strike deadline was set June 1. Workers continued on their nobs, pending the oulcome of ne- Icolialions. Afler a lasl dilch meel- |ing Wednesday, negotiations ap- parcnlly had broken down and Saner said lhc union men would not show up for Ihcir jobs Mon- .day. WASHINGTON i^-A plane car- The new agrccmcnl will affccl J social room of the HUB church Sunday evening at 8:30 o'clock for the Flev. Chirks E. D'Arcy, new | pastor of the Greeley · Ocgood Evangelical United B r e t h r e n church, and his f a m i l y . All mtmbtr: sad friends ·! thr! Dr. Donaldson Will Address Ixflibil 3| cheysnnc First Assembly Dr. CM.-M W. Dor ·nl Kersey for many years. ; moved lo Greeley in 1912. U n t i l a Crippled Plane Lands Safely with Dulles Billy Graham'!; Proteslant-spon-l sored New York crusade says numerous persons of Roman Catholic background and some of : background art among those making " d e c i s i o n s f i r Christ." Although the vasl majority of (hose m a k i n g "decisions f o r cslanl antecedents, the Rev. Dr. Theodore Taylor, a crusade official, said a "significant number" were reard as Catholics, and a "very few' 'as Jews. So far, in 24 nights, 14,665 persons have stepped forward at Graham's urging to "receive Christ"--7G3 of them Friday night. About 19,000 people--hundreds of Lhcm standing--packed Madison Square Garden (or Friday night's ervice. Roman Catholic leaders have advised Catholics not to attend Ihe Protestant-run meetings. Tying Secretary of Stale Dulles lost several other major construction » H ·*«"» " orlc * Ft ' .nd Southern Leader for GOP Selected WASHINGTON Ml -- The While Mouse inadvertently scooped Ihe Nalional Republican Cpmmillec Saturday on an' appointment the commillee planned to announce next week -- Ihat of 1. Lcc Pollcr, of Arlington, Va.. lo push a GOP drive in Ihe once Democratic "solid South." Toiler's new lille will be "special assislant lo the c h a i r m a n (Mcadc Alcorn) [or Ihe Republican parly of the Soulh." Pollcr, Virginia Republican stale chairman, Is now director of personnel for the national committee. He also has been dealing wilh southern party matters. Alcorn told newsmen on Thursday that a southern direclor had been chosen, hut hc said hc wanted lo delay announcing Ihe name unlil he had talked the mailer over with President Eisenhower. France Likely Gets Premier P A R I S Ifll -- Maurice Bouvges- iMaunoury, 42-year-old d e f e n s e minisler under Premier Guy Mollet, Salurday. was considered al- mnsl a cinch lo succeed Ihe Socialist leader as head of the French government. The Radical-Socialist -- which reiiily mciins middlc-roadcr--vir- tually sewed the job up when a Socialist Party caucus voted In parlicipaln in a Bourgcs-Maunoury roalilion government Several olh- er parlies, notably lhc Popular Republican Movement, look a similar position. Defense ministry sources said urday bul lhc pilol landed I h e l i h e Glockner-Penrose Hospital in Vnling againsl him were 255 ^ ov ? r !rom one of ils ' 11WO cn sines projects in southern Colorado, in- deputies, mostly Communists and ''"' members of Italy's lwo Socialist parties. Eleven depulics abstained. The vole ended n month and a day of political crisis in Italy, brought aboul by the resignation nf lhc four-parly coalition nf former Premier Antonio Segni. plane safely. Because of the engine failure (he military craft set down at Ana- coslia N a v a l Air Slaiion, instead of Airport across lhc Po- Lomac River. | Colorado Springs. More labor Lrouole was brewing at Ihe Air Force Academy, how Ed R. Nelson, business agent of the Colorado Springs Building and The Navy pilol, Cmdr. Waller I Construction T r a d e s Council, · ~ · wrote to about 35 general con- M c R u i r c , 41, said: "Instead of risking crossing the river, i turned in on this side, and landed at Anacoslia. You don't lake chances when you h a v c the secretary of stale aboard." Dulles laughed off Ihc whole incident. He lold newsmen he did nol even know anything wns wrong unlil the plane had landed safely at Anacoslia. The secretary was 'returning from a closed door speech in New York City Friday night before the Council on Foreign Relalions. Dulles' plane already had been cleared for a landing at N a t i o n a l Airport. SlMc Dcpl. officials and newsmen, walling there, watched wide-eyed as Dulles' plane, lowering for a landing, suddenly began trailing a long Hack and brown wisp of smoke from its right engine. They s a w . t h e plane veer lo Ihe right, ralhcr lhan conlinuc in ils lefUiand circle which would have broughl il tn Ihe National Airport runway. As the plane set down at the Anacoslia field, a big puff of smoke burst from Ihe engine. tractors at the site, m construction workers June 27 unless whal he termed adequate ambulance and medical services are provided at the project. Brewery Union Offers New Negotiating Group GOLDEN - The Brewery workers Union has offered to obtain a new bargaining committee Claims Votes To Upset Jury Trial Provision WASHINGTON iri A supporter of civil righls legislation said Saturday t h a t "as of now we have Hie votes" lo defeat - a southern- backed jury trial amendment. This estimate by Rep. Boiling (D-Mo) contrast with southern claims and comes after hints of a rifi in Democratic ranks outside the Soulh over a letter writ- Icn lo olher members of Congress by Rep. Powell (D-NY). flep. Wayne ..Hays (D-Ohio) denounced Ihe letter as "scurrilous" in a House speech Friday. He said it came close lo persuading him to vote for the jury trial amendment. Hays sharply crili- cizetl Powell, a Negro, as one who would set Negro citizens against lo help end a 46-day-old'slrike al p owe i|' s 1 e 11 P , r sa id Negro Ihe Coors Brewery in Golden. voters were wondering iif some The offer was made in a tele- g r a m to Coors 1'rcsident Bill Coors Friday from Karl F. Fellers of Cincinnati, Ohio, inlcrna- northern Democrats had to ordfirs from "middlemen take who serve the while citizens' coun- Dnurgcs-Maunoury would fi" hc-|pickcling orders because of what fore P a r l i n m e n t Tuesday or he termed "unladylike conduct" iona) president of Ihe union. Fel-| Bo i ling 5nid lha , wni | c the )ctter lers said he would come lo Golden | undoubtedly irritated many mem- lo lead lhc nc.gotialions If Coors hers "I don't think il changed any Ihoughl it would help. minds " Coors said hc was considering The' Missourian said there is Fellers suggestion and would re- D | cnlv nf [ime for mfmhfrf ,,, ply early next week. Meanwhile, Jefferson County Sheriff Art Wermuth issued stricl TIrp. M a r r y Johns of Hygiene, said the dep.irlmenl already has the right lo obtain righls-of-way j tlirouph p r i v a t e properly hy pri- v a t e treaty. ilrp. H o w a r d Shnlls nf Grand .Tunrlion said i n v e s t i g a l i n n has shown t h a t mnsl of t h e Iroulilc he- Wednesday wilh a formal demand for confidence. BoiirBcs-Maunonrv is known for his "lough" altitude toward Ihc i Algerian rebellion and his "sound" money record as f i n a n c e minister. Howard Murray*! JP Court Sam Schlagcl nf easl of Kersey, shnrl check, $40 and cosls and rcslilution of $60. Donald Fnos, 18, of fireelcy, pcl- ly larceny in conncclion wilh theft wives and other lemale rel- b costs and rcslilulion and GO days in jail. J u d g e M u r r a y suspended Iwccn ranchers and sportsmen j of 52.50 worth of gasoline, $10 and ha.s hern Ciiusp.'i by a small ma- j o r i t y m h u n t e r s and fishermen. C a t t l e m e n i h s l five m i n u l e ? ' carelessness by : .Tgreetl nol to apply a h u n l e r or f i s h e r m a n could cause ! license for six months, fever.-) days work (or a rancher, j Adalherlo Gonsalcz, F.luterin Cer- by alives of striking workers. Aboul TOO women formed lines around lhc plant's Ihree gales and harassed nonsfrikers passing Friday morning. Wermiilh broke up lhc demons t r a t i o n al 8:HO a.m., but told Ihe women Ihey could assemble a g a i n Salurday if they "wanted lo let off some steam." plenty of time for members to change Ihcir minds before the vote on the jury trial amendment, expected about Thursday. But he added _ Ihat if il were possible U _ vole now. the amendment would Southerners contend the bill, by providing the injunction procedure for civil rights enfo Graham Group f*t * ii nil Claims It Wins Jews, Catholics two churches are invited to call, eight years direclor of the outdoor education camp conducted by the. Tyler, Texas, public schools and who is directing the two-weeks workshop in outdoor education at i Sylvan Dale during the first two weeks of the CSCE s u m m e r school, will be the speaker al the first milliner school assembly Monday night al o'clock at the Harden Theater. His subject will be "School Camping, What It Is and Why." Dr. Donaldson is one of the ! nation's most active proponents of NEW YORK Ifl -- An official of i outdoor education. | Artists living in Wyoming, Ne- fbraska and Colorado are invited 'to submil Iheif painUnRs for com- f petition in Ihe tri-slale exhibit j which will be held in Ihe Cheyenne Soviet Scores Pauling Quiz MOSCOW Ifl - Pravda declared Saturday "no subversive organization" is behind Dr. Linus Paul- Soviet Communist party ing. The newspaper defended the Nobel prize winning California biochemist who faces questioning hy the U. S. Senate Internal Security-Subcommittee about a protest by himself and some 2,00^) other scien- tisls against hydrogen bomb testing. The subcommittee, headed by Sen. Easlland (D-Miss), issued a subpoena T h u r s d a y directing Pauling to appear before it at a public hearing in Washington June 18. Pravda said the chairman of "the notorious senate subcommittee on home security" and his assistants "will torment Pauling behind closed doors in the next few days and chastise him publicly June 18." "Why have McCarthy's heirs chosen Linus Pauling as an object of their bad jokes?" the Communist newspaper asked. "The real reason is no secret board. He consireded it a sacred duty of'scientists to warn the public about the dangers of nuclear tests. Pauling's 'crime' does not end there. He initialed a collection of signatures among scientists petitioning an end to nuclear tests. "A vague hint from the White House that there probably was 'some kind of organization' behind the .scientists who signed the petition served as a signal for action by Eastland's subcommittee. "Banal staging by Washington inquisitors is direct proof of the fear that the high priests of the atomic bomb experience before the growing movement in the United States for banning thermonuclear weapon tests "Behind Pauling stands no subversive organization but plain farmers from Iowa state, parents and teachers from Cincinnati and the 2,000 scientists who cigned Hie petition." Colorado Child Killed in Kansas Farm Wreck DODGE CITY, Kan. A 10- Proponenls of the measure say the injunction feature is no different from the provisions of many olher federal laws and Ihat it lakes away nn righls that exist . , . , , . . . l i t I.IIM:I- r t w r t y nil lifting L n w t exiSL rescinded this permission nnw Somc a r g u e ,,,,, , h a l , jury Friday evening, however, a f l r r his office received more lhan 20 i . t r i a l requirement would mean no died Friday night of injuries suffered in a farm accident. The boy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Miller, was visiting at the farm home of his grandparents, Hc has been a guest lecturer on the suhjccl at all of the Texas Stale Colleges under the sponsorship of the Hogg Foundation of the Uni- Eniry cards and exhihil rules may be obtained from the Chey enne Artists Guild, 112 Easl Eighth avenue, Cheyenne. Deadline for entry cards is June 11. The tri-stajc exhibit will be confined lo original work of amalcui- and professional artists in oils, v,'flier tillers and pasiels. Prizes ut over $500 will be given for paini- ings in traditional and modern ciassificalions. Emil Blsitram will judge Ihe tri- state exhibit this year. He has extensive experience in many fields nf a r t . ' A t present, he is operating his own school in laos, N. M. The exhibit will be open lo Ihe vcrsily of. Texas. For four sum- 11- mcrs he conducted outdoor etiac?-J .. lion workshops at Sul Ross State College at Alpine, Texas. For four years hc was direclor of (he school camping program of Ihe Battle Creek, Mich, public schools and the Kellogg Foundation. He was director.of the dem- onslralion school of the SLile Teachers College al Trcnlon, N. J. for four years while he held Ihe rank of associate professor of education. His experience also includes Ihree years as principal of the Uni- versily of Georgia demonstration schools. His bachelor of science in education degree is from Georgia Teachers College, while his master of arts and doctor of education degrees are from Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Donaldson is in wide demand as a consultant in outdoor education and has served in lhal ca- public starting July 14, until Aug. pacity at New Castle, Ind.; Dearborn, Mich.; Cleveland, 0.; Florida Slale Department of Education; Austin, Tex.; Mobile county, Alabama; Southwest Texas Stale College at San Marcos; Beaumont, Tex.; Cleburne, Tex.; the Texas 4-H clubs and the city of Jacksonville, Tex. Dr. Donaldson is a member of the national camping committee of Camp Fire Girls, Inc.; past member of the board of directors of the A'merican Camping Association; member of the president's committee on physical fitness of t h e American Association f o r Health, Physical Educalion and Recreation, a member of Ihe school camping commiltee of the American Camping Association. He is the author of the book, School Camping, published by the Association Press, New York City in 1952 as well as some 30 articles for periodicals, bulletins and yearbooks. Dozen Nations Want American Farm Surpluses WASHINGTON Ifl - Nearly a dozen c o u n t r i e s are reported eagerly waiting for Congress 'to allow the Eisenhower administration lo sell another billion dollars in surplus f a r m products for foreign currencies. Poland, Spain and Israel arc understood to ' be pressing the State Dept. for such assistance in overcoming' serious food shortages. Italy, Pakistan, Japan, . India, Yugolavia and olher Asiatic and Middle East nations also arc said lo have made it .known they want some of the U. S. farm products as soon as they become available. Tliree -billion dollars in such agricultural eommodities including wheat, cotlon, fats and oils, soybeans and dairy products, have been sold to friendly n a - t i o n s under special arrangement during the past 2W years. The sales have been for local currency instead of scarce dollars under the administration's program of reducing huge slocks of surplus commodi- lies accumulated in government farm price "support operations. The House h a s sidetracked j temporarily a bill lo authorize the I administration to dip into its] stockpile for disposal abroad of another billion dollars of surplus i 17 New TB Cases Found in Counly During Last Year Seventeen new cases of tuberculosis were discovered in Weld county in 1956, bringing to 87 the total known cases in Ihe county, Ihe Weld county health deparl- irent reports. Five new cases of aclive disease wilh positive sputum were discoy- ered during December alone. As was Ihe procedure in the discovery of other new cases, the contacts who could be localed were put under medical observation or referred to olher health jurisdictions. Out of the 87 known cases at the end of the year, 43 were known active; 25 arrested; 9 aclive at home; 9 in' sanatoria and one with activity unknown, Nursing visits by the department to tuberculosis palients during the year number 211 for 64 patients. There were 880 nursing visits to contacts. Because high percentages of the nation's population over the'past years have been immunized against smallpox and diphtheria, the health department reports, these diseases have been eliminated almost completely in this country. "Immunization must be kept high lo prevent epidemics; therefore, immunizations .continue to be an important part of public health service. "Since so many chldren in Weld county schools have not been protected against smallpox, diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus in infancy and pre-school years when the incidence is highest and the consequences most severe, 4,159 immunizations were given in schools in 1956," the department adds in its 1956 annual report. Included were 2,640 smallpox vaccinations, 511 diphtheria series; 141 diphtheria boosters and 14 tetanus shots. These were given to pre-school children a£ school clinics; the child health conference and school-age children at schools. Nurses of tho health department made 91 home visits to 53 patients with communicable disease and to their contacts. Most of these had infectious hepatitis, scarlet fever and streptococcus throat infections. In addition, 1 31 visits were wade to veneral disease cases and their contacts. Summer Mixed League Starts At Bowlorado -The Summer Mixed teacup opened the siummer league bowling season Thursday at Ihe Bowlorado lanes with several top men ind women howlers forming the 10- team league. Sponsors haven't been named for the teams. For the first few Thursday Ihe teams will go by numbers. Each team is composed n( lwo guys and lwo gals, Teams One anrj Four f scorcd four points in the opening round to take tha league lead. Team Ten look three points to team Nine's one. Teams Five and Six split four points as did teams Seven and Eight. 'Teams Two and,Three lost all four points. Ttolling the top series among Ihe gals were Bernice Breeden, 500; Janet Newhm, 486, and Wills Anderson.' Janet -Nen'Ion - scored 4h» best game, 190, followed by Bernica Brccdcn, 181, and' Willa Anderson, 176. Jim Conlin topped the men wilh a 198 game and 558 series. Duke Schmidt rolled a 189 game and 532 series. Rich Schmidt scored a 512 series. Wally Short had (he third besl game, 182. Mirriagt LiceniM Halph G. Nash of Del Norte end Janettc I. Teeters of Greeley. Harold Burgette Morehead and Rita Ann Hagert, both of Greeley. Thomas Ellsworth Evans of Casper, Wyo., and Helen Nadine Johnson of Longmont. Myrl Fred Korgan of La Salle and Lynda Fay Haley of Kersey. Paul Leroy Gibbons and Myrna June Wilson, both of Greeley. David Guy Clarkson and Dorothy Joan Croissant, both of Greeley. William Dale Lesser and Janice Darlene Kaneff, both of Milliken. Meeker Youlh Killed in Motorcycle Collision POCOMOKE CITY, Md. Un-Two teenagers riding on a motorcycle were killed Friday night when Ihcir vehicle collided with a car on U, S. Highway 13 three miles north of here. State police said the driver o( the motorcycle, Norman F. Russell, 18, of Route 1, Schuylerville, N. Y., suffered a broken neck. They said the other victim, 19- year-old Warren P. Roberts of Meeker, Colo., was seated on the rear of the motorcycle. Both were pronounced dead at the scene by Dr. R. H. Johnson, Somerset county medics] examiner. Investigating officers said the car was driven by Robert L. BeU, 31, of Keller, Va. Bell was charged with improper passing and other charges are pending. Stale police said that Bell's car was traveling south and passed another southbound car, apparent-. ly colliding headon with the motorcycle which was traveling north. Both Vehicles were demolished. . " . Isaac Swope Dies NEWTON, Mass. Wi -- Tjaac G. Swope, 54, son of Gerard Swope, retired president of General Electric Co., a nephew of Herbert Bayard Swope, and a research electrical engineer connected with thi Lincoln laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, died Monday. He was born in St. Louis. I N M E M O R I A M YECK In loving memory of Miles 0. Yeck who passed away three years ago^ June 9, 1954. But I would not have you to be Ignorant, brethren,, concerning them which are asleep, thai ye sorrow not, even as olberfl ·which have no hope. For IT we helisve that .leans died and roee again, even BO /them also which nleap jn Jesua will God bring with Him. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unlo tha coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For tho Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a about, with the voioo o[ tho archangel, and with the trump of God: and. the dead in Christ^hall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain nhflll na caught up together with thp.m in the clouds, to moot the Lord In the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. I ThessaJonlans 13-17 Children and Grandchildren phdne calls From women during ! cnforccmrnl in Ihe south. lhc day in which Wcrmulh s a i d ' Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Miller, 20 products. The Senalc.has passed miles southeast of here. Kc was pinned between a tractor and a truck. 'n said at t h e hearing (ho jail sentence when young Fons I iL n c " s , wcre , 'f s a , ,nim,,,«- carders by ; agreed nnl ,,, apply Tor , driver's ^ ^ SM^'a^mnrning b,, ;sonn dispersed when lold there il j d v c r b a " y -' C3FS Collide Id City cd nCaT ' h c ; ' Hubert .Schnfrr of Boycro, Colo., was circled president of the a s = n c i s l i n n . tlnhlTl Parsons, Wes- vanlcs, Lupc Ccrvanlcs and Clco- (as Oucrra Modriqucz, all Texas heel workers, disturbance, S25 a n d i j a v niuhi - ' would hc no demonslrnlion. These rcporlcdly were persons who could nnl hc reached by telephone Frl- delegation con- , , a v n u a n r i « n « ? i m , , ,,,,,, ion: Dick Jonrs, Y a m p a , and J a c k i - cotl , and fin days in-J.i. each, wilh ^rcd w i t h S eriff Werm h ttadlow. W h i t e w a t e r , were chosen :. 1n d a y s of jail sentence, lo be sus- w»r mu tii =-H = rtpip.-.iTM r . " « P " ; ' * ; n l s - i l n ( l o » ' l M TM l - K i - ! p r n d r H on p a y m e n t of fine and ] ls wom(ln ^M his' home'' d^ o w f l , i r r a ^ u r r r . ; r n c i c i ( u _ _____ :_- ___ i i.u i_- _ .1. .. Stork Express Born · costs. I I Polio Court | Rudy Trujilln of 910 C I drnnk driving, $141. ] l h c evening and lold him Ihey i were "calling nit lhc girls." Wer- A 19M Chcvrolel 2-door drivr-n hy Perry .1. Carlson of 2015 Fifth avenue was damaged SI00 and a 1936 Chevrolet 4-door driven by Mrs. Ellen I.. Robinson of !)24 Thirteenth street $20 in a collision on , [Thirteenth slrrct 200 feet east nf Tenth avenue about' 12:iu p.m. Friday, police reported. Carlson was traveling cast on Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Goncficin J. Olivas of !U6 T h i r - | i n g flO summons in his car in case Iccnlh sired, d r u n k , $13,50 Zc.ller of Hell G a r d e n s , Calif., d a u g h t e r F r i d a y , June 7, in a Los j Angeles hospital. The baby has been n a m e d Barbara A n n . She weighed 8 pounds and 13 ounces al hinh. Mrs. teller is lhc former Nnrma Elaine Lcssrr. d a u g h t e r of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lesser of Kersey. Paternal grandparcnls. arc Mrs. Williim Ley, 402 N i n t h street, and C a r l ' 7 r l l r r of T.ns Angeles , _. Mrs. Fred Jurgons of Fort Collins I drunk driving and leaving scene I m i i l h said the delegation thanked | Thirteenth slreel. Mrs. Robinson s t r e e t , ! h i m for his patience. | p u l l i n g »way from Ihe south curb The sheriff said hc was carry-! 0 ' t n c slrcct - Carlson applied his · · · machine's brakes when he saw Ihe woman's machine moving in front nf him hut was unable, to avoid the lhc women continued to use vile [language against- his officers or D. F. Math«ion'i JP Court himself or violated (he Golden Paul P. Blake of Orchard, drunk driving, $125 and cosls; dislurb- ancc, $25 and cosls. Willard Uhrich, 42, of Grcclcy, confidence game, hound over (or trial in district court with bond set a j. $1,500. Max ' P. Pabecker of Denver, is a great grandmolhcr. I of accident, $150 and cosli. I accident. Mrs. Robinson was charged wilh careless driving hy Police Officer Warren Adams, who ivestigatcd. picketing ordinance.. This limits pickets to Ihrcc at one gale and lo six- during shift changes. W c r m u l h said he couldn't blame lhv women (or wanting to let o f f ; T c n n i s Leader Dies ,,}'("nlo^rto '" steam, j ri\r. claim* "After all, if your husband's pay ROTTERDAM, Netherlands.i/P -- j j Is cut from Slio a week lo MI.50,! Dsvid Croll, 72, president of the I you're bound to get a little u n - | International Lawn Tennis Feder- Local Market (ClHTICttd to JvtH I) the bill. Wheal, bu. Oals, cwt. Barley Pinto beans, ewt. . Bulterfat A large eggs A medium eggs Heavy hens Heavy Lights Lighl hens -JJ.B2 -J2.10 _S2.nn _|8.00 56c SSc _26c ISc lie arid earn more money on your dollars .;. · · \OTIC'K OP FI\.*I. P A Y J I I ^ T t i n or R f t e r .lnn« 21, I?,iT, i h r r n i . O R A D O D K P A R T M K N T OF H in H W A T S w i l l i n a k c f i n a l my- r r r r n t lo K J. Hfr?nf r of ( i r e H p y . I ' n l n m d o . r o n i r n r n i r ( o r i h « con- S i n n - l i o n oT rolornrto P r o j r r l No. OF 0 0 r i - [ ( m I ' n l t 2, c o n s i s t i n g nf t v i r t r n l n f r r n l l r n n r i o v e r p a s s . I n l n l I nip Hi tap hip O.OPO i n l l f f l , l o r n t f r t on S i n t f H l c h w a y No. 3 n p p r o T l - In TVMd County, v l l h A l M M T O n , happy." lation in 1951-1952, died Friday. : o. H l E h w H y i t . b e f o r e Above M H K 1". VTATROrF, Ctlf'-r F.n- K l n ^ e r . r t ^ p f t r t r o e n t . o f H l K h w R y a . J u n f S. 10, II, 11, II, It. It. I!. It. ISi7. Send check or - .. Phbflc : f«r Focts-iODAY - -33 Years, of Success ' First industrial Bank Bth Avenur at 4th .Street ·:-..-. Greeley,;.'Cjlorado ' · O P E N - D A I L Y ,8:30 s lo 5:30 , ATTENTION, FARMERS! POTATO DUSTING · ALFALFA WEEVIL · WEED SPRAYING · CUTWORMS Call Nolan's for Conlrnl and Free inspection NOLAN'S CROP DUSTERS - Phone 1544-4117

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