Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 20, 1976 · Page 19
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 19

Nampa, Idaho
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Friday, February 20, 1976
Page 19
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Bloodstain provides researcher research chemisl has discovered a new method uf determining a crime suspect's probable se.x. race and even state of health from a tiny blood slam. He now wants lo pin do»;i a suspect's age. lr. Kobi-rl C. Shaler of the University of Pittsburgh Wednesday reported developments in his government- imanced research lo ihe American Academy of Forensic sciences. Shaler laler told 1JPI he is beginning a new project that he hopes will enable him to determine a suspecfs probable age by analyzing bloodstains lefl ill the scene of a crime Richard w. Velde. administrator of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, said Shaler "may be on (he threshold °f a significant discovery in c r i m e i n v e s t i g a t i o n techniques." He said a bloodstain may become one of the most important clues a crime investigator may have. In the research into determining probable sex and race, Shaler said, lie found he could successfully analyze a bloodstain that was eight months old. He summarized his progress in a statement prepared for laymen: "By isolating certain blood characteristics we can theoretically tell an investigator whether he should he looking for a white, black or yellow person; whether the person is male or fomale and if il«. person is taking a drug for medical reasons or if Ihe person is a drug abuser." Shaler said. Shaler said he found Hie same techniques can make probable determinations of Ihe race of rape suspects. Shaler said biological science has too many uncertainties for him to achieve 101) per cent accuracy. However, lie said he believes findings made in an actual criminal investigation would bo adinissable as court evidence if a suspect were arrested and placed on trial. The Shaler research was supervised by Charles Mclner- ney, director of the Pittsburgh- Allegheny County Crime Laboratory, and paid [or by a LEA A grant of $117.000. Livestock, produce N'OHTII SALT LAKE lUPI) - Utah, Idaho and eastern Nevada feedlol and range sales: Live trade rather slow, few sales slaughter steers unchanged, moderate volume of slaughter steers anil heifers consigned on the rail, priced against wholesale dress market. 1,00-2.00 lower than last week. Slaughter steers; several loads mostly choice. 1.100-1.125 Ib. 40.DO- ·11.1)11, bulk high good mostly choice. 1.0751.150 Hi. sold in the beef. Slaughter heifers, few loads high good mostly choice. 950- l.WDlb. sold in the beef. Slaughter cows, utility and commercial feedlol cows sold in the beef 1'OICI'I.AND H'PJ) iL'SDA) -- Weekly livestock: Cattle and calves 700. Slaughter cows mostly 1.00 higher. Steers few standard- mostly good Holsteins 1030-1300 Ib 3-1.0038.00. Slaughter cows fe»- standard 30.00- :H.OO. I'tility-cotnmcrcia! 26.00-30.25. Bulls 1400-1700 Ib 33.iHi-:i3.(W. Few good-choice slaughter calves 200-600 Ib 31.00-38.00. Feeder steers choice fleshy 850-950 Ib 39.7540.75. Feeder heifers few head mostly choice :I50«0 Ib 30.00-33.00. Sheep 100. Supply mostly feeder lambs. Two lots choice-fancy 68-bO Ib 50.00. lot 100 Ib 45.00 Hogs 23. Few barrows nd gilts steady lo 50 higher. I S. 1-3 210-220 Ib 51.00-5L20. OGPF.N ilTIi - Grain: No. 1 hard winter wheat ;).48 IHI No. II) protein wheat 3.18 bu. No II protein wheat 3.48 bu. No. 12 protein wheat 3.C8 bu. No. 13 protein wheat 4.08 bu. No. 1 white wheat 3.43 bu. No. 2 barley 5.10 cwl. Total 18 cars. 13 wheat, 5 barlev DENVER (UPH - drain: No. I hard winter wheat 5.55 cwl. No. 2 yellow corn 4.80-4.85 cwl. No I barley 4.35-4.6D cwt. IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (UI'I) Potatoes: southern and eastern Idnhn, demand for mesh 10's moderate, count cartons light: market about steady; Russets. U. S. No. One. 2 in. or 4 oz. min.. 10 ll. mesh sacks, non size A. 8.00-8.50. mostly H.5U: 50 Ib. cartons, 80-100 count. 11.00-11.50: 100 Hi. sacks. si« A. and non size A. loo few sales lo quote: 10 oz. min., 8.50-8.75: U. S. No, Two's. 4.00, few 4.25. Onions: western Idaho and Malheur County. Ore., demand very light, market slightly lower: prices represent very few snips: some orders bunked open with prices to be established laler: 50Ib. sacks. U. S. No. One. Yellow Spanish. 3 in. and larger 3.25-3.05; 2 - ' i to 3 in.. 2.50-3.00. Selected stocks NEtt' YORK tUPIi - Optimistic economic forecasts sent prices thundering higher Thursday in the heaviest trading session on the New York Stock Exchange. By the second hour. I97G volume had exceeded (lie one-billion mark al the earliest date in NYSE history. The D»K' Jones industrial average, which had risen 9.52 points Wednesday to break a three-session losing streak, was ahead I-U9 In 974.58 minutes before Ihe closing hell. Advances held a commanding lead over declines, 1,235 to 377. among Ihe l.'J12 issues crossing the ticker. Volume came to 39.210,80 shares and hroke Ihe previous record of 38,508,-!70 traded on .Ian. 30. 1070. It also made 1976 year-lo-date volume the heaviest in the history of the exchange. Last year volume lojiped Ilic one-billion mark on March 10. Ihe previous record for the busiest turnover ever. Wednesday's Irading lol.'iled 20.9IK),0(10 shares. Tlie buying wave swept into Thursday's session, fueled by the annual forecast'of Hie Business Council's consultants. The economists predicted a 25 per cent increase in pre-tax corporate profits this ear. a drop in inflation in between G and C 1 ; per cent, and lower unemployment falling to around 7 per cent by year-end. In Washington, Alan Greenspan, the chief While House economic adviser, told President Ford and his cabinet the nation's economic rebound was "fairly solid" with unemployment and inflation nn Ihe wane. Abbott L .13 tl S I Up 1 Adams Mill! ! M AHCO Ircp I 14 Up 7-1 Mean Al .40 IS 1-4 Up I *llt*Cp .150 ID 1-2 Up 14 Allid Ch 1 13 4] Up \.t Allil Chi 4} 16 1-8 Up 1 4 Akc* 1 34 44 Up I 3 AM AX 1 II i? 1.4 Up I 1-1 AmHes .38g 19 Up 1-J Am Ai.'lim I! Up 1-4 ABrand 111 4 Up 11 A Can 1 Ha 3] 1-7 Up 1-4 AmCyan I !·] 3* Up l- Am Motors t ON |.J ArnNG ?.S4g 14 1 I Up 1 4 Am Stand I 14 1-2 Up 5 1 AmTiT 1.10 SI l-« Up l-l AMF In 1.34 3 1 5 4 OIF 3 I AlUCfltja .It U 1 4 Up 1 J Am PS l.3» 14 SI Up I-B Armed 1 *0a 3? 3-4 Up 1-4 Armi Ch .10 30 II Up 11 Aiareo « 13 SI Up 3-1 Ash'nOt k.70 74 3-4 U0 3-4 AIIRIchl 1 1.1 13 1-4 Up 1 3 Avca Corp t i I Up 3-4 BlbWilcoi I 11 34 Up 1-4 BilKInc M 10 Up 1-4 Btctrin .it 41 M Up I 1-4 tell Hwl 14 11 Up I l«l«l Ml 51 1-4 Up 3 1-1 BetHSI«l 7J 41 M Up I Bobbie Brfil i M 0f 1-4 Beting Co I It 5 1 Up I I Borden I 33 71 Up 1-4 Bora w US 11 II Up 5 1 B'il My I 10 M 1-1 Up 1 Brunnt .44 15 1-4 Up 3 1 fludd Co 10 14 1 4 Up 1-4 turrgls U 10! l-l Uo 1 l-t CinPac Mb I) 11 Up -4 CaterpilTr 1 II 1 4 Up I M C B ! 1.44 II " I'P · Celanse 3 H H 3-4 Up I M Ctrro C 110 II 1 4 Oil SI Ch«iie 1.10 ;t l-l Oil 14 Chrysler Cp IS M Up II Cit Strv 1.40 II VI Up I CocaCol 131 H I) Up 1 34 CoUafe 71 II 1-1 Up M Col Gas 1.14 15 34 Up 14 CmwEd 1.31 » U Up 1.4 Cornm 5»t I 35 l-l Oil 3 1 ConEd 1.10 II 3 4 Oil It Conim Pw 1 10 1-4 ContlAL Iflfc I 3 1 Up l-l CntlCan I.U H U? 3-1 OfltinllOil 1 M l.l Up M Coop IK I.U H 1-4 Olt 1 I CfC In! 1.14 il II Oil II CrownZ l.M 4i 1-4 Up I II CurlillWA 1 It 1-4 Up 1 4 CydtftiCp l ]] 11 Olf it Dirt In Hi r 3-4 Up l 14 DlytwiH M II II Up 1-1 CutEd.l 14! 14 M Up II Olamdlntl 1 41 1-4 Up 1 4 Diimy ·»» tl i-i u» l 1 1 Dm ch I.M in i-l UP 3 1 4 Dr«M I.W 41 3-4 Up 3 1 OuftM Id nil 3 1 U» 1 1-1 DV4mL 1.11 If l-l Elltirn »lr 1 Up 5-1 EailK I »» 110 II Uf 1 II EIII1C ,1.11 U Up 3 1 EltrlCp 1 7 4 Wj 3-4 Up 11 EolMlit l.» » H Up M Eimlrti 1.51 M II CHI M Ethyl C l.M 41 )·! CHI I M Evl«l fltt I I I Uf I.I ECK 1.11 II 1 4 Ofl M EtiMl MM H 1-1 Up I M Fanrnl .M II 14 Up LI FntlFO .7!d II 3-4 Up ].| Firitne 1.10 7S 1-4 Up 1.4 FMC Corp I JJ 7-1 Up 1-4 FMdFar .20 5 3.4 FordMa 2.43 S3 Up 1 7-d FreplM 1 10 U 3-1 Ug 3-1 FrueEii:! I 13 23 1-7 Up 1 4 GATX I.BO 30 3-4 Up 1.4 GcnCatil .12 II 3-4 Up 3.1 Gefl Dynafrt 42 7-1 Up !l Gn Elec 1.10 S3 3-1 Up 3 4 GnFood 1.50 29 5 1 Up II GenMol i3d 4 M. Up I 1-2 Gen Poillrd 7 M ON M G T E 1 19 77 7-1 Up M Ga Pac .JCq 49 3 1 Up 3 1 GiKeCle 1.53 34 7 1 Up 3 4 Goodric 1.1} 21 1-7 Up I Goodyr I.LO 14 3 I Greal AP 13 l-l GIWIU 2.92b 11 1.4 01f 1.4 Gryhnd 1.04 U S I Up 1 4 Gull Oil 1.10 24 ] 4 Up 1-4 Heint H 1.21 SO 3-4 Up I 3 4 Kofi Electn 9 |.| Up 1-1 Kolly^ug 3a 37 1.4 Up 3-B Homittk la 40 Off 1 I Honywl 1.40 54 Up I 14 HoutLP 1 SI 13 1-2 Up II 1C Ind 1 31 19 1-4 Up 1-2 Idlho P }.a 27 |.| Up 1-B Idealaiic I 17 3 * Up 7 1 Ing Rnd 2.4S 17 l-l Up 7 InldSII 1.401 49 3-4 Up 3-4 IBM Corp 7 311 M Up t II InlHArv 1.70 31 II Up I M IntNck 1.4Ca 31 Up 3-4 InM Paper 1 71 24 Up 3 M Inl TIT 1 ID 19 M Up 1-1 JonnMv 1.70 ll 1 I Up 1-2 KjiirA! 1.13 33 3-1 Up 7 1 Kenctt U5b 33 34 Up 5-1 rferr VcG I II 7-1 Up M KrloM R .54 74 1.3 Oil M Koppri 1.40 50 1 4 Up 1 1 4 Kraftco 3.17 47 1-1 Ofl 1 4 Kreige .74 14 Up 3 4 Kroger 1.34 It 5 1 Up 1-4 Lfh Val Ind I 1-4 Up II Ligg My i 1-3 13 14 Oil I I linon 1 !·;* f 1-7 Uff M Lockheed 7 5 1 up M LTV Corp 14 Up 1 Ukr.SM l.tO 37 Up 1-7 Mar O.I I H 41 M Up I 3-4 Mirrorlnc \ 39 M Ofl V4 MtrihF 1.24 22 5 1 Up l-l McUonD .44 II M Up II M G M .7Sd 15 MidSoU 1.11 15 M Oil 1-4 MobilOl 1.40. 11 7-1 Up 1 l-l Monian 7.10 91 M Up 3 ManlDk 7.21 2f 1-4 Oil l-l Monrw I B 1' 1'4 CHI 11 MolxoLI .n 4f Up 5 I MISITel 1 5 7 71 Up I 1-2 Nabisco 1.40 39 Up I 5-1 Kill On .57 II M Up 3 1 NIlDlll 1.41 74 7 1 Up I 1 4 Nil Gy 1.15 II UP II Nil Sll 2 1-71 H II Up 1-4 HC» CP .72 31 Up I l-l NllfKM 1.19 ll il Up 1-1 NL Indull 1 IT 3-1 Up M pftrfOllWI i 7J 11 W II HtHtOl 1.71 41 Up 1 11 NOSIPw 1.94 II l-l Up II NWIUrp I.N 15 M Up I 1 1 N«l'»irl .41 II II Up I 3 1 N.lan 1.70 4) M Up 1-2 Olln Cp 1.11 44 II Ofl 1 4 0911 El 3.N » It Ofl 14 OuMM l.M 11 34 Up 14 O»nCF U 51 1-2 Oil 1 4 Owenill 1 l( S9 Up 1 1 4 PacGas 20 M Oil l-l PacPwf K70 M 3S Up M Pan Am Air 7 1 4 Off 1-4 Pern Cenlr 7 1.4 Off II Penney I.U 51 Up 1 PeniPL I.eo II 1 · Penniol 1.23 3 3 4 Up 5 I PeplICo l.iO 72 01F M Plifer .Ma 21 !-l Ofl 3-8 Philip Mor 1 S5 1.7 Up 3-4 PhilPet 113 55 1-j Up I Polaroid .17 40 1-1 Oil 3.4 PPGInd l.BC 47 1 4 Up 1 !·! IGa 2 II 7-1 Up 1 } 4 PuS Col 1.3D II 3-4 Up 1-4 Pulfnm 120 35 3-1 Up 3.| Raltron P 1 41 3.4 Up 1-1 Rayrneon I SI 3-1 Up 1 3.4 RCA Ccrp I It 1 4 Up 1 4 Rep in .10 39 Up I 14 Bey Ir.d )0! II 1.7 Uj 51 fieyndMel I 31 78 Up 1 M Robrlsn I l-l 35 11 Rockwllll 7 71 5-1 Up II Roison Crp 5 1-2 Kcr'D 3 Mt) 44 3 5 Off 11 SafpwaySI 1 4 Up 1 5. SlJ^nrl 1.70 14 Up 3-4 SlRegit 1 51 44 3.4 Up 1 1.1 Sears l laa 41 l-l Up 1 7.| ShellOil 1.13 49 5 I Up 3 1 SimnsC .Ita 17 !· Up II SkaggCo ta 41 M Up 1-4 Smilhklire 3 49 Ug 1 3 1 5 CalEd US II 1.4 Up 1 4 SoulliCo I.4D 15 SOPKil 214 14 II Oil II 5p Bird .71 41 5 1 Up 5 1 H Brr4 1.14 34 M Sid O.I Cil 1 11 Up 1.4 StGIInd 1.30 13 ' i 01F I 4 SrOilO*! I 31 14 1.4 SloklyV 1.30 70 5 1 Oil 3-1 S,ludeW 1.17 47 Oil I 4 ^vinihir.e .34 11 M 0(1 II Telfdyre l\ 39 3-4 Ur 3 4 Telepromi, I 7-1 Up 3-4 Teneco 1.71 It 1.4 Up 1-B Teiaco 1 IS II Up 1.3 Tex MIfr I 121 34 Up 3 M TexPCL .3Sd 17 3 4 Texlron 1.10 11 1-4 Up IB r.mkn l.lla 51 M Up 7 1 Traniam .11 10 14 OIF II Trans W Air II 5-1 Up 3 1 Tri Con .44d 31 Up 31 TwCFox .40 14 M Up : 1-1 UALIKC .III 21 lip 74 UnCl'b 150 75 1.1 Up 1 5 I Un Eltc 1,31 II 1.4 Oil II UnOCll 1.91 41 3-4 Up J-4 Ufliroyll .19 9 7-1 Ufd Brands I M Ofl 11 UnCorp in I 7 1 Oil 1.1 US Gyp I.U 33 Up 1 1 USSIKI l.H II II Up 3 1 UIJ TH 7.30 x54 1.4 Up I UniTel I.II xll 5t Up 1-4 Uglotin -9| 44 1.4 Up S! UlikfL 7.M It II UV Inlui 1| 77 11 W.lgrrtis I II 3-4 War* Lb .10 It 3-1 Up 3 1 Wl Wit ).! 21 M Up M Wstlnc I/I 73 SI Uo II WUnlKI l.M II 1.4 Up l-'l Wllln El .97 II 5 1 Up 1 1 WfiltFitl Sll 71 II Up I 11 WKIK Mltir I 51 Up 1-1 Wo«l«ril 1.19 24 II Up l-l X«r« Cp I 15 7-1 Up 1 It YngSIDr H 11 II Up II 2enllhRal l U 1-4 Up I 1-2 Tlie Idaho t reo Press 4 The News-Tribune PtrMorul* 2 N E E D H E L P ? Don't know where to turn? Call Information .' Referral or HOTLINE 4663511 Lady wishes to meet clean, re^ spectable man In his 60's. Write about voursell. Write Box «, c/ 0 loaho Free Press, Nampa. COMMUNITY M E N T A L H E A L T K C E N T F . R S Counselling Emergency Aid. Days «6 8981 454-CHJI. Eves,. weekends, plione J54'0421. Special Notices "4 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Thurs. nighl. Counly Build,ng. Nampa, 8 p.m Call W6-33I2 Alcoholics 8. Al Anon, Nampa. meets Mon. 8 p.m. Mercy Hospital. Sun. 6:30 a.m. Com munity Center, Cald*eil. Wed. B-30 p.m. SI. David's Episcopal Chur;h. KoleyMed. Center, 10 8, Logsn. Woo. 6:30 p m 459 2157 *5J-lOi3, J6i 5j7{, J66-667J P A R E N T S A N O N Y M O U S Paicnts -- are you concerned about your parenting but liflve no one available lo help you? Days J59 1766. eves J 6 6 8 6 5 7 , 467-1635 Lost Found 5 LOST: Young, male,boblaileo cat. Gray 8. white. Phone J664775 Income Tax MOTOHCVri.rST A.VD IMKKDKVII. stunt man Kvel Knicvel. center, leads a pack of hike riders through the paths of Ojilral Park in New York recently. Knievrl, knonn for his death-defying motorcycle stunts, spoke ahout and demonstrated hicyde safely In Ihr riilcrs mi hand. IIT1 I'holoi INCOME TAX S E R V I C E Evenings ana weekends Call46? 6244 allcr 6p.m. TCA lias a better way of tax in Hie friendly almosphere ol your HOME al no extra cost. Days evenings -- nighls -- even S u n d a y s . 1975 appoinlmenls lining fasl. Call 459-7791 We come lo your home. Reason able rales. Backed by 29 years of service. Boise 376-2865 Service Directory 1 Service Directory 1 Service Directory 1 Carpel Installation Guaranteed. Free estimates Plione SKIP'S G I F T 8. HOBBY SHOP, Nampa-Cald. Blvd., across from Midway School. Open 10 a m 4 p.m., Mon. Fri. Cold ceramics gilt ilems. Come see our forest creatures. Stay 8. paint it you like! Tired of take, stapled, vinyl covered, chipboard cabinets? Let me build fine quality birch cabinets, 'custom made' Phone 467-1907 C E M E N T W O R K Slone work, additions remodeling. Call J54 906H PAINTING PAPERHANGING Coll 467.4360 ivey Decker Sprayers. Time lor dormant spray around kill. Termite inspection. We are government qualified S. v;ill . spray anything. Ivey 466-9608 or Becker-H6 o3o3 SHIPLEY'S LAWN S E R V I C E T r a c t o r mounted roto-tiller, power rake plow, lawn mowing clean up. Call 459-7595 DEAN LITTLEFIELD E X C A V A T I N G Septic tanks drain fields, backhoe work any kind. 466 3725 BASEMENTS Excavated i cemenlcd under exiting homos -l half Ihe cosl of building on. Also concrete work. READ YOUNG. ^66-2369. EXCAVATING Backhoe, Landscaping trucking. D I C K N A Y l O R EXCAVATING CO. Ph. 4 5 4 0 3 5 1 evenings 459 7613. O E C O R A T E O C A K E S For ail occasions. Call Faye Jacques, J67-24B3 4, VACUUM A * REPAIR * Repair Sales, llli 12th Ave So., «6 2541 REMODELING All phases of carpentry CALL 467-1907 Excavating 8. Landscaping Top soil, lilldiris, (Grimier Call Leon He», 459-B388. Moore Tree Service For the bust prices on Iree 8. slump removal, land clearing, cat dozing. Licensed 8, insured. Free Esl. 467-610D or 939 6700 Clinics encourage \non-smoking habit I By Robin !· rames and 1 .Mark Kucrsl I ilastol 10 P.-,rls) To quit smoking is n lonely process, but it's worth a Jifelime of good health, says an expert who gave up a two- pack-a-day habit seven voars ago. Not only did June Walzor quit smoking herself. bn[ tlie e n e r g e t i c h e a d o f t h e American Cancer Society's New Y o r k qiiit-smoking c l i n i c s e s l i m a t e s h e r volunteer-staffed program lias helped nearly 400 people kick the habit. Clinics can provide people with an atmosphere of support lo help them change their smoking altitude and behavior says Miss Walzer. "The aim is to get through to people that smoking is dangerous to health now and f o r e v e r more." As long as people look upon cigarettes as solutions to their problems, they will continue to smoke. "Smokers want lo give up smoking because it's bad. but they don't want to give up their cigarettes." says Miss Walzor. who adtls that it's hard lo get tlie idea of preventive medicine across to people. Still, (here i.s a sunw of iic- complishmi'nl when a person quits, she says. "People feel if they've conquered this they can conquer Ilic world." Each p e r s o n r e a c t s differently to (he process of quilting. Some prefer to stop altogether -- the less they talk about it (he better they" feel Others benefil from (he support 3 clinic can provide. if one method fails, try another one. Miss Walzer says. Some people relurn to clinics five or six times. Others (ion't stop until six months after attending ,1 clinic. Kven if the smoker continues, "at leasl he's an SMOKING YOU ^Jt p=lA^j=^' ~-Y~% ^V fi\ N\ fjfSn C^^^iAf^ r~^f P-- -~-- } JtSl'/'fe'J'^ /·^Viwlf ffiwrnS®--. ^$rll» ^|fe, )lf /SsK^^v v /' gr'iiSi-v/ /JSi totfe'^s |rJiJyyv5 ^ra ( j4 \/i* hj, educated smoker, nut a dumb one One of Miss Wal'/er's . pupils. Mat. smoked nearly four packs a day for 40 yenrs u n t i l he d e v e l o p e d Icukoplakia. white spots in his throat thai indicated cancer. "When HIP doctor looked down my Ihroat and said I'm getting cancer, thai was enough for me " he said Nal quit "cold turkey" after one lecture by Miss Walzer and says lie gladly would have paid $10 for a cigarette in the first week; of nonsmoking. After four months of nnn. s m o k i n g , his spots cleared up had Nonsmoking is a tuniinuous process, and just like (he habit of smoking, has to be practiced. "It's a hard thing to face up lo that the lliir.g we enjoyed for years is going to kill us." Miss VVaLzer says. Ultimately, tlio smoker must get a picture ot himself as a nonsmoker and motivate himself to stop. "Unless the smoker wants lo stop, no matter tvhal you say won'l stop him." she says. "But it's worlh il lo give your body a chance to adjust (o Ihe healthier you." [END SERIES) new. for a copi' ol "How lo Slop Sn-oking tifitf Lose Weight" by Julius Fas/, send JI.25 plus 25 corns lor postage and handling Ic: Slop Smoking, cam ol this newspaper. P.O. Box 489. Oepl G. Radio City Station. Now York, «ev» Vort 100 10. GOOD TOP SOIL H d n 466 4360 S S EXCAVATING C a i w o r V , top soil, seplic systems. All types of excavating Jack Stiles, 459 2301. TREE SERVICE I D A H O P E S T C O N T R O L (Formerly BrassEiclds) Spraying of all kinds. Complele tree service. Licensed, bonded , insured. Larry Rails, 466-9376. WOODY'S TRF.E SERVICE F.eiiDYa'i. ;im. slump removal FREE ESTIMATES Urr.scd.'irjircl 4596533 HAPPY V A L L E Y SKIRTING AWNING Top Quality mobile home materials. 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Midway 459-4822 " H R BLOCK America's largest tax service. Nampa: 1207-2nd SI. So., 4666331 and 224 llth Ave. NO., 4 6 7 1301. Caldwell: 1020 Cleveland. J59 0539 anci in Sears, Caldwell. MOORE'S INCOME T A X SERVICE. Phone 459 6234 INCOMETAX S E R V I C E ELMER ROSDAHL 215Hudson. Nampa 466-2164 Neva Chapman. Prompt, ac curate service. By appointment only. Phone 467 4356 Personal Business^ Farm. 212 DavisAvcnue, Nampa. Phone 466-9360 Schools Instruction 8 " Y O U R RIGHT TO READ II you can't "read" wilhcut stopping, guessing or slowing down in a senlence, you can't "learn". Phonic "auloma ic" reading lessons ends the learn ing insecurity problems lorevcr, in just 15 hrs. to 6 weeks, lasts a life time. Written guarantee or il cosls you r.othing. Ages S 8. up. Appts. only. Home study 8, instruction in /our spare time. i67-1597. 1224 loin Ave So. * 8, Nampa. Sign up for Lingerie Basic Knit Sewing Classes starting now al Nampa Sewing Cenler, 12?-12lh Ave. So., 4660581. Irene Means 4 Diane Schmidl Fridav. February 20,1976 -- B-5 ' Male S Ferrule H»lp 13, Openings for full 8, part tlmf- service s t a t i o n a t t e n d a n t s . Apply In person al Fleelway Savings Station, 207-llth Ave. No.. Nampa or Fleelway Savings Slalion, lOlh 8, Chicago, Caldwell COOK, f u l i l i m e . Breakfast shin. Apply in person Peach Trc-c- Inn. 5 l ' - i Z l h Ave. Rd., Nampa. Need Dilch Rider for Golden Gale Irrigation District. Phone 459 2689 P A R T TIME HELP W A N T E D . ' WORK S A T U R D A Y * SUNDAY _ Call 404-1417 for appt. Appiicalions being accepted for mature housekeepers. Call Manager 466 3594 Production Mainlenance personnel needed at Northland En' lerpnses. inc. 2408 nth Ave. No, Nampa, or call 4667839. Experienced applicants only. Equal Opportunity Employer. R E L I E F RN Ncedeo immedialely, 3-11 shiM. Also laking applicolions lor a'dcs. all shilis. Contact Mrs. Deer-Jan, Midland Manor Nutsino Home. 466 7803 Farm Fand, experienced in lube i r r i g a t i n g g, c u ' l i v a t i n g R e f e r e n c e r e q u i r e d , house furnished, year ro'jno work, loo wages Call Melca. 495 2717 Room furn lor single person in exchange for work. Iceal for man 467-5532 or 467 5066 WE'LL P A Y Y O U T O L E A R N A R T I L L E R Y S U R V E Y I N G Coll Tom or Helen collect A r m y Opporlunities. 467 4441 W O R K IN P H O T O G R A P H Y . Call Tom orHelen colled. Army Opportunities. 467-4441 Farm Hand for year round iob. Needs exp. in beets, potatoes grain. Hourly pay, fringe bene- lils. Immeoiate. Write Box 43, c/ o Idaho Free Press, Nampa. I m m e d i a t e employment for school bus drivers, Nampa area. Paid training, tree babysitting provided. Approx. Mrs., 7.-30to9 a.m., 3 to4:30 p.m. Call 466 4181 tiel.7:30a.m.Sp.m. Fertilizer applicator. Full time, year round w/ overtime. Must be dependable. Phone 337 3123. Situations Wanted 14 Will make spring summer clothes orlormals. C a l l 459-9298 Baby Sitting Child Care 15 - - I L L babysit in my home days. Phone 454-8265 after 6 p.m. Licensed babysitter, weekdays only, 2 lo 5 years old, reasonable rales. Call 454-1126 Babysitting, rny home. 3 to 11 p.m. Age, infant to 5 yrs. Call 467-5830 C A L D W E L L CHILDRETPs C E N T E R laking registration, ages 2'.j up. Nursery school hot lunches Call 459-1854 KIDDIE KAMPUS K I N D E R G A R T E N . 4 5 y e a r olds. Pre-school. Ptione 466-3850 MaleS Female Help 12 -- H O U S E K E E P E R - Full time, day shift. 4 days on. 7 days off. See Carol Curtis. Nampa Convalescent Center, 404 Horlon Street, Nampa. ^OT W O R K , rrTornings 8. weekends. Contact Dale Bar nard in person at 8»4-l2th Ave Rg.. Nampa DAY CARE CENTER Pre-school classes, hot lunch. 6:30 to 6, Mon. thru Fri. Call 467-3652 or 466-5756 eves. Money to Loan or Wanted 17 FULL TIME COOK: 4 Days on, 1 days olf. Shifts: 5 : 3 0 a.m.-2 P.m.,2ddys8, 11:30 a.m.-8 p.m., 2 days. Rita Deary, Nampa Conv. Ctr., 4Dii Horton, Nampa. SEPTIC TANKS DRAIN FIELDS Any kind ol backnoc work JOHN LITTLEFIELD CalNS9-i5B4 after 6 p.m. Custom c o n c r e t e - c a r p e n t e r . Remodeling new construclion 70 Years experience. J54-9879. A L T E R AT ION 5 done on leaiher coals. ZX Leather Shop. Call 4957891. Karen Bass * Electrolux * Repairs Sales Call 454-0777 or -S66-662' CONCRETE WORK All types. Sidewalks, patios, steps, bsml. floors, drivewavs. Free Esf. Craig Evans, J67-6?33- Carpenter: new construction remodeling. Reasonable rales Call 467 J139 PAINTING Interior Exlerior. Free estimates. Oil -J67-55A. (Professional painting pays!) B J TREE SERVICE Topped--Trimmed-- Removed Licensed Insured. Fren Estimates. Ph. 466-5200 Carpenter work. No job loo small. Remodel or new, inside orout. No Sunday work. 467-1794 Personals ? CIEAN rugs I Ve new :o eaij. io do wllli Blue lusfie Renf eleclrie iham poocr $1. Halei Furnifi/re, Narr-pa CORINNE M O V E R S , A R T I S T nowhasavaiiable NEW Pen and Ink Reproductions al S4.00: Canyon County Court House; Nampa Cily Hall; Libraries -Nampa C a r n e g i e , Nampa Public, Strahorn, Terlellng, Caldwell Carnegie; Schools -West Junior High, Laxevlew Kenwood, Franklin, Maple Grove, Lone Tree and Marble Front. Coll 4t6-30S4 Need person to translate Japanese written material to English. Mail response to R. Grimmetl. U95 Juniper Drive, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401 Evening Key Punch EDP Operator Pan time opening for evening Key Punch/ EDP O p e r a t o r . Baich 8. key punch from a variety of input documents. operate S/ 3 Model 10 di*c c o m p u t e r . E x p e r i e n c e oesirable. Apply al Personnel Office, Mercy Meoical Cenler, ISn l?ih Ave. Rd . Nampa. COOK W A N T E D Ideal for young person with experience reference needed Call 4593MI or apply at ihe Saraloga, 424 Main. Calgwell. Person needed to feeds, milk 12 cows and do misc. small chores starting Feb. 21 or 22. Kenneth Nielsen, 565-6611 Does Idaho's winter "Wonder" land ha - i e you "wondering" . about ho le improvements? Let Nationwide take care oi the' "Wonder" with a home im- · provemcnt 4 consolidation Joan. Money lor any purpose. Call T e r r y R u t t g e r s or Ron ' Alexander at «6-?40?. Across Irom Karctier Mall. · ' EARN 8% interest on second mortgage contract ol S9.700. Call 467-39?6 alter S p.m. DEBT CONSOLIDATION Loans up to 525,000. Put your equity to work. 1st 8. 2nd mortgage. R e a l E s t a t e loan. Associates Financial Services, 714 Cleveland. Cald. 459'4611. Garage Sale LONG BUN Full pari lime help Call 459-8975 Experienced secretary needed. Musthav? lyping ability . Please writs Box 47, c/ o Idaho Free Press, r^ampa. Management Irainees 8, Sales Represenlsiive positions now open. II accepled. excellent earning o p p o r t u n i t y while learning, when qualified you will ailend m a n a g e m e n t training school following graduation appt as branch manager. S200 per week guaran leed. Draw available. Wan! slable career minded person willing l o g i v e f u l l commitment Phone 375 3136 NliED RELIABLE P E R S O N lor supervision of maintenance 8. janito'iai. Full lime. Wrile Box 45, Idaho Free Press. Nampa. Farm help wanted. Musi have row crop exp. Reference req Send resume. Box 46, c/ o Idaho Free Press, Nampa. Part time secretary, Vj day lyplng i record keeping ability required. Shorthand preferretf but not required. Call Ada/ Canyon Waste Treatment Management Office, X54044?, ext 266 ( A n ' Equal Opportunity Employer) Yard Sale: IB It. trailer, camper guns, engine stand 8, 1 ton eng r.oisl. tires. 1 of a kind TV, antr que stove, misc. Feb. 20, 21, 22 9-5 p.m. 807 7in Ave. S. 467 5478 Large Enclosed Porch Sale' T h u r s , F r i . S a t . 10 a m -6 p.m. Clothes, tools, misc 6. a Dalsun wagon. 17i9-2nc St. so., _____ _ Nampa M O V I N G S A L E : Antiqued ' dining ladle, beo 8. dresser set vt/ springs mattress, 6 dining chairs, small appliances", games, antique wood spokes car wheel, fool t r e a d l e emery ' wceel, tenl. 2 man rubber r a f t , . misc. ilems. 323 loin Ave So' Ext. .Nampa. F r i . Sal ,9 a m until ? ? ? ? ? ? G A R A G E S A L E : Feb. 19th Ih7u March 3rd al JlM6th Ave. No Nampa. Lots ot miscellaneous' ; Aniiques. oak table, ice box, misc. bean bags. So. Kimball, Cald., to Easy SI. Sat. only. Transferred to Norlh DaXoM MUST SELL all household lurniture.etc. Master bedroom · dresser w/ mirror, 2 night slanas. queen size headboard frame w/ mattress 8. 2 lamps 2rd Bedroom: dresser, 2 nighl s t a n d s , double headboard mattress 8. frame. Living room · green crushed velvet couch R love seat, white c o f f e e end lables w/ matching inlaid crushed velvet, brown Herculon sola bed, 2 three ft. lamps , Dining room : 6' table A 4 chairs 'I butcher block w/ 4 chairs, l-y bookcase w/ clock. 3 r d Bedroom: 2 maplc ^ b d ° · w frames mattresses. w s o 'tots ot misc. furniture etc. 1304 Teton, Calriwell. 4S4-I5S8_ Misc. fof s»\* ___ ~ -,-g ; FIREWOOD, SI5 Pickup load delivered .Middlelon Mi-mo ' ' O r Trade lor wdder: New s's" * 20 heavy duty . ruck tl j. e Phone *u J8I!

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