Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on January 28, 1975 · Page 15
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 15

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1975
Page 15
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Taking a tumble The Idaho Free Press t The News-Tribune, Tuadiy, January 28,1975 Walton in 'slavery' SAN KRANCISCO (UPD- Baskclball superslar BID Walton's contracl with Hie Portland Trail Blazers binds him lo "legal slavery" bul he won 1 ! Iry to change il, according lo his new attorney. The former UCI,A player, who signed a $2 million contract with Ihe Portland team of the National Basketball Association last spring, "loves basketball," is satisfied with his contract, and has no intention of breaking it, attorney Charles Garry of San Krancisco said. "II Is, of course,legal slavery. The master pays well but it is slill slavery. There are all kinds of restrictions," Garry said Monday. Harry said Walton came to him through a mutual friend, sporlwriler Jack Scott. "He just wanted an attorney he feels cumfoi table with--one hi; can rap with without having to make a point," Garry said. "Apparently I fit the bill. Maybe because I'm no sports fan. "I find Walton a delightful young man. lie is dedicated lo making a belter world and a belter society and so HIII 1. I have read that some sports writers find him hard lo talk to bul 1 find him very communicative," Garry said. The famed San Francisco attorney, well known for his defenses of the Black Panther parly, said Walton's contract with the Portland team is "prelly ironclad." He said Walton's five-year Illini tough early but Hoosieis toll Butch Watanabe (mustache) throws Curt Miller in their heavyweight bout. Valley Club shows well in judo meet NAMPA-rr Gordon Kamo of Marrt " the Ore-Idaho Judo Club was the grand champion Saturday in Ihe 20th annual Boise Valley Tournamejit, traditionally one of the biggest meets in the Pacific Northwest. _ ' Kamo beat out a 'field that included 12 teams from Idaho, Oregon, and Utah, including the Boise Valley Judo Club, composed, of participants from NampaV 'Caldwe'lT," '"arid The area team finished second in the 12-and-under age group team standings and got high finishes from several members in the other 'divisions. LEGEND -- MC -- MtCjII Judff Club. HAFfi--Hill Air force Bdse Judo Club. SL -SillLJVeJvdo Club. BC-Bois«Clpi11l judB Club. BV -- Boise Vjllev Judo Club (Nimpi, Caidwell. Komeilale). EM -- EmmEl) Judo club 01 - Ore.ldi Jtdo Club OG -- Csd«n Judo Club. TF -- Twin Fall! JllOO Club. BYU - BYU Jndo Club. CSI -- Cflllcqe c[ Soulhern Idaho Judo Club. BSU -- Boise $lale Judo Club. 3MDUNOER DIVISION LIGHT --(/ J. Rogers, HAfS 3, D. R.olln. SL, 1. J. Hale, BC. MIDDLE - I. Hellman, MC. 1. J. Pylt. MC. 1. J. BV. HEAVY T J - Koyima, BV. 2. P. Ellsberry. EM, 3, !t. Wilson, OG. IIBUD11DIVIS10N L I G H T -- I,J3.Kameid[ge,01.7. T. doki, OG.J. B.Rted, EM. MIDDLE - J.Maeda. 01 3, S. Sited! HAFB. 3, J. Sowsll, EM. HEAVY -- .1. ft- Yainoiliila. BV. 1. M. Indiana pushes ahead NEW YORK (UPI - Indiana. Ihe last of the unbeatens, stood out even further among the college crowd today when it received unanimous acclamation AS the' No. I team in Ihe nation. The Hooslers stretched their record lo !8-0 with a pair of easy victories ]a'sl week and on Monday, the 40 voting members of the United Press Inlernation- al Board 'of Coaches showed their approval by awarding Indiana . a l l 40 first-place nominations. Making" (he task of the seleclors-«ven easier was the fact that tfiencxl three teams in last weekls Ratings alt got beal last Satuf/ay. MC. 3 r D. Bajye. MC. liaNDMDIVlSION LIGHT -- I, T. Maeda, 01. 1, M. M3mhi?e. 01. 3. T. Olpltal, OG. MIDDLE -- S. Takatcri. 01.7, Ri Sakahara, 01.1. S. Overnan, BV. HEAVY-- J. Bavse, MC. ?. T. Milula. 01. 3. M. Fullcrlon, 01. IS A N D 1 5 D I V I S I O N LIGHT -- 1, G. DcbJ, TF. 2, O. Morishiqe.OI. J, J. Runyon, OG. MIDDLE - 1, J. Wick. HAFB. J, S. Compton, BC 3, 5. Bajnian, BV H E A V Y -- 1. B. Gordcn, OG 1 C. Kavtaguttli, OG. 3, D. tt\, HAFB. SENIOH DIVISION LIGHT - I. A. Aske»j 1£. J, A. BYU-llL.tilst. E^«.WlDDLE Gjlinia. IF. ). M palm«r. BYU. J. C. Morgan, C5I. HEAVY ^J t -FrAK; SL'G: ?. J. Weilon. TF. 3, R. Rodrig-JCI, TF. BROWN BELT LIGHT - I. D. Ycr.etani. OG. I, M. MoriJfiiqe.OI. J. T. Lida. 01. MIDDLE-- 1, B. Mliula, 01. 7. J. Powell, SL. 1, S. E»«o. SL. KEAVr -- B. Watanade, 01. 3, R. Brauner, BV. 3. C. Miller, SL. BLACK BELT LIGHT -- 1, C. Fukada. HAFB. 3, J. Caslanctfa, BrU. 3, M. Aohl, OG. MIDDLE -- G. Kamo, 01.3. L. Pratt, EM. 3, J. Pyle. MC. HEAVY - 1. E. Samuelson. BC. 2, 0. Davii. BS.U. 3, G. Sohnert, BSU. GRAND CHAMPION Gordon Kama of Ore-Ida Judo Ckb lint, Eldcn Samuelson OF IK« Balsc Capital Cily Judo Club second, and B. Walinade cl Ihe OrMdano Judo Club Itilrd. TEAM FINISH - JUNIOR (12 aid un- derl j- Mctall Judo Club first. Belie Force Ba« thlrd."lKlTE'RMeD~IATE tit and unfpr} -- Ore-Ida Judo 'Club lirst, Ogden Judo Club second, and Twin Fairs Jcdo Club third. SENIOR -- Ogtfen Judo Club Firs). Boiie capital teccnd. and Salt Lake Judo Club lh:rd. By United Press International An epidemic of "Upsetitis," that hit several high-ranking college basketball teams over the weekend and shook up (he top ten, nearly claimed another victim Monday night when Illinois came oul wilh an aggressive first half against top- ranked Indiana. But then there was Ihe second half. "We were struggling," said Indiana Coach Bobby Knighl following a nervous 73-57 victory -- the lloosicrs' 22 straight regular season win. "They played a real aggressive zone and we couldn't establish any kind of rhythm. Most teams that have zoned up have had to abandon it early." Illinois showed Indiana a 2-3 zone and in the first half Ihe score was lied seven limes as the Illini shot a superb 65 per cent from Ihe field and Tom Carmichael grabbed 11 rebounds. Bul it's tough lo keep up an effort like Ihal very long and Indiana, which led only 36-34 al the half after Quinn Buckner hit a shot al the buzzer, wailed for Ihe Illini to cool off a bit. The Hoosiers came oul with light pressing defense in the second half and slowly stretched (heir lead lo nine poinls. Then Illinois' hopes came crashing down when Carmichae! fouled out. Buckner had six sleals along wilh his 17 poinls (or Indiana. Scolt May, who fouled out with about seven minules to play, held flick Schmidt to 10 points and led the Hoosiers with 19 poinls. Nate Williams led Illinois with 17 points. Elsewhere, second-ranked North Carolina Stale whipped Duke, 95-71, sixth-ranked Alabama beat Florida, 73-07, seventh- ranked Kentucky edged Vanderbilt, 01-90, Michigan State clipped Northwestern, 54-50, Houston dumped Stanford. 74 M, Ohio State defeated 1'urdue, 9387, Michigan nipped Wisconsin. 75-73 in overtime, Tennessee ripped Louisiana State, 90-79, Auburn edged Georgia, 65-G'l, Furinan whipped Davidson, 99- 7G, Canisius tripped Buffalo State, 100-99 in overtime, Niagara heal Jacksonville, 7H-76 in overtime. Oregon romped over Air force, 77--I7, and New Mrxicn State lieat Tulsa, 76-W. Wilh All-America David Thompson hilling 22 points and freshman Kenny Carr notching 21. North Carolina Slate easily beat Duke lo gain a share of Ihe lead in the Atlantic Coast Conference standings. Duke was paced by Cob I'lcischer's 19 points. Thompson scored 15 of his 22 points in the second half as the Wolfpack padded a 49-:i7 intermission edge. Carr's 21 (Mints matched his career high. Other Wolfpack players in double figures included Moe Rivers with 20, Monte Towc with 1G and Phil Spence wilh 10. playing contract calls for million wilh payments spread over a longer lime. II is also guaranteed by others, Garry said, even if something happens lo the I'orlland learn. Walton recently missed 20 games and some newspapers accused him of malingering. "It was the newspapers, nol Ihe owners, who made that false accusation." Garry said. "In fact, the owners have been very solicitous wilh him." Garry said his client had a painful bone spur on the lop of his inslep. "The doctors lold him to take pain pills and go on playing," he suid. "Imagine Ihal-jusl telling him to go oul and play while he is in pain." He said Walton wcnl to Ixis Angeles and took acupuncture treatments which appear lo have helped him. Bul there is no thought of breaking his contract, fiarry said. "He is a legal slave, bul a well paid one. Master pays well--at least for some of the slaves." Bengal Hayes tabbed NEW ORLEANS (UP!) Milwaukee Coach Larry Costello figured the percentages wfere in his favor by going lo John McGlocklin (or an outside sh'ol with the'score tied, 115-115, and jusl seven'seconds showing"on Ihe clock.. Costcllo figured right, and his Bucks defeated Ihe New Orleans Jazz Monday night, 117-115, lo even (heir record at 23-23 -in McGlocklin's 15-foot jumpef'as the buzzer sounded. ' "\Ve intended all along to go to McGlocklin for that final shot as he had been hoi for us outside tonight," Coslello said. ' · The Jazz lefl McGlocklin ope'n lo score the winning points when they concentrated on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the game's leading scorer with 41 points:' "We knew they'd fall back oh Jabbar. We were hoping We could squeeze McGlocklin in Ihe open for a game winner," Costello said. NBA staidiigs · Eastern Conference A t l a n t i c Civilian pel. Boston Buffalo .. New York C e n t r a l Dlvlsl .11) 311 SSWSXSSWrWm^ ·3: S Scores SI. Jot- PJ. M Army S* St. Bonnie VI Lyla rV.d. 73 Niagara J8 Jacksnvl 7 Caniiiui IM Bllo 51. ft Rulgeri t W.VA, 14 Gannon 19 Duqueine 75 \Vilk*s 73 E. Slrdibg 70 St. Vine 85 Ednbro 51, S3 Mercy 10* Calhedral »3 S. Conn. ST. IS Bo SI. 13 Mcnmlh 1t Trenln SI. 7f Dowlinq £1 John Jay J3 C.W. Post 101 Slonr Brk St New H*vn (4 Jrw cry 41 Nrack SI Bapt Bible 7? Clarion it MansEicId 40 Bloomibg tj Shippembg li Morgan 71 Lincoln 66 South Alabama 7] Florida 41 Tennessee 1? LSU 7? Ky. \M Vandtrbilt 93 Furman ?9 Davidion Jt Auburn IS Georgia £4 Mi si. Call. tO MVY La. « Jchin St. (7 Mi». Vat H J,t. Smilh M Hamplon 79 . GulHard 101 Plelller 7t Miii- St. 100 Miiv 13 E. Tenn. li Moihed Si. 13 Roincke li S. Mi». II Ala. AIM II Tuiktgee 7f So Ala. H So. Weil Fla. II S Roanoke 86 5o. Alcrn 51. UO T Mia. Tenn. in No. car. St. «s w. II M.ii. II x. 51 f u n 91 V Peiv 70 Duke 'l 1 VMI 73 Appatchn SI. SS NarlH Ca U Stiorler I) Ga. Coll. 77 Beny 73 Ga. S.W. 71 La Grrge 57 Madison 79 Ke-an 5i SI. Paul 11 Va. St. IS Tenn. Tech al E. Ky. n Pan Am H Ga. SI. 61 Miiwesl Indiana 71 Illinois S7 Mich. St. 54 Nrlhwiln SO Oria SI. 93 Purdue 17 Cinci 76 LYla 111. is Mich. 75 Wisconsin n III. Tc-eh 53 0. 01 Chi 44 SI. Olal 94 Augsburg li NE MO. $1. 104 Cent Mo. ii NW Mo. St. II SW Mo. 15 Southwest O R o b e r t s 71 So. Ill.-Carb I Houston 74 Slanlord (I Oregan 17 Air Force Loyola 90 Pepperdine 79 Cal Polr-SLO t] San Djo i4 Bakrslld 17 Stanilll St. 55 Portland 99 prllnd SI. 90 B O I S E - I d a h o S t a l e sophomore center Steve Hayes is back from a bout with the flu and recovered from his knee problems. The 7-fooler from Aberdeen, Idaho, scored 47 points, grabbed 43 rebounds and blocked 15 shots in Ihe Benglas 1 last two games, leading the way in Big Sky Conference win over Idaho 76-66 and Gonzaga 64-52. The solid performance on bolh offense and defense, combined with the two wins, gave Hayes Ihe Big Sky Conference's Player of the Week honor Monday--the third time rtiis season the big ccnler has picked up the honor. The conference said Idaho's Henry Harris and Pat Hoke of Boise Slate were close selections this week lo Hayes, bul both the Vandals and the Bulldogs splil weekend games--giving the award to Hayes. Harris scored 52 points and bad H rebounds from the, guardline for Idaho, and center Hoke came (hrough wilh 53 poinls and 26 rebounds. Washington Cleveland Houston Atlanta New Orleans Western li 12 1) 11 5 Conler Midwest DLvIs Detroit Chicago Milwaukee KC-Omahl ,»(» .410 ice ll Pacilic Stale pet. .J« .SS3 11 » .iOO 14 31 .410 Division v. I. pet. 30 11 .111 Golden Seatlle Portland }1 II .447 Phtenli 19 IS .431 Los Angeles II 27 .400 Monday's ResuLts Milwaukee 117 New Orleans 10" lahiff Funeral CaldweTl" Truckers count on retreads. You can count on retreads for your famihj car. 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Stop in to your nearby Big 0 Tire Store to learn the full story on the Tru Bond. ·0/ffO · POCATELLO - 731 N. 5th Ave. 232-3764 · IDAHO FALLS - 265 Northgate 523-5544 · BLACKFOOT-67S.W.Main- 785-2150 · and in ARCO- PRESTON ABERDEEN - MONTPELIER.- SODA SPRINGS - REXBURG MACKAY Basketball's Top 20 chart ' ' NEW U n l l l d ' P'ftM lord el , C°« bllttlblll r«tln«i, 41 flril fltlt votes Ilirouth Jalurdly, 1 vtllnil: J«n. »' 41 « k - college number recordl is In oaches Poinls l'. l i r t i r j ' W - l l i n 1. NX. SI. (IMI 1. HulnllH .113-11 4 UCLA 114-1) 1. SOUflKNI ·· I 11 '" I . A l i b j m a I I J - l l ). Kinlucky I IMI t Jr'i'tni" SI. 01II 111-11 Carolina till) I IMI K,MH ll»» "'. ( TI.) U M.''l?lVll UMI IT. (TH) Itinlord. II. (Tit) Oreton N. Kolre Dame Norlh H-» If. 311 in 110 UO III IK U II 13 31 II It 10 \m 224

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