Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 8, 1957 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1957
Page 18
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·Saturday, June 8, 1957 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 9 The Greeley Daily Tribune MILDRED 6. LEO G. KOtiMti and The Greeley Republican EXECUTIVE STAFf - hblUh. I FLOVU t MtKHILL , Uiuma. Uir A L PETERsEN · . . Cin Me, I CLAfU P4« Publutira t»frr- iVrrk Oil EtMict fef The Tribube-Brpublicia Put4iibini Co U'lin I I I Eijttb St C.nltT role F.nicrta u .^-vinj c!u* oilllti .1 the p M t of(lc« it Ur?«ltr Colando under Ow Aer H...W £ !»7» Urmbei Auotiied l*rm Colorado FrMi AJUkClluon Inlind . Dki) Pr«j Aiaocit. tioi' Audi' bureau ot Circultuoa Tbi Auie!KiM Prn. u tninjtt nclu- il*eij to tht ate of rtrnjDlicitlor of ·!) lh» Iocs! ntwi printed in tbll ntwiiupu M »U u alt AJ* new. diiKaitaet SubieriptlOD pru* -- IJj Bill tl Celaruo I rru IIO.ID. I esonUu ILBfl. oat noelfe II.M Or caul »UU ot Olondo. I nil 111.09. one nonth IMO ftnin coutrivi It 00 month Clli Ctrritr 11.19 noolt rOHUM futile K m n utun mint he no lanctr tfcaB 100 werdL Cornet mui be irinud vltk U«» muefl 14 rbft mbuat ^. RepabllUB P i t . ) taklit \'lS Co. bi Onela T r o t . f-^^ t,'i«l!iiul UnLj. Ko. Ill Pntisc and PonclPr: Greil li God'i Failhlolniit "We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters Into the inner shrine behind the curtain, where Jesus has gone ns a fore-runner on our behalf."--Hob. 6:19, 20. 19 Years Ago Great Future Seen for Man When He Gels Fresh Wafer from Sea, Says Anaconda's Board Chairman Toll Roads Having Troubles The forthcoming highway budget which may be signed by the governor before this is printed will virtually complete * (our-lane highway between Grecley and Pueblo. Work is now underway which will finish this summer the four-lane road to Denver from Greeley with exception of about 6 miles. All the communities involved are fortunate thai this lype of highway has been built at the expense of the state and federal taxpayers, rnther than as a to!l road. This comment docs nol discount the phenomena) success of the Denver-Boulder toll road, and the farsightedness of the Boulder people for promoting the road as early as \ they did. This road mot a special situation. The direct route from Denver lo Boulder was not an imporianj Ihrough route, and therefore did not attract state planners who wished to proceed first with four-laning major arteries. Thus the Boulder toll load was promoted to lake up the lag Jun* I. im Receiving diplomas at St. Peter's J. Froegel Sunday morning were: WlUjatn Wilitc. Qiirie Tobirj, Frank Locker. Charles Terlap. Rosalie Palmer and Melvin Davis. The six completed their junior high ichool work at St. Peter's Parochial school. Most of Ibe graduates intend to complete ihcir hijjn ichrol work here. One or two of the boys may attend Hegit High school in Denver. Forty students will graduate from College High ichool tonight (Wednesday). William Lett is president ol the senior class; Harvey Her- rlngton, vice president; Helen Mader. secretary; Fanny Jeuna- way, treasurer; and Helen Loren. chairman of the commencement. Miss Rebecca Vaughn, instructor at the University o! Missouri, arrived in Windsor Sunday night from Columbia, Mo., to spend the sum- search have already solved Uie|r f t U r .J techniques-of the problem ol e x - i W « J I ( J U U traction of potable water through ! electrical ion exchange." Glover said Anaconda is successfully utilizing chemical ion ex- I C U B U g B . A felfeteij ptVCUl'BVt plvti- I '"·· at Grants. N. U.. in the ex! Is Completing Reservoir Near Hoosier Pass COLORADO SPHINGS «t- |i suit on file in District Court. Pineda claimed be suffered a tt- 'N'OIJS foot injury whilp workm*.- jwilh a section crew on the CiS main line southeast of Trinidad' {per. 10, 1954. A rail fell on hii i iwL auii lit cuDLtuueii ibe accuieni The'resulted from negligence and traction of uraniuni values in the.San Ore Construction Co of .Me- carelessness of Ih? company. | concentrate' of Hie ore. BUTTE, Monl. OB - A wonder-!J.TM Is J« ^urope^ is. insatiable. water "for "his'uscV was "outlined: "easing relatively Friday by the board chairman of even lna .n " Anaconda Co., one of the world's greatest copper producers. Roy 11. Clover said that natural twins of thermonuclear reaction;new and saline water conversion can I "In my own company, as an completely change man's concept'example, in 'Jie past four years of the inhabitable areas of the j our annual European sales ol cop iThree Brothers Die in Apartment Blaze CHICAGO (fl - Three young brothers were killed early Friday "The old world truly offers a l a n d a fourth was injured when he :w horuon." Glover- con'.mucd. jumped from the second floor o: a more rapidly country. And consumption of electrical energy Is growing apace." earllr and of its resources. Glover's remarks were prepared for a Montana School of Mines graduation exercises. He was awarded an honorary degree of doctor of laws. mer vacation.'Her mother. Mrs. Professional degrees were con- Rose Vaughn, and her brother, Ifcrrcd upon FVank H. MacPher- Attorney J. TV. Vaughn, mei her in j son, Grand Junction, Colo.; Plato Malozcmoff, New York City, and Joseph" T. Roys, East Helena, Denver. Weld County Real Estate Transfers Revenue itampt on real ct- tate) tranilen ire it the rate of $1.10 per thousand. Junt I Mariin C. Hahn and Florence C. A comprehensive survey of the toll road situation and unexpected' Hafm to Ralph A. Larson and Hal- dcvclopmenls in toll road operation contained in last Sunday's New York Times snows the toll road boom is definitely over. It-ought lo be studied carefully by those who believe that one or more tpll tunnels are the final solution of Colorado's, highway problems. Recently the legislatures of Iowa and Washington repealed toll road enabling acts. A survey shows that Ohio and Indiana toll routes carry less traffic lhan engineers had -forecast and more private car traffic. Toll road estimates of feasibility depend heavily upon truck traffic. The Ohio commission cut rates on trucks, and some returned, but most of them use parallel free -routes from which the toll roads have tunneled passenger car traffic. At the same" time it increased passenger car tolls 16 per cent. Feeder turnpikes for major highways have been abandoned probably because increased construction costs would necessitate rates so high traffic would riot pay them. The New York Times writer estimates that of more than 5,000 miles oC toll roads now authorized not more than 150 miles will ever be completed. A West -Virginia turnpike, 88 miles long, now lakes in only (50 per cent of the estimate, and financial aid must be secured or the bonds will be defaulted. The federal government on its long-range program has committed approximately 31 billion dollars for free highways. · Joseph. C. Ingraham in Die New York Times believes that toll t road building developed due to the lag of federal-aid construction of: I modern roads. He concludes: lie G. Larson. Lot 2, Blk. 3, Davis Addition lo the City of Greeley. Subject 16 Deed of Trust. Rev. 54.95. Gerald A. Gothier and Rulh W. Golhier lo Fosler R. Ofr and Leona A. Orr. Part of SWMSEV4 of 18-6-67. .Subject to Deed of Trust. Rev. J18.70. George Weber and Marie Weber to 1 William Frederic Allnult and Dolores M. Alinutt. Lot 8, Blk. 8, Fart's Second Addition to the City of Greeley. Rev. $14.30. Mont. Degrees were awarded to 40 students. Harnessing this new power, said Glover, can m e a n t h a t usuablc water for growing crops can be taken from the open and underground seas and piped to the world's deserts. Glover said, "Already in the short industrial life of our country, we have utilized the major hydroelectric sites and, even at present rates of consumption, we know that possible types of fuel are definitely limited. "The future of nuclear energy Ihrough the utilization of thorium and uranium, is. limited by exhaustible ore reserves; but the future through controlled thermonuclear reaction is as limitless as the oceans of the world." : Of current business, Glover said: "the demand for basic ma- pcr have increased from practically nothing 10 200.000 tons per year. "Experiments aimed at the development of economic methods ot utilizing sea or brackish waters Lo relieve- tho water shortage, are employing such methods as distillation, low temperature evaporation, solar distillation and freezing. The problem is lo accomplish- the result at a cost that would permit practical application. In the mean- lime, private industry and re- John .Vivian Gels Unpaid Draft Job 'Unlike toll roads of a century ago, 'which were replaced by the railroads, there is little likelihood that today's concrete roads will wither away. They are model highways, setting top standards in construction and engineering." His comment recalls the early-day mountain toll roads in Colo- 1 rado, serving mining areas before railroad builders got around to the job. - . - ^ DENVER Ifl -- John C. Vivian, former governor of Colorado, Friday was appointed to an indefinite term as a Selective Service hearing officer. IDs appointment to tbe nonpaying position was made by Ally, i Gen. Herbert Brownell. It was ah- Inounced in Denver by Federal Ally. Donald E. Kelley. Vivian will hear and rule on cases concerning the Selective Service System. U.S. Policy Pushed Red China into Soviet Arms By J. M. ROBERTS AP News Ar.:!y:t President Eisenhower has said twice, though somewhat tentatively, thai he thinks sosse-reJaxatis!! of the ban on trade with Red China might be a good idea. The first time, seven weeks ago, the people 'who were negotiating with Britain on the subject apparently didn't hear him. The negotiations fell through. Britain announced she would go it alone, advancing trade with China io the CLASSIFIED ADS (Continued from Page 8) Used Cars and Friicks 51 FOR SALE-- i CGI Olds 69. 821 Znd St Ph. 4inO FOR SALE-- ig.l Forrl V-8 {-door. 20:17 Gth ATB. Th. 1B6BW. FOR SALE-- 196 Balcb SpecUI 2-dr. Ph. 1Q31M. FOR BALE-- 1D50 Pontlae Z door ·*· dan. Low milcnec. radio and beater. Ph. ISSBW: 2037 6th Ave FOR SALE -- 1956 2 Tvhccl d r h « )VJllra jeep. TriLh radio and healer. 1800. Cull Eaton 452R2. FOR SALE-- 1947 Forrl fi cyl. business 'coupe. Motor irwd condition, nnly 43,000 miles. $75.00. 1S25 lUh SI. Th. 4333. FOR SALE-- '53 Lincoln hiriUop coupe ; '66 Chev. 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ELLIS MOTOR AND TRAILER SALES 2329 So. 8th Ave. Ph. 5164 Larso solccllon uew and uecd tellers. Trailer supplies. .Venezuela now believes that its recent finds of iron, bauxite, thorium and uranium will some day approach oil in commefcial importance, Caracas reports. CMD, PIP YOU KrJOWTHA'i the preliminary budget For the school year, 195758, has. been approved by Ihn Board of Education, and may be inspected al any time by interested persons? three-story building which was swept by fire. The victim], ions of Charles W. Yates, 44, * window washer, were identified as Paul Edward, 12. Louis Wayne, 10, and nichard Lee Phi-ran, Kan. is puiiin" Ihe final j Pineda seeks 51,500 for medical- asphall facing on the city's new j expenses, S10.0JO fur loss of wag- Montgomery Dam, near Hoosier ;cs as a result of the accident, P SSS - ISIO.MX) for pain and sulferinj, and City Water Supt. J. S. Nichols i $18,000 exemplary damages, said compieiio.i ol wart on the; 1'iaeda claimed he itill U un- dam Diis fall will permit storage able to work because of Ihe foot when the spring runoff slarls next!injury. year. Trinidad Rail Worker Sues Colo. Southern 1'hlllip Yates, 20, was taken to I Colorado a hospital with injuries received wheii he leaped from the family's second floor apnrlment. Yates, his wife and their three other children were sleeping in a first floor bedroom and escaped unharmed when the fire broke out. Ten other families lived in the building on the near north side. TRINIDAD ifl -A Trinidad railroad worker, Gus Pinrda, is seeking $39,000 in damages from the MISTER BREGER BUCKLEY same level perrnitled for th6 Soviet bloc. Other trading nations are preparing lo do the same. The British announcement was followed ill Washington by talk among congressional Democrats that it was time the United States reviewed Jier position. The P r e s i d e n t's comment Wednesday, that he didn't think more trade might be as bad i s j some other people did, made the; issue a very live one. The trade ban has been operating against another facet of United Stales policy toward China. That has been the belief that fundamental differences would tvent- ually push Peiping and Moscow apart. Before Ihe Korean War, the] United Stales sought to foster the idea of "Titoism" for China. Since the war almost nothing has been done about relations with Peiping except lo keep up moral pressure about American prisoners, enforce Ihe trade ban and serve noUce of determination lo defend Formosa. I In just the last few days com-! menls by Mao Tse-Umg end Nikita ] Klmrshchen on tlte relationship | of the people lo Lheir rulers in the Communist slate have revealed a new if minor difference in theoretical approach. As long as China is dependent' on -Russia alone, such differences cannot be successfully exploited. In addition lo the split with Britain and other European allies on the subject, continuation of the American altitude is going lo use similar trouble with Japan. Japan cannot stand by while other traders move into China. There is a belief in Washington that this policy has widespread public support, and that considerable spadework Will have (o be done to make any change politically acceptable. What is needed is a public re-examination of Ihe policy to sec where the balance of profit really lies. The result has been to push Red China into Russia's economic arms, causing bolh of Ihem to soft-pedal ideological difficulties. "We plan a sort of DIFFERENT vacation this year..." Southern Railroad in Business, Pleasure NEW. YORIClA -- Roger Stevens.-. Broadway's busiest show backer, recently visited his student daughter at Cambridge university -- but' also kept his mind on theater. Visiting London he acquired rights- to three West End shows for stag- ' ing here next fall. r r r , PM EXECUTED BV FKHNCISCO V5LH IN 11I5- ivstlcf-fstnous Mtalian hire back Hdex W THE FIRST fWK.1 EVER -To DO h FoRWh ON h eW.UOrlN HOKE, FEflf PERFORMED M h COfArAND PERfORNtoKE. ftflKCOJOTOFSPMN WHEN W£ W6 I6/ «HtWMftL«Plrleflr5Sl'WO.W)JTOP6r;POiU.\1lfe SWXYJtlRD BUCK'ioMeRSBUI-T (h BBOUWflRO eolAER«AUU FhCINS 6F1CKWBRDON f HALF ACRE CASTLE Definitions JOE PALOOKA Ex-Follies Star Dies INVERNESS, Calif. 1*1 -- Mrs. Mary Hay Hastings, 55, once a Ziegfeld Follies clar, and whose first husband was actor Richard iBarthclmcss, died Tuesday. BURGERS TO GO Tel. 497 95c MODEST M A I D E N S t Pljnl «· " - NOW you tell ml whit YOU are going to be when J,' YOU grow up!" NO, DADDY WTJ SiSSKCWLING- HES JUST BEING WOULD YOU PUT A LITTLE MORE OF THATSUNBURN GOO-GOO ON MY BACK HRS.C.CM055 OF TEANECK,N,J. 5A« THAT IN ORDER IB KEEP PBOWN SUGAR SOFT PUT IT IM WE BREAD BOX OR WHEREVER you KEEP XXJKBRE4P, WE'RE READY UY HAM USHER IT MUST \IU SMOTHER THIS FIRE. I HOPE THEY PIDN'T SPOT US.' I'LL TAKE / BETTER THAT OUN... GIVE ME LETS SPREAD VrH'SUN.. OUT, QUICK." h I.. tEAVE THOSE SCOUNDRELS TO WE... I'VE BEEN IN DANGEROUS SPOTS BEFORE; ier -EM COME WE'RE REflOY , NEW XM ClffS. TO WE OL FIELDS FULL of ts-jESTiows of THE MSW6 HSU'. WK4T ..iWE MOPED US COJLD ESTABLISH A NEWSTKIKE w TEBSITOBV CWNSD BV A Fff^EWD'-V EV.i^ WELL.SOCKCH/ THIS \S THE ^TDCV TWO MONTHS AO tXW.S, AW EXCELLEMT EKPEUIEticeO OL 6=OLO3:ST, V.ENT CJT IWTO THE C3NEK ONE UOi YEI CF BAO.7S AT TAi -TWS-tBOUT IT! SCORCHY SMITH DICKIE DAltE 6-» | A Fair Warning HR. PIRftTE's COMiHG OUT/ WHAT'S HOW? HIDE AWAY OH OHE OF THESE BOAT5? NO-ID BEST FADE BACK TO "PERK"-HE'LL SE CHECKING UP OKME... LISSE^KIO,!'/* TYIM'THIS BCWI UP-IO ROBEY'S WHILE LB»T IT BACK TO NASSAU -YOU'LL r, LI'L A H . N K H DESCRIBE HIM TO ME,6AESV-AN'I'LL CLUB HIM -SHOOT HIM-AM'THEN ARREST HIM FORRESISTIN' AN OFFICER.'T HE WASH FEET HIGH.WITH · GLEAMIN'RCO EVES.AM'A ' TAIL.'.'- i ' IT'S TH r LIZARD OF OOZE. r . r -NOW THAT · ., I GOT HIM TRAPPED, n ·* J 1 LET'S GET OUTA HERE, xi),, Xl^ AN'GETHELP.r r , ! k*Ji£L f

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