Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 14, 1972 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 14, 1972
Page 18
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Social Calendar Sunday, April 14 . 9 a.m. Parents Without Partners, \Ftea Market on North lllh Avenue. For more about PWP call 352-5476 or 356-1090.,or write P. 0. Box 260, Greeley. Monday, April 17 11 a.m. P. M. Duplicate Brirjge Club at the home of Mrs. Roy Sears,' 1832 Montview Blvd. 1 p.m. Chapter CR, P.E.O. Sisterhood, Mrs. William H. Webster, 1850 26th Ave. . 1 p.m. Weight Watchers, Knights of Columbus Hall, 908 10th St. 1:30 p.m. Grandmothers Club, Mrs. Hazel Smith, 2046 9lh Ave. 1:30 p.m. SOS TOPS Club, Recreation Center. 1:45 p.m. Margaret Snyder Poetry Class, Mrs. Leslie Lindou, 'with program by Mrs. Fidelia Cargill. ' 6:30 p.m. Sunshine Group of the First Baptist Church, covered dish supper, fellowship hall. ' 6:30 p.m. Colorado TOPS Club No. 50, United Bank (downstairs). 6:30 p.m. Arlington Schoo' parent-teacher annual dinner to honor teachers and staff, al the school. 7 p.m. Young Women's Improvement Society, Greeley Recreation Center. 7:15 p.m. Evening Duplicate Bridge Club, Greeley Country Club. 7:30 p.m. Our Savior's AI.CW Naomi Circle, at the home of Mrs. J. D. Eckhardt, Meet at the church at 7 p.m. for a ride. 7:30 p.m.'Weight Watchers Knights of Columbus Hall, 908 10th St. 7:30 p.m. Weld County Dental Assistants, Blue Flame Room. 7:30 p.m. Chapter EC, P.E.O. Sisterhood,- Mrs. Richard A. Boetlcher, 1903 20th SI. . . 7:45 p.m. AAUW. Travel Group at the home of Mrs Donald Lebsack, 2022 W. 12th St. Road. 8 p.m. Chapter FZ, P.E.O. Sisterhood, at the home 'o! Mrs. Betfey Adcock, 1808 Lakeside Drive. , 8 p.m. Gale-Ton TOPS Club, Galelon Lions Building. 8 p.m. Greeley Canton No. 6 and L.A.P.M., Odd Fellows Hail. 8 p.m. Xi Delta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority at the home of Mrs. Ronald Meltier, 152G 29th Ave. 8 p.m. Parents Without Parlners, monthly business meeting, Mrs.' Elma Loose, 1142 24th Ave. Court. ' For more about PWP call 353-3588 or 352-547G or write P. 0. Box 2GO, Greeley. People You Know An entourage of 20 Colorado doctors and their wives including Dr. and Mrs. John Darst and Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Weaver' Jr:, returned Monday from a trip to Spain. Mr. and Mrs. Ned Hanawald also accompanied the group. Wieners are great for the outdoor grills. Try slashing a wiener almost through lengthwise, then fill with a bit of cheese and grill. Or wrap the cheese-filled wiener with a bacon strip and then grill it. Smith's ... "just one nice thing after another Shop Every Friday Night our sunny Arizona dress... from Tumbleweeds . . . wilt-free polyester cotton casual with spunky embroidered roadrunner. 3-v/ay collar and self-lie belt. Yellow,' orange sherbet, natural, aqua, pink. Sizes 10-20. Among five other styles., JJZ 353.17(1} 802 Ninth Street Uxv t Smith's Chtrgc, B»hkAmeric»rd, or Mitle'r Charge '· OpenThurs. till 1:30 MITH'S knoten for ftnhltm By Abigail Van Buren I» itn kr CMOK Trftmt-N. Y. *vn in*., ktT . . . DEAR ABBY: My wife's mother became widowed last year and came to make her home with us as my wife is her only child. At first we treated Grandma like a guest, but she soon started to take over, criticizing my wife's handling of our children' and her extravagance in managing the house. Then she started in on the children. She found fault with their friends, their clothes, their habits and the noise they made. The old lady even told me that I should give up golf as it was a "silly" game, and took (op much of my time away, from my family. She also told me that I subscribed to mgre magazines than any one person could possibly read. The kids and my wife have Been very patient and respectfully silent thus far, but I know they resent Grandma. How can I put this old busybody' in her place without a major flare-up? Or should I keep quiet and wait until my wife also has a bellyful and handles it her way? ·BELLYFUL IN S. F. IJEAR BELLYFUL: Let your wife handle it her way. You probably won't have to wait long. DEAR ABBY: "Why do basically honest people cheat at bridge? We are members of a bridge club, and one of the women in our foursome always keeps score, ami almost all the time she wins the high score prize. As soon as the game is. over, this woman makes a pretense of clearing off, the table and she immediately destroys the score sheets. This annoys all of us who have noticed it, and if she did not have otherwise lovable qualities we would drop her from the foursome. Can you please give us some ideas on how we can straighten her out without offending her. or causing her embarrassment? SUCH GOOD FRIENDS DEAR FRIENDS: Basically honest people do not cheat at anything. Either keep (his'lady with, the "otherwise lovable qualities" honest by relieving her of the score keeping jab or drop her. DEAR ABBY: Someone wrote in asking what to do with unsolicited stuff that comes in the mail. Some organizations send out personalized key chains, packets of Christmas cards, name slickers and a lot of other items, hoping the recipients will send them a dollar or two. I Wish I could afford to help all these missions, churches, veterans, handicapped people, etc., but I am on social security and I can't. Also, why should I have to pay postage to return stuff I never sent for in the first place? Well, here's the answer: My mailman told me that if I ever get anything in the mail I did not order and do not want, I shouldn't even open it. [But if I do open it, I can tape it closed again.] Just write on the- package, "Refused. Return To Sender." The sender will have to pay the postage for its return so you won't have to worry about -hearing from them again, because after a while, they'll get the message. . . . . . . . . NO MORE JUNK DEAR -ABBY: Mark Evans, Ph. D., who says he is a grown man who enjoys living at home with his mother and father, and is probably considered an oddball by society because he respects his parents ami.shares Iheir values, did not disclose Ihe subject of-his degree. If it's psychology, I will kill myself! J. H. P., ICA [IGNORAMUS CUM AWARNUS] What'i your problem? Yen'll feel better If you get it off yote chest. Write (o ABBY, Box 69704, Los Angeles, Cal. MK9, For ft personal reply enclose stamped, addressed envelope, For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," send SI to Abby, Box 09760. I.os Angeles. Cal. »00fi». School Menus Prl., April 14, 1972 GREELEY (Colo,) TRIBUNE Hot lunch menus for schools District Six, and breakfast nenus for East Memorial, r a n k 1 i n , Jefferson, West happelow, park, and West High choolj f o r - t h e ensuing week, pril 17-21, .will include: ·' SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS . (With Choices) ' Monday: Browned beef and ravy with bullcred whipped otatoes- or hoagie' sandwich illi dill slices; and polalo hips; seasoned peas; rolls arid uller; . chocolate . cake , or hilled peaches; 'A pinl whole nilk.' . '. Tuesday: Uarbecued beef on bun yvilh dill slices or cheese- lurgcr on a bun with dill slices; Drench fries with catsup; celery and carrot slicks; peanut butler rownies or chilled applesauce; k. pint whole milk. Wednesday: Italian spaghetti vith meat sauce or cheese avioli with meat sauce; shredded leltuce with assorted dressings; Frencli rolls arid Hitler; peach cobbler or issortcd cookies; pint whole nilk. Thursday: Fried chicken with country gravy and butiera: whipped potatoes or ham salat Laboratory School Lunch Menus for Week Hot luncli menus for the Laboratory School for the cnsu ing week, April 17-21, will in etude: Monday; Hamburger am macaroni casserole; carrot ant raisin salad; hot rolls am butter; butterscotch squares; p i n t whole milk, eithei chocolate or plain. Tuesday: Baked beans will wieners; corn bread and honey butter; lettuce salad will dressing; fruit cup; 14 pin whole milk. W e d n e s d a y : Tacns will shredded lellure, tomatoes on hot sauce; Spanish rice; cowboy bread; peanut butler cookies 14 pint whole milk. Thursday: Turkey and gravy mashed potatoes; seasons spinach; hot biscuits and bul tcr; while cake with clicrr sauce; V4 pinl whole milk chocolate or plain. Friday: Vegetable soup an crackers; baked cheese sum w i c h e s ; fruit Jcllo wit peaches; apple crisp; 'A pin whole milk. Bridge News Announcement Ethel Brumlcy anrt Mrs. 11. W. There will he a Swiss tcam-of- Devine, second; Mrs. W i l l i n m i w h o l e m i l k . Greeley Catholic Schoo Lunch McnitK for Wee Hot lunch menus for II (irccley Calhnlic Schonl for 11 ensuing week, April 17-21, w! include: Monday: Meat halls ill Ionia sauce; buttered rice; swisonc green beans; . cowboy brent sliced peaches; Vi pinl who milk. Tuesday: Hiiibuniud pork c n bun; celery slnffcil with pc mil buller; pineapple muffins applesauce; 'A pint wtiolc mil Wednesday: Chili soup ;in crackers; carrot slicks; gln/.c cinnamon mils; fruit ciip; pint whole milk. Thursday: Turkey and grav ovcr whipped pDlatoes; se soneii peas iincl carrols; (limit rolls and bulter; pumpkin cal w i l h whipped lopping; 'A pi four evcnl at the Evening Duplicate Club at the Greeley Couritry Club, Monday, April 17, ill 7:30 p.m. Advance registration is requested. For assistance in forming Icsms, and for registration call Mrs. H. W. Devine, 352-5552. Winners Winners in regular play at the University Center on April 7, were Al Miller and E. E. Wagner, first; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hesse, second; and Norberl O'Connor and Mrs. E. E. Wag tier tied with Mr. and Mrs. Dan Moore for third and fourth. At.the Country Club on April 10, winners were Barry Bedinger and Al Miller, first; Mrs. Agan and Robert Wilson, third;! Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Wagner, f o u r t h ; and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ewalil, fiflli. Ifookniobile Schedule For Coming Week The schedule for the Weld County Bookmobile for (lie en- sirgin week, April 17-21, is as follows: : Monday: No runs. Tuesday: Mead; Millikcn. W e d n e s d a y : Galeton; Gilcresl. Thursday: La Salle; Space City, 9:30-10:30 a.m.; Mountain View; Dacono, 12:30-1:15 p.m. Friday: No runs. Fashion Trend on Fifth and Lincoln in Love I and. SPECIAL CLOSEOUT .Wiglets . . . . . . $ 5.00 · Shags . . . . . ..$19.95 . Skin Scalp Wigs. 525,00 · 36" Reversible Wig $39.95 Try Our Cool, Cool New Cap- less Wig In Your Favorite Color $29.95 ONE GROUP OF DRESSES · Va P R I C E 667-U41 Friday: i c h ; parsley-buttered atoes; fruit cup; peanut bi er brownie; 'k pint chocola nilk. a bun wilh dill slices and 'cncli fries; seasoned green ans; wlwle wheat pull-apart Us and buller; pineapple lid- pint 1 is or chocolate cake; iole milk. Friday: Fish slicks on a bun (h lartare sauce or chili 1 dog i a bun wilh dill slices; chilled italo salad; fruited Jello or iple crisp; V4 pint whole milk. Trinity Lutheran School Lunch ) - j ' School District lic-1 Lunch Menus for Week Mot lunch menus for schools! Mot lunch menus for Trimly in Dislrlcl Ue-1 for the ensuing 'Lutheran School for the ensuing week, April 17-21, will include: ! we /*' , A P ril 17U21 ' ) vi11 '^Mef-' ,, , ,,. , . . i Monday: Hamburger Monday : Pizza; combination, o v c r m ., shed po,^. alad; buttered corn; fruit; 'A'salad; coffee cake; 14 lint whole milk. | whole milk. Tuesday: Mashed potatoes! Tuesday: Baked JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Monday: Browned beef and r a v y ; buttered whipped 'latoos; seasoned peas; rolls nd bulter; chocolate cake;."A nt whole milk. Tu«sday: Barbecued beef on bun with dill slices; French ies with catsup; celery and irrol slicks; peanut bulter ·Qwnies; 14 pinl whole milk. Wednesday: Dalian spaghetti ith meat sauce; shredded ttuce with assorted dressings, rench rolls and butler; peach obbler; Vi pinl wlrolc milk. Thursday; Fried chicken with o u n I r y gravy; buttered hipped potatoes; seasoned reen beans; whole wheat pull p a r t rolls and bultci ineapple (idbils; Vt pinl whole nilk. Friday: Kish slicks on a bun p ilh tarliire sauce; chilled olafo salad; fruited Jcllo; 14 inl whole milk. green beans; Hitler; Jello; nilk. Wednesday: niltcred corn; mil crisp; 14 pinl whole milk. Thursday: innclwiclies; ;alad; carrot slicks; brownies; pint whole milk. Friday: Fish sticks with . a r i a r e sauce; buttered JOtaloes; buttered green beans; nd hamburger gravy; buttered hot rolls and i pinl whole Tacobergers; carrol slicks; Peanut butter potato soup; Jello »rcad and buller; celery sticks; f r u i t salad; raisin bars; 'A pink: whole milk. - ·'···'? Wednesday: Ham salad saiid^ wich; buttered carrots; apple-f- sauce, poonul bulter balls; JV- pint whole milk. ml rolls and butter; inl whole milk. Jello; 14 beans; pint-. .-,'? corrf' Shepherd's rolls and piei-' butler-'; Thursday; grajie juice; prune spice cake; Vi pinl whole'-' milk. -;$ Friday: Pizza; coin; fruit"' cup; cake; \4 pinl whole milk. : "|?. The British government erri- ploys more Hum 700,000 civil, survanls. BREAKFAST MENUS M o n d a y : Chilled canned wars; toasted peanut bulter andwich; 14 pinl whole milk. Tuesday: Chilled pineapple idbils: chocolate cake; V4 pinl vliole milk. Wednesday: Orange juice; innamon loasl; ',i pinl whole nilk. Thursday: Chilled apple- iaucc; peanut hutler brownies; 4 pinl whole milk. Friday: Chilled prunes; cold ·crenl and cookies; 14 pinl vholc milk. The senior -and junior high schools serve a choice of whole nilk, cither plain or chocolate, laily. The elementary schools serve ilain whole milk daily will: chocolate milk available every Monday. Pciinul bullcr, which contain! iboiil 50 jjcr cenl fal, frequently used as a substitute for oilier fats in making cakes cookies nnd candy. H is valuct as a very n u t r i t i v e sprca because of its fiigli fill, protein mineral nnd B-vit;imin content. IN M I N D Designed originally lor ihe mother of three, loving d,n]|;hlcis, Tlie Molhrt's Rinj; w.« m.itlc .ivnilnblo al her request to Ilie mothers ni America. What more filling t i m e than MOTHER'S DAY, MAY l-llh, to give her tin's fjifl that will capture forever lliu memories she'll never (orpct. .. . All genuine "Mother's Kings" a r c cu$lum made nnd . should be ordered in advance. Wu will accept orders through THURSDAY, MAY 11lli, IOR MOTHER'S DAY DEUVtRY. ' 19G 1 ) Gucrtin lirps. Mfe. Corp. GRAYBEAL JEWELERS, Inc. 818 Bit) SI. FRANCES DIETRICH WANTS YOU TO KNOW ABOUT F A B R I C S The f u t u r e of fnbrlcs nnd the need for heller u n d e r s t a n d i n g of man-made fibers liecnine a possessive project with j-'ranccs Dietrich -when n q u i l l e d robe her d a u g h t e r line! mnilc fell njiarf in the wasliing mnclilne. Wlicn her .sciirch for enlielilcnirig fuels nlioul natiirnl and in.iil-m:idc fillers ended in frustialion, she tlccklcd In reach everyone and anyone , who knew a n y t h i n g about textiles. This search resulted i" n column on fascinating fabrics, which pulled almost 10,0(10 tellers the first year it appeared in the SI. Louis Glohc-Dcmocral. Her journalistic experience in -wide tml varied, nnd in 196? Miss Dietrich was awarded n citation and medal ns "Outstancllnu Woman in Communications" by the highly respected organization, "Downtown St. Louis, Inc."'Trances Dietrich has the answers (o your questions and problems about fabric, whether you b u y icady-lo-wcar or sew at Iionic. STARTS TUESDAY DiimondSoliNirf S275 Diamond SoliUite Stl SIM ud SoliUiic Scl 1325 MirquistSollUlreSetMOO Diamond SolitJiicSct $225 r«r5h»pt SoliUiK J5M Diamond SdiliireSclJISO The diamond solitaire: beautiful enough to stand alone. If you sec beauty in simpllcily, the diamond solitaire is for you. Choose a 14 Karat gold solitaire set front our large collection, each one a superb value. ^··^MLlBKM^ . SHOPGREHLEY -, . · * , *. Open Fri.'fil 8:30 My,Howyouve changed BIX (ih St. 352.675? Use one of our convenient chuge plans · XiltsCustom Charge · Zalcs Revolving Charge · M»tl«r Cfm/j* · B*nlAmeric*rd

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