Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 8, 1969 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1969
Page 24
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Dill Pickle Chips Zi ^, gl . 35c Sweet Pickle Chips '^ 49c Zippy Sweet Gherkins zlp ;Lr j. r 49c Pickle Relish 12 . 0 , ,,,,. 29s Zippy, sweet Whipped Topping a o z c t n 28c Rich's, frozen REFRIGERATED FOODS Margarine Coldbrook ,,," ctn . 15c Cinnamon Rolls 1!tix . lube 25c Mrs. Wright's, with icing Flaky Biscuits 4 .«.t« b .9c Mrs. Wright's, buttermilk, 6 count Orange Juice *,,,,.',,.. 89c Safeway chilled Gelatin Salads 3 c ^ $1 Bar-None, assorted red Cream Topping L To n : M n 79c Imitation Sour Cream 9Qn 12-oz. cup *9C BREADS CAKES Ovenjoy Bread , , f 19c White, enriched, sliced Super Soft Bread 2 ;t:;49c Mrs. Wright's Black Rye Bread ig . 0 ,.:,,, 27c Skylark, Old World, "Plus Special" HomestyleBread 16oi ., oaf 27c Skylark, "Plus Special" Skylark Rolls ,, n , f , ; :35c Sesame Seed, "Plus Special" Coffee Cake 9 OI pkg 47c Mrs. WHght's, Almond Applesauce Cake 1 9 0 2 p k 9 7 9 c ' Mrs. Wright's, layer Apple Puffs 12ot pkg 55c Mrs. Wright's, package of 4, "Plus Special" Coffee Cake Ring P ^ 59c I Mrs. Wright's See the World's Tallest Man , THE CORN- KING GIANT (8 ft. 2 in. 1all) He's as tall as an Iowa cornstal k at harvest time and will visit your Safeway Store soon. Stop by and chat with him. He'll pass out balloons and a u t o graphed pictures of himself. At these Safeway Stores: Saturday, Oct. 11, 1969 2521 11th Ave., Greeley {12 noon-1:30 p.m.) 1122 11th Ave., Greeley (1:30-2:30 p.m.) i , SAVE ON CHEESES Longhorn Cheese i b . 79c j Half Moon, natural, 12-16 oz. random weight packages Cheese Spread 2 pkba 79c Mlis Muffet Cheddar Cheese 2 P ' kg 1,89 Safeway, sharp Safeway Cheese 8 o Z . Pkg . 39c Individually wrapped, slices. American, Pimento or Swiss Midget Longhorn 1.27 Cry-O-Vac Brocode Bath- Cleaner "S 58c Whltt M«lc, for Ih. bathroom NUTS OF THE MONTH Walnut Pieces 4 %^z. P k 0 , 69c McCormick, "Plus Special" Pecan Pieces ,,c,, k q 69c McCormick, "Plus Special" Salted Peanuts 3,C$1 Azar, Spanish, "Plus Special" MILK PRODUCTS Party Dips 3 Z£ $1 Lucerne, "Plus Special", 7 varieties MSIIr · 1 IM nill* gal. ctn. I ilM Lucerne, homogenized, . fji bonus quality y 2 ga |. ctn. OIC Skim Milk , /2 Ba , Btn 45c Lucerne, non-fat ' qt; ctn. Whipping Cream £"{;",,. SAFEWAY MONEY SAVERS Noodles Betty Crocker Bk , 47c Whipping Blend Lucerne, non dairy 2p t.c, n Potato Salad , 45c Macaroni Salad pin t 45c Cole Slaw plnt 45c pkg. Romanoff, Itallano, Almondine, or Stroganoff Noodles Romanoff 8P5 kT 57c . Betty Crocker Pineapple Juice L ^:" ; i; can 12c Maxwell House 3± 1.89 Regular grind Coffee, "Plus Special" Maxwell House 2,!; 1.37 ft _ . Coffee","Regular, Drip, .or Electra'Perk 29c Artie Maid Shrimp 4 1.° nl 49c Mixed and Broken Hot Roll Mix "'""^..z P kg. 36c Aunt Jemima Mix 2 ,^, 47c Pancake mix with syrup Peanut Butter 1 8 . OZ . gls 53c Real Roast, creamy QiQ«i 12-oz. glass WOC Corn Muffin Mix ^ pkg lOc Jiffy Biscuit Mix 8oz . P k 9 . lOc Buttermilk Jiffy Muff in Mix H °£l %£ 14c Appian Way Pizza 7^ 39c Cheeae, price includes "10c off" on the Shortening 6 can 1.17 Royal Satin y bl. fj(l« W e a n 33C (3-lb. can has "8c-off" on the label) Velkay Shortening 3 55c Shortening 3d"; 59c Snowdrift, "Plus Special" u · Fresh baked goodies are always a welcome any time. So why not treat the family to the best from a Safeway In-Store Bakery. There are plenty of mouth-' watering goodlet from which to choose. RAISIN BREAD QK« Iced or plain. Mb, loaf UwC COFFEE C A K E «A Apple Streusel ea. O9C d OI 49c BUNS Sandwich FRESH PIE Dutch Apple ea 59C CANNED MEAT FISH Chunk Tuna Ne . / 2 ..,, 25c Corned Beef Town ^ can 63c Siltf Sardines pr Xo p rla ns 21 c Sardines Brlstlino 3 % O Z cans29c Sea Trader Smoked Oysters 3Y ,. OZ . c » n 31 c Sea Trader Roast Beef ·,,,,, can 59c Town House, with gravy Lysol Disinfectant ,. ,, gl , 49c Regular or pine scented SLAB BACON Smoked, narrow, lean slabs. Deep smoked flavor. Buy a whole slab, half slab or end portion cuts. ·· (Center Cuts, Ib. 69c) If),, 65 Loin Club Steak ,, 1,47 Bonelect Beef, Best of the USDA Choice Grade Beef. Cut regular thickness or extra thick -- for Beef Fondue. Tenderloin Steak ,,, 2.68 Beef, Fillet of Mlgnon. Best of the USDA Choice Grade Beef. Excellent for Fondue all Liver S l i c e d , "Only tho BesK" Skinned, no chunks or piecos. Nice even cenfor slicm. Serve Ik genuine calf liver ioday. " 99 ink Sausage Sigman's, froth, puro . ff £ C Porlc, small lints. Any IL | amount. '"· 85 Boneless Beef 89c Roasts, boned, rolled, tied, Center Chuck Portions. No extra fat rolled on these. Swiss Steaks 89c Baron of Beef 3 to 7 Inches thick from rounds for roaiting. Beef Arm, center cuts Ij^'to 2 Inches thick, Bone-In cuts. English Cut Roast , b . 95c · Boneless Beef, rolled and tied. No extra fat rolled on these. Cut from ihs Bcsf of the t*m AC USDA Choice Grade Bocf. $|.UD Bone-in centar cuts. Saftway lu Jtylc trimmed. IB - Fresh, boneloss, Best of the USDA Choice Grade Beef. Eic- i collent to 8BP or Roast. Safe- 11, way Style trim. I0 Boneless Beef 87c Lean, prepared in cube . size from the Best of the USDA Choice Grade Beef. Fresh, exfra lean. "Only tho Bast." Special ra«dy prepared. ' ID. Beefsteak 89c Chuck Wagon, Freeh, boneless, excellent to BBQ or Chicken fry. Beef Burgers 45c 7-Bone Steaks 79' Blade Rib Steak 1,09 Sausage A " Becf ,,, 45c 7-Bone Steaks lb 72c Made of the Best of the USDA Choice Beef . out any thickness from Chuck Grade Beef. 1, 2 or 5-lb. rolls. · Portions Beef, cut from the '6th and 7th Rib of the Standing Rib. Bone-in cuts. Pork Steaks , lb 79c Cut from Shoulder Butts Short Ribs lb 55c Beef, Genuine short ribs. Well defatted New York Cut, n · Ib. til Boneless'loin strips, cut regular or extra thick. Beef Kidneys 19c Rib Eye Steaks B " f b 2.29 Standing Rib Prepared boneless from the Standing 1 Rib only. Young, Federally Inspected. Whole or Coarse ground. 1.25 Beef Steaks, cut from the first 5 ribs of the Standing Rib, bone in cuts REFRIGERATED FOODS Fleischmann's i. lb P k fl . 39c Soft Margarine, "Plus Special" Dinner Rolls E , Ik 35c Pillsbury, butter-flake CHECK THESE Instant Folgers 1 , , 1,65 New, Coffee Crystals White Plates Pks . of 100 59c ANTI-FREEZE Presione gal. can 1.57 St. Regis, paper Anti-leak, anti-freeze Penn Champ AntiFreg "° c an 1,19 We reserve the right to limit quantities. None sold to dealers. Prices are subject to market changes. Prices good In Greeley, Colo. © Copyright 1960, S a f e w a y Stores, Inc. Two locations to serve you, Hillside Shopping Center »nd 1122 11th Ave, BAR SOAPS Camay Soap bath ,.., Complexion, assorted colors Camay Soap regular bar 13s Complexion, assorted colors Zest Beauty Bar bath ,,,,· 23c Deodorant Soap Zest Beauty Bar re^r bar 16s Deodorant Soap Safeguard Soap ,,,, blr 23c Deodorant, white, pink or beige CHECK OUT FOR LESS SimilacLiquid 6 J : 199c Formula, regular or with iron. Gerber Baby Food ea lie All varieties, strained fruits, vegetables or juices Graham Crackers 2 pkbg . 59c Busy Baker Grape Juice Emprcs \, OI .,,,.. 32c Salad Dressing NuM t gl 39c Sandwich Spread i'^l', 47c Instant Rice Town Srr P h B . 68c Pinto Beans Town "VT. Pko . 27c Town House Popcorn,;'; 25c Yellow or white Sno-WhiteSalt pkg . 9c Plain or iodized Quart Pop 8 3a £. $1 Crao/mont, all flavors (except Grape or Orange) regular or diet (plus deposit) Pancake Mix 3 P ll 55c Kitchen Craft, Buttermilk Maple Syrup 24 . oz . gls 64c Slee p y Hollow TOOTHBRUSHES nm Sa !'» a *' Y °" lh . rn.dlurr, or h.rd ill. fulled, medium or ·) In K hord oval * for *"E ^4 Sofowoy, Dcluxt n rn_ genllo or firm * for «C TOOTHPASTE Sofowo,. w/Hourid. or H.x- «. .ichloropricma BV4-oz. tube "*· ifoway, w/Plourfde or Hox- 17 r hlorophanc S'A-oi. tibe ^'* SAVE HERE TOO Applesauce Town H °To3 can 19c Potato Flakes Gooc 16^: Pork Beans H r w aJ 0 can. 12c Highway Spaghetti ' 14c Whole Chicken ::; 99c Swift's Mexican STYLE DINN A R , Pk , 23c Kraft Macaroni Dinner ^-, pkg 23c Kraft, Italian Macaroni Dinner 7/;. a o f ' Pkg . 20c HALLOWEEN CANDY Safeway is headquarters for Halloween Candy. Large selection at discount prices. CHECK THESE SAVINGS C H Sugar 2 X 33o Powdered or light brown Big Pack Napkins pk % 0 o 29c Elcor Corn Flakes -.:-,, ,,,,,. 24c Safeway, compares to the very best Tomato Juice Tow ';6 H o°. us c e an S 29c Tropicana Drinks ,, QIE 24s Fruit Drinks Prune Juice qt 9 is 39o Town House Grapefruit Sections , 31 c Town House Grapefruit Sections 303 can 29c Highway, broken sections DAY AT SAFEWAY!"

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