Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 23, 1961 · Page 5
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 5

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1961
Page 5
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men is obscure. The researchers Why they died esrlier lhnnolher|lhe National Heart Institute's heart disease epidemiology study from Albany, N-Y., and Framingham, Mass., said "There is strong evidence for some lethal but nonspecific Cigarette Smoking Linked To Coronary Fatalities By ALTON BLAKESLEE jl,ig|,ci- among midillc-ngcd and Associated Press Science Writer 'older men smoking a pack a day MIAMI BEACH, Via. (APJ-A or more, compnral with non- medical talc from two cilics itbouljsmokcrs. pijie or cignr smokers, ---, -- ,,, cigarette smokers Friday agreed: : and former cigiircllc smokers. I drawing therapeutic inferences otv g cancel. The death rate from coronary Their death rate ffom all causes these observations" -- meaning cicarctlc factor associated smoking They suggested caution "in at Frnminglmni, ami was read by Dr. Doylcv Earlier slalislical studies have! indicated n higher risk from heart disease among smokers, and even that heart disease is n greater I risk from cigarette smoking liiair heart disease was three timesiwas three times higher also. Weld County Association for Mental Health presents FREDERICK A. LEWIS, JR., M.D. Director, Fort Logan Mental Health Center, and a team of eight Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Group Therapists and Psychiatric Nurses in demonstrations of ADMISSIONS PROCEDURES and CASE STUDY TECHNIQUES for the Mentally III Prosier Theater, Colorado State College Tuesday, Oct. 24, 8:00 p.m. PUBLIC INVITED--NO CHARGE vhelher changing smoking habits vould reduce disease or death isks. But (hey said iheir preliminary csults suggest the chance of dc- ·eloping coronary hcarl disease ncrcascs the longer and more a nan smokes cigarettes. The statistical studies involving i,l20 men in Albany and Fram- ngham during six to eight years iverc described to Ihe American [cart Association's 34th annual scientific sessions opening today. The combined report was pre- larcd by Dr. Joseph T. Doylo of Albany Medical College and Dr. Thomas R. Dawber, director of -Grover MOTOROLA 23 SWIVEL TV Beautiful cuclom-strled Conlemporaiy TV, Ecluiive Tube Sunlit 1 lyslem warm-up power luroe, piolecU every tube Model 23C10. FULL YEAR GUARANTEE ON MOTOROLA® TV .. FOR 1962! WELD CO. GARAGE APPLIANCE DEPARTMENT 810 10th St. CITATION TO ATTli.ND pnon.vj'R or \vii.i. In The (Jimmy Court ,\o. SS51 STATE OP COLORADO ) C o u n t y of Wold ) JOstaic of: ) It E R T H A U O S T U 0 .M) t'KAXK,' alto t; n o \v n as) U E H T H A EOKTHO.M. ) TIIR PEOPLE OP VHH STATE OK COLORADO. TO: Jacob Frank, A d u l t . 602 Tenth Street. Circelcy. Colorado, H u s b a n d , i t e i r at law, Betifcf L c L a r y of T r u n t m i r i e r W i l l find P r e - m i ] » t i a L A g r e e - m e n t dated 2-2L'-CQ. John K F r a n k . A d u l t , 3 G R 1 C h r i s t i n e St., San Diego 17, CM If., Stepson, Legatee. Clara Fullz, A d u l t , 2021 S o u t h Second Avo., A re;id Lit, C a l i f o r n i a , Slcpdn l i g h t e r , les- aln«. R u t h Lower, A d u l t , 1 3 u ] 1 4 t h Street, Grceloy, C o l o r a d o , Step- d a n (jhter f Le(ratce. The St. Pant Congregational C h u r c h of, Cireeley, Colorado, O r g a n i z a t i o n , Legatee. E l v i n a Neetlnnfl, nlso k n o w n aR Uivinn. NeedciiB, A d u l t , 2216 Center St., Castro Valley, C a l i f o r n i a , Xo R e l a t i o n , R e s i d u a r y Legnica and Do- vlsee. J a k o \Valter, A d u l t , n'oiito 1, Hlllrosc, Colorado, No R o l a - tlon, Residuary LiC-ifatce n n d Device, I l o b o r t Wnlker. A d u l t , C l i f t o n W n y , CnsWo \'alley. Calif. Xo I l e l a t L o n , Ueal- duary Legatee atid LJevLaec. Henry Wti liter, Adult, UOJE 6C, Uecoto, C a H f o r n l n , Xo Rr- latlon. Residuary I.cffatcc and DC via re. F lore tic B C a p o n e r a . A d u l t , 830 Bosita Road, Del Key Onka. C a l i f . No Itclallon. Resi- d u a r y LcKAtee nnd Devisee. Irene S p i n e l l l , A d u l t , 4501 West 34lb.Ave., Denver, Colorado, Xo R e l a t i o n , R e s i d u a r y e g n t c e and Devifirt-. L I L U o a t a l j r . A d u l t , 7SU S t r o b r l d f i o Ave., Castro Valley, Calif.,, N'o R e l a t i o n , R c a l du;i ry r.egatr.B and Devisee. T a l l i n n B n l l o y , A d u l t , lloute 4, X a n i p a , Idftho, No Kela.tlon. R e s i d u a r y L e g a t e e and Dc- vinee. B c r n i c e Lalloque P h i l l i p B , f o r m e r l y Uornico I^aRonue, A d u l t , 1 J O ] Yolanda Court, Seaside, C a l i f . , Xo R e l a t i o n , Residuary Li-^aCen a.ii(] D p v J E e e . K e n n e t h O. Wnlltcr, A d u l t j Pnj'dcr, ' C o t o r n d o , No · n e l n t i o u , R e s i d u a r y Legatee and Devisee. U n k n o w n heirs at l a w , Address U n k n o w n , Xo K n o w n R e - lation, TTeirs at Lau-. Raymond R. Pope, '"-re cloy, Colorado, G u a r d i a n ad Lit cm to m i n o r u n k n o w n lie Irs at law. You and e?ch c? you u r n i i r - r c by n o t i f i e d ihat t h e I n s i n i i n e n t p u r port E i i g t o b o t h e Isint «'ill n n d ICE t a m e n t o f t h e d e - cedent a b o v e n a m e d will lio offered for probate b e f o r e the C o u n t y Court ot Weld C o u n t y , f\t the C o u r t h o u s e In Greeley, Colorado, on Monday, the 1 3 t h day of Xovember, A.D. J961, at 10 o'clock A.M., or at mi CM 11 mi the m a t t e r t h e n may bo c o n - t i n u e d . WITNESS my B t ^ n a t u r e and ical of said Court t h i n 6th day of October, 1961. SEAL) C. E. W A L L A C E Clerk of the C o u n t y Court John W. Henderson, A t t o r n e y GROVER-- Mi', oixl Mrs, Kon- nctli Slcvcns minouncc tlic birth o[ a son on Oct. 15 :it the Logan County Hospital in Sterling. Stevens is a former lonelier of the Grover Scl'.ool, and is now leaching at (he P.-intell Grade School in Swing. Mr. ami Mrs. James J'ollcr attention* tlio Dedication F.xcrcises] of tlie tela Pciininglon Elementary School ol Jefferson County Districl No. 11-1, in Wheat nidge Thursday evening. They w e v e jucsls of their lUniglilcr, Ellcnor 'oiler, who is a member of the acuity of Ihc new schonl as thirtl ;rade icadicr. Mrs. William Hall rclunicil to licr Ixmic in Grceley Thursday after a visit Mint., Ocl. 23, ]%[ (,'KKKLI'JY T K I I H J N K I'uge 5 Reclamation Experts Sent To Thailand UlfU'rniinu wlial ndditionnl data lhould Ixi Inclndeci in a compr*- lliunsivc pliinriiiig survey of the project on the bonkr between Tliiiilntic] ;ir.(t f.;.ns. Tlic sliidy was fiulhorizcd by WASHINGTON' (Al») - Three ^^t-'inrnls under the yovern- Kwlainalicm UHn-aii spct-ialisls n u ' n l ' s l r c ! i n t r f l 1 assistance pro- h«vR hcen sent lo Th;iil;inl ( t i'K';T» iw underdeveloped coun- sliidy llio prti]K)-scci ii'i'ij'nlion, |xns'- ' l l ( : s - er niul lUivj^nUon prnjecl on Ihci ' ; ~~" iMi'konii Hivcr, Ihe Inlorior Ik 1 -; ATMKXS AP) -- Athens news- parliiK-nl antiourK'od Friday. I papers reported S»t. that Tina Arriving in Ham'.ko 1 : Monrbyjoncissis, cx-ivUc o( Greek ship- will hp phiinn'iiK nv^ir.i'L't 1 Cecil B. piji^ m;i^nntc Aristotle Onassis, Joccibsnn of Salt Lake C i t y , civil will marry UrrUiin's Marquess of oiiRineor Crtrl J. ]lnrfin;m of Hi'ii- Blandford Monday, ver and a^ricuHiiral oconntiiM' TJic aiinuuticcmciU in Ihe soti- li;il])h K. Iliis}i nf MeL'ook. Neb. 'ely column. 1 ; said the ccrcinony Tiwir !K).dny nssignrnrnt is lojwill ]io in a Greek Orthodox evaluate irifcjrtn.ilinn rnlk-ek'tl iti.L'luin.-ti in France. The marquess previous iuvesli g a I i u n s iiridcr is the 35-yc:ir-uld son ami heir to Juited Naltons inispiccs and lo'lhe Duke of Marlliorough. "I'm sorry, but I already have something that takes the drudgery out of those dreary household chores." her parents, Ancient lionmn circus vrowdslsoughl the animal in II' rated Ihe rhinoceros high on thousand Ethiopia, list of favorite animals. To rails Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wilson. The Gale Heiman family, Jur- mcr residents of llcrford, havo moved from Sterling to A r v n c l n j where Ilciman will be executive vice president of the new Arvudn' StaU. Hank which will open Jon.' 24, 1W'2. 'Jlic regular meeting of the Grov: Ladies Aid was held Thursday! aCtcrrioon al the Grover Coimnuu-, tty Church with Mrs. La Donna Hill man as liosless for the members antl guests. Mrs, Jack Gillette presided at the business, melcing. Mrs. Ben Wilson prc-' en ted the devotions, Mrs. Bailey; me] Mrs. Boggs gave a review ol heir (rip (o Hawaii with clothing. · beads and centerpieces mnrfc ol rood and flowers of Hawaii on display. Also many piclures o l , heir tour group on route and o l ' he several unusual places of fn- ercst llicy visited on the islands. fy the Romans' demands for thrilt- ^ulti-Purpose Pointer LOGANVILl/E, Ga. (API--Herman McCullers of Loganville has- a bird dog with an extra, talent. The dog, named GUI, likes to walk along the bank ol a creek and point fish swimming in the water. Hearing Aids-Bogan Pharmacy.--Adv. mperial expeditions Cut your fuel costs this winter by installing storm doors and windows. You will enjoy the added protection to the health and comfort of your family. Use our time payment plan and enjoy them while you pay. LU WIB E It FOR CONVENIENCE "CHARGE" YOUR PURCHASES NOW AT WARDS Apply for your charge plate at Wards credit desk today. You then select what you need and just say: "charge it". Costs nothing extia if you pay up bills monthly. Only a small service .charge if you prefer to take more time For Further Information, Ph, EL 2-1112 Mrs, Helen Stong, Credit Manager T^T o i o t o J0 " n ". Jienaerson Li Z-loia Greeley, Colorado, , , The Greeley D.iity T r i b u n e . tlOct. 5, 16, 23, 30, 196J. ·······*·· ·«·····*»·· ··**** FAMOUS Remington QUIET-RITER ELEVEN PORTABLE! UNBREAKABLE CYCOLAC BODY, KING-SIZE ELEVEN INCH ROLLER. EXCLUSIVE MIRACLE TAK. 7 EXCITING COLORS! 815 Tenth St. P h o n e EL 3-0204 MONTGOMERY WARD Store H o u r s 9-5:30 Open Friday N f g h t s NO MONEY DOWN-NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS UNTIL FEBRUARY New Machines as low as 49.50 plus (ax two magnificent TV consoles BIG 23"* SCREEN AT A SPECIAL LOW PRICE each no money down Star! payments nsxt February · Superior local reception; FM sound · 1 handsome style* Enjoy sharp, clear TV pictures. 2 cabinet styles, mahogany finish; Standard model In blond or walnut, or contemporary lo- boy In walnut or fruitwood.. 177.88 1303 Eighth Avenue "Everything for the Office" f, BREATHTAKING 6-SPEAKER STEREO AND STATIC-FREE FM/AM RADIO Complete inooe fine mahog- 1OQ95 any veneer console. Walnut \ / j f or fruitwood, only $10 more^ Ne MOMIY MW N measured diagonally PORTABLE STEREO WITH DELUXE FM/AM RADIO 99? 5 no monoy dawn The finest 2-chann«l stereo plus drift-free FM end long range AM reception at this low price. f '

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