Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 26, 1962 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, November 26, 1962
Page 10
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Page 10 GREELEY TRIBUNE Mon., Nov. 26, 1962ltior in 1M9 for an archeolosical expedition into Panama jungles. In the summer cl 1957. Washingtonians became curious when tflicopters started practicing landings on the White House lawn. Without ta'tare. military Turbo-Jets Promise Lift To Helicopter Industry WASHINGTON - A slowpoke^! success, the helicopter has a in the field ot aviation, tin? heli-ilimg history. Leonardo da Vinci ·copter may yet become a magic drenmed of building one in the 'carpet for commoners as well as hah century. Man; designers kin»s. owed their lives to the lact that · Though the improbable ma-i'"TM contraptions never budged chine ut.i u .m a Usks its 't.ventors "ra the ground Both Altxander craft began tc s"rve ro"tinely as air taxis for 'he First Family and visiting dignitaries. Soviet Premier Khrushchev was so impressed that he bought two. ·never drea-ned ot, it wobbled through infancy and did not come rinlo its own until alter World Var 11. the National Geogiaphic . Society says. · '. (inly 10.000 or so helicopters "have been built in this country. ; Regularly scheduled passengei service is available in mereK " ; four cities--New Yark, Chicago 'Los Angeles, and San Francisco · : 0nly San Francisco's helicopter line operates without a govern mcnt subsidy. Costly to Ope-atc The problem is a familiar one-money. Helicopters are complex mechanisms, expensive to run and maintain. An expcrimenta giant designed lo lift a 15-ton pay load cost its builder four million dollars. Hopefully, however, the helicop . tcr industry foresee, an economii · breaktlu-ough w i t h turbo-jet which are now in production Less complicated than their pis ton-engine predecessor, the tur .;. bo-jets are expecteo to cut open :' tional costs in half. They may re ; vive an abandoned postwar pro ; phesy: "A helicopter in ever :iback yard." i[ Despite its relatively shot" spa meeting last week. Devotkmals on the theme. The Garden o! Eden." were conducted by Mrs. Isbmael Day. Mrs. Gene Preston, leader, conducted the business meeting. Mrs. Joe Lewis was appointed chairman in charge of c a r d s anc lowers. Mrs. Ellen Cheney led the stud j « : i M f r ^ - 1 J-. I Powers »tm a $400 college svho',-|to attend Day of Mr. and Mrs. . L », g p rQm COIOradO U^p in the entomology program, state proj {or their excellence In Donald were Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pandau of Denver and Mr. and I Mrs. Ralph McDonald. raham Bell ana Thomas Ediso xperimenled with rotary-wing light. It was Igor Sirkorsky, how ever, who had the notion that he could build a craft able to lly straight up, down, backward, tor- ward. sideways or hover stock- Finally, in 1939, Sikorsky Ault. By MRS. GP.AYCE ALLEN on the third chapter of Genesi 1 The leader announced there wil be no general meetings of the Fellowship in November and December because of the holiday activities. Medical kits for Church World Service were packed. This CSU Crops Third At Chicago Show |-11M . N t H . CHICAGO AP) - Coloradoi c , hk . a ,, 0 Among Notional 4-H Winners CHICAGO (AP)-Six Coloradans have been declared national winners in the first two days of the 41st National 4-H Club Congress at and Miss Baughman MOO scholarship in the 4-H health program. The three announced Sunday were Ronald Diedrichs. 17. of Brighton, Sandra Hoffman, 16, of Fort Morgan, and Jim Lowe, 17 of Morrison. Each received a WOO college State University took third in the collegiate crops contest Sunday at the International Live Stock Ex[osition Ice Tunnel Is Lob McML'RDO STATION, Antarctica-A laboratory in a tunnel 90 feet deep in South Pole ice, whert the temperature is always 61 degrees below zero, is used by »ci- Each received a WOO college e^ tn samp , c scholarship. Diedrichs was in the , in lhe Ya5t an in l * e s AULT - Mrs. Hazel Brown wabljs a project of tlv group., wstess to auxiliary members ofj Mrs Gene pres(on wil , recejve (he group on Dec. 12 in her home. Mrs. Ishmacl Day will present demonstrated the firs truly practical helicopter in the United States. Exclaimed a wide-eyed icchanic: "It's the biggest darn e I ever saw:" The first Sirkorsky whirlybird estined for usttul work rose rom Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 942 for delivery ti the Army Air WE REPAIR ALL MAKES AUTOMATIC Transmission Co. 821 2nd Street EL 2-4358 VF\V for a social e-ening recently. Numerous games were enjoyed and prizes were given the win- ;rs. Mrs. Florence Quayle contributed refreshments with the host- it was ill and unable to attend. Mr*. Brown presented each past president with a hand crocheted pot holder. Mmes R. J. Copes, Elva Me- Dowall, Gertrude Marrall and the Bible Lewis will studv Mrs. Joe give the worship serv- , rrt-iiuioi ouiu. i/iv\*» i\.i»j "*-j ··· -- ifhflrtPi Three winners were announced| traclor program Miss Huffman infr°f Monday and three others Sunday.j^^ gnomics, a nd Lowe in, l ' The latest tliree arc Edith-js^y ' The convention, which is being attended by about 2.400 persons measure antarctic !« "L,, i. j ,,., · , TI i Baughman and Robert Powers, CSU had 5,163.1 points. The B 17 vears old a r d from H en- rinner was Texas Tech. whichTM" ' · . .,.,,,.,,, ^, pl ,,,,,. . swept all three divisions of the competition with a score of 5,322.8 of a possible 5.400 points. Oklahoma State placed second with 5.295.6. derson. and Maraleta Scarl of Laen( ) s Friday. Conventioneers in- lar. also IT | c l u dc 1.500 ot the nation's 4-H Miss Searl. who is Miss Colo-|Club members who were chosen rado Wheat Queen, won a $400' ~ scholarship in the 4-H home irn- 1U1 3.-3J.O. · ,,, . South Dakota State University I provement program. She is a sen- MJTICE TO cnKiii In chf Comity Cowrt In won the collegiate livestock judg- or at Lamar High School. .'orps. Coast Guardsmen carried ut the first ot innumerable mercy missions in 1944. The Navy eccived its first production-line lelicopter in 1946. and the first "·omn.ercial helicopter license va- issued the same year. Advances in Kortan War The Korean War spurred the testing and developing o 1 the helicopters. Marine craft airlifted 60,000 men and Ta million tons of cargo over rugged terrain. The machine's reliability anc versatility wrote a new chapter in military history. America!, pilots did everything but turn their 'copters upside down and use the blades against enemy ground troops. Meanwhile, the helicopter was proving a jack-of-all-peacetime- trades. An obvious rescue and research vehicle, it was also pressed into such varied services as monitoring traffic, patrolling forests, dusting crops, rounding up cattle, surveying, laying pipe, Gertrude Fuert of Grceley attended Rebekah lodge meeting in Platteville Thursday evening. Mrs. Copes made her official visitation to the lodge. The same group and R. J. Copes attended the Re bekah and IOOF District soda club in Plalteville on Saturday evening. Mrs. Lulu Erwin and her grand son, Virgil Chapin, left Denve by plane Sunday evening for thei lomes in San Diego. Calif. Mr and Mrs. James Chapin accom janied them to Denver. Virg visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs Chapin, and his sister, Linda, an other relatives while here. Mrs Erwin visited relatives in Che, enne and with her son and daugh ter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Chapi and their {ami!; here. Mrs. Mayme Harris left \Vec nesday by train to spend Thank giving with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Burton, in Martinsburg. Mo. ere dinner ho.-ts on Thanksgiv ig Day for Mr. and Mrs. James van and their children. Kenny, effrey and Michael of Creeley, n d Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Has- rouck, Jay and Sherri. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Andrews nd their family of Grceley; Mr. nd Mrs. Bill Kuhn and their chil- ren, Edgar Allison spent Thanksgiving Day with Mrs. Zoa Earnshaw and implanting church steeples. The Air Force provided two helicopters to the National Geographic and Smithsonian Institu- ,ing contest, with the University Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ikbbrouck of Tennessee second. Iowa State university at Ames finished third. High individual scorer of the contest was South Dakota State's Gary TeStroete. who made possible his school's team victory. High scorer in the crops contest was Laval Verhalen of Texas Tech. who made 1,788 of a l j | j xjssiblc 1.800 points. i,. Dinner guests on Thanksgiving NOTICI: TO tnr.urroiis the Cuulllv Court III nail t°r tlir Ciiiinl) "f Wrld · »* Stnlr uf rilurndu it \Vrld · ·* I'uturado B M L L E rr.l'ST I»-rFOli! h a v i n K claunf *t tlie above n a m e d e s t a t e H j u l r e d to f l i t - t!;em for alee in the i.'ounty Court of Ike . SIBtr ef K S T A T E OK "in are r B*|an For Prescriptions.--Adv. NOTICE OK F I N A L 9ETTLEME.VT I* ihr County Co«rt !· ·»* lor the Couaiy «f Wrl* "·* Stair vt Color*** No. S!-34 ESTATE OK WESLET WEST, i'-eii^'d- Nmloe !· hereby g i v e n lh»t I jve f i l e d my f i n a l report In the- \i-,inty Court of Weld County. KSTATB K D I T H N K s h a v i n g o f i l l - the esiat . lor al-i or «ald claims shall be f o r e v barred. M a r v e l Ti. k n o r · radi?. ant that any .n.-non ' i r l i i K . . t to the rame ih»H ot]ect)on w i t h II. ShcKoll for i:»tate HAMBURG--Germany has con-:-..-·- . (()r ,., eluded a pact with France relat-l^lJi,'," l xati.° r ii a 'n ing to steamship docking facili Oscar A. Nei Administrator lies. Colorailo -eley l i a l l y T r i b u n e Dec. 3. 10. IT. I'JSI. ) Nov. !!. lif D i n v Tnl)ur . t . !. 10. IT, 1J«. ·aid Court on or before January ' Tlte Flrit Nation*! Bank of ;reHt?y, Colorado By l,oull C. nicker Tru"t Olflc.r Administrator \Vrst Hti'J West AUortii-yx at I-iw iuiey llulldlng rrri*r. i.'olo. The U r . - f l f y Dally Trlbijn* \ov :« lite. 5, 10. 1". lltt. ;rn.eet a lalstory maker... Mrs. Effie Kelley returned home last week after spending several weeks in Arvada with her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kelley, and grandson, Douglas. She will go to Arvada Wednesday to spend Thanksgiv ing with her family. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Copes wil ave Thanksgiving dinner with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs. Charles Warden anc neir family of Boulder. The Rev. W. E. McGuire. Mil Robinson, Jackie Barnaby, Kare Brinkman and Marilyn Wiltse a tended the Colorado Baptist Yout Fellowship convention in Colorac Springs on Friday and Saturday George Allison left recently t California where he will spen part of the winter with his ch dren and their families. Mrs. Melvin Diehl was hoste to group two of Christian Won en's Fellowship (or an evenin .\OTICI-: nr FII.INC. OF I-KTITION roil m;Ti:iiMi\ATio.v OF I I K I K M I I I * In II,r C o o M l v Court STATE OK VouYniADO ) C O f N T Y ( i j - \ V K I . D 1 I N T H K M A T T K I l O F T M K KS- TATK UF l i l H T I l M. N E W , also :i as K 1 U T E 1 NEW, Do- TI'I'E'I'I:I|.,.K p THE STATE OK C O I . I I t A n n : To All Per* I n t e r e s t e d , C R K K T I X G : T A K K NOTICK tlial tliere lias been f i l e d in said estate a r-'ti- t i o n a s k l n K for a j u d i c i . i l nsu-er- t a l n i i H - n t and d e t e r m i n a t i o n of the heirs of si:eh deeeased. and s e t t i n g f o r t h thin till- names, addresses and r'-lation.slii|)s to deceased o f all p e r s o n s w l m are or im to be h e i r s of said de- d, so far as k n o w n lo the t l t i o n e r . a r c a s f . - l h n v * . t o - w i t : FIJUN N. .MUOFU:, i:6! South ..irfa\, D e n v e r --, Colorado, allfc-hter. F.llNA N. HICKS. 11211 Mon- ' cello A v e n u e . S i l v e r S p r i n g , r i r y l a m t . Pan*-hter. oKf.'AH A. s::w. M;I :sth tret-t Road, f ; r e t - l e \ . Colorado. ! are liereby n o t i f i e d lo ar... and a n a \ v e r the p e t i t i o n t h i n t w e n t y days a f t e r st-rvii-,. t h i s n o t i e e on you Uf served i . u b l i . - a t l o i i w i t h i n t w c n t vs a f l e i t i e '.r.:-\ p u l . l i r a t i o n o is n o l i e e ) and i-. fl: !.-.;:!·. of .... s w e r o r a p p e a r a n c e t i n - C o u r t ill proceed l o receive a n d h e a r o o f s c o n e e r n i n u the heirs of [eh deceased anil e n t e r a de- ee n e t i - r m l i l i n u who are the - i r s uf such deceased person. Dated at C-reeley, Colorado, thin tn! day of N o v e m b e r . Kir,::. si:.\i,)' f. K. W a l l a c e r i e r k r,r tlie. C o n n l y C o u r t lly Rosalie S. A d a m s Deputy Clerk 'he r.rceley Dally T r i b u n e . Jli. Dec. 3, 10. 17. l'JC2. MEN-GET THAT JOB!!! OPERATING HEAVY EQUIPMENT ^^^Jkjk^2^.,* BM| BMfT UUCHOHi *SM9V HOWI *K£^|^^^I^M ^^'""''^J/'N, n ""|"~ ·iiM*"^^^ Chiiskas Trees Wired to Writ SMITH-CORONA Coronet ELECTRIC PORTABLE ·k Bulldozers * Drag Lines * Power Shovell it Clam Shelli * Graders * Senptri Thousands of additional men will bl needed to opiratt lh« H E A V Y EQUIPMENT used to build the new roads, subdivisions, bridges, Irrigation systems, pipelines, dims, missile sites, shopping centers, industrial parks, home sites, airfields, etc. In a growing America. Complete practical training on OUR modern machine, at OUR Resident Training Centers, gives you the background you need to get that JOB y6u want as l HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR. Coll Denver BE 8-1531 or Moil Coupon Today!! Associated Heavy Equipment Schools, Inc. 9655 W. Colfax Denver 15, Colorado Fresh Cut Boliami, Ponderosas, Pinon Pines and Concolor Firs Green FLOCKED-3 COLORS · White · Chilly Pink · Ice Blue . Age Wrtatht -- Roping -- Grave Blanket! Christmas Gifts · Imported Ornomtnti and Light Sert · Miniature Living Chriitmai Trcci · Mmioture Living Holly Plonti · Full Lin* of Gardening GifH · Gift Certificatei for Nurtery Itemi Street City State- Phone ...,, , Urs. at home nnMTDHPTftDC Information about our trained UUN I tlMU I UnO operators available upon request Open Evening! 'til 9 and Sunday! -- WE DELIVER -MORGAN NURSERY 2200 Reservoir Rd. 353-4442 NOTirr; or FILIVC OP I'l-yrrnov FOH «KTI-:HMI.VATI».\ OP H K I I t S M I P 111 IliC (,'ciiintj- Court No. S1^4 STATK OF C O I / J K A U O ) )9E. 'OI.'NTV OK \ V K L D ) IN T H K M A T T K K ftV T H K ESTATi: OF \ V K S L K V W KHT, D«- To A l l persons I n t e r e s t e d . t K K T I N G : T A K K N u T l C K t h a t t h e r e been r i l e d In said e s t a t e a |i':- cet l a i i n n e n t a n d i l e l e r i n i n . i l i o n o f t l i e l i e i r s of siieti df easerl. and n e t l i i i n f o r t l i t h a t I l i e names. demeaned r,f all persons w l m arc or .-1.11111 t.. be h e l m of a a i d deceased. P., f a r as k n o v . n to t h e p e t i l i o n . - r . a r - a s f o l l o w s . | r , - w l t : H a r o l d K. C . n s t a l s o n . I'JGCi I S H t e w a r t Ave.. Chicago 1%, \ I l l i n o i s , N e p h e w . A n d r e w K. West. H r i K R s d a l e , Coloraili,, N e p h e w . R o h e - t K . W e s t , l . ' i n T a r n n - ri.cli. Denver. Colorado, Nephew. A l f r e d I I . W e s t , 2 3 f , l J i i i n a ca Aurora. Colorado, N'-phew. Wesiley K. W e s t , |i'.5 M a i n . P r o o n i f i e i d Ilt5., f l r i l o r n d o . Nephew. K l v e r a Bird. I H i l l Wesl M y r II... Fort C o l l i n s . C. d o r a d o , Nlc.-o. Klwoo.l :. W . s l . ir.llli? C l i a r - t i i i - r n n Ave.. San .lo«... C a l i f o r - nia. X!J|llH.-«-. IMCene We:.!, 1:, i, I n c l o - r r y Let Reddy do the disappearing clothes line trick . . . with an a u torn a. flameless Feature Packed · TWO OUNCIS OPEIAHS ANT KEY IlECTRIC IMriESSIOM CONTROL 5EIECT TOUCH THAT fITS YOUI Different? Definitely! The new 'Jeep' Wagoneer is the fust station wagon ever built to offer the comfoit, silence, speed and smoothness of a passenger car-plus the safety and traction of ·'-wheel drive. The 'Jeep' Wagoneer is the one family wagon you con drive almost anywhere, in almost any kind of weather, J/'s the first and inly 4-n-lirc/ drive iva/fon with optional automatic transmission and independent Irani suspension. 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