Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 26, 1962 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, November 26, 1962
Page 9
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Economy, Diet Enriched By Plant Explorations WASHINGTON -- "lie search for foreign plants--food, medicinal, and ornamental--carries an aura of adventure and romance. Us history goes back to the earliest days of exploration. Nearly 1.500 years before the birth of Christ. Egypt's Queen Hatshepsut sent out an expedition iliat returned with living myrrh trees and other aromatic;, says the National Geographic Societv Columbus found a new work \\hile seeking a short cut to the spices of the Indies. Rivalry over MISTER gREGEK ·. Lie, lii »,,, ,.,;,,. ., irst Million several years be-| ore the Washington buroau was ·reated. It almost ended in disaster. He was exploring an isolated jrea of Corsica for cuttings of the sland's lemonlile citron tree when he was picked up as a spy. :Ie managed, however to talk limself out of jail. On his way sack to port, he clipped a lew' ics from a roadside citron. The cuttings, stuck in raw po-j tatoes to keep them moist, ar-' rived safely in America. Thev products of the soil has changed I formed the basis of a California the course of the nations. inrchard which Dr. Fairchild had Curiously, however, covern- the pleasure of visiting in years ments were slow to regard plant* to come. ss resources and to set up orderly. Hjurdt md Hirdihipt methods for introducing new. Adventures and hardships were species and making them avail-jnorm;.] adjuncts to a career that able. In the United States, the De-took Fairchild into jungles, moun- partmen! of Agriculture establish-;tains. and deserts from Java to Nebraska Editor Dies at Age 87 r\ its Section of Seed and Plant Egypt, Japan to Chile, the Fiji Introduction only in 1897. Islands to the Sahara. In the Mol- Boon to Farrmr, Gardtntr iuccas. the Chinese junk that The prosram was proposed, or-1 housed his laboratory caught fire, pmized. and for many years dir-jWhen World War il broke his ectcd by Uavid Fairchild. the late l' art . v was briefly interned there. plan! explorer and botanist. Meantime, seeds and cuttings Dr. Fairchild. who died in 19M of foreign grains, vines, trees, vegetables, fruits, »l tlw ace of 85. was personally, rf^pons-bte for importinp, nnd|l» wei .. ml ° lhe odaptin: hiinclrcds of spctics Be- c.ntiM- of his and his colleagues' v.-nrld-widt? collections. America's fnrm ini-ome has been enormously increased. Public and private gardens arc more varied. Amer- ican'' eatinc habits are livier for liic innovations. It was a labor ol love that lasted his lifoiinic "Wnrkiiis «ith flowers of "Why SHOULDN'T I love you when your hair is gray--didn't I love you when it was brown and red and blonde?" Kersey . . . x.. have bought land east andlMon., Nov. 26, 1962 OREELEV TRIBUNE I'age » Ci. ("nllinc oulh of Kersey from Warren' ' u ^ wl "" 3 xss ftfid ff establishing auoth- turkey farm. They have also ought the Weiger place on the eenesburg cut-off. Mariner Sets 22'/2 Million Mile Record wiUow Jobless on Rica Tops in Omaha The number of unemployed !n : Qjjyj^ ; i_p) _ CH I West Bensal. now TW.'XW. « ou !d Round ^5^. a by Mr. and Mrs. E. W. re of Fort Collins. Colo.. rise to i.700.000 by 1965. accord- i ing to a r«:erit official survey. The \Pi - Mariner sun ' e - v said that 328 -°°° 3 PP' iei ; ° i WASHINGTON .-,.. -- ..,«....,.. , , . . _. . 'employmjLt exchanges for work-was named oest among n* en- |I1 has establuhed a long-distance^ ;in ,55", but on]y ^_ MO go , Jobs:lr i es ^ , he Nebraska Kennel Club :communication record, beaming a t nat allowed them a bare living, 'all-breed dog show Sunday. SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. 'API --'radio report to earth from ·""' The founder of the ScotUbluffDai-i minioil mUes out Jn spacc y Star-Herald, Harry Joseph Wis-j -]·;,, mark was ^ Sunday as er. died Sunday night at hisj^ 44;. poua( j spate pro be cdntin-; lome. He was 87. i uw i j ls [)jgh t toward the planet Wisner. who published the Siar-| Ve nus. The distance was slightly lerald through most of its 50 yeari.^^,. tnan t|, at of ,h e last signal 1 PUBLIC AUCTION SALE received from the Pioneer V space probe on June 26. 1960. ing successful immigrants i his late parents, Mr. and Mr i Herman Dusin. Mr. and Mr ' Henry Ley Jr.. have moved in By MRS. E. J. M E I K E L iand Alvin Dusin house. KERSEY - Dr. Tony Rossi was' Mr - wA Irs - Rob * rt ^^ a bought the Donald Dilley and moved into H. rt English and their children have moved into the Slerlin house on Second listory. had been in ill health for several years. About 10 years ago his son. Floyd C. Wisner, succeeded him U $E THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS n managerial duties. The elder Wisner later served »s editor;********************** emeritus. | Survivors include hij widow, three daughters, Mrs. Dorothy Richards, Mrs. Pauline Lemons and Mrs. Bess Cover, all of Scottsbluff; three sons, Floyd C. of Scottsbluff. Frank H. of Shatter, Calif., and Dr. Harry J. Wisner Jr. of Wichita, Kan., » brother Ray A. of Bayard, 15 grandchildren and four great-giand- ' children. jfouncil. Thursday in the loungei J ! r . anci ^ s ; of the Home Light and Power Co. Dr. Rossi spoke on the work ol the Ued Cross first-aid instruction. | slreet He gave some information on' introduced through Dr. Fairchild's efforts w e r e Persian m e l o n . Guatemalan avocado. Eruption cotton, Peruv'an alfalfa, the Chinese soy bean. andj' lrst-ald PTMedure in case of Japanese roysia lawn grass. Rart'f 0 ' son ' n 8 an ^ shoclt palms and orchids add to the' Council members were invited) charm of Florida's Fairchild »""«'i--«"'-«'·'-i----«· ·" timis is not really work at all."| hol) J ir ,,|Tropical Garden, named in his jio used to sav. "Wandering from .,. · llrJUKH V 1 I I V I ullage to vJlage. seekmg some ,,, ^ " Florida ' ' Though officially retired in 1935 ,, ma "!!!L*' h u*'L nU8hl iCTMve. Dr. Fairchild still follow- 'led the lure of occasional, distant Iv worthv of sending home that is the life." meeting and Mrs. Percy Odle acted as secretary in the absence j of the regular secretary. r.Mir.n nr.ciiKi; FTATF. "K 'OLORA!X\ I C.-i:tilv ,.' Weld. ' In 111* I ' l ' l r l d I'r.urt C:" r;:i w l t l v n mid f f r t h e O i : n i . n . N . U M A N INVEST- VUUiKl.1, Hii.MF.S. IXC. « l i''i!'.rA-ln r i - r - . n - r n l ^ n , a t i r i l .'AMKS 11. SHKLTON. P u b - i ! · Trn«t*-« t«r iti^ C i u i t i t y ) ' · W?!.l Kfl S l u t * o f ("nlo-l 1'nd'r «n.l l.y virlu* of "i« l'lllrl« fo'ir: III nn lit Colintv of Wrlll. ('(.I " · : III- '.stimulating book? as "The World | Was My Garden" and "Garden Islands of the Great East At his side from is05 was his wife. Manan Fairchild--daughter of Alexander Graham Bell--who survived her husband until Sept ember 24, 1962. Their private gar den. with its [ascinjling varieties jot experimental tropical plants, was a mecca for student? ol horticulture. A* I)r Fairrhild wrnte in one jof his books. "What one collects , ' i n the shape of seeds and plants o join the xtgin in a short time. Mrs. Herman Pearson, chairman, presided at the businssl jr - hcrc and of Otto Maag is staying in Grce- ley with his mother, Mrs. Minnie M a a g , who fell recently. She fractured her hip. Miss Molly Kohrig of Denver has been a guest at the home of Iher sister, Mrs. Ccnrad Herhst, ,-69 in Gree- lev. She went to Nebraska to visit o Mr. Iher relativ and Mrs. E. J. Meikel Tentative plans for the Christ- spent Thanksgiving in Fort Col. Fairchild mounted hi5J rccor( j his Cxper i ence5 in sucn mas i unc heon were made withl'ins with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mrs. Pearson in charge of arrangements. The luncheon will be held toe. 18 at the Garden Kitchen. Mrs. Preston Strubcl will be the guest speaker. Members will be notified later of when and where to make reservations. The Sky View and La Salle members served refreshments. J. Meikel. Jr. Other guests were Ralph Diekman and Mrs. A. L McBurnie of Fort Collins; Mrs Mable McBurnie and H a r o 1 Brown of Boston, Mass. A. L. McBurnie. who operated garage for several years in Ker-j| sey. died at the Larimer County Hospital Nov. 15 at the age of Merino Girl Is Alternate Queen At Chicago Show CHICAGO IAP) - A freshman t Colorado State University, 18- ear-old Bernadctte Eve Skaggs f Merino, Colo., was chosen alter late National Shorthorn Lassie Queen Sunday at the Internation al Live Stock Exposition. Winner of the contest was Ka; Arm Chancy, 17. who lives on ; ;rain and livestock farm near Arcola, 111. The crown was bestowed by the American Short aorn Assn. Htarint AMt- Bojtn Pharmtncy.--A«v. .BUT... QUftLJTY OFFICE PRINTING!! , i MINING · MILLING · ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION · INDUSTRIAL j MACHINERY ft EQUIPMENT , fermeffy twned by auction en premises I P- MORSE BROS. 2900 BRIGHTON BLVD., 0 MACHINERY CO. DENVER, | timing rtoM mimin COIOKAPO . R luctiontotikeplice « TIIF9 tWFH ncr M M . * stirtiniit | IULO. 01 nLU., UK* 4 A a lOHU.eidilir B MINING EQUIPT. I HOISTS: MOTORS I ELECTRICAL j Blistmg Michmcs; Bloners: EQUIPT: i ·_ Hoists to 300 HP; Slushersi FV] Tujgers; Muckeis; Coil Mining 13 Equipt.: etc. LOCOMOTIVES I RAILROAD Pj EQUIPT.: Over 15.000 HP in Motors to 500 HP; Gentntof Sets to 75 KVA ; Transformers: Electrical Equipt.4Sw.tcll Gear:.!:. Locomot,» es (4 to 8 ton Battery CONSTRUCTION EQUIPT.: t Trolley. 3 ton Ditsei). Eicavatot; Pumpcrete Equipt; Cnarging Stts 4 Bjtttnes: R R . Accessor) Ecaipt: Mine 4 Shuf.lf f's: 150 Ton Rail. fMtiH Frus FIIUBII rnXtci Pitt* rm Imfo IS E .. CRUSHING PLANT EQUIPT.: 5? Jaw. ttyratory i Roller Crushers; Hammer Mills: Vibrating Screens: Feeders: Ore Gates; Magnets; Pulleys: Separators; Belt Gravity Conveyors; Bucket Elevators; etc. HILLING EQUIPMENT: Ball Mills: Classiliers: Feeders; Concentrate Tables: Thickeners; Filters. Filter Pressers: Agitators Conditioners; Flotation EqiupL; Assay Lab Equipt. DRILLING EQUIPMENT k AIR COMPRESSORS: jumbo Drills: Drill Rigs; Df itters; Jackhammers; Stopers; Drill Sharpeners; Air Compressors to 698 CFM El Di««IPo«ef Plants; Cranes (Traveling, Jib, Bnd[e. Truck, I Locomotive. Yiid); Pipe. Vilvts E i filtinis: Boilers Tanks; ' Pumps to 500 HP; Tiucks; etc. I INDUSTRIAL EQUIFT. MACHINE, METAL, WOOD I I FABRICATING SHOPS: I Machine Tools; Milling Machines; Drills; Shapers; I Lilhts; Sheiis; Presses: . Welding Equipt.; Metil Working Tools; Blacksmith Equipt; Woodwwking Machinery; Hind ' Tools; Plant Equipt.; etc. OFFICE MACHINES t EQUIPT.: INDUSTRIAL FtOKdT ramme ' WEN FM INSKCTIOK MILT WRITE FM AUCTION IMCTWIE "Ev«rythini for the Office" 130) E i g h t h A v e n u e MMMMMMM .rn.l... A. 1' . . I. wheri-ln U !· il*cr#«d t i n t t^crit !· iltif tl;q Ktxive nhmfi 1 p l a i n t i f f r,old-N»lm»n l n v * n t - ni-Tit C o i n i i f t n y f r o m t h e nl.iiv i amr'l i l f f r n i l » n l K n r d c l l llInn·^. l n o . n Cf.lnrailo (·..iiK.r.-illi.n. en ( · · r l i i l n n t t r ^ . ilfulw of U U P : ftr '·."rtKBR" 1 'tie »uin cf t v r n ' ? ' f : \ f t h o t m n t i d »U l i u t n l r r d f l ^ ' r . n l l A r N uriil h i n t toil*, urn! In *rnl !.y v t r t u r nf faiil d r r f f f x n . l MiVr "f liKlc. 1 t h * I p'.ennl Il.iliMl A . P . i'" m t y f t W r l d , ^ t a i p c f Colo. MrtM. run m n l i u r l J c i l . d i r e c l Hl'l u n p o w r l P d to r i p o p f f r*'e r T t n t n p r o p e r l y h c r f u i ^ f l ^ r j [IrBrrlW'l. a t i n i u l l ^ m i r t l t . n . j i i r i p r K l i l n n nnt!r* o f tlir t l t n f · ·id f\tf of mill «!»· u r c i i r i l l n i j 1" t h ? i-'Mir!.* Btlil Jir,Tr.l.-" of till. 1*w r r l R t t v f i to n n l r » of f a l » « ! « I P IIIMlrr P \ C . U t | o t l . f'T thr I- ir|io» of r o l l i l i i K tli« B U I « I I I U f · fciinil i l u p thr i . U i n l l f f n ^ a very good chance ol grow- n[ , am | becoming something worth while to somebody long after the shadows fall." Mrs. Seima Pearson, Miss Mo!- R4 ly Rohrifi of Denver and Mrs.| The P and A Turkey Farms.j] Rupert lyofgrcn of Delta were! guesU. Mrs. Lofgren became a member of the council al the close of the meeting. Many Kersey persons have moved in the last few days. Mr. snd Mrs. Alvin Dusin and their fam- ilv have moved into the house ol MORE SERVICE for YOU... Mlterllli -- Initiation All 3tyl«i WELLER LUMBER CO. Nict Shower NICE, France--French pirls in; Nice shower each other and their admirers with flowers as part of the llivicra city's Mardi Uras festival each year. AUSTIN AUCTIONS Set Our Listing On Classified Pajt Classification 48-A Now, t h e r e f o r e , p'lliHc n o l l e * 1» lierehy Klveli I h u l I w i l l , ui 'Hiuriday. I h e e l x l h i l n y pf l ll% t i m b e r , 1(62. al Ilir liour of Ul ·'. lock In lllf fori-nonn nf tlin 1v, .t the. ml f r o n t ilo»r t. I M P County Court llouni., In lir?*- l'v, C o u n t y of ^Vel^l 1 mul Sui or TdlornOo. rr\\ n n d iU*r-"*n " II.*. I'roperty. l y l n K and lirltiB I i!i» f u i i n t y cf Wold, Htsle 1.1 '"lnrnilo, mri k n o w n *tid At- «i-rlt.i.(l nit f o l l o w * : l."l jsev«n 17) of tin N o r l h - w f n i g u n r l T ( N W O of tlie S'.'ilhpnnl q u a r t e r I S K ' i * of Section T r u (101 T u w n i » h l p I lv« IM N.irlh. IUiiit« N i i t v in. nn \vcit of UK. nil r. M , nc'-orillllic I" 111* Bilh'li- v l ^ l c n of Inmln by 111" I'nlon '·"lonv of rolcrnilo. t o K e l h c r M l h t h e rlBlu to UUP Ihe. Ul" t a l s nn,l I r r l i c f t l l o n J l l r h r f t now '*M in r o n i i f r t l o n w i l l i crtHl * v l l l l rllfllt of w:iy o \ r r roml Uailltij; to rmvrl Jilt, wtil.'h K.nrl IK lorfttfil on tho r n n t r r l y ·!·!" of I,ot 1 it nil HIP wi-nlrr- lv «M« of Lot H, nulijoct to In- .I'lRlon within lite Norlhrrn I'nliitniln Wnlrr CiitiKrvnllcy i" rr'nervMlnnn r t m t i i l n n l WHATEVER YOUR BUSINESS... \n I r i l R n t l n n ( l l l * h « - N mxl i r f r r r n l to nit I ' A l i r K I , .V. A n i l tin r.ajt F i t l y l'"t of "IP South N l n e l v Fri-t of I...1 l-'oiir in llloclt i : i H h t y - n l i i r . In I I I * C i t y of l l r e r l e y . \ \ l i n - l l t-nlil p i " I e r t y In hn r l n n f l r r i t - t'o .. I ' A K C K l , II · ' imlillc K I I I II"". I"' ""I' I I.;|||.I, t i j HIP l l i K h e n t B l i . l l.ri- !:iiidir, or Ijlilili-rh. S n M t i r n i i x r l y will I" ·"''! ' ·^lil (lerrro flllil !nlPI "f "'i' 1 In Ih*. i n a T t n r r f n l l i , \ \ I I I K snl " I I I f l n t IK mail" "f 1'Atl'T. A . R t i ' l I n i l u e d l n l P l y t h f r e n f l r «.·!· w i n i.o m«,i« of I-AUCI: n. lt"Hl:r.T A Y V K I . K H S h e r i f f \\ . I'l r."-i.; ·· Ilv F H A M v 1. I ' K K F K B I'liiln M.nilf Ti.l.Ml A. 11-himai. Ati., n ,f.v for ri..ti.ilff C I T , Mm*. S l i f e l :in-'lry. r..lninili. l!.i. I l i c e l r y l - « l l v Ti II.I"" ;-.nv r. i: i». ··. i", 3. nui AMAZING PSORIASIS STORY j., n jfl jq^n -- Pitl*hni|ih. P ' IVKit*!C«1 for pvninMt .*0 \ Sprnl m i i k h nmney lo r.ii ) I h t n iited ( i M P ' O i n i m r n i unit cle«n. I itM limr in JO \cniv 'llunl d-r your mmicliun fiw- nil." Ihn much nMtc\i*lcJ rt pint tclh o( · u«r »««« *iin I ilml Irenlmenl (nr Ihe iiil*r(l Hmpi(im« of p«lfia^i«. l : «ll '"· nimvion tnil ilfl»il nt · H-«l« l pl»n (mm C«nam Co.. lcpi RL, I'nclipiirl. Man". (Artv.l I WELD COUNTY BANK CUSTOMER PARKING t * t t ALLEY GAMILES IUUTY SHOP JOSLINS MAYTAG I DRIVE IN WINDOWS «- - *- «- UIELD Couniy Bonn WHATEVER YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS It will pay you to know about Great American's money-saving policies. ..many providing "packaged* protection, designed to meet specific needs, WES/ CM m QH MY FfffAfS unm LOTT AGENCY, INC. · Iniuronci · Hom« Loons · Bonds 918 IHh 353-1443 Kepretentinit: GREAT AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY, NEW YORK 9TH AVINUE FREE PARKING SPACE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS! Our job is to make banking- easier for you. That's why \ve have added more free parking- space for you, as shown in the diagram. \Ve invite you to make full use of this free parking space while you're banking at your friendly Weld County Bank. Thf tank Thot Caret About You Mtmhd- TDIC WELD Counry Bonn

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