Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 26, 1962 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, November 26, 1962
Page 8
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Stock Market in Review Page 8 CREELEY TRIBUNE Man.. Nov. 26, 1962i$ oc j Q | $ ecur jty jProducer Sure ISix years ago he and comic Roger ! Price wanted to market a book By ED MORSE AP Business News Writer ries about international affairs. At the same time, an impres- XEW YORK ·.«·· - The Mtx-kisive list of improved dividends market rebound continued for the, 3 TM) a brighter economic outlook fourth struiuht wirk as tradmg! for ls63 lhan expressed earlier see a moderate difline. But ev- iDickens-Fenster meant a spell of lower or irregu-':...... -ar prices and a fall-off in volume. ' W i l l J U TV IYG judging by past performances. W». di-spite the Thanks-i' hi s year gave investors some sol- 1 id meat and potatoes to chew on. The Dow Jones industrial aver- igc this week advanced 13.87 to M4.87. giving Day holiday. The upsurge in stuck prices left security analysts as confusf-d as some of them were during the Hack days of last May when the market sank week after week to the dramatic crash of "Black Monday." then worked lower un til nearly the end of June. At that time it was "lack of confidiwe." the experts said: now it's renewed confidence. The cease fire on the military front between the Chinese Com munists and the troops of India as well as Cuban Premier Fide Castro's offer to give up Sovie ... . . . , I Dynamic* Corp.. with Grumman M. the Dow industrials have won the monthly short interest on the!*" ae Ol a rat " 1 ?."'"' l TM m , ; Corp. as an associate, won the or many million-dollar enter- r back 109.11 of the total 199.15 lost ,ince the historic high of 734.91 This brought the total rise since ing the greatest in a month. The Monday market did. in fact. By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer : called "Mad Ub." ]"The book people told us it was la game, and the game people told ,us it was a book." he said. "Set j w e published it ourselves." . . ADOUt DOCKS The result: "Mad Lib" books ery day thereafter the market! HOLLYWOOD (AP)--These are'have sold a half-million copies, rose vigorously. The day beforejthe days of trembling in the tele-j Grumman Gets someone in our office. We may Shop Around for Shows uot be -ible to tell you bo« to: 'earn a million dollars a year -i NEW YORK 'API - Alfred L. ·while ccllectiag social security'.Golden, an insurance executive. .·as the promoters ol some sensa-jis seeking support from the jtionally advertised books surest {Dramatists Guild and Broadway D B Snvder Soc ; al Security lhe - v -' an *'· But "" !*"P le ui] business groups for a new-method district' manager in Greeley 'our'office will be glad to give youiof sho'.v financing, warned the public to be wary oti ful1 aTM 1 realistic information tai- Golden, who previously wrote advertisements promoting the sale of books that promise to tell how to "get around" cer- lored to your particular situa- several plays that were presented tion". ;on Broadway, says a centra! The Social Security district ol^ency could 1* set up to list up- and the day alter Thanks were five-milliun-sharc days day's turnover of 5.00 million be- 1 iving; v j;jo n , Fri-j productions. Shoppers 'would be able to look over the he low of the Cuban crisis on: An important technical lactnr in Oct. 26 to 75.85. Since the year's the continued rise was the news ow of 535.76 was reached June During the next few weeks lhe| new series will be getting life-1 or-death notices from their net-l works and sponsors. : Ule wmiiiuvru liac nus iiiv iii.»^ . , - t , f ,i , T i .i j An upward twitch or a after the do* on Tuesday that, .., _/ . ... .. WASHINGTON tAP) -- General tain provisions in the Social -!''« " Grceley is locals at curity law. j l O t h A v e . ,, , ., j · · ' oro-wct* and then make invest- Some of these advertising ma- \ v ^ .:. ,. terials, Snvder noted, say that Cold Stops Aging lTMnts of from So up. books, offered for sale at $lsj. i BYRD STATION. Antarctica -i »· falls it "an open-door ap- S2.99. $3.99, and sometimes S5.JAntarctic mites have no seaMinal|proach to r e v i t a l i z i n g Uie New York Stock Exchange had risen to a record 6,785.894 shares. last December. (This is the total of borrowed The Associated Press average ofjshares "sold short" with the in- 60 stocks this week gained 5.1 at 238.2. Both The AP and the Dow- industrial averages were at their tention of making a profit by repaying the stock with shares bought in the future at lower pric- highest levels since May 21. seven es - prises. Either Ixnmard Stern has a fine- y developed sense of bravado else he is a confident man. He is sure that his new show, '"I'm Dickens. He's Fenster," will sur- days before "Blae 1 -. Monday." ,".S. naval blockade of Cuba removed most of Wall Street's wor- SHUTTERS Inside Hirdword WELLER LUMBER CO. Greeley -- Ault -- Galeton Asthma Formi Most By Doct Now Withoul Stops Attacks in Minutes Ntw York, «. T. Sp~ul)-The asthml formula prescribed more than mny other by doctors for th^r priyat* patients is now available to asthma sufferers without prescription. Medical tests proved this formula ·tops asthma attacks in Minutes and fives hours of freedom from recurrence of painful asthma spasms. This formula is so effective that h is the physician's leading asthma prescription-so safe when used u directed that now it can be sold without prescription in most fUtti Shortened to four days by Thursday's market holiday, the trading week generated volume of 18.471,945 shares compared with 23.787,955 for the full five-day rading week preceding it. As the week began, tlicre was not a well known market analyst who did not anticipate a period of "consolidation" of the previous vigorous, three-week rally. This iila Prescribed ors- Available ; Prescription . . . Relief Lasts for Hours! -in tiny tablets called Primotent*. Theie P r i m a t e n e Tablets open bronchial tubes, loosen congestion, relieve Uat nervous tension. Al! without painfnl injections. The secret is-Primatene combines 3 medicines (in full prescription ftrenpth) found most effective in combination for asthma distress. Each performs a special purpose. So looV forward to sleep at night, and freedom from asthma spasmi, Primatene-98#, »t any drugstore. Since the short interest i epre- Jsents a reservoir of future demand, the large total led to an- sious "covering" by short sellers o close out their short-sale con- racts. In the cases of some ol he glamor stocks and the badly- lattered steels, this was said to cad to a "squeeze" and some quick rises in price. The five must active issues this iveek on the New York Stock Exchange were: Chrysler, up 3 at TO 1 , on 3.13.600 shares: Korvett, up 4U at SO 3 * General Dynamics, up s » at 30^» icneral Motors, up 3 s at 55"-U and Bethlehem, up I'.z at 30 5 ». contracl for development of the TFX standard tactical plane for use by both the Air Force and! Navy, the Defense Department announced Saturday. General Dynamics will be re- growth, when the weather turns cold their development and aging SEOUL - A fully automated top, to resume when it warms up cigarette factory will open in Ko- again. vivc on ABC. "1 think final competition with the Boeing . ; Co. for designing the plane, in everything points _ to| what ^^.^ js ^J^ ^ to dei 1.500 ,t says the producer-writer In; mulu . bil | ion ^'n the first place i t s a funny show. .Never in the historv of television build planes. Today's award was only for de- jvelopment of the tactical fighter, rove iiseii. I A p ro d u(:t j on con tract will come might be considered afl( , r development has reached , he has a series of basic comedic merit gone off the air without a chance to prove itself." This gain mouthings of a proud papa over, his brainchild. But Stern offers j the further evidence. The reviews have been universally excellent." he said. "I don't mean the -ntics merely approved of the show. In many cases they display a real rooting interest. They seem to understand what we're trying to do on two TOKYO -- Japan's trade with levels: Have a show that gets real the Communist bloc reached a 1; opment ha point where production is possible. General Dynamcs will be required to provide 22 planes for Tlie first of these are to )e delivered within 2': years. Jap 'Commie' Trade HOLIDAY SHOPPING'S MORE FUN -and it's easier, too- WHEN YOU HAVE EXTRA CASH IN YOUR POCKET ...AND YOU CAN GET IT FROM G.A.C. Call on us If you need some additional cash for seasonal expenses. You'll find our "Holiday Loan" plan both practical and convenient. Everything is handled on a highly personalized basis, with payments geared to suit your pocketbook. WHAT'S MORE, THE HONEY YOU NEED MN BE IN YOUR HANDS ALMOST AS SOON AS YOU ASK FOR IT, WHETHER YOU WANT A SUBSTANTIAL SUM OR JUST A FEW DOLLARS! Loans up to $7500 G.A.C. FINANCE C O R P O R A T I O N Formerly Securities Credit Corporation 1646 Eighth Avenue Gr*»l*y, Colorado Telephone 353-0834 Press Bureau Chief At UN Will Address Conference at DU DENVER--Bruce W. Mann, bu rcau chief for United Press International at the United Nations, will be the principal speaker for the 2bth annual International Relations Conference of Colorado high schools to be held Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 on the University ol nver campus. Sponsored by the DU Social Sci ce Foundation, the conference nually attracts some 500 stati gh school students to hear dis ssions and lectures on pressini rid problems. The theme o e 1962 conference will be "I ew Look at the United Nations. Munn, a graduate of Temp] niversity, Philadelphia, ha een with UP1 since 1938. Durin orld War 11, he covered the A ed pre-invasion air assault ormandy and then-Gener )wight D. Eisenhower's head-! uarters for the wire service. Following the war, he headed JPI's London bureau and report- d the first meeting of the Big r our council of foreign ministers md the first session of the United Nations General Assembly. He las headed his service's staff at JN headquarters in New York iince 1949. The two-day conference will be;in with an 8:30 a.m. registration wriod Nov. 30, and will continue hrough a 9-11:30 a.m. session Saturday, Dec. 1. Included in the activities will be election of of- icers for the 1963 conference, listrict caucuses, roundtable dis- jussions and business sessions. A maximum of 10 students from each of the registering schools will be permitted to attend the conference. Delegates will be sicked from among those students who have expressed an interest in and an aptitude for the study of international relations. ughs. and aiso tries to develop imc points about human relation- nips. Another reason for his confi- ence may be that he's got an- .her enterprise going for him. will also show, "How to get lwicC:life cycles. Regardless of their|theater. ' as much Social Security", or' even. "How you can gel Social Security for doing absolutely nothing." "Actually," Snvder said, "these ooks cannot tell the reader any- ing basic about the Social Se- urity law that he would not 'm^ the free booklets and lealletsi vailable at the Greedy Social wurity district office". In fact, if advice contained in! ome of the hooks were followed, might result in extensive inves- gation by this office and thu.- clay Social Security payments ither than expedite their ts«u- n;c Further, following snme ol ic advice might place the indi- idual in a worse rather than a «tter financial position. "If a resident of this area has ny questions abou this Social ecurity benefits," the Social Se- urity district manager said. "I uggesl he come in and talk to record $320 million last year, a 61 per cent increase over I960 the Foreign Ministry reporlct this week. It represented only 3.L per cent of Japan's total trade however. K I T C H E N CABINETS Built-in Appliance! WELLER LUMBER CO. Typical Table Talk "Honestly, you kids moke me sick." "Well, I didn't tell you to be sick." "Solly, be polite to your mother when she I sick." "You're not funny, Doddy." "Sally, if you MUST make puza, EAT it! You make SUCH a mess, dear." "But, MOTHER, it wasn't Me! It was Demmie and Linda. I ATE my mess." "I'll bet. If you kids ate all the messes you made, there'd be teeth marks all over the house." "You're not funny, Daddy." "Now, Sally, another time . . ." "Okay, okay, OKAY! Anyway, how eomt everything I do, I get blamed for it?" Friends, while "Mother" is trying to decide whether to lauah before or after she criei, think of ADMIRAL COLOR TV and that nice Tom Kerr, Inc., 17109th St. FANCY NEW j Oriiiimimtn] walls like this keep Imildmcs tireless to (.lie eye, WALL FASH IONS FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS From our wiHe selection of si/,cs, sh;i!f'i and textures you can combine d i f f e r e n t llc» 1. varieties to ni-liicve d r a m a t i c |i;itlcrns. u i v i n n your walla special distinction and rtpprHl possilil? with no other modern building Hcsidi-s economy nnd d u r a b i l i t y you gel. mmpleU: fire-Siifety, high sound alwir|tion nnd w-lf- insiil.-ilioii. ThiTf'a link- m-cd fur maiiilcn.-nve, too. Drop in and we us .toon. 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