Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 8, 1951 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 8, 1951
Page 5
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i Sunday Morning, April 8, 1951 ' LAS CRUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS" PAGE FIVE ll SUN-NEWS WANT ADS IS--FOR SALE SEAT COVER Shook Tire Co. 17-HEAL ESTATE For S.Ie! I7 - REAL ESTATE For Sal. B A R G A I N S . 217-tfn NEW 4 ROOM MODERN HOUSE, If CLASSIFIED ADVEKT151NO K M i n mum Charge . . . ; ...... .,50 ··"First Tlmo .......... .4i |M;r wor It Subsequent Clmrgu . . .Sc per wor Tf All eluitiiried ads must be in I Y A.M. Monday through Fri.ln m o Insure [HibJicittlun In that day y BSUO. Chuislfled advertising fo I Sunday's paper must be in' by' 1 L LM. Saturday morning. ^ Cash must accompany "ordrr o f t asslfiod nds except to thos vinp rejpilar display aUvcrtlKln urge accounts. All cliisHlfled- ailvcrtwln[f mus scheduled fur u deadline per oil tm e day or more, uiul if ordrre 1 nil set ttiero will be no rcfum *] ils must be scheduled m dcflnlt .; umber of days, and no refund ,; HI be iiiadt; on ehui.slflcd udver |? sng. K unit] insertions of rlnhRlfled ad |] ie to errors occurring In udycr if ipiiient must be made day' fol ^ wing publishing of advertise * enL · ·' PHONE 88 or 84 - ' jjf -SPECIAL NOTICE · RTGATING WELLS GLEAMED 125 cu. ft. new compressor J5.0 1 '; hr. Bunch's Realestate, 3401 E f \ Arzona, ph. 1530-11.' . 1-tfi ?| JED FURNITURE -- BOUGHT 'j md sold. Furniture Exchange f"0 W. Laa Cruceu, Phone 282-R 1-Un OHOLICS A N O N Y M O U S ix 801, Phone 1147-J between iTid 10 p.m. 194'tfn ijR r ou can do better at Stevens ?y furniture Co. _ 1-tfn .0!- ised. We repair all makep. .fj JTEVENS FURNITURE CO. p 116 N. Main. Phont 677. f * ' · · · 1-tfn Vi. YOU LIKK GOOD; STWAKS r|j i- good fried chicken try Lest- fij rs Cafe, at Lestcrs Market. I Meed by weight ask oui I mtchcr 124G W. Picacho. JP 295-Tu-Thu-SU-tfn [ NOTICK f 'his is to make known that the \ mer Memorial mortuary and pel Is in no manner whatso- i r associated .with any funeral .· I'ice establishment in Lhig area H ch name may Lend to resemble afore described nnme. The Kti Y : Memorial Mortuary is rcsisl- K\ : with the Slate Board of Km- i ners and Funeral Directors of 1 State of New Mexico! ; ; THE FULMER MEMORIAL 492 Nojlh Main' St. Lsfs Cruccsl |M. 303-3c-Sun Mar. 25 April. ],8. 51. t r you don't know what you ^ -ant, we have it. Co'nie -down ?and brouse around -- You're' abound to find something you want because we have a com- fo etc line of Kcen-Kuttor tools BBH cutlery -- Devoa paints -d. E. Appliances, everything : fpr making a 'lawn or garden, bkby chicks, poultry supplies, jSiwn und vegetable seeds. Re- ineuvber we give those SH ·Green stamps too. [FARMERS MARKET - pn. 333 'si * . · ' · *| Your Checkerdale Store H| .-· 2-30-2 SERVICES. JuVATK EI^rPLOYMKNT AGEN- ljSi321 Bast Griggs. Ph. 1202-W. liymon Bernal, Notary. 'fj i-tQi-Wed.-Kr.-Su. ^)oes Your Root Leak? :M CALL 700 n|J3W Construction Co. .;!M FREE ESTIMATES · ^ incliing done with mech- §al ditcher. Ideal for ings, sewer lines, etc. o 18 inch wide,' up to ' Sin. deep $1 75 ner cu IjMinimum charge $15.00. 1 jlTLAS LUMBER CO. j :" 1-SU-W-tfn 1 1 VALLEY REST M HOkE ' /' ·? ' : ( re for Aged and Invalids - I lasonablc Ratoa Ph. 010-J3 ·' . · 3:-au,tfn. l^^V^ ; · BIO CHIEF " V\ ' GUNSMITH r /" ^ r ^ Joncs Mys: . ) W " P u ' p p y dog ". T. friendly animal. j y /\ . W«gs b»th ends v v £*!i' wnen p 1 e a B e d. M /T^li ; Let me fix your f /bfe^kun. Then you ; « ( / \ yllke puppy dog-'^ ; Y. pleased!" fc. s LIARS LODGE NjU 1 108 S. Main . . H^Lin2VV · 1-tfn |MlLP WANTED MALE B\VO IMMEDIATE OPENINGS W for reliable men to call on :'anu- Btofs. Wonderful opportunity. $15 ·LtQ $20 In n day. No oxperlcnca ^Trfculrcd. Permanent. Write to! 9w. -McNess Company, Dept. A. ·ftqMIt, 111. 3-2p-4 8-- HELP WANTED MALE MAN WITH TEAM TO PLOV and plant . 12 acres cotton. E Rancho Camp, end of "N. Ala 11-- WOHK WANTED CAPABLE WOMAN, A N G L O would like baby sitting cal 1545-M. ' ' 2-2p-3 1-HELP WANTED Female SALESLADY WITH SOME SEW- ing expeHence for part time work. 1 Spanish or Anglo. Em- brce's, 4S2 N. Church. l-3c-3 SPANISH AMERICAN M A .1 D for general housework, 2]5. S. Heymontl. l-3p-3 12-- FOK RENT CLEAN BEDROOM, PRIV. BATH and privj entrance, ph. 455-W, BBS W. Brown Rd.' l-Sp-5 ONE 3 ROOM APT. AND ONE 2 room apt., furn.. reasonable. On Madrid Road und Alameda, 'phone 0388J3. 3-2p-l BEDROOM FOR ONE PERSON. ' Private entrance and bath, telephone; 203- N. Reyniontl, phone 370- W. - - S-2c-4 MODERN FURNISHED OR UN. furnished House, 131 East Chestnut. 3-;ip-5 MODERN · TWO ROOM -. APT., furnished, 50C W. Parker Road: 3-2p-l SMALL, APARTMENT, WELL, furnished, newly decorated, conveniently . located, suitable for couple, can be seen at any time. Located at 711 Brown Road. 3-1P-3 NEW, MODERN HOUSE, FUR- nished, ph. 385-J after 1 p. m. 3-3C-5 UNFURNISHED APT. IN DU- plex, at 322 W. Mountain Ave. Inquire 425 N. Alameda. :;-3p-5 SMALL 2 BEDROOM HOUSE, furnished. Also Cabin, ph. 393-.I or 101. ' 3-tfn 2 ROOM APT. FURNISHED, utilities paid Ph. 085-R1. 303-tfn NICE APT. FURNISHED. STATE College, ph. 02S1-R3 after 4 p. m. or 841-W. 310-6C-315 1 APT., 2 BEDROOM, KITCHEN furnished, 12ft West LAS Ci-uces, ph. 732-R. 280-tfn MARQUESS APT. FURNISHED, State College, phone 0282J5 or 0280J1. 300-6C-314 2 ROOM APT. FURNISHED uliliticii pd., 560 month. 621 E. Hadley. Inquire C. B. Smith. 210 W. Luccro. 1-tfn BUSINKSS OFFICE. LOCATED in center o f . Business District.. Next to Western Union. Call 600. ' 1-tfn MODERN FURNISHED COMBI- nation living, bedroom, kitchen bath $43. 1425 South Manzanita, one block east and one block south from junction El Paseo and Foster Roads, south Drive- In Theater, phono 02D5R2. · 1-tfn APARTMENT, F U R N I S H E D , newly decorated, utilities paid, for couple. Phono 0283-.13. . 311-5p-315 SMALL 2 BEDROOM MOUSE for rent, modern, unfurnished. Inquire 641 N. 3rd or call 1014-R or 859. 1-tfn PATIO APARTMENTS. FUR- nished, 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom, inclosed yard, phone 099.J2. 2-Sp-4 BEDROOM F U R N I S H E D house. 3 room furnished apt. Inquire 406 E. Hadiey, phone 66fl-W. 2-6p-6 BEDROOM APT. FURNISHED, small children allowed, phone 263-R. 2-2p-3 ROOM . APT. FURNISHED, cornel Idaho and Pecos. Inquire Hardy Johnson. 2-2p-3 1GHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS Cump Rio Grocery, ph. 554. 2-3p-4 ROOM APT. FURNESHED, ME- silia Park, reasonable, phone rj2l)6-J2. ' 2-3C-4 ROOM APT., MODERN, AIR conditioned, stove and refrigerator furnished. Mcsilla Park, ph. 0288-J1. 1-lfh BEDROOM MODERN HOUSE, close in, phone 1422-W. 3-3|)-3 BEDROOM. MODERN HOUSE, furnished, phone 984-R. l-3p-3 V-A-C-A-N-C-Y WITHERSPOON APTS. PHONE 214 414 W. Lag Cruccs Avc. 2-tfn S-T-FOR SALE IVIN'G ROOM, BEDROOM, AND kitchen furniture, used less Uum one year. Can be seen frohi 2:30 to 7:30 p. : m. E. R. Mlistain 1233 W. Brownlce. 3-3p-5 ADDLE HORSE. PHONE 088RR. 3-1C-3 000 BALES ALFALFA. HOME Saturday or after 5 p. m. Phone 015J3. 311-7p-317 6 FOOT HOUSE TRAILER Ideal for couple or vacation. Sacrifice price, cull 0182R5 Holdcn Trailer Park, Mcsilla Pork. 312-4p-315 OUNO KRYERS Jl.OO ALIVE, 51.25 dressed, phone 0282R5. 2-2p-!l ADIATORS-- NEW AND USED. StewarU Riidlntor Shop -- junc- tlnn M-W, phono 202-R. 1-lfn GOOD. USED TIRES. SHOOl Tire' Co. 1-tfl B PIGS, 8. WEEKS OLD, $1 each, Tony Spinlalieri. y 2 of ( mile west of Mesilla Cotton Gir " ' 2-3c- FLOWER PLANTS, ASSORTEI . coloj-s in chrysanthemum, . Pe tllniaa, ruffeled and plain, Lan tanas, Fushias, etc. We will havt veg. plants on April 16.' Tele phone your orders now. West side Grocery. W. Picacho, ph 804-M. . 2-tfn WH1ZZER BIKE. PERFECT MO lor. cheap. El Rancho Camp end of Nv Alameda. 2-3c-' STEEL CLOTHES LINE. POLES for sale, phone. 1213-M. 310-6p-315 8 MM MOVIE CAMERA, SCREEN . projector, ?130.00. y a mile North McKinnoy's. Highway 85 North l-3p-3 ONE SLIGHTLY USED. TRACT- or, rake, mower. Reason, called back to Army; phone 0113-R1. l-3p-3 GENERAL CONTRACTOR Rough lumber, planed lumber, moderate price, Pee Gee Paints, ail colors. Have Brickrete building block, red buff. SMITH'S Lumber Yard. Cor. Madrid Mcsqulte. Ph. 1456-J. 1-tfn Ladies did you know, there arc more than two million General Electric Refrigerators that have been in use ten years or longer! Think about this for a minute -- and if you're in the market for a refrigerator, remember' that no other can surpass General Electric's record for dependable, economical performance. Remember -- in choosing a refrigerator, choose one whose dependability is proved! Sec all G. E. appliances at ... FARMERS MARKET - Ph. 333 Your Checkerdale Store ' 2-3c-2 BABY CHICKS EVERY THURSDAY Book Your Orderu Now We Hatch Our Own Chicks FARMERS MARKET - Ph. 333 Your Checkerdale Store 1-tfn At last! A proven, product to eliminate Septic .tank troubles -- Septouio for' "sick" septic tanks. A must for starting activation in new septic tanks. Sep- tonic regenerates bacteria, replacing those killed by soaps, cleaners, etc. Septonic cats Into solids, greases--one element in product will dissolve thousands of times its volume in grease'. Easy to handle -- Just pour into toilet and flush. FARMERS'MARKET - Ph. 333 Your Checkerdale Store 2-3C-2 NEW 28 FT. KIT TRAILER HOUSE Sleeps 4, shower bath, water heater, electric refrigerator. May be seen 3 miles north of Las Cruces on Hwy. 85, $14 hundred down balance like rent. Financed: l-5p 5 Ask for the best! A G. E. Washer! "Quick-clear^ 1 General Klectric washing' washes each piece individually. Guaranteed one year -- quick emptying - self tilting drain board. Get a G. 15. Washer today only -530.50 down, balance S2.15 par week. Or if you don't have the t own payment in full. We will hold one for you for $o.OO down and when you have paid $30.50 we will deliver your G. E. Washer and you pay off the balance in weekly or monthly payments. FARMERS MARKET - Ph. 333 Your Checkerdale Store 2-3C-4 PRINGLE'S BABY CHICKS Each Wednesday Valley Products Comoanv Phone 99 su-tu-270-tfn IB-WANTED TO BUY HOUSEHOLD F U R N I T U R E . Anj* condition. We buy anything of value. Phone 931-J. Viaduct Salvage Yard, 924 W. Picacho. 1-lfn HIGHEST PKICEij PAIR IFOR used pianos. Stevens Furniture Co. 310 N. Mal.i. Phono 677. 1-tfn 17-- REAL ESTATE For S.I. IX)TH AND L.OTS OF LOTS. Save the »«fe w»y, terms, by owner. Bum* RrnlMstnto 1401 K. Arizona, ]*tfn J 1458-J or 1450-W. · 1-tfn 1 1 FOR SALFj - ' HOME ) 1 -Bedroom, Modern. Contact Bob Shook. Day 1111. Night 0388-NR4. 1-tfn Under All Is The Land 604 UPPER COLLEGE ROAD: Modern 2 b. r. new home with dining rm. and attached garage. Hdw. floors, steel windows, enclosed yard. Faces mountains ?S,300. 1312 E. GRIGGS: 5 rm. modern house and 3 rm. house (not modern) both for $6,500 220 W. FLEMING: New 3 b. r. with 1(1 both 12,500 325 McCLURE: 4 Unit apt. building ' 528,000 14-10 W. PARKKKR: 3 b. r. modern $11,000 11!) E. GALLAGHER: Modern 2 b. r. S2363. dn. S54.40 mo. 553 BROWN RD: 2 b. r. modern. Corner lot . S10.500 SAN PEDRO MAY, Duplex, rented $95. mo. ' $6.000 901 S. ESPINA: 5 rooms bath. $4,200 1107 N. REYMOND: Duplex rented $115. mo. $10,000 ' 127 E. FLEMING: 4 b, r., 2 baths, 3 car gar. $^000. c n. 1025 PUKI1LO:.: .'! b. r. furnished, central heat ?14,2aO 906 S. CHAPARRO: 1 b. r. complete bath. $5,000 810 N. 2ND: 2 b. r. 56,000 FRED JOHNSON or YANCY CLARK, Realtors 438 N. Main Ph. 535 or 87-1 3-2c-4 Good Property Investment 1- -2 bedroom home. 1 -- 4 room house, both for $7,350. Modern 2 bedroom home, furnished. Garage, chicken house, G' pecan trees, 1 acre land on oiled road. 1 mile of city limits. $3,500. Terms. About 2 acres land, f) houses. Rental brings in S252.50. Priced to sell for $21,000. Terms. Duplex in Mcsilla Park. 1 acre ground. Good well of water. Rents for $138. per month. Price $10,500. 4 apartments all furnished. Rents for $240 per month. Price 517,000. 3-2 bedroom homes. Good location. Will sell ojic or all. Price $10.500 for each house. 400 acres. Modern home, good rrigntion well, 10G acres, in cultivation. 22 acres has grown pecan trees. Priced to sell. Southwest Heal Estate KOSS WILLIAMS, Realtor Masonic Temple Building: Phcmea: Office 15 Home 0397-R2 3-2 o 4 Want la buy immediately. Small acreage, around Las Cru- ccs, or between here and El Paso. Can pay $1,100 a year. We have 3 bargains this morning: Furnished trailer modern 1 room, 50 ft. by 135 lot $1,500. 2 room house half modern 50 by 130 lot half way between College and LJIS Cruees. 2 room house. N. Mesquite, $1,000 - $400 will handle. BUNCH'S REAL ESTATE Phone 1530-R 312-3c-3H 3 Bedroom Modern House Carries good FHA Ixjan $13,000 3 Bedroom and Den - Mdi:, Good Location $13,500 2 Bedroom Modern Home $3,000 2 Bedroom Modn. New car Lots SG.ftOO 1 Bedroom Mdn. Close In $4,300 2 Ucdroom .Mdn, · Juat off , Foster Rd. - $4,000 | 3 Bedroom Mdn - I Acre choice .Land, 2'/j miles of town. A Very Nice Home 512,500 Near Mesilln Park - 2 Bcdinom modern home, 1 acre In ml, lut.i fruit trees, nccnns, berries, electric pump, irrig. v/eH. A good Buy - $12,000 A Lot of Good Building SlU-s $150 up BURESH REALTY CO. Sole Agents 2-2C-.1 One 5-room nuln. · home, 'i! 2- room appt., furnished, on plot 80.x 125. All for $9,750 - 53.000 Down. * + 4 bedroom home. Plenty of shade and fruit trees, $9,450, Terms. · + * 3 bedroom new homo. Good enough for any one, $11,500. Terms. i * * . 1 bedroom, strictly modern home 56,000 - 52,500 down. . . . . . . * * 3 bedroom modern home. Lots'172::133!s. 511,500, Terms. * * . 190 Acre, 70 aero In cultiva- , tion, ' 70 · more cuh be · put in $70,000. Terms. Cafe on llwy. 70-SO. A nice paying business $12,01)0. Terms. * * . . ' 1 business bldff. 4oxS7 1 ,i. 2- sLory. Rents for $730 per mo. $85,000. : A. T. cox, REALTOR" 304 N. Main Ph. 30-J I-3c-S .17--REAL ESTATE Fsr Sale BY OWNER, 3 BEDROOM ALL modern home, excellent condition, rural location, near Las Cruces on paved rott'l.. Phone C05-R. ' ,1-2p-4 FOR SALE 23% Acres-- Priced to Sell' Sec SYD RILEY 1309 W. Van Patten Phone'451-H 312-6p-317 19--USED CARS For S»l« 195(1 PONT. SEDAN DELIVERY, phone 1083-W. 3-4p-0 Immediate Delivery on THE' NEW BUICK In Las Cru:es at ... CULLOM BUICK CO. 315 S. Main Ph. 101G l-tfn 19--USED CAflS For Sale 1948 S T U U E B A K E R LAND Cruiser, 4-dr. Seel in, clean, overdrive, radio, hcntcr, white wall tires, excellent condition. Bookkeepers personal car, John Miller Motor Co. . 2-2p-3 1047 DODGE, 5 PASSENGER coupe. Excellent condition, original paint, radio, heater, seat covers. Sen Pat at Thrift No. 1. D;;U KORU cuui'E, GOOD .\io- tor, new battery. Inquire it 10U K. Gallagher, call between 8 .1. in. and fi p. m. o-Iip-b il.SS -1 DOOJl. BUICK, RADIO, heater, good condition, reasonable, 701 North Armljo "street, phone 305-W. :il2-5p-31U A BARGAIN . My Personal car. Buick Sedan - 25,000 actual miles. Royal Master tires, has to be seen to appreciate. M. L. JORDAN, Broadway Court 212-5p-31(J 1940 DeLuxc Packard 4-door with radio, heater, overdrive, 5 new tires .. .$1649 194G Buick Super 4-door with radio, heater and 5 new tires $1195 1948 -Vilnn Ford F-l Pickup ?075 EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO. of New Mexico, Inc. 137 S. Church Las Cruces Expert'; Inpuriihi^; Advlui 1 . . , Chilton Loan ' Insurance. Co. 19--USED.CARS For Salt · LOOK! ALL MAKES AND ' MODELS- See Us Before You Buy! STEPHENS USED CAR LOT 110 E. Mesa Ph. 986-J i-tfn Plumbing Healing Co. -- Contractors -- They Need tair Thsy'l! Fix Your Tires With The Besi Of Care SHOOK TIRE CO. MICKEY MOUSE ...THE KEAD O" THE 9TUPIO HAS CESEEVEP HIS O\\'N P2iyAT= CAR. by Walt Disney THE LONE RANGER by Fran Siriket [ THEOW£ THAT LEAKED FROM YOUR SADDLEBAG MAY LE WE A TRAIL FOR TdE LAW TO FOLLOW) PACK ALL OUR LOOT, BOYS/ i W/E GOT TO MOVE TO A NEW HIDE-OUT. \VE WASTED Tl. _ . TO FIND TMOSE CROOKSjl THERE'i ON GROUND TMW T7 SOMEONE \VOULDNT SHOWyr^( BEHIND "TOE TRACKS/^^^if^W^EVXNK / mt^ ONE OFITHE BANK ROBBFRS.'/ WE THOSE 4 THEV PR08ABLY MEN IS I CAME BACK TO MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN by Paul Robinson LITTLE ANNIE ROONEY m by Brandon Walsh .. IF WORKING , . . . . KIM HARDLY IIJ A HOT KIltHEM, PEELING SCRUS8IN' IS FUM LIKE A WAir-iriL/i POrAFOES AN'WASHING /CIRCUS IS-BUrttW NEVER| BE SUCH / GREASV POTS AN'PANS, IS i "" """'"'·=·« ',ov,,,,' A FUN, YOU'LL HAVE A if V.ONDERFULTIM£/^i| HKES25v. ^* J --"--"· ft SPECIALLY IF YOU'RE AM rrr-,«-».ORPHAN -^r%v ivtf^rrM '^farJ$W\~ ^M BIG SISTER 1 , .jJLAyise^'- \\OJLONT IT a? !--|YES BUT THisilV D2BAORJL TO "AVE PEOPLE HAVE W£ -5 OF TJE5E f"Vi -VMEY DO KeEP .' HOUSES ASF L- ^ WE RAIN OFP JUSTHCVB.S. -'-H AND WAT'S " by Lee Falk and Phil Davis OH.OH.'SOUMDSfr 1 A O.x'S-SiDcD I ' AS IF SOMEONE :' QUARPEL, T^AT T IS HAVING A t- MAN iS MAKING , QUARREL.. ''

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