Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 2, 1955 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
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Friday, December 2, 1955
Page 17
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Play Will Be Given Twice Dec. (th ' 'The.traditional, an annual · prc-ChristmaS .event given by. a' faculty '(jasl 'with 'some stu- , :den[ tarolers, will bo' given in two ·. performances' Tuesday., Dec. £ at the. t h e a t e r ' i n Frasier Hair. One · ':performance is a t . . 3 . for -- laboratory- schcc! students -'.vhile-a 4^pcrforinancc *is for college . ftudenls a'nd townspeople. · . 1 1 will DO the .second pres~enta- tion of the Nativity in the new -. theater. [,ast- year Welby Wolfe, V 1 technical' director, of the theater, . designed new.and.b'cautiW stage · settings for .the play, ., . Two faculty member's who .had ' been in the play since 1917 and 1920, respectively -- Prof. Ralph Bishop and Dr. W. D. Armentrout -- m a d e t h e i r last appearance as / ihcpherds last year. Both are. now . e m e r i t u s members of the.faculty. The play will be directed by ' Helen Langwbrthy, director o[ the Little Theatre.of the Rockies. The cast" ' 'First Woman: Dorothy Hblslrom Second W o m a n : Margaret Por..','ter. * Mary:. Beverly Dutch.-Joseph:.Dr. Donald'Decker. . ,Three.Kings: Dr. E. E. Mohr Marvin* E. George and'CarbMe- ander. - . '-j Shepherds: JDr.'Kcnnclh ,Perry, Dr. S. R. Toussaint; Verlc Mick- sli arid Richard Ball. .... · · Gebriel: K a t h y Crcascn. Angels: Jan Balensicfen, -Lois iarber, '.Dorcne D Brown,*. JoAnne Donahud, . Gcrrie Jiundie, and hcolyn Stum. ." ".'··. _ Angel in stable:. Lois 'Dawsdn. ' Cherubs; Calli'erlnc Nanlin -ancj Seth Johnson..' ' ' ' ' ' 4 i : Technical-crews: ' ' Setting .and. .lighting: ' Wclhy Yolfe,-. Merle Parsons,,, ^Harold Browning, Fred Kagy, Morris Jolm- on and Willard It a esc. : : ' -Musical. d i r o c t iq h: .Claude rhmitz. ·- ' *.. '. ,'.' , - . ' .. ; ·Costiirnes:' -Barbara' Hu'nt .and Margarel Lche'y. : · '-.' ; -':" Properiies:' ,-Roscipary ! Rora- augK ar\G I^ynn Denning, i . Publicity: Ralph Johnston, Richard- Ball, Eve Brown.' '·' - · 'Make-up: Lynette Schleichcr, Harry Woodsworlh, Marian Lander and Sue. Hudspeth. Stage Manager: Walter Conley. Eleclrician: Elizabeth Jackson. Lay-away for CHRISTMAS Right now_h tK« lira! lo hovt Sonta reiervfi your Chrhtaiai- gifti by ij'.Ing ow converJen^ Hirifty lay-away plan. Parking Fees Rising - DETROIT, tfl--Higher (axes, increased wages' and bigger 'cars hav6 rcs'ulftid in a boust of parking lot fees in downtown Detroit. William H. Coy, geueral. man- ager-olt the Detroit Parting a.sso ciation, say-;jncreascd parking fees arc in effect at auout 40 cent of. downtown lols. Increases t a x assessments have contribntcHl to the rise, Coy says, and "newer wider-.and- much longer aut.omo biles.have cut the capacity of lols a tr'emendoiis amount.". Gauges Schiool STOCKHOLM-- F o r t " - * - s - i x ne\ schooUj.wilh a total of 1-.015 rooms are included in a -five-year plar presented h y ^ t h e Stockholm Schoo O/ganizalion Committee, In addi tioti 11 trade schools and institute for a total of 3,185 students planned. EXECUTOR'S PRIVATE SALE VAN DYNE ES.TATE HOUSE'AT 1110 8th St. ; , Grce- ley, Colo. Now .vacated and will be shown "on appointment. Has been appraised for loan purposes, and for eslafe sale purpose, for cash, at $6,500^00. Make me .'an' offer above, that amouril. . ' · : ' . . . . . ..''.' ; HERBERT E. MANN,' Executor, , : 1 Coronado Bldg., Greeley; Colo. ' It Will Go Further With This Seal'! $79 Million: from ' '.-.-'. : ederal Governnienl ; ; · WASHINGTON '(ft. -- \ mining llrm'.ls demanding $79,000,000 from Ihe federal government on. grounds it-lost a ' m i n e ; near Mpab; Utah: because the Atomic Energy Commission refused to buy Us uranium notes.. . f ."-.. i ·' . : . - · , ·' .·· : R a d i u m Mines, Inc..'has filed suit in the.Court of Claims,..saying it lost-, t h e · .valuable . "Seven-Mile'.' Mine as a result of AEC.'s refusal to .-buy ores for milling, or stockpiling in 1949-50: . . . . : . V i · .' .The company said in its complaint-it contracted to buy a group of'.claim's.^ coihprisiiis ' t h p . - mine property in 1948 with expectation of selling' to AEO- in estimated 750,000,. ton's · of u r a n i u m - bearing ores. .- .' . J i ·· ;· ' ' : / · V-fh'e firmjsaid it tried : unsuccessfully for Uvo years 1 to persuade the AEG to take the ores .worth. :" in Wesl in-Fact,/ Fancy, Has High lace on Book Lists and ."Buffalo Vest." ' According ' By W. G. ROGERS ; Associated Pr-js* Arts Editor MEW YORK tfl--The trapper, Ihe nunler and the buffalo; the Redskin, .cavalryman, cowpunchtr, rancher; the bull train, jerk line, wagon trails, .steel' rails anJ side; wlieclor;. the ; wigwam and sod shaiUy; 'the stagecoach, the stag'e- coacli robber aim vigilante--" Here are ihe West, (he Wild West and Ihe lame, the bang-bang, ride- *em-co\vboy frontier, the vanished no man's land, about which you can. read more words and view more pictures than on any other one topic in this fall's book: Popular on radio, «nd a growing TV favorite, the \Vest : that-used-to be has,ahvays had a steady follow ing among fiction readers, tike detective stories, the usual westerns Jtave-a not very large sale but dependable .one, publishers say, first in hard-bounds arid then in paper "covers. ·Sonrv of the authors m'ay have been bofii in Brooklyn and one of the best is a native ol Britain, but if Ihe Wesl isn't their birthplace it is their h a b i t a t , ' $\ least part time, and their- theme Iheir livelihood, -and Ihe welcome fare of a lot of readers whose entire knowledge of. a cow stops at the banquet-table beefsl^k. Added lo htis year-round'list o! six-shooter fiction, there come this fall just in time for a Christmas roundup four factuaM books, thick mes, bounteously illustrated, called 'The American Wesl," "The Sellers' West," "-The Frontier Years" " by-L.' A. Huffman, . a n . A r m y posl Bill Ihe and '··- -i, the "Buffalo Bill' olumc (Oxford), b'y Henry Blackman Sell arid Victor Weybright, he Wesl is 2,000 miles'by 2,000 miles. According lo "The \meri- can Wesl" (DulOn), by Lucius Bee- ic, lo'nglime addict of Ihe West, and Charles Ucgg; the West kept g wester, from Kenlucky" to the Western Reserve, across the Mississippi into Kansas, then to Nevada ancl'so OP · ' . ' . It also kept going, period,; it .nstcil: for decades- a n d - decades. These' books concentrate on the middle and late I9ih cenlury, and also come down closer to our time Ihe Wild- West , show. ' T h e y range from bow -and arrttw and lomahawk lo Ihe false .fronts.on buildings. .raised along old -dirt streets' in Ihe early towns, and to'lhe'lasl'slagecoach robbery of ill, as laic .as 1914, or f a . we read in · . "The Settlers' . Wesl" (Scribner), by Marlin f. Schmitt arid lice Brown. ·' . I ' The handsome ScU-Weybrighl book, by a pair o f ' authors as enthusiastic a's they are scholarly, is a biography of a man and a land. It's the record.'in picture and text, of Cody the hunter, scoui, fighter and showman who' eventual: ly put the glamor of the West upde'r canvas and displayed it for effete fily folks iii this country and Europe. · . . ' · j Markll. Brown and W. R,. Kellori, in "The Frontier Years" (Holl), make use of 125 photographs taken s'ol 15 million dollm." The I Friday, D«c, 2, 19o5 overnment provides ihe only m»r- : --'----- L * J TM et'for urinluni undcr-prtstnt UK, stalea.' '·.·",.. ' ; , ' · ' · - · · . -V. '" The AKG finally «gr«d (o cbn- We'r 'negotiating an ore-purchase ontraJt in; 1951, but by then the ompiny had lost the mine. as « 17., esull.of Uublllly to. mike pa; 1 -.' ments oh it, the compUint old.'*; '.The company.-said iits" contract 6 buy (Ke^mUie was cancille^ Dec. ; : 1950-^aftor the Hnh'spent'$25,'· 500 on piros'reellcs-)4?iH.o.wlili(-.'ncgo-. ialion with' oWncrs Gpraori Babbtl, ess: A'beirnathy, Nicholas" Murphy ina.'wiliiam Churchiii:-r j-. : - ; : . Leltc'rs died In-the'complaini Indicate Ihe AEC declined lo buy the ores on grounds Ihey were mot suitable fiV.mih'in^ at its''plant!'near llontecell.b; ,and, : .: .While'.' Canyon,' jjah, ; .and ; .insufficent^ informalion *as 'available' to'determine: it p they were' s'a|(ab|e-'for. ·stockpiling. ,·. '.' the -company; askW psyrn'enl. of 75. milHoti. dollars' for'loss^of the min'e^ $3,7e6.,OQO : tcla.iinid'.as nei prof its .had t he. mi'h e'. been.' operating in 19(9-50, $300,000 in lost royal- lies from ajea'se -and another. ?10,)66 for a . lost .production bonus. TUE8 to hit EHRLICH'S SALES ,, DEC. 6. 1:00 P.M. Closing Out Sale. 3/ 2 'm[.M «ait of Ft tup^" n oh Highway 52.' Equipment--1^7 V, A CAM tractor, with -Ettgle tch and (Juki rim*; Corn plaiiKr and cultivator f of VAC) $ ft. v »nd 3 fti Terracjrig.bUdet; *6 ft. one-way, ion rubber; dujnp Yak*; THURS., DECi 8. 1:00 P.M. Dairy Sale. 9 rntlt«tst of Brlgr.'sn to ' - No. Washington 1 ,*;! mllss'touth and |/ 2 mile eait, or 2 mile* north and ,y z mil*. *»st of Orchard icrvlce station,. Livestock-- 26 riCid g'cod dairy, cattle. 2 Reo;, Ayrshire £owt; Reg' Aycshlrt bull/ cUisl- fled In.- the 80's; 6 Ayrshire Gu«rrisey co\v«; .2, Guernsey .cow*: 2 .' HcJsteEn 'cows;! 6 Gu'ernsiy Ayrshire cow* will sell with 4.47,, I b, · .Denver base^ The' other cows will sell Individually;', yearUng "" '.Ayrshire- luifer, /eligible for registration; 2 Ayrshire 1 Guernsey '' ~ springing hsifers; 7 yearling heifers; 2*Ay"rihlreucalves. Some-very - good cows In this herd. The herd hat been on DHIA;' Equipment-- DeL»v«l MagntlTc milker; wash vat; heater; -can't; lHG~miiw«r for F-20;*V"B 12x6. grain drill, with seeder;/ spreader; djtoher; - some junk cars and scrap iron; Detroit mower; dump rake. '-'', ' ' . ' · ' '' : ; - LeROY 8CHURR, Owner' . , ' : " .iji SAT., DEC. 10. 1:00 P.M. 4-H'and FFA;annuaI, calf sale. Adams "County" · Fairgrounds, Brighton. 76 Shorthorns, Angus a'rjd Herefcr^:' Calve* ' · elected from the following herd*. E. R.' Hoyt, Allen Abbott, Davis;; Al tfroflh, F. F. Potter, Rich Stinnett, Ed rUnno^ .Warner; Joe OpatrTI, Calvin TuppiJ Dave Howej Ton; man Ehler, Ed-Loban, and others. , . . d Hanno* 'Gait orp Huttcn, Her"' - . " " *''· cameraman from 1840 to 167; he eft a fine gallery- oji portraits o] Crows, Sioux, Northern Cheyennes and Blackfeet. Schmitt and Dee "Brown recounj [he origins of what \ve have l*fi now, the West which outlasted buffalo and Indian; and they 'con tinue' their story to the thresholc of modern times -- the first big farm machinery, the oil wells, the opera houses, llopalong Cassidy, Owen Wister, Xane Uray, Will 'Rogers Buffalo BUI, even Bryan. The Bcebe-Clcgg volume, sub titled *' : rhe pictorial e'pic' of a con tinent," stops short of no kind 'o illustrations, even selections from the old Police Gazette, and excel lent selections/ tod, lo tell Ma am bilious story. · The suit was filed Oct. ?6. Utles for a hearing, possibly in Utah will be set after government attorneys file a reply later this month: R6invest6d .- ' , . ' ' CARACAS-- An average of 24 per cent · of · Venezuela s '. -gross product his Wen 1 plowed back iminvisst- ments in. the past five years. Private investments accounted for 79' per 'cent of the total in 19M against 59 per cent in 1650. Pea's Flavor . : . LOS ANGELES-T6p-iua\lty peas must be picked at just th'e right time, night or day, and {hen canned within 3 hours to retain full flavor. E h r l l c h «nd 8e«r», 'Auetloriliri and Clerk. C«ll Brtghton 813-W, 222-W or Lupton UL 7-9900. ·'- ,. .' ' ' . ' . . . . : . ' ' . . ' , - . ' · -,'oij · WELD COUNTY | LIVESTOCK FARM SALES i TUESDAY, DEC 6th, 10:3d A.M. ^ Lunch by the. Evan* Extension C l u b . . - , - "., . . : \'., We w i l l ««ll Vor _Mr§..G60riie-f,:itthe!!,' located 2J/ 2 hillea eait^ef E v a n i or i4.rnU« w««t of the Aubur/i ichotl. . ; · ; . - . r - . ' · · ) . ' . L I V E S T O C K 1 : , ' / ' · - - = . · v - ; 32 heacl of oood young Shorthorn and Hereford cows; there ar*.'lS calvea by. tide now and there w i l l be icVeral more^ by Vale day. '· ' . One 4-year old Hereford bull. · V '. '*,-" " ' · "i" 1 ' V/z dozen White Rock hem. -, t ' ' \'.**. WARNOCK SALES MONDAY, DEC. StH-ll:00 A.M. of LOVELAND; .or 2 ml!*» .north of Berthoud. n l m a t i c . w l d e front'adjustable, tread; 1962 ' I n excellent -condition. Four ml'li ' 1951 M-M UTE irictor, M-M UTS tractor. Both of the" SALE DATES [·neoiil artlelei. . Lunch wa,.n. MONDAY, DEC- 5-10:00 A.M. JAKE KREIGER: 2 mi. south, 1 nil. west of Kuner station, or 3 ml. southj 3 ml. east of Kersey; lunch Kuner circle. TRACTOR AND MACHINERY: 1853 JD 60 single and wide frontj powertrol, live shaft; 1949 A Mg tractor; bean cutter; -cult).; phosphate attach, for A tractor; 1954 F-600 Ford truck; 2 ton 2 "speed, new box with hoist, only 3,000 miles; 19512 Ford V-8.y 2 ton pickup;' 1953 JD No. 25 cambTne, with bean pickup; 1953 jp single row beet topper with cart; JD 8 ft. power binder; JD spud or corn bar with 3 point liook-t/p; .4 row beet thinner;' JD hydr.~ bullrake; JD 4 row beet and ·bean drill; JD,7 ft power mower,' Toner offset 8 ft. disc; JD spreader on rubber; Me apreader on rubber; JD 2 way 2 bottom 101 plow; Wag-" ner rtitch filler; .Graham Hoehme plow; Swink ditcher; packer; g new wester^ roller; JD heavy 3 sec. harrow; JD 4 ' b a r ' r a k e ; dump rake;' Ennis 4 row windrower; grain blower; J D underelung plow; finger weeder; ton platform scale; 5 16-ft. feeding bunks; Jenkins stacker; 2 300-gal. gas tanks; electric fencer wlth-post.^; oil burner and »ll small tools*; atbck tank; cattle clippers. " · H.H, GOODS: 2-bedroom acts; TV antenna; Ape? washer; 5 yr. · addle horse well broke; bridle; saddje; 8 ft. Frlgidaire refrigerator; 9x12.rug. * · · . -" . · " · · ' . . ' -- -' Jake-It quitting and moving 16 GreeEey; plan to attend and come 1 " early. - . . . . .TUESDAY, DEC. 6-10:30 A.M. JOHN DEERING; 1 mile, east, 1 mile north, and 1/4 mile east of . Wlrldsor.' Ladies. '- f POWER EQUIPMENT: 1951 McD Super M tractor with wide front; 1951 McD C tractor; 1937 Oliver 70 tractor; 1960 Ford F6 2 ton, 2 speed truck; M-M spreader on rubber; McD spreader; McD 10 f t . ' t a n d e m dlsp; Western land roller; 3 sec. harrow; 2 sec. harrow; Eversman leveller; ditcher;' renovator; Farmhand loader with 2 head*; McD comb. cult.; McD bean, cutter; McD, M in. "tumble plow; JD 4 row "beet "drill; McD DD press tyaln rfrli] witl ? **der; JD 7 ft. binder; JD No 5 mower; " McD 4 bar aide rake; wagon and rack; "62 flood RR ties; Cultro; finder weeder; beet loader; MM 2 row corn planter; manure loader; JD 2 row "spud planter; vise;" 1 anvil; acetylene welder; power raw; 3 etec. motor*; worlds of Vmall tool*. ~ ." . LIVESTOCK: 2 Jersey "cows;.elec. cream separator. WEDNESDAY, DEC. 7-10:30 A.M. ERV1N WJEST: The Parish farm right In Johnstown, Colo. TRACTORS AND MACH.: 1952 McD Super "M" tractor with single front and 2 way hydraulic system; 1551 WD AC tractor; 1949 F-fi- Ford truck with beet bed, 2 speed axEe'and.very low mileage; 1949'Chev. y 2 ton pickup.with 4 speed and'deliixe cab; 1952 McD 14 ft. self propelled -combine with bean attachment; 1953 new Holland string tie baler with motor;' 1954 Gate corn harvester; McD 16 In, tumble plow, only use* oh 20 acres; Inter. 6!/ 2 ft." offset disc hydro lift; 2 3-*ec. harrow; 195 Evert man leveller; ditcher; tool bar far WD with all tools; JD spud planter; McD 18 hole SD o»in drill with power lift; JD 4 row C planter; western roller; .2'300 gal, .gas tanks; "Mayrath 16 ft. grain sirger, almost new; McD spreader; small teals; New Icka 4' bar side rake; JD No. 5 mower. " l ' - FEED: 50 tan mapped corn; 250 ton ensilage; 60 ton baled hay. . , LIVESTOCK: Real nice 3 yr. old Shetland pony, well broke, sad- ·die and bridle. . . . FRIDAY, DEC. 9-10:30 A.M. HENRY KAMMERZELL: 6 miles north'of Ft; Collins traff|c circle. TRACTOR AND MACH,: 1041 McD M tractor with wide front; 1948 McD beet topper; 1940 Oliver. 70 tractor; 1942 H JD tractor; 1952 Ford truck with good beet bed,-· 1936 -Dodfl'e . truck with 1949 motor, also' beet bed; McD tumble, plow; Oliver 21ln. plow; McD 8 ft. power t binder; Sisch .beet loader; 10 ft..sec. of harrow; New idea 4 bar ide* rake; 2 inter.'spreaders; wood floatp steel ditcher; McD 4-row ieet drill on rubber; JD No. power* mower; 10 ft. rake; Eversman leveler on.rubber; McD DD grain drill ^seeder; Western roller; good wagon; hay racljj.beet bed. for truck; Farmhand loader with "2 heads; D 8 ft. disc; McD com : cult!. for NI; beet and corn.cultF. for JD H; Oliver puller for tractorr JD puller! Heavy duty two wheel trailer with hay rack; 400 gal gas tank; all smalMools; ft. Easy Flo phosphate drill; 8 cu. ft. deep freeze; comb, coal a'nd gas stove; ( 4 milk cans; cream separator. -. ,, . . FEED: Some hay in stack;-7fi bu. barley.;. 1 ' ; "- '. LIVESTOCK: · Shorthorn cow; Holsteln icow; Guernsey, cow; 2 Holstein heifers- long, yearlings; 2 calvesjL 2 fat- hogs; 125 '.mixed chickens. , ' i SEORGE DUNN, wn.r , TUESDAY, DEC. 6th- 1:00 p.m. AND EVERY TUESDAY Make'the Ft. Collinc Sale* Yard your headquarter* for buying and " telling of livestock. .W* have been having * good run of riveitock" and good buyer (femand* ' " ' · WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7th-l:OO P.M. I mile north-of the LOVELAND Sugar Fictbry, '/ t ««it In.lant. .1942 Oliver 70 1 RO tractor; 1944 Oliver '60' RO tractor! 136 IHC 1/a ton .truck, good beet box; Ollv.r corn and beet cultivator; mower;' JD 4 row beet antf bean drill; McD 3 pt. corn planter; drill; IHC. one-bottom 2-way.plow;' McD ipreader;* roller; tractor sweep; 12x20 leveler.; ditcher; .everal piece, of hor.e niachlnery; cultivator tooli; good. Helser harneet; ahop tooll and nilicetlaneout 'article.. · II PAIRY CATTLE: 3 Hol«teln cowi; Swl«. cow; yearling Hol- tein heifer; Hol.tein bull, two; 2 Guernsey hetfer calves;' Holiteln heller calf; Holsteln steer calf; While bull calf. . . FEED: Stack of hay:. 60 ton corn enillage. MRS. JOHN REICHERT, Owner '·'' THURSDAY, DEC. 8-10:00 A.M. BRYAN PACiE: 1 mile east, */ 2 m"* north of Ault. 1 / TRACTOR AND MACHINERY: 1£49 M tractor with wide front and 3 point hook-up; 1951 WD AC tractor wlth'iingle front; 1939 AC B tractor; .1949 2 ton 2 speed Studebaker truck with box and side hoist; 1949^ Me -beet topper;'Farmhand loader v;|th 3 heads; 2 Oliver ^ heavy duty spreaders; Oliver 2 bottom 18 Tn. plow on rubber; Calif. 7 ft. one way diic; 2 3-tec. harrows; Eversman'leveler;'float; AC cult), * foa WD tractor; Cultl. for A5 B tractor; 2 4-row Me beet and bean 'planters; 6-row MM beet .and-bean planter; Van Brunt DD drill; Me power mower; JD 4-bar rakej 1 , dump, rake; finger weuder; spring tooth; renovator; Chattin ditcher; · Kllofer; JD ditcher; duster on rubber; 4 wtteel rubber tired wagon; rubber tired feeding trailer; blade for M tractr; AC.4-row bean cutter; sp'ud digger, Me binder; C Halt in, 6-row rotary cultf.; sheep panels; sheep trough; water,troughs for 1100 head of sheep; cattle scratcher;'2 stock tanks; 2 ,300-gal. gas tank* on uprights; 140 tubes; 2 electric fencers; / 2 hone motor and grinder; preii drill; wagon grain box; 2'vlcex and all small tools and : rnisc.. items;' 2 electric grlnrfenl 1000 Ib. platform scale; press drill. FRIDAY, DEC. 9-1:00 P.M. ROBERT BAAB: 1 mile 1 weit, 2 mllet north of Peckham or'J/i mEle south of Farrs feedlots v;ect of La Salle. . - . = TRACTOR AND MACHINERY': 1947 Ford tractor; 1'S42 Ford tractor; 1945 MM R; 1942 M H ' R tractor; 1941 Ch'cv'. 1J ton truck; 1936 Chev. 1J4 ton truck; 1945 AC 6' ft.'combine with bean attachment; Me twins tic baler; 'Oliver 21 In. plow; MM 14 In. tunible plow; Me tandem disc; Ford llnderman plow; 3-eec. - harrow; wood float; coll packer; Western roller;' Ennls bean wl'ndrowerf Ford ditcher; gnln ditcher; blade; Weslate leveter; beet and bean bar; cultrow mounted on bar; corn planter; LKO cult!.; NKO cultl.; sv/eep; manure loader; beet puller; fresno; .all for the Ford tractor; Hudson fertilizer ipreader; Van Brunt grain drill with seeder; spud cultl. for MM R tractor; MM beet cultl for R; new AC bean cutter; .JD 7 ft. powet; mowerf 2 »lde rakes; Sargent hydro-loader; Me ipread'er; grain auger; beet loader; 300 gal. gat lank; 120 tubes; 3 rolls new baVb wire; 40 potts; spring tooth; 'Iron Age spud planter; JO beet harvester; JD beet loader; 2 rowJD spud digger. ' ' · : · . FEED: 1'20 tons corn ensilage In the p«; 14 tons first cutting h»y; 9 tons 2nd, 8 tons 3rd. · . . ' LIVESTOCK: Holsleln coiv milking 6.6 gal.; Holsteln cow'giving 6 gals.; 2 bull calvei; yearling bull. Bob It quitting, ill sells. SATURDAY, DEC. 10-10 a.m. . DARRELL WILSON: 2 miles east of Ft. Co'lllni on Htw»'y 14. _REAL ESTATE AUCTIOtf: Improvement 6 r o o m ' m o d e r n home wlth'a 60 ft. extension tnat could be made kilo another 6 room home. 3 car garage with storage space; there Is 1 »cre of ground with this place and Is fenced all way round. There Is plenty of room to build another home.- · . . - . . . It has Greeley water, Is In School Disl, 5 with school bus at door, Al.l -buildings, f e n c e ' a n d yard are' In very good condition. Low tsi'es, Terms will be made known day of sale or call Austin »nd A"uiHn Ft, Collins 3535. Wj Invite you to lee this place before sale day and to buy. This place sells to the high' bidder. ' / SATURDAY, DEC. 10-1;30 P.M. : ' JAMES R. PAXTON--320 ACHES krjown ai the 8KAGGS RANCH It I located 4 MILES NORTH OF HUNN, COLO, on the Clieytnn« Highway. f ' - . - ,, . . Thi. It a dryland farm "and It hat an 85 acre wheat allotment and then are approx. 100 acrei of wheat In now/Thert !» really a good ipring on this farm. IMPROVEMENTS conillt «f one really nice fully modern 5 room house; 2 modern imalFrr hornet that ar nice; gooe grade A dairy barn, alto sheds and corrals. Thlt farm It an Ideal tel-up for a dairy opy combination wheat and livestock operation! 'Thl« firm It well.locked on school and milk bus routes. We certainly urge you to look thit place over before tale day at we bi-lleve someone Is going to rrlak.e the kuy of a tile time. · · / · '. . , TERMS: There It a $4,500.00 loan which the buyer nay at'tume Mr. Paxlon wantt cash for hit equity with 20% down sale day and Ihe "balance upon possession. You have got to see this place to really K.H. GOODS:' All sells, so plan to attend. A complete 'up lo I believe how nice It Is.. date line of farm machinery. _ · · : , i NOTICE--We may sell this place In 2 units. AUSTIN AND AUSTIN, AUCTS. NA-TTE E. AUSTIN, Ft. Collins 682 "KID" AUSTIN; Ft. Collins 661 W10--7:20 a.m'.--1310--7:30 a.ns. ' ' ' · RAY LARSON, Gi'eeley 3707-W BIG TWO DAY SALE THURSDAY, DEC. sth 10:00 A.M. »n4 ··: FRIDAY, DEC. 9th-10:30 A.M. ' Two mil., tilt 'and /, milt Muth f MILLIKIN; or Juit north »f Twin Bridget. = . THURSDAY, DEC, Sth-lOiOO a.m. SHOP EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS: On* of th* largest «nd best farm ·hops ever sold In Northern Colorado. 18 In. Seneca Fall* rathe, 7 ft. bed, fa HP motor; Logan shaper; Delta band saw, l / 2 HP motor; 'FO In.. Craftsman tilting arbor saw, stand, % HP motor; No. $7 * tn, Bkll- asw; 18 In. drill preis, ^4 HP; No. 2 Marvel power hacksaw, 'A HP gear reduction motor; ISO Amp. Lincoln DC portable welder with' TF Wisconsin gas engine; Acetylene generator; 'drum and carbide; Ket- Io0g A-320-A 1J£ HP air competitor; No. 12A Mall chili law; 12 tan hydraulic press; Bltckhawk 6-4 4 ton floor jack; 478 lbr.**i*ctrlc weldfnfl rod; 5 In. Black L pecker portable grinder; !/ r ln. Stanley heavy duty drill; 5/16 in. Black 4 Decker heavy duty drill; 1 A \n, Black fc Dicker. Jr. drill; 1/4 In. Sioux special drill; % In, Black t Decker^home utility drill; */ 4 In, Hi-Power drill; 6 In. Black * Decker Jr. Bench grinder; air vise; Blackhawk 4E. pc, tool set In box; 1 lr. to 2 In. adj pipe die; 7 In. '/ 2 HP Craftiman bench grinder;. 10 In. % HP ! Dayton bench grinder; Ghopmaater .12 In. drill press, 1/3 HP motor.' Electro Prodifct* 'A' trouble shooter; 16 In. compound leverage' shear; portable'paint spray outfit; 24 drawer metal parts bin; A tier 36" In. steel rotary bolt bin!'12 ft. bt'nch with 2 steel'cabinets, 11 drawers each; Lyons cabinet; metal'cabinet; steel 'welding table; 4 chains; home charger; fi steel lockira, 6 fi. x 18 1h, x *24 In,; $ crei- cents; U In,'to In. pips die set; No. 312 Little Giant'lap and d la- set; small tap and die set; 10 taps; $£ Inch Blackhawk socket set; 43 assorted taps; Hall valve seat .jrlnder. An assortment of the following tools; 13 box and open end wrenches; 16 and wrenches; 24 box wrenches; 38 punches; 14 reamers; 12 pipe wrenches; 10 combination wrenches; 10 crow fe»t wrenches; 62 jaw pulK-r*; 23 chiseli; 8 wood bits; '45 drill bits; 13 sxteniion bits; B4 screw drivers; 34 offers; .,-.'t'trfc chisels; 10 hammers; 24 fifes; drop co'fds; air hose; gai · engine; Texaco oil Highboys; fire extinguisher; Alemfte pump; 8 ton hydraulic jack; E ton hydraulic jack; 2 steel tapes; 2 micrometers; 3 f /t In. face anvil; and worlds of miscellaneous- Items net Itemlxitf. A wonderful place to buy shop equipment and,tools, Don't ml« this big sale. FRIDAY/ DEC. 9tit-10:30 a.m. TRACTORS AND POWER EQUIPMENT! Oliver "70* RC .raclor, * with corn and beet cultivator, beef ·puller,* and skeleton' wheels; 1047 IHC 'A' tractor, 4 row b«et.cultivator; JD 'A' tractor; 1944 Ford trjc- for; 1934 JD 'D' tractor; Oliver Ctetrak; 1946 Ford 1% ton truck, side ·hoiit^beet box; No,_5S9 Everaman.fully automatic Ivveler. with CharFan pump'and extension; American loader, i hearfi; Everaman ditcher; Waggner. Foader; McD 16 In. tumble plow; A-C affaet disc; 10* ft. Graham Hbehmt; Oliver No.'2'B-ft. tractor binder; Oliver No. 21 2-way 'plow; McD 4 bar aide rake; JD 4 r o w ' b e e t drill, phoephator; A-C 2 row- corn and bean, drill; McD tractor spreader;' ·ehmelier rollerl Otlvsr 3 section harrow; Ironags 2 row spud planter; 6 row duster; McD 2 row bean cutter;' Oliver 14*7 DD grain drill; corrsgstid roller; 2 section harrow; Gehl ensilage cutler; Dearborn/7 ft, mowir; ford plow; Ferfiuion finger weeder; f Dearborn blade; Fe~rd post hols auger; grain blower; lronag« sprayer; tandenj drac; Papee blower; V ditcher; large grader; 31*he loader; levefer; old combine; grain box; bifu law;. .stacker; sweep; running gear; hay rake; 1,000 gal. distillate lank;" 6 pieces horse machinery; -scrap Iron; Deepfreeze; Eagle safe; Coranado electric separator; pullles; forks, sh»v«[», and lots c-f mlscel' " nP FEED7 C l£ f ton« 3rd cutting *lf«Ifa. Those of you who know this machinery, know that Mr. Brlgge lave H excellent care. Lunch wagdn b6th*daya. . · ..^ BUSTEft BRIGGS C4TATE, Owner ' · . ' W, A, "BIIJ;' WARNOCK, Auctioneer '. . . E. K; BETX, Rin'gman . C. E. CARVER, Clerk 505 Cleveland Avenue Jxv*Iand, Colorado Pf^one-J82 or 1436 W* have 19nit good open sals dates. · . * 1950 GMC Pickup "and. stock ruck In A-1 cond.; 1947 1/a'ton ' truck with 2-speod and beet box, A-1 cond.; 1942 SC Cast tractor; 1950 DC,Caie tractor; 1943 B Allls-Chalmers tractor; nearly new Case tumble plow; nearly new Farm Hand with, manure and hay "head v*Ith push off; JD beet and bean- planter; JD'2 row corn'planter; 2-rind rollers; Van Brunt grain drill; dltcherj finger weeder; IHC 4 ? rbw beet drill; Oliver 2 way trail plow; 2 dump rakes; 6 ft. Eversman land leveler; new Case 3 sec. harruw with fold up hitch; float; Ventura* I ft. springtootK; 2 se'o." beet harrow; nearly rfew : IHC 7 ft. tandem dl«c; ". nearly new Case 4 bar.side rake on rubber; JO two wheel-manure spread on rubber; Scott Urschel beet .topper; corn cultivator for'iAc Case; 4 row beet and bean" cult, fo'r SC Case; 4 row beet and "beafr'cult. 'or B Alllt-Ch^lmer.1; Bean cutter for B AillB-Chilrn'eri; 2'stock ian^s; 2 pump Jacks; */+ horse electric, motor; lota of mCsc. *nd small tools. ' 1952'Fox field harvester, motor driven^ ' , HOUSEHOLD GOODS:'2-plece living room set; piano;' copper clad, coal grange; Weltlnghouse electric- range; writing desk;* blond bedroom set; 6 room oil heater and.250 gal. tank-r4nd other Items.-'v *',' '-." '"'" " · - ' · - · FEED'. ./ ''·'". '"', '"V". " ' '"- . Vl ' \ 35 tons " o f 2nd arid 3rd. cutting"' «lf»lf«*,"- 2000 "bu»he.s of Qoed ear corn; stack of straw; -some oats. For good 'equipment and llveatock'be sura to attend this one.'Mrs. Mitchell Is selling everything.. , l ^ THURSDAY, DEC. 8th, 12:30 P.M. ', We-wlll sell for Yarn Laurldien located 4 miles west and ^ mils north of Lucerne or 3 miles \vest and| 2 fa miles south of Eaton, Colf,r LIVESTOCK .' · ' ' ' - '*$ 20 head of.good.young Shorthorn cows, bred to purebred Shorthorn bull. These cows will start calylng -In. February. Tjiey.wlll ill htfr* tt clean blJI of heaJth. One.purebred Shorthorn.bull .1^ v * ar " old; 'i~j MACHINERY · '' , · -.-., 1950 DC Case tractor; 1936 CC Cue tractor 'with beet and bean cult.; F12 tractor with beet and bean cult.; 1953 GMC 2 ton truck v^fth jcet box and side hoist : and. stock" rack; 1941 Chevrolet truck with ]Cet box and side holilj F14 Far ma 11 tractor with beet cult.; J91 Case field harvester with corn and hay attachments.;-1952 Cnse tumble }low; 6 row IHC beet and bean planter an rubber;'? ft. Case power newer; Case 14-ln. tumble plow; Meakin tractor scraper on rubber; New Holland wire tie hay baler In.good condition; Cast side rakeftl sec,, sprlngtoolh;. nearly pew 3 sec. rotary . h o e ; , nearly" new tandem disc; Case 6 ft. Comblrva with grain and bean attachments; Case 12 hole preis grain drill, with grass seider; renovator; 3'dump rakes; JD 4 row beet planter; Overshot hay stacker;'Case 4 wheel spreader/. 2 float*; 2 and 3 sec, harrow; Laurldaen leader with stra'w and manure forks; small 2-wheel grader; " V ditcher; Wing ditcfier; walking plow; lister;- single, disc; IHC bln*d«r; hcrse mower; hor*e beet cult.; amall tools and misc. , , · ' · I J^EED . ;;s 150 bushels .of oats; 8 tons of baled 3rd cutting alfalfa; 24 tons of 2nd cutting baled alfalfa, . . - - ^ This wjil fce,-.saJfl of good mathlnery, livestock and feed; plan to attend. . ' · . , . · . . - - . . '"·*· ' MONPAY, DEC. 12th-l;QO P.M. :'] We will sell for O. M.Truesdell. located'^ mile south of Peckftim, Ctlbrado. ' · - · · · . ' ! } * * 1950 1J4 ton 2 apeed'Chevrolet truck'with beet box In A-1 condition; 1943 John Deere tractor En extra good condition; 1952, VAC Case, raetor-ln A1 condition; 1949 DC Case tractor In good condition; Jo^in Deere 16-ln. hang on plow; John Deere beet and bean cultivator; John Oeere single row beet puller; John Deere 4 row fertilizer; Case 4'bar side rake; nearly new 2 wheel Caie manure Gpreader-on rubber; Case'. 16 In. hang on plow; Case 7 ft. power mower; 8 ft, HZ flow fertiliser drill; ,6 ft. IHC tandem dlcc; ( "Joh'n Deere single "row spud digger; Oliver finger weeder; Ferguson NKO cultivator; 2 floats; 3 sec. tfaY- row; tv/b 2 sec, harrows; Mollne 4 row beet drill; Cope hay stacker; ditcher; IHC dump rake; Heathousers for DC and VAC Case tractors; 4 w h e e l ' r u b b e r tired wagon; 2 \\n, and Ij/a-ln, Aluminum, frrlgr^' tubes; Guernsey.cow 3rd calf springer; Brown Swiss cow 5 yrs 2 yearling Brown Swiss heifers; .neacly new 20 cubic ft. International Harvester home freezer; table model MW cream separator; stock t^nk; Propane weed burner; small tools and -miscellaneous/ All of thls^rn^*- chlnery 1 It In good condition; be sure'lo attend. ' . ' ' · ' ' * - " TUESDAY, DEC. 13tb-12:30 P.M. ^ We will sell for Oliver Hall, located 3 miles south and 1 mile east of Laalle or 4 miles east of Peckham, Colo. ' " · t , L I V E S T O C K :?l Two Holateln cows 6 yrs. old, one milking and one springer glvts 6 gat. when fresh; 4'yr.'old Holsteln cow Juit fresh giving 7 gal.US yr. old Holsteln cow springer gives Bj/ 2 gal.; 3 yr. old. rlolcte^n iprlnger gives 6 gal. w'lttj first calf; 4 yr. old Guernsey cow giyjng 6 gal.; 2 yr. old Holsteln ipringer; coming 2 yr. old Guernsey hfr.J 2 long yearling Guernsey heifers; Shorthorn' hfr. and steer, % mo. o]dj 1 Guernsey and 1 Holsteln-calf. " ' · , * ' ' ' MACHINERY -.j.jj - 1952 Ferguson 30 tractor En A1 cond.; nearly new-18 In.' Ferguson plow; Independent ,4 ft, one-way with 3 point hookup; new Allla* Chalmers tandem disc; new Altls-Chulmer* 2 row corn-planter wlth^3 point fiookup; IHC 4 bar side rake; new Dempster cultivator wltH^3 point hookup;.2 six row Ford cultivators; Allis-Chatme'rx 4 row b'ekn cutter; 1937 Chevrolet truck with beet box and stock rack; Dearborn 7 ft. power mower; JD one row spud digger; JD horse mower; ~3 sec. harrow; 3 sec. snrlngtooth; grlrldstont; Van Brunt grain drill with seeder attach.; .12 ft. float; JD manure, spreader; 6 ft. stock tankji;7 milk cans; small tools and mlic. . ' * . , . ' . WEDNESDAY, DEC. 14th-12:30 P.M. "^[ We will sell for Mat Mares, located 2 miles n^rth of Ault to th's Stage* Beet Dump then f / 2 m ' l e «*» t * n( * V* m ' lfl north. · ' \e,^ 1953 Oliver 77 tractor? 1945 Oliver 60* tractar; 1S5Q 2 ton Fotd truck; 1953 Ford / z ton pickup; 1U9 Ford car, 1 Oliver tractor cultivator; .beet* cultivator for Oliver tractor;, tumble plow; tandeni disc; ditcher; finger weeder; grain*drill; 3 JD manure spreaders; phosphate drill; 300 gal. gas tank; land roller; beet loader; .one John Deere a'nd" one McCorm'ck side rakei; IHC 7 M. power mower; dump rake; bu;e)t rake for''Oliver, tractor; grain binder; dump r^e; farmhand.with man u r e - a n d hay forks; renovator; scraper; Fresno; 6 50-gal, barrel*; 2 brooder houses; small house on sled?"hcjrse. mower; corn planter;' 2" turkey range houses on wheels; turkey feeders/ waterers. buckets and brooder stoves; 7 .rolls of woven wire; rnllk cooler; can rack; w'sV, vat and 10 gal, milk cans; 2 olf heater*; tin granary; 25 steel posts; stock saddle; Buckskin saddle mare, well broke; bay saddle maro Well broke; Jersey milk cow and calf; 15 White Rock hens; 4 stacksTof alfalfa and some ensilage; small tools and misc. . /. , CEaHrie Rmlnai, Aid. . RatfhWhH«, Ralph SrtMwood,; Inin Misdle^i, M|r. ''

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