Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 8, 1957 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1957
Page 10
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Bunger Blames California and Denver for Opposition to Project Howard Bunger. former engineer with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and currently a backer of the blue River-South Plalte Waler Con- Bunger closed with a survey of the current status of the Blue River-South Platte district. He said, in effect that the district speaker Thursday at the Ktwanis luncheon. " * Hunger gave an overall picture of the opponents ol the plan and of was the;'""* submitted me required num Inlernational Hils 50!h Year the plan itself. The opponents, he said, were originally California, which seeks a right to all Colorado River water not used by Colorado and other Upper Colorado River basin stales and Denver. Denver, he said. Is .working through Its suburbs such as Englewood to defeat the Blue. Hirer- South Plalte scheme. At stake he said is an estimated 570,000 acre feel of waler, including 177,000 claimed by Denver. When all subtractions based on rights are made (here remains some 517,000 acre feet per year for this area, over half of which is in Weld county. He put the value of this water at 50 million dollars. Against this ho said, is the loss of 100,000 so far this spring, and some estimates go as hifih as 200,000 lost into Nebraska because of lack of adequate storage facilities along the South Platte river and its tributaries! He also mcidenlly charged Denver was seeking to pour waste sewage water Into the South Platte and draw fresh water out of the river at a higher point by claiming credit for the sewage waler it has dumped into the South Platte. California's objection to any use of water In Colorado is first California wants more of the Colorado Hiver water and second that that state wants cheap electric power, Bunger said. Currently he pointed out, California is using about 2,400,000 acre feet of water per year which actually belongs to Colorado by virtue of an agreement made in 1923. This water is not being used by Colorado in some cases because of fights over water rights which are delay- Ing water conservancy measures. Unless this water begins to be used by Colorado it stands to lose Its rights in 1963, when the original regulation of 1923 comes up for re-allocation of water of the Colorado river. The wealthy Imperial Nixon Urges Loyalty to Ike's Program By D. HAROLD OClVER WASHINGTON (fl - Vice President Nixon, in a pep talk to GOP leaders, called Thursday for a "united, fighting Republican par- ly." As for the Eisenhower adminis- Nation's controversial budgcl, he said the Democrats would have spent 40 billion dollars more than the Republicans had they been in power during the last five years. Nixon urged several hundred ap- jlauding GOP leaders attending a .wo-day national strategy conference not to quarrel over "so- called modern Republicanism" but to take the offensive with the administration's record of "five of peace, unprecedented prosperity and honest government." Nixon told the leaders that this is no time to be "defensive; divided or discouraged." "I believe in a fighting political party . . . that we should fight our political battles with our opponents and not with members of our own parly," he said. Nixon spoke at the first open session of the conference called by .he Republican National Commit:e. Morning sessions were closed, but National Chairman Meade Alcorn, reporting on what took place, told newsmen the party had "bro- Valley alone is using about one [ken the log jam" on financial contributions. Several days ago he told President Eisenhower that donations from large contributors were being held back in protest against the size of the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1. Eisenhower will address the closing session late Friday after he returns from naval maneuvers aboard the carrier Saratoga off the Florida Coast. Nixon lold the meeting^he _ _ spected those who differ with some of'the administration's-policies, but "when you consider the whole record and the great problems we have to deal vvith, the American people have never had better leadership than they are ber of names on petitions to form (he district. The protest petition or ganized wjlh the backing of Denvei has been tossed out. The stage now is that the petition to form Oie dis Irict is being defended against Den ver-inspired attacks on the names In the petition. million acre feet per year of Colorado's water, Bunger said. The electric power that California Is getting' cheaply depends on certain "dump" or extra power made at Boulder dam, Nov.,.Bunger explained. If Colorado should use all (he water it has legally allocated to it under the 1923 agreement this cheap power would be lost to California. Thus he charged, that stale is actively brought fighting any measures up to utilize Colorado's share ofMts water. It is actively seeking to delay agreement on water projects, and has a 15 million the purpose, he dollar fund for charged. Fifty yean ef progrtu In International motor truck engineering and production an represented by the original 1W7 "IHC Auto Wagon" and the new" 1 Golden Jubilee" light-duty pickup, one of the new International A-line of light, medium and heavy-duty motor trucks being introduced to tht Greeley area by Ellii Cepp Equipment Company, SOB Eighth Avenue. The high-wheeled Auto Waflon'i 20-honepower, two-cylinder, air-cooled engine compare* with five gasoline and four LPG fix-cylinder high-torque truck engliwt from 112 to 154 honepower available for Hie'new International modeli. While the Auto Wagon wai built ipaelficilly for hauling product from farm to market, new International truckt are offered In a wida variety ol four and six-wheel and ell-wheel-drive modelt for pec- lalized and general trucking application!. Golden Jubilee pickup, rated at 4,200 pounds gross vehicle weight, features a teven-foot custom pickup body, new Sweep-Around windihiald with UBl-squar* Inch glast area and a new 65-inch wide cuitom cab which hai the widest Inside dimension of any.comparable truck model. Wheelbaie it 114 inches. Standard engine Ii rated at 112 hortepower and 1M- horsepower engine il optional. getting today in the Republican administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower." He said there must be room for differences within each party, but if this country set up a different larly for every group having dif- 'erent views it would be well on Jie road to the splinter party systems that exist abroad. Nixon said the controversy over "modern Republicanism," a lerm generally used lo define Eisen ' lower policies, arises solely from efforts to define the term. He said he is against modern Repulicanism if it means that one group of Republicans should be pitted against another. But he said amid applause -lhat le is for modern Republicanism if it means the Republican party s the one "best geared to meel the international, economic anc social problems" of present day America. Nixon promised to campaign hard for every Republican nomi nee for the House, Senate and in state offices next year. He said the record the Democratic-controlled Congress is mak- ng is strengthening the chances 'or a Republican Congress in 1958. , Alcorn held a news conference at the start of Ihe conference. He said some headlines telling of the party's financial plight were ex- iggeraled, .but apparently had lelped bring in some fresh con- ribulions. He said Ihe party Is in he black, but did not give its present balance. Alcorn also announced Uie ap- lointment of former Secretary of he Navy Charles S. Thomas, of ..os Angeles, as chairman of the lepublican National F i n a n c e Committee to take charge of the drive to raise one million dollars in campaign funds for 1957. Thomas, a former California finance chairman succeeds Cliford Folger, Washington investment banker who resigned lo be- ome ambassador to Belgium. In Uniform French Use Canal PORT SAID in -- The yacht Moana, flying the French flag, has irrived in Port Said, the lirst 'rcnch vessel lo pass, through the iuez Canal since the B r i t i s h - 'rench attack on Egypt last fall. The Moana, a 17-ton craft, paid o tolls because ships under 300 tons get free transmit. VAN'S BLACKSMITH AND WELDING SHOP 603 Sixth Street Open 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Mondays through 6aturdiyi No job too big or too email. AI! Work Guaranteed Eldon Bradbury, above, EM FN, is home on leave after completing · 14 weeks' electrician's male ichool at Great Lekei, He Is visiting his parentt, Mr. end Mrs. Alfred T. Bradbury of 1119 Sixth «venu«. Bradbury leevei June 11 to report to Bremerton, Wash., where he ylll be astlgned to the U'SS Shangrila. A 1556 graduate of Greeley high, Bradbury enlisted in the navy June 8 of that year. He took boot training at Great Lakes. He was home on boot leave and also at Christmastime. His mother and an aunt and cousin, Mrs. Viola Weber and Howard of Burns, Wyo., drove to Illinois lo see Bradbury be graduated from the specialized school. He returned with them. Ike's Use of Time Attacked' by Murray WASHINGTON Iff! -- Sen. Murray (D-Mont) said Thursday Prcsi- Icnt Eisenhower has found time to icar a millionaires' request for a 'private lake" but not to meet with Western senators on Columbia River development. Murray said in,a senale speed that a request by seven Democrat c senators from the Pacific North west for a White House conference was denied. . . while the President will not seven northwestern senators on a matter of great national con cern," Murray said, "he will see an oil millionaire who wants th jovernment to provide him a pri vate lake." Murray noted that a House gov ernment operations subcommittee developed testimony Wednesday I that "Sid Richardson, Texas oil millionaire, complained to the President when the Army Engi ncers tried to buy some of his land for a reservoir, suggesting they take an easement instead. '.The President talks to the deputy chief of the Army Engineers about this complaint," Murray said. "A review of policy foL lowed." Grover GHOVER-Miss Loralta Helm:, who ii employed at !he air force Finance Center in Denver, is spending a two weeks' vacation in California. She will meet her sister, Mrs. Gene Schoene in Sso Diego, and they will visit relatives in Culver City and Saratoga, Calif. Mr and Mrs. Q?r*r MrK»y »fid son, Merle, of Fort Morgan spent Sunday with friends and relatives and attended church at Prairie Center, Mrs. Paul Thompson accompanied her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Glen Hodgell, to GUmore City, Iowa ever the weekend. While there, they attended the fortieth wedding anniversary of Fred Hodgell. a brother, whose 37 grandchildren were present for the occasion. The local folks returned Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Bunnel of Worland, Wyo., and Don Bubar ol Laramle were Sunday visitors in the Irl Bunnel home. Mrs. Glen Cowley and Judy are spending their vacation with rela lives in California. Mrs. Kilo House was taken to Greeley Friday for medical trpat ment and remained as a hosplla patient. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Peters anc children have returned from trip to Omaha and other points in Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. Don Bunnel and children spent the weekend at Ster ling, visiting the Leonard Coakley family. The seniors and their sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Constantz, arrive! home Wednesday after completing 2,400 mile sightseeing trip through several mountain slates coming home through southern Wyoming non-stop from Salt Lake City. Mrs. Twyla Schoene, who was a member of the class, let the group at Las Vegas, Nev., to meet her husband in San Diego Ron Bair also did not coiviplele the tour, as he stayed In Salt Lake City to be with his parents, who are now employed In Eureka, Utah Other young folks who enjoyed the trip after graduation May 24 ari Carolyn Thompson, Dorothy Gil lette, Marjorie Medbury, Louise Gorman, Paul Timm, Bill Lambert Carl Hollis, James Bailey, Elvin Helms, Russel Koenig, Ron Smock and Russell Thompson, Eldon Gar ver, who was also married during I' senior year, did not acdompany the group as he Is farming. W. G. Hollis is driving the roat maintainer in the north part the district during the vacation of Conn Carver. The main roat between Hereford and Briggsdale is being newly graveled. Mrs. Bob Smith and young chil dren spent several days at their mountain cabin in Glen Haven The Pete Hilzer family has moved a house into the south side o: town, on land recently purchased Hilzer is employed as truck driver for Glenn Cowley. Baha'is of Greeley To Join in Observance of Race Amity.Day . Beha'is ol Greeley will join Ba- ha'is of Denver and Jefferson coua- Salurday, June 8, 1957 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 5 Ault Berthoud Tuesday afternoon. Cars V^KkM'LT^pnTM''""^"TMTM membcrs were Dale Enger of Greeley will act is moderator of an inter-racial panel discussing Ihe topic. Race Amity for World Peace. Panel members will include Robert Roans, prominent Negro attorney in Denver, as well as representatives of Oriental and Spanish-American groups in Denver. Dace Amity day, as an annual national observance, has been Inaugurated by the National Spiritual assembly of the Baha'is of the United States for the promotion of higher Thomas Kelley and family, Mr». Warren Fry and son of Pineblults were weekend suests of the worn- AULT - Pioneer club was en-'"'* parcQt! ' Mr ' and M "' D2ve tertained by Mrs. Henry Wolf of, ,,,:, stion business mceung was held. Two members, Mrs. Adeline Nichols and Mrs. Roy Cooper, were reported ill in Weld County General hospital. Creeling cards were written t o them. , . , . - , , , Mrs. Lena Worl-y assisted the I "if 1 f ^ ttmB 8nd v "" ed here ' refreshments Th , u " d !, y ,' Mis. Mayme Harris and ter daughters, Sirs. Marie Carr and -Mrs. Ear] Cavenauga, and Cavsn- augh of Denver attended commencement In Loveland Wednesday cvcaias. The former's Erasi- son, Gary Wilson, was among graduates. He will attend CSC tnls fall on a scholarship. Mr. and Mrs. Julian Wilson ajtrt Jill accompanied Mrs. Harris honfe S«rvlc»t for Dill Baby Committal services for Marcene Ann Dill, Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dilll of Route 1, Ault, were held Friday afternoon at Sunset Memorial Gardens. The aahy was stillborn Wednesday at Dsteopathic Memorial hospital. Macys was in charge of arrangements. American and German construction firms are bidding on Chile'i new copper smelter. FENCING TKSS YEAR? See u s f o r . . . . · Ornamental Lawn Fence · Lifetime Chain Link · Redwood Fencing FREE PLANS AND ESTIMATES · · B · No Money Down 36 Months To Pay LUMBER CO. Ault Galeton NOTICE OF DETER MI* ATI Off OF HEIR5HIP In the CoDDtr Oonri, In Frobnit No- 7791 STATE OF COLORADO, ) County of TS'eld . ) In t h e Matter ot the EsUt« at ELIZABETH E. BAUERLE, alao k n o w n as LIZZIE E. BAUERLE, eceasod. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, T h a t on Monday, the gth day ot J u l y A. D. 1057, at the h o u r of 10 o'clock A. M-, of Eald day, said Court TV 111 receive end hear proofs c o n c e r n i n g Lhc heirs of snld Elizabeth E, Bauorle, aki LlzEle E. Bauerle, deceased, p u r n u a n t t o " t h e v e r i f i e d p e t i t i o n of George E. Bauerle, A d m l n l a l r a t o r ot safd estate and a claimant A S - h e i r at law of eild deceased, h e r e t o f o r e filed herein, asking for a J u d i c i a l a s c e r t a i n m e n t and d e t e r m i n a t i o n of the h e l r e h l p of aald Estate, and from w h i c h I t f l p p e u r s lhat George E. Bauerle, RL 1, Box 68. Greeley, Colorado, c o n , A d u l t ; Elnla A. Hayes, I H T % Tama r i n d Ave., Hollywood, California, Daughter, A d u l t ; Leeter C. Bauerle, 166 Lay ton Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah, Son, A d u l t ; aro heirs of. said Elizabeth E. Bauerle, aka. Lizzie E. Bauerle, deceased. NOW. THEREFORE, Any and all persons who aro or who claim to bib h H m at lair D f »aM K[[zah«-ih E. Bauerle, a k a Lizzie E. Bauerle, deceased. Bra hereby required to be and appear thereat, or abide the da- termination of th* Court thereon. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have h e r e u n t o let my h a n d end the seal ot said Court, dated at Gr*el«7, Colorado, this 18ih day of May, A. D. 1967. ROEEHT G. EM1TH. A t t o r n e y . (SEAL) C. E. WALLACE. Clerk of the County Court May 25, June 1, 8, 15, 1B57. · NOTICE (he DIKrlct Cnurf In «nrt for Ibe Catmlr ef TVrld nnfl Bind of Colomdo Civil .Aclfnn No. I3493 IN" THE MATTER OF THE DE- TERM INATIOX OF INTERESTS IN THE PROPERTY OF OSCAR H. -AGE, DECEASED. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO: To Emily Gr?c« Grimes Landell, uUo Lape Hadeke, Frances G. ft, Deceaicd, and to all other persons who ar« or claim to be helra of Raid d e c e d e n t , a n d to all persons nteresied. GREETING; TAKE NOTICE l h a t n Petlflon hm ieen f l l f d In this caune a l l e g i n g hai Ih* a b o v e d*ced«ni dl»d leav- nff t h e / o l l o w I n K deicrlbed prop- r t r : An u n d i v i d e d o n e - n a i f ( ^ ) Interest (n and 10 tbe West Half W H ) of the East Half ( E H ) of Eectlon T h i r t y - t w o ( 3 2 ) , Township N i n e (9) North. Range Sixty- f o u r ( M i Weni of the Gth P.M., Weld County, Colorado, The Petition namea t h f . Above per- onn MB the owners of said p r o p e r t y . Tou IT* n o t i r i - d to ftnnwer niM e t l t l o n w i t h i n t w e n t y ( 2 0 ) days lrf unrvlee oE t h i n Xotlea on you i f n e r v e d by p u b l i c a t i o n w i t h i n 20 aya a f t e r the last publication of h i d Notice); ,«nd In d e f a u l t of an nmrer the C o u r t w i l l proceed to ear ins matter as provided by iw. Dated at Greedy, Wolfl C o u n t y , ;olora*o, Uiffl )7Lh day of May, i.D. 1067. . - MARTHA H- GREIGlT// Clerk of t h e District Court. SEAL OF DISTRICT COURT) IS, 3, J u n e 1, 0,. I?67. hostess in serving during social lime. This was thp. club's last meeting until Oct. 1, when Mrs. U'orley of Nunn will be hostess for a birthday luncheon. Mrs. L. M. Duncan is spending Geverel days this week visiting rel- ^^^M^'^^^tS^* ship and Iruo underslinding of Ihel M r ri M - -. ,. °". '' oneness of .11 mankind. »V,?r new h.«. "' ° The Rev. and Mrs. E. A. Coltrin returned home Monday from their vacation trip. They spent some lime with their two daughters and their families in Fowler and with Mrs. Collrin's parents in La Junta. In Leota, Kan., they vis- itori their son-in-law and daughter. Rev. Coltrin prearhcd in Leota Sunday. Dr. nnrt Mrs. Marshall S(onP- slreet and two daughters left Tuesday morning for their new location in Anaheim, Calif., after spending several weeks here visiting the latlcr's mother, Mrs. Lillian Sanden, and other relatives. Dr. Stoneslrcel will open his medical practice in Anaheim. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Smith left Monday for Ontario, Ore., where they will visit their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Elder and children, JJm and Ann. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Taylor and two daughters ot Cheyenne, Mrs. Board of Directors Callle Feeders Accept Doctor's Resignation The board of directors of the Colorado Cattle Feeders association has accepted Ihe resignation of Dr. William W. Brawn Jr.. the veterinarian il has employed the past two years to help overcome rhinoLrache.tis diseases in cattle. Dr. Brown will become extension veterinarian at Colorado Stale University, replacing Dr. A. A. Goodman. His resignation is effective July 1. It was accepted Wednesday night at a board meeting at the Tea House. Rhinotracheltis a disease of the respiratory area in cattle, has been a considerable problem to cattle feeders in this area the last four years. During that time It Is estimated as many 35 100,000 cattle were affected each year in northern Colorado. Working at the CSU experiment station Dr. Brown aided in developing a vaccine that ap pears able lo control the spread of the disease. Mrs, Gladys Daughlrey and Shajf- on left Wednesday on a three weeks' visit with her sister, Mrs. Ted Bering, and family in San Francisco and with her brother, Mike Ricketts, and family in Lo* Galos, Calif. Airs. Daughtrcy is on vacation from her position in Dr. Jordan** office. During her absence Mrs". Floyd Alkire is in the office. '-· Growers Stored 13!K Of 1956 Corn Under ; ~ Price Support Loans ;;. WASHINGTON Wl -- The Agriculture Dopt. rrpnrlefl Friday l h a t growers had stored nearly 13 per cent of last year's corn crop un? der price support loans through May 15. The quantity was reported lo.bp ·134,728,000 bushels. This compared with 388,023,000 bushels from the 1955 prop stored to the same dnte a year ago. V Seven prescription chemists ib serve you at your friendly REXALL slores: "SH" itamps at GiJbert- Bishop and Wcldorado Dnigs.-i Adv. -';- USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS XOTICH OP SPECIAT, MEETING TO VOTF1 1JPOX THIS QUESTION OF EXTENDING AVH COJVTIXUINl, TIIR conroiiATn i.irn op noOMFJRATVn LATERAL C O M P A N Y NOTICE to the ctorkholdera of Doomeraup Lateral Company Is lierehy elvsn by the undersigned a t o c k h o l d e r n of said company o w n Ing- at least ten (10) per cent of t h e entire capital flock ot n a f d company, that a Hpeclal m e e t i n g will be helrf at the o f f l c a of the Company In Greeley, Weld County, Colorado on Thurnday the 20th day of J u n e , A.D. 1967 at the h o u r of 1:30 o'clock P.M. of nald day, tn vote upon the q u e s t i o n oT extending-, c o n t i n u i n g and renewing the corporate Ufa of Boomerang; Lateral Comrmny In per- p e t u i t y f r o m and a f t e r t h n date of the expiration of tha corporate l i f e of said company. At the t i m o and place hereinbefore on lion cd for eald purpose, !he q u e s t i o n of renewal . w i l l be e u b - m l L L e d to tho vote of the ctockhold- ers of Eald Company, provided a m a j o r i t y of the alocU of tho corporation be represented; and If 'a. majority of the e n t i r e o u t s t a n d i n g - c a p i t a l slock of t h e corporation, h a v l n r f v o t i n g power of the company shall be v o t e d In f a v o r o£ a enewal ol the corporation, the ^ r e s i d e n t and Secretary of iald lompany shall, u n d e r the eeal of aid company, c e r t i f y the fact, and hall make aa many c e r t l f l c n t e a RB m a y ' b o neceEHary BO as to file one n the o f / t c e of the Recorder of Deeds In each County w h a r e l n lh« o m u a n y does hualness and one (n he o f f i c e of the Secretary of Btate f the State of Colorado. Nnme. No. of Rlfclili Addle M Moeler * George Mosler 1U Edward Boreeen % Ullraer RoLlie 4 .Uy 26, June 1, I, 196T. ARE YOU MAKIKG LESS THAN 3200 A WEEK?.... e If you are making less than $200 a week and want to earn more,: here Is your opportunity. We are looking for nn nlert mnn In your.... community who wants lo average from $500 to J1000 monthly ^ Income In the sales Held. Travel a small area from your OWTI home and return home each night 1C you desire. Wo need a man" to cnll upon municipal governments, contractorB, farmers and ' service stations repreaentlng our tented and proven line of e ftB o- . line, dlcsel fuel and lubricating oil treatments. Immediate 1m-., . proved engine performance and fuel savings noLed. Simple : dflnionGtratlon sells. Repeat orders will boost your Income. Work-' Ing Inventory of about $600 in product required. If you want to represent a product you con really bo proud of, It you \vant to 1 make an Income with no (op limit, it you are sincere, we offer you a real opportunity with training. For full details, write: Petrolab, " Department 11, Box 5S, I/lttletOD, Colorado today. '(Adr.) " ; "Something new for your enlorlainment" The HOLE-IN-ONE GOLF PITCHING * Valuable Prizes For Low Scores * Gift Certificates for the most Holes- In-One * Free Games For Breaking Par Golfers, Practice Chipping! WIN PRIZES! North 14th Ave. ai WARNOCO PARK NOW! The Answer To Sprinkler Needs! GET AN ALL COMPLETE A Complete One-Inch Sprinkler System No Digging - No Burying It Lasts Forever and Is Easy To Store For Lawns and Gardens Each Kit Covers 2000 Sq. Ft. GET ONE TODAY AT Oliver Well Works, Inc. 603 8th St. Phone 849

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