The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1950
Page 7
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2«, 19M Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BLYTHEVTLLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams EGAt>.' WITH A SMALL DOMHeV I. KAT6 THAT vJrrn 3ACk AiJO twe 6TALK AND CIK1DER- ELLA'S FAIRY WAIT, SHE'S A MECHANIC Ed . , - SOMPW COMIW /J.T .TO BREAK. THIS TK COWTAJMEK. SO FULL OF WE^fTt THAT TK CAWS. HAVE XJ <30 ABPOIP CORNERS AM THEV KMCWT; IS AU./ AMD A DRUM, ,,„ I COOCTJ *"< ELIMlMATe THE AROUOOS ' CLIMB BACti UPHILL THKT MARS THe cup COASTING' STORV OP UMCLe gULGV'S THAT We .USED TO KUH UPHILL FASTER THAN) A 6LCD COULD SLIDC JAM-- I REFUSe TO USE TOOLS TOEMPTV •EM; v.ny MOTHERS GET KEROSENE t- FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 ^Shirley Hipp rOUR FRIENDLY MAGNOLIA DEALER FOR SALE Concrete cuIvcrU, 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or reen forced. Also Concrete Baildtng Blocks cheaper than lumber for harm, chicken ho«ei, pump houses, tenant hoaxes, lool sheds. We deliver. C»1J MS for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691 IT'S SMART . . . IT'S THRIFTY . . . IT'S PATRIOTIC ( f . to keep four SJIOCB in good repair . , , . because l ( SHOE REPAIR GIVES EXTRA WEAR H-fl LTCRS • 1LITY SMOG SHOP] 111 W. MAIN ST. FARM LOANS Cates Wiggs Co. •EAI.TOKS ff Lttan Solicitor for THE PRUDENTIAL IN5U9ANCI COMPANY 01 AMIRICA Concrete Culvert Tile •I«M »» H 3< Ln. Corrugated Metal Culverts Si«*« > v u 81 In., Flood Gkt« Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Seplic Tank* S«wer Tile A. H, WEBB ui »l at SlKl. Line Fhont 714 THK STOIM't "D.j*-- 1 Kor(»u«. lljiKC pHnriuiic'lMt, hn> jn^i din- ovrri-il rhrtl Hnjier nlrssrn. rx«- e- IM.sIm,,,,. l> nfr,,[il nf d, llt .. llfNieii IK H (l . |, <J5 friend uf |.*url- on'.H r.'tnhrrr. Shnrpr. nhum nr(*.on Ihlrtki. l« vrrr nl.-^ Ino n dUrUNsI,,,; ,hr rnsr Hllh 'IMm r>n Irnriii, rhtu, Hoc'r Ij.' hl^h rmiE mill nfrvuu* h«i'nu»r ul • HI OE'l'SY SHARPE was now wound up thoroughly on Ihe subject o( Roger Blessen, the postman, and his troubles. "He doesn't want to he around people any more," she went on. spe.ikinj: mainly to Tom Cat-son, but of course I was hanging around not missing anything. "Touch or chuistro," Tom murmured, remembering his medical textbooks that lie had studied before he lost his eyesight. "I think he's really gelling afraid of everything," BeLsy said dcspair- ingly-- "Condition of polyphobia," Tom agreed sagely. "Fear of almost everything. If Roger keeps in such a dangerous state o( tension all the time, he's certain to run on into polyphobia," "Does Roger think—" I stopped, wondering how you could ask tactfully if a guy was going off his rocker. But Retsy understood what I didn't say. "Oh Doc, I know he does. Aunt Myra keeps after him to go back to the hospital. She's even hinled to me that he might get violent. And Roger is afraid he will, tool" Betsy's eyes spilled over \hen. When I patter! her shoulder she turned and began lo cry on my starched pharmacist's jacket. I wondered it she could feel my heart pounding under her cheek, but probably not A four-eyed snwcd oil, small town druggist isn't much of a bargain for a regular little ciueen like Betsy Sharpe. But our Sugar V Spice perfume (special at two bucks fifty) smelled sweeter in Betsy's hair that it did in the bottle. Then the front door clattering and banging interrupted us. Someone kicked the door again nnd yelled in a shrill kid's voice, "Open the door! Open the door!" • • • Yj^HKN the soda boy got the door open, I saw that it was Jimmy Joe Ferris, my landlady's eight- year-old from around the corner on Elm Street. Jimmy JOG'S mother is a war widow who rcnLi two extra rooms lo Roger and me The boy hadn't been able to let himself in because he was carrying » lawny puppy in his arms. He ran, stumbling, toward me, his face streaked with tears. "Doc, Uoc! I.ook at Spunky!" He thrust the spaniel at me. 1 took Spunky out of his arms, knowing as soon ,is 1 felt the heavy limpness that the puppy was dead. In my mind I cursed the careless drivers that can't spare a second to spare a little boy's dog. Then I saw the puppy's tight locked teeth and the flecks of foam on his lips. "Oive him some medicine. Doc," Jimmy Joe begged me. The kid thinks I can do anything. "I came as fasl as I could. He hurts awful Doc." "Spunky doesn't burl any more," I began, hating to tell him the rest of it. Jimmy Joe's face lit up with hope. "Then he'll he all right Doc?" ' Betsy was smarter than I was. She knew you have to get bad news over with quick. She bent to put her arms around the boy ami told him, "Spunky won't hurt any more, honey. Spnnky's dead." Jimmy Joe burrowed under her chin, sobbing. 1 had to blink some myself as I laid the puppy on the floor and got a clean towel to wrap him in. "Looks like poison," I told Tom. ' gave Betsy my handkerchief for the boy's nose. Then I asked him, "Where did you find Spunky? Jimmy Joe Ferris wiped his nose on Ins sleeve. "Spunky and me were playing cliase-a-s(ick. Then that ole postman c.-ime along the sidewalk. When Spunky, ran out that ole postman jumped and kicked at him. the old scaredy cat," the hoy's voice was scornful. The postman was Roger Blesscn, ot course. His route runs up Elm Street and he lives at the Forrises. "lie said Spunky scared him running out like (hat," the boy went on. "Then he said he was sorry, the ole—" "You mustn't call him names," Betsy protested. "Roger's been sick a long time and—" "That's what Miss Myra said. She carnc along and she talked to that ole postman and he got madder and madder anil then he went away. Miss Myra told me to keep Spunky away from him so he couldn't hurt Spunky. She said he was sick and wasn't—'sponsible." EN I to open my big mouth. "Roger wouldn't hurt a puppy," I said soothingly. "He brings letters, not poison for little dogs." Too laic, I realized what I'd let slip. Jimmy Joe caught at the word of course. "Poison? Spunky was poisoned? Was he. Doc? I saw him chewing something—" He interrupted himself shrilly. "Doc, you know that old lady that lives down our street? The one that doesn't like litl.le boys to climb her apple trees? Last week her ole fat clog chased thai ole postman up a tree." Jimmy Joe forgot his grief for a moment and laughed. "He looked so .funny! That ole fat dog was barking and snorting and running around, and in the tree, hanging onto a limb, was that postman Roger liltssen. The ole lady marie her dog let him down and the postman was awful mad. But that night the dog died and Mrs. Simpson told my mother that the ole postman must've done it." Jimmy Joe Fcrris's breath caught on a sob as he remembered his own lost pet "And 1 betcha he poisoned my Spunky, loo." (To B« Continued) For Important Occasions . . . Send Flowers and be sure to please! 'ton Mrs. Baker Wilson Dial 4491 You Should Read This! Be unre jonr speedometer li wnrklnj perfectly. Drive in lo T. I. Stay Motor Co. and let us check |l. One rlay utrv Icr on speedometer repairs for nil car» ind trucks. T. I. Seay Motor Co. 121 Kas! Main Phone 2122 "I Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. Office and Bulk Pl.nt _ Promised l^n PHONE—2089—PHONE Flowers tor fv«ry Occasion BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART OUR 1500 W. MAIN LOCATION . PHONE 6002 Our trinkets don't appeal t o them, Joe. They want U j to take them back to B/ytheri/.e with us so they can get GENERAL CONTRACT PUR- CHASf CORPORATION to fmanc. new cars for them." ' PAflV ftt"^ 'IM* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLO6SM Solid Son "John and I haven't got around to selling our weddine d.t^-w.'ve bean loo busy fighting over Jn an apartment or a houwl" I'KISCLLA'S POP \Vli» Help Themselves BY AL VERMEER A FUR COAT!! ) >—' yps 1 A OR MRS. BOTT5,YCHPISTMAS IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!^ PRESENT FROM MY IIY MK'IIAKI. (VMAI.UCY »ml KALI'H LANE A SOLP SIP FOK FeEECOU.THE CKUIS& I POMT CAK6 U-HO SCLJ'KB i LOST HU\ SeOWL. VsEMP ^ CAK TD PICK UP . U3&Y LAWS TO ENPAWSEK THE L CHASIW, ,\MSTI=e. YOuRe SJOPPIN' ^ , WJ5V CLIFVANP AUMT LAMS- WITH HW. < > JOLLV AT THJS APPKES& I LEFTKUSVCLIPP / ANP PUT TIHIS ANNOUNCE- AT AUNJT JOLLVS A .WENT ON E^EKV KAPIO FATIOW IM TH£ C\Ti. TILL 1 TELL SOU TO GO, NEVEit AVNIP HO\ SOU KNOCK JUST .STOKE. I'LL SE IN PP'CE IM A CAPTAIN BA.SY Ignorance Is liliss FiY !.l-:Kt.lK TURNER . COME EEM. McKEEl LOOK-COW1EST ENTRIES TODAY ASlREtT EES MM6D FOE TOU LEW ZE ..,TOU!CHT ME 3OUJ 2B WES SEILIMG LIKE UBJeBs...ANP LOUUKE OFffclftLs CftLL TO SAY .., HRVEMT \SEASOH3 FESTlUiriES, ZEV SAGER.LV AWWT A CHMOCE TO WKERBEtOUED VENDS DE MILOs , THE II6AE.T j CELEBRATE YOUK TRIUWH! TO DAWPEM > i HAVE KESEKUE A TABLE E CLUB CARROUSEL i —r VObK FIMD 1 . -,— 15 STILU iTUUNED RV THE PISCOVEJW THATHf^BEEU BUGS BUNNY I'olilcness 1'iivs I AIN'T MAO A SHOT LIKE THIS AT ELMER'S DEREW FER OAVS.' Wt'LL SE OUT^ IN A. -SECOND, BUT I GOT A, FEELIN' THIS ONE'S A> BULL'S- HY V. T. HAMI.IN LANDED SfcFELY ON THE PLANPT t/ ~- •••«"• VENUS. OUR FRIENDS ENCOUNTER I THER E,..TIE ON SOME DIFFICULTY REACHINS DRY SV/rtV^, 3 G«r»iMn PDrv^ TUCIIO nm-^-?^ A A/J I'LL HAUL HIhiS GROUMO FROM THEIR ROCKET V/RECKED A SHORT DISTANCE FF SHORE ~^ J ~r ^^VMfi&JVl ^£ / ^^^^^^-'-™ ESE _J is MO PL;\CE FOR ).-.. , O\ GLORIFIED LONG ''•'•• O'l'j UNDERV/EAR.' / i . .I' •^<v\ /-- - 1 ,'^^©.^?^:T^i^'* ^^iS^''---- : '^ ; A' i)u Y x \^ > >V' T:ti '" c; " BOOTS AM) IIKH Happy Days! *St?f7y!V' BY EDGAR MARTIN

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