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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Monday, November 26, 1962
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Judge Denies Dist. 6 New Trial Request A motion of School District No.,School District 10 days to file a « for a new trial of a $33,000 dam- motiun for age suit brought as a result of the failure of tlie Jackson School's heating system to operate proper- a new trial and such a motion subsequently was filed: by the district's attorneys. Hu-! bert I). Waldo and William H. ly was denied by Judge WilUamjsouthar'd E. Buck in District Court here ; Monday morning Summ.ry The damage suit was dismissed! Juci S e Buck's action Monday in: by Judge Buck Oct. 22. At thati ie "' in 8 lhc motion f ° r a new trial 1 lime, the court granted a dismis- t ' onililtu '^ a summary judgment! GREELEY, COLORADO MONDAY, NOVEMBER M, 1M1 WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1171 sal motion of the defendants in for the defendants. However, the; the case. Alfred Watts Grant and ;kh()o1 Dist TMt can appeal to the. Associates of Denver, the archi- iSu P reme Lourt lor a reversal of: tect for the school. Hensel Phelps!** d**' 5 '*" 1 - j Construction Co . the general con-; Southard, in arguing the motion I tractor, and E. H. Horton Plumb-i'or a new trial Monday, tcld the! ing and Heating Co. the plumbing | court the case involved a "very contractor. : vital matter to this community" Fiilur»T»Aik Arbitration Argutdi 3 " 1 ' conl ended a summary jud'g- The defendants contended ini*" 1 Was lo ° drastic under *** arguing the dismissal motion , hai; c»-cumstances. the School District had failed lo **"*' Ar * il ''«rion in Picktgt , , ^, demand arbitration -jf lhe dirpule! He said the School District was! ·" about the healing system. which |Hot opposed to arbitration, "if we! was. provided for in the contracts;could get it all in one package."! of (he defendants with the school j Southard added the district would' district and was a condition pre- °t opposed to arbitration sep-l cedent to the filing of any law- arately with the arclu'lect and the ; suit. two contracting firms. Judge Buck, at the time of thei "We fee! this is a serious mat- dismissal, gate attorneys for theiter." he said. Southard argued; I t h a l . if arbitration was not avail: jabie at this lime, the suit should ! not be dismissed nor summary ! judgment granted. , j "We submit, even if arbitration; ; is available, lite appropriate pro-. ly THE ASSOCIATED PRESS i cwiure for lhe courl * ould ** lo ! A 59-ycar-old Denver man and^ a - v ltee P roe «* n e» TM* direct] a 37-year-old Ogden. Utah, woman: "" partlcs lc arbllratr " died in separate automobile acci- **' Dilt - Love Finds State's Finances Healthy By JAMES D. HARPSTER : during the current fiscal year fonMcNichois' controversial tax re- DENVER (API - Governor- a tax cut. f o l m stuav fo 1959 elect John A. Love was given hisj In his successful subernatorial These two estimated eeneral first picture Monday of the staleVcampaign. Love talked about a , estimated general economic health in a meetingjl5 per cent reduction in personal I f u n a revenue '-iicluding corpora- with the legislature's powerful.income tax. il ' on and personal income--for the Joint Budget Committee. j The revenue faures were out- current fiscal period at S135.630,- The picture is good. ,lined to the committee by Slate,000 and general fund expenditures Financial reports given the Ee-;Budget Director Con Shea and by: a . SIM225000 publican-dominated committee in- 1 Dr. Rcuber. A. Zubrow. the Uni- " jdicated thai, in theory, as muchjversity of Colorado economist who; State Road Toll at 413 DADDY KEEPS TIME - President Kennedy- claps in time as his children, Caroline, who will be five Nov. 27. and John Jr. who was two Nov. 25, dance in President's White House office, it was made last month by an official photographer. (AP Wirephotoi dents on Colorado highways Sun- 'ay. A 79-year-old Denver man also I* Arbitrate Barnard Houtchens of Houtch-i eas and Houtchens, attorneys forl Phelps, replied that the plaintiff French Voters Give De Gaulle Big Win By HARVEY H U°SON supported different can- died of injuries he suffered whenjSchool District had been obligat- hit by « car two weeks ago led. under the terms of the con- Utest to die was Benjamin C.jlracts, to move for arbitration at Phillips. 59. of Denver. The Slate Patrol said he was killed when his car and another vehicle col-| lided head-on at lhc intersection of Colorado 93 and Alameda Ave.. in 1 Jefferson County The driver of the other vehicle, Drury H. Slaats, 46, of Denver, and his. wife Marian, were injured. The patrol said Phillips attempted · left turn onto Alameda when his car and Staats' collided. Hugh H. Barbe of Denver died »t Denver General hospital of complications resulting from Juries he sustained when he was hit by 11 car as he crossed a Denver street Nov. 9, the SUte Patrol laid The patrol laid Barbe was the first time any defects were noticed. "Tlie contract states observed defects should be reported to the other parties as soon as they are discovered," he said. crosiing Broadway, in a crosswalk, at Colorado Avc.. and was hit by a car driven by Eugene R Carr, M. of Westminster. Mrs. Viola Apodaca of Ogden wa« killed when the car in which she was riding crashed through a construction bar r 1 c a d e anc tlnmincd into a pile of dirt Police said Mrs. Apodaca dic al lhc scene of a broken neck and numerous leg fractures. The driver. Arthur fi. Ramirez. 25. and another passenger, Mary Ellen Castro, 18, Ixtth of Denver were injured. Ramirez suffcrec mouth cuts nnd possible chest In juries, the girl internal injuries and fractures of both ankk's. The deaths raised Colorado's 1962 traffic (aUilily loll to 413 compared with 428 at this time last year. PARIS iAP) -- French voters ! didates in many districts. In the! gave President Charles de Gaulle final round, when only a plurality a ringing victory in Sunday's na-i tionai elections as the Union for! a New Republic--the main pillar candidate was needed, the two leftist partiesi often were supporting a single of Gaullist support--captured the. largest number of seats ever won by a single party in the French National Assembly. The Union for a New Republic --UNH--failed by a narrow mar- Houtchons added in regard i 0 ! · Y UCT1 7 * """"» m -'; Radical Socialist garage owner, Southard', J o ;Ln [S 1..S *»· howcver : of wmmn e the [u)1 defeated Debre in the Loire Val- Leading Giulliit Victim One of the victims of a Communist-Socialist alliance was the eading Gaullist. former Premier Jichcl Dcbre. Fcrnand Berthoin. a ladical Socialist garage owner, suggestion the court assembly majority thai has eluded in French arbitration, is for Uit court lo this contract, which the attorneys'c^ m "munSs""and U 'so"i aTiTt s for the plaintiff wrote." Southard, answering Houtchens, observed the large amount of correspondence involved In the case showed the School District had been concerned about the heating problem at the school and had given notice of it lo the architect. Phclpj and Horton." Judge Buck, in denying the motion for the new trial, tald he had found nothing new in the arguments over the motion that would cause him lo change his mind about dismissing the case. Th« W.athir United Fund Scoreboard With only live days lo go, Gree-: ley United Fund stands at 84.4 |or ccnl of its 1962 goal. Officials said the Racks to Boost the United Fund Campaign has brought much response but that more money is still needed. blocked the L'NR's bid for an unprecedented majority. Sttlid Wwfcing Majority Bui De Gaulle was assured o a solid working majority tl a coalition of the UKR and othe deputies elected under differcn 1 party labels with the support Gau!list organization;. Unofficial returns Monday cov ering 473 seats decided out of thi 481 in France and overseas area! --including 103 decided in first round balloting last Sunday--gav the UNR 231: Independent-Peas anls 51; Socialists 67; Radical So cialists and allies 38: Popular He- publican Movement -- MRP 38 Communists 41; and minor par ties 7. A majority is 2-11 The local alliances between So cialists and Communists, hastil; formed after Gaullists made sur ey after the Communist candidate withdrew. Former Premier Guy Mollet secretary-general of the Socialist arty, was re-elected in northern Gotl Rtcilvid (M.4*) To Co prisingly strong gains in first round balloting, seemed to havi blocked the I'NK's bid for a clear cut majority in Parliament. In first-round voting last week S75,M1 when a majority was needed to 'election, lhe Socialists and Com Child Dies of Burns Suffered In Propane Fire DENVER (APi--Three-year-old neresa Chadez died in Children's lospital Mon. of burns suffered in a propane gas explosion and ire near Idaho Springs Nov. 15. Her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Al- jert C. Chadez of Denver, also were burned in the accident and are patients in St. Luke's Hospital From this calculation, $11,403.|as $21 million may be available prepared Democratic Gov. Steve'- 000 would ** available for a tax reduction or transfer to the state's capital construction fund. Shea said S10.2 million already is in the construction fund at this time. ^ These and other figures were . ., (discussed briefly by the budget P° ml "^'committee headed by Rep. Oakley Wade. R-Las Animas. The committee was in session for India Will Reject Peace Proclamation NEW DELHI rAP)-An Indian spokesman rejected Monday the k e y provision in Communist China's proclamation of a cease * . fire in The Himalayas and with- Man supplies toward border drawal of Chinese troops. areas as part of the efforts t o ' , Peking's withdrawal plan would beef up Indian forces during thefc^ °" leave its troops deep in 'uH- set the border at a Indian territory. Even as he talked, huge U.S. transport planes were airlifting l_ territory, the spokesman said.] and India cannot allow China " I n j reward of aggression to extend 1 Iheir unlawful conlrol of Indian territory." Since the cease-fire was put into effect by China last Wednesday, Indian troops have observed it. This was the first direct comment j |on the Chinese proclamation, al- Cuba Offers Inspection Plan to U.N. The Chadez automobile was en-i'hough there have been govern- [ulfed in flames from a tank ex- mem indications that its terms ilosion as the family drove to- vard Denver on U.S. Highway MO. Chadez helped his wife and daughter from the car to escape the fire. They then found another HAVANA government low inspection of Soviet withdraw- Under questioning by Wade, Dr. Zubrow said 609,961 Colorado- ans filed income tax returns this year and refunds were made to [328.183. j Republicans suggested that this indicated too many Coloradoans were paying too high state taxes. But Mrs. Irene Scott, a senior analyst with state revenue de- iAP) - The Caslrojpartinenl, disagreed, offered Monday to al-, .. You ; d ^ ama2sA at 3 n of Soviet withdraw- ber o[ k who d( ing a prepared statement that the Chinese proclamation is still the num- of people who deliberately under consideration. But his state- car ment appeared to leave no room. France, aided by the withdrawal of hit Communist opponent and an enthusiastic Communist campaign in favor of their old enemy "Comrade Mollett." Former Socialist Minuter Jules Moch also owed his election to Communist votes transferred to him after the Red candidate stepped aside. abandoned at the side of the road and drove to a point where officers gave them emergency aid and placed them in ambulances The explosion occurred in a gas tank near the highway a Downeyville and spread lo other tanks nearby. The flames burnec for hours. Kennedy Pays Visit To Troops on Alert or India to accept it. India is believed to be stalling for time to rebuild its badK smashed army before rejecting or openly violating the terms of th« proclamation and thus ending th cease-fire. Prime Minister Nehru has beer reported as saying there is nc reason for Indian troops to fire when the Chinese have promisee to withdraw toward the border on their own. Peking has said lhe withdrawal will begin Saturday. The trouble is, the spokesman said, thai lhe Chinese want to Iso repeated that Prime Minister Fidel Cas-| ro's five-point package, including' J.S. abandonment of the Guan-1 tanamo naval base, remains "indispensable to a true and defin-l itive solulion of the crisis." The government issued thei Tcm|erature al 2 p.m. Monday was 56. Local for 24 hours ending 8 a.m. Sunday: Public Ren-ice: High, 44; low, 22. Loral for 24 hours endmc 8 a.m. Monday: I'libk- Service: High, 57; low, 23. Great Western: High, 55; low, 22. Barometer al 8 a.m. Monday: 30.02 and rising. Sun rises nnd »el» Tuesday: 0.58 a.m. and 4.37 p.m. COLORADO-Onorally (air to- nigld aii! Tuesday; locally windy northeast in afternoons: low IT- night 10 lo 20 mountain*. 2.1-35 al lower olevalioiw: high Tuesday in 40s mountains. 50 to 60 ucst nnd 60s e-as! .it Imvcr rlcvallvns COLO. FIVE DAY FORECAST Temperatures will average 5 lo 10 degrees above seasonal norm al.v Sonic cooling likely nfler the middle of tho wrk. Otherwise only small day lo tiny changes. Kunie snow likely in mountains niter the middle of the week Otherwise little or no precipitation. High Ipniprraliirci 50 lo 60 west and north 55 lo 65 southca-K and 40s mounlains. Ixm- teni|frn lures 5 to IS high mountain val leys 20s and low ,10s lower rlcva lions. WYOMINO-Kair south increasing cloudiness north tonight and Tuesday; a few showers or snow (lurries licginning northwestern mountains this all.-rnwn and continuing in mountain areas tonight and Tuesday; locally windy past of Continental Divide: c o o l e r northern border Tiifdday; low tonight 10-30 mountain*. 25-35 at lower elevations; high Twsdny 30-10 tnnunlaitiv. 45-Vi north and Guatemala A.F. Revolt Crushed By AUVARO CONTRERAS of Prime Minister Fidel Castro GUATEMALA (AP 1 -- Units ollof Cuba and has blamed the fre-j Meeting Troopi On Cuba Alert he a i r force revolted Sunday and - · · · · - ilnnes attacked army barracks, nit a spokesman for President iliguel Ydigoras declared the up- ·jsing was quickly crushed. Officials said only two planes of he Guatemalan air force look By FRED S. HOFFMAN H1NESV1LLE, Ga. (API-President Kennedy Monday told 3,000, soldiers of lhe Army's newest armored division thai they and millions of their comrades form 'lhe keystone of the arch of freedom around the world." Standing hatlcss and without a topcoat in a stiff, cold wind. Kennedy thanked the men of the 1* Armored Division -- " Old Ironsides" -- for their services to the country during "the difficult period of the past weeks." The President landed at Ft. Stewart at 10:18 a.m. under blue skies to slart i one-day swing through Army. Air Force and Navy bases in Georgia and Florida. The presidential p l a n e left Hunler AFB for Homestead AFB in Florida at 12:31 p.m. 0 attention as he passed. The President halted several j imes and got out of his car forj 1 closer look at tlie equipment and to chat briefly with some of :he men. Kennedy, speaking from a reviewing stand, flanked by heavy ranks, told the men drawn up be;ore him that he wanted to ex- Three Others Quit Patrol DENVER .'API-Chief Premier Anastas I. Mikoyan prepared to return io New York from Havana today. The Soviet Unioi has said it already has withdrawn United States has lifted the nava. blockade it imposed in October when the Soviet offensive weapons jwere discovered in Cuba, but Cas- itro has continued to refuse to ad|mit international inspectors to | verify the Soviet actions. ! The Cuban statement taid: Gilbert! "Cuba demands that the United press appreciation on behalf of tlie people of the United Stales. He did not mention the Cuban crisis as such but it wai obvious this was what he was referring to in speaking of the difficult period of recent weeks. "The danger is certainly not past and we will continue to live R. Carrel of the Slate Patrol said!Nations verify in the territory of Mon. three more state patroImenUhe United Stales. Puerlo Rico have resigned during the patroi's|and other sites where aggression investigation of falsification of'again?! Cuba has been prepared daily reports. Carre! named them as Dalton |0. Ford of Aurora, Arthur L. Stamm of Momroso. and Harold H. Newlaml of Glenwood Spring?. Newland had been with the patrol 15 vca the dismantling of training camps for meicenarirs. spies, saboteurs and terrorists, or centers where subversion is prepared ami the bases from which piraio ships sail auamst our shores.' 505 Killed On Highways By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS At least 505 persons were killed in traffic accidents during the nation's four-day Thanksgiving weekend. It was the highest toll r or the holiday in recent years. Forty-eight fire deaths and 150 atalities in other types of acci- !ents. including plane crashes, rought tjie lotal of those killed in :11 types of accidents during the 02-hour period to 703--also the ighesi number during five years [ record-keeping. The holiday period surveyed ·as lhat from 6 p.m., local time, hanksgiving Eve to midnight unday. Accident mortality for the hanksgiving period has been ecorded only since 1958. Before lat. the fall holiday, coming near le middle of the week, had been generally considered a one-day affair. But it lias gradually de- velopcd for millions of Americans i The statement addod that un-j into an occasion for longer, larger This brings to 14 the number! less the "Unttca States ;inri iti ac-i' am 'l' gatherings, involving in- mrt in the raids on Ihc barracks ind that three air force colonels ed the attempted coup. They ex ircssed belief the three officers md fled lo neighboring Kl Salvador. Cuitroltti Blimtd I In a broadcast heard in Key Wesl. Kla., Guatemala's national radio indicated sympathizers ol Fidel Castro were behind the up rising, declaring: "The Castro Communists are hereby warnec ;lint whatever attempt they w-il make will be deajl u i l h by mnx imun) force.") The presidential spokesman said the army had sci:ed air force licadqimrlc-rs and arrested some of the officers there. The Ited Cross reported two persons were killed. No casualties were reported by lhe army, hut Ihc lire department estimate*) 30 civilians were wounded by bullets from Ihc planes. Kircmcn said most of HIP victims were children nnd al least 20 of the casualties were in the barracks area. Named as the leaders of lh» uprising were Cols. Carlos Marroquin, Mnrc-o Asturias Snhn! »n Jose Gor.wlet Butres. ArcMn ·( C«tr» There wns no official nplana lion of what lay behind the up | rising, but Ydigiira* i* «n nrrhloe qiicnt uprisings and other disorders in this Central American re- Hiblic on Castroites and Communists. iln Washington. Guatemalan Ambassador Carlos Alrjos said in- 'ormanls close lo President Ydi- ;oras had told him by long-dis lance telephone that three air lorce colonels and two civilian? led the uprising. in crisis and danger, certainly through this decade." Kennedy- said. GuarantM lndtp«ndtnc« [sheets. "Therefore, we will continue l o call upon your services in the fti-; lure as we have in tlie past days ' i Kennedy said the United Stales! is the "guarantor of the indepcml-i ence of downs of countries i p in the iaM fi\-e days, icompliccs »f a-^cu-ssion acainst ! creasing highway travel Carrel s-aid the invcstigationjCuba ai'ccp: this insptvtion by the| showed the officers had rhiplicnt- United Nations on thoir territor jof w i t h the high death loll year's extended holiday, :n their daily work lies. Cuba will ran accept by any however. Thanksgiving has not 'concept inspection" on its soil. ,sai:'.ec! the reputation of a major lAlejos identified them as Co|j.|j (inn Marroqtiin. Asturias and Batrcs.j and civilians Kduardo Taraocna ami Oscar Giron. He snid his information indicated they had the support of Castroite leftists. Alejos said two planes were shot down, hu! casualties were light. His informants blamed the; Kennedy was making lhe 2.500- mile round trip to pay his personal respect' to American lighting men who were massed in the southeastern part of the United States when tho Cuban crisis be- |gan in late October. adding: He rode in n black limousine! ... , along a 1.000-ynrd line of M48 ^ y j( ^ ^^. ( Pmton tanks, minor^ personnel ^ nm{ ^ ^ (o nl:imUin |, Iishwn , romm , y thai guarantee and m;tke it goodislriiction next j e a - stretching around the world."! Road Fund Requests Heard by Commission DKNVKK · M''--Boulder Cinin- I'F.NVKK AP'-Continued ty presented a list of I I hishway \eloviv.ini icarriers. howiUers and Honest Killed in Brazil Crash SAO PAUI.O. Kraiil (API - A ; on anper over passage ofjiii-anlian air liner and » light fo: is because of you and your collides in arms. 'And there are a million of your comrades in uniform outside of lhe United Stair- w l w are also the u a y s w con- :;r.c:- d; 'apjv.n ed Top priority uor.', to '.tu- \viiiri'l' ! ^' n \ay vomwissio!; ins of Arapaluv AM- in FVuhier. The three ro.ids are part ol CoW.iAi Stale liiciiw.-.y liilciv.ale Highway r; 7, to MV lanes between '.'Sth and k n o w n a? U S S7. and I and i\\o fiv,;:--|.p:t-r « a \ v -.\S7 aiul :M : The four-day traffic fatality rec- |ord toll was recorded during j Christmas observance in 1958 iuln-n 7* died in highway crashes. .The nvord over-all accident death ! .U!1 for any Miday was 9'24, set ^, Munni: Uie four-day Independence three iv.ajor liidl'-j 0 '"' f ' !Xil - iirsed Monday bv a part of the keystone of the archjcastwavd tc McCasiin Hivd AN-.v .\ n . !;( . s , M of freedom, throughout Ihc clobc "iiTquc.-l.-il w.n nwnri in pxteiid ivm ; v IV IP'» Ending his brief speech. thcjSt.ilo Hithway r.9 tho P,'i;l,Vi-|, v rhairiiii", President said no incnine l.-.x 1,-iw Saloidaj 'private plonr collided and crash-! "^"· s country dix-.- inn foi-get r a i l i o a H tv.i, U to i'fa'.i st .nut ; was chosen (or a siv'rd in a remote aiea of Sao Paulo! 1 "' 0 * 1 '"' th1 soldier, t pon tx-lh. »e : :'n! A v c m I .-iiciwnt i-.'i'.:i.v -ear presidentin! term on Feb. 1).'..i,iie Mond.iv. lhe air force ves-| mm ' depend " id! f. CIT! (Xilice chief was jhot down :( -nlly perished mil the nation was pill under a: Wrn-k.ige was tepurled sighted!!' 10 ar "'.s blockaile cf Cuba · i i n p M i v m e n t 0:1 U s I Dlvljion in 1 Sl«t«$ ; S ; . r ,d ,,,, state ll-.^lwa; I! !i--liuilly had been alerted (or : w i t h Slale ll-t-iu.u .'.11 958 Ewlltr Rtvolt Cruihtd isl .laiuiarv lhe counlrv's u-iie service reported All 23 per-j Tnc division, hy cimwidcnce. would K- i.'n.inu-d State !ons alxiard the air liner and threcl*- 13 dwl.irod rombat re.nly o n ; : i - ' - persons in the lich! plane appar-' 1 ^' H-the day Kennedy weal ]., i-,,,,,.,.,! v v --.), |. ; nir- "'· Ihefniire Ihv nalion and announced \\ Ho;i!iier \\".ait\ lnlp of sieuo---HKxIififrt mcrtinl ahn n w - f o i a time. The next nonlh leftist pocket revolt along tin- Scamlia of VASP i ss miles north of hcrr ie airliner, a two - engi nation's hanana coast w a s | crushed. i l In March. IS IKTSOIIS weie (illcd and scores were hurl in a I ·s. left Sao of the S,m Paulo- tirbridp,e service movement the day IvfIvfore and lhc ! ,,, vcl , ,,,., , t'-n U S .11. ti-e I'l'Ui 1 .- uwir.n,: of iv a.-kcd S.Miii ti urn the i.;--\\.i\ ri-i:ip!t'l:o-' 1-1 U'o 1-'^:.. i^ ; i\is^ iiu lin^ni; re-r"i: - t ~ . llul -·· l * 1 lei't oi tin- i-o.t.j st [pur-djy Thaiikf^ivins; tolls heretofore were 457 t r a f f i c death', in 1961. and Mfl deaths :;om al! types of accident.-, it Ti-.e H'i-luiur holiday period ws niarrcii by many multiple fata! accuien'.s on the highways and the crash of an airliner m Maryland, killing all 17 aboard Th( National Safely Council did rn'l make a pro-holiday estimslo n( lif.i'.ii.-'. savin,: highway travel :s ::ot .].- heavy as Hurin^ o:!^! 1 ''"'"':mawr 'Holidays :,-\:\ J S . ! ' ·'·.!· L'M- :-.-. a'.-oul Tin- small plane was believed ^Stewart one lyloncing to a Rin de-|wecks enlue division i-»f l.i^r-i men w.vs x [ nl .. 1( moved hy mil and air to Kl during Six 1 \\e\\ Iwi rebellion which was accompanied-parlmrnt store re-poiled missini; iy wideiprend rioting. In .'une.|etilier in thr .lay on a flight to :he government reported anolhei Sno Paulo. i v lorida plot lo tawM Ydigoraj had been: The air forep said there was no Although its now i uncovered. ii(n of life npar the 'vrrckagi 1 . In each case, thr government |si|;litni In sn extremely rough blamed Primp Minister Fidel Cnvl.irra neai the town of Paiaiduna. is Hf- scribed as a mobility exercise, thf j-..i s division was m position to moveiveiman. Iro of Cuba, or persons support-[but thai p.iralroopers mg him. , W'oupcd lo fhfvk. ^iflly inlo aclmn ;( llw l'iim\ijnii.r of !(«· Winr Advi-o:-v Ho.ntl.-Iviwei would beisisles had ('oi-.dfr! in n n n p i a i n Na'-nonl \Vnn- Uii'k rtir-wi ;*!.-· v i.-on- ; " *' 1 " Hi .1 liniitrii .uvi^ l-j ImpriAt-n-enls n.-itii a:-.,l *.·-.;',:;' pass from Mai.-hall. mvlhn,ird·''· ' O l ' ' Place w e i e .I-'MX! d-r east of Boulder to 1'iwr.idii 7 I s ~x:. ^ we! 1 is n i . t . i l l . i i . i n i-l tlaslnn;; lights at the I nicm !\i-. Win* i$ Vaccine l '' i;l ' 1|! '' : ' ; ~-"'': th:ee miles no'lh of Forl (Vlhnv SACHAMKNTO - as a K n e miles ,i[ new iopvi:,. ; -t : ,.n "vaccine' ajainsl a!iv!vl:*m 0:1 Slate Ki f .:huay 14 »es: f r v m ·Med by lr M;'!on Sil- the h--h hatcherv and a «in'ij medical rt-seaich dn Ihu-e-lanmc Slate Hu-jma-.' 1 ois .111.; K-tes park ·m Dublin, Cahloni i S(« ««rlitr J Sbiip anil M;iil iinv rhri»;:nn-

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