Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 6, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1951
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OUR HpMfi TOWN '/,, AUentjoiftJivUnwn-to AlbuqUer-. ,'.ciue '· wh^.i-jimb^ing ,.rnids. v ti«).;e' '4ju»t .bet'li-'compietfil/'at"was'-the Duke City which pointed a finger of scorn at Dona Ana county two years ago. Vol. 71--No. 2 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE SUNMY NCWSMPEA sewiw sounui new auouco LAS "ciiuCES,"NEW MEXICa FRIDAT^VENINCJ,^AF'RIL^~6; 1951 THE .WEATHER; ·'£!;?'··":?·; . LAS .CRUCES ( ARE A:. Partly cloudy today, tonight arid 'Saturday; showers aJld.m6derate''wUul3 today and tonight; cleuing soon. Last 24 hours: Lqs'Crucffl-,7(Mi; State ColleRO 05-45-T. ' . : CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS Army Launches Inquiry In Search For Cause Off lane Crash; Six Reported Killed A Board of Officers today started an inquiry into the crash of a' C-45 Air Force plane which crash- ed'Into the Organ mountains near 1-as Cruces at 12:25 yesterday morning. It ;is believed .that all six, men aboard the plane ; w'ere lulled. A search party found the wreckage 0.000 feet up a 'steep slope late yesterday. It'radioed that nil aboard the plane dieb*."" The searchers said, however, they were- able to "identify only one body. Today, hampered by cold weather, higli winds, and rain and wnow, searchers, are. trying to find identifiable remains of the other five men. The body identified was that of Lt. James M. Giddings, 37, of Albuquerque, a friend of the pilot Who made the trip "just for the ride." The plane crashed on a flight from El Paso to its bcse at Kirtland field. Albuquerque. The Air Force men were stationed at Kirtland field. They were identified as: Capt. Ralph I. Bowman, 29, pilot, wife, Los Anfeles. Capt. Amos B. Hines, 34, wife, Suriimersville, Mo. . Maj. George A. Smith, 35, Wife, Nahunta, Ga. Cpl. Kenneth Turner,'21. father, Lee, Mass. P.fc. David Wa.shburn, 20. father, St. Paul, Minn. 'Cat Burglar' Is Arrested/Admits Sneak Thefts Here Las .Crudes' 'elusive -."Cat Burglar" has been apprehended. . · l|c haa, at noon today, admitted ·eight of the wave of,recent sneak thefts in residential area's of the city. - v '.. . : · -· , _ . . HeUl:.a/Icr.'a^niitUnr the r {hctfca. is-Jimmy Romano', 18,.Las Ciuces. He was apprehended after a deputy'; observed him wearing a jacket resembling one taken; i n - a recent theft. Officers from both city po- lice'department and the Dona Ana county .Sheriff's .department participated in the arrest, according to u. press release from the Sheriff's office. Sheriff Jose M. Vi tamo n tea said the.arrest of the man had cleared up eight of the robberies and possibly others may be cleared up soon. . Purelming Agent Seeks Bid. For N(hv AM Buildings SANTA FE, April 6 f/i'l -- fetate Purchasing Agent G. T. McWhirter today advertised for bids for construction of a new administration building and a new libi-ftry building on the campus of New Mexico AM college. Bids will be opened . April 24. Imieprints, plans and specifications, McWhirter advised prospective bidders, are available from the architect firm of Sclmefer und Merrell, Clovis. · Each bid must be accompanying by a guarantee, either as a cashier's check or acceptable bid b,om], equal to fl'per cent of the bid. Reds Pull Back In Korea After SlubbonrFighl TOKYO, April 6--JPi-- A surprise Chinese withdrawal on the central, front left a "no-mans- lani]" in front of United Nations forces today north of parallel 38. AP Correspondent John Randolph said Chinese who had been fighting stubbornly for two days suddenly broke contact Thursday night und retreated. Push Funvant Americans thrusting forward Friday rejwrted only patrol contact. All along- n 40-mile stretch or the front, U. N. units forged slow gains. The Allied advance had carried as much as eight miles inside the Communist nortbland. Elements of four divisions pressed . the. slow, cautious U. N. advance on the central and western fronts. On the cast coast, two South Korean divisions ranged J6 miles north of the border, Drivo Kedw Out All but a few Chinese and Red Korean stragglers had been driven from battered South Korea. The die-hards blocked the Hagg- ye-lnjc road east of Chunchon on the mountainous central front. Americans battered up t h a t road behind heavy artillery fire, but they still were south of Parallel 38. Once the road is opened to Allied traffic, the front will extend from Uie Imjin 'river in the west to the Japan sea on the east -·- all of it in North Korea. Meet Fortification* ' Allied forces on. the western front have bumped up against solid concrete.'.fdrtifications. Red defenders were " guarding ' the flank of a massive Communist build-up expected spring- offensive. Would-Be Truman Assassin To Die In Electric Chair WASHINGTON. April 8'UPl -Oscar Collao was sentenced to die in the electric chair Oct. 2G for the slaying of n White House guard in nn' attempt last November on the life of President Tni- inan. Federal Judge T. Alan Goldsborough asked whether Collazo had anything to .say. Collazo isaid he did not want to plead -or his life, but to plead for liberty of Puerto Rico. . At his trial Collazo contended he and a companion, Griselio Tor- resola, were only demonstrating for Puerto '. Ricah independence when they attempted to storm Blair House last Nov. 1. Torrcsola and a White House guard, Leslie Coffelt, were hilled in a furious exchange of pistol shots. Colluzo's 42-year-old, wife, Rosa heard her husband doomed with-' out any show of emotion. Afterward .she told reporters her husband's death wil not weaken the cause of Puerto Rican independence "but will make it stronger." Labor's Boycott Of Mobilization Board Is Ended WASHINGTON, April G-- (/Pi--President Truman 1ms wooed organized labor back into t h e ^ d e - fense .planning fold with membership _on' a 17-man advisory mobilization board. I7nion leaders agreed to the proposal late yesterday after ji lengthy White House conference. Solution ,X(iirs The President was reported -j "very happy" they'd decided to j lake y bund. Labor chiefs said they hoped the move would lead A ttorney- General's Office Takes Over Nuzum Prosecution GENERAL DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER shown above at a | Paris press conference as h e took over active operational j o ^ . command of all Atlantic Pact forces in Europe. Discussing i \\-ccks ago American military aid to Europe and other phases of Western Defense against Communism, Eisenhower indicated his impatience with U. S. Congressional debate of the troop's to Europe problem. (International Soundphoto) to n complete solution . of prob- j ivhich started their boycott mobilization program five j Britain, United States Split Over Korean Plans WASHINGTON, April 6 l/Pt -Britain and the United States arc reported to have split sharply over a proposed statement of Korean war aims and peace hopes. It was to have been issued here'by, President Truman. While responsible informants here said today the way was still open for talks to continue, the projcft has been virtually abandoned so far as statement by Mr. Truman is concerned. At'hcsnn Spcelts appears more likely in ancarly speech by thn Secretary of State Acheson defining political problems and purposes of the Korean conflict. The difference between Washington and London is said to have come over how far to go in trying to induce the Chinese Communists to' open peace talks now. Britain is said to..favor -un appeal, for" Chinese .participation -:'n peace talks"while *tlir "U.S." insisted that many doors are already open to - t h e - Chinese and that United Nations countries would not really advance by showing what Washington considers to be political weakness. Delr.ite Parallel , \ ; Several weeks ago as U.N. forces began approaching the 38'th parallel, political representatives of the 14 countries whose troops arc fighting in Korea began debating the wisdom of, crossing or not crossing ihc parallel. The U.S. and Britain, after some hotly discussed differences (Britain originally opposed and crossing of the parallel) reached a compromise political-military agreement. It was to the .effect that Mac Arthur's troops could cross the line for tactical reasons but not for the .broad strategic purpose of trying to reconquer nil North Korea. Cohen 'Is Accused Of Tax Evasion LOS ANGELES, April G--(^Tl-The government today accused gambler Mickey Cohen of evading payment on a quarter million dollars income in three years. A federal grand jury indictment alleged that Cohen's income for 39-J6-7-8 was $318.456, but t h a t be reported only ?S7,-117--a discrepancy of $231,039. . Doctor Convicted Of Killing Seducer Kills Self To Keep Stigma From His Wife HOUSTON,. April 6 (^) -- Dr. Robert C. Rutledge, Jr., .may have hilled himself to wive his wife from the stigma of being the wife *f a convict, his wife hinted today. Thu physician's .attractive 25- year-old wife, Sydney, talked briefly with reporters tit the home of her husband's closest friend, James Krohn. With itn attorney ftHthig clos« by, Mrs. Kutk'dffp, In a Mift.and ilflllHTnta vole*, told. nuwi«nun nf Hit-, last contact »1» hail wttli her liitslMinil bt'forp JIB took Ihn llff yesterday. She sold Rutledge took her to the Krohn residence Wednesday 1:0 she would not he '"bothered by leporter.s.'.'" That was the la«t nhe saw of him. They parted without ft kiss, she said. Tho 29-yc»r-oId chlldron's doctor wa* under a 70-year prison tit-nt^nco' confirmed by the IOWA supremo court last week. /or.the -imtrdcr of Byron C. Huttmnn of St. Lout*. ' ' ;. , . Mrs. Ilutletigo'Uftclinoil 'to'i'talii. about the contents tif 'a' letter.ahe received from her husband. Ills 70-year sentence confirm. ed by the Iowa supremo tourl and his fret-dom tin $ (0,000 bail m-ar an tmtl, the hanilhiimc. 30- ,veiir-old cliililren's doctor wrule u lust love letter to Ills bfaull- ful wife. Then lirr t'xcuted n win'- fully planned hulcidc. The weapon was carbon monoxide and the time indefinite. But the setting was the couple's favorite spot in the countryside. "Love is fleetih'g," lie wrote the blonde, statuesque Sydney. "Forget about this . . . time will cure a lot of grief." v Rutledgc's body wns found in hla automobile late yesterday. There was proof it hod been there all day, probably nil Wednesday night. Ills suicide was the lust act In u' wiHt! thai Included immlor -- n'f Kyron -- anil one nf (lie rmM torrid and srn- Hatlnnnl trliils In the history of American taw. ,ThCr)lyca ami lovca of Uutlcdgc, huswife and Hnllman'wcrc unfolded In Cedar Rapids, In./ court- Concert Tonight Will Highlight Music Festival A concert at 8 p. m. tonight in Hartley Hall on l.bc New Mexico AM campus will highlight the two-day Southwest District music school musician.! to appear in the festival. Select high will be chosen concert. - Twelve singers, instrumentalists, and ensembtists will be chosen for the concert. More than 700 of an expect ml 1,000 students have already arrived on campus. At least 300 more -students will come tomorrow, when band performances "are scheduled. Admission to tonight's concert. is $.50. The same ticket also entitles the holder to attend till other per form ittices in the festival. Scheduled for tomorrow morning are 12 hnnds, 1G choruses and one performance, which will continue through the day. All festival performances :irc open to the public. The board will bold its first meeting Monday. Mr. Truman is expected to rit in on il. The board, made up of four representatives each from labor, in- | dustry, agriculture and the public.! and headed by Defense Mobilizer | Charles E. Wilson, will help -Mr. , Truman determine defense policy. ] | Itepn-siMihitlves Chosen \ i AI'L President William Green. ; CIO President Philip. Murray, AFL | secret nry-trr.asiirer George Mcany : Mid Walter P. Reullier, head of the CIO United Auto Workers, i probably will represent labor. ; Presidential Press Secretary · j Joseph H! Short told reporters the j i other selections for the board had j not yet been indicated. ' | Although tin's decision rcpre- j Kented a notable improvement in j labor's relations \vitli the big mo- j bilization planning agencies, tho \ unions' complaint about wage con! trols and the extent of, labor'(Continued on page four) Israel Does Not Want Syrian War, JERRY NUZUM and his a t t r a c t i v e v, i t o , Mary, arc shown here as tiu-y l e f t the District Attorney's off'cc in Las Cruces .shortly after the husky yrid star was uxoncralud from a n y bin me in the death of C r i c k e t Conglcr by Dist. Atty. Tom Campbell May Hi, 1949. I By. BUD ROUSE I .The New Mexico State Al| torney-General's office will j p r o s e c u t e . Jerry. Nuzum, | charged with the murder .of Cricket Cobglcr, Gov. Edwin : L. Mechem said this morning. I "If the attorney-general, for any reason cannot prosecute the case," Governor Mechem said, "J will personally appoint a special: prosecutor to " : handle the case." He said a letter' had bteii sent to Dist. Alty. Tom K. Campbell, in Las Cruces, explaining the'order, and asking his participation in the , "if he desires". Arrest Mmln i Nuzum's arrest wns made Thuri Kilay in Pittsburgh, Pa. He is now I in custody enrolltc to Las Ctuces j with State police Capt. A. II. Hatlniway and Ernest fTuffy') Ty- f O V i l . Nuzum should arrive here about Kiimlny night or Monday morning. i officers have advised. 1 Upon hi.i iu'rivnl here, he will bt j jailed awaiting arraignment on ^ j the murder charges, n ml .given s i preliminary hearing, unlem n waiver is granted. Nuzum'a nrrvst in Pennsylvania wns mude o n ' u f u g - itive warrant. Grunt* Warrant . ' - · · ' · ' . The fugitive warra-nt, issued on the basis of a mUiilcr.charge filed iigniMst Nuzum. .Saturday, ,Murch 31. »t Bdrtno, · u-iOl granted by Squire Frederick N. · Kugah:i:i, magistrate in pjtlsbur^h. Thu warrant was served vi(xm Nuzum Albuquerque Clubs Raided Yeslerclay ALBUQUERQUE, April (i (/!'' -Police took about 75 slot mncliincs and ui rested nine men in a scries of surprise raids on fraternal n n d l a i r force. ion declared today Israel has "no Intention of waging war against. Syria". He spoke ai a luncheon given by Tel Aviv industrialists after U. S. Ambassador Monnclt H. Duvis und I-Yeneh Alinisler Kelix Adouard Oullion bad voiced to the ls;ir:ili foreign office their "grace eon- cern". Dispatches from Tiberius, on t h e 1 Jen west shore of .the Sej of Galileo j u-ifi at the Israeli-Syrian border, said tension was high. . United Nations observers feared Syria might Nuzum's Mother, Wife Believe In His Innocence j Kvulem-e cmilributin/; to the . rest of .Jerry hinged, to n i great deal, on the discovery of I substance on Hie .[son football pby.;as-Jthiembi'V of 1 n j "I want, to eoupL'raU.;wUh tli« jovcry of » ! p ffj c e r s j n every,way, 1 / pifljce(juot- "1 will take UIP staml »ml testify t h a t it is. ami can be nothing else but h u m a n flesh and blood." · ! DT-. Dwight \V. Rife, foremost PITTSBURGH. April 6'- I.-TI--I Santa Fe i-rlmlmilogiKt told Capt. Nuzum's mothei und his j A. H. HaLh;iw:tv and Patrolman i-c sure the Pittub.irpli steel-; BrnesL ( T u f f y l Tnfnyn iwo weeks cr hailntu-k is innocent , i Hfio in Fanninpton. They declared t h e i r f a i t h in him I ^''^'rilies Tesl today - less Ihon 2-1 hoinn. . l i t H I - I hl ''escribing hmv he cnukl bu as definite as In say it was nothing but h u m a n flesh. Hurt or R i t e des- taliate for the bombing o, iu i tncy rcturncd rrom ; , visU lo l h c troops yesterday by the Israeli Zo() to , eflm Jlo , 1Qd , JO( , n n i T r a t l M , arrested. H n t h n w a y Lold th'e Sun^-New* In rail from Plitjibtirgti 'ThurNdny that Nuzum had'no fltfltitmrnl lo; make when he was"arre.Slwl.' Trimmer ArrwilJT- .·;-';,'.'' , , ; "You are won ted .if or-the murder of Ovlda. (Cricket) cpoifler.""!!* 1 -". thnway said .Trooper'Johnson told 1 the husky football star; He Uitfu;. introduced .tho · New--Mexico 1 of-' I Cnntinupd on : .page four i veterans clubs yesterday. A, L. DoniclturK, exulted ruler of tlia Elks club, was one of the men arrested on charges of possessing gambling equipment. Slot machines were taken at the Ellts club, Veterans of Foi- cin Wars club, Hugh A. Carlisle and OtRio-Garcla American Legion posts, KagltiB club, Albuquerque Country chih, Ihe Aliansa Jiispnno- Anicrtcnno rhib and Ameiican Legion club number fin. Israel charged that Syrians invaded a demilitarized strip of border territory Wednesday, killed seven Israeli policemen, wnumleii two and .captured one. Ben-Gurian said the bombing of Syrian military positions, both In the demilitarized zone and a shorl distance inside Syria was ordered after U. N. representatives had 1 shown inability to preserve Uie demilitarized character of two /.ones. for murder. The mother, ^Irs. W. N. NuKtun of Clovis. anived two day;: ;ijju for a visit. They found out about Uie arrest when they .stopped at ibe placu where Nuzum works as n ear salesman while he isn't playing football.. VViih L h u m wen- -\ii:'two daughters. j eribiMl his tests in a non-technical I m a n n e r : [ "\Vc took the .specimen ( t h e portion found on Nuziim's carl, and i treated it with an a l k a l i n e solii- ] tion, In obtain a f l u i d . Then we fill Commander Charges Cruces Unfriendly Towards Sands Narcotics Arrest Made By Police Col. B. G. Eddy. White fijimls Proving Ground commnndant, yesterday churged Las Cruces churches, police, and citizens with room in 1910. There Sydney testified she. wns forced to submit to rtfter a boatride and drinking party ;n July ID-IS. . I The defense argued Rutledge j was defending the sanctity, of his i home; the state that Rutledge Jay of in wait in n. hotel room, knocked Hot! man out with a blow on \he head and stabbed him" with surgical precision 1 and .ikill." KiKledgr, bought a hose, run It frrmi bis ear's e'vhausf pl|w, through n window and- taped It In place. With three heavy medical IxmlfSfolding ilmvn the nr- crlrrntor. In- wnlted for death In n field eight miles from tmvn where he mid his wife often went to My nioilrl nlrpliinrs. "1 love you," be ended the letter to his 2S-yenr-old wife, w h n b n d l o be given scdntivc.s fur ncriouH shock. HlH wife received the letter Wcd- ncsiln nt the home of friends. Rnt- tuAny had taken her there Officers of the Dona. Ana county Sheriff's department, on watch for a sneak thief, who was ultimately apprehended, hit the jncltpot this week for federal authorities. h u m a n flesh solulii "·Upon an antidobie Affirming tilth- liHief Unit N u z - i r i l l i l 1 ' t h l - n u n - h u m a n urn would be c-leami a g n l n in t i n - 1 - sllmvfl "° ivdrtlim. Th, death at U,s Cruors, N. M., orM" 1 "" fro111 tll(1 ap^imui h u m a n ...j Chamber Handles Housing Needs M1...1 a liil,o w i l l l a stiirilo solu-TF n r A r ~.. flai ion. fillo.1 u n i i t h u r with known I Ui A I l l l j UA reaction t Hundreds of members of tlip solution j aniittd furcen and uf .the .clvilltin .volution I groups at White Sands'--Proving and the Ovitln ( C r i c k e t ) Cnoglei-, tin- iwo | "unian lilin women expressed nmctsrn over 'Jie · nninnei. I I , n f l i : c l ! l i l l n ' - : " notoriety --- es[iecially on the two little i^iil.H. toil n-nrtril in n similar The antibody solution, ob- Parke-Davls laborn- \VOXT FOItKCi.ilSi; WASHINGTON. April fi '.-Ti .Senator Dennis Cbavi-/. ( U - N . \ L i said la«t night t h a i t i n - I ' u r m r r s Home A d m i n i s t r a t i o n is not plan- ; m Giound have bcvii tided in^ adequate housing in l-"iS Cm* i:es through the Mesilhi · Valley Chamber of Comnu'ice, il wns mi- tdi'leri. would slHuv nu l e s u f l s with a n y l h l n y but h u m a n composites." Are 15vi|i1niii Doc tor R i f e explained t h a t in sniiic c-iiKi's. where tlit-re was no | in which he empha«ized the nttrt Ijlood. or priss.bly just the u p i d u r - j ( r a central housing office brie mnmced here Friday. . : This announcement W;LS muriis following Col. E. t;.' Eddy's talk before t h f i ' K l w n n i s club Thursday of skin, such a reaction might ning to foreclose mortgages in the i ll(l mmmlfiins of Hernalillo eountv this ! the . In conneclion with investigation | wjU]om f i r s t n n n l l i r t t n s h i m of a car seen acting in a.suspicious s ,,, i;(lfiirr Khviul , M manner, a deputy brought in fom O( . cnalon of Go]oncl K(My . s occupants for questioning. he didn't wnnl her iKithored by "rnjvirtcrs" on hl.i sentence being conflrmeil,, ' - non-cooperation toward t h e ! t.-iry establishment. j He especially cited city police, who, he said, caused Las Cruce;; "to lose a lot of White Kmid.s business" because of rough t r e a t m e n t . ! ^ a .V 'lo.,t!i Hn said no W h i t e Snmis man I ·'".'' I - l - 7 5 should be put in jail m Lns Cruces! ^ c *- 'tH.87 New Due. .'J9.ZO j Ne wMar. 39.0(1 Jily's com-] ^'''^ ^ 1(i y ·'^·' 7 ' ) menls was the t w e n t y - f i f t h birib-N iN f ow Ill! . v ;ia - :!2 Tney wn-e found to Imve a load j ,\ ny Celebration of the IMS Cruces j _____"_" marijuana cigarettes in their j Kiwanis club yesterday. His ad- possession. , , ,{ rcss W ns the featured event of The four, Ixirenzo Villnreal, Kn- s J R C celebration. riquc Mnrtinc?.. Rubin Hcrnfimle-; j H O f u r t h e r charged t h a t T-:» and Francisco Scpulveda. all of 10! ] Cruces IKIK done to aid in Paso, were turned over to Narrot- j Uie White Rands housins problem, ic.s department officers for die- j H,. .said a "verv i m p o i t a n t sdi-n- posal. |" recently refused to to "Wo ean expect an Increase in j the installation because im hous- this sort of activity," Sheriff V i r a - i Ing was avitilnble, monies said, "since an Rl Paso j He tinted the Sands now has I7!i Narcotics office has been reopen- | resident buildings, and is building cil. Pressure Is being applied In j MO more, tail would r a t h e r see El Paso and we t u n y expect more I !.na Cnires liikc care of Ihe h n u n - naicolics arrests In this area," tin- Ing problem. irtur To this be I'pnvl of a Texas labnratnry, U.'d by His!. Ally. Tom K. jbrll, t h a t the stlhstaiH'i: wa.s .COTTON' M A K K K T urteNV K. T. Hoover (V High l,ow Clos h u m a n The scccin.l plrre of evidence IA\\- Close Lhat m;Uoriiilly aided iu ron.sLiuc- ·irj.Hfl -1o.:Jii ! t l o n of tin; e:tKi- w.i:; the breaking ·M.'Jl -l-i.G"i-7n | down »!' an a l i b i formed by Mrs. .'18.90 :iS.!)()-»2 ^ woman, who earllei t e s t i f i e d she |, :ts.7:"i :;fi.-1f» j l l l l ( l «-'t'n N u / u m at Imme at 2:Sf) [ on , ;t,S,21 I "1 might have been mislfllion." -·-- | ( C o n t i i r . e i l ..n :inKP l » » « r : officer added. TO TOrit LAIIOKATOItlKS I/)K ALAMOS. April 6-(/I'i~ Los AlnmnH residenlH Sunday for the fli'.i tlmf will be permitted behind tho 1-ofl Alamos scientific lnh onitnry'a nrciirlly Rates lo Inspect two new scientific projects. "Hlgli Typr rrrsmim-l" Noting that (he proving ground had "u high type of personnel" .stutloni'd Uieie becmiKC of ilctnand for tecbnlcinns of high caliber, n* Bnld churchc* should mnl;o finnds pcraonncl fed nt home h'-re, and should Imvo HdlditT.i Invited Into (Continued on pngu four) ' MusicalV Second . P(,M*rorinan(M v Goes ; On SlagcTonighl. A f t e r nn cnthiHia.Htk- first night. mnrl«Ml by repe;iteil culls for en- rorcs, the .IiinlDi' Chamber nf Commerce munical comedy "Going Pl.'tres" gets a repeat performance tonight, Curtain lime In 8:17 p.m. Junior High auditorium. Klrxl nighU-r.s ,«altl the «how lu help provide itjwrtmen^t ind . a t t r i b u t e d residences for military and'jcivllhui peiMjnnel nl White Sands, ' The belief wa* Volcuil' that I n view of thu fact t h a t the Chamber of Coinmercc has maintained this smvicc: und in evprj' way pti.sNlblu, WHS » liltle unfair, Tno crilumber uf CununuR't -mTlirnd i j u n i t u i s for three fumliies; i'rom White Sumls on Saturday, .'i'liey : secured as many us:18 :il time. \Viiltln K MH( There also was a day wht-n t waiting list of approximately'yOO was maintained. These wrt'e seek- liij; better UvinR quaiters than they hud. , Capl. Harry .Craig. Public Inform Allan officer at White Bunds, l.s fAinlllEir with the program and sends those seeking n plnce In live in Urt.i Citices to' the Chamber -f Commerce, It wa« pointed out. Whether Colonel Kddy is familiar with the program Is not known. (.'(io|H ( nttlim (Uvrn I The Chamber of Commere* has In had the co-opcrnlioti and 'asitlst- i unoe of Uie local real .attain dealers an wull ua otUcr nfienctP.s here turned · "much belter" t h a n ) In this program. they had thought posslblo. Spec- laity (u:l.i were repcnteilly onror- I'd, "ninl the cant generously** res* p'umjed td Uuj, ilemand. ;.'i' - · ' unco will he nwnrillnj; of prlres In the pijpuluriLy and baby contests. The local civic body plans to continue lo render what ever ««r- vtcd It 'c»n anil will list ,«P*jl.r! (Wn«oa for'irnC rind 'Will 'rVek'lo servii those at White Sands In any way possible, . .

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