Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on February 25, 1976 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1976
Page 24
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24 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Wed., Feb. 25,1976 Astronauts named for shuttle program Airline deregulations pose good and bad ideas *J '^ _ · . ,·,. . ,, r *:-- 1n,u lh«ea nt in*«l*«ifite flirltrtM flnH TfiXBS fSTCS ftfC SCt I By BRUCE E. HICKS · HOUSTON (UP1) - Astronaut Fred Haise Jr., who flew the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission in 1970, and three rookie astronauts have been named to the first two crews for space shuttle approach and landing tests in 1977. Haise will command the first landing test flight with Charles Gordon Fullerton as his pilot. Joe H. Engle, who was in line lor the last flight to the moon but was bumped by a scientist- astronaut, will command the second test accompanied by Hichard H. Truly. The crew announcement Tuesday by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the first since January, 1973, when the pilots for last July's joint U.S.-Soviet spaceflight were named.' The space shuttle is a reusable craft which will be launched like a rocket and land like an airplane. The approach and landing tests will use only the second stage of the shuttle, called the orbiter. The orbiler will be carried to a high altitude by a modified 747 jet and released for a glide back to a landing on a 15,000- foot runway at the NASA Drydcn Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. The first orbiter landing tests are scheduled for mid-1977. The shuttle will be ready for orbital flights by late 1979, the agency said. Once operational, the shuttle will have two main stages. A booster stage will launch just as the Apollo Saturn rocket, but that stage also is reusable. The booster stage will carry the orbiter piggyback to near earth orbit and fall away to be recovered. The orbiter will continue into space and spend seven to 10 days in orbit. Upon return, the orbiter will race back into the earth's atmosphere and have a non- powered glide to a massive runway at Cape Canaveral. The runway at Edwards AFB will be used only for the initial tests. The astronauts had to loop around the moon without landing and return to earth. By JAY PERKINS private consulting firm of Sim- low those of interstate wrlines AiHKittedPrm Writer at, HelUesen and Eichner, regulated by the Civil Aero- WASHINGTON (AP) - Leg- reaches the same basic con-, nautics Board. The three air- Islation pending in Congress to elusions on the effects of de- lines were Southwest Airlines in give airlines new freedom to creased fedefal regulation as a Texas, and Pacific Southwest raise and lower fares could cut recent Senate subcommittee re- and Air California in California, the cost of air travel -in half port. Both studies are expected The report said the intrastate during off-peak hours on routes to give new impetus to the airlines were able to offer low- between 60 major cities, a re- Ford administration's drive to er fares than airlines regulated port prepared for the Depart-' give the nation's airlines more ment of Transportation con- freedom to raise and lower fares and to start and stop service. The consulting firm report, released Tuesday, said three intrastate airlines not regulated by the government make prof- eludes. However, the legislation might also result in higher air fares or less service on routes to small cities, the report found. by the CAB because,state regulations penalize inefficient operations while federal regulations do not. Fares approved by the CAB are set high enough to cover the average cost of all airlines flying the route, the report The report, prepared by the its while ottering fares far be- ' said. In contrast, the California^ and Texas faro tre set high enough only to cover the cost of the most efficient airline flying the route, thus putting prmure on all airlines to become u efficient. Southwest uses a two-tiered fare. For example, higher rate) are charged between Dallas and Houston during peak business periods with a lower fare during slack periods and on weekends. This has led to a massive increase in air travel between cities served by Southwest, particularly by those who use off-peak fares, the report found. Check Compare Our Everyday Prices On Groceries Health And Beauty Aids With Any Super- Market In The Area! LISTED BELOW IS ONLY A SMALL SAMPLE - SHOP OUR TOTAL STORES FOR TOTAL EVERYDAY SAVINGS! YOGURT on VISINE ORANGE JUICE M eilow 6oW fure 48'A-Di. COFFEE Hill, Iroi. ·«,. or Elic. Ptrk 1 -It. cm COFFEE Hllli Iros. Reg. or tlec. Perk Z-Lb. Can COFFEE HltEt Brot. Reg. or Electric Perk 3-Lb. Can INST. COFFEE Kills Brot. 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