Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 8, 1957 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
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Saturday, June 8, 1957
Page 4
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Page 2 GnEELEY TRIBUNE Salurday, June 8, 1957 9 W oman Alllir, Editor Friday Activities at Brownie Camp Friday's Brownie Day camp BUS. sion featured the beginning of the cookouts. Unlls 16, 17, 10, 3 and 8 rooked. The cuokouls leacli Hie fiirls to build a fire, cook a one-pot meal, put out a fire, dispose ai ashes and clean up after the meal. Each Brownie has her own par- !:c^ir duty. Tasks arc divided is follows: set the table'- which are blank-flu on Ihc ground, mnkr cen- lerpicccs using material at hand, calher wood and prepare il tor (he firo, lay. the fire, light fire, prepare main di«h, prepare salad and wash pots. To mako the cleaning of .pots and pans easier, Ihc girls first cover Ihc outside with i mixture of soap and water. The menus were interesting an varied. The leaders of the uni nncj Ihc menus used ore as follows 3, Mrs. Max Uobbs, Ilulh Kiscr an Georgia Smith, beans and wiener apples and cnrrol», chocolate fii cd cookies and milk; 16, Mrs. Do Ncwion and Thelm.i Naugle, lun salad In tomatoes, hot corn wra] ped- In Ion foil and -baked in ho coajs, biscuits wrapped aroun cloUiespins and baked In tin foi graham cracker delights, olive and milk; 17, Mrs. Joe Springston .Mrs, -David Grabasl and Kare Forman, spaghetti and pow-wow burgers, celery and enrrot sticks Eraham cracker sandwiches. Unit 19, Mrs. A. E. Ticman and Mrs. Lcla Howard, spaghetti,and \viencrs, celery wllll cream cheese car-rot slicks, filled grnham crack crs and fnilk; nnd 8, Mrs. Lucille Wells, Miss A. llcrrera, Kny Ann Gladstone and lliith Fundcrburk spaghetti and meat balls, c.irro sticks and celery and angels on horseback. Cookouls were held on Ihe grave, parking space of the Lulhcrai church. Droivnle messengers from cacti unit, using their homemade equipment boxes carried the fooi and equipment from their unit homo to their camp silo. During the dny many of (ho Units visited other camp units. This leaches (he Brownies hospitality. Each unit has two hostesses to welcome the guest, make Ihcm feel at homn. nnd introduce them to the leaders and Brownies. Unit' 2, Pocahontas, with Mrs. Belly tlenfro and Ilulh Lord as leaders, hia'de Indian costumes oiil of brown wrapping paper. They visited Unit 19, ; The While Arrows. Susan Ankeny. and Kalhcrine Burgess welcomed Ihcm. They played games together before Unii 2 relumed io Its own camp home. The Pbcahon- las lalcr visited the Jl.ingerettcs, who were making scrapbooks ol tncir day camp experiences. Thought for Friday was Keep America Clean. Mrs. Douglas Kern camp nurse, epoke on fire safely The camp theme song, Red Man was laughl by Mrs. Don Fine. Shi is helping the girls prepare · pro gram for (heir mothers when hey [visit Ihc closing session. Pioneer Dinner Will Be Monday Annual Pioneer dinner will nc 1 held Monday al noon at Ihe Masonic Temple. An outstanding program has been planned, Dr. William ft lioss, presidcnl ol Colorado Stale College, will speak and Mlas Mar- g.ircl Ann Peterson will sing a sr'cction from My Fair Lady, accompanied by Mrs. Clmilcs Soulli- a'J Old fnshioricd somjs will be sung by (he group Many former resident will all i n d Ihc dlnncj Some will come from a distance The dinner is held each year un June 10, In commemoration of ihe water bcini! turned 'ilo Hie dtlch, thus miking Grcclcy an ideal living place Anyone Interested in Ihc early flays Is. Invited Io attend. Kc»tr- volipns »rc to b^ phoncri ii-'oiiet to Mrs. nUbul Brink, 3-J8. Junior Woman's Club Enjoys Social Time' Betrothed Mrg. John Cymantki Is Hostess to Club | Will Make Their Home at Las Cruces i Mrs. John Cymaniki of east of ' - laltcviiie opened her home Wednesday to 13 members of the Ashton Progressive club. Mrs. Levl Lenge! was co-hosless. Ofliseri were elected as follows: Mr.'. Jlrary Wagner, prudent; Mrs. Charles Atkinson, vice president; Mrs. Delman Matliias, sec- relary; and Mrs. Warren Meyer, treasurer. A silent auction was held. Aug. 118 was announced fis Die dale for 1 the communily picnic in Ihe sheit- fr house al Island drove park. Karen Cymanski presented two plnno selections. Next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 4 when another silcnl auction will be held. Place is Io be announced. ' TV SERVICE CALLS Ph. 4158 For Sunday Service Telephone 609 Century Radio and Television Ph. 4156 G25 8th Ave. R«dlo Repair and TV Rcntali Officers for 1957-58 cnlcrlalnc he membership of Greeley Junto Woman's club nl a dessert an iard parly Tuesday' aflernbon he spacious recreation room he H. E. Hedlund home, 2546 Fil centli avenue. Hostesses were, Mrs. Wayn Irani, president, Mrs, Medium, Mrs. Don Gibson, Mrs. Ed Lolol Irs. Herb fling, Mrs. Don Brim T nrd and Mrs. Lloyd Carlson. An angel coke dessert was sen d nl fjuarlct lablcs centered wit linialurc bouquets. At bridge, donors went to Mrs llchard Diddle, Mrs. Harve faul nnd Mrs. LaVcrn Nelson ourl whisl was played, wilh prize warded Mrs, William Gardne nd Mrs: Don I,und; Guests ot Ihc club were Mrs iddle, Mrs. W. E. McMahan an Irs. John Haley. Olhirs ortjoyin ie party were Mcsdomes 'H. F arkus, John Durbin, Don Trcgon g, Ivan Gllbaugh, Virgil Baxter C. nishnp, Ed Borbscn, Itoj ges, James Fi.ik, Wlllard Quirk E. Long, fliilph Green and L alnquist. . :.:::' j Three members o f l h e club, Mrs ng, c h a i r m a n , Mrs. Bishop anc rs. Hedlund, entered favorite recipes of Ihc group in a contest sponsored by a Denver newspaper, They compiled these into booklets and presented one Io each of the club members. Helping Ihe commillcc make thd booklets were Mrs. Baxter, Mrs. Borescn and Mrs. Grant. The parly was the final meeting of Ihe sunlmcr. A board meeting will be held Aug. 15 at 0:30 B . m ., nl Iho home of Mrs. Bishop, Enst Eighteenth street. Mrs. Gibson will assist. A covered dish luncheon Sept. 10 opens ncxl year's Season. Mr. and Airs. Ed Willcojc o[ Johnslown announce Ihc engagement of their daughter. Carolyn, above, to Lylo L. Latterly, son of Mr. and Mr«. Lyle W. Laffcrly of LovclanJ. An autumn wedding is planned. Miss Willcox a a graduate of Johnstown hish. class of 1954. She s employed an a cashier in the )enver branch office of Ihc Con- incnlal National Group Insurance company. Latterly · Licmlcd Lovcland cho'o)s and served Iwo years in he navy. He is employed by thi Vochrmeyer Printing company o Denver. ?at Ehrhardt Inspires Party Miss Patricia Ehrhardl, daugh Eaton . AWater Heater LEAK? ' WESTINGHOIISE ( I O . Y E A R P R O T E C T I O N f O U C Y ) E. H. Norton Plumbing Heating Co. 7J8 Slh SI. 'Tel. 271-1V N O T I C E Registration qf Voters' for Cily Election WHO MUST REGISTER Every qualified voter in Lhc City of Greeley (except those who were registered nnd volcd in Ihc city election of November 1955) musl be registered «l the city clerk's office in order to vote in the Special City Election to be held on Thursday, July 18, 1967, WHERE TO REGISTER At the office of the City Clerk, City Hall Registration books will be open until the close if business, Tuesday, July 9, 1957. If a registered voter has changed his address, voter must appear at the city clerk's office and make such change in address. Any registered voler may register and show a change in address for till members of his family living at his address. The City of Greeley maintains its own registration " bocks. Rcfristralion at the office nf the county clerk at- the court house docs NOT entitle one to vole in a city election. Last day for rcgistraliftn for the cltv election is Tuesday, July 9, 1057. MOU'T BALCH, CITY CLERK ' CITY OF GREELEY, COLORADO ler of Elder and Mrs. L. J Ehrhardl of 1010 Twenty-first ave nue, was honored Thursday eve nlng at an allraclive bridal shower given at the Blue Flame room One hundred and Iwenly-five guesls were present. Miss Ehrhardt Is Io become the bride of Ted Wick, son or Mrs Theodore A. Wick of soulh of Lovc- land, Sunday evening at (he First Seventh Day Adveniist church. Program consisted of a portrayal o£ Miss Ehrhardl's life by slide pictures wilh appropriate narration of childhood events by Mrs George Ncukirch. Mrs. J, D Mechalke showed !he slide pic- lures. Musical selections accom- pnnylng various pictures were as follows: Vocal duel, Have I Told Yo Lalcly Dial I Love You, Mesdamc Bill George and Ivan Pclersen vocal duel, Home In the West, Mcs dames Dale Bohlendcr of La' Sail and Wayne Hughes; vocal solo Ehrhardt; vocal solo, All I wan or Chrlslmns, Iticky George- vo -al Irlo, Colorado, the Misses Sher '? l . c «?n,..Sy!yia. Sabourin and Pri Ilia Hughes; vocal duct, Campion he Misses Margie and Florence 3stcr of La Salic; and vocal duel rty Happiness, Mesdamcs Pctcrsei nd George. The remainder of (he evening was pent in playing Iwo quiz games nd some of the guesls assembled serapbook ot the bride elect's fe which was laler presented Io EATON - T w o anniversaries were observed by Dr. and Mrs, S. C. Dickinson, Wednesday. They were his 93rd birthday and their [orly-fourlh wedding anniversary. To celebrate Ihc evcnls Ihe Dickinsons were dinner hosls Io Mr. and Mrs. Cirl Armcling and Mr. and Mrs. George Mueller of Denver. The damask covered dinner table was most atlraclivc with an arrangement of yellow roses onn 1 lilies of the valley, a replica of Ihe bouquet used at the wedding. The Dickinsons received many greetings from friends throughout Ihc country. Mrs. Theresa Siocktleih and Hfs. Ted Stockfleth of Greeley called Wednesday morning to congratulate Hie couple. Mrs. Hugh Denio and Mrs. Bessie Carlson called in the afternoon. Thursday noon Dr. and Mrs. Dickinson were luncheon hosls Io Engaged ! NEW YORK - Slump - shouldered children, who lick Ihe pep »nd i energy for lively, happy pl«y, may · owe lieu: poor condition to faulty liomc nutrition. ThU is the finding or Dr. Genevisve Stearns, of I the University of Iowa School of : Mitlicinc, an authority on uulri- ' lion problem: of childhood. She declared (hat pre-school and grade school children who do not get enough high-quality protein ir Ihc daily diet are apt Io suffer from fatigue posture. But, poor posture and a lack of energy are not the only prices paid for inadequate protein nutrition, Dr. Seams emphasized. Children suffering from faligue poslure also seem to b« more susceptible to disease -- and once sick are aloiv- cr to recover. As in exampie, she cited a study showing lhat children given high-protein diets during convalescence from rheumatic lever hud as Jow an incidence of recurrence of the disease as children given preventive doses 6f antibiotics. Dr. Stearns reporled that studies over a 25-year period at the Iowa School of Medicine have shown and cake Were served cr. Punch rom an exquisite Jace covered ble centered wilh a large bouquet .whjl,e carnations and blue dais- s wilh Iriple crystal candelabra n either side. Blue and white olor motif was used. Hostesses were as follows; Dcc- ·nllon committee, Mcsdames Caln Dupper, Earl Dupper and Wall- r Ordclheide, all of La Salle and uy Shablc ot Milliken; refresh- en! committee, Mcsdamcs Ken- cth J. Hester, chairman, C E opcland, ttoscoe Pike, Ben Ncl- on Edith Hay and Virgil Lorenz Gilcrosl; invilalion commillee lesdamcs Calvin Lorenz of Gil- resl, Esther Edgcll, George euk.rch, Donald W. Hay ,nri L i ,' J r ,° gr 2 m c ° m mitlce, dames Dale Bohlendcr. Ivan ctcrscn and J. D. Mcchalke. THE TRIBUN^ WANT ADS *«*··· FATHER'S DAY CARDS 820 Tenth St. Ihe Hcv. and" Mrs. Glenn Barney, Kimberly and Phillip and the Rev. Kenneth Wyall. Mrs. Arlhur Wykcrl wilh Mrs.. Ed Schneider as co-hostess cnler- .ainecl nine members of the Eaton- Aull Catholic society at a 1 o'clock covered dish picnic luncheon Wednesday. Hcporls on Ihe deanery meeting were heard from Mrs. Harry Hosing of Greciey of (his district deanery. Mrs. Wykert and Mrs. Schneider were unanimously reelected president and sccretary- reasurer of Ihe society. July meeting has been cancelled, 'here will be un Aug. 7 meeting with Mrs. C. H. Carter in Ault. SMM3 James Moncricf arrived home recently Io spend a 30-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Moncrief and family, and Io get married. The sailor's bridc-lo-bc is Miss Gaylc Phillips, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Harold L. Connell and his bride, the former Miss Mary Louise Morrison, daughter of Mrs. Mary M. Morrison of 1602 Fourteenth avenue, spent part of their honeymoon here visiting her mother and Greeley friends. They left this week for Oklahoma Cily and Springfield, Mo., before continuing on to Las Cruces, N. M., where they will make their home. The Connell-Morrison wedding took place May 14 at Las Cruces The Jlev. Frank Jones officiated Ihe double Phillips of Greeley. The Bedding will be an event of June 12. Moncricf has been assigned shore' duly at Tacoma, Wash., after 30 months of the DDE O'Bannon. He will complcle his duties in about 14 months. His bride will ac- :ompany him to Washington when 'ic reports for duly June 28. Colleen While, graduate, shared lonors wilh her aunt, Mrs, Phyllis Hemenover ol Greeley, when her mother and sister, Mrs. Homer While and Sharon entertained at :offee Wednesday evening follow- ng graduation exercises at Eaton High school auditorium. Mrs. Hem- cnover left June: 5 to make her lome in Illinois. The lace covered coffee table was centered wilh a lace clolh, centerpiece ol pink and white snap- Iragons nnd matching tapers in rystal holders. Appblnlmenls were rystal. Sharon presided at the unch bowl and Mrs. Hemenover oured coffee. Twcnly-llve rcla- ives and close friends, including Mrs. Marge Thompson of Alamosa, Isler of Mrs. Whitfe and Mrs. Hem- novcr, enjoyed the 'party. Mrs. 'hompson left Salurday Io relurn ome after a four-day visit wilh the ring ceremony. T] groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. i C. Connell, of Oklahoma City we among the guesls. The bride wore a while embroi ercd Irish linen sheath and a while accessories. Her coloni bouquet was of while roses an carnations. Attending Ihe couple were Mi Bodwin Evans and her brothc Gregg Evans. The wedding dinner was serve at the Radium Springs hole!. While (he Connells were her they spent one'wecKEHd-in Wy ming. The bride went ail through Gre. ley schools and is a graduate Ihe University of Colorado. She ha worked in Illinois and New Yor and lor Ihe past three and a ha years has been » member of In staff of the New Mexico College o Agriculture and Mechanical Arts at Las Cruces. Connell lived." in Honduras unl he was 13 years old. He attende schools in Missouri and was grac ualed from New Mexico AiMA He is now employed in Ihe physica science laboratory of the collegi at While Sands Proving Grounds. While family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hopkins nd their son and daughter, Airman Leon Hopkins and Connie left '"bursday morning to return to icir home at West Plains, Mo., flcr a live-day visit wilh his i-olhcr-in-law and sislcr, Mr. and Irs. Lee Cunningham and family, ast of · Ealon. The visllors are ormer residents of Eaton. Leon vas on leave from his duties at cott AFB near East St. Louis, III. He has been in service 11 months. Sunday Ihe Cunninghams enter- ained at a family, dinner for Ihe lopklns family. Monday they look hem on a trip to Esles Park. Ac- ompanying Ihcm were Mrs. La crn Nelson, GrcR and Mark, and unningham's sislcr, Mrs. Lloyd ohnson, ami Gary of Grcclcy, Charles and Linda Cunningham. Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs Joe Hay thorn honored the Hopkin family at dinner. Covers were placed for Mr. and Mrs. Hopkin and Connie, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cun ningham, Charles and Linda, Mr and Mrs. Wesley Gallo\vay, Judy and Sue and the hosts. Wednesday evening the Cunning hams entertained at a picnic sup per feting their guests. Others shar ing their hospitality were Mr. ant tors. Bob Cunningham and Jerry ihe LaVern Nelson family, Mr. ant Mrs. Ernest Kentch and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Johnson and GSry. Seventy descendant of Ihe C. V Anderson families held their an nual picnic Sunday at Island Grove park in Greciey. The get-together held annually the first Sunday in N O T I C E Section 5 of Ordinance No. 990, City of Grccley, provides that owners of loU or tracts of land within the City limits must remove all weeds either by cutting or sprnying, and that all dry weeds, brush or rubbish shnll be removed or burned on or before June lath. Failure to comply with said Ordinance carries penalties and cost of removal, GREELEY POLICE DEPARTMENT June is a custom which has been observed for many years. Lloyd Neurauter has received an other advance in rank. He is wear ing Ihe sliver oak and being ad dressed as lieutenant colonel. Col. Neurauter Is stationed at (he 38th Temp in Washington, D. C. He and his wile, Rulh, and their children have a home at Rockville, Md. H Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W Ncurauter of Ealon. Student day-will be observed at the Ealon Methodist church Sunday, at the 10 a.m. services. Bob Dorscy will be the leader. His sister, Peg Dorsey, will Islk on the Wesley Foundation at Colorcdo Slate university. Idamarie Ogan will be organist and will also give s talk on Ihc Melhodisl scholarships available to students, and on the Foreign Student program. Miss Kathy Brown of Greclcy will speak on the Wesley Foundation al Colorado Stnte college in Greeley, Mrs. Charles Bass, member of the Wesley Board al Greeley and president of WSCS in Eaton, will summarize Ihe talks. The Rev. Glenn Barney will give benediction. Eaton Girl Scout Troop 126 met for an International dinner at the Legion hsll Tuesday evening. Each I girl prepared a food represenlalivc [of her nationality. After the din- |ner a court of awards was held. As « Iroop they earned pottery and child care badges. Individually Ihsy earned cooking, skating, urch- Heclurc. rock and mineral, needle-! craft, cat nnd dog, home,' bcallh ' nnd snfcly and vancly of other 1 badges. Members of the troop are Linda Adams, Belly Andolsek, Knrcn Anderson, Linda 'Lesh, Sylvia Nix, Carol Ann Schneider, Lorraine l.uceru, Mnrle Gulcrrei and Josn Ellljlon. Mrs. Bill Tlhodrs, president nf the Ealon Girl Seoul board, pfti- At fte Hospital Admitted to the Weld County General hospital Friday, June 7; Joseph L. Cardwell, 725 Fourteenth avenue; Glen Keil, 102Z Eighteenth street; Diiane Brown, Pierce; Wayne Matsuda, Pierce; Ruth M. Goodrich, Lovcland; Mrs. Earl E. Hickman, Bushnell, Neb.; John D. Smith, Frederick; Chaves Gil De Luna, 116 Fourteenth ave- hue; Jack Thornton, Lovelaiid; Mrs. George ' Poffenroth, Johns- Iowa; Mrs. Joe Kutcher, Gill; Van Sybrandt, Johnstoivii; Davjd Martin, 17i7 Fifteenth street. Dismissed: Mrs. Don Firestein, Route 2; Edna K. Martin, 1918 Eighth avenue; Marilyn Channer, 1325 Twelfth street; Lcnnie and Merle Buck, 1323 Eighth street; Glen Kei], 1022 Eighteenth street; Dale Henry T h o m p s o n , 1817 Twelfth avenue; Thomas A. Richardson, 1912 Thirteenth street; Mrs. Edwin H. Hagihara and son, 2J39 Eleventh avenue; Mrs. Ronald S. Walker and daughler : 1841 Sixth avenue; Mrs. Palresco Hernandez and daughter, La Satie; Wayne Alatsuda, Pierce. wo Greeley Students Are Honored at D.U. Two Greeley students at the University of Denver received hon- irs in recent student elections. Jeannette Dale,, daughter of Mr. ind Mrs. Phil Dale, 2117 Seven- eenlh street, was installed as resident of Women's Inter-hall !ouncil. Miss Dale, a sophomore majoring in social science, is a member of Kappa Delia. Mary Lea Hinze, daughter of Mr. nd Mrs. Alfred F. Hinze, was elect- d secretary of the DU College of business Administration. Miss t h a t children require more high- protein foods in their diets than has previously been recommended. How much protein is adequate Io prevent faligue poslure and maintain health? Dr. Stearns recommends that between the ages of 18 monlhs and 4 years the child eat a dally minimum of Ihrce glasses of milk, a serving of meat, one egg, and cereals and other vegetable proteins customarily served. The same diet, with slightly larger portions, and perhaps an exIra'glaSiref m l _=nd.ji peanut butter sandwich snack, wilf «P sure good muscle growth in the older youngsters. "As protein foods contain so many of the nutrients essential for good health, generous "use of protein is the cheapest nutritional insurance we can buy for children," Dr. Stearns declared. Remember that many spices and condiments intensify wilh cooking, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Shablc of Milliken announce the engagement of their daughter, "Joyc* Elaine, above, Io Richard Swanson, son of Mr, and Mrs. Oliver Swanson of Chicago, III. An August wedding is planned. Miss Shable is a graduate of Campion 'Academy near Loveland, while Swanson is a graduate of Broadview Academy in Illinois. Miss Shable attended Union College In Lincoln, Neb,, and taught one year at Shaltuck Junior Academy in Oklahoma before entering Emmanuel Missionary College in Berrien Springs, Mich,, where she is majoring in Elementary Education and home economics. Swanson attended Union College, Northwestern University in Chicago and now is majoring in business administration at Emmanuel Missionary College. This summer he is "eiuipioyea ny ~the""liiinois Conference of Seventh-day Advcntists. Bolh will continue their studies _i the fall. She is a senior on campus and he is a junior. ·Slore French dressing in s- cool lark place because oil lends to lecome rancid when exposed to ight, warmth and air. so add them wilh a light hand.. ' USE THE T R I B U N E WANT ADS ATTENTION FARMERS . . . We Are Now Equipped To Do,Commercial BRUSH and SPRAY PAINTING - FREE ESTIMATES , ALT, WORK GUARANTEED CHET F O R B E S Phone 4855W or 5060 e Hinze is a sophomore majoring in ccountirig. I T Austria \iow ^eslimales tha.t the ountry has more than 1,200 kin- ergarlens. ented the awards. Guests were ic parents and representatives of le Philo Dciphians, sponsors of le troop. Leaders arc Mrs. John ndolsek and Elaine Sharp. HE LAST DAY Is Monday to get in on thai big June dividend. Save here with SAFETY! Each account is insured up to $10,000 by agency of the U. S. Government. Save here with PROFIT! The Northern Colorado Savings has always paid better than the average return on savings. A convenient amount will open an account any time. Drop in soon and get going on a steady savings program. Northern Colorado Savings and Loan Association 1019 8th Avenue Reed P. Adomson WEEKLY MEDITATION GOD IS QUITE AWARE God knows the secrets -we contrive . . . However well concealed . . . Because to Him All things on earth . . . Are Instantly revealed . . . They may he Ridden In the heart And locked inside the breast . Hut f!od is quite nware of them . . . Wherever they miy rest He X-noK-8 our Inclinations nnti . . . Our selfishness and pride . . . And every Imperfection we . . . May do our lest tn hide -As surely as His eyes behold.. ' Whalever good we do ... And whether underneath a-e rrj- . To he sincere and true .. . However allonl we may bo ... Alonir tha path we nlnd . . . There Is no secrel on thin enrlh . . . Thai we ran keep [mm God. H. Ron Adamson A d a m s o n M o r t u a r y Qtl A U A -- P, CtL. Ci. 1 » · I . . . _ _ ' Ave. rt 5rh St. 21-Hour Ambulance Service Phone 1636

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