Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 8, 1969 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1969
Page 12
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Pajre-12 -GREELRVTRIBUNE Wed.,-0ct.'8, '1969 In the Courts COUNTY COURT 1 · Judgtt !_*« Wett and Sidnty Emtitn Daniel Marlinefe, La Salle, operator's license, dismissed. Joycn Le Schille; Denver, operator's license, $10 ai costs; failed to obey summon $10 and costs. Elsa.Earl Keena, 1331 151, Avc., expired sticker, $5 ai costs. Leo Maez, Denver, no operu lor's license, $10 and costs careless driving, dismissed. John H. Duncan Jr., Aul failed to yield right of way entering highway from privat road, $15 and costs. Edwardo T. Salazar, Rt. Greeley driving while under th influence, $250 and costs, ! days in jail. Donald Eugene Ludd, Merim damage to state highway pn perty, $8 and costs. Ralph R. Caswell, Long ]s land, Kan., improper turn, and cosls. Chavez Lorenzo, Lovcland, n operator's license, $10 and costs Harold Hudspelh, Fort Collins X n r i C K . O I F FILING OP AI'l'J.l CATIIIIV Jl-Oll ISSUANCR O LlfU.NSn TO LOAN MOM3V I. AMOUNTS OVBIl *I.BUO 00 TO MA, T H K 1'KOPljB Or STATE OF COLORADO: Please talte notice t h a t I'seift Finance l,oans of H f O Soul Olive Struct. I.os '.Angeles, Cull fnrnl.1 9(1015, has applied to th State Bank Commissioner of Hi State of Colorado for n liccns to enjraKc Jit the business o making loans of money over Jl. EOO.OO, p u r s u a n t to Chanter 7.1 A r t i c l e 2, Colorado Statutes An J l o t a t o r t J U G S , as amended. Sail business la proposed to he con ducted fit 1012 8th A v e n u e . Gree Icy, Colorado. Protest may be made hy any person to the Issu ' such " ' of Hceiifi «nmn In w r i t i n g w i t h the State B a n k Commissioner w i t h i n sevei (7) days a f t e r the d n t e of las publication of this n o t i c e as Indicated below. HARRY BLOOM State Bank Commissioner S t a t e of Colorado T h o Greeley D a l l y T r i b u n e October 1, S. 15. 1069 SHEIIIIrP'g SAI.10 By v i r t u e of a "\Vrlt of Exec u t i o n iasuod out of t h e Clerk's o f f i c e of the liHh J u d i c i a l District Court of Weld C o u n t y and State of Colorado, a n d ' t o me directed, whereby 1 am commanded ' to m a k e t h e Mini of Four h u n d r e d e i g h t y f o u r and HO/100 dollars. (S4S4.90) a n d costs of s u i t , tho A m o u n t of a c e r t a i n j u d g m e n t r e c e n t l y o b t a i n e d against Ray A d l e r and Ula H a n A d l e r In f a v or of Professional Finance Comp a n y out of the lands, tenements, Koods and chattels of tho s a i d ' R a y Adler and Ula Rao Ad- Jer J h a v e levied on. I h o following' 'properly, t o - \ v l t : - Lot 27 llloch S Hillside A d d i t i o n THERHKORr:, aocordlnB to ·aid cominaud, 1 shall expose for sale,, at r'uhlic A u c t i o n . ,all tho right, t i t l e and I n t e r e s t of t h « shove named Ray A d l e r a t i d ' U l u Rae A d l e r In and to the above describee! property, on Tuesday the H t h day of October, 1909. at 10:00 o'clock A.M. at t h e East Front Door of the Weld C o u n t y C o u r t l i o u H H In Greyluy, Colorado. Dated at Cii-eeley, Colorado, t h i s L'-nd day of September, infill. · H I C H A R D T. .MAltTlNEi! S h e r i f f n f Wolil c m i n l y Ity Geonre .1. -Miller .' L - n d o r s h e r l f f ·Tim rs«.oley P a l l y T r i b u n e September 24, Oct. 1, S. 19Gil | expired driver's license, $10 and costs. · · · Randy Lloyd Bolen, Thornton np operator's license, $10 and costs. Clifford Eugene Lynch, Eaton, no operator's license, dismissed; driving while license revoked, $50 and costs, five days in jail. Dale Loney, Brighton, failure to register mobile · home, · $10 and costs. Martin Sandoval, Longmont, no operator's license, dismissed, liarles Allen Langley, 506 16th St., no!operator's license, $10 and costs. Richard .LeRoy Kible, Englewood, expired temporary permit, $10 and costs; failed to resort change of address, $10 sus w'nded. Filbert Montano, 513 3rd St. \ operator's license, dismiss ed: misused license plates, $10 suspended; drove while license cancelled or denied, $50 ant costs, five days in jail; failed o comply with inspection law, $5. Center.^EIection-of of(icen-wlll be the main business. Recent guests of iMrs, .Anna Heyman were her nieces, Mrs. Margaret Smith of Denver, and Mrs. Irene Griffith of Greeley, and dn .old friend in Nebraska, Mrs.'Jo Ann Miller, now living in Boulder. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Herbst Jr. plan to attend the National FFA convention in Kansas City next week w h e n their son, Steven, will be one of the boys awarded the degree of American' Farmer. If Was a Very Hair-Raising Experience Tht LM Ang«l«i Tintot HARB.OR CITY, Calif.-Her blonde wig .was shot off by a her here Tuesday,- Joyce Trapp, 22, a cocktail waitress, com plained to police.. Miss' Trapp said she stopped at a .traffic signal and a man climed into her car with a revolver. He threatened to kill her, she said. She was ordered to cram · a silk handkerchief in her mouth, tie' a necktie over it, and get in the back of the car, Miss Trapp said, but instead she fled up an alley. A bullet whistled past -. her gunman Who tried to abducthead and her wig flew .off, the young' woman · said, 'but · she reached a nearby house, roused occupants, and called police. Officers found Miss · Trapp's bullet-creased · wig. They are still searching' for -her auto. The Chesapeake: and Delaware Canal, connecting,the Delaware and Chesapeake bays, was built in 1829 and is still in use. '· · · . You can .get LOVE (cosmetics) at WtHwwio' Phirm«cy- S*H Green'Stamps too.-Adv. Mn. Rita Leafgrcn James Fitzgerald James Petroff Sr., Dacono. assed within 100 feet of inter- eclion, $3-and costs.' Ernie Llamas, Eaton, no op- rator's license, $10 and costs. Steve Lloyd Gomez, 1212 Cth at., no operator's license, $10 md costs. Wayne Michael Fushimi, 419 10th Ave. Ct., no safety hield while riding · motorcycle, 10 and costs. Roberta Elaine Mall, Arvada, peeding, $25 and costs. Gloria Maez, 1202 4th St., vio- ilcd restrictions ' on driver's cense, $10 and costs. MUNICIPAL COURT James H. Carson, 1014 8th ve., following too close, $1' id $5 costs. 'Jeanette Frison, 1900 lit: ve., Mis. Biological Science Division Names Three New Professors Three new faculty members side at 432 Cheyenne Ave. in slop sign, $10 and $5 Lydia Furrow, Gill, failure to eld right of way, $10 and $5 isls. Jerry Griego, 2706 7th Ave. rowing missile, $15 and ?5 sis. David Lee Ganlz, Ault, speed- g, $10. Juan lluerta, 923 B. St., fail- e In yield r i g h t - o f way, d $5 costs. Kenneth Howard, 1131 32nd e., speeding, $15. Alice J. Johnston, 2022 26th , opening car door in traffic, $10 and $5 costs/ Rebecca Jones, 1515 7th Ave., failure to slop before entering street, $10 and $5 costs. Lynelle Kinnlson, 1738 7th .\orir:i'i in' i.nvv on si:r/,i in; In the t'mnify Court fiTATU 01-' COLORADO ) COUNTT OF A H A 1 » A H O K ) it. A. M. INC., a Colorado) Corporation. 1 ' l a i n t l f f ) ALI.KN R. M A N N I N G . ' »e-l ' f e n d a m ) N o t i c e Is hereby K l v e n t h a t on the 2lith day of March. A.D. 1909. a \ v r l t of K j c o u t l o n was Issued out uf t i l l s Court directing the S h e r i f f of the C o u n t ? Of Weld. S t a l e nf Colorado, to l e v y u p o n and seize c e r t a i n prop- e r t y of the a b o v e . n a m e d llofond- -inl. and the S h e r i f f uf the county of Weld did levy illion, seize ftntl t a k e Into his possession the f o l l o w i n g described property: WaK"s f r o m lotleeu Laff e r t y . d / b / a J . a f f c r t y M o v i n g and StoraRe. .',17.Kith Street. iireeley. Colorado. Now Therefore, V o n . A l l e n 1 : ^ l a n n i n p . the said d e f e n d a u . t a k e notice, t h a t w i t h i n t e n d a y s f r o m ' the d a l e of service hereof, if served w i t h i n this stale, or if served by p u b l i c a t i o n w i t h in ten days a f t e r service, hereof, e x c l u s i v e nf tile d a y of service, you may m a k e and f i l e ' w i t h the Cleric of the above 1 e n t i t l e d Court n w r i t t e n c l a i m of any e.xomp- t l o u which yon may have under .the s t a t u t e s of the State of Colo ,rado; and In case of your fail' u r e * to make and f i l t e n claim of e x e m p t i o n with the Clerk of said Court you shall he deemed to have w a i v e d your r l p h l of e x e m p t i o n u n d e r the s t a t u t e s of t h i s state. ·Witness. R I C H A R D P. M A R TINI-;/,. S h e r i f f of said Weld C o u n t y , Colorado, t h i s 18th day of J u n e , A . D . l!ir.9. H i c h n r d I 1 . Martine.i S h i - r i f f Hy W i l l i a m F. Allmer n'epmy S h e r i f f The. Greeley D a i l y T r i b u n e October ', ?. 10, 11. 1.1. H. 15. JS, 17, IS. 1903 ~ A l l V B n T I S K M B . \ T run Hill!' The C i t y of tireeley w i l l receive sealed proposals for con- B t r u i ' t i o n of curb, m u t e r and p a v l n p projects in the C i t y of Or.-eley, cj.lorailn. u n t i l !:0ll P.M. 5I.D.S.T. on t h e l l i t h day of Oc- olier 1'.IO». a i t i n o f f i c city Kngliin'r, ( i r e o l u y , Colornilc a r which l i m e mill plai'O 111! Mils T\ ill be juiWiely opened n n d renu flltMKl. The necRsbitry ildcu'inents, InchnliiiR: siMH-ificiUMMis, lire tm f i l e at the offk-c of the C i t y JOnRi- IICT ;it ( I r f f l i - y , C o l n r n r i n from Tvlimn n ropy inny In; ohtnineil. In H .sepitrate wealed envelope b; e e r t l f l e d checlt d r a w n Ave., careless driving, $10 and $5 costs. " lilccn Leary, 1817 2nd Ave., careless driving, $10 and $5 costs. Robert Lovclane, 1714 14lh St., Rd., careless driving, $)0 and $5 costs, Larry Malsuura, 1851 23rd Ave. ,Cl.," failure to yield right of way, $10 and $5 costs. Marsha Micllowski, 2227 8th Ave., speeding, $23. John R. Dingman, 616 18th Ave., reckless driving, $15 and $5 cosls. Betty Lou Dingman, 616 18th Avc., reckless driving, $20 and $5 costs. Dennis P. O'Connor, 1218 12lli St., U turn, $16. Harold W. Reiff, 1032 31st Ave., speeding, $20. Michael Rothe, Harrison Hall, stop sign, $10 and $5 costs. Michael Resales, 1931 13th Avc., U turn, $10 and $5 costs Ronald Sandoval, 2822 lltl St., careless driving, $10-and $5 costs. James H. Sanders, 1010 35th Ave., signal light, $8. Everett Taylor, 1316 16th St. speeding, $14. Louise Warner, 2007 2Gth St, Rd., speeding, $15. John Frazee, 1610 5th St. stop sign, $15 and $5 costs; speeding, $28. Gary J. Morrison, 1619 lltl: Ave., reckless driving, $50. John.. Snavely, . Wellington, drunk, $15. Paul Goheen, 2006 7th Ave., drunk, $15; distrubancc, $15. Adolfo Gutierrez, Denver, drunk, $15; disturbance, $10 am $5 costs. have been appointed to the Bio logical Science Department ai Colorado State College. Dr. Bert Thomas, chairman ol ;he department, announced the additions as Dr. Keith E. Roe, James P. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Rita Leafgren. Roe joins the CSC faculty af- .er receiving his doctorate at .he University of Wisconsin vliere he was a teaching assis- '.ant and graduate fellow for :everal years. He earned his B.S. from Iowa State University and his M.S. rom Wisconsin. The new assistant professor lias been the author of several journal publications and led botanical expeditions to Mexico and Guatemala in 1964-65. Eaton. Their son Doug years old. Dr. Thomas reports that the three new instructors will be joining a staff that includes Drs. Warren Buss, John Gapter, Ronald Plakke, Royal Rich, Gerald Schmidt, Maynard Stamper, Bert Thorpe, A. M. Winchester, and Jvo Lindauer. Kersey... By MRS. E. J. MEIKEL KERSEY -- Mrs. H. R. Mur- ihy was hostess to the Kersey Community Home and Garden 31ub at the Community Center 'or the October meeting,' Friday. There were 1.5 members, Roe and his wife Eunice re- hree honorary members, Mrs. ,\Ar. ,,! *Jf,4i iir rn. 01 TJ ...:JL. , . . . . .. « . -m side at 3241 \V. 5th St. Rd. with their son, Eric 2. Fitzgerald received his B.S from the University of Connect! cut and expects to receive hi: doctorate from Colorado State University sometime during 'the lext year. He was a forester with the J.S. Forest Service in Boise Ida. for three years and a park ·anger naturalist in the Rocky fountain National Park foi two. Then He spent-, severa years as a research assistant to Dr. R. R.. Lechleitner. in the /.oology department at CSU. .Jim and Judy Fitzgerald re side at 427 8th St. with theii children, Bridgit 2, and Grelchen, nearly 1. Mrs. Leafgren has degrees rom the University of Colorado d Colorado State College. For four years, she was a sci- nce teacher .at Valley High cliool in Gilcrest. After,a year s a fellowship student at CSC, iie was a substitute teacher at laton for two years. She and her husband Don re- Lock Knocked Out of Festival NEWPORT. R.1.1. (AP) - Arold London, comptroller of the Newport Festivals, says rock music will not be included in next year's traditional jazz and folk festivals. London, in a briefing for city officials, said problems of revenue and crowd control may mean that next year's jazz festival will be cut to three days and the folk festival to a one-day onefit affair. linnh w h i c h In i n s u r e d the Federal l l e p n t l t Insurance Corp o r a t i o n or a bidder's bond exec u t e d by a s u r e t y company authorized. to do business In Colorado. made p a y a b l e to the C i t y Colorado, tit an less t h a n f i v e per- f the proposal stun ns se- . of Greeley. A m o u n t -no ( · ' · n t - o f t h e c u r i t y - t h a i t h e snccesj-'ful b i d d e r w i l l enter i n t o a c o n t r a c t to con- fetruct OliF prt'jeet in accord- and specifi- fetruct OliF prt'jeet ance w i t h the plans cation!*. and Kive bond in the .sum as h e r e i n a f t e r provided. phecks a c c o m p a n y i n g b l d a not accepted w i l l he r e t u r n e d to tho bidders. ................ ; The. successful bidder will n e U v a t o r clerk reipjired to f u r n i s h n s a t l s f a e t o r y i o f Septenili AtCI'ICE TO ClUOIllTOIIS Case No. P-i 1.170 E s t a t e of PETER SCHNORR Deceased. .All persons h a v i n g claim, against tile above, n a m e d estate are r e q u i r e d to file them for al lowanee. In the District Cour of Wold County, Colorado, on o before the 13th day of April, 1969 or said claims shall be foreve barred. Henry Sehnorr lOxecutor e i.'.reeiey Dally T r i b u n e October S, 15. £:.', 2f, 19K! 1 TO .11.1. I'KIISONS INTERESTED I.\ W.l'I'KK AI'I'MCATIOXS DIVISION .\O. P u r s u a n t In C.ft.S. MS-21-1S yoil nrc notified that the fol lowhiK Is a resume 'of -nil applications f i l e d In the office of the during t h « month p e r f o r m a n c e ' 1 bond in t h e · (ull . A m o u n t or t h e * proposal sum. Xo bids s h a l l be w i t h d r a w n ·ifter the opening- of the bids i V i t n o u t the consent of the «"ity of Grecjey. Colorado, for n per- · lorl of t h i r t y days a f t e r t h e »cheiJu]ed time of opening bids. The City of Greeley reserves t h e . rlffht to reject any or all bids Htid to wah'e a n y I n f o r m a l - ities in Wddlng. To Answer a n y q u e s t i o n s a Prospective bidder i n n y - h a v e concerning t h e above construction. 6r t h e i c o n s t r u c t i o n site, the Kn- fcfnecr w i l l he available at the KnsrlnecrV o f f i c e -· "·"" I-. rase No. VT-3, Relnaldo E and Harold L. Gallefcos,- S405 Depew. Arvada. Colorado i ;n Metros Reservoir In Lari m e r County, located In the S\V corner of Set!. 27, TSN Rfifi\v. GPM. taking water f r o m an u n n a m e d t r i b u t a r y of Dry Creek plus seopago and Irrigation t a l l w a t e r ; con- d i t i o n a l decre.* for H.7 acr« feet w i t h priority date December 9, liiiiS. for I r r i g a t i o n use. You are. f u r t h e r n o t i f i e d that you have u n t i l the last day of November, 196S, to file w i t h the w a t e r clerk a v e r i f i e d s t a t e m e n t of opposition to any such appli- c a t i o n s . .In " City KnRrlnecrV office at 2:00 f\l. M.D K.T.. October H. 19111. . Dated at Greeley. Colorado this l!th d»y-of October. 1969. ~lty of Greeley, C o l o r a d o . . .. H. H. Cruce i Courthouse, Greeley, Colo., r i t y M a n n e r ; .« The Greeley Daily T r i b u n e The tlreeley Dully T r l b . i n d October 8. 9. 1", ISIS (October. 8. 19«9 ly \V. A h l b o r n . Clerk, Water ^ivll.|c,n Xo. 1 Weld County John Hunteman, Mrs. C.' E. Romans and Mrs. Myrtle Shaw; three guests, Mrs. W a l t e r Protsman of Platteville, Mrs. Irene Chestnut of Milliken and Mrs. Douglas Fisher of Fort Lupton present at the noon luncheon. Mrs. Ernest Thmoas opened the afternoon meeting by leading the group in repeating the Lord's Prayer. Roll call was answered with autumn poems. Mrs. Thomas read a poem, "My Mother's Garden;" the garden article, VFlower Arrangements," was given by Mrs. Eva Sorge. . I Mrs. Pearl Young was the only member celebrating, an October birthday. A sympathy card was sent to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kohler anc o Mrs. Grace Kohler and mem jers of her family. Get well cards were sent to A. .1. Bihain at the Weld Coun- y Nursing Home in Greeley md to Mrs. Mary Lea of Love- and. Mrs. Earl Hendrix is t h e chairman of .the nominating :ommitlee for the election of ifficers next month. The candidates for president ire Mrs. Kohler, Mrs. Young md Mrs. Anna Heyman. According to club by laws, the person receiving the s e c o n d highest, number of votes becomes vice president. Other candidates are secretary, Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Jessie Day; treasurer, Mrs. Jim Lee and Mrs. Virginia Jackson. Mrs. Hazel Hill was program chairman for the afternoon. Mrs. Jackson will be the hostess Nov. 7 at the Community STARTS 9:00 o.m Today and Every Day PUBLIC NOTICE Because ot health we are closing our store, foreve, our E N T I R E STOCK MUST B E - S O L D --.Every Hera drastically-reduced -7- Get'b.ere tarry!! MYSTERY PACKAGES Jmilry · Wihu' Uthtws Witdm · CfMKb · PM S*b · Riof i Satisfaction Guaranteed GAMBLES Eaton, Colo. Clyde and Eleanor Roose Phone 454-2651 CHECK ITHESE S E I numcs! CATSUP B. 8 01 31c DEL MONTE SAVE!' MOR-VALU STAMPS SAVE ON QUALITY!!!! DURING DEL MONTE ROUND-UP SALE FRESH GROUND BEEF 2 CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS Ib. · END CUT PORK CHOPS Ib. 65 SWIFT'S LAZY MAPLE SLICED BACON Ib. Pkg. 77 "OVER-THE-COUNTER MEATS ARE FRESHER and TASTIER" LEAN AND MEATY SPARERIBS ,, 49c , W E FEATURE MONFORT BEEF and LAMB SAVE!! WITH THESE VALUABLE COUPONS TENDERLOIN CUT PORK CHOPS , 79c OFFKR GOOD WITH THIS COUPON ONLY PILLSBURY LIGHT Pancake Mix ** 25c Offer Good Only at Sieffens Town Country Offer Expires Oct. 14th OFFER GOOD WITH THIS COUPON ONLY PILLSBURY FLOUR 10 ^ 89c Offer Good Only at Stcffcns Town ; Country Offer Expires Oct. 14th HUNTER'S SPECIALS 0 for § HORMEL CHILI or TAMALES, 300 can HORMEL DINTY MOORE, 24 Oz. SPAM 53cBeef Slew 53c CALIFORNIA PASCAL CELERY Large bunch. FRESH OREGON PEARS ,, 19c 10 ib. 39c COLO. PREMIUM McCLURE RED POTATOES PRICES IN THIS AD EFFECTIVE THRU OCT. 14 STORE HOURS Mon. thru Thurs. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Fri. and Sat. 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. OPEN SUNDAYS 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. USALIE

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