Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 21, 1961 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1961
Page 2
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f J H K K I . K Y T R I B U N E f*\\''r* r r r r (j\\L J o Have Fashion Revue Eastern Star To Hold arc) Parly Saturday Littler Home Progressive HD Club Plans Christmas Party A style thow will Ix? prci-cnled by (he Tosfcry Shop at Ihc meet ing ol CrccUy Woman's Club ?i|'jnday al 1:30 p i n . , al Ihc Fi Con^rtRalional (.'hurth. i i i Home and Education Depart j|Y||*g, mcjjl o( which Mrs. E. II. Cuilar' is chairman nnd Mrt. W. J. Day program chairman, Is presenting the fashion review. Mr*. Alexander Dunrmorc will Ix? the nar- Masons Eastern SUir and friends ait invited lo a card party SaSurday al 8 p m., al Ihc Masonic Temple. Refresh- 250 Elks Attend Ladies' Night Opening ladies niglil program Mrs. Frank A. Berger, the pro- Eight members of the Progres live Home Demonstration Club 1 of the Elks on Thursday evening gram included a social hour ments will be served at the ibo^ 0 | j,^ niglit ol fun. robcs thc . r I L » · After a luncheon ne Addresses WMS Mis. Norman Dean and Mr.«.| Jtolxn Husman gave thc pra- at the Wednesday afternooi' meeting W. Littler. I I|9W Wl. Ave. In Kr Hills,' Mrs D«o Haled in perl | 0rfin _ Smj , h and "In rutnl years lhe Urm*« Slalef *~-- ;met at the home o! .Mrs. Doylcldrew an attendance of 230 Elks games and a choral program by Wcnbaugh, west of Grceley. and their wives, according to the Greeley Elis Chorus with Wednesday for tewing of la;j-;Ben Dumler, chairman. LEA Heors Report ja«j] «» * Nov - "· at tlle 1001 '' Of Grand Meeting "^ tfee mcc[ing rerrcshmcnu The meeting of lire Ladies En 'were served by Patriarch Ir» campmcnt Auxiliary was held a' Moore, and Pail Chief MatrUrch P relude i the proje ,, pajKT on "CoM in QUJ : _ Occa3il , n5i " a buincss meeling and hao.iTT7\r/ i roject lesson. "Correct Un.-l \'1 \V by Mrs N o r m a n j has losi millions ol dollars by ignoring an Important cx|ort, mm--thc telling of our cou' Mrs Everett Glazcner gave s\ry't attraction to tourists rom r;.l'ir. Ten incmbcis ol UK- cluhjlall' on Inrjom;sli t the first other lands. Now. al lait, Con will be Uic nrxJcls. Jackie Carl |mccting o( the year of the Worn- gress h;n authorized a U.S. Tiav Missionary Society ol the' c | D^pjument which will eilb-l Tf.i club w-Ui attend the Counlyj jTo Have Party Day Nov. 14, ol Our Savior's Lu- Forrest Wiley is chair- thcran Church. This November meeiing. te | oe :man of enlerlainmenl for i annual Halloween Party -jn and Glbrlys Mnlhcws. co-pro jen's Missionary irielnr.s uf Ihc Tojfscrj 1 . will dl Firtt Southern li Mrs Hay Kane, president, aped a committee 'o nominate . ( pne rcct the ili'jw. Ilccelving tv Mmci. Cuilar. Monroe 7/j!k. William Thorkild-'lhc people. She sen. E. .J. Kor.dleman. Fred Ml-jl'V Dr. Floyd Barnard and Mrs.j Her. W. J. Day and Hoy Copron : Morris Wall was program 0 [ fjcc lot ncxl \car. The children of VFW post and -cux Illary members, it was announced at a recent meeting of the aux- She explained customs and hah- c jtj eS; offer economical tours and ~ . travel bureaus in foreign. dub w . m , javv a C | lrislmas par(y |i]iary at Braruiaman Hall. Marvin George as director and Dale Dyldns as accompanist. Geoe Shafer, assisted by Don Dayton and Doral Miller, served as emc«. Others assisting wilh entertainment included Vcrn Klingenberg, Wilmer Croissaint Gwrge Moldan. A. P. (Skip! Marshal] and Herb Kraft. The program closed with a barbecued beef lunch prepared and served by Andy Carbaugh, assisted by Ted Zeis. Lee Nuss, Reuben FahreJibruch, Jerry Arnold and Harold Cooper. will be i its ol the InaVieMaru and ex E. Y. DouRlas.;hibilcd works ol art and curios ol brush up thc long negli-ctcd we] mal, in order ers to our ihor( ,c of J DEC. 20, at a place to be announc ed later. to entice S)x t | uh memijers mct al ! l»mc of Mrs D. J. !-hull lor a The party will be held Thurs-j day at 7:30 p.m., at Brannaman Pleasant Valley Club thj ) lal1 - Participants may wear Has Meeting at Eaton Sptcial UN Program rjnllod The Weld County lions Association is 6p ^iwcisl broadcast over 6:30 p.m. Sunday '« V:ick off ed Nations week. Tuesday ii Unllexl Nalkjns Day 'at 7 p.m The International Keialions Service mc-etlng of the. WMS Club tl Colorado Stale CollegejTliis week is "Tesl the Tithe' will celebrate UN day Tuesday week. Al! circles of Ihc church with several meetings and an : enjoyed a covered dish supper evening meal featuring in(erna-| Monday. The WMU yearbook was Husman's paperj co vncd dish luncheon and cancer 2l." It concerncdjse.ving recerlly. Making of lap- robcr and cr.cer seuing was one of the objectives for the club , !an WO.000,000 world's fair rising depicted ! C indu man Dr Barnard gave devotions .,,.- ^^ M neaf h ^ Unwed by a prayer for Ihc mis-i Na-islonaries listed on the prayer c»l-| at! Announcements were made lhall il-'rliscu'fion of booV.6 read bv mem-l ., . . . , . . . , i.^ ^. , ~- . r, ,,rc to be held once a rnontM^ ^'ba^anfreTu T ° ^^ ^^ · ranis of boulevards of thc world.' Grecley Garden Club liclcd jn ine worlds oJ, Century 21, commercejClifford Morgan Talks homemade or other coslumes. Mrs. Kenneth Call and is in charge of refreshments. According lo Rehabilitation Chairman, Mrs. Gaynell Davis, lhe group distributed 4975 worth of food and 51W.45 worth of cloth' ing ifrom August to October. Mrs. Tom Squibb, hospital chairman, reported that '.dozen cookies, CO Halloween tional dishes. Irtudicd. · Canes · Crutches Folding Wheel Chairs $110 and up Folding Walkers $100-$118 Rental: $10 per month '· Bed Tables · Commodes ^fuv^cm^ fj rirescription u 1THARMACY 811 N I N T H ST G R E E L E Y . C O L O . CD is Cosily 'the hospitality of Mr. and To quote Mrs. Husman. "Scven-| c - B - Larnnon recently. Mr. and ly-five per cent of lhe exhibition "«· Ernc -' 1 ^ um werc 8 ucsls buildings will become a new civic an(l Ia '"embers were present. center for Seattle al the fairs' cw »rt Morgan, horticulture enjoyed masks, GO Halloween napkins, JO id Mrs. scrapbooks, 8 pockelbook editions Alice Moore. Neil meeling will be Ocl. V, al thc JOOF Hall. end. This city is bettering the fu.; an(1 landscape chairman, turc of ils own citizens while. hel P ful suggestions on fall stimulating peoples 01 all the world in a space age effort." Next meeting of WTK will be on Nov. 1 in Belair Park wilh Mrs. Warren Terry. Social Briefs ·Mrs. hostess Kersey Ftancis Hendrix was to 11 members of Ihc Community Church Circle last week. Mrs. Guy Fox led devotions and Bible lesson was op "Thc Principles if Christ's Kingdom." Mrs. Albert Roc gave the closing prayer. Next meetin; should be planted two and one- half times the diameter of the bulb. If tulips are planted 12 inches deep there will be better blossoms and the bulbs will not have to be divided as often. It i: al:o time lo dig cannas, gladiolus and dahlias, Morgan said. Morgan and Mrs. Sidney Baldridge reported on the State Garden Club Convention which was held at Colorado Springs in September. Next meeling will be Nov. 20, will be Nov. 15. al thc home of'at thc home of Mr. and Mrs. C Mrs. John ChrUtman. Mrs. Hen- G. Wright of 2020 10th Ave. The and one birthday cake baked by Mrs. Dick Randall, were delivered by Mrs. Eslella Brown and Mrs. Kalherine Calland. Seventy-four table favors were delivered to Ihe Greeley Nursing Home. Value chrysanthemums, roses andjof hospital work for the past lawns. Members were also re- monlh was $76.99, wilh 201 hours minded lhat spring blooming work and 234 miles traveled by builis should be planted now. Bulbslthe members. gave drix will have devotions. Americanism Chairman, Mrs. Hazel Daum, stated that she had given three flags to three dens in Pack No. 205 »t Miplewood School snd one flag to Den Four in Pack No. 200 et Ernest Horn. Miss Leola Koenlg, cards chairman, reported thai 33 vases for the Greeley Nursing Home were made recently at the home of Mrs. Ben Murray assisted by Mrs. Calland and Mrs. Phil Hunter. Pleasant Valley HD Club held its October meeting at the home of Mrs. Paul Sdnger in Eaton Mrs. Neil Clark was co-hostess. Mrs. Songer, recreation chairman, conducted a game "Keep Talking." as the opening feature of the afternoon. Mrs. Oliver Goldsmith gave the lesson on "Correct Dress -- Occasions." H was decided that for the club's adopted children's home, each member would be responsible ot the Christmas of one child, names to be drawn at the next meeling. Mrs. Andy Barnett offered her home for the club's Christmas] parly. Mrs. Songer will help her plan it. It was announced that the club's allotted quota of vanilla and pepper for the county project was sold. Alrt. Chuck Johnston drew the mystery package. Mrs. Katherine Goldsmith received a Halloween gift from her secret pal. Next meeting will be Nov. 7 at the home of Mrs. Oliver Goldsmith with Mrs. Archie Bickling assisting. he 100F Hall with Chief Malri arch, Burd Mercer, presiding. A report of the Grand LEA at "ort Collins was given by Past Chief Matriarch, Ida Copes, representative. Resignations of I he offices ot scribe, jr. warden, and inside scn-j ;uel were given and accepted-! Deputy Grand Matriarch, Alice' Moore, Past Grand Matriarch, Alia Mae Malcom, and H i g h ; Priesless, Dorothy Spoo installed Matriarch Florence Barber as scribe, Matriarch Evelyn Arnold as jr. warden, and Ma*riarch Eva, Bradley as inside sentinel. ' Highlight of the evening was the introduction of the G r a n d Matriarch of Colorado, Mary Minnick and her officers Grand Marshal, Helen Harding, and Grand Inside Sentinel, Ida Copes. The reception for the Grand Malri- USE THE TRIBUNE WMTT AOJ McMnriry Speclronatic PAINTS "Color Unlimited" In ill finlih**. 715 7th Street Ph. EL 2-2131 [ program will be announced later. NOTICE I will not be responsible for any bills other than my own. MELVIN CUMMINS. Ev*r UK Kiltopi, W«ilti W skillet-cMlftd in butter, with bacon (crisply cooked), tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise for a club sandwich? Use two or three layers of bread sandwich. (toasted) for each FAST EXPERT REPAIR WATCH INSPECTION Now's the time to give oil the precision ports of your watch the inspection they need. It will save time ond money on future repairs! OUR WORK GUARANTEED 1015 91h Avenue Courtesy, 1 , Parking W.vv. 913 lllh-Sl. Store Hourt Dally 9:30.5:30 Mond.y f:30-8:SO Frldiy S;80-8:30 SPECIALS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT Now Open Monday Nights Til 8:30 For Your Shopping Convenience Corduroy Capris 1.99 Waihsb!« pinwalt corduroy capri panfs . . . w»ll- Jailored with self belt, sid* zipper snd poekit. Assorted prints and ptaids or solids in blact, gold, qietn and purple, jliss 10 lo 18. 3-pc. terry sleep-ploy set 1,99 v*lui 2 3.00 "Happy O U M " . . , to soft to wear. 10 «asy io wash. Perfect for 'round Ino clock wear. Pin 1 ':, turquoise., yellow or while. Small [to 9 mos.], la.-g» (' to 18 rr.os.). buy TWO pillows and SAVE! V I R G I N DACRON , . . .11.rg/ free, floral prinfr cot f on coven. Washable. Sizes 20"x26". 2 5.00 WHITE CURLED GOOSE FEATHERS . . . floral, feather-proof ticking, corded O R 71 scams. 21 in. x 27 in, ·· for V i l v IMPORTED DOWN . . . blue and \vhita stripe ticking, corded geams. Sizes 21 in. x 27 in. 2 r 10.00 IMPORTED WHITE DOWN . . . striped ticking in blue or lilac, n 1Q AA corded seams. 21 in. x 27 in. L for lOiVW EXTRA PLUMP FOAM LATEX Sanforized zipper cover, long wea ing. Excellent for allergy sufferers. Sanforized zipper cover, long wear- O Tf AA L for f.UU Special Sale WOMEN'S SWEATERS Bulky Knits, Cardigans, Dressmakers. 2 « 7.00 Rex. 3.99 100% Wools, Orlons and Blends. Sizes 34 In -10. PRINTED FLANNEL New Assortment Kiddies' Prints and Florals Regular 49c 3 *. 1.00 Women's NYLON PANTS Novelty Trims In Sizes 5 Thru 10 2 - 1.00 SPECIAL Wom*n'» and Children'* WOOL GLOVES 1 00 H 100% Wool NOVELTY SKIRTS Rtgular 5,99, SPECIAL U-VV mens all-weather coats with ZIP-OUT LININGS 13.88 A v«lu» unsurpassed in the city of Djnvs;! 100% wash and wear cotton shell, ragtan sleeves, singla breasted fly front, hacking poclets wilh flaps, zip. out quilted linir.g! Beige color. Sizes 34 to 46 in shorts, regulars, longs.

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