Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 24, 1962 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 24, 1962
Page 7
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Sal.. Nov- 21. 1962 GREELEV TRIBUNE Pag. Tax Reform Package 1 Ready for Congress |' WASHINGTON ' A P ' - The ad-;by Undersecretary of the Trcas- niJ.i.-lmlioii has worked out tenta-jury Henry H. Fowler, lively a doulile-aclion lux proposal' 5!ill' reaction. ar.d (ha( of f, jr t'he new session of Congress.: 0 " 1 " llou « and ^ate leaders and if i|U!rtly testing the reaction |TM nsullod - has ml **en disclosed, of key members. , Mills has been described by col-J Thc package, it was learned leagues as opposing tny "quickie"j Kritlay bo pri'bcnlcd by UK reduction which would greatly | rrcsio.TM Kennedy as a singlel increase the already large federal! ^ hill '.o K 1 macti'd in 1%3 but:dclicit In the absence of a real!*. wci'jld take effect in these two.economic emergency, such as the ·tr."' |lhreai of a serious recession, and 1. A iiibslantijl but partial t a x j a l s o at opposing even a more de-' rj. 1" be dfcclivc rctronclivelylliberate cul unless it is accom- l,i Jan. 1. 19C3. jpanied by revisions that would ·t A ,ii-.,nil blBge. to becumej broad « n lh « IM . b »* iai la P. rev ' (·[Relive Jan. I. 1IM. including a l u i t l w r lax reduction and the lax rtv^ions and loop-holt- closings u;nil«l by Kennedy. Stlmulitivt Btntflt Hy c'imbiiiinp the two steps in line bill, even the initial tax cul ·*o.ild nut lake effect until the re- fnrrr.« were written into Ifcw Vet contributing their full share of federal income. Temperatures l!n' mmumy would have the stim- i.l.iliM- Ix-ncfit of a ca:'- tax reduction heforr lhe revisions -the !f)e(.«_';irpp into force TMC .imuimt t.f the rale rccluc- li,,ni and the kind of ·..n'UT cu:inc! a v.i'll-guanled s e c r e t . T h e P: By THE ASSOCIATED PRISS HlfhLiwPr.: .. 41 33 .. 61 30 45 21 41 27 46 39 *J 31 55 31 SI 19 44 28 46 28 Teen-^ge Sophs Taking Over College Football Albany, clear Atlanta clear Bismarck, ilear ... Boise, cloudv ""'""IRoslon. clear Buffalo, cloudy Jhicagu. cloudy Cincinnati, cloudy Cleveland, bnow .. Denver, clear THE NO-TRAFFIC TWIST - Dancing Danes jam Copenhagen's busiest street from curb to curb Nov. 19, alter traffic was barred from the thoroughfare. More lhan 100.000 people turned out to celebrate the city council decree against everything on wheels along the mile-long "Slrogel." location of Copenhagen's biggest and most expensive stores. The ban will continue until after New Year. IAP Wirephoto via radio from Copenhagen 1 .Jent'i- Mibur-iiiunaui'mciU ad- D, s Moines clear ... \ M i r y commilliH 1 has mom- Detroit, cloudy mended a SlO-biiiiun n-iluclion Fairbanks, clear Among tin loiinresmien sound- Kurt \\onh. cli'idy ni ,,ul i» Hfp. Vilbur Mi!U, U lluii"!jlu cloudy A:;.. Hi* is the irn^i mflufnlial Indian; .mhs. cloudy v.i.n- MI l!:c i.ix. nucslii'ii .il li'.i'-iJacksoriMlle. clear . r:rr IK-C.IU-C he hc;idb uiclJuncau. cloudy !i u*c Ways ;md Meanj Cotiiinii-jKansas Cilj. clear w h i c i originates revenue'Ui Angeles, cloudy cloudy i Not T.ld 48 39 3S M 1 -11 6S V, 83 72 31 24 63 40 41 33 H 44 65 33 62 iDenver Pathologists To Aid Identification of Remains 1 KLACSTAKK. Aril. -AH- -, identdication would be fairly dersheriff Clarke Cole o! Klapstalficonclusive, he said, 'went lo Denver r'ridiiy with a jawj However, Ward noted there is By FRANK ECK \ AP NewilMhjril Sprtl Editor It is interesting lo note the! number of sophomores crashing] college (oolbali headlines this fall. Sensational teen-agers are taking over en masse, which means' that the big college sport should! see some truly great performers the next two seasons. Probably the outstanding newcomer to varsity football at a major college this year is baby- i laced Tom Myers, an 18-year- old ^83-pound six-foot quarterback from Troy, Ohio. Navy's Roger Staubach from Cincinnati is another, bul he's 20 and while he's a varsity newcomer he had an extra year while! preparing for Annapolis. j Myers already is a big slar all j Northwestern, a Big Ten power thai hasn't won a conference fogt- j ball championship since 1936. ; With Myers running lhe attack. | Ihe Wildcats have the best team J i n the reign of Ara Parseehian. who Joins thc lone list of successful coaches lo come from little Miami University a: Oxford. Ohio. In his first five games this| fall. Myers completed 72 of 108; passes for 979 yards and 10 touch- i downs. The sensational soph made' ~ his college debut by completing I 20 of 24 losses against South [Carolina. Against Minnesota he tied a Big Ten record by tossing :$2,317 Missing g | IFrom Jefferson \ i Clerk's Office ''- | · GOLDEN 'AP - Joe Lewis. Jefferson County commissioner. ' i said Friday an audit of the conn- !iy clerk's office has shown V..- | He said H.TCO should be in the i working fund, bul it has only S2.- 383. Disl. Ally. Ronald Hardesty i said a special audit by an out- 'side firm may be ordered. The first audit was made by County I Auditor Jerold Mittelsladt. i Hardesly said thc shortage 'could not be a'.lributed lo any imechanical error in tabulating. TURKEY SHOOT SUNDAY, NOV. 25 11:00 A.M. ", Mile South in'' ' ',; Mile Eait of PUUevlllc. Sponsored byt FT. VASQUEZ GRANGE TOM MYERS NorHiwtsttrn'l Sophomert Stir ·Mibone and hair samples in an ft- one filling in the jaw that he did . . . . , . . I!., adminulraliuns lenlatiy ; . .,,,;/, wa, u,n, ; .! P-T-""^.!) to V. :.- at Ins humc in Arkansas fort lo verify the linking of years-|noi make. jold Conneclicul and Arizona mys-! The undcrsherilf, who delivered i (cries, the jawbone lo Spearfish. said he ! The Connecticut mystery is whal|*TMW lake CoTM' 6 ' 5 lather - Peter Milwaukee, rain . 4 1 24 0! happened to Connie Smith of Sun-| Sm!ln . ba - k lu llls homt ln Sun ' For Sunday Dinner D r i s r To The W c s l f a i r · Knasl Park \villi Dressing; and Appk'.siucc · Hakeil Ham · S'.MSS Steak O u c k W j g o n D i n n e r T o n i g h t Westfair Restaurant W e s t Fjlr Shopping C e n t e r 7003 91h S t r e e t ,lpls -Si *cw Orleans, clear New Yciil. clear Jrnaha, clear Philadelphia, clear Phoenix, cloudy Pittsburgh, cloudy Portland. Me.. Portland Ore.. Hichmund. clear SI. Louis, clear San Diego, cloudy Sun Krancisco. cloudy 53 54 Seattle, cloudy .. 47 34 Tampa, clear . . "i 47 iWashington, clear . 47 34 ' Winnipeg, clear 39 17 i (T-Trtct| 35 W .39i dance Wj . 0i| who disappearance. Wyo. f There. Smith was U 47 36 47 38 46 31 72 45 40 29 45 28 4J 34 53 26 P2 33 66 57 In three Big Ten games--Illinois. Minnesota and Ohio Slali he took thc Big Ten passing lead with 536 yards on 41 completions in 66 efforts. It is getting lo the point thai when Myers misses o n j a pass it is newsworthy. Norihwestern also has Sieve Murphy, a Peoria fullback of 19 and 198 pounds. In the first two c e d cogence games he scored four i \\hcn Connie was a babv. i Connie Smith was the grand daughter of former Wyoming Gov, ^ ^^ ^ ^ ,, Nels H. Smith of Sundance. . in Dcnver can ch(;ck Arizona s mvslcrv is lhe idcnli-i , . , , .1 ly of "LiHle M« X." lhe skeletal lhc J awbonc and COm P arC the remains of a Rirl lounri by deer Ihuntcrs jusl outside the bounda- I r i c 5 of Grand Canyon National the lock uf hair with hair from the ircmain's of Lillle Miss X. in 1958. Identity Tentative Officials in Flagitalf appear 'convinced of the identity bul still EATON BAPTIST Maple and 2nd Elmer Palmer, Paitor 9 : 4 5 A.M. Sunday School ir.OO EpoiHion of ColOilinni 6:15 Youth Hour 7:30 Special Men'i Service BaptHnit. Male Chorui Tutlniony. Clpl, Qeo. W. Muhlbich, Sermon: "When li · Man a M * n ? " FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH The United Church of Chrllt !6:i-, Strsei and 2Ut Avenue Wonhlp at 9130 nd 11:00 "Our Bini md Godi 1 Forgiveneil" Rev. Frfderltk W. Hyilop Nunery Csra Provided Church School nt 9:30 and 11:00 YOUR I N V I T A EVANGEL TE 4^ i, A G f~ 31 + A well or |*V7« Schooll \jjl it An nctlv l^Tj^k SUNDAY^^^^^^ Sunday Ke:"^, Evonge THUHSDAY-- Midweek R "You'll flljny Ihln I'r fti FIRST UNITED ' PRESBYTERIAN :, CHURCH h lr» Slli Avruiii ni Hlh SlrMI , . Dr. Arnold W. Llngenberg ' Mlnlltir | ( 5.15 It in. Cliurrb School In 1 ' 3" .1.111 Wnrtliin Scm e ' K "PoiieilOrl of Treilure" Siirnrry tl S:Kn nnd 10:30 F I R S T EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH 1501 15th Street Robert C. Dillon Pillor 9:46 Sundny Bible School. 11:00 A m . Morning Wonhlp 1 "Elljih. the Prtyer i Warrior" !:15 p.m. Youth Groupl. 7:30 p.m. Evening Service "I've Got A Secret" Nuriery Cure Provided riON TO ATTEND 11 Dl C 8!h A v c n u l .mrUC ;i s i street rowing Rtvival Church] oanlied, Blbll Centered Sunday , well punneo Youth Progrum School 9:45 «.m. litlc Rally ':30 p.m. v vai Rally . .. - :« Pm - llv AMi'liilily uf Cod Uliurrli" P FIRST ASSEMBLY of GOD Jlh 81. und 13lh Avt. !l(l Miiuilr Sncvori ('(incrrt HAROLD 1. MALEY - Puttor ··Rev v.l Time"-KFKA-l «.m. 9und»y temnie bmlin. drmc )r. Ward s.iiil he wants a pa- B| .' £ jiojiis lo look at the jawbunci, ' ^~ \ e r i y Ih.'il :in indeiil.' "'· ,^ Ilt ., p mouth i the .-.pot where a ' L ^ ilh was romovod. Ward. Hit (|[ | ^ rl's denial lelore her disap- (ic|i .nance. a;s he removed^ aj f u u j oth from tlic siimc place in Con-0]] c mnulh It the markint; in the ^....^ nr- is (rum a toplli extraction. [iccr FIRST CHRISTIAN . CHURCH l c llii!ci|ili!i ot t'hristl ! 23rd Avenue and 13th Street Ministers; Leslie L. Boweri, Jr. Harold D. Converse 1 9:30 a.m. Church School. 10:30 a.m. Worthlp and · Communion. Sermon: "God'i Dream -A Redeemed World" Broadtail over KYOU Nuriery care. THE FIRST METHODIST CHURCH 10tn Ave and 10th St. 9:30 A.M.-- Church School 8:15 and 10:50 A.M. Worihip Service! "The Contagion of Kindness" Mlr.ilters Dr. Laird V. Loveljnd llev Jack L, Hill Nurstry cjre (cr botl- aervlces. Service broadcait at 11:00 A.M. over K F K A , 1310 kcs. Christian Science 1 Church i I5(h St. and 10th A v t . : Sunday School-- 11 «.m- Subject Nov. 2J "SOUL ANO BODY" Testimonial Meetlngi This ( linn h n " Imuu i nf thp MnlllT fhiin-i. Thr. 1'llst t'lllin'li nf flirlet SrllT.lH 1" Hi'stiMl. Mnfis "The Bible SceaKl 10 You" RAdlo KFKA Sundayl 8:45 a.m. call er is a FC L a -ml U0 crn nan iue ( ca P ) \nr me IH-I 19-1 of ish As · 11 Stl IO( .I'll pc Wf 1(1 :'K j M I lc t ,u ) 1 . y \\ il! ?end the rcmains i'nm^'.L 1 !: for further study KBI l.iboralorics. nd ihat if identification is con Economic Blockade Halt Urged By WILLIAM N. OATIS UNITED NATIONS, NY. lAPl- i Ur jlies Friday by telephone lhal he, I is nol nbsolulely ccrlain thc jaw! Ibone of "I.iltlc Miss X" is lhal firmed. Arizona ollicers probably j over-all Cuban settl 50 lo Conneclicul lo discuss] T |, js was sai( | lo in finding out what hap- Communisl sources disclosed Fri-| Union have asked the Uniied Slates to lifl its Iong4ime economic blockade ol Cuba as parl of an 51t Irk An. HUtlt DOORS OPEN 1 J.m. SHOW STARTS 1:1( DON HOOAN Followi Did with Iriih settlement. one of H lu Ihe girl. Although Ihere were no marks, a s [ orma ] agreement for ending, mi the skclclon lo indicate mur- the Cubjn crisis. Soviet First 5 e sheriff said he is certain j f o u l play is involved. Deputv Foreign Minister Vastlyi en$ a TM Je '7 ' !\'. Kuziwtsov confirmed lhal such Do11 Ho ? an of N l about two-lhird of Ihe fln = n rM menl had been proposed touchdowns. \Yhat a combination a substitute end but alter live !Myers and Murphy oush; lo makeigames he led Columbia with 17] catches and 176 yards gained on receptions. Notre Dame's Don Hogan is Ihe son of Don Sr., a 1941 Irish hall- back. Young Don slarted his second collegiate game a g a i n s t Michigan State. Despite missing two games he led the team in ·iickoff returns, going 90 yards on four carries, and was second in pass catching, grabbing iou- r for 58 yards. when they grow up. Among other oc'.slanding sophomore teen-agers staning at I maior s:'liools are Ron Smith of Wisconsin. Joe Nammh of Ala- bar.12. Jim \Vealiierlv of Missis^ iwiiils proposed bv Cuba and lhe . . ,, , _ . , ,. ,,.., Soviet Union l u the Uniied St,!« f ^ " a " k B , ar "f n ^ nd Ke .^ U ' lard of Norlh Larolma. W alley Mahle of Syracuse, Arcliie Rob- ertf and Jerry Hu? of Columbia. Noire Dame. Ernie 3S1-OJ45 7N ltd An. DOOR* U OPEN 1 y.m. MOW STA1TS 1:1* skeleton was recovered. Of- : ficcrs said her remains had been scallcrcd. apparently by animals. Icr clothes were found a short distance away, neatly slacked. lo lhe United Stales. U.S. sources indicalcd that Washington would reject the proposal on lifting lhe economic blockade and several other poinls in the Cuban-Sovi Koy of Texas and Jo Lopasky of Houston. Thc Badgers" Ron Smith scored four touchdowns in his first (wo conference games. He's 19 anc comes, from Easl Chicago. Ind. 'Ga» Purree' Ernie Koy is the in-year-oldl son of the former major league outfielder from Bellvilie. Tex. A N O He is the kicking star for the Texas Longhorns. Houston's Lopasky is one the FDR Kin Denies 'Little' Strokes CHICAGO 'APl-The physician 11 in-law ol lhe lale Franklin D. Koosevelt denied Friday what he termed perpetuated reports the ion's 32nd president suffcret - "little" slrokes prior lo his ill). i; 1 .lames A. HalMcd, husbanrj Ihe Into President's daughter Anna, and a specialist in inlerna medicine, said reports of the mul liple strokes first appeared in a 19-19 magazine article. In the current December 1 issui if Today's Health Mapazinc. pub lished by the American Merlica wialion. Halsted said: "II is important (o j:el at III ulli in order to sel thc rccor straight. Otherwise (his myt five slrokcst would lend crei L i u c lo the assumption by SOP. people (hal flooscvell's judpnienl seriously impaired by supposed ill health" 'riday morning in Hyannis Porl Mass. But the diplomats Weatherly. 19. from Pontotoc, ! maior colleges mi from Lehman. something to see. Hc"complcted| In five tames he had four TDs six of nine passes for two touch-, and had gained 200 yards on 48 "['. Miss plays behind veteran quar-| major colleges missed. He's a ,e United S.ales will no, "aba'n- '^ack ClTM Grilling bul he's, .95-pou,,dc, ; on lhe political, economic and Iher efforts of this hemisphere lo alt subversion from Cuba." U.N. diplomats reported thai cnnedy and the executive committee of Uie U.S. National Se- urilv council sludied the Cuban-' 1 downs and averaged 12.2 yards; carries. j o n six carries i:i O'.e Miss' firsl 1 Vrs. youth is showing Ihe way. .four games. In the 21-0 win over 1 on lhe college gridirons this fall. iTulane he wonl 43 vards on three-; "PIRATES OF SLOOD RIVER" s and passed 30 yards in a. Soviel proposals al a meeliiic ,, ; drive thai led to Uie final touch-'. doubt that the United Stales would Tlw down. NC's Bardcn is a speedy wins- 'xpressed| bacli °' 13 [l ' om G''" n sboro. N.C. mane eight un- South reply lo il before next week, assisted tackles against ·Nothing's going lo come of il 1 c ,^, olln , a ' Tho Tar "^ h ? ve j" inyhow," said one diplomat. .\nother explained thai Uniied Slates was not willing toi discuss any clause taken from Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro's so-called five demands for a Cuban selllemenl. Thc Cuban-Soviel proposals disclosed in part Thursday amonc oilier lliings. would have the Uniied Sliues agree lo 1. lift ils economic blockade of Cuba: 2. stop "interference in the domestic affairs \Villnrd a promising fullback. Afl- j er six games he loci the learn in yards gained rushing with 1M He had llirce touchdowns. Madle was unlislcit in the oarh season dcplh ch.irl nl Syracuse Four'KS were ahead ol him. Hut tin' ISo-poundcr frotv Erie. Pn.. covered 1W \ards on 48 carries in thc firsl five panics Cohmbia's Kel-cvls n'liiplrloi 62 of 94 passes in lhe Lions' firs ive same*. Roberts. 19, is fron DIRT FREE! Loaded on your truck. Dirt loaded R( 2000 16th Street. We will begin loading al S:00 a.m. on Monday. Inquire about renlinit a t r u c k . Thone 352-6574 Greeley Equipment Rental 625 3rd Street Book of Job' , Cuba. - An ouldoor NEW VOltK i.M unimer pageant, "Thc Book «1; nil" i« makinc nnolher midwin-i er visit lo New York. The speetni-lc has been staged nr fnur years .il Pinrville. Ky.. mil lesled hie city response hrief- y in !%l A IJ-pcrliirmancc "chciliili 1 was increased lo IB This lime 2-"i prcsciilatunis are In be civen. Marline Dec 27 of Cuba." and. 3. start negotiating! Holyuke. Mats. He also punl with Cuba on lhe (mure of the well, llis darl. Art lioucrts. coached him in high school. Hug. 18.1 from Wcs: Orange. N.J.. is onlyl U.S. naval base nl Ciianlanamo. Rorc Tumor Checked I'llH'AUO -- A rare form o iMiU'cr. i hloi itHMi i inoiiia, h a hYn elfcclivi-K ihivkcd ly (h tlnii:. melholrexalc. the America Medical Association reports. Th tumor is found oiilv in women APPRECIATION SALE! Beth and Shorty Goodner's PRIME RIB CAFE AND D I N I N G ROOM You'll Like Our Sunday Dinntr Specials HOURS: CoMff Shnp · A.M. to «-K r - M Dining Room II «.m. 18 »:J" P.m- Let ui plan youi ntxl Lunch«on or Iridjt "arly 2501 6»h Av.. 352-M54 COWBOY BREAKFAST ( i H K K I . K Y SAUni.K. CLVU N o r t h on 1Kb Avr. across Toudrr Ilivcr Sunday, November 29 S f r v i n x fr""' " "- ni - '" 12 n "° n Kill nil MIII «anl'. K ^ c r v n n * Wrlrnmr. STARTS C MONDAY WATCH FOR IT! mm mm You Drive Thru nl H u r r j ' j South 81 h Ave. Real Special Sunday Dinners $-(25 and Every Evening $1*5 THE CAMFIELD HOTEL

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