Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 13, 1970 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1970
Page 7
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Artist Paints Murals on Walls With Children as Collaborators By JOY STILLEY AP Ncwsfeatures Writer yen up,'' Mrs. \Vagenvoord \\V1., Miiy 1'i. ; admits. So 1 .start I animal I'm f a m i l i a r I In luosc'n myself up. |get going and start to plan with j the children it goes smoothly. 1 "I have a rapport with ! children." she continues in her . there are direction Irom 1970 ( , ' K K K L K V T K I U l i N E I'ajre 7 nearbv in O r d i n a r i l y , though, theiat a nearby piua parlor (i'.'!' Cy children are cooperative. They|exchange for all Ihe piz/a she - ' l e a r n the animals belong to|wanted. She held a year's ap- ;them and Ihcy have the to take care of prcnticcship w i t h sculptor. Marshall Fredericks, and later . . . , ,, , ,, , i,.,,,,,,...,., ,,,,, TMniiniip; in ner -- o- - -- became art director for the art whole idea. It doesn't make,-" a i u . MIL u m i m e , n nu ^.^.^ | .. ()m ^^ b u t s | 1C | pll . /)!lc ilm | crafl division of a sense for a seal to be s i t t i n g ; - « " u r ' , "I; . " ' i ' ' , . , . i l l v likes to hear from the mother! greeting card firm. She left thai- N K W YORK AH - When"" "'I'. » f .". bureau - w i i h ;l . lla |: " ''. ·,,.,,^v- v u lr vc to'"' -· general preferences.job a year ago to spend her a^V^voord pffi ^ ta r^^ .* X T^iruvSt 118 ^^ murals her canvas is a wall, her sub-!,, xl) , owinn , .iTM,, , h( , m react i nL ,isiretch them as long as you 1 - 1 " 1111 - 11 : " 1U w n d l ""-' le :'"' n L l l " L "'""". jects are the flora and faun^ 1 m \ 'TMth,T l a i i h l I u b|can." y f l -" ( l " f - j , '»'* n TM «"TM r . sl ' rtcii b y of fnlasyland and her " TMUn P ,i ,j t ,,,. ju sl looking The kids, of course, want t o , One mother, she recalls.'ehance alter she pa.uted a roorn r^b^eUm " i P i ' i ' i t l«o and she solves this'reported that her son was ex- for her 2-year-old nephew. "His W-icenvoord doesn't ! problem bv painting a f r a m e ' t r e m e l y fearful of bugs so on reaction was fantastic." she liannv animals 1°"' »" l l l « wa "- lnskl -' which.a light switch Mrs. Wagenvoord 1 remembers. - ' * . * . *".' ' ^ u / , , 1 ,..,.-. ,i, ir ,,Mr. -,L- tlirtif nloucjo nnininrl ;i frnrr whlfh. slu 1 tnlri 1 thrsllcd. StL. ^ -- on flic wall and fiiirfp nt" pmnl inns 1 ijvuiuudiiv u »m »/^ ~w\.i ^j, ···*- mi"- ^U.T , «!.«.- ««·· i"- "Mtio.. that kids experience " A c Id's I"'''" « standard-size sketch p a d ' H e soon got over his fears. jdragged visitors in to introduce llla L k1 * 1 u ^ n . U1C , C : ..,, C .V. ,.^ror the child's f u t u r e artistic! Mrs. Wagenvoord. whose;them to his friends. I Rot calls endeavors. h'jsbaiul Jim is a free-lance from parents whose children "Rooms for vouiifcr ones t a k c u v r i t e r , is the daughter of artist had seen his room and wanted . . . . i -- of (| le j r own ] w a s ln collaborator is a child. Boys and girls ages 2 to 7 direct the tall, graceful blonde's ' Mrs. paint only "He was en- paintbrush as she creates to because she feels'she has lo-hey can doodle as they please painted a frog which slia told;thralled, started talking to the order murals of colorful, per- refled the range of emotions'Eventually it will be covered;the l i t t l e boy, ale all the bugs.;animals sonality-imbued trees, flowers ,.., _ _ | room is a place to which he!' 01 ' " lc ways, ,ace for land animals for their rooms. · "Their choice range is terrific and their imagination has no limits." says the 25-year-old painter who provides the ABCsj part of his life." o f animaldom -- from THE.LADY AND THE TIGER . . . Anita Wagenvoord, who paints murals in children's rooms in consultation with the rooms' occupants, gets a little coaching from a junior client, Brendon Myers, 2. At the youngster's request this particular tiger is red with yellow stripes. Guide to Books THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE. By Felice Gordon. Dcla-j Corte. Name the standard ingredients for a sex novel full of international .celebrities (in thin fictional disguise) and you have the formula for this book. There's Ton! Millhouse, America's best-known widow at 32 point for the jet set; it is run by Count Paul--who is broke, under Arki's thumb, and has been cheating on his wife, tile heiress and former Hollywood star Susan Belmont. Among the other characters are various film people, an English duchess married to a homosexual, a German industrialist and a deposed monarch who collects pornography. This assorted fester of not very savory people has assem- (her husband was secretary of hied for the annual gala at Mai- state and likely would have be-jlacca, supposedly a charity af- uomc president); Toni's sister, fair, but actually an orgiastic of course, has married a title.!rite of soxual upmanship, the And there's the multimillionaire old double cross and self-indul- moon crater Copernicus towers | "Children have a unique sense ligher above the crater floor of humor." she observes. "Tn- han do the Rocky Mountains ccngruily is very funny to them Turkish tycoon Arki (short for gence. The 12,000-foot-high rim of the Scented No Longer a central me ;I l i l t l c longer because there|Hugh Laidman, widely knownlone |;s a lol more police work," Ihcifor his waleivolors, liistoricalibusiness. wi, n i t - .,11 Hnn» n tncnhoi':»'l'st explains. "Then I h e . m u r a l s and books. Raised in -alligators bears and chimpan-l, , " , ,f , molhers have to be around. Thejupstate New York, she has been /eef to i e b r a I - in a gX| lakcs f 1 " 0 " 1 lwo l n t h r c e d a y s ''kids don'l have to be with r n c j p a i n l i n K ever since she can . never seen in nature lhe 1;lst l h i n « to 8° on is a l a l l the lime When they have remember, often assisting her PARIS - Paris subway, the . Purple monkeys, green stiuir-sign: "This room was p a i n t e d j a nap. in facl, 1 painl l i k e : f a t h e r on murals ;Mclro, has an aroma| "[ P cr , rels blue elephants, pink!especially for . . . " at child's-icra/.y." - "I always liked to do t h i n g s ^ f u m e garhc, cigarettes and parrots - she's done them alljeye level, a perspective she; She uses acrylic, n o n r o x i c l b i g . ' she says. "When others!burned rubber, for a «mle 'o ' · · · · ·· ' - - · "·-- - - · - · - - - j i ] nla k e a mistake!were doing three-bristle oils I.mask these odors, a dcouonzcr- The older kids, especially the boys. want more ferocious beasts, such as crocodiles, lions and tigers. keeps in mind throughout. She pain ,... .. · . . ,, over Denver's mile-high plain, land this is the basis of the; white for you. it sort of lighlensloul of it. ^ also nuts leaching elements" in I just, for instance, make it a I was painting with a- house j disinfectant was sprayed along I -j o j ^ i. i i i ! i i » « i - -i i ' i-: ' i-._,.!.,, ^,.-,,1 ,,ti i-t 11 M\n nl-il f/ii-mc the room, such as five oranges, l a t t e r giraffe than I d planned eight plums, one strawberry, a i originally," she says. "While I daffodil or three apples. j w a s out of the room once a "H's scary lo walk i n t o a . l i t t l e girl free-handed all over room that's just been p a i n l e d ' t h e wall and 1 made a garden! Archimedes--and is this a Turk- It is formula fiction all the ish name?), who has tired of h i s i w a y , contrived behind a doubt mistress, a ballerina, and wants fully facile facade of "in" cliclH to marry Toni. cs. There also is a little principal-; Miles A. Smith ity called Mallacca. which is, both a liw haven and a rallying; USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS « GET THE GARDEN MARK 'une-up SPECIAL Plus parts 9 * , Make the most of your Garden Mark® mower! Let our technicians put back the power it packed when it was new. Here's what they will do: · Check engine compression · Clean codling fins · Install new spark plug at no extra cost · Clean and adjust breaker points · Check crank shaft alignment · Change oil (in crankcase models) t Clean carburetor air filters; adjust jets and engine speed · Check blade drive--adjust as needed · Sharpen and balance rotary blade or replace at no extra cost. (Reel blade sharpened and aligned at extra cost.) · Make a complete power chnck PHONE OR VISIT WARDS SERVICE DEPT. brush. Maybe it has something'tracks and on station platforms, to do with the fact thai 1'injbiit not anymore -- commuters 6 feet tall." jcomplained that t h e i r wives She studied at the University'were suspicious when they of Arizona, where she held three:came home smelling of the including painting a mural]Metro's lavender scent. 1ST TIME ON THE NEW , WIDER TIRi OF THE 70 's FOR IMPROVED W H E N V O U B U . H R S T T . R E A T R E O U L A R NEW MV»»« AND PERFORMANCE PLUS 2.17-3.20 fET EACH SALE ENDS MAY 26 WARDS RIVERSIDE 4-SQUARE PASSENGER TIRE GUARANTEE GUARANTEED AGAINST FAILURE duo orkmonlhip (or the lift of th« Ward! will ..thong. on«, charging only lhal of tread uied. G U A R A N T E E D AGAINST T R E A D WEAROUT (or monthi specified or fo( miUl ip»df;*d. In ccte tread out, Woidi will (Kclinngi tire lot a betw«an Ihe Current regular pnca (plut Federal Eiclin Tan) ond a ips- eific dollor ollowanet. |Tr»od w.or guor nlei den not apply to tit«i uttd orrm.rtiolly.) NATONWIDE SERVICE. GuaronUn · STRONG FULL 4-PLY NYLON CORD BODY · 2 RAYON BELTS STABILIZE THE TREAD- IMPROVED HANDLING, QUICK RESPONSE · AND THE HST "78" IS GUARANTEED FOR 39 MONTHS AGAINST TREAD WEAR-OUT! SIZE TUBEIESS BLACKWALL C 7 8 - U E78-14 F 7 8 - 1 4 ·G78-U H78-14 J 7 8 - 1 4 F 7 8 - 1 5 G78-15 H78-15 J78-15 178-15 REPLACES SIZE 6.95-14 7.35-14 7.75-14 8.25-14 8.55-14 8.85-14 7.75-15 8.15/8.25-15 8.45/8.55-15 8.85-15 9.00/9.15-15 REGULAR PRICE EACH 30.65' 32.70' 34.75' 36.8039.85' 42.9034.75- 36.8039.85' 42.9045.95' SECOND TIRE EACH 15.32* 16.35* 17.37* 18.40* 19.92* 21.45* 17.37« 18.40* 19.92* 21.45* 22.97* PLUS F.E.T. EACH 2.17 2.25 2.44 2.60 2.80 3.01 2.40 2.60 2.80 2.93 3.20 With uade-in off your car. 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