Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 11, 1973 · Page 44
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 44

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1973
Page 44
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GKEELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Wed., April 11,W3 "Coconut Monk 1 would salvage cease-fire LEARNING HIS TRADE -- David Houck, right, said by his union to be the only shipwright apprentice in California, gets a lesson in repairing a cabin on a ship from Ed Doney, left, and Dick Linville. Houck works beside older craftsmen, repairing and restoring the collection of old wooden vessels moored in California's. Maritime Historic Park near Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Shipwright learns dying trade SAN FRANCISCO (AP) The creaks and groans of ancient wooden sailings ships are everyday shop talk to David Houck. Houck, 29, is said by his union to be the only shipwright apprentice in the nation's most populous state -- an aspirant in Houck said of his unique job in California's Maritime Historic Park near Fisherman's Wharf. "What I have to do is watch and try to get it all in my head." He works beside older craftsmen repairing and restoring the collection of old wooden training director of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, the shipwrights' national union. "The moral of the story is don't buy a big wooden sailing ship unless your handskills are pretty good," he said. Hv HUGH A. MI'LUGAN AP Special Correspondent PHOENIX ISLAND, Vietnam (AP) -- If the police would only go away, Nam Nguyen Thanh, alias the Coconut Monk or Prophet of Concord, could proceed with his all-star international conference to salvage Vietnam's cease-fire. Thanh, also known as Uncle Hai, lives on a ferryboat moored in the Mekong River off a mile-long island heavily populated with draft dodgers and deserters from both government and Communist sides -men who have become his faithful followers. This patch of real estate flies neither the flag of the Viet Cong nor the Saigon government. The Coconut Monk hasn't said so in so many words, but he thinks the Vietnam peace protocols are already a failure. The reason he hasn't said so is that he hasn't said anything in the last four years, as a result of having resumed a previous vow of silence for peace that kept him speechless for 12 years. His peace proposal, renewed in a recent letter to the Pope with copies to all world leaders, calls for President Nixon and the leaders of China, Soviet Russia and France to sit down with him on his island and thrash things out. Other seats at the octagonal-shaped table made of coconut wood would go to President Nguyen Van Thieu of Soul* 1 Vi.tnam, former Emperor Bao Dai and a Viet Cong delegate. There in a conference hall on a floating barge attached to the Pagoda of Christ and Buddha, as the Coconut Monk calls his combined religious establishment, the eight delegates would "surrender to the serenity of peace" over cooling coconut milk and platters of island- grown vegetables. Thanh, who neither smokes nor drinks, claims to have shunned fish, meat, rice, flour and chemically made salt and sugar for the past 25 years. He also has not taken a bath in 25 years. When we visited the Prophet of Concord on his island and barge complex 45 miles south of Saigon, disciples in gnome- like pointed turbans and reddish-brown robes were putting the finishing touches on the helicopter.pad to receive the world dignitaries and erecting a papiermache grotto over the conference table. Some had a number and the words "Tu-Tu" stenciled in black ink on their backs. "This means 'peace prisoner of morality and spirituality,' as our master terms the deserters and draft avoiders," said Hoa Ngo, a self-confessed AWOL from Saigon's army who served as our interpreter. As he spoke a Vietnamese navy gunboat slowly circled the island, looking for deserters and making sure the monk stays on the island. He has been more or less under house arrest since 1969 for "antigovernment political activities." Some 3,000 people live on the narrow, wooded island. "Since cease-fire many police come to the island," Ngo said. "They kidnap deserters in the village and hunt for V.C. The only safe place is the prayer circle in the pagoda under the nine dragon poles." He led the way to the ferryboat across gangplanks that symbolized the Ben Hai River, separating the two Vietnams. A smiling Uncle Hai sat cross-legged on his dragon throne, going through his morning ritual of chopping and slicing fruits and vegetables for his noontime salad. The roof of the throne room was an enormous concrete cutout map of Vietnam, and behind him was a mural vividly depicting bombers roaring off an aircraft carrier and gunboats belching fat bullets amid doves and ravens. "My master goes up there at night to meditate," said. Ngo, pointing to an orange-colored cylinder about the size of an oil drum atop a 60-foot pole. "He never lies down. Sometimes he may recline in the lotus position." Several dozen assorted believers, tourists and courtesy callers sat in folding chairs before the throne.' The Coconut Monk, a florid-faced cherub' with a wispy beard, shoelace mustache and a friar-like bald crown, acknowledged their presence with a nod, a wink of the left eye and an uplifting gesture with the middle finger that could be. grossly misinterpreted in less ascetic circles. His off-the-shoulder yellow robe, with the fringed arc of hair around the shiny bald pale, gave him the distinct demeanor of an Oriental Nero. Devout disciples, who may have been enemies once, introduced the worthy and carried off the .vegetable rinds. "Here we have Vietnam's only peaceful coexistence of Communists and capitalists," said our interpreter, an army medic for six years before he decided he didn't hate anyone any more. "Former enemies in war work together to serve the master." As if to demonstrate the co- existence theme, a gibbon swinging in the cage beside the . dragon throne peeled a. banana 'passed through the bars by a . tourist and handed it to his. cellmate, a black bear cub. An . acolyte with a hand microphone broadcast the details of the monk's life over a booming loudspeaker. - ' ' . ' Thanh, so our interpreter relayed his story, was born in 1910 "on the 25th day of the ·'· 12th lunar month of the year of the Cock." He studied seven ·' years in France to become a chemical engineer. He served as a functionaire in the Manda- .. rin system through World War .' II and the Japanese occupation .. of Vietnam, which gave him pause to think. Oil or gas has been discovered in 72 of Oklahoma's 77 counties, and the oil wells on the state capitol grounds have produced more than $8 million for state funds. a dying craft whose prac- vessels in the park, a popular titioners once designed, built tourist attraction, and mended proud wooden Apprentice programs are ships around the iglobe. equally rare in other parts of "There's so much to learn." the country, said Jim Tinkcom, GREAT MOWER BUYS! YOU, the motorist pay every penny of the HIGHWAY TRUST FUNDS T r ust jui'd; Lave been impounded in the past and in 1972 no federal legislation was passed because conflicting interests would not agree on highway and other transportation funding. Until legislation is passed, planning costs for the new fiscal year is delayed and disrupted. It's your money Speak up to unlock these funds and you can be sure of good roads in Colorado. Colorado has 3,719* miles of substandard highways that are not adequate for today's needs ... sharp curves need straightening, roads need resurfacing, narrow lanes need widening, steep grades need leveling and many aid bridges must be improved or replaced. f ·Stmrrr- Colvojo'l Jnnual Hit mi S,//,tim, t,u,, SuJr In the Interest of Public Information Ktforl ·nun iiiiiiiiimiiniiii INDUSTRY ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM 1411 *. Alh St., Dtnvtr, Colorado DAYS! WARD WEEK POWERFUL 3'/:-HP ROTARY FEATURES INSTANT PULL-AND-GO STARTING! SAVE *17 7Q88 ^g Jj REG. 96.99 · Dependable Briggs Stratton engine has auto, fuel system · InstanfacMon height adjuster* · Handle folds for easy storage STURDY GRASS CATCHERS TO FIT THESE MOWERS Enjoy 1-step mowing! Durable aluminum base. Easy- empty. Reg. price. 12.99 Modi! 244 SELF-PROPELLED ROTARY 13Q 94 I W7 REG. 159.99 Easy mowing! SVz-HP. Safety handle--raise to go,lowerto stop. Lightweight vacuum deck. 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