Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 2, 1955 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1955
Page 8
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/'age S URKBI.EY TK1HUNE . .l-'riday, Dec. 2; 1955 A L L . X A T I O A S I'U.VriiCOSTAL ' ; nil rJth Street Elder Ttiomus It Dsivls. I'nstor 9:i's. Sunday school; 11. M o r n i n g · AsuMjii.fiA IE uios -, * R r v Eduordo Durau . ( S p a n i s h colony :3p. Sunday school; 11. Service* · '' I ASSEMBLY 'or con ' j . 9lh SI and 13th.Ave. · Hev. (1. It. Kelly. M i n i s t e r 9:4E, liitil* school, P c n n i B Lloyd. E«pi;: ll. Sermon; 1:15. Evangelistic lerylce '. A S S I I M U L Y OF GOO - ; .sri.Sisii en iiitcii · ; ' 923 B St- * . M a n u e l M on dragon. Has Lor 10 :· S u n d a y Bcnool; 7 :3U. Kvan^el- Irifc service. Services Tuesday aad Tnurkday. 1:30. isivi HtJL UAPTIST' cifuttcn Corner ilh Ave. and I G i h SL Kev. James. L. Mason, Pusior '8:3*. E a r l y ' W o r s n i i j ; 9:*5, Sundi ichool, Edwin Johnson, Supt., n, M o r n i n g Worship;. fi:3D. DC the! Y o u t h - Fellowihlp; 7:30. Evening urviee. · DETH ISRAEL, S Y N A H O G U R · 9th SU at I3ih Ave · . Saturday 'services. 2:30; Sunday zchool, 3:30 tinrt 10:16. .": CAIiVAIt'l ' l l A t T J S T ' Rev, J o h n Col Una, Pastor ' ' - 10th St. and 13lh Ave. Si*i. Bible school; ll Bible preaching; · 7, Junior and Senior Young I'eoples; 1:45. Services, : CHRISTIAN S C I K X U n : ilh Ave. and Hth SL Branch o f ' t h e M o t h e r Churc.V S:30. Gunday ackooU 11. Worship. 1:45 KFKA; 11:4K KI.Z-TV. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE : CHURCH Rth Ave. n u t ] 1-Uh Slrcct ' B r a n c h o f T h e M o t h e r C h u r c h , The First Church o f ' C h r i s t Scientist, In Bos' ton", MASS., c o r d i a l l y invites you to attend its service's, Siinday; D«c,. 4, 11:00 a.m. : Subject: , GOD.THE ONLY CAUSE : AND CREATOR. ' ' *. . ' \ Sunday School--9:30 A , M , Wc^ne.sday c-venlna Testimony ;" M e e C i A g 8 o'clock t L f s t c n to _ How C h r i s t i a n Science Heals ; Sunday--KFKA--8:45 ' r^LZ-TV--Channel 7--12:15 : i i i ) J t u i l OF i r n n i s i . U2S (tli Si · '· Owen Morrow'. M i m s t s r S:*5, Kurty W o r s h i p ; 10. Blbte classes; 11, Worship; 1:30 Services. C I I U H C U O K n u n \ l!lh SI And 3rd Ave. .evLMn-ar* (I. Ualuwln. 1'aslor. :*b. Sunday school, IQ:4. Wnrship: 1:45. T O U H B People: 7-4b. Wor- hip cn i 1 uc 11 OF i; u i -- m 111, K HUM.VUSS M I S S I O N ' 'Sth St ,vnd 5Ui Ave R e v - L l o y d Van Mat re. Pastor 10. S u n d a y . uchnol n , . Worship: J :30, iJvenlng EC A-ic» CHL'ltCEI OK (JO1 l.\ C I 1 I U 3 I ·513 Fifth A v e n u e Hev H.'O Oanei. Minister ?:3y, S-.jnrlny _scliool; U. Mornlr · ervlce; S. Kveriln£ service * c i i u n c n .OF.I;UII 'or I'ltni'ii^i ' 130 10th St. Jt«v. W. T. fettyjohn, Faster 10. Sunday school: 11.' W o r s h i p . ? MS Evening service. C H L U C H U K JKMIS L'limsT LATTER DAY SAl.MS Kl' Hall SUli 9th SL 10, Sunday school; tl. Sacrament meeting. tunica or 'AA/.Aiiti.vE 9th SI' and Tllh -Ave. . Wnlter E. Vast binder:, Timor 3:'4i, SimilEi; Kchuol;. l O H b . Wor ctnn* 6:1 Y o u t h Fellowship; 7:30. BvaugelUtlc tervlc* £tEOii(;AM/i:i) c u t i ten OF Jtisus .ciimsT j y y i/A'in K» · · IM V S A I N T S D A V Hall Elder Harold N e w t o n . Pastor 10. C h u r c h , ichool; 11, Worship. K I R S i suu'riii:n.v n A r r i v i 1 Kov. Felder Cade, Pasior 1th a v e n u e and ?Slh SL 9:i5. Sunday school; II, Worship-. 7;3'.'. Bvenlns service E\ A.VG1JL1UAL, KUJhJB C I I L K C H \t\.h Avo. And Ulh El. · Rev. Ben C. Brinkson, l*a»lor 10. Svuclay ichool: 11. Worship. T. Evening service. l^VA.Mi EI.1CAI, L.M'ITJIJ I Z l h Ave. 'find IZllt SC ' Kev. Kilward Neas. M i n i s t e r . 9r45. S u n d a y school. Mrs. LeolK ship and sermon. Cprnei 10th Avo a-iil n t l j St. 14*v itoberi i: Larson, I'Liator ?, Jr. choir: OM5, L'hurch nclmnl: ! 1. Mnriiliitf \Vr»rj?hJ|»: Tlio l . E v i n i r ·'rcaence of Clu-lsl; 5, Jr. lHah choir, «. ' ] ! Y K ; 6:10, Children's c h o i r rc- n r s a l : 7:5. liveniitff Service. I ' l l ? S i U J l I t I M T I A . N U H U K U 1 I Slh Ave. and l i l h St. Rev. 3nrk V Heevc. Pnstor 0:30. Churut. scnool; 1 0 : 4 5 . ' W o r ship ami c o m m u n i o n ; A Kalth Tte- raer.dnus for U.ei:faive Uays, Worr.ttn'a T)ay SVosher, Mrs.- CnrT"lc irou'lnnd, K x e c i i l L v e Secretary or Lho C W F \n Ihe Rocky- Mou'ntitlji aren: ^. 1)SF: Youth choir; 6:30, Chi Itho, ", OYK. " FJHST CflVISNA'.Vr L1II.1CL-J1 R«v «~, Cecil OslerberB, Fattor l l t h A«e Aiifl IOth SL 1C, Surritiv school; 'll. Worship; .TesuK, lh,i J u d E e i " r3P, A d v e n t C a n d l e l i g h t , · Thou Crovvnest the Y r n r . w i t h Thy Goodness. * r m v i ncTHoiiis i u n u u c n 0 t h Ave. and I9l]i SL Rev \ U M o U M t l . A l l n l x t e r ·8:30 niHl 10:4E; W o r f h f p J . Our J-'nHli iti (!(·*! and (tin K u t u r o of Our Church; $:30, church ncljoul; :SO, ^ c-*loy -iiiiiid;illon; 6:30. I t i t e r i n c d l : i t e ^ MVF, Y o u t h choir;' 7:30, M t l i SI and 9lh Ave. Rev H u r l o U Allen. N M i i l s i r r " 9:45. C h n i c - h cchuo) lo; all a«es 10:50. fCursi-ry, I0:0. . c r n i n g wo.r ahlp; 6;au "Allege group: 6:30. M a r - iners; ? .1- H u h Etnool croup. r n u i i s t i t .1 UK aosi'ti,, ciiintcii " I l l l i Ave and iH St. Uov. K e n n e t h \Vt-ld Pnstor S:^^. S u n i l a v school. I I . Worship, G:3P, Crufciidcr Service; 7:30,- R v a n - · r!!*·? Mi-.'im.n-ii c i i n K c n 7th Avo ^nd 14th 3t K f p l n e n c e I j l S 7 t h Ave. . O. C3. Wllcox, Pastor 9 ^ 4 . Sunday school: " I I . ..lornlnff ^'v'orshlp.-^ T:C. livening Worship. · C J I l L l l I L n t I I A I ' i IS 1 iUJll'l.i 9th St and 14th Ave. J o r c p h Ji Sirnnson. F'aator 10. Sun ilny School, I I . \ V o r s h l p .Service* 7. - V o u t l j Meetings; 7:4" .Service* 7. - V o u l l j l i v a n y e l i s t l c service. Assi^titi.i ur n u n . · llh St. and Third Ave. liev. Kau) .McNeece. I'astor ?:*i. S u n d a y school: 11, M o r n i n g ^·orshlp;,7:*6. E v f i n l n c E v i n c f l l s t i c services 1 4 t l i A*e. nt\a [.Akesiile U r l v a Rev C r e n v l t l e ,M. Chtisien.ien »:I5, S u n d a y school: 11. Mnrnlnj; jniinvAir.s \vir.\ESSE9 405 7lh St. . 3, Pi till h- 1 ort u r n ; 'Hi* nilj!e's A i i s u e r lo M n d c r n Day L i v i n g ; 4:15, \\'atchto\ver Studjv jiissio.VAiti I'lAJ'rJs-r c n D n c u C3rd Av«. and SLh PL Klilpr K l l j y 1L FtsTier, 'rtATS-J 3:45. Sim-lay Ken no L 11. M o r n i n g W o m l i f p ; 7.. E+iliJt' Tr.ilnltnf Comae; S, Ki'ening- W o r s h i p . U U R I ^ A I J V OK t't:ACK C A T H O L I C ll'th A v e Lind 3ra SL ' ' Rev. UomlnEc itorora Masse* al 6. 8 a n d ]0:30 3:15, Knnrtny . echool; 11. Worship; OUIt S A V I O H ' S A.1IKIIICA.1 i,U'i'Hi:itA.\ ciiuitcii : 21st bl and Sth Avo. Hev. P. -WcEonnst, Pasior 8:30 mifl 11. Worship, A d v p n l Idnipnltiot]^: 5: S3. ulnirch cuhocil; :4», ] either an SlnileiUu. P A H u co. (tKEI;ATIUNAL 8th SI and 10th AVQ. Ur. Frank K. Carlson, I n t e r i m Pasior P, Jr. H i g h choir; 9:30 Early Wor- s h i p service; Q u a l i f y i n g lo Celete Christmas; A d u l t choir, U:30 mnl 10:10 c h u r c h school clus«ca; 11:00. j - C K u l n r Wnrshlii; Q n n l l f y l r t t ' u'CelibraH: :iirSslrnus; 5:^0. Coimn; :30, Jr. l l i e h choir, h'lrc-slde; 7:-30, Sr. Hl(fli clu-ilr, Sparks; 8, ' A d u l t r u . f . A R oi' rinis ciitmcji E(h Avo, al I B l h SL . R«v". L. S. vWolfFfatigi' Pastor 10. S u n d a y School; U WorEhlo; 7:30. Evangelistic service 4. Holy C d n i m n n i o n : 9:30. Kainil/ Worship: F i l m , The School and ihu S y n n f f f n i c ; I I , Holy Communion ami Kerintm; 10:15, Cfji'ir .; . Ti"l C'a; 6:30 C a t i t L - i b u i y Club. 1 H I , M 1 \ [.UTJIEHA.S C l t U t t U l l 7th Ave and L 6 t b SL Hev. Leo K. / t u b e l , I'astor 8:SO, Klrst worship; S:60, S u n d a y school and BibJo cia^EPs: 11, S e c o n d 1 W o r s h i p s i-?0 ^ ^ m m a r*lt- «o- clety ' s t l j 'su and' l l t h A v e Kev Paul L b'erKUbt:i. Pastor 9M5 C h u r c h school; 11. WorMi! A- New K i n d of Klr.g; '·, i'ou iviisciiYA-.v .nV;i H O I I I S I c n u m 2400 Ptli Ave. ' . Hev, J t . J Gilbert, Faalor 10. Sunday school; U. \Vorihl 7:30. Services. . Sunny View Church I of the Nazarene 3040 11th Avenue Greeley, Colorado t.' · . You are invited to | OUR CHURCH and SUNDAY'BCHOOL ·: Sunday School - 9:45 a.m. ^Worship Services:- 10:45 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. I · · --FREE BUS.SERVICE--. . . t Phone 1750M or 4199J and the bus wifl atop or your boor R. E. Keallher, Pastor VVIinlevor the Weather *is Fall... I 7here*$ Sbm/ner Driving m i: '. . *--^^^^-- * : . WINTER G R A D E ) \ W ^ : pRErv^Bisrvi G/\soi_|Qfe/ G/\S_OLffyjfe/ V^/rfc | -WBTH DE-ICER^ 1 -- '"^ . · Even in cold winter weather,^ f'.you get lively, summertime per- · [ formance with STANDARD WHITE :; C R O W N P r e m i u m Gasoline. , ;:.Eyery drop is specially made for ;; winter. An a m a z i n g De-icer * additive prevents gas-line freeze ·i --down to 40°. below. Light, . :· volatile elements assure quick !; starts on bitter cold mornings-i;'other elements warm up engines T: fast. The. highest octane rating i: in our history gives you-smpoth, . :-; knock-free 'performance, mile i; after mile. Drive in today for a . ii tankful of .STANDARD Premium- r" Gasoline. It has everything it Hakes to be "TOPS'. 1 for driving. ' £ pleasure all winter. Super PERMALUBB Motor Oil Saves Gas KKt'OHHKi) rHi;5;mt:i!JA? .. t CEIUKCH . . 'iftlii Ave. and !Slh Str^--=10, Ulbla (tchool; II. Worship; rco, V o u t h Kroups; 7:30. t r t n l n r vvor- iMu. Hev U J K h r h a r d U I'aitor :3*, S a b b a t h ichoo] ( E a i u r d a . . . I I , Srrvlrrs; 7:30. E v a n t f l l s l l o lu-v- tco ( S u n d a y ) . S'l\ l'At:i.'S C I I A G U K C A I I O . N A L ltd Av«. *ml 12th St. Hov tl. J Stroh. Minister 1:30, S u n d a y ichool: IOM5. Morn- Inff Worship; a, Prayer incctltis; 7, * ST. .IOII.V3 I.U'riIKIlAA Uh Av;o And I l l h St. Ur. M Si-hoenhaar. Pasior 9:30. S u n d a y ichool; 10:SO. Wor- s h i p : 7:30. V O U I I K E'topld'i Lfa^u«. THR 5Ai.vA-n« ' A I I M V K27 Itli St. Senior Major Era I 1 Hood };45. S u u d a j school; 11, 'wor»hlp service; C-JO. V o u n g People's I-c- ,k'ltn: S, S a l v a t i o n service ' ST. J'ICTUU'S CATIJOI.(O 7th Ave -and 12th SL H e v K a u e r i H o f f m a n S u n d a y 3!,i.sses: 6, 7:30. S:15; 19. ll:iL;-Ilo1y Day Ma^es: 6:30, S, S:30. Klrsi Krldny: tiHU, :30; UanleKsion*. Snliirdaj-" 1 [o 'u j. njptlstr* 'Sun- Oayj a f t e r last Masi. SV.Y.VV V J K W Cill'HCU or ·rill-: .\A7Aiti-:.Nfc; 30(0 I l l h Avt. Kev. Jl. K. Koittlher 3 H3. bun day school; y-jperinlentl- i tn. Her in n n '/iupke; l:4o, .MornliiR Worship; C:-lft, youth servicrs; 7:30j I'yUUl'AL l l t h St. and ?th Ave. V Voung. Hector inlon: S:30. A I I J . T riKST ·JtAI'TlST C I I U U C H Ault, Colo. · A t l I T , UOJO. Her J n e k Hchllek*r, AlLnlaltr ?:15, Utble echoul, -ilra. Dan Dill, Su. l.: 11, W o r s h i p ; 7:3U. Toulh gro- Eram FIHAl C«.\GHi;UATlOAAL C I I L l l C M AulU Colo Rev. Taul H Lea, Minister 10. Chiwch School, Mn. Jt. U Jorian, Siiperliilendetir, Mra. Fred Morlta. Primary. Superintendent; 11, M a r n l n u Worship. · f l i l S T 1,L'J IIUIIA.-V CIJURC1I A u l l , Colo. Dr G l e n n r -* Str-nTiolm °ajTor »:30. Uliurch school, Mrs. E. \V. SVlaim. Hupl. I I . ConimuiiEon. VVor- h i p ; '7:15, HRtrftl C n n c e n , chapel iholr uf St. Paul's, C h e y e n n e . IMUfJUiiDAl.B HA1*1'151 C H U U C H BrlgEsdale, Colo. Loin3 C Mocsta, Jr.. Paitor 10, Sunday school: I I , U ' o t a h l p (, Training u n i o n : 8. Bvenln*. setv- tr-e, Ilev. G n r t m d e H o r n , Pastor 8:30. worahiiJ. KATO.V ciiuiST I.UTIIEHA.V ciiuncn Eator\. Colo. Rev. K r n n c i h Will, Pan tor 10, Sunday school; 11, \Vtorsijf service. BATOA CCJ.\(;HEOATIO. I VAL C U U f t C J I . ' Raton, Colo. Kev. " K a n n e t h B. . nrtar BAPTIST CHURCH Johintown, Colo K. A CoHrta, Pnator It. auud.ny school; 11, W o r s h i p :JO.. BYF: 7r30. bnrvlcet, * i Johonou-n, Colo. Kev K«ith (V Kpahr, r»»tur 11, U'orsWp 'Service. JUH.JMTUW.t H/H'tlOIHAT J o h n k t o w n . Colo. * . Kev. John V* Klrhtrds, Pastor 11% Woralifp K'I:K\KSHIH«; c6.n3HJ.\fTY 31 K'rirouisr enUIICH K « v (i^org* U- Pennell. ' -tor K K H 5 K 1 tOMHU.M'l^ C l i U M C J J Hev. Marlon W ilagnus'-Paator .'0:30, SunrTny school, fclre. Ev» Huiiijihrey Supt.: 9:30. Worship. l.A SAl.LK ' · * '^FlKSl U A l ' l l S T CHURCH La Salle. Colo- - - · F. It Fuilis, PaKlor 10, Sunday school. I I , JJornJng WorJhLp., 7:39, £venijix Gorpel «erv- Ice followed by CBY mectlnji. 1 'La Sail*,' Colo.' l t « v - . \ l o o r « ( OeU. Minister 5:15, S u n d a y School; 11. Morning Worship; The S p i r i t u a l Worship of " ij; 7, V o u t h Gioupe. · MM I I ' a U S H l t t.|llAS C H U I t C I I M U l l k e n . Colo ev. Krtieat.R, AnrterLon, M i n i s t e r pt.: 11. \Vorahip. i;OAGItfc:(JA'['lU.\A[. CJ1VHCIJ A l l l l l k f n . Crto. KBV. U u a n t l^arkln. pastor 3^15. Siijiday EChoolV UH5,',Wor- · hip; 2:30, P r a y e r , meeting-; 7:CO. Clirlsiian Rntlonvor Rev Hazel Barnabj. Pasior £1111 Mirk ham, AssL Pastor MJN.N f'HKSnVTKHlAA CHURCH Nunn, Colo. II, Service O a U O U U K\ A M V t H C A L I'.MJ KU K*v" tirtward .Ness Minlstcr S ilornmg Worship; 2:30 A f l - ernoon Worship: 1:30, Sunday echuol, Htlnhold Schmidt, iupt.\ 1'lUJtUh. UDAillUMll - _ Kev Guy Patterson, M i n i s t e r 10, S u n r i a y school; I I . (VorBhlp; 7. in lor. Intermediate anrt Senior "outh fellowhlp: S. T o u n g Ailuli tudy group S I . J O H N ' S L t r r H K R A N ' 1 (Wisconsin Synod) ' '-Hev w. H. SfCfring, Paitor ' Plattevlll«, Colo, 8:39, Sunday school; 10:JO. Ulvlne ;rvice. , " N PUIS'I JIKTMODIST C H U R C H Rev Earl K e n n e t h Wood, Pantor ' 0:45, Sunday school; ll, Worship: 30, StYF. H , I'll A 11111 ctt.vrKii' UH uncii Rev. Uertrudo M. Horn. Pastor 1. W o r s h i p cervlcea. RlNSf COMMUMT1 MKTUOIUST ' C J i U H G H ,«v Cr.arlea A Nowl«n Jr.. Pastor Cheyenne .Chapel Choir Will Sing at Ault ..- V-. Lutheran Church Sunday The-Chapel choir .of St. Paul's Lutheran-church oC Cheyenne will sing at the First Lutheran church of Ault Sunday evening al f:4*5 p.m., according to (ho pastor of. the A u t t church, the Rev. Glenn Stenholm. . The Cheyenne Chapel choir is composed of high school youth ami wa* organized just two months ago. The 3^ voiced 'choir .sings the of' (ertory anthem each Sunday at the" later service at St. Paul's. Director of the choir is Mrs! R. H. Poggendorf, a graduate 'of the school ofVnisic at St. Olaf College, No'rthficld, Minn. She taught school music in several Minnesota hi^h schools a n d - i n the Denver schools hafore making her home in Cheyenne. While-in Denver, she also was assistant choir director at the Messiah Lutheran * church. Mrs. Pogtjendorf directs t h e . Cathedral Choir at SI. Paul's ' and Jhe Mother-singers of Cheyenne. Mrs. F. E. Berryman, who accompanies the Chapel choir, has served as organist at St. Paul's church for 15 years. She received ier. music training in North Da- cota colleges and has taught school n Cheyenne for sevfcral years. The service of muiic given by. Hev. K. .J. U e n i n U n U i , Pastor :*o. Sunday Scnoo], 11, Worship Hpur; 7H5, Evangelistic Service. FIHST «tn iiuuis'i cut)nun Windsor .Hev Wlllla C, Phelp«, Minister 9:45, S u n d a y school; ll. worship: [; Cnteremediate L«asu«. Wl\lSOn CO,N;l{BGATIQP« Al ' · CHIIIICH Kev. ll. Becker. Paator S:l5., Sunday jnhool; 10:45, .Serv- cea; 2. Prayer meeting:; 7:30, C.E. ST. JOH.VS l.t;THKnA.N CIlUltCH OP W1XDROW. Rev Otto Matthlai. Paiter R^Culsr servlcei :JiHiiiSTiA\ SCH:XCP. cuiTnririis ·The completeness anil Integrity of ·od's creation Including- s p i r i t u a l lan will be brought o u t - a t Christian Science serve)es Sunday, Dec. 4. The l.esson-Sennon e n t i t l e d .Cod he Ony Canine and Creator iv'ill lii- -liirt* the following 1 verxe jfcom thr* iChiB Jame.« Vcrclnn of th* IV (Matt. 7:18): "A sooil tree can :U, rahlp. . Chur . . . i Third and M a p l a Sta KatOJi, Colo. Rev. J o h n H e d l u n d , Pitor ID, S u n d a y school; 11. . Servlcj 7:30, Services. TUG FIJIST UAITIST e March. 1300 E£aton. Coin. Katon. Coin. Rev. filcn C. Steivart, P.istor 1:50, S u n d a y Achobl; Howard Enfrei. aupt.; ; i j W o t x h l p ; 6:30 V o u t h groups; 7:30, Evening service FIRST a i K r i J f J i J i S T CflURCIl Katon, Colo. Rev. H e r b e r t Cies, PasiAr 9r45 C h u r c h BLnool; 11, M o r n i n g woratjp: «:30: Junior High Fellowship; 7:30; Youth FeHowshlT). F O U i i S U i J A I t Z C H U R C H Fourth and Paric Katon, Colo. ' D. Linilslrom, Panor Mrs Maud all ages; 1 Service*. .Rev.'Barry Himirough,-Pastor 10, Sunday echooL Prank Rader Supt.; 11, Worship ever Sunday 6:30. ' Y o u t h - fellowship; 1 ra. Eve- ninz ' w o r a h i p . KORT l,I!PfO.N FIHST RAI'TIST CUtmcn Fort Lupton . R»v. J. 1*. t'oraander Jr., 1'ailor Hugh Humphries, Supt 9;4S, Cliu'rrh n c h n o l ; 10:iS. Wor- · hip: 6:30. Youtti fellowahip. . 1'lHS'l 3 I I V J I K H J I S l C H U n C H Fort I ^ u p t o n Hev. Rlcliarrl l.uiifreti Pastor FOSSTOA'.Mfj.MT^ L l i l M t C l l R«v Ueriruilfl Horn, Prfitoi ' - Services to '·« a n n o u n c e d Rev V i.ylo Trail. Taalor Rev. Lowell Howard, rr.sior 10, Sunday auhool; 11 Worship i:30 Y o u n x People. q*AI,l;TO I I A I ' I I S I CIIIHICH ' Rev. John Spruell, Paalor" 10, tiimdn Fcliool, l i , Won h i p 1i30, iToune People; *, U1I.L CillllMTlA.S G I I L I L C I I . ' Gill. Colo. Kev .Marlon- Magnus, I'atior . ft:SO. S u n d a y school, Harold Furrow. Supt., I0:4d, A l u r n l n c worship 7:30, BvenLntr 'xtrvic*. G i Lett list co.ii ji u x m' H A P Pfii I C H L U C I t Rov E W Ferrln. Pflstor 9:45; y u n d a y bcfiuol-, l»-lt Morn Ing W o r a h l p i t:4. V o u n s PeopV» meeitnj;: 7:*6. E v e n i n g itrvici.* r:nn\ i;n (JUMJJU.MJV CIILKCH Rov. G e r t r u d e M Horn. Pasior HV Wor?hlp aervtco Grover. Coin. "The C h u r c h ot the L u t h e r a n H o u i Rev illchnrrt Brauer. Pa-Mor 10:15 S'jrirl^y school p u d Bib classej. t i Service* l l i : i t l , T U I l l ) CO.MMU.MrY Rev. Gertcnd« Hnrn. Pastor I I W o r s h i p servtca . Refined in your area ;.. made for'your dim ale and altitude Wherever you live or drive . ;. whatever'ihe climate . . . you get , ·perfect performance and engine , protection plus greater oil econ- oray with Super PR.HMAI.UBE. This remarkable multi-grade nil helps ±Th!irn, U «herfn I / i ^ d e r r,.. hoi. Reduces friction drag toBflve up to 2 gallons ofgaa in a Wnfefu 1 . Drive 1 in for *a change to Super F^KHALUBE today. * FAST. STARTS HO A5-LlttE FREEZI NO KNOCK e*BS4 more from and goj if] Sunday, Dec. 4 11:00 a.m. Communion 7:30 p.m. Sermon topic, "Is Oral Roberts and his Ministry of Healing for Today?" / · REV. KENNETH WOLD, Pasior FOURSQUAUE ·.' ·GOSPEL CHUKCH ·102 EJcvenlK Avenue - . . i g r - f o r t h evil* f r u i t , neither can a . c o r r u p t - (ree bring- f o r i h good " uil." Amonjr the correlative, passages to he read from Science and Health ivkh-. Key to Pr-rlptures hv M a r y Uakar Eddy M'ill te Ihe fallow-Ins (539; 19-22): "It Is false to say that Truth and errtr commingle In creation. In par.thle and a r g u m e n t , this f a l s i t y Is fxjioscO by our Master as s e l l - e v i d e n t l y , wrong." the Chapel choir will Include My Gocf ami I, The Nlacly and Nine, Great Js Thy Faithfulness, Tho Birthday of a King atW More Love lo Thee. . / The choir personnel Includes:' Sopranos: Joyce Tltoryuldson, Beverly. Matter!, Sharon BJorsness, Darlene Stumpf, Arlenc Slumpf, Rosemary Iversori, Rarnona. Ivcr- son, Noralene' Brickson, Shirley Brown, Jttdy Wagoner, -S.indr:. Afc- Auliffe. aUos; Virginia Syltc, Janice Carney, v lary Osbotirn, Connie Knpblienmuss, Jean Ebel.. Barbara Vance, Betty Ehlcrs, Cora Bunn, Phyllis Necley, Wanda Merrfr); bafcses: Kickcy^Dicnies..!^* SYIJSOB,. Carl Peterson, Jamcs.Schcmp, H«r- niRnStumpC Jr.; tenors: Perry Dray, Dennis Stcelo', Eugene K«r- lik, Lynn Conner.'· * r 1 ; % - Tho public h invited/There is no- admission £harge j ,for 'ihe-service, . but a free. will.offering will tie received. Refreshments will v be' srrved it the'clos?br concert.' Ceylon's Ministry ;of Industries is getting bids for V 100j000 tons'ol mineral-bearing (predominantly U- mt-nitc) be^.ch sand the .Government wants to sell, at'Pulmoddil. Christian Science Reading Room Sponsored-by . , FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST · . 8lh Ave. and 14(h St. MOVED TO 724 NINTH STREET · L i t e r a t u r e , may be read or purchased. Booki may be re*d borrowed or 'purchased, THE PUBLIC IS WELCOME Vi'c invite you (o worship with .us REVIVAL MEETINGS Kev. Al \VeHs Every n i g h t , 7:45 p.m.) except S a t u r d a y . Everybody Wefcome" CALVARY BAPTIST TABERNACLE 1002 19t)l Avt. John Collins, Pastor YOU ARE INVITED To Hear B. E. Sparrow World Traveler and Missionary Sunday, Dec. 4 -- 8 p.m, Special Music Program 7:30 . ' * Fluorescent Chalk Drawing * Group Singing ' i Story Hour for the children AT THE '" ' · Sevmtli-Day Adventiif Chunk 21st Ave. and 10th Street ' B . - E . ' S P A R R O W Kissiri Couslri of the Thunderbird oktr tti» Fxd Hot aplvnty. And H hat f TKwnf*Hird Y-t, too, AIT fhls/ plus n»w Lifeguard mighty A-loot at ihis Tlunwleri.ird- inured '56 Fofd plays Sob wilh . ycur heart. Her* is a beatify ]ns\ hedging you to get behind the wheel. Take your place! And place your fool on that hair trigger called a gu pwial. A rnxlgc and you're off-'Ford's new Thunderbird Y-8 cn- ·gi*e* melimg the miles, mating mokfuils out of nxrtinfalns, making jour dnving more fun than it ew hM^*en before. ' 'And go where you will, Kow glad you'll be lo liave as your ^lardian Ford's oewLifeguard Design. Ford's new deep-center Lifeguard steering t wbecl, new Lifeguard double-grip" door latches,, new'Lifeguard safely rear-view mirror, new optional Lifeguard padding and Ford seat belts --all combine to Veep you wfer in this ;'56 Ford. Why not come in and Teal Drive it todiy! GARNSEY and WHEELER Corner 8 t h Ave. a n d llth S t . " . A . Phone 220 .1.

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