Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 8, 1969 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1969
Page 8
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Your Insurance (Life) ;·: (Your Life Insurance Is pre- · tented each week as a public service- in cooperation with the, Northern Rocky Mountain Chapter of the American Society of Chartered Life. Underwriters.) -"Question: Is It possible to purchase a life insurance policy tyhjch starts with a very low premium and increases with my earnings, but stops prem. iiims at retirement? And what would such a policy for $20,000 cost, at age 27? · KAnswer: Yes, such a policj or.-package--can be purchasec You could buy what is called "Modified Life" policy. Tl plan has reduced initial prem ium for a few years; an incren ed.premium after that until a 65, : and then a fully paid-up po icy at age 65, giving protect! for life but with no more prem iums to pay. .Various companies would ha die the details differently, som using convertible term to star and converting to a paid-up at ( policy. While eacli company plan might differ in detail an consequently differ slightly cost at different stages, tl general cost area for a $20,000 plan, with lower cost for tl first 10 years and premium temination at 65, would pro' ably be in the neighborhood o (13 $170 yearly from age 27 t 37;' then (2) $420 yearly from 37 to .'65; and finally, (3) nothin after 65. -Such a plan is very good, a it holds down cost in your ear ier years of lower income am calls for maximum paymen during the years of maximum income, then eliminating pay menu in the retirement years when income usually drops of or ends. The weakness in hav ing only this plan is that it doe not increase the protection dur ing the years of child depend ency and heavy family expense. But tills could be cared for in other ways--such as adding family income rider to increase the benefits in those high dependency years, or adding an Increased protection rite giving you an option (not a requirement) to add'policy units several times between purchase and age 40 or 45. The $20,000 unit may look big now, but when you later relate it to what you probably will actually need, it might well prove inadequate. All queries or questions can be sent to Paul Hendren, CLU, publicity chairman, 3001 8th Ave. Greeley. You will receive a personal response to your letter from society headquarters. After Business LONDON - The BBC has bought a TV series by The Carpetbaggers novelist H. Robbins. It will show the $1,250,000 American-made series called "The Survivors" in an attempt to beat ITV in the battle 'for Friday evening viewers. You and the Draft Set out below are questions 1110). If the vote on your classi- frequently asked of the Selective Service System, along with appropriate answers: Question: I have been informed that my appeal for an occupational deferment was denied. Is this the final verdict, or is there any other action I can take to get a deferment? Answer: Check of Classification your (SSS Notice Form ficalion.wus not unanimous by the appeal board members, you Page 8 GREELEY TRIBUNE \Vfd., Oct. 8,Jt969 dent with a II-S deferment. If 1 want to see the gqvernmenl appeal agent, but I '· work at night. Can I get his phone number and business address so I can get in touch with him? Answer: If you will contact , -- . , , . . 1 1 **«on ** · *i JWM n*»» Lviituvv have a right to appeal to the (he executive secretary of the President. Such action can be local board and request an in- taken by your filing a written request therefor with your locai board within 30 days after the mailing of the Form 110 to you. * * * Question: My classification is now I-A and I want to appeal. lerview with the government appeal agent, she will attempt ;o arrange a meeting for you. The name of your government appeal'agent is posted at the local board. Question: I am a college stu- I should enlist in the Army Reserve, will I retain my student deferment? Answer: W h e n ' y o u r local board receives evidence that you have unlisted, you will then be reclassified from Class H-S to Class I-D (member of a Reserve component). TRIBUNE WANT AD 352-0211 Hair Stylists Are Aided By Machine . By VIVIAN BROWN : AP NnvtfMtum Writer The "computer approach" t hair is here, says hair stylist Vi dal Sassoon. Sassoon, known fo his geometric haircuts and hi emphasis on healthy hair, trying machine analysis of hai in order to more accurately d i a g n o s e hair-conditionini needs. A microscope and camera combination produces a picture of one's topknot. This provides Hssurances tor operators who previously have had to rely on guesswork or on laboratory re ports. Bassoon's salon will keep a record of each client's hair condition for ready reference--"a giant step forward in the beauty business" says Sassoon. Machine analysis has been used in other salons but not in such depth. "We can then prescribe certain treatments so the hah: can be healthier and more manageable. The analysis also helps us establish the reason why a permanent doesn't take or why hair coloring might be a problem," elaborates the hair stylist. Birth control pills, tranquill- icrs, other drugs and fad diets are affecting the hair. Operators need guidelines in order to properly treat such tresses. The "micrography" used by Sassoon works well in a salon. Under the microscope hair is viewed at 400 times its normal size. Color staining makes it possible to determine the crystalline structure of the hair. One interesting hair analysis technique involves a microgram reading. Hairs from four sides of the head are put on a little scale and weighed to determine tensile strength and elasticity. (Elasticity is important for permanent waving and hair straightening.) After the microgram reading, the hairs are put on a glass slide for examination under the microscope. Art McCuliough, who devised the system for the Redkin Laboratories of Van Nuys, Calif., explains that the results indicate the hair's protein content, its moisture content and its elasticity. The client's filled-out form ; reveals whether medication, illness, sun, diet, stress, may have contributed to the condition of her hair. McCuliough has analyzed more than 100,000 hair samples over the world, he says, and he is amazed that so many fashionable women and so many of the world's highest-priced models have unbelievably bad hair. Hei attributes their poor hair condition to diets of starvation in the interest of fashion. "Good nutrition is important to healthy hair, but many other factors--sun, salt water, hair permanent solutions, lacquers --can cause changes in the hair," he says. . Hair should be analyzed about | · once a month for accurate read- j ings, he claims. ! Sassoon would like to see the! entire industry do hair readings. I "The more knowledge that can be generated among people of the craft, the better all around. As it is now, if an operator gives a permanent wave (o someone with damaged hair, the results may reflect on the entire industry," explains S soon. NATIONAL BRANDS AND QUA PINK GRAPEFRUIT Florida New- Crop. Sweet ind Tasty. for PLUS W GREEN [. STAMPS GUARANTEED THE BEST! TOILET TISSUE DISCOUNTERS PRICE KUNER'S MIX or MATCH VEGETABLES Whole Kernel or Cream Style Corn, Pens,. Cut Green Beans, Tomatoes, and Sauerkraut. 303 Can DISCOUNTERS PRICE Freshest Fruits Vegetables Under the Sun TOMATOES Red Ripe Salad New Crop Mild Stick Mellow Cheese Sharp Cheese SI'S Extra Sharp Cheese Perch Fillets , Kraft Cracker Barrel 10 oz. Pkg. . . Kraft Cracker Barrel 10 oz, pkg. . . . Cracker Barrel Cracker Barrel Breaded Pre-Cosked Ib. 57c 65c 68c 75c 69c ARTICHOKES Boil, Dip and Eat 5 Mushrooms Fresh Squash S k ct aled .», 5c Nationally Famous Frozen Food Values JOHN'S PIZZA Assorted Varieties. 15 Oz. Each FMEADOW GOLD Ice Cream S£ ors ... 79c ZOOPER DOOPER Ice Cream Bars ,'U BIRDS EYE AWAKE 48c 29c FACIAL TISSUE Scotties assorted colors 200 count DISCOUNTERS PRICE .'. 30c ALBERTSON'S OLEO MARGARINE Creamy smooth Cubed DISCOUNTERS PRICE 20c Tomato Sauce ?r.£ R £ h . ,,,, 9c Albertson's Crurichy or Creamy Peanut Butter 1 8 o z j a r 49c Margarine T!,.^ 39c ECLAIRS OR BAVARIAN Cream Puffs ??i pk|f .48c Save 3 ways every day at Albertson's (.1) Low, low prices every day (2) Tremendous advertised specials (8) «iW Green Stamps. Bravo Floor Wax *,,.,,,,'_ 89c For a hard tjlouy floor Sun Country AFsr :r nderA5 :Voz can 57c French's Mustard 6 0 ,.j,r lOe ifi*llifc P' 118 . 1 ""-/ "3- »' But- A l*f I*VHII» termllk. fax. t-Jbei « far *3C iJtfiuiiii PILLSBUBY Pancake Mix Extra Light With Coupon 2 Ib. box Limit one coupon per euttomer. Coupon expires Saturday, October 11, 1969. Ajax Detergent Giant Size 85 c KEEBLER CRACKERS 2 £ 65c BOUILLON CUBES Steero o's lOc

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