Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 14, 1972 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 14, 1972
Page 2
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2 GREELEY (Cok.) TRIBUNE Frl., April 14 1972 Groceries--Spending More, Getting Less By LOUISE COOK A»oci«tei Preis Writer The Tcrrcnce Snyder family of Los Angeles used lo cat slcak twice a week. Now, says Mrs. Snydcr, "we iiave sleak once a week. We have more dairy meats, luna salad, spaghetti, sandwiches and soup. I'm spending the same in the market, but getting less (or my money." Mrs. Snyder's complaint was echoed by women all across the country who were inlcrviewcd by The Associated Press early this week as they shopped for meat in large supermarkets. The AP survey compared prices for three items--pork chops, ground round and porterhouse steak--with the cost of tlic same meals two years ago. The.cornparisons varied wklc- ly. In. .most areas, however, prices were 10 to 50 cents a pound higher this week, particularly lor the more expensive cuts. In only a few instances were prices found to be lower and those were usually where there w'as a special sale. C. Jackson Graysori, .chairman of the federal Price Comm i s s i o n , opened hearings Wednesday on rising food prices. "Something's got lo be done about this," he said, and reaffirmed his intention "lo gel prices down." Tlie Labor Department said that wholesale food prices fell 0.3 per cent in March after big jumps i n - earlier, months. An Agriculture Dcparlmcnt spokesman esllmatcd retail lood prices will go up a lolal of 1 per cent this year ami said that more than half that increase already has showed up on grocery store shelves. In New Orleans, Hie Canal Villcry chain recently was selling pork chops for $1.19 per pound, ground round for $1.19 a pound and porterhouse steak $1.59. Their advertised sale prices at the same time in 1970 were 79 cents for pork chops, 5D cents. for ground round and $1.25 for porterhouse. "I never buy steaks any more," said Mrs. William Pcn- ick, whose husband is a lawyer. "We eat much more 'poultry find I buy' lots, and lols of hot dogs." · The story is the same in the Boston area. Mrs. Leo Marko of Cambridge, Mass., wife of a salesman, said she doesn't expect meat prices lo go down. "The best we can hope for is that they'll stop going up," she said. "I'm starting lo pay close at- Kennedy Wanls Nantucket Is. Preservation WASHINGTON (AP) - A bill Introduced by Sen. Edward Kennedy calls for federal preservation of the Nantucket Sound islands, including C'hap- paquiddick Island where Pennsylvania woman died three years ago in an aulo accident with Kennedy. Kennedy's bill would cslab lish a Nantucket Sound Islands Trust under the Secretary o the Interior and appropriate $20 million In acquire the land. Tlie Massachusetts senator'? bill, describing boundaries o the trust, refers several lime: to "the unimproved dirt roa which in a continuation n ChcippaquUldick Road divides this inlet from the waters known as Poucha Pond." This is the road Ihc senator traveled in July lOfin, on, which lies Dyke Bridge where his car plunged into the inlet. Mary Jo Kopechne, 2B, was trapped in the car and drowned. ention to the specials on meat uid I'm serving more ham- jurger." Another shopper, who declined to be identified but said she feeds her husband, herself and four children on a school eacher's salary, commented: 'Prices have gone up, but my aychcck stays the same. What 1 do? I've got to cut back' omcwhere and meat seems to e the place to do it. Maybe 1 ccd my kids spaghetti or pancakes; lor dinner and then save he meal for my husband and me. The kids couldn't care less. i1y husband doesn't realise ve've had to scrimp." At Purity Supreme super- narkef in Boston, porterhouse teak was Sl.78 per pound, iompared to $1.28 two years igo and ground round was $1.19 omparcd to 98 cents. iNa com- larison was available for pork 'hops, now selling for $1.09. In Indianapolis, Marsh Food- iners was charging $1.99 a »und for porterhouse, $1.29 for enter cut pork chops and $1.19 or ground round. · Ayrway lores-featured porterhouse for 1.85, pork chops for $1.13 and ;round round for $1.I)B. Advcr- isemenls from two years agn howcd average prices of $1.39 or porterhouse, 99 cents for ork chops ami 89 cents for ;round round. An Indianapolis postal worker's vife said she 1 had solved the igher price problem by buying n bulk. A Dallas man said he did the same thing, buying beef in quantifies of 30 or 49 pounds. "I can get sirloins for 89 ccnls a pound that way instead of $1.59 In the supermarkets," he said. In Philadelphia, prices at the AP were 79 cents for ground round, $1.19 for cenler cut pork chops and $1.75 for porterhouse sleak. Two years ago, ground round was 59 ccnls and pork chops were l5 ccnls. Porterhouse sleak was not advertised. Mrs. Rose Willard, wife of a retired construction worker, said she and her husband "are practically living on hot dogs these days. I bought only pork chops today before I realized how high they were. But we have lo eat something." The Piyzz/e with the Built-in Chuckle ft Rearrange lellen o( tha (our scrambled Words be* low IQ (ofm four simplo words. M E C N E T S 0 G 0 E S A T H -Y T7 In New York City, D'Agostino s u p e r m a r k e t w a s selling ground round for $1.25 , porterhouse for $1.75 and pork chops for $1.45. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says average prices two years ago included $1.59 for porterhouse and $1.33 for pork chops. Mrs. BCIJ Walsh, a Chicago widow, buys her meat in bulk and stores it in a freezer at a meat locker company. "About Hie only meat I buy al Ihe store any more is chicken and occasionally specials," she said. And il's not because 1 'couldn't afford lo pay the higher prices--it's' a kind of rebellion. I just won't buy at these prices." 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An attached affidavit said Ihcy arc suspected of filing f2 fraudulent returns lo collcel $32,000. Kirns, n warehouse manager was named In all 30 counts, hii wife in eight. Kach count of income tax fraud carries a maximum sen tcnce of five years in prison and $10,000 line. UR 100TH ANNIVERSARY YEARBs pr |0v;h w e e d ihatti and in applied ac- cwdHij lo label (·*«:- Irtii al a ion,*el la · « « J iOO iq. fl. P FI gclex. II ISJt po^M la'.'i panl«d nrfact v1ih on* coal when appVitd ac- lo label direc- From at a rat rtol ID ·*- ceed AM iq. ff. per yal- Fon. It rti'i pant foJt to cover at iloled h«i*. brng lh« label of lh : i pti'nl to your ntarttl Wordi branch and *· wiB furrJih lo iniurt coY«iag*, or al you' cplion^ vifl re SAVE 1 DURiNGWARDWEEK! 1.72 OFFI "SUPER PLUS" LATEX INTERIOR PAINT--REG. 6.49 GAL, Dripless formula for easier ap- MT7 plication. One coat covers most ff * * colors. 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