Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 20, 1961 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1961
Page 13
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Don Wilkinson Proposes Track, Field Federation A Ti'flck and Field Fcdcrntion of America to rcplnce the Aina·[ tour Atlilolic Union in handling, internalional competition in that sport and to mnkc policy (or all track and field in the Unitcri States was advocalcd by Don Wilkinson in a address at Ihe Grcelo^ Kiwanis club Thursday noon. lie outlined the plan as follows: Tlie TKFA policy would bo made by an executive counnitlcc consisting of representatives of coaching groups, the AAU, and other sekmcnts of (lie track world rack OIK! field coaches, ami though ho gave (hem a major role in his proposed federation, !»· felt that ;hc problem would not be solved by placing the Amen _ can track and-field administration of competition and arc the ones inlo Iho hands ot the coaches ns sociation. The members would not leges, would probably not be willing for them to tako the time to handle it. Coachei Stage Best Metis The coaches know best the rules who put on all the veil-run track meets, Wilkinson said. They ore Bowling want ail of the responsibility, and best rjualificri (o choose our inter- their employers, principally cot- national coaches, to set up methods of team selection, to protect their athletes from exploitation. The collegiate coaches of the U.S. are working with or have worked with 99 percent of the lop flight athletes in the Unitcc States. With their colleagues o the club level they ki»\v, and cm COLUMBINE SPORTSMAN The scores: John Thompson Garage 0. Fox Motors 4; .lakes Mo" cs bil 1. Hocky Mountain Brok l c l ' ! 3; Greeley Janitorial Scrv: okcrage :rg 4: Elks 3, Cloverleaf Dog Track 1. Top team series: Elks 2461. Top' individual series: Al Cobb 560: Bill Chase. 545; Al Craig 538. Top. learn game: Elks 8-17. including Ihe athletes. The coaches!^ \sould exercise majority contn ' An advisory board would pro vide a forum for groups 1101 represented on Ihc executive committee and would reporl to the executive committee. The existing associations would continue to control their existing programs, subject to leadership horn and direction by Ihe exccu-.£] )ase "2(ts live committee. Experienced Track O f f i c i a l AT CLASSIC LANES- Wilkinson. a former member of TUESDAY TERRORS the track team at Colorado State] Tlie scores: Dust-Tox 4, VFW University at Fl. Collins, is agrad-lN'o. 1 0; VFW No. 2 0. Dob's Lin- uate of CSC where he was a track-1 oleum and Tile Co. ·!: Cowans man. He is a member of the Pa-jConcrcle 1, Butternut Bread 3; cific Coast AAU and a member of Woody's Distributing Co. 0, Herd- Ice 0,:[x?rsona!ly represent, everyone o! Top individual Sjoberg 218: Al games: Ralph Cohb 215; Bill the Track anti Field Officials Assn. He lias officiated championship meets, bus talked with leaders in the field, and is familiar with Ihc workings of the AAU, recently under fire from many quailers. The AAU is run by a commit- man Electric Co. 4; Golden Keg 4, Long Lines 0: Aeromolive Products 4, First Industrial Bank 0; Falcon National Life Ins. Co. 1 Bliss Produce 3. Top leam scries: Dusl-Tcx 2512. Top individual scries: Wall Johnson 5!0: Chuck Von Bcbcr Ice of 76, which meets twice a 53G ' Ucl Renzelman 530. year. Meanwhile, the burden of T °P lcam E arnc - Falcon Nation- decision making falls upon Ihc a ' Life 881. president Pincus Sober, a New ' r °P individual games: Skcets York attorney. The day-to-day Calvm 22* Del Renzclman 218; routine work is carried on by Jim Siiums, secretary, and Dan Ferris, his predecessor and co-work Frank Akisson 218. er. Their office handles nearly 20 sports including baton twirling, skin diving and synchronized swimming. AAU Setup Unwieldy The committee of 7G is naturally unwildy, gives membership to many who are concerned with Irack and,at Ihc same time denies participation lo important track interests, Wilkinson said. The syslem is so awkward lhat it CLASSIC SPORTSMAN'S The scores: Farmer's Union 1, iome half-million track athletes n this country. All (his is wh; ic gives them the major role in :hc proposed federation. Where AAU Has Failed Although branding blanke criticism of Ihe AAU OD ill-found ed and unjust, Wilkinson listoi these areas as ones in which tin AAU lias failed to do Us besl: 1. U.S. alhleles in Internationa competition have nol been prop crly protected. Examples of thi are, the scoring system we wer suekercd into adopting wilh (h Russians. This system is not use in any international dual meets II automatically gives the Kus sians a 7-poinl bulge in each mec U.ii. javelin throwers in th Olympics were severely band capped when AAU officials waitc unli] June 1050, lo announce lha only two prescribed javelin could be used, neither of wbic had been used by Americans. 2. Applications for U.S. an world records are nol handled b or through the AAU office, Ihi leaving the record breaking all lele al the mercy of local inei and district officials. 3. Many meets given AAU a Classic Center 3; Beslway Bldg.iproval and/or handled by 11 Center 1, Greeley Heady Mix 3: AAU arc operated without propc Nelson, Haley, Patlcrson, Quirk 1, Crceley Excavation 3: McDonald's Drive Inn 3, Hillside Addition!: Northern Engineering Walkin's Products 3; Adamson's 1. Farmers Insurance Group 3. Top team series: Farmer's Ins. Group 2362. . Top individual scries: Jerry iFrltliiy, Oct. 20, I%1 GJMmEY TRIBUNE Pnge 13 Duffy Lewis Recalls Baseball Experiences By DAVE O'HARA Associated Press Sports Writer MILWAUKEE (Al') - At the :ige of 73 and more (ban a half .·entury in baseball, (he man who oply one year. He began playing pro ball for an outlaw league in California in 1D07. "Tim year I missed was 1930," 'Babe Ifulb is going to take things for Portland, Maine, in the eld jcasy. ! Ncw England League, but slart- '. George E. ( D u f f y ) Lewis, onejecl fooling around In the stocti jof the most. popular iiersoruilitics markel. I went broke in '29, then !in Iho game, fondly recalled many ^jounced urountl the next year be- jhijjhllghts of his career 'llnirsday^ore hooking on with the Brave! (after the Milwaukee Braves a n - a s a conch in Boston in 1031."' jnounccd his retirement as travel- · HEY, LET GO OF MY ARMl One Longmonl yards before be was finally brought down. The player tries lo pull bis arm while another tries L'oboot passing game deadly Thursday afl- to steal Hie ball, bnl Ilealh-Meokcr's Denny ernoon a.s they trounced I.ougmonl Jr. High Stevens (22) gol by both and rambled for 25 School, 52-20. Tribune photo by Hob Scales. Sing secretary. "Hasebnll has given me many thrills -- and has been gcKxl to me," Ixwls said. "But I just go! tired of all the (raveling. A! 73. it's time to relax and take things easy. However, I'll keep my hand iti by serving 'In an advisory ca- ipacity for the liraves." i Lewis beams when he (ells of i'liiicljiiitiLng for JIu'h, ";cn a lyonng pitcher with the NBA By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Thursday Results New York 120. Chicago 103 Los Angeles 118, Philadelphit facilities, resulting as such thin as happened to Jay Sylvester, t threw ttic discus 210 feel, 2 inches, a world's mark, only lo have it disallowed due (o improper slope of the field. Wilkinson noted that (he United States Lawn Tennis Assn. had long ago pulled out of the AAU.j Friday Games Los Angeles at Philadelphia Saturday Games NVw York at Philadelphia (aft- Httslon'ornonn-TV) jllcd Sox. . Detroit at Boston "It was in 1314 and I was ou(| Chicago al Syracuse with a bad ankle," Duffy said.: Cincinnati at St. Louis ;"Babc could hit (he long ball, b u l l -- -- -.he struck out a lot at the lime.I Our manager, Bil! CarriganJ asked me if I cnulil hit. 1 told him 1 Iboughl I could, so I wab sent lip. And 1 got a base liit that won liie hall game fo: - us." A native (if Kan Francisco, il-cwis has been out of baseball i 101B 8th Ave. Guns, Ammunition SHOP EL 3-45«7 BOBCAT PICKS UP YARDAGE -- Allen Brown (3) scoots around left end for 12 yards on a pitch out from quarterback Ernie Hernandez. Brown was tackled by an unidentified Longmonl player on the H. Three plays later, alter Ixing- mon', had taken over on downs and fumbled, Brown ran for a touchdown on a reverse with only 8-scconrls remaining in the first half. The Bolx^ais built up a 3f-7 halftime !°ad and then coasted lo a 52-20 win over longmonl Jr. High School on (JUS football field Thursday. Tribune photo by Bob Scales. FOOTBALL PICTURES COLORADO UNIVERSITY vs KANSAS STATE Sunday, Oct. 22, 4 p.m. Greeley Country Club Public Invited would take not-one but several Top team game geniuses lo overcome it, and in Top individual games: the end the system would beat Mckcl Burg'209. them loo. Wilkinson paid high tribute lo Tl'ombley 554. ithal amateur hockey formed a m* I , Adamson's 873 new Hockey Federation, independ-l r\f^|^^£i | Carl.ent of Ihe AAU, and that ils team| U V7 WV-U 1 was accepted al Ihe last Olympics. Wilkinson named numerous record holding alhleles who bad Factory Warehouse Tire Sale WHITE WALL Factory "Blems" 19 8ft* 6.71K15. it.OO CLASSIC BOWLETTES Tlic scores: Professional 7.50x1-1 __ S.OUxM.. 7.10x15 7.6UX15 8.UUxlo__19.UO 17.88* 18.88* 8.50x14 19.0O ·Plus Tax and your Ilecappablc Tire s factory fresh · Current Design Guaranteed Against All Head Hazards · No Money JJown · One Year To Pay Self Service Tire Supply 606 12th St. EL 3-3434 Next door to Coca-Cola Plant signified their willingness lo leave the AAU for a new track and field federation. At (lie close of tlic Rip Longmont, 52-20 program Wilkinson showed color^ Posing nllack here Thursday, slides of several of them. lance 0, Allied Rental 4; Wilshire tomes 2, Ed's Phillips 66 2; Montgomery Ward 1. Classic 3; Hcbcrlein Mfg. Co. 4, Veller Lumber 0. Top team series: Allied Rental 904. Top individual scries: Mulsu Osakl 480: Agnes Cowan 455; Helen Schissler 447. Top team game: Classic Lanes Top individual games: Virginia Leaf 179: Mutsj Osaki 171; Agnes Cowan 162. MONDAY MINORS 9:00 The scores: Dave's Liquors 3, Fafl Cash Regr. 0; C. B. Ether- . on 3, Oliver Well Works 0; Jer-jfo two Saturday nighl when he field day. ime Red-Dot 2, Pioneer Insula- faces young Denny Moycr in a The Heath-Meeker Junior High School Bobcals unleashed a dead- they humbled Longmonl Junior Hig'h, r2-20 on GILS football field. Halfback Denny Stevens took Ihe openipg kickoff and on n well executed fake hand off rambled down the sidelines for 84 yards for the first in many touchdowns lo come. Stevens got a beautiful key block from Wilfred Oarcia on the 50-yard line thai sprung him loose. The Bobcats scored six lonch- The Bohr-ats built up a 39-7 half- lime lead and then breezed through the second half for the 7-20 7-52 Sugar Ray To Meet Young Dennis Moyer By MURRAY ROSE Associated Press Sports Writer NEW YORK (AP)-Siigar Ray Hobinson, who says his ego won't downs on pass plays as quarter- let him quit without a title, will back Ernie Hernandez, throwing to stretch his winning streak! with pin-point accuracy, bad a ion 1; Welco Milk Lines 2, Dole Vaughn Masonry 1; Camera Sup- television fight at Madison Square Garden. ily 2, Miner and Miner 1; Jim For a buy who used to win 4o|was very pleased with Ihe per- McKinzic 2, Colo. Pipe Lines l;' a nd 50 at a clip, two in a rowlform-mce of Ihe boys, Ihcy were L T I No. 2 2, Ed's 66 1; Sun-; s houldn't seem important. For I green at Ihc season's beginning down Motel 2, Spud Chips 1; Jay-jsugar Itay, al 41, ii is vital. I f l a n d now they arc beginning lo cees 2, Chapin's Groc. 1. ,he can'l beal Ihe 22-year-old.come along real well." Top leam series: Sundown Mo-speedster from Portland, Ore.,I rj-| !e Trojans also used (he air tel 24G4. ithen he most likely won't even'| anes | 0 score. End Lorcn Harris Top individual scries: N'orman ! g 0 t c | 0 se lo another shot al the scor( ,,j a p. three Longmont louch- Jacoby 645; Larry Anderson 57G;j m iddlewcighl crown. Thai's what downs, taking passes from quar- Longmonf 7 0 4 Heath-Meeker .... 13 Ji 6 Longmont scoring -- TDs: Loren Harris 3 (I, IB, pass from Fred Flanders; I I I , 12, pass from Flanders; IV. 10, pass from Flanders). PAT: Tom Voakc ( r u n ) ; Craig (run). Heath-Meeker scoring -- TDs: Denny Stevens 2 (I, 84, kickoli return; IV. 50, pass from Hernandez); Terry Rogers (I, 38, from Hernandez), Wilfred G.ircia 2 ( I I , 55, pass from Hernandez; I I I , 40, pass from Her nandez) David Allen (II, 10, pass Coach Rudy Marich used every from Rick niclia| . (1son)| Dannv I, pass from Hernandez), Allan Brown (II, 12, reverse). PAT: Hernandez 2 (run), : 2 (run 1 . * f . f : . I I U J I I 4 \ k l - I V man on the squad before the firsl sjnc ] c ( 1 [ . half had ended and he said, "I 1 ' p rc d Flanders for Ihc Gene N'ewlon 571. jliobinson wants more than Top team game: Sundown Mouthing. , scorcs. ici 881. Robinson has held Ihe 160-pound j ----Top individual games: Norman. division crown, or a piece ot il. ... p i Jacoby 237; Gene Ncwlon 221;jfi V c times. J Y I C j t O S l U K Don Weher 217. . ! "I'd hate to quit again without! Correction-Week of Oct. 9 -- i| ;c title," the f a d i n g veteran; Jaycees won 3, C. B. Elherlon 0. NHL By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Thursday Results New York 4, Chicago 2 Detroit 7, Boston 3 Friday Games No games scheduled Saturday Games i Boston at Montreal ' Chicago at Toronto 1 New York at Detroit said. "1 know I'm not what 1 uscd| lo be but I think I've got enough to beat either Downes or Full- Old Boston Mates , Terry Downes, of London, is! Boston's recognized as champion in New have yet READY MIX CONCRETE $4440 hapless Bruins, who In win Ihis season,! York, Massachusetts and Eng-|found a new tormentor in an old! land. Gene Fullmer of West Jor-'lcammato Thursday night, dan, L'lah, is the KBA's cham-1 Vic Slasiuk, once a member ol pj on Boston's high-scoring Uke line I Robinson, now ranked as IheiWho now skates for Detroit, iKo.- 5 contender, has a i44-0-3:jnmmcd in (hrec goals in Ihe last : record, including 93 knockouls.lpcriod as the Red Wings blaslecl |Moycr, ranked ninth, has a 30-5 ! Btslon 7-3. r e c o r d , including only cighll Surprising New York clipped knockouts. IChicago 4-2 as Andy Balhgatc cx- Thc 10-roundcr will be telecast:tended hls scoring siring in lhc | (ABC-TV, S p.m. EST) nationally.My olher N a 11 o n a 1 Hockey . - 'League aclion. I The Milwaukee Braves have re-j Slasiuk. a muscular rigbl wing, leased Luis Olmo as a scout. !''it the first (wo goals ot his hat Western Slope DEER and ELK SEASON Opens Sat., Oct. 21st I V 11 PER YARD (Cash) One Yard of Our Ready Mix Concrete Consists of: 5 Sacks Ideal Cement 1600 Pounds Washed Sand 1600 Pounds % in. ° r W in - Rock Delivery Evtry Day Except Sunday, and Frea Delivery Within i Ml!" R»"««' MOFFAT SON Phone EL 2-3525 We Are Now Wrecking A '53 Buick '53 Pontiac '51 CMC 2-ton Truck '54 Dodge '56 Chevrolet '56 Dodge '51 Cadillac Blackies ;'!!; 312 lllh Avc. EL 2-3122 hit th ;irick with a 62-seconn span in lire first Iwo minutes of the third period, giving Dclroil a 5-1 lead. He got his third nt 15:10. Bill Gadsby, Alex Dclvwchio, Leo Labinc and Eddie Litzcn- hurger got Ihe o t h e r Dclroil goals. New York, which has now won four of six sl.irls, extended its first place lend to Ihrcc poinlsi over, idle Montreal as Cbicago! suffered its firsl loss of the fen-' son. | Earl Ingprficld gave Ihe R a n g - j ers, who haven't made the P' o y'' TU ,. offs in three seasons, a lead Ihey THE never relinquished on vi5-foolcrj early in Ihc first period. | Balhgatc assislcd on Ihc mark- S l ' O H T I N C J cr, extending his' s o a s o n-lons scoring siring lo six games, \lcflm*-TM 8ih Avt. now has 3 goals and 8 assists. ! ___^_____ · Rifles · Ammunition Sleeping Bags · Binoculars · Camp Stoves Hunting Clothing Hi Licenses The Sportsman's SI ore CO. GOODS EL 3-333 NEW YORK TITANS SUNDAY, OCT. 22 1:30 P.M.-BEARS STADIUM T I C K E T P R I C E S : East and West Stands, $4.50 South Stands, Adult $3.00 Students (17 A under), $(,55 North Stands, Adult $2.50 Students (17 under) $1.00 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT Bears Stadium OR AT Gregory's Clothing Store 813 Sth St., (Jrcclcy

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