Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 2, 1955 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1955
Page 6
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.Patr« 6 GREBLEY TRIBUNE Friday, Dte.Z, 1955 ;The Greeley Daily Tribune . ond'The Grecley Republican EXECUTIVE STAFF MILDRED S..HA.VSEN' LEO 0. K C E N 1 G - · · · J A K t ESTRICi. JR. . . ' - - PubUihri I TLOVD t. M E R R I L L , B-j|fr.«». M i r A. L. PETKRSKN - · . .. Cire. Hit I f L A R E PAGE , - - · - Pahl:i!itt] EXrr Wetk Ol; E M a f n i ti The Trlbor.t-Rcpiililic». Publ!kln« Co OCfiet T i l Eicbtb Su GrM.'eT Ccta n --Enl!ted u iKend ^:i» Kilter it tKe Poit- K - o I I k V 11 GmNr- Cole,.eo uod«r tbi Aet , ; :l!«r«!i I . I S I 9 . · , ' . . - ' . ' · : · Menib«i Ail^culed Ttut. Colotudo Pr/M Alioflilion I n l i n d Dir^r Presi Altocii. n '1ioR A a d i t %ur«iD of CueuUlkm uviitrd rl", ^ V if I*" Ik* °*0 fs U e'nlitleil : «clu- a! rrpoblicjilioa of *ll ' lh;j.ntw«TJitt Subrnrtldn Prtei--Hf enlll In Co:ai«ilo I teit I3.W. ( mrolki IS.M. or.* econli ll.CO Bi m i l l - / i u l i 1 d « ' Cokit'ido I jtt.j Il2 W .cn o-oolh II.W- Sir.ic. IS.04 reit api'xbtil For^'.En . counlrri* K OC month 'Ckj CltHer II.C* rrtentn P U U L I O F O R U M -- P i b L i c I ' o t ' o m lelwn mu»T b* no loncet t f m SM wordi. Coriect tlrnlar* vnt br e r l n t r ^ with Uil.r. · rti. TTlbjnc P o Pause and Pbuden ; "i Was.«'$iring«r" . · '. , ''-' "Lord, .when' we scc.thec liul'igry, . . . thirsty, . . . a stranger, . , ; ' M J or naked . ,;·.. sick, or in prison? And 'the King will answer them, : truly, I say to yoii, as you lo on« of Ihe leasl ol these my. .'-.brethren',' you did i( lo me."-- Mai. '25:37, S, 8, -10 -.,, '^The'Forgotteh'Man ' . : . '. · . ( F r o m I d t a i nd Comment Ce]umn by ChiWe Htrald ' In' lh» Noy.-J isioe of.Thi Ror-W Mountain H«r»M..Th« author; it isiumtd ^r'-to bt Th'omii* Horn»by' F*rrii.) ' - - . . . . · .' . . · .o .-- David'stolberg's series in the. Rocky Mountain News 'Water' and the S Big T' is very jood-reading." Last Tuesday's uicce 'ChaVriE-Hanscn-, God' : « father of Project,' was particularly appropriate. Perhaps subsequent arli- -itlts may bring out sorjiething thai needs iff be emphasized -- how S Charlie Hansen. turned but' lo "be .the forgotten man as 'far'.as -having S his name perpetuated in connection' wilh the great work in which he was ? the- moving spirit -- the Colorado-Big Thompson project, Ilia Tiecls- % milion' Bureau's biggest lo be completed and the world's largest IranS- « ra'buntain water diversion system. . 5 s" Charlic' : Hansen was .the quiele'sl 'evangelist 1 ever' knew. Back in i J . fi)e la'le 1920's and early 1930's you'ct.see him, always wearing his green '^ eye- shade as he sat at hiV old foil-lop desk at Ihc Greeley Tribune. '·'ij H'ti'd.'talk in a low voice to anyone who would listen;, then 'he'd take 3 S'oudown in the basement of Ihc Tribune and sjlbw you the' work-sheets, g th'e preliminary drawings,- the calculations. You would come away con.% vinccd thai Colorado-Big Thompson project would. somehow, some day, ';,· come inlo being, and il did. Up lo Ihc lime .of his death in 1053, Charlie *. Hansen was loo busy wilh 'the project lo -claim a n y - p a r t of il for him- 5 s4in In our lime, when personal publicity is cbn'sidercd some sort of ** w ; ampum, he was-loo' dedicaied e man lo give :il even . a thought. 1 2 Charlie was nothing like Ihc nnisy and pompous Horace Greeley whose '3 picture hung on his wall, but he knew, the west belter and .his ac- "f- cOmplishment for Ihe. west was greater. r ·$. ..... .TJiegreal tunnel u n d e r ' l h e Rockies should have been named the 5 Hansen tunnel. Political- expediency n a m e d i t . the Adams tunnel in' G B l e a d ' Colorado-Big T is now just about 'pnl 'together. 'Every piece and S unil has some nam £ of the man who ga g negligence is not Ihe sort of Ihing that would bother Charlie Hansen. 'ii But il bolher-s 'everybody who knew him, respected him, and had some -^iense of what he dreamed ami -accomplished. g s n o w u s a u . me or designation, but there's nothing lo remind you ave his fullest 'energies of his mature life to it. This [MjuNniiUee, receiuty nn. uic mam-i "·-» ·· . . - - - . must assure.'the- world that'we arc'capable of h a v i n g a non- pirtisan American policy and thai'regardless of who wins or loses-in ·'-·-·--'-"oreign'program will go on substanlially as is. .We musl "how 'S?A Mature Nation . " r It cannot seriously be expected, thai foreign policy will be kepi out. jfpolilic5 in'1956.' The politick) slakes,' and tbe temptation to use every beans for winning them, will-be too great. . . i · Cfiarges-and counter-charges are sufe'to'be a ' p a r t of the. coming 'campaign. In a sense/thai is as il should be, since our eleclio.ns. ought to reflect the considered judgment of the electorate on foreign policy as well as on other mailers. The sUminislralion's conducl of foreign affairs is part of iis record, and as such it cannot properly be ignored. ' " 'There ts muqh to be said, however, lor the ideal ol a bipartisan - foreign policy.' Our position in the world communily i» greally strengthened wlien our policy has the broad support of both major parlies a'nd seems unlikely to be changed with every shift in power. · Sen Walter F. George of Georgia, chairman of Ihc senate foreign I'iialibns cwnmiUee. recently put the mailer; well when he said: "We mi 1 *' ' 1956'our-loi _ . th'at we are a mature nation."- . . . , ii-;--Preside*'Eisenhower promplly endorsed this Democratic Deader s ilalement of support for a united front on-foreign policy.'H,deserves the further endorsement, of all thoughlftil citizens. |; 'Don't be an apple polisher. The* harder you rub the. more transparent the resiill. · ' " · . ? Tive'minor ollicials,' friends "oTthe late police chic) Bf.rla . w e r e MtenUy cxec,i|ed in Russia. They were accused, o f . treason· "Dotage iod . hbsl cl'other crimes. The most serious turned oiil to be picking the wrong ihe'strugBte^for power. '. - ... i .: ' . ·' With Ihe football season over maybe Ihe University presidents can jet their pictures in the paper as well as the -halfbacks. [ Tn Africa schools have b e c n - s e l up for deau'ng with pygmies. Pygmies.are not much nigger than children-hut dig those.blow guns- .· they're not beanshoc-ters. · .-. . · ' Thieves Crack Up · · j BALTIMORE (Si--Called' to Ihe icen'e'of a three-way .automobile collision, Patrolman Morris Stein found three automobiles, all right, but no drivers or passengers.' - · A'quick.check'told him why'.-All ihree'ea'rs had been slplen shortly before the accident, b · W. G, (HAYDEN, JR, About Your Insurance ·_ . . . .When v?e had our midnight . 5 {ire, I learned that a .local , ._ t _ insurance ageni, like a fa'm- p-ilSr"dbctor, is on call al all ·j ' Hours. I was ako pleased j with the prompt and -full I payment of our'claim. Can 19 Years Ago · D.cttnb.f J,' ItJt ' Employes of the First National ank stared ' pop-eyed Thursday morning .at a near miracle- in the lirciilatinji of currency. For dc- josit appeared Ntinber One ol he currency., issued bj the bank*, note t h a n _ 5 2 years sgo. The liuge 'ire dollar'bi'll, singularly fresh iri appearance, a t t r a c t e d . Ihc alien- ion of John.S, Davis, cashier.' Exa m i n a t i o n showed t h a t - is.. \vas issued by Ihc First National bank on -March 6, 1884. Bui eveti more astonishing was the fact (hat beneath the picture-' of I'resutenl James A. Garfieltf was the larjfc numeral "1" which i n f a n t * it was ,he first piece of currency issued the "bank. The bilj \vas 'signed li.-lJ. Harper as cashier, and J. ,M. Wallace as president. Mr. Harper was Ihc f a t h e r of Mrs. John M^cCutchcon.' Mr. Wallace came put from Chicago tc -establish Ihc .First National bank. 'He built the building in which it is housed, lie was ins t r u m e n t a l in s t a r t i n g the United Presbyterian church here. .Many earfy members of l l i e ' c h u r c h j including-A. M, McGlenahart, came with him - o r came later al his uring. M£. Wallace was' also a strong advocate of the location here of Colorado. Stale Kornial school, / the Colorado Stale College of Education. · J. M-. B. Petrikin.. [low president of the First jN'alional bank, regards Mr. Wallace a.s one of Greeley's foremost, benefactors. LHyssti OfMns «f Sttrlins . ,, Sterling Is now showing Ulysses, ['reduced in Italy by Djno De Latirenliis and Carlo I'onli, in association with William Schorr, t h e . film is srcscntcd here w i t h ! dubbcd-in-Englisli dialogue a n d ) voices for all" of ihc cast"with the ani Mscbonald Papkc. exception .of ils two Aiiitff/can -'b'a Lopcit'produced the tech- stars, Kirk Douglas and A n t h o n y 1 nicall,v competent .film complele- " ' ] ly and authentically in Venice.' JUo- n r t ' t i o n Picture Heralrl ralc-s the UA- Quinn. Douglas as-.Ulysses and Silva.... Mangano, who bis pa- Loperl picl'irc good. Running time ticnl, · loving wife, Penelope, and j K 0!) mimiles. the; beautiful cifcharitress, Circe, uillc1 wilh Summertime is Night the -cast of this unusual, arty ' Freight: Despilc Ihc uncertainty of offering. !'· · love inlerest, Stove' Fisher's Although,rich in production de- il and;' magnificent color by Technicolor, -the c o n c e p t o f In Uniform L« Sillt P.fc. jn Mlntuvtrs FORT i/OLK, La.--Pfc Myron G. Martinson, whose wife, Mae, and parents, Mr. 'and .Mrs. C . ' W . Martinson, live 'on Route 2, La Salic. Colo., is'participating in the largest ioinl Army : Air Force' m a n e u v e r since World War II, Exercise Sage Brush, iti U i u i s i a t i a . . Some- 110,000 Army troops- arc esling Ihc lalesl concepts of alom- c,' bacteriological, 'chemical and electronic warfare. The. exercise ·ill end Dec.. 15. Martinson, a clerk in Company. C uf the 3d I n f a n t r y Division's Sd Signal Battalion, is regularly sla- ioned at f'orl Benning, Ga. He erv .ered Ihe'-Army in December 1964 and tomplelcd basic training at Forl'Ord," C a l i f . - J l e was last stationed at Camp'Gordon, Ga. He was graduated from College High School, Greeley.' Sins of the Children . C.ONWAY, Ark. (fi--Youngster! 'who roam the streets of this Ark a n s a s eily afler 11 p.m. aj-e likely to gel Iheir'parcnls 'in troubl People under 18 years old must be off the slreels by 11 o'clock, Tarents of violators are snbjecl to a fine-of between $1 «nd $25 and a jail sentence of from one lo 3« days. , TheBtre'ijiiide O p i n i o n s aiifl Inlorinalloo guaranteed to be [ram source^ o'ther · t h a n the, presi departments of motion ptcrur* producer!. and at lejiglh, a crcdil lo hfrseU and to t h e - s e n s i t i v e direction of David Lean; He*'seducer is Rossano Brazzi, billed as the" Italian Charles lioycr. An extraordinary Jcalurc .ol Ihc film js Ihe color pbolo){rajhy with Hie! v a m c r a - lingering depicting 'in detail (lie maiiyjsplcndorcd beau- lies of the Venetian selling. Others · in tti_e cast conlributo color and a u t h e n t i c i t y , partictilar- ly an appealing performance by Gaclano Audieto "as a street waif, and. a delightful caricature of American tourists by Jane Rose Ulysses' exploits, drawn from the poet Homer's Odyssey, is 'a childish expcrbncc-in fantasy. · Mario Camerini's direction · is csl when leveled al Ihc romantic interludes between Miss Mangano, as Circe, and. Ulysses. Se-en writers-are credited with the disjointed screenplay lo include Ben tfccht, Irwin Shaw and Hugh ray. The others are Franco Bru- ili, Mario- Camerini, Ennio de Concini and Ivo Fcrill^ ' . ": Motion Piclure Hera'l'd rales Ihe film fair. Ilunning .lime is 104 minutes. Double Feature it Chief SunJay - · · S u m m e r t i m e and Night F.reigbl open Sunday at the Chief. The'firsl is based on Arlhu'r T.-urcnls'.slage p l a y , ' T h e Timo .-I tlic Cuckoo, adapted for the 'screen by T)avid Lean and H. E. Bales. . i' Katharine Hfpjbur'n plays- Jane Hudson, .the American secretary on vacation ip Venice, in detail screenplay manages to find a fool- hold on the. oulcomc of a. long standing grudge' between Forrest Tucker, Jn a short line railroad, and Thomas Gomez, a competitive truck line owner, who had onse forced Sicker oiit ol the trucking field. . ,,Barbara firilion adds quality to Ihc role of a cocktail waitress, who was ready lo yield to a marriage of convenience with- Keith: Larsen, but finds ncrsclf falling in love wilh Larscn's brother, · played by Tucker. ' ' · · · · 'An interesting faccl to the railroad background oHhc film is the introduction of a piggyback operation., whereby huge, produce (rucks ace loaded onto flatcars to prove a 'speedier and cheaper method of delivering perishables /ronl the Modesto Valley farms to Ihe J-os Angeles market.' Jean "Yarbrough .directed, and Ace Herman produced for William F. Broidy Productions. Motion Pic-' .lure Herald rales the Allied Artists' film fair. Hunning' is 79 miniiles. [o\/Featiire;Speaker .'V'/ : (j'reclc* i1 s YouEh for Christ rally will bVheld. Sunday at 2:30* in the Greejey High School "auditorium. !__ · » · ' - · · ' » : . - : · . ' The rally; usually scheduled for Saturday night, is set 'for Sunday afternoon -this, time In order, to iia'vc a s - giiest speaker' Dr.- Ted Knestronv of Chicago. "Or. Kn?- s t r o m ' U the executive director of Youth /or Christ -International -and popular 'youth speaker. 'He is 'ormerly"' the editor of the -Chris-' ;ian Reader's Digest magazin is a current' contributor to many Christian . periodicals. . DivEngstrorn, in overseeing the " Florida Population MIAMI r .-- Florida's, population more than doubled .during the last 25 yeara compared wilh an increase of one third- for the nation as a whole. PAD, PIP .YOU KNOWIWA. Tht G r e e I « y public 3cho«ls lunch menus art planned to providt one- third of the daily requirement i of calcium and vitarriirVi'- A 'and C. BUCKLEY Boy Scouts of-Troop-One Have Elk Sleak; Gookoul. After colliding Goodwill bugs Ihe 'other Saturday morning' Ihe boys .of Boy -Seoul Troop One (Park Church), alon'g with Iheir Scou'lmasler' Merle Meyers' am Assistant Scoutmaster Charles Mann, hiked to Island Grove park There they had great fun cooking elk steaks for: their lunch: This was the first taste of elk rtl^at /or many of the boy»; and 'also gave them an optwrtunily for merit badge credits. . ' - ' Merle .Meyer _waj Ihe successful elk hunter furnishing the meat for this Cook/out. -Everyone .evidently enjoyed the whole day's activities in that it was almost dark before the Scouts' began showing up »t homo-. There was Jots of enthusiasm on how good Ihe steaks were and hov much fun it all was. Charles. Mann, graduate student j E l CSCE is taking over'the assistant scoutmaster 'job left'' vacant ·when"Mr. JScKim meved out of own. · · t these _sef\"ices be provided [ only by a 'local agent who is '^available by phone 24 hours _ · of the day? .' ' ', D. C.Royer Agency Phone 50 808 9th'St ia.non City Coiinci! Okehs Water Plans 'IThere's a real penalty box! M O D E S T M A I D E N S i^ CITY Ifl -- Cily Council ;ave' final approval Thursday lo ^25,000 water.'expansion' program or this southern Colorado city'.' 'The project includes construction of a new filter and-storage basin, a chemical Ireatmenl building, distribution lines and million gallon standpipe.. * ' . ' · ' Council authorized calling of bids ·for a bond issue. . · Work is to sltrt early next s'tar. Mayor Glen I. EubanVs says the project can be financed without additional taxes or an 'increase in cily water rates. 4 * U "' " ' ' to hang * plcWre en Ox other side 109;-.. MISTER BREG'ER ''Oh, dcar!-I just remembered, it's NOT the food that's ' ' fabulous here -- i t ' s ' t h e PRICES!" .' Youth (or .Christ activities .of " Youth - Christ . around the World, is well qualified to give « true picture of world conditions today, especially from the' religious 'slaiidpolril.': ; . . " - · ' The .'musical portion of,the rally wiif include marimba, specials by ; DeloYes.ncnzcl. and he? ensemble, vocal sblo.5. and -.the familiar 8jn|- spiratlon time. ' ' " '" ," ' a rally for en- j'oy and all: are' invited; to attend. , All. seals are : Iree. ;;f..j;^ ':'..*'· . ,' Birds of P.aradis'e , . KUSHIRO,- Japan' Ifl -- Japan|s white, searlet ; cre'sl^d"-' '/Sacred Craner. arc going to live-henceforth-, m plu^h' surroundings ; on tbis. north- ern'mosl island of Hokkaido.' ' : ' . Cily fathers' are building whal · they call ','a well guarded arid'well organized palatml abode" complete with, gardens, 1 bathing pools ·· and nursery e.rounds foe the fjacrid Cranes. So f a r ^ a s is. kndwii^the ~ lore, else in Japan. , OHt-HSLf TlWiSSTriE OF ft RK-'SEK -To a EX»J6H footi frM VR'Xl 0? WKTSK IN 0/i? riOURl 11-1- HALF ACRE CASTLE Every WomaniKnows Thatt -. JOE -FALOOKA en, IT 1^ 0»DOy/..THE PSSST..1SMO-VES1 M10UND?...I'V660T PICKING OUT A. SWEATCR.TIND ONE THATFIT6- PRESENT FOR. H E ' MISS POTTER CAN'T TALK BY HAM FISHER MIES POTTER G Hi A STATE OF 6IIOCK. JOC...5HE CAHT MIX... F C*f T BELIEVE MVSELF.. BUT THE IXL COHif CXE MISER one HAD THO H(JHOER(5 BOXHS...llLBtrrVE FA66EO UP WORE. LKSEN TTH«..irS SMOT...THE CCC-WOMAN CAWT TALH-WTWV scsrecr w LITTIE PuVM WE GOTWTH6 WWW ITS RIWCULOU5.:. WHAT DOES MISS POTTER SAV... LITTLE MAX IS WS5W6...HIS HAT WAS FOUNO 0(1 THE PREMISES... HES'BEEfl VISITIMG MISS POTTER PEOtJlASLV.. MAYBE WE COSHT 1* HAW'CLECT A REWARD : Scorchy's Left Out SCOKOH.Y SMITH DICKIE DARE Storm Warning: I PUSHED HIM IK TO SEE IF HE HAD THE STAWKA TO BE A rTU- BEARCXMC TRIP-'HE'S SCHKG TO TAKE ME AKO TAKE rrotrr S ON \fE.,TOO\ D Ll'L A B N K R

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