Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 24, 1962 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 24, 1962
Page 3
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Sat, Nov. 24, 1962 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 3|Mrs. John Fulbright j Entertains Chapter EC ! WMS Circles of First Baptist Church Hold Novemer Meetings Mrs John Fulbright enlemun- ^61186 ed IK members of Chapter EC of CSU Student Center Gets Honor Award PEO Monday al her home. u ^ Calvin £ Evins pro . Miss Doris Eck presented ihe|[ essor O f Air Science at Colorado Women's Mission Society of ihe ; Ahile Cross chairman Mrs. 0. A. .P r °8 r » m on "Around the norldisute College, was guest speaker. roRT pouj^s _ Colorado First Baptist Church held its No-; Bird gave devotions. Dr. Tou:in K o o d -' sh * lold of ^ s P il ' es at a luncheon meeting of the DAR 1 ^^ ^.^y-, ,*,, siuden veraber meeting in the lo»er saini presented the program* ^ in her cooking ^ and saidiTuesday al the Tea House. \ Ctc/[/tr Building" has received an temple lasJ week. Mrs. EdwardrGod's World Speaks To Americans are becoming, in his talk on "The . Boreson, president, was in chaige.;Co!or slides were shown. Bible more "" ltulent a 1 in th «i r cllo ' ct iRole of the I". S. Air Force in National Detense" gave a run- of Mrs. Marion King had devotions | verses were read and hymns and Mrs. Homer Good had Inc.'sung Next meeting will be Dec -Hedechmenu served by Miss down on the composition of this program on "Race Relations "· lu. at UK home ol Mrs Ben'.Eck and Mrs. Fulbright included' Circle Two served refreshments HR-hardson. 1521 8th A v e . with Swedish saffron rolls. Danish pep- Next meeting will be Dei-. 3.! Mrs. L. 0. Krueger Circles of the church held reju-l lar meetings recently. Ind,vidualj(3 r e e l e y p u b l i c Schools accounts ol the meetings follow. Mrs. Roy Bnggs entertained; ,, f"" 5 , Ior ' he Cl f e - v Fublic member, of Circle One at her]^ 0 " U:e week home. Mrs. James Larkin assist-]" ° v ' ' S,i_-i ed wilh the dessert luncheon. Mrs.' ""* pernodder cookies, Norwegian flat brod. Russian Piroshki 'a bile- sized meal pit'. Japanese rice ' \A/ i :crackers. Holland cheese, and tor Week Waiian ^ Next meeting will be. Dec. 3, at lhe home o! Mrs. George Peters Mrs. Arthur Reynolds will give lhe program on "Around the ^ ^ ^ ^ ,. . ,. j - , _, Mondav-. Pig in a blanket with!?,, j . -1 *pl?: n t, m "" F. A Side. is chairTM,, and M^^^-^,.^ Du ttered'"° r ' d '" Re '' e '"" members answered roll call with r parsley ';]olutues: sauerkraut: hot rolls 83 calls reported. Mrs. Sides an- - applesauce:, r nouncei 1 that the fifth Thursday fr T WASHINGTON 'AP' - The ag- Tuesdav: Mock swiib steak in' prayer service would be held next Thursday al Ihe home of Mrs. Al Petrick. Mrs. Larkin led devotions on "Houswlcaniiig Our Lives and Hearts " She read several poems from "Leaves olir;'7 lnl ^"^ f-nU " V l r t I h l r l n L - l y . t l h-.d ' . ; r pint whole milk. ;riculture department reported Sal. force, how the force is controlled and the implications of future aerospace weapons. j He showed a film. "Seconds for| Survival" depicting now thej USAF in its Air Defense Command and strategic Air Command defends this country. Mrs. Earl A. Wail*, program chairman, introduced Col. Evans Mrs. Ralph Waldo, regent, presided al the business meeting. Hostesses for the luncheon were Irs. George N. Page Jr. and Institutions Magaiine Honor Award lor outstanding achievement in interior design. The national award, announce* recently by magazine officials a York City, also goes to the buili ing's architect and designer James V. Hunter and Associal of Boulder. B. L. Tomlinson. Universil icmulo sauce, buttered steamed, North ^^ ^ rice: seasoned preen beans w.lhy fal for bjcon. whole wheat bread anfllmar |( el durl-" r butter; blackberry deep dish P«: i v e a r ear | j( . r that 21 per cenl more cattle and calves were shipped into eight kit stales slaughter '.""' market during October than a Wednesday. Chili con beans-crackers; TV number totaled 1,574.124 ". c "TM head compared with 1.300.W3 in , * ,, r i H Oclobcr last vear. ! c . l ! ul ' c .,". a l" ,TMH ^ei shipmenls i ' nl ° these slales ' or wedges; ; v , Thur.-l;i Bi-el and Ircsh vegetable ^ l e w . spinach, Iclluce and cabbage salad will, thousand is- , } i J U l V - Gold." Mrs Charles Loll had! charge of the p r o g r a m "Thanksgiving." Each present cither read a poem or.^ cinnamon streustl told what lhe closing prayer. Mrs. Harold at her home Dec. 13 Circlt Two i| nm ) d rcssln j;; hut biscuits Circle Two members enjoyed.(, t , ncv butter; p;neapp!e and! the hospitality ol Mrs. AnncUa'., r a p^[ l u i t j c i| 0; i. pint whole Morris ol 1217 l l l h Ave. wilh Mrs. m ^ Clara Gardner as assist,ng hosl- F'riday ess. There were 2fl calls reported '..andwich made by the 18 members pies(-nl.. c o r n : lettuce, celery and green! 1 . Mrs. John Taylor irad a p-icm. ^ppcr salad wilh oil and vine-, 5 ^TM^. "Belated Thanksgiving" lx-\o]( , ar dressing: Iruit cup ol canned;* lions by Mrs. Karl N a u m a n wcrc^,.,,) [ rcs |, Iruits; 'i pint whole on Ihe theme, "Be Thanklui" and i m j]i; she read a poem "To the Nation"' ElemnUry $ht*li by F.d(jar A. Guesi and a bhorll Monday. Pig in a blanket w-ith article, "Special Prayers lor O u r l m u = l a r d relish: parsley buttered Country" Mrs. M. t. Burnett potatoes: sauerkraut; cinnamon pint whole milk Irs. J. E. Smith. Mrs. Paul H. Keller, chaplain, gave the prayer if Thanksgiving. [ood service director, acceptei the award al New York City behalf of CSU and the Hunte designing firm .Institutions Mag designing firm. Institutions Ma| lion for the mass feeding am housing market. ; ' CSU's $3 million Center, opened! last January and dedicated in THANKSGIVING BASKETS (or 33 families in the Greeley area were made up under (he sponsorship of the Girls' Association at Greeley High School. Thirty-six homerooms, approximately 260 students and adults, provided lood for 33 families for Thanksgiving dinner and ad- ditional food for the week. Shown here with baskets for four families are, left to right: Car- olTM Bunting. Tarn- Cowan. Margaret Cooper. Susie Schafer and Glenda Shupe. Tribune phots bv Paul Edscorn. m inner of the 4-H alumni recogni-,and national chapters of the Mas- jlion award in ceremonies at the! ler Farm Homemakers Guild, and 1,4m National 4-H Club Congress.! |^^ forrner presito^ the Colo- V\rs. W. D. Forr Gives D rogram on Orchids Mrs. W. D. Farr gave a P«|ihe Center which operates on a gram "She Has A Green Thumb L el ,. liquidaling basi , meeting of Chapter BE of ^ ]96 , Honor Award J5 lhe April, was built by Hensel Phelps, Construction Companv of Gree-i^ f t f c A LJ If a\/ I 1 '" ·'"'"""' ~" " ^'"" "" """". ra do Home Demonstration Counley. U has some 140.000 square'VjClS T-|| r^Gj -. The Survam ranch ,s 40 miles' ^ a {ormer yice president feel wilhin three levels, plus an -from Trinidad. Mrs. Survant be-', 0 [ the national council. [attached 700-seat theater. Ken-! CHICAGO A P i - Mrs Eugene Mn her 4 ,, c , ub w o r k jn ^5, nelh L. McAferty is director ol ; L. Survant of Trinchera. Colo.. Animas County in the 1920s. I For diilinctivt gifti »i«il Eiit- been given a gold key as the She is a member ot the Coloradojgitt Cifti. 107 IWi St.--Adv. at a PEO. The meeting was held all d 5uch cjlaiion [or CSL - lhe home of Mrs. Farr aller a luncheon at the Greeley Country Club. pared with 2.734.232 a year earli er. Stales showing an increase this year included Ohio. Indiana. 'Illinois, Michigan, Iowa. South on her hobby, orchids, with slides. ~ ' ' Nebraska. Minnesota movies and plants she has raised .in the past four years. A similar award was presented the L'nivcr- . V3S the only slate showing a de- ub - . ,, sitv in 1958 for interior design Mrs. Farr illustrated her talk achievemcm in A!lison Hal] . , women's residence hall. Oven baked cheese buttered whole kernel j in her own green house. Hostesses were Mmes. Farr, : Waterways Busiest |T. B Moody, C. W. Gilbert and! ' _ iSrescription rHARMACY Label of Pharmaceutical Elegance Joy or Night PHONE 352-4866 811 Ninth St. Icelanders enjoy winter swim- ning in open-air pools fed by hot prings. Icicles often form in a wimmer's hair. A. F. Reeves Jr. Next meeiing will be Dec. 7. al the home of Mrs. Rex Eaton Jr.. 1944 26lh Ave.. at 1 p.m. PARIS -- French waterways carried a record amount of cargo last year-- TO.S43.000 gross tons, a 4.4 percent gain over 1960. Medical and Surgical Supplies gave the program on the Mather School lor Girls al Bulord. S.C. applesauce: Tuesday: Muck Swiss sleak in She told ol iis founding and early I tomato sauce; buttered steamed history and the work the scliool is doing today. She read lhe poems. "Gratitude" by Margaret Sangslcr, "For /Ml the Little Things" and "Keeping Thanks- PENNEYS 6 0 " A N N . i V I R S A R Y . '*' rice: seasoned green beans w'ilh bacon: whole wheat bread and butter sandwich: apricot halves in syrup: 'i pinl whole milk. Wedncsdav: Chili con came Count on Penney's own COUNT ON MINNtY-t FOR A PUU. MCAMJM OP VALUK . wArthy ol Kur tonfld»nn giving " Next meeting will be a wilh beans-crackers: square ot cinnamon streusel codec cake: orange and apple wedges; '-3 pint whole milk Thursday: Bcel and Iresh vepe table slew: spinach, leltucc and cabbage salad with thousand is- Innd dressing; hoi bultcred buscuit: pineapple and grapelruil jcllo: '7 pint whole milk. Friday. Oven baked cheese sandwich: buttered whole kernel Dec. 13. at ihc home ol Mrs. G. Willis Williams ol 2017 l l t h Ave . wilh Mrs. Ben McQi:ay, assi.-ling ClrcU Thru Nineteen members ol Circle Three were welcomed to Ihe home of Mrs. John Minnick wilh Mrs. L. B. Wilson presiding al the bus Iness meeting. Money win donal ed for the Sunday School Chrisl- mas treal. Mrs. Belly llogan become a new member of Ibe Circle. Mrs. Don Lcckenby gave devotions. Miss Mabel Cochran gave lhe program on "The Rim ol Asia." Neil meeiing will be al the home of Mrs. Mayme Baab wllh Mrs. Merle Oliver assisting. jjY,^.,,, ^^ mllk avaU . ClrcU Four \ Mf onc dny eflch Mrs. D. T. Thompson was in' charge ol a program al a meeting of Circle Four al Ihe homo ol Mrs. Carl Bohlcnrier. Site read an article on McnUil Hcnlll, by Joseph Gcisc. taken Irom the Denver Post. Glenda Cook showed pictures on her trip to Green Lake. Co-hostesses were Mrs Dave Bohlcndcr and Miss Christine Bohlcndcr. Mrs Don CnoX read n Thanksgiving poem. Mrs Chnrlcs Malheson Rave devotions and rend nn article on Thanksgiving by Arda Slolin and pave n Thanksgiving Prayer b y J o h n Oxenham Evtnlng Clrdt Mmes. Sidney Reed, Mnhcl Me Ginness nnd Mary Fairchild were hostesses to lhe Evening Circle n Ihc church. Guests' were Mmes Mary Hudson, Steve liccve. Ixxin ard Ilay, Andrew Morris. F.d 1'ir nic. Henry Cnrlson. M. E. nctl. Milchell Gambrell. Mis. Lucy Ilelin. Mi.w Mary Uu Nc« man. Dr. S. R. Toussalnt nn Waller Gocitcr. Money will lw given to buy Ircats lor lire children's Christmas p n r t y . Mrs. Dewey Pwitnn wns appointed new com: celerj' sticks: fruit cup ol canned and Iresh IruiU; '7 pint whole milk. The Secondary schools serve a choice of whole milk, either plain or chocolate, daily. Elementary schools serve plain whole milk Graduate Dames Have , 'wo November Parties Graduate Dames e. n j o y e d « ridge parly Monday nl the Stu- cnt I'nion. Hostesses were Mmes. lichard Thompson ol Meeker, oim Schmclzer of Greeley, Chct Hauskcn ol Hopkins, Minn, and Card. Bozeman. Mont. Mrs. Pelc Biiller was a guest, rire-s were won by Mmes. Duanc Mconi. James Jacobscn, and Don 'ickerinc. Tlie Damos enterlnincd llicir usbnnrfs recently at a couple's mvly .it the Union. Hostesses pre Mmes. Fred Sealer, Harvey ilchpolc of Denver, Mike Fitch Detroit, Mich., and Gordon nvin ol Pierre. S.D. Nexi meeting will Dec. 3. STEREO CONSOLE FM AM RADIO COMBINATIONS FOR THE SOUND OF QUALITY IN A BEAUTIFUL WORLD OF STYLING! SPECIAL! SIX- TRANSISTOR SET SHUTTERS Inild* Hirdwoefl WF.LLER LUMBER CO. Oreeley -- Ault -- Gpleton Lowest Price for Expert Repair! COMPLETE WATCH OVERHAUL utfS CM. Includes earphone, leather carrying case, earphone case, even the battery! Outstanding reception »nd tone qual- i t y ! Chorgt ill INCLUDES · tinning, oiling. H ilhin 8 · od|villng, «U1ricol fiminf · riplnilng nvtdtd port I · Fvlly g v a f o n i t e d by Amtr. Ica'i (orgtt! j»wtl«il · ONC LOW PllCt for any ilondord voleh fit p. nflVM ill Ik! Ill'll I*"* ··'»-·'. n tnM M'H I till IIHIIMIM IIIH iZALE'S Alh ltr««t Op.n Mondiy ind Frliliy NI|M« "THE AMERICAN" beautifully crafted in the Colonial manner with glowing hand-rubbed honey-toned maple veneers! · 6 speakers -- two low-range 8 in., two mid-range 6 in., two high-range SVj in- · deluxe VM changer, diamond needle · 6 sound controls, 11-tube fm/am tuner, afc control 269 No down payment Only 13.05 · month POWERFUL TABLE RADIOS 13 !W B-tube power! fi.(ub« reception! 5-tube tone! Full 'Jtl-day warranty on psvls and Inlior! "AMERICAN NORDIC" modeled with the skill of a fitu- ,nilinp ship, rich in hand-vubbod wulmil venoi'rs! · 6 speaker? -- t\vp low-raiij.'i: S in.. i«'o mid-range G in., two liigli-rangc -'i'-j i"- · deluxe VM chan.cor. ilia:-iond nee-die · 6 pound controls, l l - t u l v fm am tuner.afc control · radio adaptable io ton'o fm 269 (Hi No Down Payment Only 13-05 o m o n t h Shop Penney's every night till 5:30 p.m. Monday and Friday Nlghti Till 8:30 I..

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