Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 8, 1969 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, October 8, 1969
Page 7
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He's No Match for Her; Not in the Great Outdoors Editor's Note: Alan Mac Leese, a copy editor for th *lint, Mich., Journal, is the hus band of Connie MacLeese, Sag naw, Mich., News Outdoor Edi tor. Here is his lament on taking a back seat in what is general!' considered a masculine field- The Great Outdoors. By ALAN Mac LEESE Flint, Mich., Journal Written for The Associated Press Prior to dipping into.the sea of matrimony this observer used to beat his chest with th best of them when the subject o: hunting and fishing arose. , Yes, indeed, lads, I'd boated many a vicious pike, remorse Jessly tracked vast numbers o whitetails and withstood the charges of countless bull rabbits. enraged It never hurt, during the commission of these outrageous tales, to have a feminine ear, either. An uneventful trudge over well-pacified country quickly became a danger-fraught mission into the unknown--a 'six- inch captive bluegill would be wondrously transferred into something as big as a wash pail and as surly as a wounded rhinoceros. And, on the occasions when 1 forayed into the field with a feminine companion, it was the best of all possible worlds. "Don't fret over getting that worm on the hook, honey. Here, let me help." And, "Can't get the hook out of his mouth?" Manfully, I'd step into the breach with sure, deft fingers. In short, I was sort of an Izaafc Walton and Nimrod rolled Something Great At Cross Studio And Camera WATCH S14 16th St. 353-6617 into one beautiful package Right? Alas, no more, 1 married an outdoor editor. Come with us to the wilds of northern Lower Michigan, specifically Crooked Lake, a body of water I oft think my wife invented. Here we seek the wily bass, the recalcitrant walleye and the perverse perch. Follow us as we sally into our 16-foot runabout diligently churning away from shore. Is your hairy-chested correspondent at the helm? Well, no. Seems the wife has "lines" on all the good beds--lines being ;riangulation markings using !ixed shore points' as references. ,,._ 1 donU seem to be able to fix perch have been boated, as we .hese lines in my head; thus am ! relegated to the bow (part that goes, through the water first) to stand by alertly ready to drop '.he anchor. The wife, once achieving cap- aincy, runs an exceedingly taut ship. There is very little lolly- jagging about and malingering s practically nonexistent. When she says to drop the hook off the starboard side, you are well ad- ·iscd to do so. She does not mean the portside. And don't, m any account, stand up in the )oat, dear. Docile and feminine during shore duty, she becomes a bit of militant -afloat. With this crew, I suspect, she has to. The anchor has possibly de- icended nine-and-a-half feet and ilrcady the spouse has impaled an inoffensive minnow upon look, and-whizzed a cast some 0 feet outward. Your reporter, at this stage, is attempting to 'xtricate his hook from the fle- hiest part of the left palm. Her minnow immediately ·oes to work--I .-suspect he's een told he is on a commission ate--while mine lackadaisical- y begins to plumb the depths, lossibly debating on whether to all in sick. Now let us look at the happy :ouple a half-hour later. For ome doubtless occult reason ier minnows have won the po- mlarity contest fins down. Generally three good-sized iass, a particularly brutish pike DAILY AT THE GARDEN KITCHEN RESTAURANT I SNAPPY BREAKFASTS ] Serving from fi:00 a.m. 'til 11:00 a.m. Groups Welcome 119 18th St. Butler Has Had 13-Year Career and three four-and-a-half inch Ocassionaly while hard at work at this task, I wallop myself on the chest and all hands concede I do a masterful job. in say. Well, I've always been partial to perch. the- masculine ego isn't only deflated on the field of action, however. The .good wife has been fishing this particular lake since, roughly, the repeal of the Prohibition Act and all the local outdoor types know her. Now they all know me. I'm "Connie's husband." It's like iieing married to Liz Taylor, if your name is Eddie Fisher. True, I did think I'd won out once in this uneven contest. I'd always fancied myself as something of a crack shot, a belief falsely imprinted the day I nailed a running squirrel in the head at 200 yards with a .22 caliber rifle. Modestly, In my unassuming fashion, I spun this little gem of a tale before my rapt audience of one--Connie. Shortly after about $2007000 worth of the this I discovered she had shot Precious wrote) in Love" (which 1958. When he lie left, Jury Listens To Concert Copyright Case , , , , , . " ' " they replaced him, and the NEW YORK (AP) -- The Impressions have survived too; they're still performing, only that one replacement. In 1962 Butler was the first singer to record "Moon River." 'I .was a little disappointed be- strains of "How are Things in jlocca Morra?" and "My Heart ielongs to Daddy" echoed in Manhattan Federal Court Monday while 12 jurors listened to he piano concert with poker 'aces. The pianist, Burton Lane, was playing some of his own compositions to demonstrate the difference between sheet-music a r r a n g e m e n t s a n d "fake books." 'On trial charged with violat- ng . copyrights by producing her first duck with a .410 gauge shotgun at the age of 7 and had 3een mentioned in Michigan newspapers" as "one of the state's best young trapshoolers" when she was only 9. Bloody and definitely bowed, I tagged along with the wife' on yet another outdoor excursion during our summer vacation. Connie's a bit of a rock hound and we busily scratched about the Upper Peninsula beaches near Copper Harbor. Now I've always thought a rock is a rock is a rock but I never doubted that I would excel at spotting a valuable one if the occasion arose. This/needless to say, did nol prove out. Connie had collared about 15 agates during a perioc in which my major find was something left by a seagull. In point of fact, I have founc just one outdoorsy activity which I clearly surpass my mate--cleaning fish. The worn an simply confessed that she cannot match my expertise in this field. By MARY CAMPBELL AP Ntwtfeaturts Writer "Only the Strong. Survive." Uiythm 'n' blues singer Jerry Sutler wrote it with Kenny 3amble and Leon Huff, and the interpretations of its. title an; many. One could be 'Butler's own career. From lead singer with the Impressions in 195C to a single and an LP on the charts today, with only one million-selling record in those 13 years, Jerry Butler has survived. The current chart entries are 'What's the Use of Breaking Up?" which was No. 2G on the singles chart Oct. 4 and "Ice on Ice," the Mercury album which contains the song, No. 87 on the LP chart Oct. 4. A run-through of some of the Jerry Butler songs leading up to today can be very interesting. He was lead singer with the Impressions from late 1958 to late '58. "Elvis Presley was a big star when we were still singing in the bathroom. Butler's hiti with the group was "For Your 1 ! fake books" are Jules Slapo, ol Queens; Sidney Rogoff, of Teaneck, N.J.; Leonard Sidney o: Columbus, Ohio; and E. E Jindery Service Inc. There was no applause as ane finished each hit tune, but Judge Milton Pollack, a piano player himself, was seen occasionally pivoting in his chair in ,ime to the music. Wed., Od. 8, 1!)9 f i K E K L B Y TKIHUNK Cage 7 Jerry Butler cause it was a waltz. I tried to dor to do a Hacharacli song you have to do an arrangment like Bacliarach's or it just doesn't happen, and we didn't. When Bacharach does a demo, if you just follow the outline he's given you, you very seldom gel, a bad sound. He lays it all out for you." Butler performed on a show with Otis Redding in Buffalo in 1985. "After the show we sat around doodling on guitars in a hotel room. At this time he had no hits and I had no hits. I said, 'This is a song I've been working with for three months and I can't finish it to save my life,' and I played him 'I've Been Loving You Too Long.' "He said, 'I like it. It sounds great.' I said, 'You finish it and record it and I'll split the publishing with you.' "I thought he was putting me on. We were sitting around, having a beer. What is he going to isay, 'You're writing' a terrible | song'? "But 1 heard it later on the radio in Atlanta and I thought, 'Gee, that song sounds famil- put it in 4-4 time but we wound iar.' It was just unbelievable 2 Denver Area Girls in Teen- America Finals DENVER. (AP) -- Two age girls from the Denver area have been chosen as semifinalists in the national at-large corn- up with a cha-cha type of rhythm. Very few black people waltz or like the waltz, and I didn't want to try to push a waltz off on them. "Mostly I'm played on black radio stations. I'm played on pop stations when I get a big hit, but it has to be a proven hit before they play it. "We had a two-week exclusive on 'Moon River,'.then needless to say everybody picked it up aflcr that." 'Butler recorded "Make lEasy on Yourself" in 19G3, 'written and arranged by Burt Bacharach. "Dionne Warwick give him all the credit for it. And I don't know how lie re- nembered it; we didn't have a llellJUClCU 11, tYC U1U1I I. llttv\. « . tape recorder; we just played it self. A of us can be a group , v r_ '.-..· r ;iriri sti hp. individuals. Be what Hay-fever Loss High NEW YORK -- Every year about 10 million Americans suf- ;er from hay fever. Victims lose about a week a year from their! jobs, an annual loss to the econ- · omy of 16 million man-days. ! petition of the Miss Teen-Age. America Pageant. Deborah Suttie, 17, a at Westminster High and Dawn Dickson, 16, student at Thomas Jefferson High will be among some 50 American teen-agers competing for the Miss Teen-Age America crown, provided they can go through two more rounds of judging. The judging is based on good looks, scholastic averages and the checking of local references. the girl they used on the jdcmo record. I said, 'Why don't , tudcnt :you j u s t ' p u t this out.' They School | s 'B nc(l hcr as a sin g ci ' and ! 6°t Coronation Fort Worth, finals will Nov. 15. be at the i Butler also was Ihe first to record "Kentucky Bluebird." The name was later changed though not the song, and Miss Warwick recorded it as "A Message to Michael." He recorded "Alfie" right aft-l er going to Mercury from Vee- jay in 1966, but didn't release it. "I've been a stickler thai in or-' ;he two men started booking a and b acts. Now the three of them write songs together, and :hey produce Butler's records for Mercury. They wrote "Only the Strong Survive" together and Butler recorded it for "The Iceman Cometh" album. ("The Iceman was a nickname a disc jockey in Philadel- )hia gave me in 1959, basically Because I'm what is known in the idiom as cool. It embarrasses me to say that.") .., Butler says, "It was just another song in the album to me..I played it for my wife and she said, 'This will be the biggest record you ever had,' and she bet me $1,000 on it. Now I want ;o bet with her on ever.y record." . .'.'. A Houston disc jockey started playing it out of the album. As a result the company released 'it as a single and it sold a million and a half copies. Butler was born in Sunflower, Miss., lives now in Chicago. On the subject of where he itands on the black militance yardstick, he says, "I guess the audience cares about that;'"I never asked them. I'm proud'Of vhat he did with it. I think only :he way he did it made it a h i t . , . . . , , , , , , The song was a good song, but I being black rather than a guy . . . ° .. ..° . . . . .. nrVin liotae enmrvtmno that l3 Tinl who hates everything that is not black. "I'm 3 staunch believer three or four times. "Now, it's been recorded by so many people, it's one of the most valuable copyrights I nave." "Never Going To Give You Up," in 1968, sold about 800,000 and was the start of Butler's working with Gamble and Huff. He'd met them in Philadelphia in a club which had been a jazz room, losing money, into which and still be individuals. Be what you want to be and not what the establishment says you have ft) RUSSELL STOVER ry best in Choc's.' 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