Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 24, 1962 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 24, 1962
Page 2
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2 GREEm TRIBUNE Sat, No, «, /' rom By HELOISE CRUSE All correpondcnct pertaining to the Hclottc column should be mailed directly to Heloite King Features New York, 17, Syndicate, N.Y. 235 E. 45th St.. '.- \\oulil you it'll us how to make the suds [or blowing bubbles for our liule children? We need a good recipe besides just detergent. Also tell us how we rnn u'.iiiic Lhe suds that are left o\e:' as my 1 i}kc uually losi's his plastic bubble-rjiower. and also his interest in tin- .··purl jbout Uie same time. The Thret Tykes' Mother '·Dear Mom: I'll give you the best recipe 1 have for the stuff. As far as far Honors Cupps Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Cupp eel- brated their 25th wedding aniil ·ersary with an open house al he home of her brollier-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Srantner ol south of Evans. There were 49 present for the reception. Hostesses were Mmes Rosellon Whismen, Leo Donily. Robert Cupp. John Miller, Brantner. and Florence Donily, Mrs. Cupp's mother. Mrs. Sylvia Marlin, Cupp's sis- ler, poured tea. and Mrs. Cupp's mother served coffee. Mrs. Whisman and Mrs. Branlner served HolidoyNews |H 0 |IOr Roll PRINTED PATTERN as 1 LIIU i i r.cxi. the secret of · it worked like magic. It was so easy. Did you know that you can put a little cooking oil on the bottom of your ice trays and they will not stick? Be sure the ice tray is dry before applying the oil. Mrs. Leonard Peters to apply paste polish on our shoes These pulls also can be used to Coming Events guuu 1 1 cmt nude bubble-blowing mak'niil Is glycerine. And I have Iriwl ir.iiny rmpcs. 1 have fotTid that you can use some liquid dctergenl, pour it in Dear Heloise: a litile bottle, add a teaspoonful of glL'erinc, and drop or two o! food coloring. Really the food col oring lias nothing to do wilh the goodness of blowing a bubble however, Ihe kids seem to like Ihe colored mixture. Dear Heloise: Now, for that lillle lost plastic gadget . . . Have you ever tried on emply spool which thread These pulls also cai comes on? Back in the old days, sn ' ne s ' loes as wel1 during the depression, this was all we had. One can dip the end of the spool into the bubble suds and blow on Ihe olhcr end. Or, since Ihese arc modern times and straws are so cheap MONDAY nowadays, a straw is a good substitute! If you will go to your dime store, I believe you will find what is known as a plastic straw. Usually Ihis has a little spoon-type gadget on the end ol it. take your scissors and cut Ihis off ... or leave il on. It makes no difference. In fact, a little spoon on Ihe end directs the little bubbles in one direction: On rainy days when the tots (or tykes as you call yours) cannot go outdoors, let them blow bubbles in Hie balhlub when they take their baths. Make the mixture in a plas- lic squeeze bottle. In case they should happen lo drop it, it won't break. And this is another way to soak the dirt off those little boys! They will slay in the bath tub much longer because Ihe; have something lo occupy Ihem selves. M.E.S. the cake and Mrs. John Miller was at the gift table. Sandra and Debbie Miller, the Cupp's granddaughters were in charge of the guest book which hey and the other three grand' children, had presented to the Cupps. A violet linen embroidered cloth made by Mrs. Donily was on the lift table and a crocheted table cloth on the serving table was loaned by Mrs. Branlner. Mr. and Mrs. Cupp wore orchid leis. The leis and the centerpieces I use discarded powder puffs O f re d anthurium were sent from Irene Talor Knife and Fork Club, dinner, Greeley Community Building, 6:30: Waller H. Judd, representative from Minnesota, "The \Vorld Conflict Moves to a Climax.' Allritsa. luncheon, Camficld Hotel, 12:00. Latecomers HD Club, Mrs. Harold Englund, 2437 16lh Ave. Epsilon Sigma Alpha, G o l d Medallion Room, 7:30; Northern Colorado Council meeting; Alpha Lambda and Thcta Nu chapters, hostesses. Evening duplicate Bridge Club, Greeley Country C l u b , 7:30. TUESDAY Honolulu by Mr. and Mrs. Ro bcrt Cupp and Don. Mrs. Cupp re ceived a new set of rin^s from her husband and her present t him was a wristwalch. Mrs. John I Laura Cupp I Mi er's parents, the Cupps and he : alher and mother-in-law, th Roscoe Millers of Boulder cele srate their wedding anniversarie the same day. The Millers wi be married 38 years next Wedne: dav. Out-of-town guesls include Mrs. Sylvia Martin of Kirksvill Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. John Millc and children and Mr. and Mr Roscoe Miller of Boulder; and Mrs. John Sellers of John town; and Mr. and Mrs. Mcr Warner of Milliken. Announced At Heath Don Buxmons Hosts At Family Dinner Mr and Mrs. l)au Busman ol nortlwesl oi Greeley were hosts at ai annual family Thanksgiving Dinner at their home. Mr. and 'Mrs. Harold Buwnan of Eaton The honor roll at Heath Juniorkere co-hosts. High School for the first quarter Those present were Mr. and Life's Like That of the 1962-63 school year have been announced. Rtll | Seventh Grade: PauleLte K. Anderson, Kay Benson. Beverly 2. JBtrgum, Ann L. Bowers, Nancy j. Brook:-, Debby C. Brough. Chris Mrs. Henry Buxinan and Henry Buxman Jr.. Loren Corkrolt. Mr. land Mrs. Ezra Buxinan. Dorothy. Lam-. Shirley and Betty all olj Gree'ley: Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kercher. Janie, Barbara and Teddy of Akron: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Curtis, Michael P. Dugan, Lenore S. Emerson. Ricky E. Frilzler, Barbara R. Geiser. Judy E. Guest, Max E. Hill, Elizabeth K. Johnson, Vera L. Langham, Annette W. LeCuyer, Karen Kay McConnell, Paul K. Miller. Mike D. Morris. Jane J. Peyton, Luann M. Pierce, Pamela Kaufhnan. Carol J. Rothe, L i n d a K. Schmidt, Dennis Scgelke, Barbara A. Wheeler, Steve W. Whilaker. Edward B. Winograd, Stephen F. Winograd, Tom W. Wiihon Carol A. Wuesl. Eighth Grade: D e l o r e s M Wiegel, Gary and Mary Lou, and Joyce. Johnny and Bob Buxman all of Fort Morgan: Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lesser and Joyce ol Mead: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stritchko of Longmonl. Altending from the Kersey area were Mr. and Mrs. Ken Dallon and Kendall, Becky Dalton, Mr and Mrs. Paul Buxman, Carol Sue and Pauletle, Mr. and JarnM Silurian, Jimmie Jeff. Holiday news! Body beautiful inc achieved by arched seaming and fluidly fitted midriff. Sew this Iwo-pece dress in wool, faille, satin. Printed Pattern 4761: Misses' Dear Heloise: I freshen my sponges with cu lemons that are left over from our iced tea. I take the cut side of the squeezed lemon and rub on the sponge. Let this stand for about five to ten minutes. Then wash it in detergent suds. This seems to-re- rrioy* whatever causes the odor In Ihe^'sponge. [-'; Ellie Si * * * DeSi Heloise: Since reading your column, 1 nov£have kerosene on hand all thejtime. Recently our handyman got sortfe tar on a kitchen chair (pjakic) and I used a little kerosene on a cloth to remove it anc Garden City Chapter Order of Eastern Star, Masonic Temple. 8:00. Xi Delia Chapler of Beta Sigma Phi, social meeting, Golc Medallion Room. Delta Extension Club, Mrs Monroe Zolk, 1525 5lh St., 1:30 Mrs. Laurence Hurt lo give les son. Busy Homemakers, M r s. Johnny Rein, 8:00; installation of officers, guest night. American Legion Auxiliary board, Mrs. Art Deffkc. Mountain-Prairie Girl Scout Social Briefs Mrs. Sam Cooper was hostess to 20 members of Crescent Club at her home at 1525 21st Ave. last week. Mrs. Keith Lyttle was wstess. New members present were Mmes. Frank Hummel, Con. way Clark, John Whitten, Ogden Williams, Robert Gentry, Harol Cowan, Bernard Wolach, a n d Richard Ferrell. Mrs. Sam Cooper won high at bridge, Mrs. Don Allely, second high, and Mrs. Dal Majors, low. Next meeting wil the Christmas party Dec. 4. Ruth Haley was hostess to 26 members ot the Sunshine Grou of the First Baptist Church at he mme at 1124 14lh St. Ethel Wol Sizes 10. 12. 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 16 requires 3'i yards 39-inch fabric. Thirty-five cents in coins lor this pattern--add 10 cents (or each pattern for Ist-class mailing. Send to Anne Adams, (Greeley Tribune 3631, Pattern Depl.. 243 :West 17th St., New York 11. N. Y. I Print plainly name, address with ze and style number. Over 10 answers to "what-lo- ear"--in our new full color Fall- Vinter Pattern Catalog. Casual. ressy, school--all sizes! Send 35c Clark, Linda M. Dilka, Adela Euresli. Elissa Fine. Carol F Gregory, Linda K. liowell, Lynn Karowsky. Paula D. Lear. Jean ncne M. Page. Janet E. Picker. Candy L. Replogle, Bradford E. Smith, Ellen S. Varvel, Lind» A. Warner. Ninth Grade: Kathy S. Boos, Margie J. Brlscoe, Susan Brown, John R. Clayton. Debbie Emeson, Caroly J. Henry, Serena E. Hill. Ned R. Husman. Jill Mariani, Bob Marlow, Judy A. Murphy, BUI Opdyke, Judy Powell, Polly Reid, Dan M. Winograd. Punnye A. Wisdom, Linda Zuidema. From Eaton were Mr. and Mrs Fred Buxman, Mr. and Mrs Richard Foose. Dickie and Kristi and Ihe children of Ihe hosts Linda and Danny Buxman, an Marilyn. Melvin, Ronnie and Don aid Buxman. "Ytu'rt «utt»ri»d t« glvi him · fiw whickl In *n gmcy . · . nHwr Hun till ull" National Rep. Speaks to CWC Minnie Jane Johnston, nationa representative of Christian Women's Clubs, was speaker Tuesday at a meeting of the Greeley Christian Woman's club. Her message was. "The Effect [ Christ Living Through Us." , ,, Mrs. John Nelson, accompamed ca .Council, annual meeting, Greeley Community Building, 7:30. Olin Community, harvest sup per, Olin School. G r « f. I e y Toaslmislresses Camlield i:.!el, 7:00. Townsend Club No. 3, Gold Medallion Room, 1:30. Alpha Chi Omega Alumnae, Mrs. Robert Grieser, 1925 Montview Drive, 7:45; Fort Collins Alumnae will be guests. was assisting hostess. There wer 41 Thanksgiving cards sent. Plan CSC Laboratory School .unch Menus for Week Laboratory School lunch for week beginning Nov. 26: Monday: Creamed chipped bee on loast; buttered peas; whole (crnel corn; cheese-stufled celery sticks; dark sweel cherries bread and butler; 'i pint milk Tuesday: Sliced roast beef and brown gravy; whipped potatoes; buttered yellow wax beans;Waldorf salad; chocolate pudding; hot bread and butter; V, pint Htnwiblt Mmtiwi Seventh Grade: Susan M. Avers, Gary L. Bloemker, Sally J. Carlson, Mike L. Clark, Georgiann Clarke, Wally B. Clayton. Sandra D. Cox, K a r e n R. Croissant Michael W. Danielson, Rick K Dcrrington, Diana L. Duncan. Randy K. Elgin, Christie L Evans, Thomas A. Evans, Mike J. Frease, Sharon J. Fric, Richan . Fuller, Pamela D. Gellingcr Sandy Gonsior, Darwin D. Han en, Darryl L. Harvey. Claudia L lays, A l i e n ' D . Hwlikc, An Hinckley, William C. Hoffman Karen B. Holmes. y Mrs. Don Beckman, sang a lymn additional material, since we numerals 1270. 1317, and ISM ir« were depending upon a greater still clearly legible alongside the collection from the Greeley area to continue our work of training handicapped people for jobs." Mr. Payne said. Goodwill operates a store in Greeley. where clothing reconditioned by handicapped is sold. The money raised Irom the sale of reconditioned items goes pay the handicapped workers. People who may have bags, or who have items for collection, can Mn. Mrs. Harold Krieger showed ecorative candles and demon(rated how to make them. There were candles for Christmas and all special occasions. Executive boards of Boulder, r orl Collins and Greeley met with Mrs. Johnston Friday to discuss he meetings of the other CWCs all over Ihc county. The luncheon meeting was held al Hie Blue Flame Room. Next meeting will be a luncheon Dec. 11. al Ihe Grecley Community Building. a pickup or they can deposit th liscards in collodion boxes on parking lots of supermarkets, the Joodwill executive said. Loaf Siiei Chiielcd FREIBURG, Germany - III medieval limes of lamine the required sTMs of loaies of breac and rolls were chiseled into Ihe base ol Kricburg Callwrdral so the people could S.CP Hint they got Ihcir money's worth. The Roman CARD OF THANKS Julianne Johnson, Jenny D. Jourdan, Sally Kcrr, Jane Keyes. Debbie A. King, Lynnette Kinnison, Debra A. Kooglc, Rccco J. Lardicre, Donna G. Layton, Ann L. Lloyd, Larry C. Loll, Jan D. Lyons, Tim W. M a r g h t i m, Chcryle H. Mason, S u s a n M. Meeker, Robbin L. Meister, Doug J. Mitchell, Gail K. Monk, Judy L. Montey. Frank L. Pelersen, Gary W. P h e I p s, Ann M. Richardson, tW DITTO D-20 Direct (Liquid) Proceti : Duplicating Trinity Lutheran School Lunch Menus Trinily Lutheran School Menu for the week beginning Nov. 26; Monday: Spaghetti wilh meat luce; combinalion vegelable sal- d; hot cracked wheat bread anc el rime, effort and space 170 brl|M teplti · minuli M any wiljlil pupil ir urd my tin, J'»S'to»'»H' I li 4 C010H AT ONCf! ((·m pnrlfiln? 160 lyp«, wiltf ·[ draw H mcll, RD Inking, M mAt-i Phone f o r F R E E D e m o n s t r a t i o n T O D A Y ! were made for Christmas favor milk, for shut-ins. Bernice Kimball had devotions using, "Three Spirit Lifters" by Norman V i n c e n t Nex* m..: Jr.-. -viil be De.. 17, a Chrislmas parly, at the home of Annelta Morris, 1217 lllh Ave, There will be a secret pal gift exchange. Mrs. Wilma Musik of Fort Collins gave the program (or the Tourist Club Tuesday at the home of Mrs. G. H. Bcattie of La Salic, ic traced Ihe "Oregon Trail" rom Independence, Mo., to Wai- Walla, Wash. She gave some acts about the trail and read rom diaries wriltcn by women 10 traveled the Trail in Ihe utter; crumb coffee cake; V4 int. milk. Tuesday: Park and sauerkraut ullered mashed |xlaloes; car oU and celery sticks; bread ant u t t e r sandwiches; molasse ookies: '.-i pint milk. Wednsday; Toasted chees iandwichcs; creamed potatoc rly days. Next meeting will be le Christmas lea and gift ex lange Dec. 18, at the home o rs. E. C. Harrah, 1719 13th St parsley; jeans; orange buttered wedge; grec peanu jutler brownies; ': pinl milk Thursday; Beef and vegetab stew; lemon jcllo wilh orange and pears; hoi rolls and butter canned peaches; !j pint milk. Friday; Barbecued hamburge on bun; baked macaroni; lettuc wilh Thousand Island dressin apple crisp; '.? pinl milk. "KviTylliinc Inr Mn: Olfirc" 1303 EigMh Avenue ··!···········«*·«···· WASHINGTON AP - Reflec ing this year's smaller crop, far ers are storing !cr.; -ihcs 1 . unc the government's price suppo lonn program lhan a year ago The agriculture department pnrls (hat 185 million bushels 1%2-crop wheal had been slorcd jundcr supporls by Nov. 1. This icnmparrd with Ml million bushels |0f IMIcrop whrnl slorcd lo Ihc ; ame Oalr last vcar. Announys Neighbor LONDON -- Broadstairs Coun 1 said Mrs. Helen Peacock ulomalic washing machine con ravened Ihc Noise Abalemen ct, but three magistrates, tw [ them women, said lhat it d ot, and Uiat it was not a nui ance. Mrs Peacock, a State Re stered nurse, installed the m hine at her nursing home in A exandra-road. But her neighbo 65-year-old Mrs. Emily Davie complained that she could he all over her house. Wednesday: Pizza pie; buttered spinach; curried Indian rice; car- re 1 sticks; sliced peaches; Vi pint mirsday: Beef and vegetable ew; cheese sandwiches; lettuce ;th French dressing; canned iar halves; peanut butter cooks; '.! pint milk. Friday: Fish slicks with lemon edge; paprika hash browned po- lies; harvard beets; choice of ree fruits; hot corn meal muf- ns, butter and honey; ',1 pint illk. Charles L. Root, Stephen U. Roy- cr, Kerry V. Provanclia. John H. Shelton, Patrick E. Shepherd, Ellen Todd, J. Paul Turner. Debra D. Turner, Clinton W. Viergutz, Nancy A. While. Students' List Of Recreational Reading Prepared Members of the Colorado Education Association's Reading Com- miltec met Thursday and Friday. Nov. 15 and 16, al Wall Whitman School in Littleton to make selections for the association's semiannual student's list of recommended books (or recreational reading. The new list, divided into four levels, will appear in the January, 1963, issue of Ihe Colorado KEITH I I \v!ph to t h a n k nil at my [rlenuR and r e l a i i \ v n [r the b e a u t i f u l c;»rdh. lliolr p r a y e r s , and ninny urlji i[ klmlncnfl during my recent M l n e n H wllli very Mpetlal "Hunk you" 10 Ml8« Horn and I'nstiir Dillon for ihelr vlsiu and iirnycru To Dr. Milan Uo nnd flll Uio wonderful niirieH «t the Onlco l i a t h l c HoHiMlfll, 1 cxprcni my d o p n r n t prulllude for Ihn ei- care. Ihelr k l n d n e a w MILI.KIt In IOHIIK nwinor* ot Florence Miller, *'lio pd»R«i a w n y C y e a r i ago, NOT. 25, n;c'. 1 iMiinnt u n y «nil I will not n;iy Thai »h? li drnd. Sh« l» Juit a»-ny' \Vllh n rill-cry Mullf, 1 WIT« of t h p linnd Slie ha« wandered I n i o in un- k n o w n l n n d . And Klie li-!l uf dreamtui how MTV f a i r It ncctl* m u s t n* alnce ih« l l n p p r r t thTP. And ymi -- »ti. you who Ih* w i l d e s t yf-arn, For lli* ( i l d - l L i n c stop nnd (ld r e t u r n T h i n k uf her t n n n s on. a« dc;ir. In lh(! l o i n of Then?, ni the l u v u of H e r u . T h i n k of lii-r mill n« Ihe tamt, I MIV --She Is not di-nd -- «he ll Jllll atti,v. Mr. and M r s . l.iiwrenc-e 0. Smlih nnd K M h r r Mrs KviMyn t'rlinrh und children nnd conRldenillnn. Mrs. E. B. K e i t h Eighth Grade; Jerry Abboll, Suian E. Ankcney, U e b r a B. Beck,, Sandie A. Beck, Jim J. Dugan, Don C. Frederick, Greg Gales, David L. Grosche, Joden L. Hobbs, Thomas E. Hoden, Genevicve W. Hyslop, Sieve R. Janycs, Sherrie M. Kcil, Rona Kiser, Kerry I. Lynch, Tom J. Merry, Trudy J. Richardson, Janet Rolhe, Janet L. bout People You Know Visiting Terry Winograd of 1828 4th St. Rd. during the Thanks- iving weekend, was Hal Hechl f Houston, Texas. He is Wino-ad's roommate at Colorado Col- ege, Colorado Springs. Hechl experienced his first snow fall while n Greeley. Five other men from the Grce- ey area were home for the holiday from Colorado College. They were Don Adcock. Tom Dean, Sieve Dooley, Dave Gillcsplc and Phil Le Cuycr. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Drobnitch of 721 28th Ave., with their son, James, and granddaughter, Tcrri, spent Thanksgiving Day al the home ol Mr. and Mrs. Frank Drobnitch and Ihcir daughter Mary Lou, at Westminster. Shoemaker. Richard J. Skill, Karen J. Slalley, Janet K, Taner, Neil E. Thomas, Larry R. Vosmera, Ron Wagner, liam W. Warren, John S. Welling Cheryl A. While, Janice Wickham Ninth Grade: John A. Achziger Randy Bergum, Diana J. Collins Linda T. Damelson. Staccy R Dean, Jim W. Ericson, Robcrl Hamillon, Mary 1. llarmslon, Terry Hisam, Susan K. Kasal. Lee E. Koenig. Jody Lupher Ray B. Magce, C. John Mayer, Mary K. Mongol, Janice K. Nov- School Journal. Over 100 publishers sample Ihej cighl member commiltrc during j Lhc year with recently published I books (or possible inclusion in thc|| reading list. Members of Ihc committee are Marvel Walker, Adams Cily, chairman: Edith Drummer, Colorado Stale College; Veda II. Quim)y, Fruita; Rex L. Shepherd, I mar High School; June Sweeney, superintendent of schools, Molfal County; Juanita J. Taylor, Denver; Aurclia Valley, Sheridan Union High School; snd Ilolerln E. Young, Colorado State Department of Education. NOR11E1.I. Our recent Bad loan lenycn in will) g r a t e f u l lioartn toward nelKhuuri and (rlondn. Their c o m f o r t i n g rxircnnloii* of R y m p n l h y n n d t h o u g h t f u l n c M will a l w n y n he reniemhnrcd. Special t h t n k n to the dorlorn a n d nnrneB who attended. I. K. N'ordcll nnd f a m i l y Roofing Above nil--B good roof! Pioneer ! Initiation and Roofing Co. Phone 352-6896 2301 10th St. IO«»NOWI · lie, Linda I. a r r y LAFF-A-DAY INSPECTION STICKERS Will expire BOOH. Avoir! the rush . . . let us inspect your car now! WELLS MOTOR CO. DOME-CHRYSLER 1108 8th Avenue ^eicherl, Guy E. Rendoft, Mary. cth Rhlnehart. Rodd Rlchrd- son, Ron Rothe, Jan L. Telep, Michael W. Tritt. Karen S. Twc- dell, Janetle M. Wassemillcr, Sue Weber, Gary W Wi-imcr, Lynda Wickland, Marcia A. Willson, Kathleen A. Wolf, Berniccc E. Zimmerman. Sludcnts who made straight A's (luring the firsl quarter were: Michael I'. Dugan, Vcra L. Langham, Annctlo W. UCuycr, Karen Kay McCoiincll, Cnrnl .1. Rollic, Jmiel E. Pirkrr, Ucbhic Emcson, K. Hill. Goodwill Seeking Discarded Clothing An urgent appeal for discarded clothing h;is been made by Good' will Industries, which saw a snow- frill hamper efforts of Doy Scouls in the area to aid the handicap |pcl men and women served by Goodwill. John W. Payne, executive director ol Goodwill, said lh»l collet lion of Goodwill bags made Nov. 17 in the Grcclcy area resulted In the return of only about l.rXK) ol the more thnn 11,000 hags which were distributed. Snow fell lhat Fresh Cut Balsams, Pondcrosas, Pinon Pinil and Concolor Firs Green FLOCKED-3 COLORS · While · Chilly Pink · Icn Blue day and kupl collection cfforls lo a minimum. "11 is essenlial lh:il \vr gather Wreathi -- Roping -- Grave Blonketi Christmas Gifts-- · Imported Ornamcnti and Light Scti · Miniature Living Chriirmai Traci · Miniature Living Holly Planti · Full Line of Gardening Glrti · Gift Ccrtificatti far Nurtcry ltcm Open Evenings 'til 9 and Sundayi -- WE DELIVER -MORGAN NURSERY 2200 Reiervolr Rd. 353-4442 Dennis Repp Gets Degree At Iowa State AMKS, Iowa - Dennis A lepp. son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest I. Kepp. IKjfl ard Ave. CI.'Grcc- ty. Colo. rwHvrd his M. S. r)»- Rr« In eRrlculliiral rconnmlck in unt-'nrcmfnl evcrcivs al Inwn Slale University Wednesday, Nov 21. lie was among 310 (Indent* who received their degrees al Ihe of Ihc (nil quarter. 352-7246 "The lien shop left your sign at my plict by mistake." KITCHEN CABINETS Bullt-ln Appllincti WELLER LUMIIH CO. GOODBYE, NOVEMBER November ni^lilH pro niiin- ln-roil now . . , lil'lrjiil tin-si' ni( tlir Innl. . . . And wlicii Dili week Riwn by, Nnvr-nibcr will ho liftL . . . NovniluT wlih \\n nnlnllv ulnrl . . . Tliai rnllftv.-' 1 -:! * llnllownnii . . . IN wliul nnd rain T / nnd (iilrnL nnnw . . . 1'i'on Uio -· f «vcr(tr"rn . . . Tlif, inrlnncbolv moni^ni^ hi ... A world cf work nnd piny . And nil lhf Juvn nnd lil»!»ainpi nf . . A * " nr-w ThnnV»rlvlnR dnv . Ni i»mbpr will hp Rnrift hrforc . , Another wo^V nil In 'round . . And tome nf im will -Ipli . . . And niiiiir v.\\\ only lint wlirn HIP fli:rk at'il iii;nn . . . HIP flfili dnv In Hir wfPh . . . It will h» jiml nnofhnr month . . . To Ink* (town Irom lh« wnll. H. Roit Adamion Adamson Mortuary 9Hi A»«. K 5th St. 24 Hour AmbuUnca Scmct Phent 353-1112

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