Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 20, 1961 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
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Friday, October 20, 1961
Page 12
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Kansas, Okla. Meet Nicklous ls In Big 8 Tilt ,Sat. By S K I P P E K PATRICK c|unrlcrback, Andy Russell, full- at«d Pres« Sporls Wrller jback. and Gerald Stevenson, half- \ansns Jayhawks and Okla- back, can't play. Iowa State Aiioclatt d Thc Kansas Jayh.T lioma Sooncrs, who have only one should win. victory between them Mils season.; Nebraska, which suffered its will piny (heir Big Eight football first loss of Ihe season lost week, came before 55,000 fans in Nor-'to Syracuse, hopes lo spoil Okla- man Saturday. 'lionia State's homecoming in Still- The Jayhawks have Ihe one vic-'wnlcr. The Cornhuskcrs bent Kan- tory-21-7 over Iowa Stale lastns State 24-0 in Ihcir only Big week--but have lost Iwo and ticdlKiglit game. OSU has lost lo Iowa one. Oklahoma, which hasn't lost Slate, Colorado and Missouri in to a Kansas team in 14 years, thc league and has beaten Tulsa. dropped three g.imrs Ibis season. JA crowd of 28,000 is cxpeclcd. Bui each loam has only one Big! Krglit loss and each could yet figure prominently in Ihe race lo the Ornn^c linwl. Kansas is thc favorite mainly because hacks John lladl nr.d Curtis McClinlon indicate they have returned to Ihcir, 1960 standard. Kansas Stale Underdog It's an nil-league schedule Sal- tirrlay. League-leading Colorado is ji top heavy favorite lo moke K.ime bill undermanned Kansas' By T ng ASSOCIATED PRESS Stale ils lhird Big Eight victim.j ,j u f fo | 0 gocs af(cr i(s lhird Thc game will mark K-Stalc's S | ra | ght v i c i ory all( | a possible homecoming al Manhattan and is| c | imb in , 0 f i r s t p | nc . c in t!lc E n s t cxpecicd lo draw 20,000 fans. cm Division of Ihe American Foot Buffalo Seeks Third Straight AFL Victory An upset by K-Sl;;te is a near Impossibility es[ccinlly in view of the fact lhal a number of the ball League tonight. In thc way is another team lhat hasn't been doing so well but Concerned About Attitude By WILL GRIMSLEY A$wci«!«l Pr««» Sports Wrlttr MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) U.S. champion Jock Nicklnus was concerned about his mental atti- ludc as Uncle Sam's top amtilcur golfers prepared to defend Ihe Americns Cup against Canada and Mexico this wcekrnd al Monlcr- rcy's Club Camposlre. "I need at least a week or 10 ays to get sharp for a lourna icnl," the husky Ohio Stale slu dent from Colum\.us said Friday nfler his first practice round 'I've been busy wilh my studies !or Ihe last few weeks. "I haven't hit many balls since :he Walker Cup matches al Soal- lle in (he National Amaleur al Pebble Beach. 1 have to be Ihink- ing right to play my best golf." Nicklaus, 21, apparently was the I only man concerned about hisj capabilities in Ihe tricorncrcd bal-j tie scheduled .Saturday and Sunday. Tlle Yanks are overwhelming favorites to win thc hemispheric Irophy for Ihe sixth slraight lime. Six 18-holc team matches, in which two men representing a 100,000 Hunters Await Sat. Opening D E N V E R (AP) -- An army of 100,000 hunters will start climbing into the mountains of Colo- Kan. Team Tops/' agc12 Small Colleges By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS In five games this season, Pitts:burg Stale Teachers College of 'Kansas has scored 149 points ami permitted none for an unblem-j GREELEY TRIHUNE Friday, Oct. 20, 1961 OWLING 1 scones ished football record. rado Saturday for tho opening on the Western Slope ' ^ wbm tlic one-two leoms of of the big game hunting season. They will go with a warning from thu Wcafher Bureau that they should be prepared for .snow. Stale Game Manager Gilbert N. Hunter today advised hunters going into the high country to carry a few days extra provisions as well as tire chains and shovels. At the samo time, hunters were warned that the danger of forest fires remains great except in areas covered by snow, The hunting season on the Eastern slope doesn't open until Oct. 27. The general big game season closes Nov. 8. ;AT BOWLORADO-- 7-n LEAGUE The scores: Kerbs Grocery 3, Birds Liquor Seven-Up 2, Woods Service 2; Romero Rcc. 3. 'a week ago, Texas A. and I. and llumboldt State, were upsel victims and the Pittsburg Gorillas made it 5-0 by thumping SI. Bene-JGreeley Sand 1; Shupe Bros. 3, diet's 20-0, the parlay catapultedjulcitz Contractor 1; KYOU 4, n._ T, . :..._ /:_.i _i-- T T Distg. Co. 0; Allman Elec- Iric 4, Nifty Cafe 0. Top team series: KYOU 2538. Top individual series: L. Trupp 571; D. Norris .539; H. Peterson Die i^ansas team into first place in The Associated Press' small college poll. Humholdt dropped out of the Jlop ten after losing to Sacramento Stale, 10-7, and Texas A. ant! I., 1536. bcnlcn 15-8 by previously winlcss Top team game: KYOU G92. Howard Payne, slipped to No. 7.1 Top individual games: L. Trupp The top ten points tfigurcd oiij216: V. Haggard 210; E. Clauson a basis of 10 for first, 0 for scc-|200. ond, etc.; first place voles in par- j 87 ; Detroit's Gross To Test Navy's Aerial Defenses cnthcscs): 1. Pittsburgh ( K a n . I (3) 2. Baldwin-Wallace 3. Southeastern Louisiana 4. Northern Michigan U) 5. Whilticr C. Ilofstra 7. Texas Ail (1) 8. Lamar Tech (1) 9. West Chester (Pa.) (1) NEIGHBORS MIXED The scores: Monos 4, Thomp0: Gilcrest Feed and Bean Top learn series: McAilhur Wheeler 2805. Top individual scries: C. Wheel- cr 595; Hex Erbs 584; Punch Eldridge 555. Top Icam game: McArlhur- Wheeler 006. Top individual games: C. \Vhcd- er 221; Dave Slroman 213; Don McWilliams 212. GREELEYETTE The scores; Ka Lyn Beauty 2, .Hart Grain 2: Columbine 2, A |M Glass 2; Farm Air Service 3, Campus Beauty 1; No. 8 Team 3, No. 2 Team 1. Top team series: Ka Lyn Beauty 2138. Ton individual series: Lillian 47 |4, Judys Supper Club 0; Chase o B .Tire ami Oil 3, Jems 1: Bachmans ' 31 3, Consumers Oil 1: S. A TM- 29 Samuels 489; Cleo Giffin 4G3; Bert Harrold 45G. Top learn game: Hart Grain Shamrock 3. Team IV 1: 7th jyiAve. Shamrock 3, Co. Balles Potato By JACK CLARY Associated Prtll S perls Writer and fullhnck Mike Fracchia. Tcn-'O- Fresn ° slato (2-1) is led Wildcats' bcllcr players arc out knows MV/ ]( , s (llc [itrie for i( _ with injury. Uoston Mliiou Pl.ys low. St.ti | Bu(f!l|o ami ]}o ,. lon c]asll al Thc Missouri Tigers, who opened Bos(on as thc til . s , game of ,, full defense of thc tille 10-0 over Okla-;| ea( , (lc sc | lec i u | c homa Slate last week, play Iowa ;,,,,,!,,,, ,b n nl i. Siatc In Amos, Iowa, and this should be a close, hard thriller. Tailbacks Dave Hoppmann and Ozzie Clay should give Missouri's stout defense a real test. If injured Tigers Ron Taylor, Sunday the other members hook with San Diego, leading the Western Division by 2',i games and unbeaten for the season, trav- North-South Golf Tourney Moves 'fnjp Semi-Finals : PINEHURST, N.C. (API--Rob- jfrt Bell of Worlhinglon. Ohio Jvon thc last two holes Thursday Jo eliminate former champion Walter Pease of Plainfield, N.J., up. in Ihe quarter-finals of Ihe scheduled Saturday morning with six individual matches for the afternoon. Six learn and six individual matches also will he played Sunday. Thc rival captains will announce their lineups later today. In addition to Nicklaus, the U.S. team is made up of Charles Coe by tailback viciory over; Isjthc Tide would lake Ihe stretch Jerry Gross, Ihe University of'Glcnn Glass, and Detroit's clever little bomber, ISjthc Tide would I going lo put Navy's antiaircraft out of ils showy 3-fl Soulhcastern defenses to thc acid test tonightjc'onfercnce mark. | when Ihe two football teams meet! California (1-2-1) goes afler ilsj Jin the Motor City. .second Big Five viciory and is! Gross, a junio'r quarterback, is^favored over "·- " ' -- " " " ranked second nationally in lotaljSyracuse 13-1 offense with 702 yards in leading.(2-2) will try lo decide the myllr N.Y. Knicks 120 To 103 of Oklahoma City, team captain o e n s e . - ASSOCIATED PRESS the Tilans to a 3-0 record. Navy teal Eastern title in their game.! B i[ TM E * SSOCIAT . EI[ ^ R !, SS _,.__..,...'.. - FTM'* McGuirc and Lddie Don cling to Oakland; New York goingland twice national champion; to Denver, and Dallas playing atJDcnne Beman. [scout Sieve Belcchick classified T, · M I"TM as " a " outstnnding quarter- Bethesda, Md.; £irc i , 5sin combincs £irc pi , 5sing i , ... , _, ,1 . . , U c I L K WHO L U I I l U t U U a ill !William lyndman 1111 of Flu alel-| wilh c!iccllcnt running . In rcsi He has averaged 238 yards n.the key Southwest Conference, iNorlh and South Senior Golf .Tournament. · ; Joining Bell in the Then on Sunday, when Boston semifinals ptayod Houston, thc 1560 league] ."were James Ackcrman of Prince- champions, to a 31-31 tie, Kymkus slid all thc way out of a coach- Broncos Will Be in Best Physical Shape ends Larry Vargo and Stcvejfor No. 10, is 2-0 in the confer- Stoncbreaker, both drafted by the encc, and the Longhorns, Ihe Houston. Should Buffnlc teal Boston andjpl.ia; Bob "Gardner, Spring Lake,! ^ ^ ilvcl ^ New York lose to Denver, the N.J.; Charlie Smith, Gastoma,; , h j ( i n !g a me of the yea Bills would take over first place|N.c., and Dudley Wysong, Me- °_ b In the Eastern Division. A BosloniKinney, Tex. viciory. however, would mean a' lie for Ihe division lead between Boston and New York. Buffalo last Sunday almost ruined Dallas' chances by toppling (he Texans 27-24. The previous week the Bills hart whipped Houston 22-12 to put Coach Lou Rymkus of Ihe Oilers on Ihe skids. Ihe Southwest, Ihird-rankedl i (4-0), headed by halfback, 0 "TM ] Y" Jimmy Saxton, mecls Arkansas'!" Iheir debuts as different reactions aft- Top team series: Gilcrest Feed and Bean 1806. Top individual series: Men -C. Odenbaugh 549: E. Dill 548; I-croy Trupp 497. Women -- U. Adler 448; R. Dill 409: M. Kuscli 407. Top team game: Gilcrest Feed und Bean 640. Top individual gomes: Men -E. Dill '220; E. Odenbaugh 194187; W. Hall. Women -- B. Johnson and L. Adler 163: R. Dill 160; Elaine Young 160; Ula Kac Adler 155. . urgent forces in what may be TMf, ches ln tlle Nall °" al B . . ' K i l l A c r n n i i H n i i ball Association. P1 '° f B±?i AT CLASSIC LANE ^ ua5Kei- ; CLASSIC VARIETY .n v-winti 1-.U--V,, , . | Arkansas, ticdi Donovan who p r e v. o u s 1 y pros last year as juniors in college. Navy is favored despite Gross' offensive heroics. The Middies have won three in a row after Ian opening game loss to Penn Slale, lasl week heating Cornell most powerful learn in Ihe country, arc 1-0, The olhcr games involving the nalion's top-ranked schools are all conference affairs. Second- c o a c h e d St. Bonaventure, was mildly pleased. lUcGuirc, longtime successful coach at SI. John's and North Carolina, wasj not pleased at all. Tlic reason: JlcGuirc's Philadelphia Warriors .lost and Dono- The scores: Bakc-Rite 3. Columbine Bowl 0; Koch Elv. 2, Sweet Fashion Shoe I ; Mels Barber Shop 1. Happy House 2; Skelgas 2, Northern General Tire 1. Top 2202. Top (cam series: Bake-Rilc individual series: Harry ranked Mississippi plays Tu.ane, va eighth-ranked Georgia Tech plays ' ° I's New York 31-7. Afler giving up 20 pointsJAuburn and Louisiana Slale, ticd|" ( ing job. Hpn, N.J.; J. Wolcoll Brown o! Sea Girl. N.J.. and Dr. John Mercer in 18-hole day. Ackcrman, who 2 up viciory over dorf of Washington, D.C. Brown, wlio has won the once and last yea: was runnei pdtJoH FVntik Ho. ^5 retired insur- I L I lll(: "^ 3 i ^ i M ij "i^iuji %.tji« nun, m\^ i*,m*n «« «.... -- -- -- · ancc executive from West Hart- a«li°ugh (he. Haiders have played fullback will strengthen the back. . , , , . . , . . ,|uown against Delroit's running,'contests while B i g Broncos should be m Iheir best 1 . ° ._ . _. -. . "··_ . The Broncos also got a big lift : lead for two weeks no matter doublcheader against Penn Slale, the Middicslfor 10th, lakes on Kentucky in: N B A scilson Thursday night, have allowed only ,me touchdown|SEC conlcsls. ^ Angeles overcame Will to each of their three victims. Iowa, ranked fourth, plays \vis-i chamberli " n s 48 p o i n t s with Coach Wayne Hardin feels that cousin and Ohio State (No. 7) solne g"" 1 rebounding and beal I B 4 J J I O l j U t t l U k J i l l l K . l l i . h a t o P c n e d . h e j S « n d . v . ( M ^ BnUe DENVER (API - The Denverj^ 0 defense"cannot afford lo let faces Northwestern in Big Ten 9), goes ugainst led by halfback Jim Shorter mdiColorado (No. '·-'" - ' "'- Baltani. His own of- Kansas State. Other games: East: Idaho at Army. Columbia McGuire's Warriors 118-113. A 10- Eighl leader'!TM"* spree laic in thc last quar- by quarterback Ron also is rolling in high the night's other major U i c l : nerup.Ual happens. Oakland ,s mired 27-24 after losing four straight ( 8 · insur- in the Western Division ccMar und The rcliu-n of Jim Stinncle at - cor E c ford, Conn., 2 and 1. much better football since, a I Mercer, 58-year-old optometrist coaching change they still haven' and holder of the Florida Seniors won any. title, ousled John Jacobs of Canton, Ohio, 3 and 1. ler put it out of reach as Donovan's Knickerbockers took the new Chicago Packers 120-103. Gaiser 167; Willy Wcidcman 214. AULT MEN'S The scores: Pinks Conoco 0, Ault Grain and Bean Elev. Co. 4; Manweiler Welding 0, Widmaier Chevrolet 4; Wcllcr Lumber Co. Top individual games: Clco Gif- 'in 190: Beit Harrold 170; Lillian Samuels 174. PIN POPPERS The scores: Tclco 1. Paul's Cafe ; Chime Belles 1. Wood's Texaco 3; Garden Cily Liquor !, Ann's 3eauty Plaza 3; Hillside Beauly Plaza 3, Dial's 1. Top Icam scries: Wood's Texaco 2042. Top individual series: Shirley Kaufman 463; Ruby Stewart 453; Clcona Goodwine 438. Top team game: Paul's Cafe 719. Top individual games: Shirley K a u f m a n 188; Clcona Goodwine 107; Ruby Stewart 162. COLUMBINE LADIES Scores: Coors 3, Columbine 0: Colorado Grain 1, Weld Counly Bank 2; Garden Cily Liquor 3, Pol's Cafe 0; Consumers Oil 2, Jones Co. 1. High leain series: Coors 2227. High team game: Coovs 758. High individual series: Donna Schmidt 480; Madlyn Larson 475: Joy Renke 470. High individual game: Madlyn I .arson 1»4: Carol Musser 173: Donna Schmidt 176. 2, Burman Clothing 2; Danielson |Equipment 1, Ault Gambles 3; _,., , "We made loo many mistakes,"! Aull Li(juur 0 . Miller Spraying at Harvard. Holy Cross at Darl-|? lctulrc complained. _ Rebound-:,,. Farr Company 0, Farmers Na- mouth. Brown al Pcnn! Colgate A'' m Z TM s , at Elgin Baylor j ti ' oira , Bank ,,. Aull Lions 0 , car- ,c ,,, E ,,L =, Ullm ..-j- . , t , two Southern Conference Princeton. Rulgcrs at Lchigh. Vil- got 21, but we expected thai. But L er Bookkeeping 4: Aull VFW.4. field and Jack Hill, an end, seems fully recovered. Both teams look ready lo strike Houston and Dallas meet in a from the air early and often. Al lhat has Ihe two highest Frazier and Lionel Taylor givei Deaths and Funerals hampionship favorite for the Eastern Division and Dallas was he favorite for both Ihe Westerniaerial threat with Al Uorow doing Division and Ihe league titles be-jthe throwing and Don Maynard g ,,,,,_ (.. fore the season starled. and Art Powell catching. BRADF1ELD George H. BraiiiielJ of 1632 9lh Avenue. Husband of Mrs. Bessie B. Braclfielcl. Father 6t George E. lirad- (ield of Snn Antonio, TOI-, ns, Mrs. Hetsey B. Campbell of ColorHdo Springs - and Mrs. R. C. Montgomery 01 Btfiin, N'e» : Muxliju. Arrangements Inter. New York will he returning a Denver visit of a month ago. In New York the Titans managed ·a-iduc at Michigan. ' Nebraska ^Cincinnati at St. Louis. THans m league play all I, ugh press ^ ^ the decisions always have been]^ . n ]%0 ^ sm|(lm this Oklahoma Stale. New Mexico; 35-28 victory. Denver won al home close. New York won lasl year; wnr ^ conjllred thoii E hts of'Slale at Wichita, night. asl Sunday, bcaling Oakland 2724. New York losl at home, taking beat Ihe Broncos al New a 25-10 licking from San Diego. 35-28. SCHWARTZKOPF William Schwartikopf. of Windsor. Survived by his ·n-lfe. Kliiabeth, and tlie following children: Will i a m of Portland, Ore., Alex of Denver; Henry of Denver; Mrs. Ell»?ceth Georso of Portland, Ore.; Jacob of Denver; Freida Beckel of Esther P fish, Mont.; Mrs. Mollle of Anchorage, Alaska: Robert of Denver. Twenty-eight grand c h i l d - ren, two great grandchildren. Services Saturday, 2 p.m. Zion Evan.Kelical Lutheran Church, Windsor. Interment Lakeview Cemetery, Windsor. illiam Mary (1-4) and lanova at ishinglon (2-3) play injCorncll. West Virginia at the nalion's capilol. U., night. Big games in each region, head- South: Funnan al Thc Colleae Yale at' W( -' shouldn't let a lillle fellow like Boslon (G - f001 3 Jerr 3'' Wcst Ed 13. Tlial's 34 b e t w e e n them. We .shouldn't have let them get lhal ec. by lop-ranked Michigan State's encounter with Notre Dame at East Lansing, Mich., highlight VMI nt Davidson. Florida at Vanderbill, night. Clcmson at Duke. Richmond at Florida State. Geor- Donovan used, a weave, aimed at getting Johnny Green in close rated clubs in thc circuit fighling Bronco quarterback Frank just'lo hang on. Houston was the pucka two of Ihe. best largols in the American Football League. But Ihe Titans pack a tough proeram. Three--Sy-'gia vs. Mississippi Stale, ,,, .... - .. - - racuse al Penn State, fifth-rankedjlanta, night. Wake Forest at_N.C.,? s .. lllc Knlcks TMproved Alabama and Tennessee al Birmingham, and Soulhern California _. ^| enough for his deadly jump shot, " ' 56-55' Grwley Trucking 0. Top team series: Burman Clothing 2583. Tap individual series: Ed Johnson 5C9: Vic Manweiler 566; Ceo. Simpson 5C2. Top team game: Wcllcr Lum Denver has yet to beat the at California--will be telecast re- lOil\l, 4 I L E I J L . I l i m ^ i ui^.ii *..* . . . u . . l i i I ' Slate. North Carolina at SouthM'timc advantage lo 89-79 at the Carolina. Virginia Tech vs. Vir-! end of the third quarter acid test for the Irish, 3-0, and ginia, at Roanoke. Los Angeles is at Philadelphia Mi*u»«i- H/iuMnn ul Cincinnnli.l' 11 tlle on 'y action lonight. 'flic The Michigan State game is Ihe Washington State at Indiana. Min- Saturday schedule has Detroit at nesota at Illinois. Missouri at Iowa ranked sixth in the latest Asso- State. Kansas at Oklahoma. Pur- Boslon, New York at Philadelphia, Chicago at Syracuse and Top individual games: Ed Johnson 224: Vic Manweiler 222; El- Pa. Lifts Listen's Suspension PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Tilt Pennsylvania Stale Athletic Commission Fri. lifted [he suspension of heavyweight contender Sonny Liston. He had been barred indefinitely from fighting last July for two run-ins with police. Listen later was cleared in court. Before he was barred from Ihe fight ring, the 28-year-old Listen was ranked No. 1 contender for heavyweight champion Floyd Patmer Miller 210. CLASSIC MAJOR The scores: Driftwood 3, terson's title. The action paved the way for Lislon's scheduled 10-round fight Cam- here Dec. 4 against Albert Wcst- .1 Al k^Imo ic Nsmnrl M~11 ! 1 k % 4 l l l l V ^ · W I ^ M I B I W AL Comeback Player l' hc Powerhouses of a decade agoJ Soulhwest: New Mexico at All-: TIIC SpartanSi a ] so 3 . 0| have su-jzona, night. Oregon State at Ari: pprior depth but will have to copejzona State, night. Baylor at Texas with a powerful Notre Dame |Tech, night. Tulsa al North Texas rushing attack, third best in Ihe Slate. Hnrdin-Simmons at West Texas Stale, night. SMU at Piice, By BEN OLAN NEW YORK (AP;-A1 Kaline of named the circuit's come nation. Notre Dame lias lost five in a row. to Michigan State and has not scored a touchdown since lO^fi ,est American League season, was ,' . ,, ' A abama (4 '°' las an o f f c n s e night. Texas Far West: ihe Detroit Tigers, who incr^a^ed his batting average 46 points while rebounding from his poor- Sports Notes u....... ROCHESTER, The condition of Jack Moiicnkopf Minn. (AP) Purdue Coach remains good or Denver; Mrs. an d h c likely will be able,to re- ^tunolo^of White- lurn (() (he ^ m o( (lle B 0 j| er . maker football team in two to three weeks, a hospital spokes back! v,.. re 'rani man reporled Thursday. i Moiicnkopf was operated Wednesday for a benign condition 1 in his lower abdomen. Surgery anr ] ((rove in 82 runs. He had a followed an extensive examination at Ihe Mayo Clinic. FLOWERS For All OcCMlonll Hanien'i Greenhouse 8, 8th Av«. Ph. EU 2-5667 John and Lllla Kent -- Owners -- player-of-lhe-year for 1961 Thursday. Kaline received 23 votes. Dick| Donovan, Washington pitcher, was » close second wilh 18 followed by Norm Cash of the Tigers, 16 and Elston Howard of New York and Hockey ColaviloJ Detroit, 13 each. A total of 156 baseball writers participated in the annual Associated Press poll and 27 players collected voles. Kaline, 26-year-old outfielder, finished second among Ihe qualifiers for the batting tille wilh a .324 average. He hit 19 homers anked second nationally, and led AM at TCU. Maryland at Extra Points May Decide M-State, Notre Dame Game By BOB VOCES j t h r Xntro Tlanv EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP)--'ankle deep. AiriThe extra poi;it kicker could he Force. Brigham Young at Wyo-llhc hero in this football fight bc- ming. San Jose State at Oregon, tween lop-rrni:cd Michigan- State Pitt°al UCLA. Utah Slale at Colo-land Notre Dome Saturday. pus Pharmacy 0; Bowlorado pM ° f Germany and a nroposed Lanes 3, Classic Lanes 0; McAr-'boul a g a i n s t Patlci'fon next thur-Wheeler 3, Sober Conoco O.jspring. . I Commissioner Alfred Klein list- led four reasons for the reinsfate- 'mcnl of Ihe big Negro: j The suspension already resulted in a substantial loss of money; Lislon has been severely punished by the general heavy criti- a!mostjci=m directed at him in the wake 'of occurrences which led lo his Each team made three touch-'suspension; Liston has faithfully downs. But -twice the assistant.followed recommendations of thn coach forgol lo send in a kick-lcommission that he rehabilitate ing lee. · , jhuriseK; no further action is pead- rado Stale U. Utah at Montana. I by quarterback Mike TrammclllStanford at Washington. ntra-Squad Row Delights iBaltimorfe Coach Ewbank To some it seemed almost cruel --the efficient way Ihe MSU ex-|' tra point expert boomed them in]' against Michigan last Saturday to" make Ihe 28-0 total. . . . . ,, . , . . , . 'this season--lhat in t h e m u d Once the ouchdown was made, wisconsin A jnst Slgnford ·Art Brandstaller went to work. - - JThe senior end from East Lansing opproachcd Ihe ball with the Fullback Jerry Planutis dug'ing against Listen in the courts one ball out of the mud for an'ot Pennsylvania, exlra point but missed the two lothers because of lack of a tee. Brandstaller has missed one BALTIMORE (AP) - Two line- that's going to mean an awful lot| con (j derce of a m a n knowing his men squared off afler a practice to us." |,a |, lay and Coach Weeb Ewbank of " "-- ''" ^ ---- '-" ..... ' tlm "' he Baltimore Colts was delighted. "That the most fight anybody on this club has shown in six veeks," snapped Ewbank. "Now, 22-gamc hilling streak, from July 6 through Aug. 1, second in Ihe behind Minnesota's Len- LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP)-Bowlj mai ° rs , , , , , , of Flowers' upset in the $84,400j n ' c GreCT ' wh ° hart M ' u Splnsler Stakes at Kceneland race In 1960, Kaline finished with a course has put her on top of the',-*TM batting mark wilh 15 nom- 3-year-old filly picture. «« and 63 RBI. ik is the young- The Brookmcade Stable entry, "I P^ycr ever to have won Ihe hisl " e 8 avc a t an "OK" to (he Unitas has been playing with a j j sprained middle finger on his,_ "f^ throwing hand since the season "" ' . , ," .back Ine started. Ten of his passes have been in- terceplcd and he has completed S° a ' P« sts - hit Ihree for three on extra points and also ran the ball in for a two point conversion) | "It gives you a comfortable ifeeling to have him around, 1 ' saic needed for Ihe football lo split Ihe Ewbank had a feeling lhat the only four for touchdowns. Colts have shaken off a prolonged slump in which they lost three of five National Football League lay is Surprised nod lo the cenler.iDaughcrly somewhat smugly, ic bolder and went] exact number of feel The lasl lime Notre Dame beal Michigan State, 22-19 in 1954, it was because of missed kicks. This was Duffy Doughtcrly's first year as head coach and his (assistants were very green. games. They looked unimpressive A t . U l j r even in Iheir two victories. "1 think sooner or later we're; NEW ORLEANS (API-Cincin-,TM 0 Same was played in a going to knock the tar out of n a t i Red richer Joey Jay said downpour that made the mud in some team but our errors mustJT nurs( i a y he was surprised andl bo eliminated first." Ewbank said|happy lo have been voted the out-' 8»y It with flow«r« wh«n thought* are deep «nd h"d t« express. Luzmoor's- Flowers EL 2-2851 We»t 10th St. sped through thc " loop's balling crown. He Thursday. islanding comeback player in Ihe slreicn'! d 'd il in 195S as a 20-year-old, j He was inclined lo believe that (National League. ~ '' " ' In the annual Associated Press JThursday to edge" John W. Gal-f Donovan h a j a 10-10 record forjfime may.eome at Detroit Sunday i. ., . -^ . . .._ i. -.. -I'-x-'ii.- i..»«.i_ n _. e r . ^ r , i s , i ~ e - llo! "TTu«rv.'Vwlv ^fonioH rvn thp nlPrl 'breath's Primonelta, her chiefjthc last-place S e n a t o r s . He; "Everybwly seemed on the alert .poll, .lay received 59 of the 151 challenger for 3-year-old honors, pitched 169 innings. Thc 33-ycor-Jmentally," Ewbai The margin was lhree-quar(ers|old righl-hnnder lost his first five after Jhe practice. of a length in Ihe mile and anlgames, all by one run, then re- "1 --- 1 - ·- eighlh event. Ewbank commenledjvoles by members of the Baseball , IcovereH lo win nine of his nexl ·Writers Association of America. Ewbank' maintains Ihe Coltsj.Tay, who had a 21-10 record wilh have hurt themselves with "silly;ihe pennant-winning Reds, said MONUMENTS and MARKERS « Ye«ri of Leidenhlp In Grinlte «nd Bronze Monuments OPEN SUNDAYS by A p p o i n t m e n t Ralph Hollister G R E E L E Y M O N U M E N T C O . 1015 7th Av«. nals. bad palli The Coll coach ha: couraged by quarterback only 79 innings in 1060, winning Unitas even Ihough the Chicago' Prior- to this year, Jay's last j ,s been en- win 20 again. I'd like to have IWO^MTM TMK^ 3 !^^.TM£^ rback John 20-gnme Seasons bECK-tO-back. .Hayer-oMTu-year for 1961 in the *rTM-:ua IVirt r'KJ/iftflrt' T'riftr. f n thic vnnr .lav'c If»o.l ^**%f'.iir.j« ' Bowl of Flowers, with jockoy112. Eddie Arcaro up, equaled Ihe Washington obtained him in the record of 1:49 1-5 for Ihe Spin- expansion draft from Ihe Chicago sler. Times Two finished third. The victory gave Bowl of Flow-'six and losing one. Bears ers thc winner's share of $50.640! Cosh won Ihe batting champion-,24-10. and raised her tolal earnings lo'ship wilh a .361 average. He also "1 Ihink 'piled up 41 homers and 132 runs okay . , batted in. In 1960 he hit .286 withjthink he regained his confidence] Th« World Serws pl«y in in that game. Sports Briefs Prep Football Schedules FRIDAY By THE ASSOCIATED P R E S S GOLF ' COSTA MRS*. Calif.-Hudjy Stllivjn t Yuba City, loofc a tMO-slrcke por.atly after hooilnf a ball out erf bo-.:r.ds, finisncd ith 12 birdies on thc round and took a t o s t r o k e lead in Ihe $23.000 Orange ounly Open with a T-unttcr-par W. I'JNEIIUKST.' N.C. -- Roixrt Bfll o f i . Wwlhinftlon, Ohio, won the last I w o hdw 1 " eliminated lormfr rhampion W a l t e r , « rt"rJlfld..N,J.. '.-£,,,!"..£ Aurora at Greeiey, 7:45 p.m., lomecoming. Lovcland at Slerling. Boulder at Fort Morgan. Longmont at Englewood. Tri-Valley College High at Brush, 7:30 p.m. Valley High at Eaton. Windsor at Fort Lupton. Upfxr PlaHe Grover at Pierce. Wellington -it Galeton. K^State Drills For Colorado MANHATTAN, Kan. (API--Thc Kansas Slale f o o t b a l l squad drilled Hi hours Thursday in Memorial S t a d i u m , reviewing Colorado-type offensive and defensive formations. Tackle Bill Hull worked out in pads for the first time since 1 suffering a liead injury last week. Coach Doug Weaver said his starting lineup against Colorado Saturday would 1« Darrell Elder and Jack King, ends; Marlin Hay ar.ri Neal Spence, tackles; Conrad Hardwick and Ken Nash. ;uards; Ron Lacy, center; Joe iearles and Spencer Puls, halfbacks; Fred Watts, quarterback and Dick Masters, fullback. things like offsides, missed sig^he had riot expected the honor.i 0 u!fferr,nais oi u-.e'Nonh'ar. nals, bad patlerns." As for next season: "1 hope to. 1 * 3ls'EBTMLu'' Berthoud at Wiggins. Sullivan Leads Orange County Golf Tournament COSTA MESA, Calif. (AP) -A 7-under-par 34-30-G4 put Buddy Eslcs Park at Plotte Valley. Weld Central at Ufaycltc. Lyons at Aull. ngton at FigKt* 18 home runs and 63 rbi. Howard boosled his average 103. "John didn't have the control Bv THE ASSOCIATED PRESS points, from .245 in 1960 to .348.ion his long passes that I'd like, !xs Angeles - Hnm Marques, However, he was ineligible forjbut that injured finger still both- calcher. It comes under the mter ITO, Son. Calif. outpointed|the tille wi.h fewer *«· «· ·** l -»* Wm --. iference rule. Scries scorers mice ind Trs. Kisenhowrr. : i i v-rtnur^-,. NJ---lay Fox («) s.-ored| I Yankee Ellie Howard's bat hit his h* /»»n"^-Jf!»'_y gJJ.^^S 00 '" lhe '"'I lopped ball in fair lerrilory should| r have been ruled a nulout for than 502 total ered him some. Carlos Hernandez, Mexico, 12. 117, Reynosa,'appearances. 1482. He wound up wjth "The importanl thing is [ferencc rule. Scries scorers ndcdli j i t an infield out, calcher to first!. MIAMI -- A two-way beeper system of communications has been devised for water skiers. It's juniy Open golf tournament. Sullivan had 12 birdies Thursday over Ihe G,KO-ynrd par 36-35 --71 Mesa Verde Counlry Club course, but he had Iwo bogeys. Bob Harrison of Pacific Palisades, Calif., was second with 3830-^66 and Phil Rodfiers of La Jolla lhird with 3-1-33--67. Five plnyers were lied wilh 68s -- Al Geiberger of Sanla Barbara, looked more like his old self and,base. and lo (he boat's instrument pan! s'umnirr'cani'iel. It can send simple Morse pioi- i the feature «'j 5a g cs [or starts, slops and turns. connected to the low-bar handle Jack Ellis of Wilmclto, 111., Larry Mowry of Oneida. Calif., Tom Nieporle, Bronxvillc, N.Y., and Jon Gusline, Gladwyne, Fa,

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