Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 2, 1955 · Page 5
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 5

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1955
Page 5
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Mail Is Loaded With Newsy Bits By HAL fOYLl ·NEW YORK (I)'-'«'·« T _. didn't read hii morning mail, x ht might never/ know-- . That more than 28 million Americans can play some i,W · lical Instrument (and : raoit of them Mem to live In my block!). That no responsible present day scientist would fly a kite in i thunderstorm as Benjamin frank- lin did in 17SZ to'prove the prei- sn:e of electricity in . clouds. Franklin was lucky to escape with his life. If a real lightning bolt had hit the -kite, Ben'would be remembered, merely as a dead .looi.. ' ; _ ·' V i ; ' . That 45 per cent of the women tinder 25 years of age usually'eat little or no breakfast before going; to work. (No wonder it costs 10 much to take one of them to · lunchl) - .-. · ' - · ' . That Americans now pay. about $90 .'million-i day in taxes'. This % includes holidays, too. , . . . ·· That Teutonic knights, to prove their drinking capacity in olden times, would lo'ss down a gallon of ,beer,' then thread a needle while standing on one foot like a sfork. (Can any effete Martini quaffer today 'match this feat?) That in ancient Mesopotamia, the Bobles sipped their. beer. through gold tubes four feet long! . ' That one in every'16 Americans Is suffering from some form of ·mental disorder,-and there are 100 different kinds of mental.ailment. That the potato, chip Industry Bies 12 per cent of the nation's spud crop. · ' ; . ' · ' That .SO.'per cent of Americans ' tike their'hamburgers cooked .me : . dium, -»2 per cent prefer them well done, 13 per cent-want 'em 'rare. The remaining 5 per' cent apparently are gambler's -- they leave the problem up to the cook. I That * fortune .awaits a'ny in : Tenjor who will develop a burglar alarm small' enough to be attached to your fountain pen, thus safeguarding-lt from "borrowers." ' That of nearly 30 million'babies born in the last five years about SO thousand x will live. to. be 100 years old. A child born' today has roughly twice the chance of reaching that age as hii grandfather does.- . ' : That *4 per cent of all new and · used', automobiles are bought-on the installment plan. ' -- ·_ . . That, judging from-the.squawks lent in by readers, my campaign to name the dandelion:America's national flowar haa flopped dismally. The. rose t««mi te kaye the mo«t friends. )isqug]jfietj'^injier. ; ,';.' *' Denver -Moyiei'preani' tome: Plans Court Acliorj DENVER Ul -- thjodore Sacks aid, .Thursday-he was "sorry it uraed out this way," but he in- ends to battle nil disqualification or t movje dream home "to th* limit."-, . . . . . . . · . .. : .. . , . _ · ,The..27-year-old bachelor, -who Monday night wai told he had won nearly $30,000 in prizes as part of; a national-movie poll, was dis- liialified Wednesday by contest udges. They claimed the Bronx, f, Y.,' pots and pans talesman had, failed, to comply with rules, f the. prize drawing. . . - . . ' . ' Sacks said Thursday, he would ire; attorneys and was. fully prepared, to take the matter to the ouds. - . . ; Undaunted by his announcement, he contest committee scheduled a meeting Thursday: in an effort lo ertify'a winner.-The committee aid-Wednesday night the assortment, .^pf ' prizes, including a $14,- 9M''house', 'definitely, would be liven away to one of r the thousands if Colorado residents who voted in h e poll.. ' · ; · ' ' . . Sacks safd he had cjsl about a housand coupons and voted about 00 times during the 11-day con- est. Bui -'he' denied doing 1 any wrong or had thought he had done any wrong at any time, ' !'The rules' didn't stipulate that you couldn't .vote more than once," ie said. "On the contrary, I bought-.'you could .vote a s . many imes as you wished. That's -what ill the-advertisements said." He-said; "Everybody wa.s filling nit as many coupons as they could every lime I was there. 1 always asked for. more coupons and they always'gave them to m.e. Nobody ever objected'.-- not even once." -The contest winner -- whose only responsibility was to file a ballot naming his favorite actor.' and actress and film newcomers -- is- to receive in additition to the house, liirnishings 'valued, at '$8,000, a year's supply of foodstuffs, a new outfit of clothing and a 1956 automobile. Topping' the lis! of nine.alter- nates the committee will check for certification is Mrs, Herman Emperius, an -Alamosa ' widow ' who cast five ballots while on V trip lo Denver. Woodpeckers Aid Forest Service; in Overcoming Engelmann Spruce Beetle DENVER (in ---The U. S. For «st Service, reporting Wednesday k believes It his the problem 'of the Englemann- spruce beetle licked In Colorado's San Juan and Uncompibgre National Forests credited woodpeckers with an as ·ist. -. The birds cleaned up U» beetles thoroughly in areas not'chemically treated, a 'report .Issued by Re gional Forester Donald E. Clark . said." - . - ' - · - ' - '.The report rjisclosed that ttle beetle is no longer present In epidemic proportions, a n d ' t h a t only a small amount of cleanup wok will be necessary in the forests next year. The extent of work wfil b« determined after the an ticipated small beetle flight in lat July-and enrly August. L,st year 235,84* ' trees were chemically treated. A" additions SOjOOO infected trees were cut down and processed by M. mills. Tile Forest Service estimated.the log ging operations saved the govern jnent more than $400,000 and gave work to about TV SERVICE CALLS ALL MAKE* .· DAY OR NIGHT : Hi. 4158 Century . Radio Ph! 415* 625' 8th Ave . Radle Repair and TV Rcntalt Meirbtr of Rocky Mountain' Radio and TeltvltlBn Technician*, In*. -. Nancy and Her Grand Champ Steer ;" - " '.' · ." , . ' . · . . . . · - · · ' . · _ . _ . ' " ' " · · ' -*i f t · ' ', *· · " . . . - Sneaky Snake . HARRISBURG, Pa. UB -- - M r s . Bertha Peffer stooped down'to re-; move a stone from the path of her lawn mo'we.r and .picked up a 27- inch.copperhead. Her screams brought a neighbor running. He killed Ihe snake ami hauled it away. - "I feel 1 'terribly luciy.'V Mrs Peffer said...-. USE THI TRIBUNE WANT ADS NO FINER GIFT! Smith- World's «r»fard/oif.,t PortabU Typewriter .Let ui demonstrate the m^t"-' Smith-Corona Silent Suptr, Keyset Tabulator, Pafe Gift and many other feaEuru for bit machine perfofmaiKCl Here is the niost apprtciated .and weful ,'lift you can give -- bf'tcH Pick yom *ut now.'' 0 .Tenth St. ssfi Remember To Call Crtttey Excavalwn Co, Inc. - . ' -foV- : ALL' TYPE*. EXCAVATION ; · Basement Foundationi · Hitch Cleantnz - · Cleaning Corrals, ee. , *· Curb* »nd Gntiers Sewer Mains Witer Main* · All. Typ*«.'Str*«l. Construction' biatanc* I* No-Problem To Us'. ; · WWf .· .CALU . C«r"l Mekelbur.;, I857-R . 0225-J-2 · _ Ex-DealeriSiiys Nanqy Turnir, 14, of Chimpaign, hi., gels congratulation* from ludge after Her 986-pound Aberdeen Angus steer, "Julius/'' won grand champion steer award of International Live Stock Exposition Chicago, III.) Nov. H. Nancy, bespectacled red- hilred girl of 110 pounds broko. down when Dr.. A'. D. Weber, Kansas'State agriculture dean,.slapped animal's indicate it was champion* (AP . Photc). · · ' ' · ' . ' . v isabled. Veteran ;--WHo , fie'cialized in Medical ' Vriting. Join's AMA Slaff' A paral.vzed Korean veteran om Chicago," one ~ot the nation's rst twdo'ojirnalism school gradu- es to specialize in medical wril- g ; - h a s just started working for ie "American Medical Association s an editor of its .specialty jourals: The veteran, Charles F. Chaplan, was' paralyzed from the waist osvn in a jeep accident ;in 1951, ·hich occurred ivhlle'he was Irain- ig to be a combat jet pilot. . . While undergoing treatment at he Veterans Administration hos- ital in nines, 111., Chapman re- eivfid.vocalioiial counseling \yhich- ndicatcd that he had a definite ap tude for technical writing. : . , After he left the -hospital,'he enrolled *at the University o£ lUi- nois Under Public* Law 894,.a law providing vocational rehabilitation .raining to'disabled Korea veterans who need it t overcome their landicaps. - . . ' At school, Chapman participated In wheelchair sports and also edited a number of student publications. .The paralyzed veteran, 26 years old and married, recently received the Harold Scharper Service award for outstanding achievement,'presented by Delta Sigma Omicron, disabled students organization. Theodore Roosevelt was .the first U.S. President to fly in an airplane. *-. Elmer D. Anderson , Radiator Service .PHONE 65! ' 1018 8th Avs./entrance In «lley A Safe Safe ; IRVING, T^ex. HI -- Yeggs couldn't crack the safe at an auto- m.obile--.firm's office.. So' f they stole/one of the corh- jny's*'ne\y trucks to haul it "a_way, The v Iruck ' and safe were re- covercd-^but not the $5,000 In cash and checks the safe contained/ · Friday, Dtt. 2, 1955 Secause of Talk WASHINGTON wi '-^! A .foriner tlichig'an 'automoblle'deale'r ;iaid Thursday his three General jlptors dealerships were cancelled because he made a public speech crillcislng cut ; rale- sales "of ears'to. factory employes'.'.'and executives.',.'.''"'j Lee C.' - Anderson, former Pon- :iac, .Chevrolet -and Bulck dealer at - Lake · Qrioh; 1 - Mich'.', ."told' th'e Senate Anli-monopoiy Subco'hmit- ee' that 1 OM President: Harrow Curtice cancelled the franchises. · Anderson said h e . ' made' the speech at the rotary · club-at .Ox- lord, Mich., June 7 of this .year. Twenty days later, he said,"he got notices his dealership would. 1 end Oct. si; . - · · · ' · ; : .- "·:·'*· Anderson was anoPier in a series of'former GM dealers' who have complained' of '.GM pra'ctlces :iri theif testimony before the'subcom- mittee, : which Is making a study of GM-.operations. - '· . - . - Ahilerson said Curtice told-him face to face: "You are a Red." In'answcr'to questions later,' An: dc-rson ,sald "I' don't know why Curtice called me a Red. 1 -' ':'-·-: . . of the ubcommltt«e, '.suggested W«dnesday,,that con'gie» r ra»y · be called on to enact legblatkn'.to !ov«ni the relationships of .»utp manufacturers and their dtalers, · It was brought out thit'roughly a^own stales'haye r iaw?;desljiitd Q protect auto dealers'in their relationships with the manufacturer!. O'Mahooey recalled ln'l»9 :he': Federal .T?ade 'Commisslqri urged congressional action 'alooji similar lines, but he said congress d)d fnjlhing. : It was in thU' con- lection 'that 6'Mahoney ·'luggMted !he possibility of congrlsslonal ac:ion"now.' "· -.' : v. " "· POGQ STICKS at VANDYS 1015 8lh Ave..' Phpne 857 Open Saturday Nighty 'T|l 8:30 -' GREELEY. TRIBUNE ; --; Air; Defense? )ulch Defense Chief ,: r \ . COLORADO SPRINGS un^-Sfime of-this continent's defenses against possible ,cnemy t air. attack Were shown at 'a special briefing here Thursday 'to' Cornelius.' Siaf, ^'defense' minister for The Netherlands.- . . .'_ : -··· ' ' . '' ,. ' ' - . . -.- , : He i is UID - guest : oiv .Gen.' Earle E, Partridge, Continental'Air Defense commander, Slat's follows, closely the appearance of Gen'. Partridge as a prL-iclpal speaker^before' tie- NATO defense head* in-P*ri» Oet : ' 10. ; - He ipoke-oo'the' need for ae-|., cesiibility ; ; tp natioml borden to.' ' give' air. defens« tctivity flexibility. Staf - told! reporteri Us * ntiaii 'only 12 jet minutei wide'hi t«n«l - of;F«snt-iisy ; air 'tr«Vel, torn li. the'-8ite-.ora4 ; NAT()V»jr: If--1 - Goteberj shipyirdj -haT«'-l»u* ched the I irgest' Ves i«l' built · ii': Scandijitvlt'-- th« hirbiae tanker Jaragui/34,500 deadweight tow; built for a. Norwegiar .firm.-.-; ; r *-. REUEFATLAST FofYourCOUCH M a ownmoe e«U Mt jo* wish-ii :· t cough that hat hit* on if* days' iust days ad qaicku Jt if dwsrrc*. to 4*' lay. Chronic bronchitii miy develop. , Get a Urj» bottle ofCrcomaUk* aai) _ lake u directed. Cnomiiliioa aootaei ~ ' raw throat aad chutrnmbraitea, fttf into UK br'onchialiyiteo) to btlpJoo** 1 · and eipel terjaj phlegm, midly n-. ' laxtt lyjtimlc tntilon and tUt utnre; fight the'cause of irrilatkm. Vt* , Creomuliioi and »tt Fonderfol rtti*( it lut For Children get mildrr fuHr ' Cnomultioa for Childne la the pink ud blue ptckagt. Adr. . . : CREOMUI!SION ' nttMl C*^^. ChM( UL AM!* tMaririM Need Money for Christmas? Call Kinney Loan · .. . the only ^ Finance Company with a Bonus Plan PHONE 462 AVOID THE COLD WEATHER RUSH AUTO GLASS INSTALLED ALL MAKES -. ALL MODELS Installation* by Experienced M*n Open Saturday Afternoons for Your Convenient* MOFFAT PAINT and GLASS Pick %nd 1115 8th Phoii« Sll The experts acclaim LINCOLN NEWSWEEK.:. "T7w 1956 lixolntsacom- phltly ttvompti ear ... longer, lower, and wider . . . with 285.horsepower and styling patterned after the experimental 'Lincoln . Futura.' Biggest innovations are safety fea- ·. tures, developed after years of crash-testing . . . a, safety-Sex steering wheel, spring-' reeifitant/door locke, optional safety belts. 11 '* W.ALL STREET JOURNAL .. . 795(5 Lincolns"m*et a una'tfi reiponc*...Com- pletely.restyled, longer and more powerful :.; . one of the few makes to feature a major .re-da in.looks for 1956..Head.lamps are - hooded. Larger tailliglifa alaih forward . . . . 'Jet-pod' bumper guards -house oval-shaped * ! exhauata on both eddes." . . · .. COLLIER'S.;. "Lincoln's attempt to penetrate .tho big-car market more deeply ifl based on more'than prestige. Lincoln IB a bif car* y e t , , it conveys an impression of small-car maneuvarabUJty ; . . barely five feet high, it has a ground -hugging appearance. Horsepower boosted to 286, and then are new safety devices.". ' , - ' - VOOUE : : :· '.'FaahJon newt arrlvinj by car: the Lincoln's body is new, it« trigin* Ii new, its safety wheel la new, and so «r* the airplane-type toggle switches. With th* exception of airport limouaine* and th* lilt*, this it one of th* longest can In America. Handsome accessory to Jaahion, too, M it happeni."-. ' ' · ... and the public- agrees / ; , LINCOLN PCJR 1956 ' Fine.-car buyers'are BO enthustastic tbdut thi« n?w ·''; Lincoln that tier* has. been, literally, a .waiting; list ' · . .» itill mounting. To b« »ure.of driving the Lincoln of i- : : . your choice at an early dafe/come in soon. ' " ' . .. ..The 1956 Lincoln Convertible haa the first completely auto. [ . matic self-locking top--for the quickest, easiest "topriip, top-down" converting ever. No handles or levers to' i ' struggle with . . . nothing to touch but the control. ' it sure to see lh« big television hit, "THE ED tULLIVAN SHOW," Sunday evenlno- «:00 to 7:00, Station KLZ, Channel 7 . . ^ . WARREN-MYLANDER MOTORS INC 1412 Eighth Avenue ' -f-

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