Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 23, 1962 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1962
Page 28
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Western Leaders See Hope Page 28 GREELEY TRIBUNE Friday, Nov. 23. 1962ito set other houses in order or to · merit anyone's trus*. unuuisrfl :?. then, up a very| diaiy tree. But lu susgf.-t. : tiic Britisli In Soviet Union Activity S^r'L!f' d " ume "'* more than a tactical By J. M. ROBERTS up that the Soviet leaders are o! her relations with the West is Associated Press News Analyst more and more concerned about^to suggest that a change is com- Simuluwoi* report, from thc c f fort in PA ^. tu make Chi-l" 1 ? '" a I!ussian altitudl; wllit ' h \\-ashiimiun and lxndon suggest. na a one-man band in Asianl has exlstei smte TM" ldr TM i «' tliat We-UTii leaders aiv begin- po lit 1C s. A unified Eruope with itsi- vears l)elore comnii'jiisni. ni'.i;: to linpi- lor a voluntary re- llw tential ·! nuclear power isl Lm ° Home also suggests tnat turn "1 the Soviet I'nion to thrbound to give Moscow food for| h;ui ' c t )e should * community of nations. thought about the ancient conflicts option between the West and. Thc hope auparentlv lias more of both concepts and national in- lhc t-ummunist countries of EiH to do with a retieat from military terests belw-vn Kussia and Uiina.!TM^ rhat " o u d TM an ^-. brinkmanship than with an end to.situations which have caupht herj 3 ' 1 "" wllh , lat "^ wcn P l "' v01 ' tlie Communist effort for revolu- in the middle. ·* from a humanitarian economic' . . , , . |thcorv into a weapon against hu- tionary expansion. Moscow has not forgotten llow ! man ",jioniiv ! In that light, the validity ol the;Red China cut off her water whenj J( w(j * hope is o[)cn to question. In the first place, the feeling seems to be due largely to the rapid Soviet backdown from mili. she was beginning the economic subversion ol Tibet, nor the dangers she had to run in trying to prevent unilateral Chinese control tary confrontation in Cuba and!°f Laos. Moscow's refusal to support the! There is fill recognition of how Chinese military gambit in India.jthe Soviet position in North Ko- Some take it to mean that t h e TM - g ramcd b - v Alliccl agreement Kremlin will now k'tter under- t o her right of conquest, has been Khrushchev scuttled out of Cubal j* propping up the- ihaky tree, instead of giving it a- 'ew more lusty shako. It would be as though thc Unit-! ed States had begun the rehabili-j tation of Germany and Japan before World War II had been) ran. The reason Soviet Premier stand thc necessity for reaching!'^" over by her so-called part- some agreements to keep the' ncrs United States from pointing those! There is full recognition that IC'BMs down her throat again. But|tlie Cuban aid Indian affairs, even if that is true it would mean coupled with the growing inability was n«; that wisdom suddenly overtook him within a period of few weeks. merclv found he 1 was wrong about the willingness of the United States to use force. only a change of tactics and not of communism to set its own;and decided to pursue his aims a, change of heart. 'house in order, had a catastrophic [by less dangerous means. Evidence also has been piling effect on its claim to the ability] I CENTER PLAZA WALGREEN AGENCY SUCCOTASH ^ A MURICAV! DI5H- 5U5ANA FIRST BRIDE Q' 'V2 COi-CHV, v.A.5 A150 Tr!£ A FIRST MOTHER/ Firm on that u» i-nM s^jGuarrianamo Base] a? no choke but to pursue ttsl ;wn means o! checking on nuli-.Vigil ^0111101165 tarv activities in Cuba" was in-; ,,...._.....,,, ,,.,. ^.u 'I /\i»| Iterpreted bv Havana radio as a] Cl.VNPANA.VO BA\. Cuba I Q^ jthrca, ;' AP --Ues.pite the lifting of tlw »» : "Let Kennedy know that here!I'.S. Navy anns quarantine. N a u j .in Cuba is a people firmly dis-,Secretary Fred C. Korth said:I [posed to maintain our sovereigntyjThursday he foresees no relaxing 1 of vigilance at this naval base in : ({ , A p ) _ A H BuiUm . Communist-ruled Cuba. ^ ' ^ ^^ |)as submittc(1 Korth ilew here from Wa * hln S- uht .' ;lpparcnl i ow bid of 5191.253 :ton to share Thanksgiving dinner^ bundil , u a warehouse for tha -three of them-with the troops' Sational Burcau of standards UVERPOOL-A Sussex farmerjand inspect Guantanamo defenses j aix)r;ltunc5 at Boulder. Laboratory ·or die before any aggressor." a : broadcaster proclaimed. Aids Wheat Crop at a field of young s doing badly except der a grid power line sed his land Inquiries at rainwater impregna- copper from the line n the soil was causing fertility. So he sprayed with a copper mixture wheat grew 12 inches ight. vith the base commander. Hear \Am. Edward J. O'Donnell. The Navy secretary told a news conference that blockading ships are freed (or normal duty, but destroyers will continue patrolling off Guantanamo. There are no plans, he said, to reduce the Marine force rushed here when the Cuban crisis broke out last month. The bid include* labor, materials and equipment. Thc next low. est was S19l'%l by thc Broadway Construction Co. of Boulder. The General Services Administration said the contract will b« awarded later. Bojin Fof Prescription.-- Aiv. new from zale's Westinghouse maintaining production despite the views of the U.S. naval base Castro Keeps Cubans Alert KEY WEST, Fla. (AP) - Cuba Cubans are exhorted to avoid] , Radio stations _ broadcast longj apparently still is geared for all-1 discussing military movements! 1 ' 51 ^ of organizi fact that numbers of their fellow employes are "in the trenches." Guantanamo. describing it as threat to Cuban sovereignty. out combat although both the and troop locations. A short car- llth St. llth Ave. DRUG Phone: 352-7728 |; United States and the Soviet Union have begun returning their military forces to a normal peace- oon frequently appearing on television depicts a small boy being asked, "Where is your father?" time status. Havana radio and The child answers in noncommit- television a! fashion: "Somewhere in CENTER PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Prices Good Friday thru Sunday programs monitored here Thursday give no indication that demobilization is taking place. On the contrary, broadcasts continue to praise factory workers for 3 Ft. ALUMINUM TREE u Pla« Price NOMA 7-LIGHT MULTIPLE TREE LIGHTS Plaza Price Cuba." lations and workers' groups which reportedly have sent them U'legrams pledging their linn support for "Fidel's j five points.' 1 These are a list of demands Prime Minister Fidel Ca^ro iinclude U.S. withdrawal Also shown over and over is aiG uantanami) and a_ halt to aerial film strip beginning with the cry. "To Arms." It continues with ·econnaissance of Cuba. ., ,. , , ' , . N o M o n t y Down -- No P«ymenti Till 19«3 President Kennedys statement 106 Ith St. Open Mon. and Fr- 6 1 2-ft. ALUMINUM TREE 3.98 1.00 Box Christinas Cards 59c 12 Rolls GIFT WRAP . . 1.49 (Including Foil) Total 1200 inches NOT1CB TO C R K U I T O H S B the t'nuntj- Court lu ami for the C'nunlv of Well) and Stfltr of CiilnrMdo N'o. 9101 E s t a t e of JESSE L. KEEPER A l l persons h a v i n g claims' against t h e above nHined e s t a t e are required to f i l e them for allowance in the County Court o Weld ("ounty, Cnlor.ido, on i.-r before Hie irith day of May, 1 3 6 3 . said claims shall be forever barred. KLI/ABI:TH FAITH SUMKRA1 Executrixes John \V. Henderson, A t t o r n e y The (ireeley Daily T r i b u n e Nov. 1C. 23, 311, Dec. T, 1962 .\OTIf ;K OK Fl.VA!. SH'PTKKMEXT In t h e Coiintr Court In iinil for the C o u n t y of Weld nmf State of Colorado No. S847 ESTATE OK H E R M A N T. ISE also k n o w n as R. T. ISK, Deceased. Not if e is hereby g i v e n t h a t I have f i l e d my f i n a l rf-port in the County Court of Weld C o u n t y , Colorado, and t h a t any person de- string t'i object to the same shall f i l e w r i t t e n o b j e c t i o n w i t h t h e said Court on or before December 14th, 1362. Norman M. Dean Edith r. IRC Kxecutors H o u t f h e n s a n d H o u t c h e n s 1007 N i n t h A v e n u e Creeky, rnlorsulu T h e 'Jreeley D a i l y T r i b u n e IS CHRISTMAS BOWS 98c 12 REEL I'AK DIDDAN CLEO SHEEN IHDDVH TOTAL 180 FT. 79c 7.95 executive Desk LAMP 3.49 XOTICB OF CHA.VCK OK X A M K NOTICE IK U K R K B V G I V E N t h a t by Onipr of t h e County f i m r t of \\ld C o u n t y . Colorado. i l A c t i o n N.I. 1 2 H M . r n t e r e d ouer 13th, I : « t i 2 , thc n a t n « of Vila- 1 ; Uay W y s c a v e r , i l r o p l o y , rolorad'j. Is changert to . l a c k K a y W v s c a v e r . r. K. \ v A i . i , A * - K I ' l e r k of t l i f . - f m i n i y Court Weld C o i i n i y . C o l m a f l n The ( . I r e e J p y I ' a i i y T r i b u n e 2.98 PLUSH TOYS 1.99 FLASH CAMERA KIT 4,95 NOTH i: 'Id CHKUITOHK In HIP County Conrl In nnil for t h e C o u n t ; of \\r\i\ nnil StHtf of Colornilo I::!;!!.- ··', \ V ! ! . ! . ! A M I I A Y - M'.J.VU I I A I 1 K K K , l...-i. : i hi : i|. All p-r.=ons h;i v i i m v l i i i i v a arV r « - | i i i r f r l '.,, f U - ' l i i - i n (·: n l - V V M d ' i ' m i i i ' t y , f,.\nrn'\'\. N - I ur 1 i.r Fn!«! c l a i n i h n i . h l l !'· ' f - . i ' i v b a r r r - d . . liK 1'. Ml.jnt 1-, ll.f ^ f:!' ..irlllm "lijl- ··'···" "I'l Itn f:iM '''inii ',ri '.1'.in h-- we HAVE WONDERFUL HOLIDAY GIFTS UP OUR SLEEVE... -ARROW- W H I T E S H I R T S IN HIS FAVORITE STYLES AND FABRICS Here's a blizzard of Arrow white shirtt In popular collnr ttylei, fashioned of tine wash and wear or conventional fabrlci. Famous Mltoga tailoring gives perfect fit that looks made-to-measure. And all are "Sanforlied" or "Sanfor- red-Plus" labelled to sssure last- ng ill. No doubt about It, these Arrow g i f t s will delight every man on your list . . . and m»k« his holiday even brighter! A R D E N -- Non-will collar, short point, button cuffs. .. $-1.MI DEVON B.D. -- Soft, button down collar, normal spread, convertible cuff, wash and wear $5.00 DECTON _ Glen collar, dacron »nd cotton miracle fabric, wanh and wear 5,95 WH!P -- Soft natural spaced collar, all cotton, wash and wear N.SO T A B E R SNAP -- Short point English-cut collar, snap closure, convertible cuff $5.00 SEE THESE AND OTHER WONDERFUL A R R O W SHIRT* AT HIBBS TODAY Evcry Purchase Gift Wrapped FREE in thc Hibbi Tradition Aik About Our Convenient Charge Plans tilbbs 814-816 Ninth Strut Mor-Valu Stamp! With Each Purchase Open Friday Evenings 'Til 8:30 T

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