Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 4, 1951 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1951
Page 5
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Wedn»KU y ETening, April 4. 1951 , CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ^^linlmum Chiirfe ..50c 'Irst Tlmn .'... .4c ler won ·iuljsociucnt Charge .. .Sc per word LAS CRUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS 7H(" All classified ad» must be in hj I A.M. Monday through Frldaj 0 insure publication in that day's «uc. Classified advertising for unduy's paper must be in by 10 ·M. Saturday morning. Cash niUHt accompany order on 1 classified ads pxmpt to Uioso ins- regular display advertising large aecoluits. All classified advertising must M-hrdulcd for a deadlinn period, no day or more, and if ordered id set there will bo no refund. ds must be scheduled a definite number of days and no refunds will be made on rlasslflud adver- Any claims for credit or addi- lloreil insortloas of clawiflod ;ul(i 'I ^lue to errors occurring in advertisement must be made day-following iiublbhlng of advertisement. ; ' : · I'ilONE S3 or Si « H--LEGAL NOTICES THE STATE OF-NEW~MEX1CO Call For Bids Scaled bids will l je opened in the pffice of state Purchasing- Agent Capitol Bldg.;-Santa Fe at, 11:00 K. M., MET, for purchases as -'ol- '·'ivs: On April 11, 1951 for 30( j Flour JT.o.B. Las Vegas; On ,/H"il 17, 1951 for Chinese -Earth land Tundra Gray Classic. -Linen H-'.O.B. Albuquerque: · lii'd .'blanks jjwith specifications' available .Crom O. T. McWliirter, State Purchasing Agent, Santa Fc. Pub: April 4, 1951 fr-SEHVICEF I F YOUR WATCH - . 13 Smaller, than a Dinic or Self- Winding a, any kind See . . . DIMATTEO SHOP 406 N. Main 22 Years Experience 310-3p-312' Does Your Hoof Leak? CALL 700 SW Construction Co. FREE ESTIMATES 281-tfn BIG CHIEF GUNSMITH Earl Jonea says: " P u p p y . - d o g friendly animal. Wags both ends when p l e a s e d . Let me fix j'our gun. Then you like puppy dog-pleased!" LIARS LODGE 108 S. Main Ph. 1029-W 284-tfn 11-WOBK WANTED! · The Police called us Sunday-Purina Mike got out of his pen He run out of that good Purina feed so Tie broke out and waa running around looking fol I more. We got him back In his pen and gave him some Purina Hog feed--so now he's happy -again. You, too, can have healthy happy pigs If you feed them Purina. It's cheaper because you get your pigs to market faster with a 'third less feed. FARMERS MARKET - Ph. 333 Your Checkerdale Store 311-3C-313 J31TATE For 'S«tojj.-~vi" r; ^~.' rZdrs oy IOTS" 19 USED CAHS For S.I. PAGE LOTS AND Save the safe way, terms, by , owner. Bunch Rcalestote 1401 E. Arizona. . . 303-tfn LET US. KNOW WHAT YOU want, a home, business or investment, we'll get it. One word that 'could save your life savings, test soil before buying a farm. Ring 1530-R. Bunch Real- estate. (Independent Operator). 307-OC-312 l'/i acres with 2 2-room houses, fruit 'trees, chicken house and lots of shade. Deep well, Electric pump. Close to city. $3,880, ?1,000 cash. QUESBNBERRY REALTY Phone 62 8--HELP WANTED MALE 3--LOST AND FOUND ' LOST _ EXPENSIVB-SUNGLAS- f !TM'_? reen ]ens - Reward. Phono OOSR6. _J_ 312-2C-313 FREE! FREE! .FREE!. I thought you'd read 'this-when you saw something free. There isn't much that is free any more without a 'catch to it --hut this b. With the pur- chnse of a 25 lb. bag of Startcna we will give 'you absolutely free 12 baby chicks. If you buy, 50 lb. of Purina Startcna'we' 'Will give you 25 baby chiclis. These arc all shipped in cock- Ji-els so bring your box Friday or Saturday and get free chicks. 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Church. 310-3c-312 WOMAN FOR HOUSFWORK .1 hours ped day three days a week Coll 03S5R1 after 6 p. m. 312-3p-314 12--FOR KENT 5 R O O M MODERN H O M E available April 1st. 1470 Parker Road. 311-30-313 ONE BEDROOM HOUSE AT State College, call 1455-1 after 8:30 p. m. 311-3p-313 APARTMENT, F U R N I S H E D , newly decorated, utilities paidi for couple. Phone 0283-J3. 311-5p-315 5 ROOM HOUSE, NEWLY FIN- ished, completely f u r nishecl. Yard for small children. Phone 0110-J2. 31I-3C-313 UNFURNISHED APARTMENT. 173 East Greening-, available now- 312-tfn WHY BUY IN EL PASO WHEN you can do better at Stevens Furniture Co. ' 178-tfn SEWING MACHINES. NEW AND Uicd. We repair all makes. STEVENS FUPICTUSE CO. .,316 N. Mtia. Phont 677. ' 257-tfn PijIVATE EMPLOYMENT AGEN- cy. 321 East Griggs. Ph'. 1202-W Ramon Bernal, Notary* 15S-tfn -Wcd.-FT.-Bu Dj.XIE SERVICE STATION 1007 North Mesquite has changed owner, not responsible for bills nol contracted by myself. Pi'ec- cnt owner, A. H.. Dulavey. 3l'2-lp-312 Did you read the little slip;of · paper thnt was with your watci; ' bill this month,? · If you didn't ' /'oil should because a dripping faucet certainly costs you nion- | ey. Stop that dripping easily for only 15c. -We have faucet wash. , f:s also tank balls, and .tank j rocks to stop a ienky" commode. ·!op UIOKC leaks how. IFARMERS MARKET - pii. 333 Your Checkerdale Store 311-3C-313 TWO ROOM APT. FURNISHED, modem, 506 W. Parker Rd. 312-2p-313 i ROOM APT. FURNISHED, ME- silla Park, reasonable, phone 0296-J2. 311-30-313 ROOM APT. FURNISHED, j corner Idaho and Pecos. ' 311-2p-3I2- IS-- FOR SALE 16 FOOT HOUSE TRAILER ideal for. couple or vacation Sacrifice pHce, call 0182R5 Holclen Trailer Park, Mesilll Park. 312-4p-315 SAL)bbE HORSE. PHOtfE 09SR5 . 312-2C-313 MODEL 300 SAVAGB, stan- automatic, new bore, excellent condition. See Stan Gallup at Sun-News. 1000 BALKS ALFALFA. HOME Saturday or after 5 p. m. Phone 015JS. 311-7p-317 2 BABY CRIBS, 1 BABY BUG- gy, 1 stroller, 1 portable washing machine, 1 tricycle, 1 table radio. 721 N. Alameda. 308-Cp-313 28 FT. ZIHIMER 3 ROOM HOUS3 trailer, phone 1193. · 305-tfn GOOD USED' TERES. SHOOK Tire C?. · 217-tfn RATIIATORS-- NEW AND USED. Stewarts Radiator Shop · -- junction 80-85, phone 202-R. 297-tfn \VESTINGHOUSE REFRIGERA- tor, gas range, 8 piece dinett, 4 piece livingroom. Call Mrs. Margaret Phillips, 0117J3. 310-3p-312 SEAT COVER B A R G A I N S Shook Tire Co. 217-tfn STEEL CLOTHES LINE POLES for sale, phone 1213-M. 310-6p-315 How would you like to wash your dishes while you are sit- 31U-GC-315 Under All Is The Land 604 W. Organ: l b. r. (Old Home) on corner lot 100x150. room for several »apts. in Uiis excellent location. 220 W. Fleming: New 3 b. r. home, l',i bath, attached garage, large lot. ?12,000. MESILLA PK: 2 Acres on paved st. bus route. Sm. 4 rm. modern home. .$7,000. 110 E. Gallagher: 2 .b. r. very modern clean. Low dewn payment! $84.40 mo. SAN PEDRO MAY: Duplex, rented $05. mo. $0,000. 1107 N. Reymond: Duplex, rented $115. mo. $10,000. 9 Acres west of town. 4 rm. house with shower. $12,000. 810 N. SECOND: 2 b. r. modern $0,000. 127 E. FLEMING: Large modern home, 4 b. r., 2 baths, hclw. floors, Venetian blinds, drapes, liv. rm. suite, din. rm. suite, c ect. range, dishwasher, garbage disposal. Large lot, rock enclosed yard, 3 'car garage, , 2,000 dn. will handle. YANCY CLARK or " "RED JOHNSON, Realtors 38 N. Main Ph. 535 or 874 1 310-3C-312 J ; We've got tomato plants that hove small tomatoes already on them, if you plant them now and cover them at night you can have good gni-den-fresh tomatoes on your table in a short time. We also have lots of other plants too -Sweet Pepper, Cabbage, small Tomato plants and many others. ' Come and get them. FARMERS MARKET - Pli. 333 Your Checkerdale Store _·___ 311-30-3 J 3 1937 Cheve 4-door, shape good $110 1947 Reo Speed Wagon, Just completely over . hauled ............. $025 i045 30-Ft. Cattle Rack .$1000 See at ... CIRCLE . SERVICE STATION Hi-Way 80 W. of Town _ _ 311-3p'-313 The streets of Hanoi. Indochina are said by the Naliohal Gcograp] le Society to be virtually -lescrtr during the nodn-3 p. m. siesti time. 19--USED CAHS For S.I. 1D49 MERCURV, 4 DOOR SE dan, RH, low mileage, 1 own er car, 51495.00, ph. 019-J3. 297-tfi 1S49 DODGE % TON P1CK-UI with cattle rack anil traile hllch. Ph. 001-J2. 312-2p-312 1938 4 DOOR BU1CK, RADIO heater, good condition, reason able,' 70i North Armljo Street phone 395-W. 312-5p-31G MEYER DAVISON Plumbing HeaJing Co, --- Contractors -- 1 Installations · Repairs · StippHei Phone 147 511 W. GrJs Las Cruceg Weeds; Beer Bottles fake Over Historic Oddfellows Cemetery By JOE 1'HIESTLEV (Sun-News, ,U-M stuiluut Writer Weeds, beer bottles, tin cans broken-down rusted barbed wit- Fences, broken tombstones wren chccl frorn their buses by vandals and shrubbery broken nnd scattc ed around a]I help to give the .Ln; Cruces Oddfellows cemetery -Ji ;eriernl nppeimmcu of a dum iierip. .·The cemetery is located at the i:orncr -of Compress Road and Brown! ce. In :;harp contrast across the ·oad is Masonic cemetery. Here he weeds are gone, the shrubs and flowers are left alone, the oinhstones are iimiamngot), The Masonic cemetery is enclosed by i stout metal picket fence. OlUi-st flnivoynrd .The Oddfellow's cemetery is the Idest graveyard in Las Cilices fany New .Mexico pioneers havr eon buried here. Pat Carrelt, ."a- lous slayer of Billy the Kid. vet- rans of the Spanish American War. and many others are in Uic cemetery. The poor upkeep of tho cemetery IB not the only reason for the appearance it now lias. Vandals have 1 destroyed wooden grave marker wrenched many stones off the-: bases, and chipped those thO) couldn't move. Four Yucca bushes have bi»»;i cut down nnd the leaves of 1"ia bushes have, boen. scattered ov?- ihe entire urea. Wmls Take Over Woods liave taken over and forced out what little grass wat there. Bottles nnd broken ^lass also decorate the landscape. Shrubg need pruning. Some have complete[y covered «fraves. The cemetery is fenced by rusted ifi-ging" barbed wire on three .sides. The fourth side has no fence. Many of the fencu posts are broken or have rotted out. The fence is al^o irokcn in many places. The cemetery A-US cleaned out bout a year ago. The American Legion ami Boy Scouts of America id the woik. MICKEY MOUSE ! ·::: AW NA.'AS IS .: 'P '-.:;.TA£:u\avvc PICTURES" 1-v-jy THE LONE RANGER by Walt Disney suzss HE AMJST s* ONE M=S= SALESMEN VOJ HEAR SO A\DCH A3OUT ^J\'..L\/\ AAV bv Fran S'riker ting down in your living room? Yes it can be done easily and simple with a portable General Electric Dish Washer, why not try it out in your own kitchen --I know your husband would appreciate' one--you no longer would have to nag- him to get the dishes done--See one at Your Checkerdale Store today. FARMERS MARKET - Ph. 333 311-3C-313 BABY CHICKS EVERY THURSDAY Book Your. Orders Now We Hatch Our Own Chicks FARMERS MARKET - Ph. 333 Tour Checkerdale Store 261-tfn LONG TIME/ j ^r-. ^ 0\RLOOKEa| FOR SALE HOME 1 Bedroom, Modern. Contact Bob/Shook. Day 1111, Ni R ht 0388-NR4. 277-tfn 19--USED CAHS For Sal* SMALL. 2 BEDROOM HODS for rent, modem, unfurnishe u Inquire 641 N. 3rd or call 1014- or 859. . 3 o8-tf FURNISHED FOUR ROOM APT in Old Mesllla $50.00 per montl phone 343-W after G p. m. . -298-U: ROOM APT. KURN:SHED utilities paid. Ph. 085-K1. 303-tf] NICE APT: FURNISHED. STAT] CollojrS, ph: 0281-R3 after 4 p m. or 941-W. 310-60-31 FURNISHED HOUSE 3 BEIT rooms, 2 bathrooms, living room dining room, sun room. Exceilch location ,call 478. 304-kn APT.,. 2.BEDROOM, KITCHEN furnished, 125 West Las Cruces ph.. 732-R. 28d-(f: MARQUESS APT. PARTIALLY furnished. State College, pliohe 0282J5 or 028QJ1. . 309-6C-314 CABIN, FURMI3HED. POH COU- Plc. pll. 393-J or- 151. 307-£r n CHICKS THURSDAYS tPiillorum Clean - U. S. Certified , CO-OP --Phone 1041 I 270-w-tfn (-SERVICES I BEDROOM MODERN HOUSE, close In. phone 1422-w. '310*311-312 2 'ROOM APT. FURNISHED utilities pd., $50 month. 621 E. Hndley. Inquire C. B. Smith, 210 W. Urcerb. 310-tfn 3TH COVERED BUTTONS kul buckles made from your laterlol. Pearl snapa and Etuds ·feed on shirts and'. blouma. ulck Service · Cleaners, 131 W^tcr. SO-M-W.Fri;tfn [china.done with mech- ditcher. Id,eal for iiRs, sewer, lines, etc. 118, inch. wide, up to deep $1 75 per cu umum charge $15.00. LUMBER CO. Phone 909 "" ' ' 25-su-wtfn 2 BEDROOM HOUSE, MODERN, unfurnished, ph. 0293JS. 310-3p-312 PATIO 'APARTMENTS. FUtT nished, 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom, phone 1021 or 850. 311-6p-316 BUSINESS OFFICE. LOCATED In center of Husiness District. Next to Western Union. Call 600. 306-tfn EXTRA NICE SLEEPING ROOM or furnished apt. South Methodist Church. 310-tfn MOLINE TRACTOR and Equipment 1946 Ford truck, A-l condition 2 Fresno--7 ft. and 0 ft. E. R. KING Dead end Brown Road on right ^ 3Q8-6p-313 GHNF,RAL CONTRACTOR Rough lumber, planed lumbor, moderate price, Pee G«e Paints, all colors. Have Brickrete building block, red buff.. SMITH'S Lumber Yard. Cor. Madrid * Mesquite. Ph..I456-J 260-tfn Immediate Delivery on THE NEW BUICK In Las Crudes at ... .CULLOM BUICK CO. 315 S. Main Ph.'1016 105-tfn ATTENTION TRUCKERS Repossessed i860 Studebaker', 2-Ton Dump Truck. Contact Bill Chllton, 123 N. Church St. SHURLEY MOTOR CO. ' 300-6c-m-w-fri Mar. 1- MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN by f aul Kocmsor UNWANTED TO BiJY ' HOUSEHOLD F U R N I T U R E . Any condition. Wd buy anything of value.. Phone 931-J. Viaduct Salvage ·tart, 824 w. Picachb. .. I . . . 207-Kn A BARGAIN My Personal car. Buick Sedan - 25,000 actual miles. Royal Master tires, has to- be seen to appreciate. M. L JORDAN, Broadway Court ^ 3l2-5p-316 HIQHEST PRICESj PAID JfOR used pianos. Steveaa Furniture Co. S16 N. Malh. Phone 677. 294-tfn 7--REAL ESTATE For Silt FOR SALE 23V4 Acres -'Priced to Sell See SYD RILEY 1309 W. Van Patten Phone. 451-R ' 312-6p-317 MODERN FURNISHED APT. 228 ; Church. JHMMp-312 MODERN FURNISHED CpM'ilT- nallon living, bedroom, kitchen bath J43. M25 South Manzanlti. one block c'nst and one blocli south from junction El-Pasco »\in Foster Roads, south Drive- in Theater, phono 020.1P.2, . 309-tfn Want to buy Immediately. Small acreage, around Las Cruces, or between here nnd El Paso.'Can pay $1,100 n year. We have 3 bargains this morning: Furnished trailer modern i room, 50 ft. by. 135 lot $1,500. 2 room house hair-modern J10 by 130 lot half way between College and Lns Cruccs. 2 room house, N. Mcsqultc, 11,000 - (400 will handle. BUNCH'S REAL ESTATE ' ' Phone 1530-H 312-3c-314 1949 DeLuxo Packard 4-door with radio, heater, overdrive, 5 new tires . . .$1049 1946 Buick Super 4-door with radio, -heater and 5 new tires $1195 1949'-4 tori Ford F-l . Pickup :..$875 EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO.' of. New Mexico, Inc.. 137 S. Church Las Cruces · · 311-60-316 AKO AS in Mrivf soYWAin PATENTLY AT m AIRPORT. YOU TOOK A MESSAGE FROM [i MISSY LENORE TO HER I V. ' LITTLE ANNIE-ROONEY hv Brandon Walsh CHEER UR DEAR -THE R E A R HOMEST, s!o FOOLIN'-THIS ts HAPPY TO SUBSTITUTE YOUR ABSENT 1-0 BLACK MARKS ON YOUR , THE NICESf HOME AN ORPHAfJ ' REPOBTCARD-r ONLY WISH EVER HAD- IT'S ALMOSr»S MRS. FAIRWELL-f. VDUSENTFORME-P^ - HAVE I DONE AMVTHIWG WRO--IG? TO LEARN, DO YOU LIKE YOU GOOD AS HAVIN' FOLKS AM' A HOME LIKE LUCKY KIDS '-AA V YOU HAPPY; rnsi\-.'iN-_, - MAY8E I MIG HMDIHeM FOR SALE 1048 CHEV. Flbctllnc. Run 15 thousand miles, same as new car. Radio Heater, defroster, sun' vlior, white wall tires. Need cash $1395 . VAL'S MARKET 1012 West Picacho Las Cruccs, N. Mex. ' 311-tfn LOOK! ALL MAKES AND MODELS- SCO Us Before You Uuy! STEPHEN'S USKJ) CAH LOT 110 E. Mesa Ph. 986-J 278-tfll BIG SISTER TIPPY, WHERE DID T-W MAN GOTlIf TCLD HIM TO WAIT HECJE TILL I ' BI/irr-"~jT BROUGHT YOU. · -·n?-^% ..Wl ''·f^S^¥MF- · · -..i^^je^^ jjywfcujeAi by Lee f alk and Phil Davis I GUES5 HE'S JUST UP AND RUN OFF IT MEANS I CAN KE C P «fi TJAT'^JIJAT S^^.^ANTVOUTIPPY^MEaDNT YOO!Wul E NlWB^HKpBHFECTT . WANT YOU.' TIPPY.' DO YOU KNOW . WHAT THAT MEANS? y-^--. -- - -- -- ' ~~~ *- i.^-*^*"[r' "~J:rr^H j- · II ETTA KETT by Les Fnrorave rruos rAcEH 'ro ^_pow^ s Tur IN 7V^C PAPEI?.' ) i?.-*V ^Of-'E DOMOET CIDIC.'/ Jl A^Ciesjr.."..p E s, nes . ·SiMOtVCAMTX^l IVEUSBr»7T-:Ehl *\

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